Av 3 vs. Tammuz 23 Date Discrepancy

  • What is the Feast of New Wine all about?
  • How is the New Wine tied to Pentecost and Rapture?
  • When is the Ture Day of the New Wine Feast?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to point out the difference between what one believes is the Day of the Feast of New Wine and the Celebration of it, some 10 Days later. One will present, in brief, the New Wine Rapture Timing  Theory. Over a Decade worth of Study, one surmised that the Leviticus 23:16 Day Counts was a Consecutive Timeframe of 99 Days Total. There are the initial 7 Sabbaths or 49 Days. But then one Interprets that a subsequent 50 Day Count is then made. This puts the Calendar off by 50 Days when determining when the ‘True’ Pentecost is.

And then to presume that what the Jews celebrate Shavuot is only the 1st 50 Day Count. Thus, the Shavuot of the Jews is not the Pentecost of Acts 2. Furthermore, there is then the discrepancy of when that 99 Day Count starts. There is the Interpretation that it starts the Day after Passover, Nisan 15. Then there is the Interpretation that it is after a complete Sabbath Week, etc. One is more convinced of the former. But what one wishes to address are a few Misconceptions that many End Times Students of the Bible presume.

Even though the Study of the Essenes, with their Calendar and Timeline that correlates to the Crucifixion Year and the possible Start of the Tribulation is Amazing and Astonishing, they taught that the Feast of the New Wine was Celebrated on Av 3. That is the 4th Month, which usually correlates to the Gregorian Month of August. One’s Point is that the True Date, by mere Calculation occurred in the 3rd Month of Tammuz, on the 23rd Day. One is assuming the Synchronization of the Calendars. One can accept that the Day and its Celebration can be on 2 separate days.

For example, the Jews celebrate their Shavuot, which is the ‘Giving of the Law’ at Sinai. But most if not all Students of the Bible fail to realize that the Jews were not even at the Foot of Mount Sinai to receive the Law from YHVH. The Jews were still in Route, headed through the Wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula. Yet, they commemorate the 1st 50 Day Count from the Feast of New Grain as being ‘Pentecost’. Technically it is True, but only in the sense that a Penta, is a measure of 5 or 60.

But in terms of Application it is incorrect. The other Misconception has to do with Summer ‘June’ Weddings. As the Tradition goes, that is when most Couples want to get Married. However, realize that it is not until June 20 that Summer officially starts. Then, most Bible Students want to associate, directly, the Wedding of Cana as being the Feast of New Wine. This is possible, but wrong Month. Why? The Weddings are said to have been desired to occur on the Feast of New Wine. One can accept this Notion too.

What is the Start Date?

However, one believes it is in the wrong Month. Why? The Essenes and many others assert that the ‘Summer’ Wedding correlated to the Feast of New Wine, but in the Month of Av, the 5th Month in the Hebrew Calendar and on the 3rd Day. Problem? As one has disclosed in prior Write-Ups, by this Time, the Summer Wheat Harvest is over. And the 2nd 50 Day Count would be over-shot by about 12 Days.

One is not saying that August Wedding cannot occur, they do. But one is saying that such Timing does not concur, if one is using the Omer Count, which starts on Nisan 15, which one is more convinced is the True Start-Date for the 50 Day Counts. And in fact, thanks to the Discovery of the Temple Scrolls, and prior Research, there are 3 Feasts of First Fruits, thus 3 Counts of 50 Days. And as one has noted, if one keeps to the Nisan 15 Start Date, the 3rd 50 Day Count will also always occur on a September 11 Date. Coincidence?

So, to summarize, if the Day Count is based on the Omer, being Nisan 15 because the Passover is considered the High Day Sabbath, then the Feast of New Wine will always be on the 23rd of Tammuz. If the Day Count is interpreted from the Complete Sabbath Week, which is over a Week Long, approximately 7 Days. The Essenes noted that the New Feast was ‘Celebrated’ on the 3rd of Av, 13 Days from Tammuz 23.

This is why in the Gospels, the Wedding of Cana was noted as being on the 3rd Day. One is also assuming that this Essene Calendar was synchronized, approximately to the Julian Calendar. Meaning that Nisan 1 and 14 were the same as being April 1 and 14, etc. One argues that the True Day Count is from Nisan 15, which in that case, the Day of the First Fruits of the New Wine would be on the 4th Month, Tammuz and the 23rd Day. This would be the 2nd 50-Day Count of Acts 2.

This is one’s Rationale for why one holds to the Interpretation that the Feast of New Wine cannot be on Av 3, let alone Av 9 as some Brethren also assert. One is not saying one is ‘Right’, but just sharing one’s Research and Understanding, up to this Point in Time. One rather perceives that the Wedding of Cana, was on the 3rd Day, but related to the Month of Tammuz and perhaps precisely on the Day of the New Wine, as it was in Acts 2. See Calendar Layout that demonstrates the Day Count from Nisan 15 to get a Visual Perspective this New Wine possible Rapture Timing.

