Foreshadowing of Biblical Personages Yet to Come

  • Is there prophecy being made by the U.S. Embassy move?
  • Why did the celebration coincide with the 70th year anniversary?
  • Is Trump's legacy that of Cyrus in helping restore Israel?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘One of the heads of the Beast appeared to be fatally wounded. But the mortal wound was healed, and the whole world was astonished and followed the Beast. They worshiped the Dragon who had given authority to the Beast, and they worshiped the Beast, saying, Who is like the Beast, and who can wage war against it? The Beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for 42 months.’ –Revelation 13:3-5

In light of the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s independence since 1948 and the USA Embassy move to Jerusalem, this study wanted to look at a possible encrypted meaning of the 3 names of the men engraved within the stone plaque embedded on the wall of the US Embassy building in Jerusalem. The U.S. Embassy plaque was unveiled by Ivanka Trump and various Israeli and American dignitaries. Although many voiced a concern as to why Ivanka was chosen to represent Trump in unveiling the plaque and not an official elected Diplomat is a fair question. Nonetheless, if names have meaning and are derived from the nature of their definition, then what would the names be telling perhaps? This is only a speculative suggestion but the names embedded forever in the plague will go down in Israeli and Church Age history as a monument milestone that is undeniable.

The stone plague if very simple, elegant and in phi ratio proportions. It lists the names of 3 men, Donald Trump, Michael Pence and David Friedman. Aside from Donald, the name of Michael and David are probably the most prolific of names concerning Israel’s past and future aside from Yeshua or 'Joshua' that is Israel's Messiah, Jesus Christ. Such still have a prophetic part to play in Israel’s coming rendezvous with destiny and prophecy. There is the name Michael, who in Heaven is the Arch Angel. He is the Protector of national Israel, spiritually. Michael is seen in Revelation 12 after the birth and rapture of the ‘Manchild’. There is all out war in Heaven to come as Lucifer seeks to overrun the Throne of YHVH with his Fallen Angels as he is expelled down to Earth by Michael and his Angels.

The name David is the name of Israel's most beloved earthly King. David is the King that despite his many failings was the one of whom all the Kings of Israel were measured and judged against. There is also the Davidic Covenant that YHVH established with the bloodline of David. From his loins, the Messiah would come and from whom one would sit in his throne, an Earthly throne forever. It is as much as the Messiah would be King of the Universe as a descendant currently sits at the Right Hand of the Majesty on High, that being Jesus, etc. Many Biblical scholars and even secular observes both in the press, media and governments see that this event is historic to say the least but Biblical at most.

Prophetic Personages
American media hosts like Jeanine Pirro said that, ‘President Donald Trump has fulfilled biblical prophecy by moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled the Biblical prophecy…’ To have this event converge on the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s rebirth, as a nation in 1948 is what many believe is the fulfillment of the Fig Tree Generation or will be. In short, it would make Donald Trump, the U.S. President forever engraved not only in the stone plaque of a nation's embassy building but in the annals of Jewish History, which is phenomenal. Many do see the designation of the choosing of Cyrus the Great, a great Persian no less with that of Trump. Both are now seen as being called by YHVH to help restore Israel. The following are the meaning of the 3 men whose names are engraved in the U.S. Embassy plaque in Jerusalem.

Donald - Great Chief
The name Donald is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish, the meaning of the name Donald is ‘Great Chief’, ‘World Mighty’. From the Gaelic Domhnall, the name Donald was given to a number of early Scottish Kings.

Trump - To rank atop others

Trump is a surname of English and German origin. The English surname is derived from the Old French ‘Trompeor’, or ‘Trumpeter’, which means, the ‘Maker of Trumpets’.

There is a 2nd meaning in the game of Bridge and other card games. It is a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.

Michael - Who is like Elohim? (GOD)

From the Hebrew name (Mikha'el) meaning who is like God? The name is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like GOD. Michael is one of the 7 Archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified Archangel that protects Israel.

Pence - Hill that gathers herd

The ancestors of the bearers of the Pence family name are thought have lived in ancient Anglo-Saxon England. They were first found near an area that was referred to as the Penn. The surname Pence is a toponymic surname, which described where the original bearer held land. In this case, the surname was originally derived from the Old English words ‘Penn’, meaning an area that housed stray animals as in a ‘penn’, but also which referred to a hill.

David - Beloved

From the Hebrew name (Dawid), which was probably derived from Hebrew (dwd) meaning ‘Beloved’. David was the 2nd and greatest of the Kings of Israel. David ruled in the 10th century BC and made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Several stories about him are told in the Old Testament, including his defeat of Goliath, a giant Palestinian.

Friedman- Man of Peace

This ancient surname is of German, Swiss and French origins, and was also adopted as Ashkenasic from the 17th century onwards. It derives from the pre 8th century word 'fried' meaning 'peace', plus 'man(n)', which can have a variety of translations from servant, (as in servant of god), friend, or follower.

