Encrypted Template of Prophetic Relevance

  • Does Revelation have a hidden 22-letter to chapter Cipher?
  • Has YHVH encoded the meaning of the Alef-Bet?
  • Is there a Hebrew letter to chapter Rapture Encoded?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Behold, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him—even those who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the Earth will mourn because of Him. So shall it be! Amen. I am the Alef (Beginning) and the Tav (End), says the Lord GOD, who is and was and is to come.’ -Revelation 1:7-8

The purpose of this chapter is to consider the Hebrew Alef-Bet or Alphabet of 22 Letters being directly corresponding to the 22 Chapters of the last Book of the Bible, Revelation. The study will superimpose a Linear Timeline based on the Sequential Order of the 22-chapter division of Revelation to see if there is an Encrypted Confirmation that correlates to the meaning of the Hebrew Letters. It is well understood by Language Experts that Hebrew is one of the classic examples of how the Individual Letters are also signified not only for its sound but for a Numerical Value and Ancient Pictograph.

Based on this Theory of there being a direct Hebrew Letter to chapter Correspondence to Revelation, there appears to be a striking Direct Correlation. The Meaning of the Hebrew letter appears to sequentially match the Depiction of what occurs in the same Numerical Chapter. The Evidence for the Letter to Chapter Theory will be presented in this study for a backdrop. However, there will be an Emphasis on the clues of when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs.

This possible Prophetic Letter to Chapter Template could be, yet another Piece of the Puzzle in establishing that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is Pre-Tribulation. To provide a Prophetic Context regarding the Rapture, prior studies in Revelation have presented an Alternate Theory and evidence that there are in fact 7 ‘Raptures’ throughout the sequence of the 22 Chapters of the Book of Revelation. This is why some assert a Mid and Post Rapture Timing.

It is accepted by some that the 1st ‘Rapture’ occurs in Chapter 4, which is Traditionally Understood as ‘The Rapture’ to then conclude the Church Age. It also sets the Stage for the Unveiling of the coming AntiChrist. This Personage is revealed sometime after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ where the ‘Restrainer’ is set aside, not taken out. This study will show that in Direct Correlation, 1 to 1, the last Book of the Bible, Revelation is a Complimentary Conclusion to the Law and the Prophets. It has been Understood, that there have been many ‘Raptures’ in the Bible and precisely in the Old Testament as well.

The 1st Concept of this amazing and unbelievable ‘Translation’ of a Person, which is one’s Body being taken to Heaven without seeing Physical Death was Enoch, before the Flood of Noah. Many actually believe that Enoch is the ‘Type and Shadow’ of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ to come. Enoch is thus somehow related then to how the Bride of Christ is to be raptured, in so much as he was said to have been born and taken during a Pentecost season. Many also believe that, as Enoch was taken before, Noah stayed for the Flood Judgment to endure as a Type of Israel. This would be considering the coming Time of Jacob’s Trouble in which National Israel stays behind.

After the Flood of Noah there are several ‘Translations’ or ‘Raptures’ that also occurred. The more famous one was the Time when Elijah was taken up in the ‘Fiery Horse Chariot’ of YHVH. Even in this case, the Prophetic template as with Enoch and Noah echoes the same Protocol, it would seem. It was Elijah that was taken up but Elisha that stayed behind, etc. The Question then arises, would such a Linkage also occur in the Last Days as the Witness of and to Jesus Transference is about to take place from the Church Age back to National Israel? Would or will this Time be signified by the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that will then trigger the 70th Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel sometime after?

If the Hebrew Alef-Bet Theory pertaining to the 22-Letter Template superimposed upon the 22-Chapters of Revelation is any indication, then yes. Consider also the fact that there is actually a Technical Delineation between the Concept of a ‘Rapture’ in contrast to a ‘Translation’. It is understood and agreed upon by most that study and argue the Points of ‘The  Rapture’ Doctrine in the True Sense, is that a ‘Rapture’ is referring to ‘Harpazo’ in the Greek. This Word is one in which one is physically taken-up in a rather Violent Fashion, but also to ‘Fall Back’.

