Oppenheimer Movie Correlations and Critique

by Luis B. Vega
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9:9 I am the Gate [Jesus]. If anyone enters through Me, he will be Saved. He will come in and go out and find Pasture.
9:10 The Thief [Lucifer] comes only to Steal and Kill and Destroy. I have come that they may have Life, and have it in all its Fullness.
9:11 I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His Life for the Sheep. -John 10

Where to begin. The purpose of this study is to investigate the Atomic Blast Zone from a Google Earth Top View Perspective, to ascertain if any Pattern is seen. Sure enough, one was and is Amazed in how the Atomic Blast Zone, named ‘Trinity’, the 1st Atomic Blast in Human History, at least since Adam and Eve was perpetrated. One will demonstrate, with Chart Illustrations that the Atomic Blast Zone was, thereafter, Replicated to match the Triangulation Pattern found in the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex. And can one believe that ‘Pyramids’ are also included? Albeit they are Man-Made. But what are they doing there, as found on this Trinity Atomic Blast Zone? Why?

Over the past Decade, one has Researched the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Anomaly based off the Work and Research of the Pioneers, mainly Richard Hoagland. He was the one that attempted to single-handedly break this Anomaly to the Main-Stream with no success. He mainly focused on the Face of Mars, that it was not a mere Pareidolia Effect. But not the Triangulation Pattern was noted thereafter. He was Mocked, Ridiculed by the U.S. Government in an attempt to silence him. He was relegated to some ‘Conspiracy’ Nut-Job and the Images of the Site on Mars where ‘Blurred’, etc. Then there was the Research and Book titled, The Secret Chronicles of Mars by David Flynn, 2002. This Book can cost over $100 USD. On some sites, the value is up to $600 Dollars USD.

What one has built upon, is their Research that, this Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern was and is still being Replicated on Earth. Case in Point, the Trinity Atomic Blast Zone. Why? One has Documented and Published over 400 such Sites on Earth, both Ancient and Modern ones around the World. This is thanks to Google Earth, and Google Mars Computer Software Models based on U.S. Taxpayer Funding of Satellites, etc. One has documented so many Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Patterns, that one has a 3 Volume Trilogy of this Research. See End Notes for Free Download of these 3 Books. And of which, the Trinity Atomic Blast Zone is now 1 of the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Patterns, remarkably. This is the purpose of this study, to demonstrate this Evidence or now, one would rather say, Proof. Humanity ‘Shares’ the Planet with Non-Humans…

Through a Biblical Filter

The Trinity Atomic Blast Site was chosen for its Earth Ley-Lines, Energies and Numerology Associated with it. For example, the Main Road is ‘13’. The Latitude is at the 33rd Degree. It is 88 Miles from the Roswell UFO Crash Site in 1947. Coincidence? One’s Theory of the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex, which is at the 19.47 Degree Meridian on Mars, is based on Sacred Geometry and Mathematics. This Triangulation along with an inordinate amount of Energy being released, configures a Hexagram. When it is 3-dimensionalized, it becomes a ‘Door’ or Portal as in even a Star-Gate.

And for what Purpose? One takes on a Biblical Filter, which based on the Scriptural Narrative, is 1 of many Nexus Points that Entities travel to-and-from the Dimensions between Earth and Heaven, or the Heavens, etc. Consider that before the Atomic Bomb was Detonated, the area was Barren, mostly Uninhabited. There were no ‘Markers’ or obvious designated Points to configure this Triangulation. But this came after the Atomic Blast. Coincidence? See the Proof in the Chart Illustrations. For example, the Blast Zone affected the area, within a 100 Mile Radius of the Detonation. The Detonation occurred on July 16, 1945. And the ‘Death Winds’ went were? Corona, New Mexico.

