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‘Do not harm the Land or Sea or Trees until we have Sealed the Foreheads of the Servants of our GOD. And I heard the Number of those who were Sealed, 144,000 from all the Tribes of Israel: -Revelation 7:3-4

1          Judah              12,000
2          Reuben           12,000
3          Gad                 12,000
4          Asher              12,000
5          Naphtali           12,000
6          Manasseh       12,000
7          Simeon            12,000
8          Levi                 12,000
9          Issachar          12,000
10        Zebulun           12,000
11        Joseph            12,000
12        Benjamin         12,000

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate just how close the coming End of the Church Age will be that will be concluded with the Resurrection-Rapture Event. This Piece of Evidence has to do with who are and when will the 144,000 show-up and commence their Witness. One is assuming a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario and that the 144,000 will be literal, in having 12,000 Jewish Young Men be Chosen and Sealed from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Obviously to one, there are also Key Spiritual Inferences that will be discussed as well. Such a Multitude will be for the purpose of standing as Witnesses to the Kingdom Gospel of Jesus Christ during the Tribulation.

Although the 12,000 Young Jewish Men will be taken from each of the 12 Tribes, there are some Discrepancies. In the Tribe Listing, the Book of Revelation omits 2 Tribes, Ephraim, but specifically the Tribe of Dan. This study will look into this Difference to suggest an Encoded Message for what Jesus will be doing with the 144,000 Witnesses that will be the major Evangelical Agent during Daniel’s Last Week of Years, i.e., the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The Premise and Theory is that who will make-up these 144,000 Young Jewish Men, that will be Anointed for the Commission, will come from all those Young Jewish Men that are presently studying in the Yeshiva or Bible Schools.

A People Prepared
The Evidence will be based on the Demographics of all those reported by Israeli News Sources that have provided some interesting Statistics regarding this Supposition. Based on these Yeshiva School Enrollment Figures, one has extrapolated the Average Percentages and present the Trend. That is that for 2022, there will be approximately just over 144,000 Young Israeli Men who are now enrolled in Yeshiva Bible Schools in Israel presently. Why this is potentially Prophetically Significant is that at no other Time in Israel’s Modern History, since 1948, has this Number Figure risen to this level. And?

This would suggest, in one’s Opinion and Assessment that Jesus has prepared such a Multitude, equipped with the thorough Knowledge of the Tanakh or the Law and Prophets to be able to Witness to their Fellow Countrymen or the Jews, etc. Also note that the Yeshiva’s primary topic of study is the Talmud. This will help in knowing all the Arguments the Jews will be objecting to when they present Jesus as the Messiah and fulfillment of the entire Tanakh.

When one was in the Israeli Defense Force, the IDF (https://www.postscripts.org/idf.html) through the Sal El Program in Israel in 2019, one had the Weekends free to venture into Israel. In 1 Weekend, one had the opportunity to stay in Tel Aviv. One stayed at the Abraham House and walked to the Beach in Jaffa. It is an incredible place full of History going as far back as the Mesolithic Period. One later attended a Messianic Congregation for Fellowship and Worship. It was a Special Time.

The Tel of Jaffa is construed to the Cydonia, Mars Sacred Pyramid Triangulation and so on. It is the place where Jonah tried to flee from YHVH’s Commission. And it is the place of Simon the Tenor and where Simon Peter met in the House of Cornelius, etc. During the course of walking to Jaffa, about 1.5 Miles or 2 Kilometers, one came across one of the Bible Schools or Yeshivas. It was a long Building running along Eilat Street. All the windows were open and there was a ‘Buzz’ of noise or chattering that was going on. One walked up to the windows from the sidewalk and listened in for a long while.

One could see, looking in without being noticed, that they were Orthodox Jews, all Young Men anywhere from around 18-25 Years Old. They were reading from the Books. These Images, Sounds and Sights of such Young Israeli Men studying the Torah, the Law and Prophets and the Talmud in the 1000s sparked one’s Curiosity. Could such Young Men 1 Day or 1 Sabbath Cycle be those whom among them, would be those that will comprise the 144,000 Witness for the Lamb of YHVH, i.e., Jesus?

