A Study in the Possible Maya Star-Gate of Pacal

  • Are there astronomical evidence of a 'Star-Gate' at Palenque?
  • Is the depiction in the Temple of the Cross the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • Was the 'ship' Lord Pacal seating in a 'star-ship' traveling the cosmos?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. For this reason, Christ died and returned to life, so that He might be the Lord of both the dead and the living. Why, then, do you judge your brother? Or why do you belittle your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat.’ – Romans 1:8-10

The purpose of this study is to consider if the Palenque pyramid complex in Chiapas, Mexico has the Martian Motif triangulation as seen and depicted in other Mayan ruins across Mexico and other parts of the ancient world. A commentary will be offered as to the theory of the Temple of the Cross and Lord Pacal or Pakal being the ‘Palenque Astronaut’ whose mausoleum was discovered in 1952. Pacal or K’inich Janaab’ Pakal ruled from 615-683 AD starting at the age of 12. His rule lasted nearly 70 years in the area of Palenque, Mexico. He was buried deep beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions under a slap of amazing stone work. The lid of his sarcophagus is depicting the famous ‘starship’ blasting-off as Lord Pacal is sojourning through the Cosmos, it would appear.

The depiction presumes Lord Pacal heading for the Cosmic ‘Tree or Life’, centered in the Universe as the destination after death for the Maya. It is a depiction of a journey of the soul to join the ‘ancestors’ and ‘Gods’ from which the Maya believe they had been spawned from. However, many are attributing this depiction as evidence of an ‘Alien’ contact, and technological knowledge, etc. Such a cosmic Creation narrative has the same vain as the Egyptians with their similar protocols of a preparation for a ‘journey’ after ‘death’ to be buried among the ‘Stars’. The question remains, is the contraption Lord Pacal sitting in and apparently ‘navigating’ a ‘star-ship’ to the Stars; to the Pleiades where their ‘Gods’ came from? Or is it just a glyph on a slab that is a testimony to the mythology of their cosmology? Or is it both or could there be a double-meaning.

The slab does describe an array of the constellations, and other cosmic bodies such as the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Thus, the theory that it is not a ‘spaceship’ or a ‘space’ journey cannot be totally dismissed. Before the language of Maya was deciphered, the theory of the slab depicting a spaceship blasting-off with thrustors upon some instrumentation being used to even breath has been sensationalized. However, upon reading Mayan now, it is simply telling of Lord Pacal’s journey. Nonetheless, in some way, the contraption enables him to traverse through a duality of the Underworld but also through the Cosmos of Space to reach the Universal ‘Cross’ or Tree of Life. It is a rendering of a death, burial and resurrection episode much like those found in Egypt. Why study or write about what many have already? The amazing discovery of Lord Pacal’s tomb is one of the most profound in the Americas in terms of archeology.

A Star Lineup
There have been many angles of investigating the pyramids of Palenque and the tomb of Lord Pacal. However, none have associated the Alien Connection theory specifically with that of the Mars pyramid anomalies found in Cydonia and in a Biblical context of interpretation, no less. The Cydonian anomalies are the triangulation of the pyramid complex that this study purports have a design or motif, called in these studies, the ‘Martian Motif’ that is replicated on Earth. In this case at Palenque, it is even found dead-center on the site but hidden in plain view. At the core area of the Main Plaza is a triangulation that mirrors that of Cydonia, Mars. It is consisting of the Temple of the Inscription, the Palace complex with its famous tower and a worship pyramid that is now totally deteriorated. This study strongly suggests that this triangulation matches the Cydonia, Mars one although very compacted and in close proximity to one another.

