Temple Mount Cydonia Star Map​

  • Why do many believe 3rd Temple will be the AntiChrist's?
  • Why must the Abraham Houses be on Temple Mount?
  • Does the configuration of the 3 Houses connect to Mars?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘But when you see the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing where he ought not to be (let the Reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the Mountains.’ -Mark 13:14

The purpose of this study is to depict the 3 Houses or Temples of Worship that one believes will eventually comprise the Temple Mount Complex during the New World Order and Religion. It will be an Ecumenical Hybrid of Judaism, False Christianity and Islam corresponding to their 3 ‘Houses’ of Worship. Essentially, it will be the masked Religion of Lucifer, which is espoused by the Fraternal Secret Orders and Kabbalists. They have strived, on behalf of Lucifer’s Agenda to complete their ‘Great Work’.

It will finally come to fruition at the start the last 7-Years of Daniel’s Prophetic Week of Years. The Temple Mount will correspond to the Abraham Family House or Houses that are currently being construed in Abu Dhabi. There is one Abraham Family House Complex already in Berlin, in the USA and soon to be mirrored across the World. When? As noted, one postulates that the 3 Abraham Family Houses will be fashioned on top of the Temple Mount once the 1st House ever built, that of Judaism will need to be rebuilt for this precise purpose, ‘World Peace and Security’, etc.

But not before the ‘Other House’, that which has been ‘invisible’ because it is Spiritually, being built-up will be completed. The Bible calls it the Bride of Christ, as a Corporate Body, a Temple, a ‘House’ that is made-up of Individual Followers and Believers in Jesus. It is the Promise of Jesus in how He would ‘Build His Church’, etc. And this has been the case during the ~2000 Years that has been called the Church Age. This ‘Time’ has only been an ‘Intermission’ between the 69th and 70th Weeks Israel still owes YHVH for its National Unfaithfulness and Discipline.

In fact, that condition of YHVH’s Earthly People, had led to the 1st House, that of Judaism to be totally destroyed from off the Temple Mount. Consider this following Calculus. In Daniel, it is generally accepted and understood that there would be a total of 70 Prophetic Years allotted to Israel to ‘Pay’ for their Unfaithfulness and Disobedience in not giving the Promised Land its Sabbath Rests. The total number of Years was determined to be 70 Years. And that is the Number of Years Israel or Judah, more precisely was evicted to Babylon. Yet, in the Revelation given to the Prophet Daniel there in Babylon, this 70 Years’ Time was to be delineated into 3 Coefficients.

70 Years x 360 Day/Year = 490 Years Total

But then there would be a 69 Year Time Marker from the Decree to ‘Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem’. But before that, there would be a 62 Year Time Marker that calculated to the exact Day the Messiah was to ride into Jerusalem. The exact calculation can be reviewed here. https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-591.html. Then, there would be 1 Prophetic Week left, that of the 70th to conclude the Discipline of Israel and the list of other Prophecy that are yet to be fulfilled until Jesus’ 2nd Coming. How does one arrive at 483 Years?

69 Years x 7 Weeks of Years = 483 Years

The question has been, how long of a Time or Gap will there be, or has there been from the 69th Week to the 70th Week? It is understood in Christian Eschatological terms that this ‘Gap’ of Time has been the occasion to have had the Church Age Dispensation. However, one suggests that both the End of the Church Age and the commencement of the 70th Week will occur in the same Year Cycle. Thus, to answer the question of how long the ‘Gap’ will be can perhaps be calculated by determining when the Decree to ‘Rebuilt the Walls of Jerusalem’ will have been calculated, but from a Parallel Prophetic Decree. And which one is that?

Many consider that that the Decree by Suleiman the Magnificent may play a parallel role that could determine when this ‘Gap’ between the 69th and the 70th Week or years is to begin. To the Muslims, Suleiman, which means ‘Solomon’ or Peace’ as in Shalom or Salam was a type that ruled when Islam experienced its Golden Age of Pax Islamica. As the Ottomans took control over most of the Middle East, they had total sovereignty over the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Now, where does the Prophecy come into play? If one applies the same Calculus from the Decree that Suleiman also made concerning the Wall of Jerusalem, then one can perhaps surmise that the Year it concludes would be then corresponding to when the False Messiah will be debuted and Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the Tribulation Period is to begin.