It was obvious that most, if not all, are not Married. On an aside note, that Military Experience in the IDF was an Eye-Opener in that those Jews that one would most likely have a Spiritual and Biblical Relevance and Connection to, were the ones that least wanted one with one like of, a Non-Jewish, and Non-Orthodox Person. It was in contrast to the other types of Jews, those Secular, Non-Religious. They did want and welcome a Friendship with one. Nonetheless, one believes that Jesus is preparing such a Cadre or ‘Army’ of Young Jewish Male Witnesses that will be Anointed and Sealed by the Holy Spirit for such a purpose during the Tribulation Period.

Who are the 140,000?

In some Miraculous Way, Jesus will lift the Scales of their Spiritual Blindness, and as it occurred on the Road to Emmaus, it will take a Special Disposition by Jesus to reveal that the Subject of all the Accounts in the Tanakh are all about Jesus. It will also be a fulfillment of how YHVH promised that through Abraham, all the Nations would be given the Gospel through Israel. Before one will present the Statistical Analysis and inference to how now in 2022, the Numerical Value of there being a Pool from where 144,000 Young Jewish Men can be Appointed for such a Commission, one will provide some Philosophical Context to build-up to that Conclusion.

The Narration of the 144,000 is revealed between the 6th and 7th Seal Judgments of Jesus in the Book of Revelation. They are being poured-out upon the Inhabitants of the Earth. This is the Wrath of the Lamb, that in Heaven, Jesus took the Scroll that only He can open. It is like a Judicial Court Scene of a Reading of the Last Will and Testament. In this case, Jesus is the one who made the Will, Died and Rose to read its contents. There are Witnesses required in such a Reading. The Witness is the Bride of Christ, as a Euphemism for the 24 Elders now Seated on Thrones. The Scroll of the 7 Seals is essentially an Indictment and Judgment upon the Inhabitants of the Earth.

It is a Sentencing of Lucifer and the Collection of Israel’s last Week of Years or 1 Shemitah that Israel still owes YHVH for not allowing the Promised Land its Sabbath Year Rests. One is taking the Interpretation as literal, in that the Seal put on the 144,000 is for Protection to Evangelize the Post-Rapture World. Realize that those Believers and Followers of the Lamb of GOD now, of Jesus are also ‘Sealed’. It is in the form of the Holy Spirit that is as a Down Payment or Deposit of what is the whole to come in the Glorified State. This Seal of GOD the Holy Spirit is unique in this present Pentecostal Dispensation of the Age of Grace. It is composed of the Body of Christ, that the Bride from within it will be Extracted at the Resurrection-Rapture Event.

It is also functioning as the Restrainer that keeps In-Check the Works of the Devil, Lucifer on Earth from being fully manifested. It is also the Agent that keeps the Luciferian AntiChrist from being revealed and Initiating the Protocols of the Elders for their coming World Reset and New World Order, etc. The 144,000 are not a Jehovah Witness Fallacy as only they are said to be the Chosen. They believe in what they call the ‘Heavenly Hope’. This Notion is that only the 144,000 will be ‘Elected’ to rule with Jesus, as the Lesser God or the Arch-Angel Michael in Heaven. All other ‘Redeemed’ will only be able to live on Earth in a Restored State, or Paradise, the ‘Earthly Hope’.

The Bible teaches how the Millennial Rule of Jesus will be on Earth. It will comprise the Bride of Christ and Old Testament Believers in the Messiah. It is after this Time Period that the Eternal State will commence. And this will be when Heaven comes down and merges with Earth. It will be a New Dimension. The Jehovah Witness Scenario is False as the Sealing of the 144,000 is a Post-Rapture Event. Now this specific Number of 144,000 is only mentioned 2 times in the whole Bible, in Revelation 7 and 14. All the Tribes of Israel are mentioned, except the Tribe of Dan. But note from the List in the Book of Revelation that Manasseh is Joseph’s Son, not Jacob’s directly.