It is an Event where one is ‘Snatched’ as if to grab a Person’s Body from a coming Vehicle or Immediate Danger and by Force. There is also a Unique Category of an ‘Ascension’ This pertains solely to Jesus as He was taken up Physically after His resurrection in the presence of His Disciples just prior to the Pentecost of Acts 2, which one believes was the on the Feast of New Wine. However, it was not a Violent ‘Snatching’ or a Forceful Event but one of a Peaceful and Gradual Occurrence. A ‘Translation’, on the other Hand, is a Phenomenon in which a Physical Body is moved not into Heaven but from one Point to another still on the Earth.

One example is how the Apostle Phillip was ‘Translated’ to the Chariot of the Ethiopian Eunuch that was reading the Book of Isaiah, specifically, Isaiah 53.This Chapter is the ‘Forbidden Chapter’ to the Jews and one of much Controversy. As an aside to the Topic of this study, suffice it to say that ‘Who is this Suffering Servant’ is answered once and for all by YHVH Himself. It is Jesus. The Question was that of the Ethiopian Eunuch and YHVH heard the question of his heart as he studied the Scripture. The Eunuch’s specific Question was if this was the Messiah. This ‘translation’ of Phillip teaches one that YHVH takes note of those who truly study His Word as deep as the Heart goes.

7 Raptures
YHVH will eventually send an ‘Apostle’, which means a ‘Sent One’ to explain and confirm one’s Heart’s Desire to know an Answer as it pertains to YHVH’s Will and Plans. YHVH does say that He does Delight in those that Delight in searching the Mysteries and Deep Secrets of this Word. YHVH does Answer one’s Heart’s Longing Questions as seen with the Ethiopian Eunuch. As to Isaiah 53, the Jews argue very craftly that the ‘He’ is Israel and that settles it. However, this goes against even their own Exegesis of the Rule of 1st Mention. Israel, in every instance both in the Law and the Prophets is never Allegorized as a Male, but a Female; Daughter of Zion, Virgin Daughter of Israel, Sisters Israel and Judah, Unfaithful Wife, and Harlot, etc.

Thus, the ‘Rapture’ of Phillip is an example but not like those of the 7 in Revelation that are totally and Physically ‘Raptured’ or taken up to Heaven. This study will attempt to show Evidence nonetheless, that the ‘Rapture’ of the Bride of Christ, being validated by the Hebrew Letter to Chapter Theory would presuppose a Pre-Tribulation Rapture and as a Point of Transference. This study does take the position that the ‘Falling Away’ taught by the Apostle Paul, ‘Apostacia’ is referring to the ‘Calling-Up’ of the Body of Christ to conclude the Church Age. Taking some liberty, one should really be open to both Notions as in Greek, like Hebrew the Wording can have a Double Meaning and Multilayer Depth.

The Primary Meaning, based on the Context, is that of a ‘Departure’, which is mutually understood. The Question remains, the Departure of what or whom? Some of course have held the long Church Traditional Interpretation. It is the ‘Departure of Faith’ or Faithful which in this case is still pertaining to People and occurring. This can and is True as it is occurring presently but a ‘Departing from the Faith’ has always existed in the Body of Christ since the Days of the Apostles. Several Letters had to be written by Paul to straighten-out Inordinate Beliefs and Practices shortly after the Birth of the Church at Pentecost. There were the Letters to the Galatians, Thessalonians, Corinthians, etc.

The Apostles had to battle Apostasies, the Church Fathers had to battle Heresy, then Compromises of all kinds, etc. What would make more sense in the Prophetic Context of the ‘Rapture’ of the Bride of Christ is an event of a ‘Falling Back’. It is a Military Term that is used in a Battle when the Call is given to ‘Fall Back’. It is a ‘Retreat’ Motion of being Physically Evacuated by Force, etc. For review purposes, the list is as follows.