You had the nearby Major Urban Centers in the State of New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe but then Roswell in the immediate vicinity, etc. Consider that exactly 22 Months and 23 Days later from the Detonation, the Roswell UFO Incident occurred, as reported in the local Newspaper, on July 8, 1947. And? On 1 Hand, it was a Derivation of the Numerical Luciferian Fraternal Order of Skull and Bones 322, in Reverse. One is suggesting that the Atomic Blast provides the Energy required to pierce Space and Time, to collapse it to then dissolve the Veil that separates the Terrestrial from the Spiritual, etc. Think of Meta-Physics, Quantum Computing and CERN.

So, why bring up a study on the Trinity Atomic Blast Zone? As a Background for this Inquiry, one was curious about this Blast Zone in light of the Release of the Movie titled, ‘Oppenheimer’ in the Summer of 2023. As a Political Scientist, and Amateur Astronomer, one would love to see this Movie, but one is not. Why not? You see, it is the Luciferians that Control these Bombs, Detonations and Hollywood. According to Jesus, the Luciferian’s Goal is to ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’. It is they that have now ‘Become Death’ because they are Death and Deceive. That being said, upon hearing that there is a Sex Scene while Oppenheimer is quoting from the Bhagavad Gita?

The Bhagavad Gita is about, 'The Song by God'. It is a 700-Verse Hindu Scripture. It is part of the Epic Mahabharata, etc. This Song of God, is about a Dialogue between the Pandava Prince Arjuna and his Charioteer Guide Krishna, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. But the Hollywood Elites in Control will never fail to interject their Quest to Corrupt and Defile Humanity. It is a Movie that otherwise would have been an interesting Interpretation of the Life and Times of Robert Oppenheimer. One would rather recommend: Oppenheimer - Destroyer of Worlds Documentary, by The People Profiles. See End Notes for Online Link. Oppenheimer led the Manhattan Project to develop the 1st Atomic Bomb and Detonate it. By the way, according to the Research and the Undercover Work of Alex Jones, the Project was hatched in the Bohemian Grove.

Controlled Narrative
It is 18 Miles from Santa Rosa of Sonoma County, in California Redwood Country. This is  the Luciferian Elite’s July Summer Retreat, where they get together to Conspire on how to ‘Rule the World’ as they Prostitute themselves with Young Men and Women that are bused-in from San Francisco and the Local Population. But during ‘Off-Season’, the area is seemingly just an ‘apparent’ Elite Golf Course Retreat Area. It is a Façade. They have bought-out the Sheriff Department who protected them, etc.  Also consider when the Luciferians release their Movies. Dates are Important as it is based on Numbers.

The Oppenheimer Movie Release Date, being July 11, 2023 to the Trinity Detonation on July 17, 1945 was nearly 77 Years to the Day. One will show some Numerology that apparently went on with the Trinity Atomic Detonation. It all pertains to the Luciferian’s Predictive Programming and Media Propaganda Machinery, etc. Now many People will say and have said, ‘Why do you think or say it is the ‘Luciferians’ doing all this?’ Again, one comes and is coming from a Biblical Worldview. Meaning that the Bible provides enough Evidence and Clues to identify that Humans on Earth are not alone.

Humans share Earth with Lucifer, who Jesus stated that he is the ‘God of this World’. Then there are all the Myriads of Fallen Angels, .33 to be precise that joined Lucifer. And? Lucifer in his Minions, on Earth, now consist of Humans believing in his ‘Gospel’. Humans also seek to Control every Human on the Planet. Realize that Lucifer’s Goal is to ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’, as Jesus stated that about him and all those that willingly choose to follow his False Promises, etc. Lucifer’s End Goal is to totally Destroy Adam’s Race. Thus, anything that Represents YHVH or Jesus that is Holy, Beautiful and Meaningful is sought out to be Degraded, Defaced and Demoralized.

