Spiritual Undertones of the Israel-Iran Nuclear Showdown

  • Will Iran eventually get their Nuclear Weapon and use it?
  • What does the Bible have to say about Iran in the Last Days?
  • How far is the Battle of Armageddon with Iran's Hostility in play?

by Luis B. Vega

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'For they are the Spirits of Devils working miracles, which go forth unto the Kings of the Earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of GOD Almighty.' -Revelation 16:14

The purpose of this study is to consider the Ancient Spiritual Overtones of the current Geo-Political Conflict between Iran and Israel. In a general sense, several Prophetic Parallels between certain Key Personalities from the Bible will be compared to the current Leaders of the respected countries. A Modern Timeline showing the Major Events at the Time of the Iranian Shi’a Revolution will be highlighted. A Military Comparison will be displayed; matching Israel’s and Iran’s Capabilities for War. A Map of Iran will incorporate the various Geographic Regions to include the Ancient and Historical Influence of Iran’s Language and Culture. Iran was formerly known as Persia. They are not Arab, and they speak Farsi.

The Name of the country was changed to Iran, alluding to the Original Peoples called the Aryans which is part of the Indo-European Race Groups. The Map will also highlight the numerous U.S. Military Bases that are surrounding Iran currently and that are protecting the various Oil and Gas Pipelines. Several of the major Oil and Gas Pipeline routes will be mapped-out for context, showing Iran’s Export Percentages of Oil to the World. The Confrontation between the Sons of Judah, i.e., Israel and the Sons of Elam i.e., Iran in these Last Days goes as far back as to the Times of Abraham. The Bible records that it was the Jewish GOD YHVH, the Creator of Earth and Heaven that called Abram from Ur of the Chaldeans.

When Abram was living in the Promised Land, that is, Judah or Israel, an Ancient Elamite King, Chedorlaomer of Iran was one of the Kings of the East that led the Raids that took all of Abraham’s Possessions, including his Nephew Lot. The Bible goes on to describe that it was Abraham and his Allies and own Personal Army that sought and defeated Chedorlaomer. Here is a Prophetic Rendition: Abram, i.e. Israel defeated the 5 Kings of Elam or Iran to rescue his Household, Possessions and Nephew Lot. Abram regained the Wealth plundered from the Sons of Elam, Iran that had sought to take as a Spoil. Once again in these Last Days, so too the Sons of Elam, Iran seeks to take a Spoil during the Gog-Magog War, led by Russia. The issue is the Land, the Promised Land given by YHVH to Abram and to his Descendants, the Sons of Judah - Israel. The Iranian pretext for its Hostility and Rhetoric against the ‘Zionist’ State of Israel is that it is defending the cause of the Palestinians. Prophetically, Iran will not be part of the Psalm 83 Inner-Ring Muslim Confederation that will attack Israel for this very purpose.

Prince to Come

Perhaps Iran will not be able to aid the Muslim Confederation of Psalm 83 Nations as it will be so militarily weakened by the constant Israeli strikes against them. Iran might be ‘Waiting in the Wings’ to assess a better Time and Place to invade. It will however be part of the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations. Iran may only be able to spur-on the attacks through their Proxy Armies of Hamas and Hezbollah at the present moment. One could draw a Parallel though, that the Psalm 83 War will end-up just like what happened with Abram in the Bible against Elam.

It was in Susa, Iran that the Prophet Daniel was given the Vision of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is in Susa or Shushan where his Tomb is believed to be at even to this Day. It is ironic that in that same Region, the People are waiting for a different ‘Messiah’, the Mahdi. Ironically both Descendants of Israel and Iran are seeking their long-awaited Messiah to come. According to the Bible, the True Messiah is the Son of David. The Jews are still expecting Him as they rejected Jesus of Nazareth that many Jews called Messianic and Christians believe to be the true Messiah, the Son of GOD. The Muslims are expecting the 12th Imam or Mahdi for the Shi'a Muslims of Iran and Sunni in general.

Each is holding-out that their Messiah is the one that will Defeat and Destroy the other and has the True Rendition of GOD’s Revelation. Why is this an issue to die for? It provides the Birth-Right with Permission to Rule and Conquer the rest of the World from Jerusalem. From a Judeo-Christian Perspective, the New Testament declares that Jesus Christ was and is the true and only Messiah of the Jewish Nation and Savior of the World. Christ Jesus promised to return at the End of Days to establish His Kingdom over the whole Earth from the literal Throne of King David of Israel in Jerusalem. Prophetically, Israel will likewise defeat the 5 Kings or Armies that will go against it during the Psalm 83 War. The 5 major Arab States said to be involved in this Inner-Ring Invasion of Israel are the following.

1. Egypt
2. Jordan
3. Lebanon
4. Syria
5. Iraq

It would be rather incredible if perhaps this coming ‘Messiah’ that both the Jews and the Muslims are waiting for, turned-out to be the one in the same for both. How? After the Psalm 83 War and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ to have happened, Israel will, at that time ‘Strike a Deal’ with the AntiChrist who will come on the scene with the World’s Political and Economic Solutions. This Charismatic Personage will be the one whom both the Jews and Muslims will accept as their long-awaited ‘Messiah’ because he ‘Confirms the Covenant’ with the Jewish Nation and the Many that will secure ‘Peace and Safety’ in the Middle East. Thus, the AntiChrist will also be ascribed to be the Mahdi of the Muslims.