Consider that many do believe there is a Prophetic Solomon Parallel occurring with the Muslim equivalent seen in the Type of Suleiman. More can be read about it here. https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-281.html He ‘Decreed’, like Artaxerxes the rebuilding of the Walls of Jerusalem in 1535. According to research, the work lasted 4 Years, between 1537 and 1541. This is the key, but one must also factor-in the Prophetic Pattern given to Daniel. If this Suleiman Decree is valid and followed-through like with Daniel’s, then it is at the ‘Midst’ of the Time Period where like the True Messiah the Prince had to be debuted, so now will the False Messiah be debuted, perhaps.

If this conjecture is valid and true, then it is proof that the Daniel 70th Week of Years has at least a Prophetic Double Entendre in that it signified the Coming of both the True and False Messiahs. And in both cases, they will be ‘Cut-Off’ in the ‘Midst’ or Middle of that Time Marker. With respect to the coming AntiChrist, the Bible states that this False Messiah will receive a ‘Mortal Wound’. Lucifer will in some Sorcery and Power be able to Resurrect his AntiChrist from the Dead, just like Jesus, etc. Well, it so happens that the Middle Year from 1537 to 1541 when the Walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt was 1539. Thus, the following equation.

1. 1537 + 1541 = 3078 /2 = 1539 ‘Midst of Years’. 

2. 1539 Year + 483 Year Coefficient =

Could this then be another confirmation that Daniels 70th  Week will begin at the beginning of a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle? If so, this means that the Rapture event has to then precede this timeframe. Thus, when the 69 Weeks of Years are finished (69 x 360 = 483 Years) from the ‘Midst’ of the completion of the Walls of Jerusalem, will the Rapture and Daniels 70th Week occur in the same Year’s Cycle? To reiterate, could this really mean then that after 69 ‘Prophetic Weeks’ since Suleiman’s Decree, the Last Week of Daniel, the 70th will begin in the Fall of 2022?

Once the Spiritual House of Jesus’ Bride is completed, that some point in time, it will be extracted, literally from off the ‘Face’ of this Planet. This event is called the Rapture. This will make way for the coming Man of Sin the Bible calls the AntiChrist, as in ‘Instead of’, to come along with the Alien Saviors narrative to fill-in the gap. Why? It is because there will be a Spiritual Vacuum and Ecclesiastical Earthquake that will ensue around the World. To most, the Rapture event will cast doubt on what Jesus had spoken about in the Bible. It will open-up for the AntiChrist to usher-in his Ecumenical Hybridization of the Abrahamic ‘Faiths’ to galvanize on the shock of what is to occur Post-Rapture.

Moreover, this study is insinuating is that these 3 Houses or Structures correspond to the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation of Pyramid Structures found there. The dimensions and perimeters of the Martian Motifs exactly match when the orientation from Cydonia, Mars is inverted 180°, slanted at 45° and overlayed onto the Temple Mount 3 Houses of Worship. In part, it is because Cydonia on Mars is at the 45 degree angle from the Equator and on the Martian Meridian. (View Chart Here) The supposition is that whoever built and occupied such Structures on Cydonia, Mars are one in the same that have replicated this Martian Motif on Earth.

Primarily, the End Goal is to fashion that very same Sacred Array on the Temple Mount. It has already been done incrementally over Human History since the first Altar was made by King David. This was on the account of allowing Lucifer to influence King David to ‘Number his Fighting Men’. A Plague ensued and was only stopped at David’ Repentance and Sacrifice on the Threshing Floor of Araunah the Jebusite. This is where the 1st House of Judaism was to be built and will again, i.e., the Holy of Holies. All that is needed for the Luciferian Hybrid Ecumenical Religion to debut is to rebuilt the 1st House, that of Judaism, thus the need for the 3rd Temple. Why?

It will be during Daniel’s 70th Week or 7-Years, that Lucifer and his ‘Alien’ Fallen Angels will seek to occupy this place because it is a Star Gate or Door directly into Heaven. Jesus warned about this ‘Abomination of Desolation’. It will be from the 1st House of Judaism that Lucifer will attempt, like Nimrod, an all-out assault to invade and dethrone YHVH from. This will occur at the midpoint of the Tribulation Period. At this Time, the AntiChrist, that will have initiated the 3 Houses on the Temple Mount will break with his Promises to quarantine ‘Peace and Security’ to Israel with the Muslims and the World.