7 Raptures of Revelation
Translation      Chapter
1. Church        4:1
2. Martyrs        7:9
3. Witnesses   11:12
4. Manchild      12:5
5. 144,000       14:1
6. Harvest        14:16
7. Beheaded    20:4

Thus, with this Prophetic Context and Point of View, there is a possible explanation as to why there would appear to be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, a Mid-Tribulation Rapture and the Post-Tribulation Rapture. The Reason why is because they are all correct in so much as this study and prior ones count 7 ‘Raptures’ in the Sequence of the Book of Revelation. In the Scheme of the ‘Rapture’ Events, the most prominent is, ‘The Rapture’ prior to the 7-year Tribulation Period. Then there are some ‘Raptures’ During and After or near the End of the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

This study strongly argues that the 1st ‘Rapture’ is the critical one and the one that sets the ‘Dominos’ of the others to occur well within the Tribulation Period and 7-fold pattern of the entire Book of Revelation. Furthermore, this ‘Rapture’ of the Bride of Christ is critical in that it also initiates the Transference of the Dispensation from the Church Age back to national Israel, etc. It is chapter 4 of Revelation which corresponds to the corporate ‘Fall Back’ command of the Church Body.

This Type and Shadow is personified in the Apostle John, the ‘Beloved One’. Therefore, the Bride of Christ cannot and will not overlap Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Then there is the Notion that the Church Body is not going to endure the ‘Hour of Trial’. It is corroborated in the Language Jesus Himself speaks through the 7 Churches of Asia. The Admonition is ‘He who has an Ear, let him Hear what the Spirit says to the Churches’. It is from that point on that the Church is never mentioned after Chapter 4. In contrast, it is in Revelation 13:9, that Christ clearly admonishes a different constituency, ‘He who has an Ear, let him Hear’.

There is no more Church Body to refer to ‘the Spirit has to say to the Churches’. Why? It is because she is no longer there. This does not mean that GOD the Holy Spirit will not be Active still nor that there will not be any local gatherings of Christians. Gatherings will be underground as no open Church will be allowed at their own Peril to openly congregate in the Name of Jesus. Why? The Church Age’s ‘Royal Commission’ with the Indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit’s help and work had been Accomplished and Removed. The Transference is given to the 144,000 Jewish from every Tribe of Israel to carry on Jesus’ ‘Witness’. The following are the specific observations understood.

According to the Book of Revelation, the Divine Wrath of Jesus Christ is coming to Earth; upon a Christ-Rejecting Humanity. These Judgments, in their Consummation, are directed towards the Last Years of this Depraved World. Thereafter the Millennial Kingdom of Christ Jesus is to be established on Earth. The Magnitude of such Events leading up to this inevitable event constitutes the ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ that YHVH will pour out on a rebellious ‘Last Generation’–according to what the Book of Revelation depicts. It is uncharacteristic to have a Depiction of a Lamb with a ‘Wrath’. Most Lambs are known for their Docility. Christ was slain as a ‘Lamb led to the Slaughter’ at His 1st  Advent. Jesus will return to execute His Vengeance upon His Enemies as a Lion at His 2nd Advent. It will be the time when the ‘Humble Lamb’ that triumphed over the raging prideful ‘Red Dragon’ at the Cross of Calvary will have His Vengeance in the End, etc.

The Hebrew Alef-Bet is known as the Jewish Script. The writing has variations also in the form of the Square and Block Script. One is the Original Old Hebrew Script known as the Paleo-Hebrew Script. This is the form that has been preserved over Millennia and part of the Semitic Family of Languages. The present Modern Script of Hebrew is called the Square Form that follows more of an Aramaic Script. There is a Cursive Hebrew Script, which has also varied over Time and Place.

The Semitic Language Family Tree starts with the Proto-Canaanite and the Cuneiform. The Proto-Canaanite developed into the Phoenician Script. The Word, Semite comes from the Name of the 2nd Son of Noah, Shem who primarily settled in the Fertile Crescent. The Paleo-Hebrew comes from the Phoenician Alphabet and Characters from which Hebrew Script is derived from, etc. The Hebrew Script was changed to Aramaic Alphabet in the 5th Century BC although Present Day Samaritans and Pockets of Ancient Christian Syrians amazingly still use it.

Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls contained Manuscripts in Paleo-Hebrew. As in any other Language, the Hebrew Language has Dialects. They reflect the places the Jews have been during the Diasporas when due to Judgment, YHVH Evicted Israel from the Promised Land to the 4 Corners of the World. Aside from Hebrew being primarily the Dominant Language of Israel, there is Yiddish, Ladino, and Judeo-Arabic. The Hebrew Language and Characters are also used in Gematria. It is the Discipline of changing portions of Text into Numbers for ‘Codes’ of a Deeper Meaning or Message. Then there is the Jewish Kabbalistic Tradition that delves into Sorcery and Luciferianism.

This has been True since the Babylonian Captivity that has its Source of Origin in the Luciferian ‘Secret Societies’ that was codified by Nimrod. However, the Hebrew Letter to Chapter Theory lends itself as a Cipher to this study of Numbers because it originates from YHVH and is Un-Perverted and True. Like any form of Knowledge, this study in Letters to Chapters Theory can be used for Good and for Evil. The following will be the Hebrew Letter and Meaning related directly to each of the 22 chapters of Revelation. The following is the Summary of the Letter to Chapter Correspondence as it has been noted also in the Table. Chapter 1 of Revelation corresponds to Alef, the 1st letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. It starts out with the Revealing of Jesus as the ‘Beginning’. He appears in the ‘Midst’ of a Menorah of 7 ‘Light’ and ‘Stars’. This has inferences of the Pictograph of Alef, a ‘Bull’ in which in the Mazzaroth, Taurus is the Constellation that contained the 7 Stars, Pleiades which means, the ‘Congregation of the Judge’.

Royal and Divine Script

The Bull signifies ‘The Judge’ who Judges the 7 Churches of Asia and instructs them before they are ‘Called-Up’ or to ‘Fall Back’. Then Chapter 2 corresponds to the Hebrew Letter of Bet. The Hebrew letter Bet means a ‘Tent’ or ‘House’ in that the Church is like a Spiritual Body, a Temple that is being built-up and completed someday. Astonishingly, the 3rd Letter in Hebrew, Gimel signifies a ‘Lifting-Up’. This can have Prophetic Connotations of what is destined for the Bride of Christ. It will be by a Rapture before the Tribulation Period is started by the Seal Judgments based on this Hebrew Letter to Chapter Theory.

This Chapter encapsulates the core of the 2000-year Church Age that is anticipating the End of its Royal Commission with ‘The Rapture’. It is in Chapter 4 of Revelation that the ‘Come Up’ is decreed. It corresponds to the Hebrew Letter of Dalet. In Hebrew, the Letter Dalet signifies a ‘Door’. This Chapter is when the Scene of the Court of YHVH will be In-Session and John is the Representative of the Bride. John is present having come up through a ‘Door’. He is the key Witness to see the Triumphant Lamb of YHVH execute Justice as He starts to Break the Seal Judgment that starts the all-inclusive ‘Wrath’, etc.

It should be re-emphasized that ‘The Rapture’ of the Bride of Christ does not immediately initiate the Tribulation Period. It is the Breaking of the 7-7-7-fold Seal Judgments by Jesus that does. And this with the 1st Seal Judgment that comes after being the unveiling of the AntiChrist per the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, etc. Nonetheless, it is astonishing in how the Language is identical, word for Word derived from the meaning of the 4th Hebrew Letter to that of the 4th chapter of Revelation. Jesus promised an ‘Open Door of Escape’, from the Wrath that would come on the world to try them for ‘1 Hour’, etc.