In reality, Lucifer is using Humanity to Destroy all of Humanity, and especially the Jews. Why? It is because Jesus, as a Jew and who became Human, Defeated him at the Cross of Calvary. Yet, despite Lucifer’s Loss and Lake of Fire that awaits him, his Fallen Angels and Humans in League, will not go willingly without a Fight. Lucifer seeks to drag as many Human Souls to the Lake of Fire with him as he can. Realize that it is the Luciferians, who Control the Medicine, Military, Media, and Money. They have been using these Platforms, are using them as such Means at their disposal, all given by Lucifer, to turn this World into a Poison Prison Planet. They are Poisoning the Land, Air and Water, etc. Case in Point, are all the Atomic Blast Zones in the USA.

So, the Heavenly War rages on Earth. For example, there were the 200 of the Watcher Class of Angels that came down to Mount Hermon in the Days of Enoch. They are presently being held Prisoners by YHVH in the bowels of the Earth, called Tartarus. They await their Release to be used as Agents of Judgment upon the World after the End of the present Church Age that will conclude with the Rapture Event. In fact, the whole Ancient Alien Narrative will be the Cover and Explanation of what happened to Millions of People who Disappeared, all at once. They just all happened to be Followers of Jesus. So, consider the Trinity Atomic Blast that occurred on July 16, 1945. The Oppenheimer Movie was Released on July 11, 2023. And?

Mars Connection
​July 11, a (7-11) is a Fractal of the total Day Count of 77 Years and 11 Months. Also, 7-11 is the Ratio of the Great Pyramid’s Height to Base Ratio. The Movie was released in the U.S./UK on July 21, 2023. Note the 7, (7+7+7) 23. July 23 (723) is the Feast of New Wine based on the Solar Calendar. It is Pentecost of Acts 2 occurred, a Celestial ‘Detonation’. And why was the Name ‘Trinity’ coined by Oppenheimer? It is the Biblical Notion of there being 1 GOD, but 3 Person in 1, which is the core of Christian Theology. Consider that Oppenheimer was a Jew. To them, the Concept of YHVH being 3 in 1, 1 in 3 is Anathema. Perhaps it was a veiled attempt at refuting such a Theological Construct. But consider that Oppenheimer was a Genius, nonetheless. Oppenheimer even learned Sanskrit and Greek to read their Sacred Literature in the Original Languages, etc.

Obviously, he knew enough of the Christian New Testament to realize that Trinity was taught and even seen in Genesis 1. How so? Consider a careful Reading, how in the Creation Account, you see the Trinity in Action. Obviously, being a Jew, he knew that in Genesis, Elohim, is in the Plural Form to denote that during the Creation Process, there was more than 1 ‘God’ present, as in ‘Let Us Make Man in Our own Image and Likeness’, etc. You have the Father that said, ‘Let there be Light’. And in the Gospel of John, it is revealed that the Word was Jesus, the Light of the World.

Then, how the Holy Spirit moved upon the Waters to divide ‘Water from Water’, etc. Anyway, as to the Trinity Atomic Blast Zone Triangulation? One surmises that after the Testing, the Triangulation was configured by a series of 3 Main Markers that were then designated in that Blast Zone. From a Top View, see Chart Illustration, you have the exact Size Proportions of the 3 Structures found in Cydonia, Mars. At Trinity, New Mexico, you have a Massive Circle with 14 Sides, which is a Double Octagon to the West. Then in its Entrance Way, there is a smaller Circle with a clear Marking of 6 Points or Posts that within this Motif, configures a Hexagram.

This massive area corresponds to the Giant D&M Pentagon of the Pyramids of Cydonia. Then, there is a smaller Circle to the North where the Blast Zone was actually Detonated. It even has an Obelisk Monument with a Plaque commemorating the Event. This smaller Circle, which is 13 Miles from the Massive Circle also has 14 Sides or a 2nd Double Octagon Perimeter. It so happens to have the same Size Proportion as the Face on Mars. What is undeniable is how the Orientation of the Blast Zone mirrors that on the Cydonia, Mars Plateau. The 3rd Motif, that of the Cydonia, Mars Pleiades Pyramid City, is corresponding to the Facilities that are present to the South.

