A Study of the Pentecostal Age and Thereafter

  • Will a Pentecost Feast end the Church Age as it began it?
  • Are Israel's restorations occurring on Pentecost pertinent to Church?
  • Will the Rapture of the Bride of Christ conclude the Church Age?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ [Parousia] and our being gathered [Ephipaneia] to him, we ask you, brothers and sisters, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by the teaching allegedly from us—whether by a prophecy or by word of mouth or by letter—asserting that the Day of the Lord [The Tribulation] has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that Day will not come until the rebellion [Retreat or ‘Fall-back’] occurs and then, the Man of Lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called GOD or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in GOD’s Temple, proclaiming himself to be GOD.’ -2 Thessalonians 2:1-4

The purpose of this study is to attempt to qualify the delineation among the different types of the ‘sealing’ and ‘marking’ of the Spirits that is presently occurring and will occur on a timeline. These 2 Spirits are the Holy Spirit of the true Christ, Jesus and the Spirit of the AntiChrist, the false Christ. The Bible clearly teaches that there are 2 Spirits in the world at work to seal or will mark their initiates and respective followers of their Christs. Both Spirits put down as it were a ‘deposit’ on the soul of that individual that is redeemed or ‘bought’. What this study strongly suggests is that the time that the Holy Spirit came down on the Disciples of Jesus on Pentecost was to ‘seal’ and not ‘mark’ the Believers. This is taught in Ephesians 1:13 and has been a unique time that never existed before Pentecost nor will after the Rapture of the Body of Christ.

The main difference has been that the present sealing was been an ‘indwelling’. After the Rapture, the work of the 2 Spirits will be a ‘marking’. Thus this study suggests that this time-span could or would determine when the subsequent work of the 2 Spirits will commence, at the end of the Great Commission. The present-day indwelling work of GOD the Holy Spirit has mostly comprised the Age of the Gentiles. What is the unique factor is that the indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit is permanent. The Bible clearly teaches that in this condition, the Holy Spirit can however be grieved and eventually ‘nullified’ by a Believer’s un-repented sin, attitude, mindset, and/or lifestyle, etc.

Nonetheless as an eternal ‘deposit’, it can never be lost until it will corporately be withdrawn at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Body of Christ. Individually, this ‘withdrawal’ of course is done at the point of death of a Believer in Jesus. However, again, there remains a corporate and collective withdrawal or ‘falling-back’ of the entire Body of Christ. The confusion of the Greek word Apostacia or ‘falling away’ is actually a military term. It is as if an army is commanded to ‘fall-back’, thus a ‘departure’ but not in a sense of apostasy. This work of the Holy Spirit presently is what is unique from what occurred before Pentecost and what will occur after the ‘retreat’ or Rapture concerning the work of the Holy Spirit in particular during the Tribulation period.

The Testimony of the Church
What has been presently unique about the Pentecostal Age is that the ‘sealing’ of the Holy Spirit occurs eternally in an individual, upon the genuine confession and profession of faith in Jesus Christ. This amazing work amounts to GOD the Holy Spirit coming to the core essence of a human to eternally merge with its spirit that is reignited unto Eternal Life. This ‘New Creation’ that is produced theologically is referred to as the ‘Indwelling of the Holy Spirit’. For what purpose? The Bible clearly teaches that the purpose of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is as a deposit of the whole or ‘better things to come’ later on in the Glorification. This deposit is also a foretaste of the divine power bestowed to Believers to be emboldened to be witnesses of Jesus death, resurrection and return to the nations.

Thus this specific time-frame makes-up what theologians call the Great Commission of the Church that has this ‘power’ by virtue of the eternal ‘sealing’ of Believers in Jesus. What this study is pointing-out is that perhaps the time-span of when the Holy Spirit started to ‘deposit’ this indwelling to ‘construct’ Christ Jesus’ ‘Eve’ marks only a special span of time. This time is when the Body of Christ will be completed and the ‘deposit’ of the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn at the point and time of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The work of the 2 Spirits thereafter will be one of the ‘markings‘ that will constitute the Tribulation period to coincide with Daniel’s last week. This study does delineate between when the ‘Church’ in reference to the ‘initiation’ of the Body of Christ was begun to when the ‘Power from on High’ came down although according to the research done, it occurred on the same year, 32 AD.