Temple of the AntiChrist
Sadly, this will not be Lucifer’s last attempt at conquering Jesus and YHVH’s Throne, either in Heaven or on Earth. The Bible states that at the end of the 1000-Year Millennial Kingdom, Lucifer who had been chained-up in ‘Prison’ will be released 1 last time. Why? Consider that for 1000 Years, Earth will have been restored to Paradise-Like Conditions. People will live for 100s of Years as it was originally in the Bible. There will be Peace and Harmony with Nature and the Animal Kingdom. There will be no Temptation from Satan to Sin. And there will be True Peace and Security established by the Return of Jesus. There will be no Diseases, Famines, Wars, etc.

Yet People will yet decide to join Lucifer’s Rebellion. It is an issue of the Heart. Lucifer at that Time will mount-up a Gog-Magog War II in an attempt to capture Jerusalem and the 1st House. Yet, again, Jesus will this Time consume them with Fire in an apparent Armageddon 2.0. So, Lucifer will enter the Holy of Holies to sit on the Ark of the Covenant, ‘Where he does not belong’ as Jesus stated would occur at the midpoint of the Tribulation Period. It will be Lucifer, by proxy in the Bodily Possession of his Man of Sin that will proclaim himself to be God and demand Worship. This is the Luciferian Agenda. Lucifer is not ‘Original’ but can only mimic the Attributes and Purpose of the True Christ, Jesus.

This has been at the crux of the Luciferian Rebellion since it began in Heaven, Lucifer has wanted to establish his Thone like YHVH, above the ‘Stars of Heaven’ or the very Throne of YHVH. The point is that although the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt, it is the House of YHVH, of the Father foremost. Yes, Lucifer, through the False Messiah will subvert the House of Judaism. But it does not mean that it will be the ‘Temple of the AntiChrist’. Many criticize Christians who support this endeavor of rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Those that do are said to be, ‘Making Monetary Contributions to the construction of the AntiChrist’s Temple’.

Or that they are being ‘Deceived by the Jews’, etc. Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse attributed the House, as being YHVH’s regardless of who has defiled it. Defilement of YHVH’s House has always occurred. There is the account in Ezekiel, of how the False Jewish Priests engaged in Sorcery and Idol Worship within the House of YHVH. There was the Defilement of Antiochus Epiphanies and then the Romans, etc. So, just because the House of YHVH has been ‘Defiled’ by ‘Man’ and will be still by the AntiChrist, does not stop it from being YHVH’s House.

So, what is this Mars Connection have to do with YHVH’s House? And why, of all things is one interjecting it into Biblical Prophecy? Why does it appear that the Triangulation Pattern found on Cydonia, Mars is replicated of all places, on the Temple Mount? It would naturally seem out of place and not consistent with the Biblical Narrative. Or is it really? This study is really a follow-up to the one entitled, Abrahamic Family Houses: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-598.html. The following will outline each of the Abraham Family Houses of Worship on the Temple Mount that will reveal their Martian Motif connection. This assessment will provide the known contextual evidence and framework for how from one’s point of view, the Martian Motif Overlay will make sense.

House(s) of Prayer for All the Nations
One is essentially presenting in the case of what Heaven itself, the very Throne Room of YHVH is triangulated as or with, a Geo-Dimensional Association of the GOD-Head itself. The following link will explain the Martian Motif concept: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-334.html. For example, in the Bible, there is a direct reference as to a Geometric Configuration of what Heaven is like or will be like. This is found in the account of how at the End of Time, the New Jerusalem will be coming down from Heaven to Earth.

Given the precise Dimensions, it is presumably as a perfect Cube or Pyramid. One contends that it is both. This City of YHVH, comes from Heaven so, it must have been fashioned and constructed there. John the Revelator describes the City as being translucent and having a Main Boulevard of sorts. It is comprised of the River of Life that comes from the Lamb that is situated then somewhere prominently. Then there is the reference from Jesus at the Last Supper where He Promised that when was going away but to ‘Prepare a Place in the Father’s House’. He disclosed that within this House or Temple, there are ‘Many Rooms’.

Thus, it has to follow that it involves Mathematics and Geometry in how it is construed. Also realize that the innuendo of such a Temple with Rooms was no surprise to the Disciples. The Earthly Temple of the Father’s House had many Side Rooms. This is where the Supplies were kept, and the Priests stayed during their Course of Service. The following will now discuss how one will provide an Individual Structural Analysis of each Abraham Family House or Temple of Worship. One believes and is now more convinced than ever, that they correspond also to the Martian Motif Triangulation found at Cydonia Mars. But that it is a Motif that mirrors the very Throne Room of YHVH. The 1st House of Worship is the most important and the one that will play the significant role.

