COVID Injection Examined Under Microscope

  • What is really inside the various COVID Injections?
  • Are there indeed certain types of Self-Replicating Nano-Bots?
  • Is there some sort of A.I. incorporated in Fibers found in Shots?

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‘When the Rich rob the Poor, it is called Business. When the Poor fight back it is called Violence.’ -Mark Twain

The purpose of this study is to provide a transcript of an interview about an extraordinary find by Dr. Carrie Madej. It concerns what she discovered as she reviewed and examined several COVID vails of the so-called ‘COVID Vaccines’ that are being mandated are to be given to as many People of the World. Is should be stated, that what is being injected into the arms of millions of People around the world to supposedly stop the Infection, Transmission and provide Immunization is not a ‘vaccine’. What Dr. Madej discovered under the microscope essential validates what many since the COVID Plandemic was unleashed said were all about.

In the interview, Dr. Madej observed that the COVID Injections do have Nano-Technology that produced ‘Hydra’-Like Objects. They will serve to convert the Human Body into a Super-Conducting Entity that can be GPS tracked and surveilled. More nefarious, is the possibility of being able to then ‘download’ even thoughts, commands and behavior. Dr. Carrie Madej came on the Stew Peters Show on September 29, 2021 with her findings, which were shocking to say the least. Since then, other Doctors like Dr. Botha from South Africa also came on the show to report similar findings.

In that case, she video-taped an incredible array of perfectly spherical metallic-looking substances, black in color that self-assembled. What Dr. Madej presented were screenshots of what looked like octopus-looking creatures that in one case seemed to be aware of its surveillance and appeared to lift itself from off the glass pane is was under. According to Dr. Madej, she received several vails of the COVID solution that had been given to People already. And upon the examination, there were also Thread-Like Elements, Tesseract-Looking Objects connected to structures.

She also observed Ring-Like Objects and commented that based on the introduction of the White Light from the microscope, the colors eventually came out in the most brilliant shades after about 2 hours. It is Dr. Madej’s contention that the COVID Injections are really all about Transhumanism. It is a Luciferian Agenda to force-translate Humanity into the supposed next Step in the Evolutionary Process. Dr. Madej was one of the first Doctors that came forth publicly to expose how the COVID Injections did indeed have Hydrogel in them. The issue? This is the stuff needed for Bio-Sensoring of the Human Body. And it has the capacity through a process called Transfection to fuse and alter the very Genome of Humans.

…Soon, everybody will be paying their mandatory tribute to Pfizer to Moderna to Johnson & Johnson every 6 months for the right to travel, go outside, hold a job, have a life. And they're racing forward aggressively. Even the CDC’s own Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. voted against endorsing Booster Shots for Healthcare Workers and Teachers. But last Friday, CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky just overruled them. The Biden Administration's political priorities come first. And that means, more vaccines being forced into more arms.

Dr. Carrie Madej says that she is personally examined multiple vials of the ‘vaccines’ that are being forced into People's arms. and she says that she was horrified by what she saw. She said she cried harder than she ever has before. She says other American Labs have looked at the contents of the ‘vaccine’ vials, only to shut down shortly after. And Dr. Carry Madej joins us now. Doctor, thank you for being here we appreciate it.

Dr. Carrie Madej
Thank you Stew. It is my pleasure to be here.

So, you sent these images to the show. I have looked at them. I have to say that i was creeped out. But then again, I realized, I do not know what I am looking at here. So, help me out.

Dr. Carrie Madej
Okay. So, first of all,…It was in July that a local Lab in Georgia said…they wanted me to examine contents of a vial that they had just received. This vial was fresh. It had already been used to be injected into at least 1 Patient. Because it was the end of the day, they were going to discard it. So, they were able to get the vial. And this particular vial was Moderna. And so, I was there to witness them getting that and putting some of the contents on a Glass Slide with a Compound Microscope to look at it. And… nothing was added to this solution. Nothing was diluted. No human tissue was added. Only the White Light for the Microscope.

And of course, over time it was becoming more Room Temperature from the refrigeration. that was it. And so, first it looked just Translucent. And then as time went on, over 2 hours, Colors appeared. Which I have never seen anything like this. There was not a Chemical Reaction happening. It was a brilliant…like Blue and Royal Purple and a Yellow. And sometimes Green. And so, these…Colors appearing, I did not know what that was after investigating more… A Superconducting Material can do that with White Light being emitted to it. Okay, a Superconducting Material would be something like an Injectable Computing System. Anyhow, the …these Fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the Fibers had a little Cube Structure on that. I am not sure what that was. And also, Metallic Fragments were in there. They were not Metallic Fragments I am used to seeing are more exotic.