It is understood by some that as a typology, the 2nd Adam, that being Christ Jesus ‘bought’ the Church or more theologically accurate, the Body of Christ as in the Bride of Christ at the Cross of Calvary. This occurred when the blood and water flowed from His pierced side. This was much like many have pointed-out metaphorically in how the 1st Adam was put to sleep and from his side, an essence was extracted to construct his bride, Eve. It was YHVH Himself that then presented Eve to Adam as his wife to ‘help’ him. With some conjecture, some go as far as to designate YHVH as being the Theophany, which is the pre-incarnate Jesus. As an aside note, what is rather astonishing to consider is the notion of a wife as she is associated thus with the divine legality given first to Adam concerning submission and authority.

These Biblical concepts are presently not theologically nor politically correct especially in these Last Days and even within many supposed Christian churches and marriages. These divine prescriptions and order have been abandoned to be replaced by divorce, and ‘given into marriage’ or other types of marriage which is gay marriage in modern terms for example. Such a condition was prevalent in the Days of Noah and is a sign. The Bible clearly teaches that the wife, as with the man and the Church has a purpose to reflect YHVH’s order of submission and authority of the God-head. The creation of man was after Elohim’s ‘Image’; not woman. This can be referenced in the 1st letter to the Corinthians in chapter 11, versus 1-9. Since Eve, the first ‘Feminist’ is all about destroying such a divine order with the help of Lucifer. Amazing as that is stated, the Bible further elaborates that woman was created in the image of man and for man, etc.

This divine order mirrors the submission of Jesus to the Father and how the Holy Spirit submits to the authority of Jesus, as Philippians 2 teaches, etc. However Paul warned that in the Last Days, this order within the Church would be reversed. This speaks of the current last stage of the Church of Laodicea in how the teachings of Jezebel are prevalent and how churches are taught and led by women. This is not to say that women cannot teach or lead within the Church but that as the ‘head’, that is expected to be according to clear Biblical precepts. Most importantly, what is essential is that Jesus be the Head of the Church, the Body, etc. In prophetic time, his condition of the Church Body or ‘testimony’ is that of Laodicea. The ailment is even coded in the name in which it means ‘the rule of the people’, not Jesus.

This condition within the last Church Age is symptomatic of the first ‘Feminist’, Eve who basically seeks to replace man and make him into her image but in an attempt to replace man, she becomes as a man; this is the fallacy and folly of Feminism. To reiterate, the start of a ‘sealing’ or Age of Grace or otherwise known as the Church Age, the Gentile Age, the Bride of Christ, etc., is a time where such a sealing work by the Spirit of YHVH seals and not marks a Disciple of Jesus eternally. This means that the Holy Spirit takes-up permanent residence in the spirit and soul of a redeemed soul. This means that the Holy Spirit can never be retrieved once it is genially fused with the soul essence of a Believer. As noted already, however the Apostles teach that the power of the Holy Spirit can be quenched and its power made of no effect in a Believer’s life and/or witness. This is usually due to sin, compromise and an abandonment of the faith.

This study holds to the theology that once one genuinely professes faith in the work and person of Jesus Christ, that soul is saved eternally. Although one may die in sin or deny the faith, the ‘Promises of YHVH are irrevocable’. The Holy Spirit seals a Believer with what the Bible calls the ‘Circumcision of the Heart’ as the extinguished soul and spirit of a lost human is regenerated with the life and resurrection power of Christ. Although the present tense salvation makes provision for a dual partnership in the sanctification process, it is incumbent upon a Believer in Christ to ‘put on the Armor Christ’ and ‘renew the mind by the washing with the Word’, etc. Now one can lose-out on the Rewards and recompense Jesus is returning with as the measure to which one was sanctified will reflect the degree of recognition at the Bema Seat of Christ.

A true Believer in Jesus will never appear before the White Throne Judgment. The point of the study is to stress that this present Pentecostal Age is where the New Man in Christ is constituted and being ‘built-up’ is mitigated on the premise that the ‘sealing’ of the Holy Spirit is done in the Heart, internally, in the inner-most being and core of one’s existence. It is a unique time and privilege as the Old Testament Saints longed to know and be part of this Dispensational time. It is a work where such a permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit would ‘deposit’ but foretells of the ‘better things to come’ as it is taught in the Bible and will be the case at Jesus 2nd Coming. There are several instances in the Old Testament as in the cases of King Saul and King David where the Holy Spirit departed from them. Before Pentecost, the Holy Spirit ‘rested’ upon an individual but were not ‘indwelt’ or fused with their essence as it is the case with the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ presently.