Behind the Veil
Perhaps it will be a combination of the Muslims having to Save Face from all the Defeats at the Hands of the Israeli Defense Force IDF of Israel after the Psalm 83 War. So, in essence, this coming False Messiah may very well end-up being accepted as the one and the same by both the Jews and Muslims. Why? Because this False Messiah is for all intended purposes, the Prince of Persia. It is Spirit of the Fallen Demonic Angel will possess the AntiChrist. He will have done what no other Human has been able to do; that is to bring Lasting Peace between the Jews and Muslims. It will only be a Momentary Time of Peace and Security as the New World Order Leader is prophesied to break the Covenant at a Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

Nonetheless, initially the AntiChrist will be heralded as the ‘Savior of the World’. This scenario Prophetically corresponds to the White Horse of the Apocalypse. The Red Horse of War follows suit. The Bible alludes that the coming of this Demonic Spirit of the Prince of Persia is according to the workings of Lawlessness, Darkness and by the Power of Lucifer from. Daniel chapter 9 reveals that there is a Spiritual Dimension that is real and has order and that is operating ‘Behind the Veil’; behind the choosing of World Leaders and Planned Events, for example.

In the Bible, the Book of Daniel gives a vivid glimpse of the ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at this Spiritual Realm from which this and all Human Contention emanates from due to the Sin and Pride of Lucifer. Perhaps this Ancient and Heavenly ‘Angelic Conflict’ is now on schedule to spill over into Humanity’s Space and Time Dimension as it pertains to the Stand-Off between Israel and Iran in particular. The Battle is over Zion. It does appear to be the case, guessing from all the Rhetoric and Military build-up around Iran that the Stage is being set for this ‘Behind the Scenes’ Spiritual Conflict to come through the Veil onto this Visible World Stage. It is no Secret that Iran seeks to reconstitute its former Persian Empire and control of Jerusalem.

It appears that the same Players are once again, being pitched against each other in these Last Days; the Sons of Judah against the Sons of Elam, as in Ancient Times. All that is needed now is for the specific ‘Timing’ or Day to be Chosen by Iran to Annihilate Israel. The Chosen Day is yet to be revealed like in Purim during the time of Esther. It was a Time when the Enemies of the Jews in Esther’s Day sought-out the Astrologers to pick a Demonically Inspired Day to give them success in Annihilating the Jews in 1 Day. According to the Book of Daniel, the Arch Angels like Gabriel are in direct opposition to the Fallen Angel referred to as a Principality or a Fallen Angel that rule Persia.

The Book of Daniel stated specifically that there would be a Day in the Future where these Spiritual Entities themselves would have to re-engage in this same Ancient Celestial Battle for Zion, specifically against the Prince of Persia, i.e., Iran. Perhaps this might very well be the Revelation 13 Great Celestial War that is depicted in the Heavenlies. As this Demonic Prince of Persia is to rise against Israel in the Last Days, spiritually, it is using Iran’s current Geo-Political and Religious Institutions to manifest this Satanic Hatred for YHVH and His Earthly People, the Jews. Arch Angel Michael is portrayed as the Special Guardian or Protector over Israel that comes to help.

False Messiah

Spiritually Speaking, the Angel Michael is a Counter-Balance Spiritual Force to the Prince of Persia. The Bible does foretell a Day when this Battle for Zion in the near future will correlate to an Earthly Confrontation with Israel and Iran that will be played-out during the Gog-Magog War, as written in Ezekiel 38 and 39. The Vision of Daniel gives a specific account where the Arch Angel Gabriel Contends with the Prince of Persia in delivering the Answer to Daniel’s Prayer and Supplication. Why is this Prayer such an issue of Celestial Contention? This Prayer and/or Supplication dealt with the particulars of the coming of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Evidently, the ‘Kings of Persia’ in the Spiritual Realm was opposed to Daniel having this type of Foreknowledge and Prophecy about the Coming of the Messiah. This is what Lucifer does not what the Jews or Muslims to know. Nonetheless it was in Iran, Ancient Elam that this Revelation came to Daniel of the Precise Time the Son of GOD would be visiting His Earthly People. Why is this Revelation so contested by the Fallen Angels and Lucifer? It is because the coming of the Messiah meant the inevitable doom of Lucifer. Jesus would end his Rebellion as Christ died to Pay for the Sins of Humanity and restore Paradise and fellowship between Humanity and YHVH.

The Coming of the Messiah meant that YHVH would make good on His Promise to Eve in that her Seed, the Messiah would ‘Crush’ the Head of the Seed of the Serpent, the False AntiChrist but more so, Lucifer himself. It is evident that Lucifer did not want Daniel to have the Revelation of what would be happening in the future either regarding YHVH’s Plan for the coming World Kingdoms, nor the Timeline for the Messiah’s Arrival and the Outcome for YHVH’s Plan of Redemption. Also, the Enemy deciphered the context of Daniel’s Prayer, especially if prayed out laud. Such Demonic Entities, as the Prince of Persia have sway over the Territory of Nations like Iran as they are the Spiritual Entities of Darkness ruling in ‘High Places’.

