A Statistical Analysis of Evangelicals in America

  • What is the 'Great Apostasy' and why is it important?
  • How has the American Churches been Compromised?
  • What does this Apostasy look like in the USA Churches?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘It instructs us to renounce Ungodliness and Worldly Passions, and to live Sensible, Upright, and Godly Lives in the Present Age, as we await the Blessed Hope and Glorious Appearance of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. He gave Himself for us to Redeem us from all Lawlessness and to Purify for Himself a People for His own Possession, Zealous for Good Deeds’. -Titus 2:12-14

The purpose of this study is to highlight the Percentages of the so-called Professing Protestant Church, that is, the specific Strata of Bible Believers that what be called the Evangelicals, Conservatives, Fundamentalist, etc., in the USA. The point will be made that the once Great Union of the USA that sent Missionaries in the Spirit of the Church of Philadelphia has succumbed to the Luciferian Agenda to destroy it from within, to Sabotage the Tenets of the Teaching of Jesus and His Apostles.

Obviously, the Body of Christ on Earth is impossible to Defeat as that is what Jesus Promised. But it has been Damaged as it has compromised with the World, as it was foretold it would. Why? Jesus explained in the Parable of the Field, that a Good Farmers sowed Good Seed, of Wheat in his Field. Then at Night, the Enemy came and sowed Tares. The Servants of the Land Owner then asked if they could ‘weed-out’ the Tares. The Land Owner stated that it would be too Risky and such a tender Stage that some Good Wheat could be accidentally plucked up along with the Tares.

So, the solution was to allow for both Types of Grains to grow up and in the End, the Fruit would clearly distinguish them apart, and just in Time for the Harvest. And the Distinction? The Tares, although looking nearly identical to the What produce no Fruit and stand erect, as if Proud, etc. By contrast, the Wheat has lots of Kernel Fruit and due to its weight, bends downward as in a state of Humility. As to the Fruit of the American Churches? The USA was founded on sound Biblical Principles and Worldview, but secretly, many of the Founders and Cadre were and are still Luciferian Anti-Christian People. And?

They seek an Anti-Christian Agenda but masked as ‘Christianity’. It is used of the Masons, for example. They are a False Correlating Vein of supposed Christianity. But through it, as the Tares are supplanting a Luciferian Agenda in the appearance or Message of Christianity, as the Wheat. Since 1776, this Parallel and False Christian Great Work has pretty much compromised the Protestant Churches, going into 2023. The Core Protestant Christianity distinguished the USA in one’s opinion.
The Protestant Churches made the USA Great.

Returning to the Vomit

Alexis de Tocqueville, in his ‘Democracy in America, Summary and Belief’, was impressed by much of what he saw in American Life. He admired the Stability of its Economy and wondered at the Popularity of its Churches. He concluded that it was because of the Churches that such Stability resonated from the Traditional Family that built-up America. But there has been a Sinister Hidden Agenda, a true Conspiracy to usurp the Church and thus the Government of the USA. How? Just read, ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Alinsky, who dedicated the Book to Lucifer. And of whom Hillary Clinton made her Master’s Thesis based on the Book.

And what does this Spiritual Compromise look like in the Churches of the USA? In 2020, the Cultural Research Center Survey revealed Data compiled in January 2020, that showed that only 2% of Millennials hold a Biblical Worldview even though 61% of them still identify as ‘Christian’. Then there were other Surveys that showed that of the Professing Protestant Evangelical Core, that being around 70 Million, approximately, only 3% reported that they believed in the Core Tenets of the Bible. Only 3% hold to the Literal Interpretation of the Bible, that is, the Genesis Creation, the Flood, Exodus, Jesus and Miracles, Resurrection and Rapture, 7-Year Tribulation, Return of Jesus, etc.

Thanks also to the Decades of TV-Movie-Book Predictive Programming, especially after World War 2, the CIA, MK-Altra, and the like, provided the Platforms to slowly but surely change the Moral Fabric of the USA to where it is now. It has resulted in a Division down the Middle in not only the Political, Social and Financial ‘Divide’, but also within the Church. As evidently it has not been the Church that has influenced and changed the Moral Fabric of Society, but it has been the other way around, sadly. In his Study’s Info-Graphic, the Statistics essentially follow the 2 Delineations that Jesus pointed out in the Book of Revelation concerning His 7 Churches and their Spiritual Condition.