Encoded Messaging
Ephraim is not mentioned either unless you consider the Dissection of it as being connected to Joseph and Manasseh. Interestingly, one of the Motifs for the Tribe of Dan’s Standard was of an Eagle with a Snake. It is the same Ensign of Mexico, by the way. It is believed by many People that the AntiChrist will come from this Tribe’s Descendants. After all, it was in Dan, in Northern Israel where the Kingdom split due to King Solomon’s Disobedience. The Golden Calf resurfaced to be worshipped at Dan as it was in Sinai. Below is the Order by Birth of the 12 Sons of Jacob.

Name              Mother            Meaning                     Prophecy
1 Reuben        Leah                See a Son                   Genesis 29:32
2 Simeon         Leah               God Heard                  Genesis 29:33
3 Levi              Leah                Joining                        Genesis 29:34
4 Judah           Leah                To Praise                    Genesis 29:35
5 Dan              Bilhah              Judged                        Genesis 30:5-6
6 Naphtali        Bilhah              My Struggle                Genesis 30:7-8
7 Gad               Zilpah             Troop                          Genesis 30:10-11
8 Asher            Zilpah              Happy                         Genesis 30:12-13
9 Issachar        Leah               Reward                       Genesis 30:17-18
10 Zebulun      Leah               Gifts, Honor                 Genesis 30:19-20
11 Joseph        Rachel            God Shall Add            Genesis 30:23-24
12 Benjamin    Rachel            Son of Sorrow             Genesis 35:16-18

If one takes the Meaning as Prophecy, then one can Summarize the ‘Encoded Hidden Message of what Jesus, the Messiah is declaring at that Time for Israel, Prophetically. It is much in the Style of Interpretation that the late Chuck Missler decoded from the 10 Generations from Adam to Noah. It was a Prophetic Summary of what occurred up to the Flood. What follows is the Summation in Narrative Form, as if Israel, the Wife of YHVH is speaking. This is attributed to the YouTube Channel, Righteous Bold Lions.

Prophetic Summary: Israel after Tribulation Period from Book of Revelation

‘I will Praise the LORD. The LORD looked upon my Affliction. A Troop came. The Daughters will call me Blessed. With Mighty Struggles, I have Struggled but GOD caused me to forget. The LORD heard I was Hated. Now at last I will be Attached to my Husband. GOD has rewarded me. GOD has gifted me with a Good Gift and GOD will add the Son of His Right Hand’ [Jesus].

Prophetic Summary: Old Testament Israel Original Order Listing

The LORD looked upon my Affliction. The LORD heard I was Hated. Now at last I will be Attached to my Husband. I will nonetheless Praise the LORD. Even though I am Cursed and to be Judged. With Mighty Struggles, I have Struggled. A Troop will come. The Daughters will call me Blessed. GOD has rewarded me GOD has gifted me with a Good Gift and GOD will add the Son of my Sorrows [Jesus].

The other notable change in the Meaning of the Names is that at the end with the Tribe of Benjamin, the meaning was changed from Son of My Sorrow. Rachel died after giving birth to Benjamin. But it was later changed to Son of (His) Right Hand. It clearly speaks of the Dual Mission and Accomplishment of Jesus. He fulfills both the Attributes of Messiah Ben Joseph and then Messiah Ben David, etc.

‘Do not harm the Land or the Sea or the Trees until we put a Seal on the Foreheads of the Servants of our GOD. Then I heard the Number of those who were Sealed: 144,000 from all the Tribes of Israel’.