If one looks from a top view of the main plaza of Palenque, the Temple of the Inscriptions is actually the core of the corresponding Pleiades Pyramid City on Mars. In many renditions on Earth, such have been palaces for the most part in the ancient realm. In modern times, it has corresponded to the financial centers, etc. What is the key give-away is that the configuration on Earth, at this place has the ‘handle’ of the Pleiades not at an angle as it is in the sky but is flattened to correspond to the ledges of the pyramids found there as in a lineup, a ‘Star Lineup’. Amazingly, if one superimposes the Pleiades outline with this modification, it appears to match this pyramid complex on the south side that features the entrance to the tomb of Lord Pacal.

Moreover, the angles at which the other temples are found match that of the corresponding point of where the Pleiadian Star of Alcyone would be. Then there are 2 terminal structures next to each other as would be the Stars of Atlas and Pleione. Then the Palace with the tower corresponds to the massive D&M Pentagon. Is the Palace in some form shaped with pointed edges to suggests a ‘pentagon’? Yes. It is not a perfect 5 sided design but has opposite corresponding pointed corners. And based on the size relationship to the others and the Martian Motif, it appears to perfectly match the size and angle. Then the Face of Mars, that of Ala-Lu, the Lord of the Underworld that he became is situated facing the Palace with the tower. From a top view, the stairs along with the building structure at the top resembles the ‘face’ as with a helmet that the mausoleum on Mars is purported to have. What is the point of this emphases?

Consider, as before that these studies into the Martian Motif speculate that the Cydonia, Mars anomaly was some sort of ‘space hub’ or port as in an airport on Earth. Perhaps a teleportation of sorts was occurring as the triangulation construed a ‘hexagram’, that many believe was used to travel as ‘Star-Gates’ from planets and other dimensions even. It is a factor in dark magic how a hexagram encircled is what is used to conjure up ‘spirits’ or traverse time and space, etc. How is this so or possible? Consider that such motifs are construed on Earth’s energy ley-lines and upon the incantation of ‘magic’ and or a combination of sound vibrations coming from religious recitals, it produces a sort of ‘key’. It is with such ability and construct of such a ‘resonance’ that ‘Spirit Beings’ are able to move, travel, etc. Such know how to work it as they use the Sacred Geometry for such purposes. Is there any relevant evidence for this assertion? Yes.

The very Temple of the Inscription where LORD Pacal was buried, on the exact day of the Winter Solstice, December 22, the Sun set directly behind it as to accent his death but his ‘resurrection’, 3 days later. This echoes the example of how Jesus Christ died on Passover and then 3 days later came out of a tomb as now the ‘Lord of the Dead and the Living’. How would these ‘Star-Gates’ be construed or ‘portals’ to the Stars and planets? Consider that if one would construe this hexagram encircled Martian Motif in 3D, it would produce a perfect square box or ‘chamber’. This would be or could be seen as the ‘chamber’ more or less like that of the Star Trek Transporter Room in which one could or would teleport to other worlds, planets and places. It is also the concept behind the Merkavah. Such are conceptualized as being the ‘Chariots of the Gods’, etc.

Assuming liberty here in this line of thinking, consider that if such a ‘sacred box’ was configured at certain times and dates, using this Martian Motif hexagram triangulation, such ‘Gods’ come from the Stars as the Pleiades would manifest in that ‘chamber’. Then they would walk up the Temple of the Inscription, the literal facsimile on Earth of how it would be exactly orientated in the Pleiades. What is astonishing to then consider is that the Pleiades in the sky has a ‘Gate’, the double-door Stars of Asterope. Thus, such would mutually correspond to the gateway to the respective Temples, to the core of the Pleiades in the Heavens and to the Temple of the Inscription on Earth. Biblically, this is much like the double doors of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem wherein Jesus, the LORD of the Dead and the Living went through into then the heart of the city, etc.