The Markings
The issue at the core of the work of the respective Spirits, as it now and will be for the Tribulation period is all about power and authority. Where does one get one’s power and authority? This study thus seeks to delineate the times and state emphatically that the spiritual deposit made since Pentecost will one day be ‘withdrawn’ if one follows the banking metaphor. As such a deposit has been exclusively invested in the ‘Body of Christ’, such a Body will one day come to full term and produce its ‘yield’ to be withdrawn literally form this world. Many would subscribe to this time as being the conclusion of the Royal Commission for which the Holy Spirit was deposited as an investment in the first place. To reiterate, in the book of Acts, it teaches that the primary reason why the Holy Spirit came was to come along side as the Helper and Comforter of a Believer to have the power to boldly be a witness for Jesus with His Gospel.

If one wants the power of YHVH, of Christ Jesus in one’s life, then that will be measured to the degree one is invested in proclaiming and being a witness of the Gospel of Jesus in this pure and true uncompromising form and message. That being said, this study strongly suggest that thus such a dispensational deposit and sealing of the heart cannot crossover or ‘spill’ into the Tribulation period, whenever that will begin. Why not? It is suggested that the Bible does not speak of any ‘sealing’ but of ‘markings’ instead. The Bible is very clear that ‘after this things’, there will be another time where 2 Spirits will make a ‘mark’ of power and authority on initiates. For those Tribulation Saints, the Holy Spirit will seal initially 144,000 Jews from each tribe of Jacob but in the forehead. It is conjectured that after the 2nd 1260 day count or after the midpoint, the Spirit of AntiChrist will mark his initiates likewise on the head and also on the hand that will constitute the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and the Mark of the Beast.

The Bible teaches that as the Tribulation starts, YHVH will seal or mark His Witnesses set apart for which they will be spared from the Seal Judgments to some measure. As it has been from the beginning, during this same time, there is another Spirit at work as it was from even the time of the Garden with Eve. This is the Spirit of Antichrist, of the Lawless One, Lucifer the false Christ. The book of Revelation clearly teaches that most likely, starting at the midpoint of the Tribulation is when the False Prophet will initiate the Mark of the Beast and will use the world’s economic plight to implement a cashless society. This will be the time where buying and selling within the ‘grid’ can only be construed and adhered to by opting-in to this taking of the Mark literally in one’s head or hand.

Whatever the method will be, if by a type of chip, implant or tattoo or even a vaccine, it will somehow alter one’s genetic DNA sequence, eternally. The point is that there is a different type of ‘deposit’ and not a ‘sealing’ but a ‘marking’ that is to take place by both the efforts of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Antichrist after the Rapture or Epiphaneia. Nowhere in the book of Revelation does it allude to there also being those that are ‘indwelt’ or ‘sealed’ by the Holy Spirit during the Tribulation. Nor is there a corporate sense of a ‘Body’ that is invincible, as is the case now with the Body of Christ. On the contrary, it is during the Tribulation that power and authority is given to the Beasts to ‘overcome’ and run-down the Saints. Why?

The Work of the Spirits
The present Pentecostal Age can be likened to the Camp of Israel in the times of Moses. The False Prophet Balaam and the Wicked King ‘AntiChrist’ type could not curse nor destroy YHVH’s People corporately. Why? It was the case that there was ‘a shout of a king in their midst’. Basically the Eternal King of the Universe was present. This is the case in the present Pentecostal Age with the Helper, the Comforter that will not leave ever, but convicts the world of sin, protects and restrains evil. This is why it is so important to be involved and incorporated in a fellowship or gathering. This cannot be said of the Tribulation period. This is not to say that many will come to full faith in Jesus and will be saved. However there is no ‘Body of Christ’, nor similar protection parameters that will be in place as they are now in this unique time of the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit.

Many do not realize also that will be actually the 2nd Beast, that of the religious False Prophet himself that will implement this worldwide economic grid. Thus this coming ‘marking’ will be a confabulation of an economic, medical and religious matrix. The alternative with be death by way of capital punishment as any dissension will not be accepted nor tolerated. All the peoples of the world will have but 2 choices at this point. Due to modern tracking technology, it will be virtually impossible to go ‘off the grid’ or very hard to go underground. It will be as in the time of the Roman Caesars, where total worship and allegiance was required of its citizens and slaves. To not adhere to this mandate meant treason and certain execution. Thus to reiterate, this study strongly suggests that the current dispensation of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit done by a ‘sealing’ or ‘deposit’ in the Heart cannot and will not overlap into the Tribulation period wherein the ‘marking’ will be done, not in the heart but the head primarily.

