The Epiphaneia vs. The Parousia

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‘Then I watched as the Lamb opened one of the 7 Seals, and I heard 1 of the 4 Living Creatures say in a Thunderous Voice, Come! So, I looked and saw a White Horse, and its Rider held a Bow. And he was given a Crown, and he rode out to Overcome and Conquer’. -Revelation 6:1-2

The purpose of this study is to offer a Critique of another study having to do with who is the Rider on the White Horse, as depicted in the Book of Revelation Chapter 6. This study comes from a man named Stan at his 11:11 Sign YouTube Channel.

The True Identity of the Rider on the White Horse


As to Jesus being the Rider of the White Horse? Not that one is the Authority on Revelation but here is one’s assessment. One did see/hear the Video and the Brother’s Argument, although it was like ‘Fingernails to the Chalkboard’ having to finish it to the End. One would give this Brother’s Logic an 'F' in Eschatology. At least regarding this Topic and Interpretation. Allow one to explain. Here are the Givens. It is understood that the Book of Revelation is highly Symbolic and Pictorial.

So, it is subject to a varying degree of Interpretation. That is a Given. Thus, one cannot say that the Brother’s Interpretation is ‘Wrong’. One believes he is mixing-up the 2 Riders, as many do of the Appearing of 2 Christs, 1 at the Beginning and 1 the End. It is because the Language used of each is so Similar and Prophetic. But one can say with certainty that he cannot be Right either. And then the Best one can do is provide one’s Counter-Argument to support one’s Assertion. And that is based on one’s Deductive Reasoning.

One has attempted to Decipher the Book of Revelation and have a Chart to share in the End Notes. In one Delineation of the Book, one Cataloged the Chapters, all 22 of them to correspond to the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet. Some Amazing Correlations do appear to show. And based on this Prophetic Pattern, as the Book clearly states, that the ‘Purpose is to Reveal Jesus’, then one argues that it even demonstrates an ‘Anthropomorphic’ Rendition of Jesus. Meaning? That the 1st 4 Chapters correspond to the ‘Head’. Then thereafter, the Chapters 5 to 19 correspond to nearly the entire Body. Then it ends with the Closing Chapters to correspond to the Feet, etc.

Church Concludes the Great Commission, not Jesus

It is a Prophetic Pattern then, in one’s Estimation in how one has also catalogued in similar fashion, the Birth, Bar-Mitzvah-Baptism-Burial of Jesus in Years on a Timeline. This is also one’s Evidence for a -3 BC Birth Day and a 32 AD Death and Resurrection Timeline. This Pattern is how also one has come to Understand that there are also then 7 ‘Raptures’ or what one calls Translations throughout the Book of Revelation. And how this is the main cause of the Confusion of why many see a Mid-Tribulation Rapture. Others see a Pre-Wrath Rapture and others a Post-Tribulation Rapture. All are correct.

It is because Students of the Bible have a case of Microscopy in that they only hone-in on such Segments of the Timeline that center on such Translations that occur. One argues that the 7-Translation Sequencing are not Mutually Exclusive. But in one’s Opinion, they fail to relate that Specific Translation as part of the 7-Fold Revelation that the Book is so intertwined with. A clear Clarion Call of why the Pre-Tribulation Chapter 4 Rapture is the Correct one, in part, is how adamantly those who subscribe to the Mid-Trib or Pre-Wrath Rapture Scenario are very Hostile towards the Pre-Tribulation Interpretation. One senses that it is a Spirit of Division that is not coming from Jesus.

Meaning that Lucifer is exploiting this Difference of Interpretation unlike any other Issue of Disagreement in Doctrine. For example, one does not believe that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ takes place at any of the 6 other Translation or ‘Rapture’ Points on the Revelation Timeline. However, one can and does still have Fellowship with Fellow Watchmen. However, to a large extent, those that hold to the Mid-Trib or Pre-Wrath Rapture Scenario make their Interpretation and Understanding an Issue of Fellowship, Contention, Division and Attack. That is disheartening for the Body of Christ and not a Good Witness to the World. And one would say by Design.