In other studies, one entitled, the ‘Mystery of the 7 Stars’ it is postulated that the Temple Mount along with the City of David construe the outline of the Pleiades. In this rendition of the motif, the Golden Gate, thus corresponds to that of Asterope, the double Star Gate to the entrance of the Pleiades. Perhaps Lord Pacal was attempting to mimic this ‘cosmic template’ of what Jesus literally did and will again at His 2nd coming. Such a portal that in this case, the hexagram as a ‘Star’ configures the chamber to become truly a ‘Star-Gate’. So, from a Biblical point of view and based in all prior studies of the Martian Motif found on Earth, the ‘template’ appears to have come from one single source. Whose? Not from Jesus for sure. However, this would help dispel the notion that the Americas were ‘isolated’ from any contact of Europe, Asia or Africa.

What is interesting in terms of its timeframe is that in comparison to the most ancient and earliest forms of this Martian Motif being construed in city centers of power that start with Sumer after the Flood of Noah come 3000 years ago, this Mayan pyramid complex was estimated to have been constructed around the 5th to 6th century AD. For perspective, this occurred rather late and during the time when Christianity was waning in Byzantium and the rise of Islam was to ensue. It speaks to the lasting legacy of how the fall of both Lucifer and Adam was still ingrained in the psyche of the designers and builders of such a place. What is also very unique about this site at Palenque is that there is a Temple of the Cross, in fact there are 2 of them, the other being that of the Temple of the Foliated Cross, etc. If one did not have any exposure to Christianity and its motifs, symbols and/or narrative, one would think that these Mayans were ‘Christian’.

The Cosmic Gospel
Consider that the farther one goes back in time, the more attuned and astute the civilizations were to the connection between the Earth and the Sun, Moon and Stars. Also, the understanding of the Mazzaroth or the 12 Constellations was something that such comprehended as a sort of ‘cosmic narration’. A narration of what? This narration was of a ‘Cross’, a Savior, an Adversary and a War ragging. What is astonishing is that such civilizations had in their mythology, and religion, in part incorporated into this storyline of essentially the ‘Cosmic Gospel’ in one perspective. Moreover, that a Savior, a Son was to come to Earth to teach Humanity civilization and ‘redeem’ them by way of a literal visitation. In particular to the cosmology found it the Americas, it was around 3000 BC that one of these Star Beings, the ‘Shining One’ is said to have come calling.

The name Quetzalcoatl was given to him who came in a cosmic boat accompanied by black giants. He is said to have come from Venus. He is not Jesus although the Mormons think so. Herein is the amazing correlation as to Jesus Christ as He Himself did attribute His being to the likeness of the ‘Bright and Morning Star’, Venus. This is why to the Mayan and Aztecs, among most others in Meso-America, the Pleiades and Venus were prominent in their cosmology, mythology and religion. This account is found in the writing of the Mayan holy book, called the Popl Auh. This is where many interject that based on other parallel Ancient Alien theories, it was Enki come from Africa in the quest to gold, etc. Such a parallel Creation story also comes from the Sumerian Enuma Elish which is one of the oldest pieces of work written after the Flood of Noah.

Others have a more spectacular rendition in that such beings were survivors of the famed Atlantis and as some went east to Egypt and Sumer, others come to the region of Mexico and Peru. One was said to be a tall blond, blue-eyed bearded man that was eventually crucified, and was of a virgin birth. Information concerning Quetzalcoatl’s ‘virgin birth’ is found in the Codices entitled, Telleriano-Remensis and Vaticanus A, folio 27v, from a Spanish commentator, Pedro de los Rios. When the European Spanish thus came to the Americas, the Roman Catholic rendition of Christianity was very plausible to the Indigenous of the Americas as they saw the religion and aspirations of these blond, blue-eyed Spanish only a different version of what the prior ‘Gods’ had come to be shown as and want; gold and the souls of mankind.