For the last 7-Years of Daniel’s Week of Years, the 1st House of Judaism was the 1st to be built on the Temple Mount and will be the Last one as well. It is corresponding to the Celestial Motif of the Stars. By itself, it is the smallest of the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’ Array decreed by YHVH that defines the known Cosmos. It signifies and corresponds to the Shekinah Glory that resided above the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. It shined as a ‘Star’ in its brilliance. However, one will see how despite being the smallest one, it is any array of several Stars. In fact, it corresponds to the Star Cluster of the Pleiades Motif. It is also consistent with the Menorah Template signifying the Holy Spirit.

Realize that the very Dome that presently marks the exact spot of the Holy of Holies is named the ‘Dome of the Spirits’, 7 to be more precise. Then conversely, during the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple for the Tribulation Period, the entire breath or length of the 3rd Temple Complex will be the largest of the House Dimensions on Temple Mount. The following will be how the Pleiades Star Cluster decorates the entire length of the Complex. Is it no wonder how the 1st portion of the 1st House of Judaism is called the Court of the Women. The Court had 4 major Compartments, and this is how in the Pleiades Star is composed. There are 4 Stars that construe the main ‘Square’. This precisely corresponds to the Pleiades as they are depicted as Maidens.

As Above, So Below
Then the last portion, that corresponding to the Holy of Holies is capped with the Male ‘Atlas’, which is a Shepherd in one rendition, as if guiding the 6 Sheep or Stars. This Motif, again alludes to how GOD the Holy Spirit Leads, Comforts and Guides, etc. And ultimately, it is Jesus who is the Great Shepherd of the Flock, etc. Then the Double Arched Gates Golden Gate, correspond to the Double Stars called Asterope. The Star Merope corresponds to the Nicanor Gate. Then the position of the Star Alcyone corresponds to the Ornament the Jews have hung-up at the Entrance Porch. It was a Light Fixture named for a Female Jewish Temple Patron during the 2nd Temple Era.

The Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant will be re-allocated for the purpose of ‘Uniting the Nations’ in the Houses of Prayer is in approximate Phi Ratio to the entire 3 Structures and specifically with the Dome of the 2nd House of Christianity, currently named the al-Aqsa Mosque. This 1st House of Judaism will need to be rebuilt to finish and complete the Luciferian Religion that will prevail after the Rapture. How? Israel will win a Major Regional War against the Extremist Muslims, that mainly being the Shi’ites. It will make way for the Muslims to relinquish their claim to the al-Aqsa Mosque. This will be huge as it is considered the 3rd Most Holiest Mosque to the Billions of Muslims.

The 2nd House of Worship, that of False Christianity will be examined next for its Celestial and Martian Motif Correspondence. It is considered the place where Muhammad embarked on the Night Journey to Heaven. In reality, it is a former Roman-Byzantine-Crusader Church. This Temple is the 2nd largest House of Worship on the Temple Mount. It corresponds to the Celestial Motif of the Moon, which is the 2nd largest of the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’, etc. The Dome is thus Gray. It correlates to the Martian Motif D&M Pyramid. It exactly matches the length of the former Church Nave. The Pyramidion Apex attached to the Pentagon corresponds to the al-Kas Fountain.

This former Church was dedicated to the ‘God Bearer’, Mary by the Romans after 70 AD. But it is really a cryptic innuendo to the Queen of Heaven, the Moon Goddess, which in this case corresponds to the Goddess of the Crescent, Allah. This former Roman-Byzantine-Crusader Church was as a Fortress with 5 major arch delineations on each side of the building. During the Islamic Invasion of Christendom, many of the Churches functioned as ‘Forts’. Nonetheless, the Church is the original Headquarters of the Knights Templars, and really, it is still the Premier Temple of False Christianity. The point is that the Muslims will have to relinquish it for the sake of ‘World Peace’.

The Luciferian Globalists will make sure of this as Islam will be the weakest House of the 3 due to Geo-Political and Military defeats. This will be, to a large part due to the hand of Israel and pressure from the coming False AntiChrist and False Prophet. Next to ascertain the Martian Motif on the Temple Mount will deal with the 3rd House or Temple of Worship, that of the Muslim’s Dome of the Rock. Although the Dome of the Rock has the largest Dome and corresponds to the Sun Motif, it will be the smallest in overall structural dimensions once the 1st House of Judaism is rebuilt. This 3rd House of Islam corresponds to the Martian Motif of the Face of Mars.