But to the Argument that Jesus is the Rider of the White Horse? The Brother stated that the White Rider ‘Is Jesus coming to conclude the Great Commission and Save the Gentiles’.  If it were not so obvious to one, one would nearly say that it would be Blasphemous. Perhaps 1 Day he will realize just how Erroneous that Statement is and will even be Embarrassed about it. Yes, he argues that the Crowns are Stefanos as the 24 Elders are also given those, but Jesus’ Crown is not a Stefanos at the 2nd Coming. It is the World that will give the Stefanos to the AntiChrist, as that is what one believes is clearly who the 1st Rider of the White Horse is. Mainly, it is for the following Reasons.

1. Chapter 4 is the Bride Rapture Call, Euphemized and Represented in the ‘Beloved’ John.
2. The Bride as the Overcoming 24 Elders, Redeemed by Blood, are the Witness in Court.
3. It is Jesus that is handed the Seal Scroll that is the Sentencing of Lucifer and the World.
4. The Seals are a 7x7x7 Fold Judgment of Wrath, all-inclusive that starts the Tribulation.
5. There are 2 ‘Comings’ of Jesus. The Epiphaneia at the Beginning and Parousia at End.

The Apostle Paul spoke in Describing the Rapture Appearing of Jesus in Epiphaneia Terminology. The Epiphaneia is the Not-Visible-to-the-World Occurrence, Appearing of Jesus. This is the Bride Rapture. The Parousia is the Visible-to-the-World 2nd Coming of Jesus. Thus, based on one's Logic, Jesus cannot come as the 1st Seal Rider, which is Judgment. The Point is that the Revealing of the AntiChrist will be a Literal Person.

Rapture of Bride is Judgment for the World and Lucifer

The Seals, beginning with the White Horse Rider, are Judgment Decreed by Jesus in Heaven, executed through the AntiChrist on Earth, that will be Revealed only after the Rapture. Jesus does not ‘Appear’ to the World at the Beginning of the 7-Year Tribulation. And if one argues that the 1st Seal Rider is Jesus, then the Rapture of the Bride has to occur during the Tribulation. And that, in one’s Understanding, would make Jesus violate the Promise of the Open Door of Escape to the Philadelphian Type Believers, etc.

It would make also have the Age of Grace overlap with that of the Covenant of the Law that Israel and the World will be judged by. No, the coming AntiChrist is the Rider on the White Horse in Chapter 6. He will come ‘Conquering not with War but with Words’. This is how Great the Deception is that even Brethren, in one’s Humble Opinion, ‘mix’ this up thinking this Chapter 6 Christ Figure is Jesus. That is exactly how the whole World will come to Rally around this Savior after the Rapture.

So, no, this 1st Seal Rider of the Apocalypse Horseman is not coming to ‘Save the Gentiles’ and fulfill the Great Commission. Based on this Brother’s Argument and Timeline, the Church then is having to still endure the 7 Year Tribulation, which will be a Time that reverts back to being Under Law, not Grace as mentioned. The issue is centered on the Gentiles. It because one suspects that there is the Bias View, not judging here, that is natural to have and assume because one is Gentile. One argues that in contrast, the Book of Revelation, aside from the 1st 4 Chapters, are all about the Jews. It is the Conclusion of Genesis to Matthew.

But during the 7 Year Tribulation that is coming, the Great Commission will have concluded at Chapter 4 and thus, the only Cause that is withholding the Revealing of who the AntiChrist Rider on the White Horse of Chapter 6 will have been Removed, i.e., the Bride of Christ. YHVH has taken care of who will be His Witnesses for the Commission at that Time. It will be a 2-Prong Approach. There will be the 144,000 Jewish Converts that will Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the World. See Article about this.


Dispensation about to Change​

It will then be the 2 Witnesses that will focus on Israel Proper and specifically in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount. It is going to be Part 2 and a Final Show-Down of how it was like in Israel’s Ancient Days with those Amazing Confrontations against Pharaoh and Ahab-Jezebel. And it will come, all-inclusive of a 3.5 Year Drought, Signs and Wonders, Fire from Heaven, the ‘Works’. And lastly, in comparison to the initial Seal Judgment White Horde Rider Christ, one can easily contrast that one with the Rider, also coming at the End of the Tribulation Period. The Brother is seeing them as being the Same Person, that is Jesus, but in a different Capacities and Depictions. False. The Rider at the End is covered in Red, by Blood and is not coming to ‘Save the Gentiles’.