And why is the New Wine Feast tied to the Rapture’s Timing? One has presented a Theory that Tammuz 23, is the Place and Time that is connected, Astrologically tough to when the Wheat Harvest Ends, the Astrological New Year in the Constellation of Leo begins and the Lion’s Gate opens to Heaven. It is the Season of ‘Resurrection’ and Transformation of the Body, according to the Ancient Egyptians, etc. Thus, when the Acts 2 Pentecost occurred, based on one’s Day Counts, that correlated, precisely to Tammuz 23 or a July 23 Day, based on the Conversion to the Gregorian Calendar, etc. One’s Rapture Timing Connection is that as the Holy Spirit came down on that day, as being Poured, as New Wine into New Wine Skins, the Church Age was infused with ‘Power from on High’.

Church Tradition
And that is when the Body of Christ will perhaps be taken up, on its Anniversary Date. One is just linking all the Prophetic Motifs of Jesus, being the Lion King, the Shepherd who is the Gate, the Door and has the Key of David. He is the LORD of the Sabbath and Wheat Harvest. He has the Sickle in his Hand as the Rapture will be a Harvest, an End of the Church Age wherein the Gospel went to the Gentiles.

There are now several Persons and Ministries that see this Day Count being incorrectly interpreted and applied. It is the case that after Shavuot, when the Jews and Christians Celebrate the Feast of Weeks, there are technically 2 more 50 Day Periods that need to account for the Feast of the New Wine and New Oil. However, the Torah.com also teaches that the Wine Festival is always on the 3rd of Av.


At Raptureready.com, they teach that most Bible Scholars throughout history have believed the Feast of Pentecost in Acts is the same as Shavuot or the Feast of Weeks. This is unfortunately correct, as far as when Church Tradition set-in. One doubts that the Early Church succumbed to this and understood the correct 50-Day Counts, etc. If the Celebration of the New Wine is in Av, which is usually in early August, that then cannot be the Acts 2 Event, as it is too late. Nor can it be Shavuot as June is too Early. One is just pointing out that it is the Month of July, and specifically on the 23rd Day that the Feast of New Wine occurred. Why? As noted, that is when the What Harvest ended.


To reiterate, one can accept that the Celebration of the New Wine can thus be ‘Celebrated’ in Av. It can be likened to how in the USA, President’s Day is in February, but some Corporations and Businesses decide to celebrate it later in the Year, etc.

On Wikipedia, the page also mirrors the main Tenets of the Traditional Jewish Teaching that the Feast of Wine is the Festival that celebrates the New Wine on the 3rd Day of the 5th Month, Av. However, these 50 Days after the Festival of the First Fruits of Grain are not 50 Days. One is just challenging this long-held Incorrect Church Tradition.


The Feast of Wine is a Jewish Festival prescribed in the Q11 Qumran Temple Scroll. It is a Document found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. It describes the Temple and its Regulations. It is reported that these 50-Day Feasts of the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil were unknown until the 1990s Qumran Discoveries. However, one is convinced that if the Jews knew about the New Grain, they knew about the other 2.

The issue became how the Christian Movement was ‘stealing-away’ many Jews. And Jewish Priestly Class saw it as a direct Challenge to their Power and Authority, still keeping in mind the Exposure Jesus gave Israel about them. One is convinced that the Ruling Jews then deliberately obfuscated the Feasts as to not associate the Feast of New Wine with Acts 2. Why not?

Rapture Time
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit that came down on that Day in Acts 2, is what is the source of the Authority and Witness of Jesus on Earth Presently. There can be no ‘Competition’ and thus the Jews disassociated themselves from the Feast of New Wine and New Oil. The Feasts became obscure and faded away. The proper inference and interpretation was lost, until now, in these Last Days one is convinced, because it is the Last Day, etc. The Zadok Way is also based on the same Teaching that the Feast of New Wine is celebrated in the Month of Av. For example in the Year 2022, the Feast of New Wine was on a July 23 Date. This is to point-out that the Date will vary in comparison to the Gregorian Calendar because the Rabbinical Calendar is Lunar Based.


However, how such Calculations arrive at the 5th Month of Av and not the 4th Month of Tammuz, is because the Day Count, in the case of the Zadok Calendar, is based on how they start 10 whole Days after Passover of a Nisan 15. They do not follow the Counting of the Omer that is considered to be the Day after Nisan. So, from Nisan 15 plus the 1st 50 Days will be the 4th Day of the 3rd Month Sivan. Then the 2nd 50 Days from that will be the Tammuz 23. If in the case that the Rabbinical Calendar, assuming 30 Day Months, coincides with the Gregorian Calendar, it will be on a July 23 Date. One is just saying that the 4 Feasts of New Fruits follow the Order of the Resurrections. Jesus was that of the First Fruits of the Barley.

It was unique. But the Feast of the New Wheat characterizes the Church Age Harvest. However, the Resurrection-Rapture does not occur on that precise ‘Sample’ gathered. Rather, it is at the End of the Wheat Harvest, that being on the Leo New Year and at the Lion’s Gate. This is the Place and the Time where it then coincides with the Feast of New Wine. Thus, this is why one is more convinced Acts 2 was that New Wine Feast Correlation. However, one does acknowledge that it does depend on what was is or will be the Settled Start Date. Is it the following as inferred throughout the Bible.

1-Day after Passover, Nisan 15? (Omer Count)
2-Day after Weekly Sabbath? (1st Sunday after Passover Week)
3-Sabbath Day after 1 Complete Week after Passover? (Zadok, Temple Scroll Count)




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