The very design of the Latin Cross and other Roman Catholic motifs nearly matched the one cross found on the stele of the Temple of the Cross that was dedicated to that precise depiction. The Maya and all the Meso-Americans knew about the Cosmic Cross, the Tree of Life, a virgin birth, a crucifixion, and resurrection, a ‘Son’, etc. So, what is the big deal with all this being said and how Followers of Jesus could take note of in these Last Days? Well, the fact is that the 1st half of the prophecy of the ‘White God’ come from the Stars as a ‘Savior’ from the Pleiades, or Mars or Venus has occurred. This occurred in the 1st coming of Jesus Christ, GOD the Son. He is the literal fulfillment of all the ‘Cosmic Gospel’ motifs and narratives. It has been Lucifer masquerading as the usurper ‘Savior’ come from the Stars also that seeks to counterfeit and confuse the comings of Jesus as he attempted then at Jesus’ 1st coming and will again at Jesus’ 2nd coming. The 2nd half of the ‘Cosmic Gospel’ is yet to be fulfilled.

Which Star Savior?
The point is that there is coming an ‘Alien Deception’ that will play a part in this narrative of how in the End of Days, such Lords would return to ‘save Humanity’. The point is that there are astonishing parallels and attributes between Jesus Christ and the ‘Star Savior’ whom many attribute to being the ‘Light Bearer’, Lucifer or in this Martian Motif ascertain, the Rebel King, Ala-Lu. This is only because the ‘Cosmic Gospel’ was and is inferring to Jesus, not Ala-Lu or any ‘Feathered Snake’ that Lucifer is. However, both are associated with being as a ‘serpent’ as Quetzalcoatl came on a ‘serpent shining ship’ and transformed into its likeness. Jesus was directly associated with a serpent, as He Himself attributed such to what Moses lifted up in the wilderness, the Bronze Snake, but only as a metaphor. Both were said to have been born of a virgin. This day was on December 25, 3 days after the Winter Solstice.

This date is not possible for Jesus as it has been shown that a probable time would have been September 11, -3 BC based on the astronomical retrogrades of Venus with Jupiter in the constellation of Leo. Nonetheless, both were teachers and performed miracles or magic to some. Both were betrayed and fought against an adversary. Both were crucified and resurrected. Both had their blood used to save humanity. Both are associated with Venus. Both are associated as being the ‘Sun’. They are both linked to the number 4 as in the 4 Gospels and the 4 brothers Jesus is said to have had and the 4 cardinal points for this Star Savior. Lastly, both also promised to return. These ‘Martian Saviors’ will appear after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ event occurs.

Thus, the question, how will Bible-believing Christians be able to distinguish the difference of which ‘Savior’ that comes down to Earth during the Tribulation Period will be the real Savior? For one thing, the difference is that Jesus Christ will come from Heaven itself, not Mars, the Pleiades or Venus as the coming ‘Star Saviors’ will proclaim. Such will perform miracles as if ‘magic’ in an attempt to beguile and authenticate their claims. In fact, the name of the temples gives it away. For example, the Temple of the Magician related to the Martian Motif at Uxmal blatantly describes that such are noting but ‘magician’ in the darkest sense. Then the way one will be helped in discerning if such are from Jesus Christ or not is that Jesus will have send the 2 Witnesses during the Tribulation Period that will emphatically be against such workings and declarations of these so-called ‘Martian Saviors’.

Do take note that in performing the many miracles of Jesus during His 1st coming, that were to authenticate His Messiahship as foretold, the people and the Jewish religious leaders of His day attributed this power to that of Lucifer instead. They essentially called Jesus a ‘magician’, among other derogatory names and blasphemed GOD the Holy Spirit as that is whom and through the power was such operated through. The 2 Witnesses, whomever they will be will counteract the demonic magic performed by the Rebel King, Lucifer by why of his ‘Son’, the AntiChrist and his ‘Martian Saviors’ that will attend to his agenda. The Bible clearly teaches that the coming AntiChrist will be given power by the ‘Dragon’, the Shining Serpent of Old, Lucifer. The other way one cannot be deceived during the Tribulation Period of which ‘Savior’ is the true one is that as Lucifer will manifest his Angeles, so will Christ Jesus.