Throne Room of YHVH
Incredibly, inside the Shrine is the encasing of a Rock that has been made to appear as a ‘Face’ from a side profile. The Axis or Orientation line of the Face corresponds to the Angle or Axis that found on Cydonia, Mars. This cannot be mere ‘coincidence’. The ‘Eye’ had to be drilled for posterity. The Martian Face on Mars has a small accompanying round Crater-Like Structure that is also replicated next to the Dome of the Rock. This Tributary or Appendage is called the Dome of the Chains. It is postulated that this Face, that of Ala-lu is none other than another cryptic innuendo to All-ah, the Rebel King that was banished from Earth to Mars, i.e., Lucifer by proxy.

It is believed in the Occult that this ‘Face’ Mausoleum commemorates Lucifer’s Pledge to return to Earth as ‘Prometheus’. This is according to the Book of Enki that espouses a False Parody of the Genesis Account given to Moses by YHVH. It is corroborated by the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin. The House of Islam is configured in an Octagon Shape Perimeter. It is precisely the same Geometry that the Great Pyramid actually has, 8 Sides. Thus, the 3 Abrahamic Family Houses or Temples on the Temple Mount correspond to the Martian Motif Triangulation Pattern. Why?

As noted, one is insinuating that there are multiple levels of inferences at play. There is the Biblical Historical account. There is the Spiritual and Esoteric Account. Then, there is the Astro-Archaeological Account. The Martian Motifs found on Cydonia, Mars are mirrors of the Throne of the Creator GOD, YHVH. The Triangulation of the 3 Structures are replicated on Earth, as it is in Heaven, As Above, So Below. This is why the Abraham House Motif will eventually make its way to the Temple Mount. Why? To become the Center of New World Order Religion. This ‘New Religion’ is actually an Ancient One that 2 Men, the Beast and the False Prophet will deceptively help Lucifer usher-in a temporary period of World, ‘Peace and Security’.

The 1st Beast will be the Biblical AntiChrist to the Christians. He will be the Messiah to the Jews as a ‘Solomon’. And to the Muslims, the AntiChrist will be the Mahdi that will come-off as a Suleiman Type. The inauguration by this Man of these Abrahamic Houses of Worship on the Temple Mount will help validate the Luciferian Great Deception and fill-in the Spiritual Vacuum. This Spiritual Vacuum, to a large part will be based on explaining-away the Bride of Christ due to the Rapture event. As noted, it will have been the Spiritual House that Jesus has been building for ~2000 Years.

After the Rapture, it will be at that time that the ‘Martian Saviors’ will appear also to corroborate the False Narrative of the AntiChrist and False Prophet. They will appear in tandem, as the Ancient Creator Gods come back to Earth to ‘Save’ Humanity. It will also serve to confirm the Lying Signs and Wonders that will authenticate the Messiahship of Lucifer’s False Christ. On the contrary, the Luciferian Agenda has always been since Eve in the Garden, to destroy as much of Humanity as possible. Why? It is because Human Beings are the ‘Image Bearers’ of YHVH. No other Created Being or Angels can claim this amazing constitution. To accomplish this, Lucifer has been very successful in beguiling Humanity with the same Sin of Lust of the Eyes and the Pride of Life that Eve fell for.

Ancient Alien Archons
Thus, the acquisition of the Temple Mount will serve as Lucifer’s last attempt at become ‘As YHVH’ to conscribe Worship from Humanity. It is also to recuperate from Humanity the former Throne he had on Earth. Now, one will attempt to show that the 3 Martian Motifs are found in the Bible and where it originated from. And how that through their descriptions, do appear to correspond to the very Throne Room of YHVH. And this is what is being replicated in all of Creation; be it in Mars, on Earth or perhaps in other Worlds not yet known. And this is why one can find this Throne Room Motif even in Cydonia, Mars. Why? Because at one point in Time, Angels or other Created Beings inhabited that Planet.

