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‘And you shall count off 7 Sabbaths of Years—7 Times 7 Years—so that the 7 Sabbaths of Years amount to 49 Years. Then you are to Sound the Horn far and wide on the 10th Day of the Seventh Month, the Day of Atonement. You shall Sound it throughout your Land. So you are to consecrate the 50 Year and proclaim Liberty in the Land for all its Inhabitants. It shall be your Jubilee, when each of you is to Return to his Property and to his Clan’. -Leviticus 25:8-10

The following are some Observations and Remarks concerning a Video by Brother Bob Barber, posted September 20, 2023. It was about how the Rapture was to occur in 2023 because it was a Jubilee Year. It was based on the 50-Year Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War of 1973. This Notion has also been taught by Mark Biltz. Perhaps there are others but one is not aware of. The Connection from the 50th Year Anniversary of the Yom Kippur War is that it was be the ‘Year of Release’, thus the Rapture Event for 2023.

Day of Atonement 2023 Makes More Sense for Rapture Resurrection over Feast of Trumpets!

One will be asking Questions more so, based on a general Rationale of why one does not agree nor Comprehend this Connections on several Levels to the Rapture Typology. One is not saying one is ‘Right’ but rather, that the Argument asserted by fellow Brethren to Determine the Rapture Event solely on the Jubilee Year Cycles is Plausible but why is it being considered? Here are one’s Observations. On which Calendar? The Yom Kippur of 2023 was on the 24-25th of September in the Rabbinical Calendar.

It is only if one is abiding by the Solar Calendar, like that of the Essenes and the Karaite, based on the Fall Equinox of September 22-23, that the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur occurred on the 27th. The next Observation or Question one has is, if one is basing the Rapture Event on this type of Day Count, based on Leviticus 25, realize that YHVH had commanded Moses to Start the New Year and the New Month at Nisan, in relation to the Spring Equinox, no longer on the Fall Equinox.

Thus, the ‘True’ Rosh HaShanah would truly correspond with Nisan. And? This proves that Rosh HaShanah is not Yom Teruah, or the Feast of Trumpets. It would also suggest that the Calendars based on the Solar Count are more accurate than the Rabbinical Lunar one. The Question one has for Brother Bob Barber and those that espouse the Rapture Date to have been initially on Rosh HaShanah 2023, had now reasoned that Yom Kippur was a ‘Better’ fit for the Rapture because of its Jubilee Association, etc. 

Calendar Calibrations

But if this was and is the case, the prior Rapture Dates of the 15 and the 19th of September for 2023 would have been ‘correct’ because of it. The observation is just that now, there is a ‘switch’ in Calendars. Why? This Debate about which Calendar to use is something that has not really been discussed as there are several. The reason why many now said that the Fall Feasts were just beginning thereafter, as the ‘True Feast of Trumpets’ was based on the Essene and the Zadok Calendars. They are Solar Based and as with the Essene Calendar, as rightly noted by Researchers like Ken Johnson, count from a Wednesday after the Spring Equinox.

In this case, the Zadok Calendar does the same but for the Fall, the Wednesday was before the Fall Equinox of September 22, 2023. One finds that interesting. So, to Brother Bob Barber and others, it appeared that those attributing the Rapture to the Fall Feast were ‘Still in the Running’. See the Zadok Calendar Link below. But this is 1 of the many Quandaries in trying to ‘Figure-Out’ the Rapture. Why? If the ‘Fall’ Feasts of YHVH are supposed to be in the ‘Fall’, then one knows that the Rabbinical Calendar is off, most of the Time, especially missing the Synchronization based on the Fall Equinox.

Zadok Calendar

Now, as to the Year 2023 being a Jubilee Year? Yes and No. For sure a Yes for the Yom Kippur War of 1973. But is it a Jubilee Year since Creation? Np. That is the Question and much Debated. It depends who one chooses to hear, believe or what Calendar one is using. But here are more Questions. The issue is complicated by the use of a Calendar from the ‘Beginning’. Already, by using 1 Calendar, one is excluding all others, naturally. But that is where the ‘Contradictions’ appear or others have pointed out. How so? It is that a Jubilee Year does not Start on ‘Year 50’ but Ends on the 50.