The following would be the compiled encryption solely based on the names of the 3 men on the stone plaque of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. ‘Great Chief, who ranks atop others, Who is like Elohim? (GOD) that on His Holy Hill gathers His herd, Beloved Man of Peace.’

Legacy of Cyrus
The Sanhedrin has issued a ½ Shekel Temple Coins with both men’s facades to commemorate a ‘decree’ over Jerusalem. The linkage to both men is the 70-year numerical coefficient. It was at the 70th year marker that Cyrus the Great issued the decree to liberate the Jewish Captives and have them all return to restore Judah (Israel), Jerusalem and the Temple. In similar ‘prophetic’ fashion, Trump decreed move of the embassy to Jerusalem was commemorated at the 70th year marker, to the day of Israel’s Independence. Likewise, it would appear that such a move may be fulfilling a major prophetic milestone of YHVH' prophetic timetable. It is concerning the redemption of Israel, the City and eventually the Temple. Will Donald Trump’s decree reach that ‘prophetic’ degree concerning the building of the 3rd Temple in some way?

Consider that his expertise is real estate and building projects; what 2 better skills of knowledge to have for such a purpose perhaps. This is despite his many flaws as Cyrus the Great and King David had. As the Biblical saying goes, 'GOD qualifies the called, he doesn't call the qualified'. Of such men’s name, King David was a  murderer, an adulterer and he even turned to the enemies of Israel, the Philistines. Donald has had a similar bad and long line of sins in his past with derogatory words said against women, immigrants and nations. This is not to excuse such past behavior but that as a lesson to men of power, such actions will come to haunt one and one will pay the price for it. Although as an immigrant, one would be remiss if some of his comments about some types of immigrants do need to be checked and it is true that some countries are pile of feces.

If such countries and people were 'great', why would they be so desperate to immigrate to the USA? What this study suggests that there may be at least 3 levels of inferences that the possible encryption of the 3 names of the men on the Embassy plaque. Such names could be alluding to, that of Jesus Christ, Donald Trump himself and the coming Antichrist. Realize that as in prophecy and/or encryptions, there may be multiple layers of meaning. The first level of inference could be that of Christ Jesus Himself. It is Jesus who is the ‘Great and Chief Shepherd of the Flock’. He is the one that 'Trumped' Satan at the Cross of Calvary. He is like no other GOD; there is none like Him as He is the fairest of 10,000s. He is the ‘Sheep Pen, of whom He has gathered the 99 and seeks after the 1 lost to gather in the Holy Hill of Zion, that is Jerusalem, etc.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace, the Man of Peace, the Son of Man. Thus, one can see that on this day, that being a generation per Psalm 90, such names etched in stone commemorates and echoes prophetically the attributes of the King of Jerusalem. This is in reference to the mere definition of the 3 names of the men on the stone plague. The next level of possible inference could be that of Donald Trump himself. As noted, it is rather amazing that in the first place, Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election. His name essentially personified his achievement as he 'Trumped' the elections, etc. One can also study his origins and they are very peculiar and to a degree unnerving. For example, this family surname was ‘Christ’ and he has a very colorful pedigree going back generations. Of course, there is the Rapture crowd that insist 'Trump' is prophetic in that he is signaling the 'Last Trump' to be blown on the Feast of Trumpets, etc.

The Savior of Israel
Trump has a direct reference to the Rapture one and out of all the other U.S. President; he has been like none other in espousing the cause of Evangelical Christianity. Trump has done more for the Evangelical community than all prior U.S. Presidential Administrations combined. He has kept his word in this regard which most would not have. Yet, he is beloved by Israel at least as much as he is loathed in the USA by at least half the nation that is divided down the middle on almost every issue now. In fact, according to Newt Gingrich 'he has not been initiated' into the Luciferian Secret Societies that run Washington DC and the world. Donald is not apparently under the total control of the Luciferian Deep State that runs this world currently.

The epic decree and move by Trump regarding the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Eternal Capital was commemorated Israel's 70th year independence to the day. This was reckoned by the Gentile calendar, much like Cyrus the Great had contributed to the blessing of Israel which ultimately led to the completion of the 2nd Temple. No doubt to Biblical scholar, this step is part of the present sequential restoration of Israel and Jerusalem. It will eventually pave the way for the restoration of the 3rd Temple. What the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem by Donald Trump does it that it now legitimizes the construction of the 3rd Temple, whenever that will be. It is point of pride for the Gentile Church of whom many Evangelical Pastors have said of Israel that 'they are our best friends' and above all, brothers in arms and benefactors of Israel's Covenant per Abraham.