Nonetheless, such Globalist Principalities and Powers (Argons) have Authority and Dominion in the Affairs of Humans due to the Fall of Humanity and thus can have influence over Earthly Rulers, i.e., Presidents and Religious Leaders, etc. There is a Hierarchy or Rank within this Spiritual Principality Hierarchy, as with all the Religious Man-Made Institutions. It is by YHVH’s Divine Providence that those Principalities of Darkness, such as the Prince of Persia and Greece, later on for that matter, are allowed to have Dominion over Nations and Peoples. But a Day is coming when Jesus Christ will vanquish their Thrones.

The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ will set-up the real New World Order and give the Thrones of the Earth to His Disciples. These Thrones are the very ones to be administered out to the Saints of the Most-High GOD during the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ. It is very evident from the Belief and Rhetoric of Iran’s Presidents that the Shi’a Branch of Islam awaits their ‘Messiah’ or Mahdi. Interestingly, this ‘Messiah’ will make a Pact for 7 Years with the Jews. He is the 12th Imam or Spiritual Leader that will usher in the ‘Islamic Paradise’ on Earth from Jerusalem. This is one reason why Iran will be involved in the eventual Gog-Magog Invasion of Jerusalem.

Spirit of Haman

According to Islamic Prophecy, the aftermath of the Psalm 83 War or World War 3 will be a Time when he, the Mahdi along with the assistance of the Islamic Isa, ‘Jesus’ will Convert all the Jews and Christians to Islam; by force if necessary. Many Biblical Scholars speculate that this ‘Jesus Christ’ Character will be attributed by the Muslims to be the last Roman Catholic Pope, ‘Peter the Roman’ as many who hold to a certain Pope Prophecy of Saint Malachy declares. Given this Conjecture, then this ‘Jesus Christ’ dressed in White, would be none other than the False Prophet that is prophesied to aid the AntiChrist or the Muslim Mahdi, according to the Book of Revelation.

As there will be Prophetic Overlap, perhaps this Coming ‘Prince’ to the Muslims is what the AntiChrist will turn out to be according to the Christians. The False Prophet is believed to be the Pope by many Christians, but will be ‘Jesus’ to the Muslims, etc. One thing is for sure, this Coming ‘Prince’ will captivate the World with his Economic, Political and Religious Solutions to the point that the whole World will ascribe to him the Messiahship that Muslims, Jews and some Christians will have been waiting, for that matter. According to the Bible, this False Messiah or Mahdi will be endowed with Demonic Power and Energy that which at some point, Lucifer himself will directly possess.

This is not to suggest that the literal AntiChrist as defined by the Bible, will be an Iranian, but that the same Spiritual Darkness of Lucifer governs over such Entities. It is Lucifer, Satan, the Enemy of YHVH that along with his Cadre of Demons and Fallen Angles are operating and will operate to usher-in their ‘Messiah’ into their ‘New World Order’, through a Nuclear Holocaust if necessary. What will be carried-out during the Tribulation Period will be a Forced Compliance that will exclude any Homage to Jesus Christ. Any Force that is against the true interpretation and Person of Jesus Christ as taught in the New Testament and that is against the physical Bloodline of Christ, is of the Spirit and Power of Lucifer and his AntiChrist to be revealed soon.

As Lucifer has worked to Confront YHVH at every Step in the Plan of Redemption through the Death, Burial and Resurrection of GOD the Son, Jesus Christ then so too is he now working to do the same in these Last Days. Lucifer knows that his Time is short. What could possibly be one reason why Lucifer hates Humanity so much, aside from being Displaced in his Authority by such a Weaker Creation in this estimation. It is that he and his Fallen Angels are bound to Humanity’s Time of Redemption.

The Dimension of ‘Time’ is specifically related to the Creation of Mankind, not to Angles or Luciferian Principalities and Powers in Heaven.  Realize that after the Rapture, Biblical Times will return in Israel as with Esther. It will be ‘Israel Time’ again. It is rather humiliating for Lucifer, who once Covered the very Throne of YHVH in Timeless, Space Dimensions to now have to be subject to the Plan of Redemption that is bound by specific Time Markers on Earth. According to the Book of Esther, this Age-Old Conflict between the Sons of Judah and the Sons of Elam goes back even to Abraham. This Conflict goes all that way back to the Garden of Eden; to the first Human Parents having the Seed of the Woman pitched against the Seed of the Serpent in Genesis 3:15.

An Evil Plan
YHVH pronounced this Mortal Combat to the Death for the Birth-Right and the Earth. This Prophetic Overtone was played-out in Elam or the Land of Persia during the Time when the Jews were in Iran, due to the Babylonian Exile by way of the Evil Spirit of a Man named Haman. Haman was the Descendent of Esau, the Brother of Jacob, the Twins birthed-out of Rebecca, whom the LORD stated that 2 Nations would be in Constant Strife for the Birth Right. Esther along with Mordechai represented the People of the GOD of Israel, YHVH; the Seed of the Woman that would bring forth the Messiah. Haman represented the Seed of the Serpent bent on crushing the Bloodline of the Messiah, the Jewish Race.