Many believe, that they still do and are still directly connected to Earth as evidenced by the continue mirroring of the Martian Motif in all of the major Modern World Capitals. Perhaps it was such Angels that were stationed on Mars that, ‘Left their 1st Estate’ initially. These could have been the ‘Watcher’ that invaded Earth, i.e., the Mount Hermon Incursion of Earth. The conjecture is that the countless Myriads of Angels minister around this Throne of the Creator, YHVH have taken this Template to wherever they have been stationed through the Realm within Heaven, the Cosmos, Mars and on Earth. Moreover, it is suggested that the Fallen Angels who abandoned their ‘Posts’ to join with Lucifer’s Rebellion, revealed this ‘Deep Secret’ or Template to Humans.

Now the following segment will delve into the deeper meaning of why one is insinuating that the Martian Motif is a mirroring of the Throne Room of YHVH. For over a decade, one has researched this Martina Motif phenomena. And know with confidence, one will try to explain the Spiritual and Astro-Archeology correspondence on Earth, as they are in Mars, and Heaven. According to the Bible, there are, ‘3 that bear Witness in Heaven. They are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One contends that the Sacred Sites all over Earth and Mars are but a Motif of this Reality. How so? They are an Innuendo and Motif of the 3 Structures based on the following allegory of the GOD-Head itself.

The Bible describes YHVH, the Creator of all things as being a Spirit. Yet, the visions that many Prophets have had over the course of the Books in the Bible portray this Image and Likeness to that of a ‘Form’ that corresponds to a Body. That is, having 1 Head, 2 Arms and Hands, a Torso, 2 Legs and Feet, etc. He is described as being the All Powerful and All Knowing, etc. He is also portrayed as sitting on the Strong Throne, as a Fortress of Strength. It is described in the Bible of having ‘Peals of Thunder,’ Lighting, Trumpets and the like coming out of it. Is not one of the very old Christian Hymnal about how, ‘Our GOD is a Mighty Fortress, a Strong Tower?’ He is associated with a Mountain or coming down onto a Mountain, as in the case of the Exodus. Thus, here is the vague inference to a Pentagon of Sorts, GOD of War, etc.

Out of the Triune GOD-Head, the only visible semblance of this Creator GOD that can be seen is Jesus. And more precisely, ‘In the Face of Jesus’ as that is what the Apostles teach in the Bible. The Bible declares that it is the Son that has revealed the Father. It is through Jesus that GOD is known to Mankind. Jesus told the Disciples, ‘If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father’. Thus, in the Throne Room of YHVH, what can be seen, clearly is the Face of Jesus. In the Bible, is that GOD the Son, that took on Human Flesh and became a Man.
Realize the assertion that there is presently a Glorified and Resurrected Man at the Right Hand of the ‘Majesty on High’. Jesus is representing a Redeemed Humanity that also has the pleasure of becoming the Consort of the Son. Jesus who has been given all Authority and Power has been willing to bestow that also to His Bride as well. Yet, in comparison to the Grandeur of the All Mighty and the 7 Lights of the Holy Spirit, it would seem that the Son is the smallest in terms of ‘Size’ as His stature is now relegated to the Bodily Form but in the Flesh.

Holy Spirit

Then, out of the 3-in-1 GOD-Head, the Person of the Trinity that has had the least dealing with in comparison to GOD the Father and GOD the Son is GOD the Holy Spirit. One contends that the Pleiades Motif in Heaven corresponds to the 7-Lighst of the Menorah that is present before the Throne in Heaven. It is taught in the Bible that there is indeed a Pleiades Star Cluster connection. In the Book of Revelation, the Vision of the Resurrected Jesus is one in which He holds the 7 Stars in His Hand and walks in the midst of the 7-Lights of the Menorah. This is clearly taught as being the Testimony of the 7 Churches of Asia, etc.

And thus, there is a clear connection to the working of the Holy Spirit with the Body of Christ. Presently, during the Church Age, it has been sent as promised by Jesus. It is the Eternal Seal of what is to come in full at the Resurrection and Rapture event. The 3rd portion of Salvation will be the bestowing of the Glorification of the Bodies of the Believers and Followers of Jesus, just as Jesus has. Then one sees that at the end of the Bible, how in unison and in fusion, ‘The Spirit and the Bride say come’, etc. Then in the Book of Job, YHVH debates with Job the Wonders of Creation and asks if Job could ‘Bind the Pleiades’.

Now one is not saying, teaching nor insinuating that the Creator, YHVH, the Son, Jesus or the Holy Spirit came from the Pleiades, Pyramid or ‘Face’. One is not saying that the GOD-Head are really attractive Blond Pacifist, Blue-Eyed Beings sent to Teach Humanity Civilization. They are not the ‘Ancient Alien’ Saviors that Genetically manipulated the existence of Humanity. But that the coming Alien Manifestation will exactly say that.