The 5th Letter of Hebrew, He corresponds to the 5th Chapter of Revelation. It signifies the Pattern just as the risen Jesus Christ set out to outline the Book of Revelation events. It was the ‘What Was, What Is and What Shall Be’ thereafter, a Revealing, etc. And this is coming from the Perspective in Heaven where John as the Proxy of the Bride of Christ, is beholding the Events down on Earth, etc. Chapter 6 corresponds to the Hebrew Letter of Vav. It signifies a ‘Nail’ or ‘Security’. It involves the unleashing of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse like Nails being driven through as those Luciferians will hide in their Underground Cave Bunkers, thinking they are secure.

Such will not escape YHVH’s Judgment as it will pierce such places like a ‘Nail’. It also signifies the Souls of those Martyrs at this Time that are secure under the Altar in Heaven, etc. Chapter 7 corresponds to the Hebrew Letter of Zayin which signifies a ‘Sword’. The Chapter pertains to those Martyrs that were Slain by the Sword of the Antichrist but given White Robes, etc. In chapter 8, it corresponds to the Hebrew Letter Het or Chet that signifies a ‘Fence’ or to ‘Protect’. This Chapter centers around the Coals from the Golden Censor that will unleash the Catastrophic Judgments of the 7 Trumpets.

Encrypted Coding

However, those marked by the Seal of YHVH will be spared in some Miraculous Way. In chapter 9, it corresponds to the Hebrew letter of Tet which signifies a ‘Snake’ or to ‘Twist’. In this Chapter, there is the unleashing of the Demons from the Abyss, Apollyon which in Ancient Mythology, was tied to a Python, a Snake. As an aside note, few believe that the Book of Revelation was actually written 1st in Hebrew because of the need to translate Abaddon to the Greek Apollyon, etc. This is of course alluding to Lucifer, the Shining One, that ‘Ancient Serpent’, etc. The Hebrew letter Yod corresponds to the 10th Letter and 10th Chapter.

The Chapter encompasses the Imagery of the Great Angel and the Little Scroll that was handed to John. The Hebrew letter Kaf corresponds to the 11th Letter and 11th Chapter. This Chapter signifies a ‘Hand’ and a ‘Finished Work’, etc. This Chapter is centered on the appearance of the 2 Witnesses and how from the Power of their Hands, the various Miracles occur, and they are protected for 1260 Days before they finish their Work, etc. The Hebrew Letter Lamed corresponds to the 12th Letter and 12th Chapter. The Letter Lamed speaks of a ‘Staff’ and to ‘Teach’ as in to instruct.

This chapter is signified by the Great Sign of the Virgin. Many believe it is in Direct Astronomical Reference to Virgo. Virgo’s Stars connotes a ‘Staff’ and a ‘Seed’. It is alluding to one of the Names of the Messiah, ‘The Branch’, etc. This Sign is like a point of ‘Prophetic Synchronization’ occurring in all of YHVH’s Word. It teaches much about the Past, Present and Future concerning Biblical Typologies of the Rapture Events in particular. The Hebrew Letter Mem corresponds to the 13th Letter and 13th Chapter. This Chapter signifies ‘Water’ and ‘Origins’. This Chapter speaks about where the 1st Beast comes from, the Sea as well as the 2nd Beast that comes from the Earth, etc.

The Hebrew Letter Nun corresponds to the 14th Letter and 14th Chapter. The letter Nun corresponds to ‘Fish’ as in Fishing and being ‘Faithful’. This Chapter signifies the Work done by the 144,000 who were faithful to Evangelize the World on behalf of Israel .It is rather interesting how even the Number 14 corresponds to the Prime Numerals of 14 as in the 14-4,000 Sealed and Anointed. They mirror the Zeal and Commitment of Paul who was also, thereafter, given as to the Great Commission to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ as ‘Fishers of Men’, etc.