The Diabolical Plan of Lucifer has been to promote the Counterfeit Jewish Race and Rabbinical Belief System that is prevalent now amongst the current version of Judaism. Haman was also a Direct Descendant of Amalek. His Bloodline found its way also into the Land of Persia. Lucifer made sure of that. Haman was like the Iranian Presidents bent on a Satanic Hatred for YHVH and His People in a quest to kill-off the Jewish People and rid them from the Earth. Every opportunity an Iranian President gets to speak at the Session of the UN General Assembly, they publicly Pray to Allah for this coming New World Order to be ruled by the Mahdi and that the ‘Zionist’ State of Israel be obliterated.

Haman devised a Wicked Plan to have all the Jews within the Persian Provinces killed in a single Day. This ‘Evil Plan’ is what Gog will also envision. However, it was Artaxerxes II (404-359 BC) in Susa or Shushan where the King married Esther through a Beauty Pageant. He was tricked by Haman into signing a Royal Decree to Annihilate the Jews. This included Esther, despite being the Queen, as she was a Jew. She bravely put her Reputation and Personal Safety aside. She used her Position as Queen to Advocate on behalf of the Jews. With her Intervention, a Counter Royal Edict went out. It allowed the Jews to Defend themselves on the Day of their Planned Annihilation. This Day was called Purim. Purim means a ‘Casting of the Die’ or Lots.

To this Day, Purim is celebrated as a Deliverance from Haman’s attempt to Genocide the Jews. Yet, the current Iranian Religious Clerics and Presidents are seeking to do likewise. The same Spirit of Haman that sought to Destroy the People of YHVH has risen-up again in these Last Days to attempt such a task by the one and the same Prince of Persia. The Modern Counterparts of Haman, the Iranian Generals and Mullah’s have likewise publicly announced the need to Genocide Israel.

The Rhetoric used by the Iranian Muslim Clerics, Generals and Presidents to ‘Eradicate’ the Zionist ‘Menace’ is taken quite literally and serious by the Israeli Leadership, as they should. What happened in Nazi Germany, as in the Times of Haman and now Iran, led to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and Europe. The difference then was that Israel did not have a Unified and Sovereign State or Leadership. It can now address Anti-Semitism and Threat of Extermination at the hands of the Hitler’s of the World. What is different now for the Jews is that there is a Unified and Sovereign State of Israel that has a strong Military, IDF that is addressing the Credible Threat.

Persian Bomb

What is different now is that Iran is about to possess a Nuclear Armory. Other Nations with such Weapon of Mass Destruction are not threatening to use them against Israel as a Prerequisite to unleash the Advent of their Mahdi Messiah. To reiterate, currently, there is only 1 other Muslim country with Nuclear Bombs, Pakistan. But its Leaders do not Rant about destroying ‘Zionist’ Israel off the Map at every UN General Assembly Meeting. Others believe Arabia has acquired Nuclear Missiles from China. If the Israeli Leadership does not act and induce a Pre-Emptive Strike against Iran, as the Jews did against Haman’s Plot, Israel will be in jeopardy of literally being, ‘Wiped off the Map’ of the World.

The Stakes are too high for Israel to wait on the USA, EU, UN Inspectors, Negotiations and/or Sanctions. If whoever will be the Prime Minister during this upcoming Critical Time for Israel does not act like Mordechai and Esther in Iran of old, the Jewish Nation could perish. Yet Biblically Speaking, there will be Inevitable Wars in the Middle East as Israel will be the Flashpoint in the Battle for Zion. According to Zechariah, 2/3 of the current 9 Million Jewish Population of Israel will be killed at some point due to the coming Military Confrontations with the Muslims.

Israel will not escape a coming Severe Persecution because this Mortal Struggle between the Seed of Satan and the Seed of the Woman is still in play. In part, YHVH is allowing this to occur to force Israel to turn its Eyes and Heart to Jesus Christ. He is Israel’s only Hope and True Messiah that can grant them lasting ‘Peace and Security’. It will take such a Purging through the Fire or ‘Purim’ that Israel will have its ‘Scales’ fall from its Eyes as the Apostle Paul describes their current Spiritual Condition. It will occur before Jesus comes back to then address her Rebellion and Unbelief, but also deal with the Enemies of His People, Israel.

To reiterate, in the Bible, the Book of Esther speaks of a Jewish Maiden named Esther that lived in the Land of Persia or Iran. Esther’s Jewish Name was Hadassah. Although she was brought-up by her Uncle in humble beginnings, she ended up Married to Artaxerxes II (404-359 BC in Susa (Shushan). This is in the Land of Elam. He was the most powerful Monarch of the Day. During this Time of History, she, along with the Counsel of Mordechai became the Deliverers of the Jews in Persia during a Time when the Religious and Political Enemies of the Jews sought to Annihilate them, all in one Day as they do today, specifically in Iran.