The Book of Revelation starts out by Jesus appearing as the Resurrected Redeemer. He is shown as a High Priest, interceding on behalf of the Church as would the High Priest of Israel in the Temple Holies, etc. In this case the 7 Branch Menorah is a Euphemism for the 7 Churches of Asia and how they would be corresponding to 7 literal Historical Segments of the entire Church Age, beginning with Ephesus and ending with Laodicea. In this capacity, Jesus is also a Physician that is Evaluating the ‘Fruit’ of each Church and is making a Prognoses and offering a Remedy for the Condition that is seen as an Ailment preventing the Church Light or Segment in History from fulfilling its Mission and Objective for that Testimony.

It is rather interesting that the Last Testimony, that of the Laodiceans is so bad, that Jesus is ‘Voted’ out of the Assembly Body as that is what the Greek Name means. It is the only Assembly or Testimony where Jesus then calls, not the Whole Body to Repent and Return, but Jesus is calling the Individual People within to come out for that type of Testimony. It is not that the Statistics provided are absolute in that every single Christian who are within such types of Churches that are also complicit with the Luciferian ‘Conspiracy’. Many may be sincere and are subject to the circumstance, such as being born in that Family Denomination, Church, Culture, etc. The following will show the Break-Down of the Statistics one seeks to Highlight and bring to one’s Attention.

The Point being, is that out of all the Professing Protestant Denominations in the USA, only about 3% of the 2nd Half of the Piece of the Pie still holds to the Core Traditional Teachings of the Bible, and specifically to an End Times type of Paradigm, etc. It is truly the very Few that are on the Wall Watching for the Rapture, for example.

Top Protestant Denomination in the USA (Not all inclusive.)


*Excluding Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses

Total Population:         = 145 Million

If include
Roman Catholics:       = ~51 Million
Orthodox:                    = ~6 Million
                                    = 202 Million

If one takes Half of the 145 Million Protestants from the Equation, being Left of Center, as in Laodiceans and having gone Gay, Pro Abortion and Same Sex and Marriage, you have the following Statistic. There would be 145 Million divided by 2 Halves.

= 73.5 Million supposed ‘Conservative’ Evangelical Christians.

It was estimated by a Poll and reiterated in a Presentation by Jack Hibbs that of the Profession Evangelical Christians in the USA, only 3% hold to the Literal Interpretation of the Bible, that is the Genesis Creation, the Flood, Exodus, Jesus and Miracles, the Resurrection and Rapture, 7-Year Tribulation, Return of Jesus, etc. The 3% accounts for the overall Age Spread. For example, out of this Statistic, only 2% of Millennials, for hold to the Traditional Biblical Worldview. It is the lowest % among all Adults. Truly alarming.

(3/100) of 73,500,000 Evangelical Christians.
= 2,205,000 Core

This means that approximately just over 2 Million Evangelicals are only truly Adherents to the core Tenants of the Bible and  End Time Scenarios. If one uniformly distributed this 2,205,000 Christian Population that believes in the End Times, evenly to all the 50 States in the American Union, it would amount to 1 Medium Size Town, per State.

Then, 2,205,000 Core Evangelical Christians / 50 States.
= About 44,100 Christians per State in the American Union. (Mirror Fractal of 144,000).

In a Room full of Christians

What is the Conclusion and/or Point? Truly, those that believe the Bible in its Protocols of a coming Apocalypse, Resurrection-Rapture, 7-Year Tribulation, Genesis Creation, the Flood, Exodus, Jesus’ Resurrection and the coming Rapture are but a hand-full that can be counted. It is sad that most other Christians bay no Mind to such things, but not the U.S. Federal Government. So much so, that these Type of End Time Watching Christians are on their Homeland Security ‘Terrorist Watch’. They are Watching the Watchers. Go figure. Most of these types of Christians find their Fellowship on Online End Times Websites as that is the only Platform where such Topics are discussed and Watches Fellowship, etc. Such a sad State of Spiritual Affairs of the Body of Christ on Earth to close-out the Church Age.