A Case ofMistaken Identity
He, Jesus, Israel’s True Messiah is coming to Save the Jewish Remnant. It is the Remnant of Converted Jews that will see the Deception of the initial 1st Rider in White. He come to Deceive them and the World by building their 3rd Temple and establishing World Peace. And this Peace will be Centered around Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. It will serve as the New Tower of Babel, with a Nimrod, ‘World Unifier’ that will rally the Nations to eventually Worship Lucifer as GOD through the Proxy of  this Revelation Chapter 6 Christ, etc.

It is the Remnant that will see through the Deception of this False Messiah that Jesus warned would come in ‘His Own Name’. And that at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, whenever that starts, that small Remnant that will survive and remain will be directed to Escape to the Petra-Bozrah Region of the Wilderness. It will be what one calls, the Exodus 2.0. YHVH will even protect them as the AntiChrist will seek to Devour them like a Flood and is seen in Revelation 12, etc. YHVH will even provide for them as with Manna as it was in the Wilderness Exodus.

One is not saying that this Brother is ‘Deceived’ but one can say that as the Last Days are here now, one has sensed a greater intensity in the Spirit of Error rearing its ‘Ugly Head’. So, one is just offering one’s Alternative Interpretation along with Charts and Study Links as Evidence of one’s Deductive Reasoning of why the Rider of the 1st Seal Judgment of Chapter 6 is the AntiChrist, not Jesus Christ.

But one’s Point is to not go by what Bible Teachers Interpret, necessarily. One has to read the Bible for oneself and come to one’s own Understanding. Of course, one is assuming one is led by the Holy Spirit into All Truth. So, in Summary, is Jesus not coming on that White Horse at the End of the Church Age to Rescue the Gentiles? Well, He is. But not on Horseback, just yet. At least one does not see that being inferred by the Apostle Paul in describing the Rapture Event. One thinks that once the Bride of Christ meets Jesus in the Air, No Horse Required, He will Escort His Bride to the Father’s House to be Presented. She is going to be shown some Amazing Things.

Perhaps thereafter, the Bride will have a Tour of the Throne and Surroundings. And which will be the Allotted Mansion and what Horse each Believer in Jesus will have. Realize that as part of the Preparation of Jesus in building the Wedding Chamber there in His Father’s House in Heaven, it is a Package Deal. The Mansions come with one’s own Horse! Yes. It is that White Horse that the Collective Bride of Christ Followers will be Riding with Jesus at the Second Coming, at the Parousia.

It is like in the Testimony of LA Marzulli, if one has heard that. He states that just around the Time that he was contemplating coming to Jesus, he had a Vision of how Jesus appeared to him in a Dream. Jesus said to LA that he would have a Horse even. LA was rather Disappointed. What? Why? He said, ‘Oh Great’. Now I get to just Feed and Scoop-Up Poop all Day’. But then Jesus said, ‘Ah, but this Horse can Fly’. Then LA said, ‘I am in’. LA later described how at the 2nd Coming at the end of the Tribulation Period, it was like a Configuration of the Army Detachment.

It was coming down to Earth was like in a Horse Shoe Pattern and stacked-up about 8 Levels Deep. LA said he was like on the 2nd Level, off to 1 of the Wings, etc. LA also mentioned that anyone would have been able to see Jesus leading the Charge. One cannot wait for that Day. And that one’s Horse ‘knew’ you as soon as one rode it. So, see, there are Animals in Heaven.

One wonders though, if that is what will be 1 Mode of Transportation during the Millennial Kingdom, Flying Horses. Great to consider being able to Fly around in a White Horse. Eat Your Heart-Out, Elon Musk and his Tesla Cars.  But one would rather Fly just as much and/or Travel at the Speed of Thought. It is going to be Wild and no ‘Horsing Around’ about it.




Revelation Alef-Bet Pattern


Remnant at Petra during Armageddon



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