They are related to the Military Installations connected to the Research and/or Observations of the immediate Blast Zone. What was and is Mind-Blowing, is that the Orientation of the Pleiades Outline matches the Angles of Direction, from a Top View. What is prominent about this Correspondence, is that there are 2 Man-Made Pyramids at its Northern End Tips. These 2 Pyramids relate to the 2 End Stars of the Pleiades Star Cluster. These 2 Stars are Atlas and Pleione. So, the Question remains, what are Pyramids doing out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico where they Detonated the 1st Atomic Bomb? Why is there an apparent Cydonia Triangulation there?

Truth or Consequences
And by the way, this Region chosen for the 1st Atomic Bomb, is called in Spanish, La Jornada del Muerto, or in English, the Journey of the Dead One. And is that not what the Atomic Blast brought to the World? And consider the direction that its Blast Wind of the Death Cloud produced. Its Maximum reached, guess what Town? Corona. It was truly a Journey of Death. Oppenheimer is alleged to have said, ‘I Have Become Death’ from the Geta’s Song of God, when the Blast occurred. It is not what he had originally said. Now, some Critique of the Trinity Blast Zone and the Romanticizing of the Movie and Life of Oppenheimer. The U.S. Government later found out that he had become a Communist Sympathizer, who contributed Financially to their Cause. Then consider the Consequences of such Atomic Blasts in the USA that occurred thereafter.

In the End Notes, a Link is provided to the US Governments’ own Report about the Effects of its Atomic Detonations, or ‘Tests’. Again think in the Context of what Jesus Stated about these Luciferians is to, ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’. The Report basically attests that the Detonation caused, ‘Widespread Dispersion of Radioactive Fallout’. That the Tests led to ‘Environmental Contamination’ and Population Exposures’. Yet these are the very People that blame Humans for Global Warming for their own Contamination, Poisoning and Destruction of Earth and its People, to this Day.

Their Hypocrisy is how they use or misuse Science to Kill as many People as possible, i.e., like through their mRNA COVID Killshots. The Report stated that this Low-Grade Atomic Blast emitted Radiation into the Open Atmosphere that was then carried by the Continental Jet-Stream across 46 States. That is essentially, most of the USA Landmass. In essence, these Luciferians capitalized on the Notion of ‘Experimenting’, while the Cold War was raging to ‘Radiate’ the whole U.S. Population to weaken the Immune System. But all the while, those they Appointed and Controlled in Government, as they do now, Deceive the Masses into thinking they are the Saviors with Solutions.

Now, Critics have said that the Radiation Exposure of the Trinity Blast Zone was less than what the Natural Radiation Levels already occur in Nature. Granted. But that would be if it was just that 1 Experimental Atomic Blast. It would be no different than, say, getting an X-Ray in a Doctor’s or Dentist’s Office once a Year. But to keep Getting X-Ray every week for a Decade? This is exactly what happened to the USA. Then the U.S. Government extensively conducted Underground Nuclear Weapons Testing. They blow-up an estimated 815 Subterranean Nuclear Devices between 1951 and 1998. And the Critics say, ‘See, it is underground and Nothing to see here’. But consider that the Radiation, instead of moving upward into the Air, went downward into the Water Tables.

But the Luciferians in Control of the U.S. Military were not satisfied in just having Ground or Underground Nuclear Testing. No, they also carried out at least 45 Airburst Tests during this same Period of Time during the Cold War. To this Day, People actually visit the Trinity ‘Ground Zero’ Site as a Tourist Attraction. Despite Warning Signs posted that it is a Radioactive Site, People put themselves in that Atomic Blast Zone. And? There has been more Man-Made Radiation purposely released and Tested onto the Civil Population, without their Knowledge or Consent, than Meets the Eye.