It was rather unique being that it was an ‘American’ ceremonial event that it was opened in prayer and closed by 2 Evangelical Pastors that support Israel. The first Pastor, Robert Jeffress did close by using the Name of Jesus, John Hagee who gave the Benediction did not. In the modern regathering process of Israel, it has been 1 nation among many that most has aided Israel in her hours of need, in 1948, 1967, 1973 and now with Jerusalem. It is a measure of how the blessings, Israel has been to the Nations, such a nation as the USA and others that came to faith in the King, Jesus have in turn now been able to bless Israel where it most counts. This is also despite the many sins of America for she too has been and is like a Donald Trump. Yet, like King David and Cyrus the Great, they recognized their calling and place in repentance and reverence for the All Mighty directives concerning Israel.

How the recent events pertinent to President Trump’s decree about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is tied to prophecy is that it nearly mirrors that of Cyrus the Great. The 3 Wave Restoration Patterns since Babylon appear to be repeating in modern times with respect to Israel. As there was a 70-year Exile for Judah or ‘Israel’, there was a mirrored 70-year span of time that it took to completely have the remaining Exiles trickle back to Judah due to the reaffirmation of Cyrus’ Royal Decree. This has now occurred for Israel. If one puts the 3 waves or sieges of 20 years that led to the 50 years thereafter to ultimately end with Cyrus’ decree, it astonishing mirrors what has happened since 1948 for Israel. The pattern is identical and Trump is at the culminating point. There is a similar span of 20 years from the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan to 1967 liberation of Jerusalem. Then 50 years to 2017 and then the 70th year university in 2018.

Such a gentile blessing as the USA will not last for long as increasingly all the Nations will at one day come against Jerusalem, perhaps even the USA with another President and people that know not 'Joseph' or the GOD of Abram. Consider the dire pattern also that as YHVH used Babylon to discipline and lead captive Judah, so too was Babylon then judged shortly after the 70th year. Will the USA thus also follow this pattern that as she has been ‘designed’ and used to reconstitute Israel, here purpose will have been fulfilled and then she too will be judged like Babylon? The 3rd encryption of the names on the embassy plaque can also be attributed to a dark and inverted encryption as an Antitype. The 3 names of 3 men can also infer to that of the coming AntiChrist. In what way? In so much as the coming AntiChrist will be the one, literally that will 'Trump' the whole world with a false 'Peace and Security' that he will bring to the table with Israel.

The coming AntiChrist will not be sanctioning just a mere Embassy but perhaps the 3rd Temple. He will be the 'Great One' that will be accepted as the Messiah, even beyond the love affair of the likes of Donald Trump that will pale in comparison. There is a concern of just how enamored Israel has become with the likes of a Donald Trump. Some commentators noted how even the size of the letters for Donald’s name on the plaque are larger than those stating, ‘Jerusalem, Israel’. This disposition of Israel is a sad commentary really of its spiritual famine. Israel’s sin has been to rely on powerful men like a Cyrus the Great, a Donald Trump and their empires for its protection and security. The national Jewish nation has not learned that their only hope, security and true protection comes from their GOD, YHVH. Israel loses sight of the fact that it is the only nation on Earth that has a Covenant or ‘Pact’ with the Creator Himself. For this very reason, the Jews will never be nor can be totally destroyed.

No other nation can say this or has this condition or guarantee. Yet, it will play into the hands of Lucifer as his soon coming AntiChrist will offer national Israel just that. Will it be no different now as it had been with Israel then? No, thus the need for Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. What for? One sees the striking parallel of how in the case of the prophet Daniel, his inquiry of how long the Exiles would stay ‘Captives’ was hindered by the Prince of Persia. This is the Fallen Angel that govern the spiritual affairs of such a land, Iran presently. Is it no wonder why there is such contention coming out of ancient Persia? It is echoing the strive to have the prayer of Daniel answered and thus fulfill the demise of such evil. It is also amazing how again; the numerical coefficient of ‘70’ is reiterated over and over in prophetic terms, even down to the end of Israel’s history.

‘At the beginning of your supplications the command was issued, and I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed; so give heed to the message and gain understanding of the vision. 70 weeks have been decreed for your People [Israel] and your Holy City [Jerusalem], to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most Holy Place [3rd Temple]. So you are to know and discern that from the issuing of a Decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there will be 7 weeks and 62 weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress.’ –Daniel 9:24-25

Before YHVH concludes such unfinished business with Israel, Israel will extol such a man due to deception much like Eve. The difference is that this coming ‘Savior’ will not only be that for Israel but for the entire world. The Bible says that people will say of this coming Prince, ‘Who is like him or who can be compared to him'? He will establish his 'tent' in the Beautiful Land and take possession of the earthly Hill of YHVH, Jerusalem itself as a ‘Man of Peace’ initially to Israel's detriment and in part blindness for she shall still trust in the alliances of men rather than turn to YHVH as a nation and be healed of such blindness. Such spiritual blindness will only be lifted when Israel will see ‘Him whom they have pierced’ as they turn, out of now other choice toward the Face of Jesus and say, 'blessed is He that comes in the Name of YHVH.'

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