The Hebrew letter Samekh corresponds to the 15th letter and 15th chapter. The Hebrew Letter denotes ‘Props’ or that of a ‘Support’ Structure. This Chapter signifies a stationing of various Elements in preparation for the coming Wrath of the Lamb, Jesus. The Hebrew Letter Ayin corresponds to the 16th Letter and 16th Chapter. The Hebrew Letter denotes an ‘Eye’ and as to ‘Understand’. This Chapter could signify how it is instructed of those not to ‘Sleep’ and stay ‘Awake’. It is in the Context of remaining Faithful to the very End. It is in Reference to those Believers and the Elect, Israel, not the Church. This has a Connotation of having one’s Eye being Open, Alert and Understanding of what is occurring and seeing the ‘Finish Line’ in Sight. The Hebrew Letter Pe corresponds to the 17th Letter and 17th Chapter of Revelation. The Hebrew Letter denotes a ‘Mouth’ and an ‘Opening’.

This Chapter deals with the Judgment of Babylon. ‘She’ is described as a Mouth that opens to Blaspheme YHVH and those Residing in Heaven, i.e., Raptured Bride of Christ. The Hebrew Letter Tsadi corresponds to the 18th Letter and 18th Chapter. The Hebrew Letter denotes a ‘Hook’ and as to a ‘Harvest’. This Chapter signifies the ‘Catching’ of Babylon, in all aspects as one would ‘Hook’ a Fish or a Sickle would Harvest a Grain at the End of a Harvest Season. It speaks of the Total Destruction of the Babylonian System in all its Permutations, Religious, Political, Social, etc. The Hebrew Letter Qof corresponds to the 19th Letter and 19th Chapter. The Hebrew Letter denotes the ’Back of Head’ or the ‘Last’.

This Chapter in Revelation signifies the closure of the Tribulation Period in how Jesus returns to restore His total Dominion over all the Earth. In chapter 20, it corresponds to the Hebrew Letter Resh that signifies a ‘Head’ or to reach the ‘Highest’. This Chapter signifies the Dominion of Jesus upon His return as the ‘Head’ and Highest of all to set up the Millennial Kingdom, and how He subdues Lucifer etc. In chapter 21, it corresponds to the Hebrew Letter Shin that signifies ‘Teeth’ or that which is ‘Sharp’. This Chapter could signify the Condition of all that is to come as one would ‘Smile’ when one goes into a newly purchased Home or there has been a favorable and definite Victory and/or Outcome of sorts.

How the position that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ will be Pre-Tribulation is strengthened is by the Theory of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet 22-Letter to Chapter Template. The Hebrew Letter to Chapter superimposed onto the 22 Chapters of the Book of Revelation does seem to correlate Prophetically as noted. The Emphasis are most striking around Chapters 1-5. What this Template produces is a Confirming Witness that in fact, YHVH Encoded the very Last Book of the Bible through a Prophetic Spectrum using each Letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet. Perhaps other Books in the Bible and ‘Time’ itself could also be ascertained in the same way and no doubt they would be in some fashion.

The Point of the study is that in fact, each Meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet does appear to correspond precisely to the Prophetic Theme of those Numerical Chapter. Have in mind that the Divisions of the Bible Verses were not made originally but some do suggest that such an Endeavor was also divinely inspired. In the case of the Book of Revelation, it happens to have 22 Letters as does the Hebrew alphabet. Could it be mere Coincidence? Sure.

However, when one looks at the Matching Letter to Chapter Correspondences, they are Marvelously Shocking, and one believes this has not been presented before. It should be noted that the Sequence as to the Hebrew Alef-Bet is backwards in that normally, the reading and placement of the Sequence of the Letters start on the Right and with the Alef and ending on the Left with the last letter, that of Tav. In the case of this Theory, the Alef starts with Chapter 1 and continues in Sequential Order until the Last Letter, Tav corresponds to the 22nd Chapter of Revelation, etc.Chapter 22 of Revelation corresponds to Tav, the 22nd or Last Letter in the Hebrew Alphabet which means that of a ‘Mark’ or a ‘Cross’. This Chapter signifies the ‘End’ of Biblical Prophecy that points to Jesus and His Work on the Cross of Calvary, which is as the ‘Sign’ or letter of the Tav, a Cross or Mark, etc. It is as if Jesus is placing His ‘Signature’ on the last Letter to the World, in the Context of ‘The Marriage’ as it began in Genesis. And with a P.S., ‘I Love You.’

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