They are very opaque as well. As you know, as the edge of the Cover Slide goes, so the Cover Slip, when you put a Glass Partition on that or a Piece on top of the Glass Slide. There are edges and so all the Particulates, all these Colors started to move to the edge. And there was Self-Assembling going on. Things were growing. You know, they looked Synthetic and then there was one particular. I would say object or organism. I am not sure what to call it that had Tentacles coming from it. And it was able to lift itself up, off of the cover. I am sorry, off of the Glass Slide.

It was alive? Like the thing was alive?

Dr. Carrie Madej
It appeared to yeah, it appeared to have been Self-Aware or be able to grow or move in space.

I mean, all I can tell you is this is not something they taught us in medical school. Nothing in my Laboratories. Nothing that I have seen before. And I have showed this to other People in the field and they do not know what it is either. And I thought, when I first saw this and I kept looking at it over and over again, I had a Colleague with me. And we both thought, wow this this almost appears like it is Self-Aware. Like it knows we are watching. It is just an Intuition, a Feeling of Mind, but it was very… upsetting. And so, after 2, 2 and a half hours, everything was destroyed of course.

And then I thought, well maybe that was a Fluke in a way. Maybe that was just that one vial. And so, you know just recently, the Lab was able to get more vials and same manufacturer, but you know, different batch of course. Looking at it the same way, under the Compound Microscope and another one of those Tentacle-Like Structures appeared. This was now completely under the Cover Slip. So, there was no movement because it was not on the edge. But I just could not believe I saw another one. And you know, it is same thing. Same Colors appeared over time.

These Fibers, you know they …and in this time…I need to get… if they do it again, have to get a video from them. There was actually motion that you could see in the video. So, you know this is very concerning. And …also was able to look at the contents of a Johnson & Johnson vial. And there is definitely a Substance that looked like Graphene. They all had Graphene-Like Structures in there. Whether or not they were, I do not have the capability of testing them in order in this Lab. But that is what they appeared to be.

They had Fatty Substances like a Sticky Glue-Like Substance that would be considered a Hydrogel in those both of them, right. So that means they are lying, they are lying to us about the Johnson & Johnson. About not having Nano-Lipid Particles or anything of that Substance in it. But it does …and in the Johnson & Johnson, they also had Colors appeared. Their Colors were different. They were like a Fluorescent Pastel kind of Color. Again, a lot of Synthetic Structures in there as well. In the Johnson & Johnson more like the Spherical Ring Structures were there. A lot of Sphere Structures. These… I am describing what I am seeing, but I have never seen anything like this before. And I am …they are not supposed to be in these… These Injections they are falsely calling ‘vaccines’. What are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do, to a Child?

That is horrific.

Dr. Carrie Madej
I started crying when I saw these…you know. Second time under the Microscope because it was confirmation of everything I saw the 1st time.

If I were looking into a Microscope at something that I was told was a ‘vaccine’ to promote Health and Safety and some Self-Aware Tentacle Equipped Creature started moving? I would, I would probably run out of the Laboratory. I mean I…that is just me. I am not scared of a lot, but that is scary… that is going into the Blood of Global Citizens. And you are right. They want to push this into our Children.

Dr. Carrie Madej
Oh yes. …This was about 400 times magnification. So, we do not have, you know more information than that. But you know, People need to really, really, really stop and think about what is happening right now. And it does not make sense. If it does not make sense, do not go and make; rush to a decision that you could regret. Something is not right in the World. I think we all know that right now. And to me, it is definitely on the level of a Spiritual Warfare. Looking at it under the Microscope absolutely.

And you know, this, this pushes me. This inspires me to make more of these …maybe videos if i can… if we can get the Lab to get more of these samples to do them in real time. So, you can actually see what we are doing to have proof of… That, yes, this is what is happening. This is what we are seeing. So, you yourself can see what is happening under the Microscope. Because, I do not think you need to have any Science background when you look at it, you will see that something is not right. This is not supposed to be injected into human beings …especially children.

So, when you first… before you started talking about this Self-Aware, whatever it is that lifted itself up, off of the glass, you mentioned something about an ‘Injectable Computing System’. What do you make of that?

Dr. Carrie Madej
Yeah. So, when Colors just appeared in the Solution, I mean, I am talking about there is no Color or very little. All of a sudden, the most brilliant Blue, the most brilliant Yellow, the most brilliant Purple appeared. In more and more and more and more, over time. I have never seen anything be able to do that, besides something. Unless you added another Substrate for a Chemical Reaction, you know. It has to react with something. I did not know what could do that.

And so, I started to talk to some Nano-Tech Engineers and Genetic Engineers. And they told me, the only thing they knew of that could do that, was a White Light. Which a White Light did hit it the Microscope has a White Light. A White Light over time, will make the Reaction on a Superconducting Material. Superconducting is like an ‘Injectable Computing System’. So, this is where the Electronic Components can now become visible under White Light. So, you know where they are.