It was YHVH that overturned the Fortunes or ‘Lots’ and executed the same Execution upon the Enemies of the Jews, starting with Haman and his 10 sons. That Day is commemorated as Purim, or when the ‘Die is Cast’. If one reads the Current Headlines of the Middle East, it is like opening the Bible to the Books of Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. It appears that the pages of the Bible are coming alive with similar Scenarios, at least in terms of the Plots against the Jews and Followers of Jesus in a quest to possess Zion. The Tomb of Queen Esther and Mordechai are believed to be in Hamadan, Iran where it had a strong Jewish Presence.

Casting the Die

There are Muslim Extremists in Hamadan that in recent Years have threatened to demolish the Tombs of Ester and Mordechai, if Israel in any way advances to overtake the Temple Mount’s Mosques. The Jewish Nation will once again finds itself at the cross-hairs of Satanic all-out assault through 2 major Regional Wars yet to come.

These Coming Wars, the Psalm 83 and the Gog-Magog of Ezekiel 38-39 will involve the very Existence and Survival as the Spirit of the ‘Prince of Persia’ has risen in these Last Days. It seeks to over-power the Jewish Nation and will lead to the Countdown to Armageddon. Perhaps as the ‘Bomb’ is being readied by Iran, the Chosen Day and Time will coincide with a ‘Purim’ Date. It is interesting that the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars both had a direct association to Purim.

They either started on or ended near Purim. These are the tell-tale Signs of who really started the Wars. But then there was the Israeli Prime Minister that showed the ‘Bomb’ Diagram at the UN on the 67th General Assembly Address, illustrating how Iran has 3 Stages to completing and arming a Nuclear Bomb. He stated the following.

1st Stage: Is to secure Low-Level Enriched Uranium. This Stage has been completed by Iran, although it took several Years to do it. (7-12 Year Process)

2nd Stage: Iran was in this Stage and was about to complete the  Mid-Level Enrichment. It was stressed that a Red Line needs to be placed on Iran from acquiring the Last Stage of the Enrichment Process. (3-6 Month Process)

3rd Stage: Iran is now in this Last Stage. Thanks to the Biden Administration, Obama’s Deal is to be reimplemented. From this point, it will be easy to mount it on a tip of one of their SEJIL Long Range Missiles that can reach Israel. (2-6 week process)

Given this likely Scenario, the various Stages have already been completed. Thereafter, it will be a Matter of Time before Iran could have a Nuclear Warhead, given this unaltered timeline. This Timetable would put the likelihood of Iran having their first capability to produce a Nuclear Bomb as it test fires its Ballistic Missiles to carry them. Will such a Time coincide with a time of Purim? Purim occurs in early Spring. Could the Month in Purim at some future Day be when Iran will seek to Strike at Israel like in Haman’s Day, once it has acquired the bomb? Will this be the Time that Israel counter-strikes at Iran as they did against Haman and their Enemies during the time of Esther?

According to the Book of Ezra, King Cyrus, the Persian (576–530 BC) was used by the Jewish GOD, YHVH to play a Key Role in the History for the Jewish People. This is a part of Persian History the Iranians decide not to highlight. To this Day, Cyrus’ Mausoleum still stands in the Plain of Pasargadae in Iran. According to the Bible, Cyrus is even called by Name in Isaiah 44 and 45, 100s of Years before his Birth. History tells that Cyrus acknowledged the ‘Will of the GOD of Israel’ and followed His Instructions. YHVH instructed Cyrus to Restore the YHVH’s Temple that Solomon had built and Return the Jewish Captives in Babylon after Cyrus captured Babylon from the Hands of Belshazzar.

Messiah Complex

The Prophet Daniel was there that very Day as described in Daniel 5. This Edict of Restoration is what some Biblical Scholars use to date and calculate specific End Time Scenarios from. This Edict and Personality of Cyrus had so much of an impact on the Jewish Psyche at that time, that Cyrus the Great is the only Gentile that is attributed the Features and Gestures of the Messiah. This notion is in reference to the ‘Messiah Complex’. It is interesting that the Reign of Cyrus’ Bloodline lasted about 2500 Years. It actually came to an End with the last Shah of Iran who Abdicated the Throne on February 11, 1979 due to the Iranian Islamic Revolution.

This 2500-Time Period of Years also corresponded to the Number of Years of the Jewish Diaspora, accounting for the Babylonian and Roman Time of Exile. During the Time of the Shah of Iran, Pahlavi, the Jews of Iran, like in the Time of Cyrus, experienced a ‘Golden Age’. Although Politically, the Shah did not recognize Israel’s desire for an Independent Nation prior to World War 2, it was in 1941 that the Shah began the Last Reign in the 2,500-Year successive Monarchical Rule of Persia. His reign, unlike the Shah Rheza of WW2 –who was pro-Nazi, allowed the Jews of Iran Full Rights and Privileges as Citizens.

