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Related to Eclipse Patterns?

by Luis B. Vega
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Many People have asked, ‘What is the Significance’ of the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse? For what it is worth. One found the Article posted back in 2012 about how some Researchers derived a Mathematical Formula to predict the Market Cycle Crashes. This was before the Era of Computers. The other Theory about the Market Crash Cycles is how some Researchers tied the Cycles to Solar and Lunar Eclipses. It makes a bit of sense, because those in ‘Charge’ of the Majority of the U.S. Stock Market appear to follow the Rabbinical Lunar Calendar. The Original Source, featured on the Rick Wiles YouTube Channel is no longer available. The entire Channel was banned for posting such Content and for other Reasons, etc.

The Coming New World Order Economy

The Time-Frame was when Obama was the U.S. President and there was also an ‘Egypt Theme’ of ‘Vibe’ going on at that Time, that many End Times Watchers picked-up on. The other Theme was that of the Exodus with Plagues of attempted Plandemics then with the Ebola Virus. Remember? And, naturally, many correlated the Times and Events to the possible Rapture Timing. Of course, now that Biden has been in the White House, he was Obama’s Vice President. And some have insinuated that Biden has really been Obama’s 3rd Term.

So, one dusted-off the Article and re-read it for a refresher. In terms of the Stock Market being influenced by the Eclipse Cycles, the Theory is based on the following. The Theory is the Market Crash Cycles appear to occur on or near the Full Moons and especially when there is a Total Solar Eclipse that always follows. The Markets will reach a Peak around a Full Moon, and especially if it is a Blood Moon type of Lunar Eclipse. The Total Solar Eclipse will always follow its Pair, exactly 15 Days later or 360 Hours, etc.

Think of the 360 Degree Compass and possible Original Day Count per Year before the Flood of Noah, etc. It is after the Solar Eclipse that there is a significant Drop in the Markets, with a Chaotic Rally or Panic Period. What is rather interesting is how many have asked, ‘What is the Significance’ of the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse? What about if the Market Crash Cycle is True and that could be 1 of the possible ‘Signals’ and Outcomes of the Celestial Sign?

Rabbinical Calendar

What is more interesting is that in 2024, a Solar Eclipse not only happens in the Religious New Year on the Rabbinical Calendar, Nisan 1, being April 8, 2024, but there is a ‘Double’ New Year Eclipse. It occurs in the same Gregorian Calendar Year on October 2, 2024. This was noted and published in the following Article.

Some Observations and Correlations​​

Realize that the October 2, 2024 will be an Annular Type Solar Eclipse. It is a combination of a Total Solar Eclipse and a Hybrid Solar Eclipse. It is 5 Months or 178 Days of a Time-Frame difference for Perspective. Note also that the Mid-Point of these 2 New Year Eclipses is the Month of July. That is the Month that one always looks to the End of the Summer Wheat Harvest and New Wine Pentecost being tied to the Rapture Timing, etc.

But what is rather Amazing, is that the October 2, 2024 Solar Eclipse occurs on the Rabbinical Calendar Civil New Year. It is if both are Bookends of sorts. Now one mentioned that one has seen several Charts having the 1929 Stock Market Crash, specific to the S&P 500, overlaid to the present Year, up to the End of March of 2024. And? What the Trend or Trajectory will be next, is the ‘Crash’ or Fall in April. This is, if the Market Crash Cycles pegged to Solar Eclipse Pattern Theory has any Validity. One has seen similar overlapping Graphs for prior Years also.

And that is the Point or the possible Correlation having to do with the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse that is on Nisan 1, etc. Now, one must also mention that the 1929 Crash Cycle occurred in September and October of 1929. But that is again, exactly when the Mirror ‘Image’ of the Civil New Year occurs on October 2, 2024 with that Annular Solar Eclipse mentioned. Coincidence? Nonetheless, one cannot say with 100% Certainty that in April, after the Eclipse is when the Stock Market will Crash. But based on the Market Crash Cycle Pattern and Theory, it could or it should.

Now, if the Stock Market Crash is to occur because of the Synchronization and Dichotomy of the 2 Jewish New Year Solar Eclipses? It would be a bit Overdue, if one’s other Theory about the 33 Sabbath Cycle of Years since 1792 is to be accurate. If one is familiar with this Theory, it was in 1792 that the U.S. Congress passed the Coin Act. It essentially created the Money Supply. It was to be managed and handled through the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The following is a bit of U.S. History for Context.

However, Traitors sympathetic to England and the Rothschilds, including Congressmen formed the 1st Central Bank of the USA. This was essentially the Birth of the Federal Reserve. It meant that the Money Supply and the Printing of the Money was now in the Hands, not of the People of the USA, but of Powerful Non-American Globalist Families that charged Interest on every Paper Note Printed. This ‘Pyramid Scheme’ guaranteed a Perpetual National Debt that could ever be Paid.

Stop the Printing Press!

It was meant and designed to continue Tax the Citizenry to maintain the Perpetual Payments of the Interest of Printing the Money Supply. It assured a gradual and steadily ‘Milking’ of the Wealth from the Working Peoples of the USA to International Bankster for their Purposes and Pleasures, etc. And back then, the Money was backed up by Gold. That Commodity was thus transferred over to the Central Banks. This is why after the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson, who fought in that War, also ‘Killed the Bank’.

That was his Presidential Rallying Cry. He succeeded and for a while the USA was free of any Foreign Central Bank managing the People’s Money Supply. This is why Andrew Jackson would ‘Role over in his Grave’, as they say if he found out that the Federal Reserve has honored him with his Image in the 20 U.S. Dollar Note. So, pertaining to the Market Crash Cycles in relation to the Eclipse Cycles? It is not an exact Science or Mathematical Formula, at least that the Public is not allowed to fully perceive.

With the availability of Computing Software, such Crash Cycles have been Mitigated and Manipulated anyway, as many Insider-Traders have asserted. But what one can Assess Accurately though, is that since the Article that was written back in 2012, the Average American in the USA is worse-off. They are more in Debt, more Depressed, more Addicted to Drugs, more Violent, more Unhappy, more Irreverent, more Suicidal, more Gender Confused, etc. Its Spending Power has shrunk by Hyper-Inflation.

There is a higher Cost of Living, and for Food, Fuel, Fun. There is increased Rent and Mortgage Payments. There is Less Credit available from Banks. There is increased Insurance Coverage for Vehicles, Property and Homes, etc. All the while, Illegal Immigrants get Free Housing, Free Driver’s License, Free Food Allowance, Free University Tuition waived, Free Credit Cards and now in the Sanctuary Cities, Squalor’s Rights. As it has been correctly said. Socialism always works until someone else’s Money runs out.



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