This is basically one’s Point, in that for 2023…it was the End of that Jubilee Year Cycle. Of course, it is one’s Interpretation and others do not agree, so you know. Now one does see a Push to ‘Fit the Rapture Circle in a Rapture Square’ type of Rationale. How so? The need to have the Rapture occur, ASAP, ‘As Soon as Possible’. It is because of the Rapture Linkage to the  U.N. Sustainable Development Goals SDG. And? Their Reasoning was that by September 21, 2023 it would have had to have been the Rapture because of the 7-Year Overtones that were directly assumed to be that of Daniel’s 9:27 Prophecy. And? Or else their 2023-2030 would be disproven. It was.

But this is how Theories are Tested, by Time. ‘Time always Tells the Truth. One would have hoped so, but one holds to the Theological Position that the Rapture is not what is being Inferred in Matthew 24, as in the ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’.  And that one Understands, that the Rapture Event is not Imminent. But from a purely Political Science point of view, one would say that all that transpired in the Fall with the Revelation 12 Sign Reloaded and the U.N. Luciferian Globalist Goals? It was a Rehearsal, a Prelude, a Prerequisite for the Real One to come after the Rapture. One has written about the Reasons why prior.

It is about the Sabbaths of the Land
But just to point out that even some of our Brethren that were onboard with the Fall Feast and SDG Rapture Timing for 2023 did have a 2nd Look. One references these Brothers below in their own Video Discussions about it and what they had to say was what one had said all long. They said it in a more Tactful way than one attempted to, but one agreed with them. And again, one is not wanting to Detract from Watching for the Rapture, but to call for Balance as one understood these Brethren to have now said about the Reasons taught as to why the Rapture was to occur at the ‘Fall’ Feasts of YHVH for 2023 did not materialize.

Night Watch with Bro Chooch


The Covenant of Antichrist! | Midweek Update with Tom Hughes
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One is of the Interpretation that the Notion of the Jubilee is Fractal of Pentecost. It is a Prophetic Type of how it will be linked and perhaps based on its very Timing on a Given Year to be determined of the Rapture Event. But at the Core of ‘Declaring’ the Jubilee Year as one believes Jesus did in his Home-Town Synagogue of Nazareth, it pertains to the Land and the Jews, not the Church and the Bride, i.e., the Resurrection-Rapture Event. Why Not?

One can see that the Rapture Event can be characterized as a Jubilee Event at which Time, the Bodies of all those that belong to Jesus are ‘Released’. But one is more convinced that the Pentecost Pattern on which the Jubilee is based on, a 7 x 7 or 49 Days + 1 Day is when it actually coincides with the Summer Wheat Harvest.  Note the Verse in this Context: The Key is the End Timing, Summer from Matthew 24:32-34 32.

‘Now learn a Parable of the Fig Tree; When his Branch is yet Tender, and puts forth Leaves, you know that Summer is near’. 

One has also written about the Notion of the Sabbath of the Land and how because of Israel’s Disobedience, YHVH Charged the Jews 70 Years to be in Captivity in Babylon until it was all Paid. There is still 1 Week or a Sabbath of the Land YHVH reserved till the very End. This is Daniel’s 70th Week. And one has written about how the Year Count to the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Judgment that is still owed by the Jews is reserved for after the Rapture. It is the Rapture that closes-out the present Church Age, not the 7-Year Confirming of the Covenant.

Rapture is a Summer Harvest
It has to do with the Altar of Sacrifice, to infer a 3rd Temple as it is the Daily Sacrifices that start the 2520 Day Count of the Tribulation Period. It is not a U.N. SDG Summit needing 7 Years of Acceleration. It is because the Luciferians know their Time is short. One rather suggests that 1948, the Year Israel was ‘Birthed’ is not the correct Start Year for the 70th Week Countdown. Rather it should be 1952. Why? That was the 1st Sabbath Cycle observed once Israel was back in the Promised Land, as a Recognized People, by the U.N., i.e., the Nations of the World.

It was not just based on individual and/or Groups of Jews making Alyiah or Returning to the Land. Now here, following is how the Sabbath Cycles or Shemitahs play into the Jubilee Year Equation. But realize that the following Rationale is in dispute. Nonetheless, one needs to add the 49 Years from last Sabbath Cycle Year. In other Words, as stated in other Posts, one does not count the 1st Year of a New Shmitah Cycle and then add 1 more Year to get to the Jubilee Year.