One is not instituting that Jesus, whom one can ‘Behold the Glory of GOD in the Face of Jesus’, as the Bible Teaches is the Rebel King Ala-lu that was banished to Mars and has his Mausoleum to commiserate his misfortune. The Luciferian Gospel parallels the original found in the Bible. In their False Narrative, it is Lucifer that has also promised to return to Earth to reclaim his banished Throne from his ‘Brother’, Enlil, etc. One is not insinuating that the D&M Pentagon Fortress characterizes the disposition of this Being as an ‘Alien’ Archon God of War. However, this ‘God of Mars’ is found in many Ancient Civilization and base their Mythos on.

What one is insinuating is that all these 3 suppositions are exactly what Lucifer will be using to deceive all of Humanity with. This Mythos is already replete in the Creation Accounts of most, if not all Ancient Civilizations. The point is that it will not be hard for Lucifer to convince the whole World of this new Religious Narrative. And the 3 Abraham Family House on top of the Temple Mount will corroborate this coming New World Order Religion. He will have help from the ‘Beast’ and the False Prophet to undertake the Hybridization as exemplified, literally in the converging of the 3 Houses or Temples of Abraham, supposedly. This is already taking place.

This Deception is following the Luciferian Agenda of how Fallen Angels and now Demons relish Worship and Sacrifice. And it is ultimately, Lucifer that seeks the supreme Worship and Sacrifice on Earth of all Humans especially. As such, this Celestial Throne Motif has become replicated throughout Earth’s Ancient Religious Sites, and Modern World Capitals, in one’s opinion. This infers that such Beings are still active and involved on Earth. Others point out that the U.S. Military used Remote Viewers to look back into Mars’ History. Amazingly, in 1 case, a person was only given a Coordinate. The Remote Viewer went directly to Cydonia, Mars. They saw a Race of Tall Beings that went underground to avert the depletion of their Atmosphere.

And that they still have direct communication with Humans as they give Directives also from Deep underground Basis on Earth. Part of the research uncovered about the Martian Motif is that the Sacred Sites on Earth construe the Triangulation that serves as a place where Earth’s Ley Lines and the Triangulation produce a Star Gate, etc. One has amassed over 400+ Triangulations of this Martian Motif around the World. The link will be in the Endnotes. With the advent of Google Earth, one first started to inquire of peculiar Structures and layouts of the famous sites around the World.

Such a Triangulation known from Cydonia, Mars was discovered in most of Earth’s Major World Capitals. Then upon further research, the same Triangulation occurred in most Ancient Sacred Sites; Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Canaanite, Anatolian, Greek, Celtic, Druid, Native American, Mexica, Olmec, Mayan, Incan, etc. The point is that the Fallen Angels that ‘invaded’ Earth as in the times of Enoch on Mount Hermon, kept such a Motif as a ‘Memory’ of what the Throne of YHVH is like and taught that to Humanity. But that this Throne of YHVH Motif has been obfuscated.

The Worship and Sacrifices have been derailed from the 1 and only True GOD, YHVH as they have interposed themselves to receive the Worship and Sacrifices instead. Realize that the Bible teaches that Lucifer was involved on Earth even before Adam and Eve were created by YHVH. In the Books of Ezekiel and Isaiah, they mention how Lucifer walked through the Stones of Fire and in the Garden of Eden. Is it any coincidence why Lucifer then had access to the Garden to tempt Eve? He deceived Eve through the possession of a Shining Serpent speaking Reptilian, as it were. Ultimately what will become of the 3 Houses of Abraham on the Temple Mount?

It is Jesus who will return with His Bride to cleanse the Temple at the end of this 7-Year Tribulation Period. It is Jesus who now has been given all Authority and Power, in Heaven, on earth, and below the Earth. This was bestowed because of the Sacrifice Jesus was willing to make on the Cross of Calvary to save Humanity, unlike Lucifer, etc. All things were created through Him and for Him as Colossians Teaches. Regardless of any Sentient Beings existing even before Adam and Eve, ultimately, at Jesus’ Throne, all will bow the Knee declaring that ‘Jesus is LORD’ to the Glory of the GOD the Father. And this will include Lucifer before he will ultimately be cast into the Lake of Fire where he belongs, but you do not. Bow the Knee now before it is too late.

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Motif Inventory ~500 Sites on Earth Chronicled






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