The following is an oversimplification of how far the Apostasy has been pervasive in the Professing Protestant Bible Believing Church Denominations, of the USA, If the nearly 145 Million Protestants in the USA got together in a Proportional Ratio of 1 to 100, meaning 145 Million would equal 100 Christians on a Statistical Scale, then the following Calculus would approximate the Conclusion that one is bringing to Light. Out of the 100 Protestant Christians in the Room, 50 of them, exactly Half would be Left of Center, meaning Pro-Abortion, Anti-Israel, Pro-LGBT, Same Sex Marriage, etc. Clearly steeped into the Teaching of the Spirit of Jezebel that Jesus warned about.

Then out of the 2nd Half or 50 Protestant Christians in the USA, nearly 70% of this 2nd Half would constitute 35 Christian. These are what would be labeled as ‘Evangelicals’ who, for the most part are Pro-Life, Pro-Israel and Anti-LGBT, etc. This has changed now in the last 3 Years as more Mainline Evangelical Denominations are fast becoming ‘Woke’ and capitulating to the Jezebel Teachings of accepting the Gay Agenda. This would leave about 12 Christians in the Room from the 2nd Half that would be labeled ‘Conservative’. Despite this number, recent Polls have determined that out of this so-called Conservative Persuasion, only about 3% are those that still hold to the Traditional Tenets of the Bible Teachings.

Thus, out of a Protestant Denominational Gathering of 100 Christians in a Room, only 3 Christians would still hold to the belief in the Creation Account, the Flood, Exodus, Jesus’ Miracles and Resurrection, the Rapture and the 2nd Coming, etc. This is how far the Apostasy has become, Great. For sure, Christians are living in the Last Iteration of the Church Age, that of the Laodiceans to close out the Dispensation. Sad and just like it was for Israel. It is a Christ-Less Christianity. Just a Shell. And becoming ‘Woke’ is the Fruit. In particular, the intensification started in the early 1990s, one would say.

It was with the Teaching of the ‘Purpose Driven Life and then Church’. It all sounded Biblical, and it sprouted-up the Mega-Churches and Seeker-Friendly types. Nothing wrong with being ‘Friendly’ but that meant, do not confront Sin. And the Pastoral Power was given over to the Laodiceans and Jezebels. They took over at least more than half of the Church Body in the USA that was not already on the Left. And now 30 Years later their Children, called the Y and Z’ers of that Generation in the USA reflect the latest Survey. Less than 30% of them consider themselves Religious, go to Church or believe in GOD. What the Laodiceans did is that they Graduated Atheists. That was the Plan.

One saw this 1st Hand being involved in one’s Home Church in Bakersfield, California. In the early 2000s, the College and Career Ministry was solid. It had College/Seminary Level Teaching. But the Core Group was maybe 30-40 at that most. It reflected the 3% of all in that Age Ministry. That was sad in that the majority of the Up-Coming Generations, did not want that type of Fellowship and Relationship with Jesus or his People. Yet, the High School Ministry had 100s of Students. But what happened when they graduated from High School, is that they also ‘Graduated’ from Church.

In a lot of Student’s lives, Christianity was just something their Parents forced them to do. It was only a handful that would Transition to the College Group, the 3%. And why? Why not? The World was no different. Instead of the Church changing and influencing the Culture and Society, the Culture and Society Influenced the Church, as to not be ‘offense’. One left the World to leave all that sort of Sin, but now it has come into the Church, and what is worse is that the Laodiceans and Jezebel’s embrace it.

But Jesus warned of this, in how it would look like in the ‘End’ of the Church Age. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus sees it all, as He does in the USA. And the 2 main issues that plague the Professing Church are the Teachings of Jezebel within the Protestant Churches and the Teachings of the Nicolaitans within the Catholic and Orthodox Branches. It will either be full-on Wokeness and Sexual Perversion or a Pharisaical and Ecclesiastical Disposition, that in both cases are what Jesus hates.


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