So, for example, if the Rapture was based on the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and it was a Jubilee Year in itself, that means that the Shmitah Year of that 7-Year Sabbath Cycle was in 1972. And? It means that one has to then add the subsequent 7-Years Sabbath Cycle to get to the Shmitah Year again. It is from that 49th Year that one then adds the Jubilee Year. Thus, the following Equation.

49th Year = 1972 + 49 Years (7 x7) = 2021 making 2022 the Jubilee Year  

Note that it was not the Year 2023. Now the other Observations and Questions one had of the 2023 Fall Feast Rapture Association, had to do with the very Meaning and Need for a Day of Atonement. For the Jews, it was when the High Priest took off the Outer Robes, as an Act of Humility and took the Blood of the Sacrifice and went into the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was. He then sprinkled the Blood on the Horns and on the Mercy Seat, etc. And for 1 Year, the Blood of the Sacrifice ‘Atoned’ or Covered the Sins of all of Israel.

It was also the Occasion where the Azazel Lamb was transferred all the Sins of Isarel and then lead to the Wilderness to be thrown off the Cliff to be Killed and rid of. It is a Grotesque Metaphor of what Jesus had to do that to Atone or Cover the Sins of Humanity. It is a Prophetic Echo of how YHVH took an Animal, most probable a Lamb and made the Hides to ‘Atone’ or Cover the Nakedness of Adam and Eve. It was Jesus, as the ‘Scape-Goat’ that Sin was transferred onto Him, in His Body to then be rid of and burred in the Grave and left there. But Jesus rose from the Grave because in His Constitution, there was no Sin and thus Death could not hold him down.

And as Sin was Transferred to Him, Jesus, so now can and does Transfer His Righteousness to those that are willing to avail themselves of that Covering, ‘Under the Blood’, etc. And? So, in Theological Context, one is not entirely convinced that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is Directly Associated with the need for Atonement of Israel. The Bride needs no further ‘Atonement’, not even going through the Motions of it. It is for the National People of the Jews that do.

A Willing Sacrifice
The Jews are still looking for their Redemption in the Blood of Animals. It is because they still, corporately have rejected this only Scape-Goat YHVH offered to them, a Human one, Jesus. Note. Jesus was not a Human Sacrifice. How so? Sacrifices are never willing. Which Animal is they could talk, say, ‘Sure go ahead, I will be a Sacrifice for you Humans’? None. The Difference is that Jesus was a ‘Willing Sacrifice’, a Substitute, and that makes Him a Willing Offering, out of Love, etc.  

Now, one does think there is a Portion of the Jubilee Year Prophetic Typology tied to the Rapture Event. But that it has to do with Pentecost, the other 49+1 Day Counts, which is 1 of 3 per the Temple Scrolls Feasts. And then how the Rapture is an idea of a Harvest. Think Boaz and Ruth, not Hight Priest Taking in Blood into the Temple. Jesus did exactly that after His Resurrection. And one is of the Understanding that He took with Him, a Token or Sample of the First Fruit of the Resurrection to come.

It is of the Bride that is to be ‘Harvested’, completed, losing none, at the End of the Summer Harvest as Jesus inferred. The Point is that Jesus, the Greater High Priest already has done that at His Resurrection. The Bride just awaits its Turn in the Order of the Resurrections. And that is not dealing with any Fall Feasts, in one’s Assessment. Now as to why the Luciferians are so obsessed with September 23, 2023, is because one surmises it has to do when Creation was made.

The Day Coincides with the Day after the Fall Equinox, and when the Sun is in Virgo, which is the Beginning of the Sun’s Course per Psalm 19, of the Mazzaroth, etc. This is to say that the Day is the ‘Beginning and the End’. Now, could the Rapture occur on this Day? Well, for the Reasons specified, that one sees its Timing more succinct with a White Wheat Wedding Season. In one’s Assessment, this Summer Harvest that Jesus directly alluded to, is sure is more compelling than a supposed ‘Better Fit’ for the Rapture at a given Yom Kippur Day.  

Also consider that in the Book of Enoch, in Chapter 60, it does state that the 50th year (Jubilee) occurs on the 7th month on the 14th Day of the Month. But again, what is the Reference Month. If the Year stared in the Solar Year, meaning the Spring Equinox, then it would translate to the Gregorian Calendar being the Modern Month of September or in most cases, Tishrei of the Rabbinical Jews. But if the Calendar was based on the Fall being the Beginning of the Year and Month, in commemoration of Creation, then the 7th Month would be Nissan. See, it is very Confusing to say the least.


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