#          Tribe               Meaning/Prophecy

1          Judah              To Praise
2          Reuben           See a Son
3          Gad                 Troop  
4          Asher              Happy
5          Naphtali           My Struggle
6          Manasseh       To Forget
7          Simeon           God Heard
8          Levi                 Joining
9          Issachar          Reward
10        Zebulun           Gifts, Honor
11        Joseph            God Shall Add
12        Benjamin         Son of Right Hand

What might seem unapparent to the Mind in regard to the Name’s Meaning. But in the Ancient World, it was precisely the Meaning of the Name that was given as also being a Prophecy over that Person. So, here is 1 of the Points of this study. As Jacob was transformed and Changed to Israel, so too will Israel in the Modern Era have its Transformation and Essence Changed. This is why in the 2nd Rendition and what will culminate in National Israel’s Redemption will start out with Praise of Judah.

And that worship is given to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus. Jacob in Hebrew means Swindler or Conniving. Most in the World that is Anti-Jew would concur with this characterization of the Race, as a whole. But YHVH has taken Jacob as an example of Fallen Humanity. Jesus has shown to the entire World how only He can turn such Conniving Swindlers of a Jacob and transform him to become a Prince of YHVH as that is what Israel means. This is exactly what Jesus is doing presently during the Church Age, but not only with Jews but more predominantly with the Non-Jews or Gentiles.

Once the Gentile Redeemed Body or Temple is complete, then Jesus will revert back to dealing with Jacob or National Israel in this case. YHVH, as a ‘Husband will deal with Israel’s Unfaithfulness. This is why the Tribe of Dan is taken out of the Last Tribal Listing of the Sons of Jacob in the Book of Revelation. It is not how one Starts but Finishes. The Name Dan means ‘Curse’. So, in symbology and in practice, Jesus will be removing the ‘Curse’ of Israel that Dan has been Euphemized with. It is Manasseh that replaces Dan. The Name Manasseh means ‘From a Debt’ and ‘To Forget’.

Joseph's First-Born son, Manasseh, became a Father of a tribe. Manasseh was the Son of Joseph and his Egyptian Mother, Asenath, the Daughter of Poti-Pherah, Priest of On. ‘And Joseph called the Name of the First-Born Manasseh; For God, said he, has made me forget all my Toil, and all my Father's House’. -Genesis 41:51


It will be Jesus, during the 7-Year Pre-Tribulation Period that will remove the Curse or Judgment of Jacob. It is due to the Debt owed against the Promised Land. This Rationale would concur with many prior studies in which Daniel’s 70th Sabbath Cycle is the Last Shemitah owed. It is to Debt that will be Paid in Full by Israel to YHVH for not allowing the Sabbath Year Rest of the Promised Land. The Sealing of these Young Jewish Men, will be much an Antidote against the Seal of the Snake, or Lucifer with the AntiChrist’s Mark of the Beast. There are 12,000 in Number for each Tribe but are clearly designated as being from the Sons of Jacob.

These are not Church Age Believers. No Replacement Theology here. Their primary purpose? They are the Sealed and Sanctioned by Jesus to be 1 of the 2 Bodies of Witnesses during the 7-Year Tribulation Period. The 144K are described to be ‘Virgins’, foremost as in not being Married. In the case of the Claim that only the Jehovah Witnesses are the 144K to enjoy the Millennial Kingdom on Earth cannot say that because many are Married, etc. What is clearly taught in the Book of Revelation means that all of these Chosen will be Young Men, not Married.

And as to remain ‘Undefiled’, as in not having any Sexual Intercourse with Women, etc. This Body of Believers of Young Jewish Men will be believing in Jesus as the Messiah and Savior of Israel. They will follow the Prophetic Protocols of the Dispensation of the Jews in how YHVH has ‘Chosen’ them to be the ‘Light and Salt’ of the World for that Last Week of Years or Shemitah. These Young Jewish Men will be those that know the Torah, the Law and Prophets, in-and-out. Realize what has become the Definition and Recognition of what a ‘Jew’ is and how they have evolved into 3 major Theological-Political Camps.