Predicative Programming

Quoting from Wikipedia, the United States performed over 1,054 Tests by Official Counts, involving at least 1,149 Nuclear Devices on U.S. Soil during the Cold War Period. And most of these had occurred in the Southwest, mainly in the Nevada Desert, but near Las Vegas and the Water Source of the Colorado River, etc. It is also not widely known nor reported that during these Live Atomic Blasts, the U.S. Army and the Marines, would march groups of Soldiers and Marines into Trenches about 1 Mile from Ground Zero Blast Zones of these Atomic Tests.

The Soldiers and Marines were given Welders Goggles and told not to look directly into the Blast. They were ‘Assured’ by the Scientists in White Coats that they, ‘Were a Safe Distance Way’. If one does an investigation of these Military Personal, there are countless Testimonies about those that were Exposed to the Blasts, have Died of Cancer. So, as to the Movie, ‘Oppenheimer’? According to Research, Oppenheimer is a 2023 Biographical Thriller Film, Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan.

It is based on the 2005 Biography, ‘American Prometheus’ by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin. The Film chronicles the Life of J. Robert Oppenheimer. He was born in New York from an Affluent Jewish Family who had Immigrated from Germany. He was a Theoretical Physicist who was pivotal in developing the 1st Nuclear Device that later on, was used as a Weapon to End the War with the Japanese.

Consider that Oppenheimer and other Scientist were aghast at not only dropping 1 Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, but within Days, the 2nd One was also Used against the Civilian Population of Japan. Why not Tokyo? Why not Berlin? Consider that a case has been made, that the Date and Times of those 2 Detonations over Japan were deliberately calculated and based on Numerology. The 1st Detonation over Japan occurred on August 6. The 2nd Detonation then was on Augusts 9. You have here the 69, which in Freemasonry is the Key Stone of their Luciferian Archway.

This Numerical Mirror or Reversal is seen in the Date of the Movie Release. How so? July 16 is the 197th Day of the Gregorian Calendar. And with 198 Days during a Leap Year. There are then 168 Days remaining until the End of the Year (198-168). The 3 Days difference in August could have interfered with the ‘Trinity’ in which it came to be known that in all of Japan, out of all the Peoples that believe in Shinto and Buddhism, the greatest Concentration of Christians in Japan were situated in which 2 Cities? Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, ‘La Jornada del Muerto’, or the Journey of the Dead One came calling to ‘Kill, Steal and Destroy’ in Japan as a direct result of the Luciferian’s Quest to not even have given a chance for the Japanese to Respond.

Trinity Atomic Test Site Statistics

Coordinates                            LAT: 33°40'38.14"N  LONG: 106°28'31.38"W
Test Site                                  Trinity Site, New Mexico United States
Nearest City                            Bingham, New Mexico
Detonation of Gadget             25 kilotons of TNT (100 TJ)
Test type                                 Atmospheric   
Device type                             Plutonium implosion fission

Nuclear Blasts on Mars
This Section of the study will deal with how not only is there a Cydonia, Mars Connection to the Trinity Atomic Blast Zone, but that as it involves a Nuclear Detonation, so too has that occurred on Mars. What? Yes. Consider the following Source and Evidence presented. And again, perpetrated by the ‘Usual Suspects’. Or in this case, Suspect, i.e., Lucifer. In the Beginning YHVH created the Heavens and the Earth. Notice that YHVH created the Heaven(s), plural. This means that there is more than 1 ‘Heaven’, and perhaps this speaks to the Dimensions, and the need for Nexus Points or Energy to traverse them, even as in a ‘Door’ or Star-Gate .