It was a time when the Jewish Community excelled in Education, Science and Commerce. Sadly, his Reign ended at the Hands of Islamic Shi’a Extremists. With the Departure of the Shah of Iran, so too went the Freedom and Influence Persian Jews had under his Reign. To reiterate, the Bible does clearly state that in the Last Days, there will be 3 Major Regional Wars, all centered against Israel. The Prophetic Significance is that these will be but ‘Stepping Stones’ to the Countdown of Armageddon. These have already been addressed but in summary, a possible Scenario is as follows. What all 3 Invasion attempts have in common is that behind the Politics and Rhetoric is the Spirit and Power that cause and influence Nations and People. Case in point is by the Fallen Angel, the Prince of Persia and the Anointed Cherub, Lucifer himself.

1. Psalm 83 War –Muslim Confederation of Inner-Ring neighboring countries attacks Israel.

2. The Gog-Magog War 1 –At some point, right before the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, an Islamic Invasion against Israel is led by Russia to acquire Israel’s Spoils.

3. The Gog-Magog War 2 –At the End of the 1000 Year Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth, Lucifer seeks to attack Israel one last time.

As noted, Prophetically Speaking, the Bible foretells that Iran (Persia) will be part the 2nd Outer-Ring of Islamic Nations that Attacks Israel with an Alliance of other Muslim countries led by Russia. This is the infamous Ezekiel 38-39 War. But before this will be a Stage that is not clear or as certain, that will involve the Muslim Inner-Ring of countries that will attack Israel before this Gog-Magog War. It will be  called the Psalm 83 War. Many Political Scientists would have People believe that the War between Israel and Iran has already started. It has mainly been a ‘Cold War’ for a few Years now. Israeli Computer Software Viruses do attack the Iranian Nuclear Sites.

Countdown to War

There has been Bombing of Research and Development Facilities. And there have been Assassination of top Iranian Nuclear Scientists, etc. Since it appears that in the current tense Stand-Off between Israel and Iran, it will inevitably lead to an Iranian Strike or Open War, Iran will be intact, nonetheless. It has its role to play in the Gog-Magog War yet to come led by Russia. Iran may be weakened but not to the point that it will once again be part of that Muslim Alliance further into the near future. Here are some suggested Scenarios that might play-out pertaining to the Prince of Persia.

1. Israel could be bluffing at a Military Strike against Iran as Iran says it is and does nothing overtly.

2. Israel could Strike Iran on her own, without U.S. or Coalition Support from other Nations.

3. Israel could wait until a United Coalition, much like the one used against Iraq to Strike at Iran Pre-Emptively.

4. Israel could Strike Iran’s Nuclear Facilities indirectly by destroying its neighboring Proxy Militias, Hezbollah and Hamas.

5. Iran could Strike Israel once Israel engages in Direct Conflict against Hamas and/or Hezbollah.*

*Iran has a Mutual Military Pact with Hezbollah and Hamas to come to its Aid and Defense if Attacked.

To reiterate, a possible direct Military Confrontation with Iran by Israel could be the result of the Psalm 83 Muslim Confederation assault on Israel. The Inevitable Strife and Attack on Hamas and Hezbollah, along with ISIS and the Quds Force in Syria would force Iran to strike at Israel in some fashion thereafter. Or Iran could elect not to enter the fray until an Opportune Time, which would be the Gog-Magog Alliance with Russia. Perhaps Iran, at that point would see itself as having a better vantage point in the Muslim Alliance than to go at it alone against a direct Military Conformation with Israel.

This will occur when Israel lives in a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’. Rise of Radical Islam Another Factor to consider in the Volatile Mix is that Shi’a and Sunni Islam have the same Complex in comparison to the Catholic and Protestant Divide. Each considers the other to be Heretical and False, in need of Repentance and Conversion. There have been varying degrees of Hostilities throughout the Centuries and in Current Times; case in point, the Civil War in Syria.

Moreover, the Iranians see themselves as the true Nation of Islam and the Guardian that is to lead and speak on behalf of the ‘House of Islam,’ not the Saudis in Arabia whom the Iranians see as Corrupt and Sell-Outs. Iran could be the one bluffing and have a Strategy of waiting-it-out to see what Israel will do first. Due to the Arab Sunni Uprising and changes of Government as in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood, thanks to the Arab Spring, Iran being Shi’a could be playing a ‘wait-and-see’ position by letting the Arab countries that surround Israel engage in War first with Israel to weaken it.

Economic War-Sanctions
Their inevitable Defeat by Israel, Militarily or Supernaturally would provide Iran with an opportunity to fill in the Muslim Void of Leadership; assuming Saudi Arabia would so weakened that its claim to be the Guardian of the true version of Islam could be stifled. Also having Israel becoming Militarily Spent, Iran would be at a Military Advantage as Israel would be recouping its depleted Military Strength due to the Psalm 83 War Inner-Ring War. Below is a Comparison of each country’s Military Arsenal –according to Public Records Estimates. (CIA 2018)

       Israel             Iran
Active Personnel        176,500           545,000
Reserve Personnel     445,000           1,800,000
Budget                         ~14.5 bill         ~10 bil
Percent of GDP          ~7%                 ~3%
Foreign Suppliers        USA                 Russia
Total Population          7.5 mil             78.9 mil
Tanks                           3,501               1,613
Towed Artillery            456                  2,010
Self-Propelled Guns   620                  865
X Rocket Systems      138                  200
Mortars                        750                  5,000
Anti-Tank Weapons    900                  1,400

Iran has successfully test-fired their Shahab 3 Sejil Rockets during Military Exercises. They have a Range of approximately 2000 KM or about 5000 Miles. Targets can be reached in Central Europe, North Africa and Asia. Iran desperately seeks to match Israel’s Jericho 3 Missile Systems. The Economic Sanctions imposed on Iran by the U.S., the UN and the EU have had direct effects on the Austerity Measures imposed on Europe as the World seems to be ever on the brink of Economic Collapse.