This is why the Tribulation Saint will be ‘worn-out’ and overcome by the power and Spirit of the AntiChrist. Presently, this amazing work of GOD the Holy Spirit thus places one’s soul into the Body of Christ, in essence a type of Noah’s Ark to be spared of the coming ‘Hour of Testing’. To this end and in part, the Body of Christ is indestructible at this time although there are setbacks and persecutions. Jesus promised to be with such a ‘Body’ until the end of the Age, what Age? The Pentecostal Age, the Age of Grace of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that is but a deposit in part of the whole that is to come later on in Glory. Jesus promised that the Gates of Hell would not overcome the Bride.

This cannot be said of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble to come after the Epiphaneia. Yes, the Church may appear to suffer great loss, bloodshed, persecution and tribulations, as it is presently experiencing at the hands of the evil Muslim religion but that is part of the mystery and evil allowed by the LORD. However at the core, the Bride of Christ has only been refined in such fires as the seeds of the Gospel of Salvation have been sown and watered by the blood of its Martyrs. Once the Bride of Christ or the Body of Christ is ready, complete, and yields it investment, the call will come as Jesus will come in His Epiphaneia, or manifestation. This will occur at the time of the Rapture Call. It is actually a military term in the Greek as stated in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4; to ‘fall-back’ or ‘retreat’. This is the same concept as Ambassadors are recalled from a hostile nation or when church groups go on a ‘retreat’ at a specific time and place to be set aside.

The Advents of Jesus
This study also presents some timelines that suggest that as Jesus was perceived by some to have ‘appeared’ or born on a Rosh HaShanah, so will His appearing be at the 2nd Coming or Parousia on a Rosh HaShanah. This is another aspect of why there is just so much confusion in the churches concerning the Rapture and the 2nd Coming and their sequence and timing. For one, many confuse the 2 notions of Jesus’ appearing in the Rapture with the 2nd Coming. The passage in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 in one of the best segments in the Bible that can help dispel such ignorance. In this passage, all the prophetic elements of what is and is to occur is spelled-out literally. One just has to know a little Greek or go the extra step to decipher the terms in Greek for a proper context, perspective and interpretation. The Apostle Paul in this 1 passage basically lines-up the chronological order of the Last Days events but in pairs and in reverse order. The passage states the following order.

1. Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ [Parousia] and
2. our being gathered [Ephipaneia] to him,
3. the Day of the Lord [The Tribulation] has already come.
4. for that Day will not come until the rebellion [Retreat or ‘Fall-back’]

The passage is thus rendered in its chronological order with the following.

4. for that Day will not come until the rebellion [Retreat or ‘Fall-back’]
2. our being gathered [Ephipaneia] to him
3. the Day of the Lord [The Tribulation] has already come.
1. Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ [Parousia] and

The passage clearly delineates that the ‘gathering together’ first has to occur and then the appearing of Jesus occurs as a conclusion. The initial ‘gathering’ event is the Rapture and the advent of Jesus at this event is only for the Believers and is called the Epiphaneia. The meaning of this word is that of ‘a sudden manifestation; an appearance especially of a divine being’. This is when Jesus appears and only to the Bride of Christ as that is the purpose for the Rapture, to withdrawal or retrieve His invested Wife, His ‘Eve’ for which the work of the Holy Spirit ‘sealed’ such souls. The Rapture, to coincide with the Epiphaneia will be the cause for the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit’s deposit and investment within the Bride of Christ done only within the Pentecostal Age, etc.

Then the Tribulation period starts or the Day of the Lord after the ‘departure’. The translation of ‘rebellion’ is not the most accurate in this context unfortunately and has led to much confusion and division. If there is a time gap between The Gathering and the Tribulation, that remains to be seen. The other appearance or advent of Jesus occurs after the Tribulation or at its conclusion. This is the Return of the King, and is called the Parousia. The word means the ‘literal visitation of a royal sovereign’. The word Parousia is a technical expression to denote the arrival or visit of a king or emperor, and celebrated the glory of the sovereign publically. This will be the case at Jesus’ 2nd Coming as Jesus will come back with the Bride at His literal appearing.

Prophetic Timelines
The study will also present some particular timelines for illustration that suggest some amazing numerical year values. For one, this study strongly suggests that as Jesus was born on a Rosh HaShanah, as many are believing, September 11, -3 BC, that His 2nd Coming will also likewise occur on a Rosh HaShanah. This would also coincide with the Menorah-Feast prophetic typology as the current Servant Stem feast, which is of Pentecost Age is present tense and is yet to be completed. The ‘sealing’ work for the Royal Commission by the Holy Spirit is until the Bride of Christ is completed and thereafter the Epiphaneia occurs. Moreover what is possibly significant as noted in prior studies is that if the date of Jesus’ birth is accurate, then it was in 32 AD that Jesus was crucified and thus the 50th day after the Resurrection would coincide with June 1, 32 AD, coincidentally the 153rd day of the year.