And perhaps, such Heavens are a Place and even Time, where other Created Being were fashioned by YHVH, much like He did on Earth. This is inferred in the ‘Lucifer Chapters’ in the Bible, mainly Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, of how Lucifer was of sorts the Administrator on Earth, a ‘King’, before Adam, as the Bible does teach that Lucifer was in the Garden of God. Where? When? Thus, before Genesis 1:2, Lucifer appears to have Fallen in an Ancient Past and History on Earth. This would explain the Chaos also found in the Solar System. These ‘Lucifer Scriptures’ allude the ongoing War in the Heavens that amazingly, will find its Conclusion on Earth. In part, Lucifer’s Rebellion went beyond wanting to be ‘Like the LORD Most High. As to the Detonations on Mars?

Dr. John Brandenburg, a Plasma Physicist and an Expert in Propulsion Technologies working for Top U.S. Defense Research Agencies, was allowed by the Luciferians in charge to write a Book in which he surmised how Mars’ Atmosphere was Destroyed. Now? By Nuclear Weapon Detonations. It is presumed that Mars had a Civilization and Life Forms, not Human that populated the Planet. Moreover, this Civilization had direct Contact, Commerce and Communications with Earth, before Adam and Eve. In 1991, Brandenburg’s Hypothesis was actually Published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Now some Detractors accused him of being on the ‘Fringe of Science’.

Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Weapons on Mars


His Cydonia Hypothesis is that the large amount of Nuclear Isotopes in the Mars Atmosphere, resembles those from Hydrogen Bomb Tests on Earth. He surmises that Mars may have been an example of a Civilization that was wiped-out by a Nuclear Attack or War of some sort. What does the Bible have to say about this? Consider that in the case of Lucifer, the Bible does give Reference to him having been in the Garden of Eden, before Adam and Eve and the Earth was Destroyed. Brandenburg is correct.

In fact, Samuel Z. Arkoff produced a Historical Documentary about this Hypothesis in 1957, ‘Invasion of the Saucer Men;. It tells of the ‘Martian Nuclear Holocaust’. All this is predicated on the Gap Theory. It Delineates Ages between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. In Genesis 1:1, the Earth ‘Became Formless and Void’. Genesis 1:1 is about YHVH creating Everything out of Nothing. But in Genesis 1:2, something happened in which Earth, and perhaps Mars and others were Destroyed or made ‘Formless and Void’. And? YHVH then Recreated Earth, the Garden of Eden from what was already there.

Earth Earliest Ages

In this case, it is the Time and Place where YHVH created Human Beings after the Fall of Lucifer. But this Species, ‘Mankind’ is unlike any previous Life created by YHVH. How so? They would be ‘Image Bearers’. That above all other possible Beings of Life, Mankind was fashioned after the ‘Likeness and Image’ of the very Creator, YHVH. No other Created Being can claim this Constitution. The following are examples of a Mars and prior Earth Civilization Connection before Adam came on the Scene. For example, the People of Egypt believed in the Khemit (Kemet). They were said to be a People that existed who built the Pyramids before the Egyptians.

The Indian Mahabharata tells of a Heavenly War between the 'Gods'. This War occurred also on Earth in Ancient Times. There is Physical Evidence of this in India, that there were Nuclear Detonations in an Ancient Past.

Sri Lankan and Indian History mentioned that there was a King in Sri Lanka called Ravana that had direct Connections to Colonies on Mars.

The Ancient Sumerian Creation Tablets tell of an ‘Anunnaki’ Civilization that lived on Mars. They came from the ‘Star’s to Earth and were involved in starting Earth’s Civilizations. They were the ‘Builders’ of the Ancient Pyramids found all over the World, based on the Cydonia Pattern.


Why did Lucifer Rebel? Aside from the clear reasons listed in the Bible, one surmises that Lucifer did not like what he heard YHVH say about this ‘New Race’. In how they would eventually place Mankind above the Angles. Humanity would co-rule with Jesus as the Bride of Christ on Earth. This New Race of Humans would have Lucifer and all other Angels Serve this Adamic Race. Consider that Angels were created for basically 3 Purposes as taught in the Bible. They are the following.

1. To Worship the Creator, YHVH.
2. To be Messengers.
3. To Minister to all those that Inherit Salvation only found in Jesus.