So, this is proof that they are putting an Operating System inside People. This happened in both the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson samples that we observed. So …you know, these are all …we are getting little Pieces of Evidence put together, one by one, by one. But everything is pointing to the very Ominous, you know, endpoint of this, is the beginning or the advent of Transhumanism. Or this is the beginning, your advent of being able to have Surveillance and Spying done in People. Just like Bill gates said he is doing right now in West Africa.

People need to remember that the Gates Foundation or at least Bill Gates and GAVI, …his company is working with MasterCard and Trust Stamp, an Artificial Intelligence Program testing it on the People of West Africa with their COVID ‘Vaccine’, Injections, I should say. Giving them a Digital I.D. They can only get their Monetary Funds through the Digital I.D. and MasterCard. No other way. No Cash. Nothing. And this …and all their Medical Records and Information downloaded into this Digital Format in their Body.

And they said in this Program, this Research Experiment, they are doing on the People. They said, well if this Substance is inside of them, this Hydrogel Substance, of course why do not we use it for Surveillance and Predictive Policing? We are. We are going to start using it for Surveillance and Predictive Policing on the People of West Africa. Right now, they have been doing this since July of 2020. And they said, once they have it perfected, they would like to unveil it to all the Developed Nations. And what are they calling it?

The ‘Wellness Pass’ which is also known as a Vaccine Passport. So, how are they doing that, right Stew? They have to put ‘Something’ inside your Body. To be able to monitor you. And know everything that you are doing. So, People need to wake up. What could they put inside your body for that to happen? How would they do it? I think Gates is already admitting to us how he is doing it or how he wants to do it. How much does it take? I do not know. I just know that I am seeing these things with my own eyes.  Things that do not make sense.

Things that look like they could be used for, you know so they look like they are the advent of starting something of Artificial Intelligence inside the Human Body. And we know that the People in charge are not to be very trustworthy at all. They have lied many times to us. The manufacturers have lied many times to us. So, this is the time that we do not …we do not take this anymore. We do not take this kind of Oppression and Suppression. We are better than that. We are Children of GOD, if we choose to be Right.


Dr. Carrie Madej
I want…I for one, will not stand for it.

So, just to wrap-up here and I know that you got to go. But I …just, for responsibility purposes. You have examined things under Microscopes before? You know what you are doing with a Microscope. The… this, these vials that you …multiple vials that you examined. You have kept track of the Chain of Custody? Nothing was inserted into these things before you were able to look at them? I mean, this is all, on the up-and-up? And this is genuinely, the contents of what is found in multiple lots now. You have said of the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vials?

Dr. Carrie Madej
Yeah. At least 3 batches, at least 3 batches. Yes. That is correct.

It is awful. It is horrific. I can understand why you cried …Dr. Carrie Madej thank you so much. And when you … do have those videos ,we trust that you will come back here … to share those with the audience. I mean, People need to know what it is that is being pushed on them. People need to know that this is not just your every day, run-of-the mill Health and Wellness Prevention. There is none of that going on here.

Dr. Carrie Madej
None at all

So, we appreciate it. We appreciate it,

Dr. Carrie Madej
Thanks. Yes, thanks Stewart. Thanks for having me on the show. And I am happy …to come on in the future and share more as I get more information.

Great. Thank you so much. God bless you. Those images that we just looked at together and then hearing the way that Dr. Carrie Madej describes the way that she felt viewing those images through a microscope? Horrific! Alarming! Very concerning and we have to be worried about being around People when we talk about things like Transmission and Shedding…



This interview, presenting the evidence by Dr. Carrie Madej validates the publicly stated objectives of the Chief Medical Office of Moderna that they intended, through vaccines to download ‘Software Operating Systems’ into the Human Body. And so, what did she basically discover? The essence of the ‘Black Goo’ that has been Predictively Programed into a lot of Science Fiction Movies and Blockbuster Super Heroes. She witnessed Threads and Fibers, of which she in all of her Medical Training and years of experience has never seen. And this is the reason for the agenda and plan to forcibly mandate permanent Booster Shots. From a pure Scientific Rationale, it would be and is insane to do. Why? The Boosters are essentially the same solution for a COVID-19 Variant that has long dissipated within the world

Or in other words, the so-called ‘Experts’ like Fauci and Walensky are wanting People to be injected with the same ‘vaccine’ that did not work in the first place. And which will not address the current released Strains. The real issue is that the Body is being conditioned to receive such Nano-Bot to incrementally build-up the ‘system platform’ so the Human Body can then be able to sustain the frequencies that it will eventually need to be connected to. One suspects that if all the actual components would be given in 1 single dose, there would be too many obvious Adverse Effects or Deaths. Thus, the initial Nano-Bots, also referred to as Lipid Particles, which were many that Dr. Madej observed under the microscope is enough for now. Why?