In fact, as spectacular as it seems and perhaps as they had appeared to humans in the beginning, YHVH will send an Angel to literally pronounce a warning to all Humanity. This Shining Angel of Light will be flying around the globe and all will see this spectacle in every Nation. Every human will understand him in their own language to not take the Mark of the Beast of this coming Savior. The point is that ultimately, it is Lucifer, that this study strongly suggests is what is behind the ‘mask’, literally of the Face of Mars that has been replicated in all ancient and modern seats of power on Earth. In this case, in reference to the Martian Motif of Cydonia, Lucifer has been masquerading, literally as the Martian Savior, Ala-Lu. Astonishingly, such a Martian Motif with the face of ‘Lucifer’ can also be found at the core of nearly all the modern capitals of the Nations.

The last factor in how one can determine if such Star Saviors that will show up are not of YHVH nor of Jesus Christ is that it will be ultimately Jesus coming back to fulfill His promise to return. At that time, He will destroy such false and masquerading ‘Martian Saviors’. Consider that in Biblical theological terms, Lucifer was the exclusive ‘Lord of the Underworld’, as in Pluto, etc. He had control over the souls of Humanity in this case on Earth pertinent to the creation of mankind and ‘fall’ due to sin and thus having the power over death. This reality and gloom for Humanity was rectified by Jesus. Jesus came to Earth as the true ‘Star Savior’, became human, born and ultimately offered His sinless body to pay for the penalty of sin, which is death. The arrival of the Messiah of Israel was even accompanied by a literal Signs in the Stars, the Bethlehem Star. How cosmic can it get?

Now the Bible teaches that Jesus is now both the LORD not only of the Dead, but of the Living. Jesus literally took that dominion away from Lucifer at His resurrection and now Lucifer seeks to reclaim this lost estate even on Earth as he has lost his estate within Heaven and the Stars, etc. Followers of Jesus must not be confused in the amazing overlap that does exists with all the false Luciferian mutations of the true Gospel narrative realized and fulfilled in Jesus Christ alone, even as displayed in the constellations. Consider thought that Jesus did come from beyond the Stars. Jesus was more than just mere human. Jesus performed works of wonder that would be deemed ‘magic’, as a ‘magician’ or an ‘Alien’ as many do believe. Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven in bodily form, etc. This by the way is another way to prove the authenticity of Jesus’ work.

No such ‘Martian Saviors’ have a Glorified Body of flesh and yet able to move and have its being in Heaven. This is something Lucifer and his Fallen Angels cannot replicate. Astonishing, it is also what is promised to the Followers of Jesus as such will also have a similar Glorified Body of Flesh, yet able to abide in Heave as it will be the case at the point of the resurrection and rapture of the Bride of Christ. Such a historical figure accomplishing such feats would truly be seen as a ‘Star Savior’, a ‘God’ from Mars, from Venus, etc. The other sign or evidence that the so-called ‘Martian Saviors’ are false is that although they will go so far as to ascribe Jesus as ‘a Savior’, they deny Him as the Sovereign Son of the Universe. However, this ‘God’, is the Son of GOD, GOD incarnate. This GOD came to truly rescue Humanity from the clutches of the false ‘Christ’ Fallen Angel Lucifer who had bound all of Humanity under ‘death’, eternally.

This study is suggesting that those at the very top, behind the scenes that are in the know and still have such a connection and communion with such ‘Martian Saviors’ aspire to have them return and restore their lost estate, their domain on Earth as it was in Heaven. The risen Jesus is not wanting Humanity to ‘mind for gold’ nor needs any animal nor human sacrificed as Lucifer and his minions demand. Jesus came to die on the Cross, that was displayed even in the Cosmic Narrative for all to see and witness as even the Mayans did. Jesus went to the ‘Underworld’ to ‘set captivity captive and lead many sons on a ‘journey’ to Glory’, in a far greater way not even Lord Pacal could have imagined, etc.

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