There are the Orthodox Jews, the Religious Jews and the Secular Jews, in general. There are also multi-layers of Persuasion within each Sectors, much like there are Denominations in Christendom. For example, you have the Jews that are Secular, Politically ‘Zionists’ but are not Religious or Torah Observant. Then on the other hand, you have Torah Observant Jews that are not Zionist and in fact detest the Modern Secular State of Israel. Then within the Orthodox Jewry, there are Extremist Sects that call for only ‘Jews’ to be in Israel and are even against other Jewish Sects. Their only common agreement is that Jesus is not the Messiah and ‘Christians’ are Enemies bent on Proselytizing them away from the Law of Moses, etc. Jesus’

Unction of these 144K Young Men will essentially fulfill the Mandate YHVH gave the Nation of Israel, of Jacob to have been the Evangelizing Agent to the World but failed. This is 1 of Jesus’ Judgments against Israel in how He criticized such Efforts during His Ministry. Jesus pointed-out the Hypocrisy of the Jews and when any attempts were made, in general to Evangelize the World, Jesus said they made such persons, ‘Twice a Son of Hell’ than they were. Surely, Mission not Accomplished. With the 144K ‘Jews for Jesus’, the Seal of YHVH upon their Foreheads will ensure this Witness during this Time will stand and be completed with Divine Help. Their Labor and Efforts will bear Spiritual Fruit unto Salvation as in Revelation 14, one sees the Harvest of their Labor.

A Jewish Commission

What this also means is that once their Commission is completed, they and all those Evangelized will be Martyred for their Testimony to Jesus. No doubt, the AntiChrist and Synagogue of Satan will be hunting them down. This, by the way, constitutes 1 of the 7 Raptures or Translations found in the Book of Revelation during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Notice that it is said of them, the 144K, that these Jews, ‘Followed the Lamb wherever He went’. This is to imply also their demise or end result. Their Fate will be just like the Lamb of YHVH, Jesus who was led as a ‘Sheep to the Slaughter’. It speaks of how National Israel still is in need of Redemption.

And it is for this precise Time that Israel will be Purged and Redeemed, but as through Fire. It will be much like the Young Men that were thrown into the Fiery Furnace of Nebuchadnezzar during the Time of Daniel in Babylon. The Fire was intensified 7 Times hotter. Also realize that many may say that even today, in the Modern Era, most Jews do not know what Tribe they are from. The word, ‘Jew’, is in fact the reference to the only remaining Tribe that YHVH promised to not destroy for Israel’s Disobedience and Unbelief. This Promise was made to King David and how from the Tribe of Judah, the Messiah would come and forevermore be the Ruler of the Messianic Age, etc.

Yet, in the New Testament, YHVH notes and keeps track of the Tribes. They are not ‘Lost’, necessarily. For example, there were many ‘Jews’ that were waiting and expecting the Messiah to show-up around the 1st Century. In the Gospels, it is noted that Anna, who was waiting for the ‘Consolation of Israel’ is identified with a Tribe of Israel that was supposedly ‘Lost’. So is the case with Simeon, at the Temple also when Jesus Christ was presented. He too is identified in the New Testament with a supposed ‘Lost’ Tribe that he belonged to as well.

The Question remains, where is Jesus going to get 12,000 Young Jews that know the Tanakh, or the 5 Books of Moses and the Prophets and the Talmud? From the Yeshiva Bible Schools in Israel. The word Tanakh is an acronym for the Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim, essentially the ‘Law and the Prophets’. One presents the Argument that these Young Jewish Men will be found from all the Yeshiva Bible Schools in Israel, primary, How so? At no other Time could this be possible, Demographically. Biblically, in the Old Testament, the Numerical Coefficient of 12,000 concerning Israel had to do with the assembling of an Army for War. There is the account in Numbers 3 of conscribing 1000 Young Jewish Men of Military Age to make-up the Israeli Army of 12,000. Realize that in the Modern State of Secular Israel, Military Service is required of Young Men.