They move of their own volition, most probably intelligently, and they are capable of self-assembling. More intriguing is that they can be ‘commanded’ as in a computer command to perform certain operations, etc. And this, again will be done through either Frequencies, Sound or Light. After all, it has already been linked to how Bill Gates has submitted that Patent (Microsoft Patent 060606) to do just that through the Block Chain in order to hijack or take over the Host Body. Here is an excerpt of what is at the core objective. Is essentially taken right out of the Matrix movies in how Humans will be considered no more valuable than a ‘Battery’. Emphasis added.

‘Human Body Activity associated with a Task provided to a User may be used in a Mining Process of a Cryptocurrency System. A Server may provide a Task to a Device of a User which is communicatively coupled to the Server. A Sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the Device of the user may sense Body Activity of the User. Body Activity Data may be generated based on the Sensed Body Activity of the User. The Cryptocurrency System communicatively coupled to the Device of the User may verify if the Body activity Data satisfies one or more conditions set by the Cryptocurrency System. And it awards Cryptocurrency to the User whose Body Activity Data is verified.’

Thus, this is reason for the Superconducting Graphene Oxide and SPIONs, to say nothing of the nucleoside-modified mRNA in these so-called ‘vaccines’. It is not about stopping Infection, Transmission or providing Effective Immunity. If that was the case, the WHO, CDC, NIH and the White House would recognize and accept Natural Immunity for what is just a Corona Virus, supposedly. Dr. Madej mentioned how Bill Gates is doing that in West Africa. It is a partnership with GAVI and Mastercard to roll out a new Biometric Identity Platform, through ‘vaccines’. And what is the desired outcome? Total control of a Human’s Body. It is all about Social Engineering.

Tiny Transformers
It is about creating a ‘New Humanity’ for a New World Order and conditioning People. It is about controlling People to act in certain ways, believe in certain ways. And all this via incentives and punishments based on the Chinese Social Credit Systems. What it will boil down to is who can live and die. And it is very Biblical as the book of Revelation warns that such a scenario will become Reality. It is already almost there as it is. Dr. Robert O. Young also had analyzed all the 4 major brands of the COVID ‘Vaccines’. He found all sorts of dangerous things inside them. None of this is accidental. All of these ingredients are there for a reason.

And the entire ‘List’ of Ingredients will never be fully disclosed. What the disclosure from Dr. Madej further establishes the fact that these injections are not ‘vaccines’ and are to be avoided at all costs. As Dr. Zelenko, these are ‘Poison Kill Shots’. Many have come to conclude that these are highly dangerous and in many cases are deadly. What is worse, is that the Psychopath and Luciferians calling the ‘shots’ are wanting to inject all the Children. Those that survive this Gene Therapy will be literally scarred for life as it has been shown to especially target healthy Male Adolescents.

Now to the question about on Earth would Jelly-Like or ‘Hydra’ Type of Elements be in a COVID ‘vaccine’? This has to do again with Trans-Humanism, the quest for Immorality. How so? Consider that there has been extensive research funded by Big Pharma, DARPA, the Pentagon and other Private Institutions, etc. One such example is Cnidaria. It is considered the ‘Immortal Jellyfish’. It is the only animal known on Earth to be able to reverse its Life Cycle. It does this through a Cell Development Process called Trans-Differentiation. Instead of dying, an adult or Juvenile Cnidaria under ‘stress’ can revert back to a Polyp and begin the Life Cycle all over again.

One can then see why such an organism and Life Process makes it an important quest to reverse Aging and pharmaceutical research. It is not secret that the Tech CEO’s seek ‘Immortality’ through Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. What is not being told to the Public is that such Ingredients are function as ‘Transformers’. It now becoming apparent and another reason why Anti-Parasitic Drugs, like Ivermectin are effective in the treatment of COVID. It has been reported that Dr. Robert Young found such Parasites. One particular Parasite is T. Cruzi in the Johnson & Johnson vials.

T. Cruzi causes Chagas Disease, which is incurable if left untreated within 4 weeks of infection and after which the infection becomes chronic. It can shorten the lifespan by decades if left untreated. This is what is ironic in that they want Humanity to ‘Life Forever’ but they want to kill-off as many as possible. Perhaps they want to eliminate the weak and Genetically Feeble. But it is getting bad. It is the stuff of horror movies. And it validates that indeed, Nano-Bot are the main reason they want everyone jabbed as soon as possible. It is to make everyone ‘hot-hired’ to connect to the Internet and be like that ‘walking cell phone’. That is, if one survives. And the end goal? Revelation’s Mark of the Beast.


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Dr. Carrie Madej Website


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