The Sanctions against Iran have spiked Inflation and have nearly destroyed its Currency. But the Sanctions have also had Negative Adverse Effects directly on Europe. As Iran exports a significant Percentage of its oil to Europe, for example, it has been part of a contributing factor of destabilizing Europe’s Economies there as well. Interestingly, consider that Iran is one of the last remaining World Nations without a Globalist ‘Central Banking System’ as most Nations do. A Centralized Banking System, like the Federal Reserve in the USA, takes the Power of Printing Money away from Governments and instead lends-out the Paper Fiat Money with Interest, back to the Government.

This Satanic Scheme of the Globalists of New York and London makes it impossible for a Nation to ever get out of National Debt. The Central Banks that are not owned by the Governments buy are then ruled by them. It has been the Austerity imposed on Iran by such, much like it was with Iraq that led to the starvation of 1000s of Innocent Children. It eventually reached 1 Million Killed by the U.S. Invasions. Currently, 40% of the World’s Oil passes through Iran. The Centralized Criminal Banksters want this Economy controlled directly. If and when Iran will be provoked to possibly ‘Strike’ first, it will cut off Oil Shipments.

7 World Gates
This will cause the Barrel of Oil to go above $200+ and possibly cause Western Economies to collapse and the U.S. Petro Dollar to fall. If one looks at the Regional Map of Iran and where the Oil and Gas Pipelines are funneled through, one can also compare just how many U.S. Military Bases exist in relation to them. Until such a Time, the converse will be realized as the Commodity of Oil is dumped to destabilize Russia in its attempt at unifying the coming Gog-Magog Muslim Alliance against Israel eventually.

It would appear that the U.S. Military Bases correlate to the Geo-Political constructs of the Oil and Gas Pipeline Network. Having also the Headquarters of the 5th U.S. Navy Fleet in Bahrain across the Persian Gulf gives the U.S. a Militarily Strategic Position. In recent Years, over 30 Nations have participated in sending their Naval Contingents for Mine Sweeping Exercises in the Straits of Hormuz.

It is only a Matter of Time before a possible Military Confrontation or ‘False Flag’ could provoke an Israeli Open Direct Strike that could start World War 3 for that matter. The Straits of Hormuz is 1 of the 7 Gates of the World. Whoever controls these Gates, controls the World. The following is a List of the World’s Oil Transit ‘Chokepoints’. About 1/2 of the World’s Oil is moved by Oil Tankers. The listing of other Statistics will be stated based on Wikipedia Public Information.

1. Strait of Hormuz
2. Strait of Malacca
3. Danish Straits
4. Bab El-Mandab
5. Bosporus Strait
6. Suez Canal
7. Panama Canal

At a given notice, such a Military Concentration guarding the Oil and Gas Pipelines can lead to a Coalition of Nations to join-up as they did with Iraq to ‘Liberate’ the country to provide ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’. This has been the ‘Foreign Doctrine’ of Lucifer that is given to his World Leaders. Such is the current U.S. Foreign Policy as it is dictated to by the Luciferian Masters that select such into Power. The Protocols of the Globalists or the Builder’s Policies have resulted in the current Middle East Nightmare for Jews and Christians as it was in the Day s of Esther, specifically pertaining to the survival of YHVH’s People.

To get a sense of how and why Iran and the Middle East, as a whole is acting this way toward Israel, one has to examine Iran’s History. In part, it will help provide context and a Partial Explanation as to why things have escalated to this point, internationally between Israel and Iran. It goes back to the 1989 Iranian Revolution. It goes farther back to the CIA Coup that ousted Mossadegh in 1953 with Operation Ajax. It goes back when the Shah Reza allowed the Oil Conglomerates of what is now British Petroleum BP to control the Oil Wealth of Iran. Since then, there has been a mistrust and deep hatred against the Jews for what they see they did to Iran.

Cold War with Iran
In terms of Political Perspectives, the Iranians do have Legitimate Grievances against the West and Israel as it feels that the West and the Jews had only sought-out to exploit Iran as they have done so to many other 3rd World countries for its Resources. According to Wesley Clark, October 3, 2007, at the Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, he stated that the U.S. Military has been used for these Luciferian Globalist purposes.