They need to Serve in the Israel Defense Force or the IDF. The duration for Men and Women is slightly different. There are Deferments that range from the Medical to Religious Exemptions. For example, Arab Muslims living within Israel, having Israeli Citizenship are not required to Serve. Neither are Christians. But the other Exemption is for Young Jewish Men to rather be Subsidized to study at the Yeshiva Bible Schools. Thus, Hundreds of Thousands of Young Jewish Men have elected to choose the Religious Exemption and study at the various Yeshiva or Bible Schools. Spiritually, what is rather interesting is that the Bible calls these 144,000, the ‘First Fruits’.

First Fruits of Jacob’s Troubles

The Term, ‘Frist Fruits’ has a Harvest Connotation as would be the Feasts of YHVH. In this Designation, one surmises that they will be Conscripted at the Beginning of the Sabbath Week of Daniel, otherwise known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. They will be the Tokens of what will result in that Multitude seen in Revelation chapter 14, at the End of their Commission with the Salvation of Millions.

This Group of the Tribulation Saints will be Translated or Raptured out, as depicted in Revelation 14. How so? They are on Earth, but then seen in Heaven thereafter. The following are some of their Distinguished Attributes in contrast to the present Church Age Commissioned Saints. The 144,000 are not Crowned. They have Palm Branches that symbolize Purity. They are not associated with the Wheat Harvest but the Harvest Fruit of the Palms, which is another National Motif of Israel. They also sing the Song of Moses. These are Attributes not connected to the Gentile Church Age, etc.

They Stand before the Throne, as opposed to the 24 Elders, i.e., the Bride of Christ. They Serve the Lamb 24/7, rather than the Elders that are Served. Interestingly, despite Overcoming the False Jewish Messiah AntiChrist, there is Weeping described that will occur. But to realize that the Tears they will shed, represents Israel who will not be part of the Bride of Christ. One guesses that their Timeframe will most likely just last the 1st part of the 7-Year Tribulation Period and will mirror the 2nd Body of Jesus’ Witnesses, those being the 2 Witnesses. In both cases, the Halfway Marker will see their Deaths as the AntiChrist thereafter initiates the Mark of the Beast Mandates tied to Worship.

-Peculiarities of the Numerical Coefficient of 144.

-The New Jerusalem will have 144 Cubit Walls.

-The 4th Temple during the Millennial Kingdom will be 144 M x 144 M in Dimension.

-There are said to be 144,000 Stones in the Great Pyramid.

-There are 72 Names of God 72 + 72 = 144. 144,000 / 72 = 2000

-In the Esoterica Aspect, the 144,000 Numerical Coefficient even asserts that it comprises the DNA make-up of the Human Chromosomes, the Dodecahedron composition of the Molecules.

-In Mathematics, the Square Root of 144 = 12.

-In the Measure of Time, 24 Hours x 60 Minutes = 1440 Minutes.

-In Astronomy, 2 Decans = 20° of the Ecliptic is 1440 Years.

-In Sacred Geometry, an Octahedron = 1440°

-In Measurement, 1 Square Foot = 144 Inches

-In the Mayan Calendar, 1 Bak’Tun = 144,000 Days

2022: Year of Commission?

Now as to the Conjecture of this study that asserts that in 2022? One argues that the Year has been reached in how there is now a Pool of Young Jewish Men that can be Appointed for the Tribulation Commission of the Lamb, i.e., Jesus. According to one’s Research into just how many Young Jewish Men are enrolled in Yeshiva Bible Schools in Israel, in particular will provide some Insight and Numbers for the Equations. 

There were several Articles like from Israel National News and others that published several Yeshiva Enrollment Figures in Israel. The Years in question started from around 2013 to 2017. They provided some comparisons of the Highs and Lows of the Enrollment Percentages up to 2017. What one did, is that all the Highs and Low Percentages were added-up and then Averaged. 