So, how does the Angelic ‘Anointed’ or Christ Cherub play into Mars, Earth, the Trinity Atomic Blast Zone Context? Understand that when Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, where was he cast to? Out of all the Trillions of Planets to land on, it was to the Earth that Lucifer was cast down to. And there is the Clincher. The Bible teaches that Lucifer was cast down, before Kings who Sneered at him. And that part of the Reason that Lucifer was cast down to Earth, was because of his Inequity and his Trading in a Commerce taking place already on Earth, it would appear before Adam.

In 1 Interpretation of Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, Pastor Larry Ollison said on Prophecy Watchers, ‘The Paradise of God’ - Gary Stearman, that Lucifer was cast down before Kings. He surmises that then there must have been ‘Kingdoms’ on Earth before Adam. And if there was Commerce, there must have been some Currency or form of Trade. And that Kingdoms have Boundaries. Ollison goes on to reason that it does not say, just before a ‘Kingdom’. It says before Kings, as in plural and Kingdoms, plural, etc.

Gap Theory
As to the Gap Theory, the amount of Time that lapsed is unknown, how far back these Civilizations and beings existed. But they did exist on Earth and have never left. And this is why you see the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation even after the Atomic Detonation at Trinity. They are the ‘same’ Beings involved then as now and that were in the Detonation of Mars, per Brandenburg’s Research. Thus, Adam and Eve took part in the Re-Created Garden of Eden of Genesis 1:2. And that is why Lucifer was still there or had access to it.

This is why the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern found on Earth is Evidence of their continued Presence and involvement, still with Humanity on Earth. But one can also rely on the Ancient Texts that all have a Common Source about a Common Being, i.e., the Lucifer ‘Savior’ that came to Seed Humanity and bring it the ‘Light’ of Illumination and Knowledge, etc. They also attest to having such Ancient Civilizations destroyed by Cataclysms, like the Flood of Noah. Ollison summed-up his Assertions by saying that, what is known, is that there was Intelligent Life on this Earth before Adam.

And that this Pre-Adamic Civilization on Earth, had enough Intelligence to have Kings, Commerce, Trading going on. And that Lucifer, in some Capacity or Oversight, was directly involved. Pastor Ollison went on to say that there were no Men, as in Human Mankind that existed before Adam. It is clearly taught in the Bible, that Adam was the 1st ‘Man’ on Earth. Thus, if Adam was the 1st Man, then there were no ‘Men’ of the Human Species before Adam. But there was a Civilization of some sort that had existed before.

This Theory is sustained by the Research of George Pember in his Book titled, Earth Earliest Ages. Thus, Genesis 1:2, taking into account the Gap Theory, set the stage for the Creation of the Adamic Race. Mankind was given Free Will. But unfortunately, through the Deception of Lucifer, he captured all the Souls of this New Human Race that was Co-opted to Sin against YHVH and Fell along with Lucifer.

But the ‘End of the Story’ is that, although Adam Sinned in Disobeying the Commands of a Holy Creator, the Redemption Plan of YHVH was and is just as Astonishing. The Plan was not to Redeem the Fallen Angelic Race, but that of Adam. And that the 2nd Person of the Trinity, GOD the Son, willingly chose to become a Creation by taking on the Incarnation or Flesh of this Humanity. Why? To Redeem it and not only Restore their Spirit, Soul and Body, but Paradise and restore the ‘Balance’ of the whole Universe.

It is however, a present ongoing Operation as Lucifer, although Defeated at the Cross of Calvary, and those putting their Faith and Trust in Jesus, do not yet have the 3rd Component of their Salvation, the Glorified Body, the War of the Seeds continues in Real Time on Earth. And this War will culminate in a Thermonuclear War on Earth, as it was on Mars. It is called the Battle of Armageddon. See the Book of Revelation for Details and Outcomes, etc.

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