It so happens that in the year 2017, June 1 is also Pentecost according to the Torah Calendar reckoning of time. This day is also the 153rd day of the year. This study is not insinuating that on June 1, 2017 is when the Rapture is to occur but that perhaps it could be prophetically significant if at least as a spiritual milestone that could be a stepping stone to the actual event to be realized sometime thereafter. This span of time from both June 1st would equate to exactly 1985 years. Also of note is that from the year 50 AD which would coincide with a Jubilee time marker to the year 2017 would be 1967 years. Would this timeline suggest a type of reversal numerical attribute? I does appear that it echoes the 50th year in which Jerusalem was liberated from the Muslims and the Temple Mount was again in Jewish control for the first time since 70 AD?

It was in 1967 that the Six Day War occurred and by some estimation on Pentecost, the 50th day. Also interesting is that 2017 is the 50 year anniversary of such a liberation or ‘Jubilee’. Pertaining also to the notion of the 70 year coefficient, the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD. Exactly 1948 years from that time will be coinciding with the year 2018. Amazingly, the year 2018 will witness the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s birth in 1948. Now what all these timelines and converges of apparent prophetic significance will mean, remains to be seen. Some are suggesting that the time has come where the convergence of Daniel’s prophecy will occur. This could mean that the Royal Commission is about to be fulfilled and Christ’s Ambassador are to be recalled or ‘fall-back’ as in a ‘retreat’ to be set aside for a certain time and place..

Many others also believe that if that is or would be the case, the 50th and 70th year anniversary could suggest an event that could lead to the building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, etc. In turn such a time-frame would constitute the beginning thus of the work of the 2 Spirits ‘marking’ those within the Tribulation period in the context of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. To some, a Last Days scenario would technically coincide with the 2nd half of the 1260 days of the total 2520 days that many believe will constitute Daniel’s’ last prophetic week of 7 years. Realize also that to some, these are Biblical 360 days and the count is not to be inferred in a 365 solar year time-frame. This could also mean that the literal 7 years that many are assuming will not technically match the modern Gregorian matrix and in fact will be less than in terms of day counts. 

To surmise, many believe that the Body of Christ is at the last stage of the 7-fold Church typology given to the Apostle John in the book of Revelation, that of Laodicea. It is plagued by the headship and rule of the laity that has expelled Jesus from the midst; a Christ-less Christianity. In modern terms, such a spiritual condition has such a ‘testimony’ succumbing to apostasy through the forms of political and theological liberalism; there are others. Such Luciferian precepts have no place in Christ’s churches as it comes from the Luciferian humanism lie given to Eve since the Garden to Eden. It is rather telling that in a large part, such churches are led by women, perform gay marriages and support abortion for example.

Likewise as the Jews were and in part, are blinded to the dual nature, work and advents of their Messiah, the ‘Church’ in general is in large part also blind to the delineation of the 2 advent of the King that Jesus instructed His Disciples to long and look for; the Epipaneia first, then the Parousia. For the Jews, the Messiah was described in their Scriptures to be put to death first. He was to first come as a lowly servant, as a lamb led to the slaughter. Moreover, the Messiah was to die not only for the sins of the nation but for the whole world as well. Such did not realize that the Messiah was to wear a crown of thrones at His first advent. It would only be at the Messiah’s 2nd advent that He would be crowned with a royal crown and appear as the conquering Lion of Judah, etc.

The Tribulation period will echo the same story line of Joseph in how at the beginning, due to jealousy, he was sold for silver and yet through his trials saved Israel and the whole world. It was not until Joseph revealed himself to Israel in his Parousia at the end that they realized that Joseph was all along their ‘savior’ all the same. This will be literally fulfilled at Jesus’ 2nd Coming or His Parousia for the sons of Jacob, likewise. This is foretold in Zechariah 12:10 and 13:6. Until that time, many in the world are sensing a revving-up and convergence of global harbingers to the coming Epiphaneia first of Jesus to gather His Saints and the Holy Spirit’s ‘sealed deposits’ in them. Will the years 2015-2018 be that timeline countdown in which the summation of the Apostle Paul’s assessment from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 will begin finally?

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