124,450 Yeshiva Students Enrolled in Israel in 2017.

Percent Deviation                                         Rounded-Off Percent
31.4% increase in 2017                                  31%
21.7% higher in 2017 from 2014                    21%
12.5% dropped by in 2013,                            12%
3.5% dropped by in 2014                               3%

Average Percentages = 67/4 = 16.75%

Then, if one were to project the Trend of Enrollment Percentages that is increasing by that Average Percent per year, by 2022, the Enrollment of Yeshiva Bible Schools of Young Jewish Men has reached the Prophetic Threshold of 144,000. Is this mere Coincidence? Could be but one doubts it. This is especially true if one holds to the Calculation that by the Fall of 2022, the conclusion of the Super Shemitah 70-Year Count from 1952 concludes. This means that the start of Jacob’s Troubles would very well be initiated by then to commence Daniels’ 70 Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle.

124,000 X .16% Coefficient Average = 19,840
124,450 + 19,840 = 144,290 Yeshiva Students Enrolled in Israel in 2022.


The need for such an ‘Army’ of Evangelists is that the present ones, those constituting the Church Age Believers and Followers of Jesus will have been ‘Evacuated’ from Earth. Thus, the need for a continued Witness and Testimony to Jesus. As the Pentecostal Parenthetical Time between the Feast of First Fruits and the Yom Teruah, comes to a close, the Dispensation will revert back to the Tanakh will commence. This change in Covenants will be accompanied by the Change in the Dispensations. Israel will be under the Law of Moses. Signs and Wonders will accompany the Works of YHVH. Who will be the other Witness? As mentioned, they will be the 2 Witnesses. And if the 2 Witnesses will be either Elijah and Moses or Enoch, that will remain to be seen.

There is Evidence and a case for both Scenarios but consider that Enoch was not Jewish and is more so associated as a Type of the Gentile Rapture. Then note that in the Mountain of Transfiguration, which one believes was on Mount Hermon where the 200 Watchers came down, is where Elijah and Moses appeared with Jesus. It is said of them in the Account that Jesus, as He was Transfigured, was discussing with them, what would happen in Jerusalem during Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, etc. One surmises that they were receiving their ‘Marching Orders’ or sorts.

Thus, one presents this Piece of Prophetic Evidence to demonstrate just how close the End of the Church Age is. And how near the Resurrection-Rapture Event is that will conclude the Age of Grace. This is the reason why at no other time in Israel’s Modern History has the Population reached a Threshold, whereby, a Pool of over 144,000 Young Jewish Men could be had. According to WorldofMeters.info, Israel is approaching 9 Million Jews in Israel by the end of 2022.

To a large degree, the influx of the growing Jewish Population continues due to Immigration from Western Europe, Russia, the Ukraine and Ethiopia. This Trend also is increased by those making Aliyah from the USA. The Median Age of Israelis is 30 Years of Age. Thus, in Demographic Perspectives, the following is the Ratio of what Percentage the 144,000 will be during the Tribulation Period.

144,000 / 9,000,000 = 1.6% of the entire Jewish Population of Israel.

In the Bible, YHVH states that He never leaves Himself without a Witness. And that there has to be at least 2 Witnesses to establish a Matter. So, one is strongly suggesting that the Yeshiva Bible Schools that are producing Tanakh and Talmud Competent Young Jewish Theologians, will be from where those that will constitute 1 of the Witnesses during the coming Time of Jacob’s Trouble will come from.

Of course, Jesus can Seal, Anoint and Commission any Jews for such a Purpose to become Witnesses during the coming Time of Jacob’s Trouble. But one is suggesting that the best Candidates for such a Scenario could be coming from such a Demographic Pool that only exists now. If so, then the Numerical Threshold, of there needing to be 144,000 Young Jewish Men to be Sealed from, for such a Commission has been reached. From where? The Yeshiva Bible Schools of Israel. When? In the Fall of 2022.


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