Iran Oil Exports
80% or 4/5th Oil makes up about of Iran’s exports
60% goes to Asia
50% of Turkey’s oil comes from Iran
10% of energy needs for China, Japan and South Korea

Iranian Imports
Products imported by Iran in $ Millions
China               18,236
Japan              11,162
Italy                 6,079
S.Korea           3,687
India                1,774
Greece            1,540
Germany         1,108
France             1,107
Belgium           668

Iranian Oil Reserves

In Billions of Barrels
1.  750 Middle East
2.  206 North America
3.  126 South America
4.  121 Africa
5.    42 Asia
6.    15 Europe

There would be 7 Middle East countries that will be taken down to usher in the New World Order. Such a Conspiracy is part of the New American Century Protocol coming from what many refer to as the ‘Neo-Cons’ of Washington, D.C. A more accurate rendition would be ‘Neo-Nazis’ however their true origins come from the Fabian Socialists Doctrines of the Globalists. Some go as far as to implicate that the ‘Jews’ are really behind them all in a collaborative Cabal.

1. Afghanistan
2. Iraq
3. Tunisia
4. Libya
5. Egypt
6. Syria
7. IRAN?Islamic Deja-Vous

What was also interesting was that in the 2012 Cycle of U.S. Presidential Elections, the Candidates mirrored the 1980 U.S. Presidential Election. There was a Democratic U.S. President, the 39th, Jimmy Carter that came out of Obscurity. He was not nationally known or recognized but allowed to be cast into the Center Stage of World Politics. It was a time when the U.S. was in a Recession, Inflation and Unemployment was up in comparison to other Years. There was a general sense of Helplessness and Disconnect amongst the U.S. Electorate or People.

Carter was up against a Republican nominee, Ronald Reagan, who presented a very clear Political and Economic Alternative to the perceived lack of Leadership, not only on the National Level but the International one as well. Then there was a fuming Radicalization of Islam in Iran that overthrew the Shah of Iran. American flags were burned to the ground and the U.S. Embassy was overrun. The Iranian Muslim Extremists took over 50 U.S. Embassy Staff and Personnel as Hostages. Although the current Political Scenario does have much in common with the events that led-up to the Iranian Revolution and the U.S.’s direct involvement with Iran, there are very distinct differences in Personalities and Situations.

For one, the former Obama’s Foreign Policy, unlike Carter’s has basically aided and embolden the Rise of the Radicalization of Islam in the Region. Obama had attempted to provide Fighter Jets to Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood gained Power and he provided Millions in U.S. Tax Payer Dollars to Aid the so-called ‘Freedom Fighters’ of Syria in an attempt to secure ‘Regime Change’. His Policy encouraged the overthrow of long-standing Political Governments, albeit corrupt as they were. What if ruling Nations like China and Russia decided on a ‘Regime Change’ for America? The Obama Doctrine basically ended the Iranian Economic Sanctions and provided for the sure development of Iran’s Nuclear Program. This was the Plan.

On the other Hand, Obama’s Republican Opponent did not have a very well thought-out and articulated Alternative as Ronald Reagan did. What is the same and at an even alarming rate is the increase in Unemployment, Natural Disasters, and more Dependence on Foreign Oil. Perhaps if History is indeed repeating itself in the broader sense, it means that the Democrats will not be defeated and will be electing the next President of the USA. Prophetically, at some point, there will be no more USA to help Israel. This is not to say that it will happen but that there are some Peculiar Parallels.

What is significantly different is that this current scenario of the Middle East is that the Christian Communities within those toppled countries have been caught in the Crossfire. The Christian Minorities have taken the brunt of the Anger, Rage and Satanic Fanaticism of the so-called ‘Peace-Loving and Merciful’ Muslims. This Prophetic Condition has now occurring in the USA as more Muslim Immigrants under Obama were unvetted coming to the USA, unvetted as some inevitably contained Radical Jihadist Elements. Their only quest is to destabilize the USA, the ‘Great Satan’ as that is their tenants and Protocol demanded of their Quran.

It is one of ‘Terror’ to be imposed on non-Muslims with intensity and frequency, thanks to the Obama Doctrine. Nonetheless, it seems that History is repeating itself as U.S. Embassies, U.S. flags and how Christian Churches have been burnt to the ground. The Prince of Persia is rising once again in these Last Days. To the Iranian Religious Hierarchy, all costs must be paid to ‘destroy Zionism’. Why? According to the tenants of Shi’ite Eschatology, the coming of their 12th Imam can only occur when the World is at a breaking point. This will be when Chaos will reign on Earth and there will need to be a ‘Savior’ that comes along and brings ‘Order’ as the Answer for Humanity.

To the Shi’ites, it is Zionism that is the worst possible type of World ‘Cancer’ that needs to be surgically removed from the Earth. Their Religious Leaders and Military Generals have not been shy about publicly stating such Genocidal Tendencies. The point? It is that they will make good on their word and it is even to occur as it foretold in the Bible. In these Last Days, some amazing shuffling of the World ‘Chess Board’ has happened that would have astonished past Generations of Political Scientists. Note, the arch-rivals have now all come together in mutual Military and Economic cooperation. In fact, it will be Russia that will lead the attack against Zion with the help from the Prince of Persia.




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