‘Birth’ of the AntiChrist and Division of Israel

  • What exactly is the 'Star of Jacob?'
  • ​What is the 'Virgo' Comet all about?
  • Are Comets Signs of Doom or Calamity? 

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to provide a Response, in the Past Tense, in Reference to the ‘Star of Jacob’ Article by Israel365 News, that some of the End Times Jewish Rabbis believe announced the soon ‘Birth’ or Coming of their Jewish Messiah. The Religious Jews looked at the latest Celestial Signs and made that Astronomical Correlation to when, possibly their Messiah was to have made his Grand Debut, as in a ‘Birth’.

The Religious Jews considered the ‘Star of Jacob’ to be the Comet C/2023 A3, in this case, that was newly discovered in January of 2024. One is not so sure that the Herald of their Messiah, who is not Jesus to them, was signaled by a Comet. What one will argue, is that the Comet C/2023 A3 was heralding the ‘Birth’ of something or someone. And that it was tied to the Constellation of Virgo, which is the Celestial Motif for Israel, etc. Or rather, was it the Herald of the ‘Birth’ or Debut of the AntiChrist instead?

However, what was Spectacular is how the Comet Highlighting the Constellation of Virgo in 2 simultaneous ‘Crisscrossing’ Paths, as to Mark an ‘X’. Thus, one referred to this Comet C/2023 A3 as the ‘Virgo Comet’ that signaled the Division of the Land. And that this Division is what occurred in the USA with its ‘X’ Crisscross Great American Eclipses. Israel365 had written a similar Article back in 2019 about how the Rabbis, back then were considering 2 Celestial Events based on this same Messiah Appearing Assertion. One had covered those Celestial Signs and Speculation here before. Below is that Article from Israel365 News, but most of the Links have now been Deleted.


December 29, 2019

There was the Anticipation of how the Collision of 2 Suns in the Constellation of Cygnus, the Swan would have produced a ‘Star’ so bright that it could have been seen in Broad Daylight. It was to have been calculated to have appeared sometime in 2022. It did not materialize as the Calculations were proven to be incorrect. Nonetheless, the Rabbis considered it to be the ‘Star of Jacob’. It is what will be Heralding the coming of their Jewish Messiah, in their Assessment. See Article one wrote about it for Reference.


Speculated Cygnus Constellation Calculation

Personification of the Prophecy
Then consider the next Celestial Sign, surmised by the same Body of Rabbis to be the ‘Star of Jacob’. It was about how the Super Giant Red Star, Betelgeuse, has gone Supernova. But because it takes Time for that ‘Event’ to get to Earth to be seen or observed, it has yet to occur from Earth’s Perspective. But what was very intriguing about this Supernova was that it is occurring in the Constellation of Orion.

Then, there was that Asteroid, Leona 319 that made a ‘Loop’ around the Super-Giant Red Star, Betelgeuse in Orion. It was as if to ‘Highlight’ it as the Star is Flashing ‘Red’ as to ‘Alert’, of a Danger being signaled. Because of this peculiarity, the same Body of Jews presumed this was the ‘Star of Jacob’ rising and announcing the soon appearance of their Jewish Messiah, etc. See Article for one’s Assessment and Reference.

Asteroid 319 Leona - Star of the AntiChrist?

Now, the latest Iteration of what could be the ‘Star of Jacob’ has been attributed to the Comet C/2023 A3. What has been a Common Theme or Prophetic Thread about the Write-Ups from Israel365, is that they do use the same Sources of the Extra-Biblical Books known as the Talmud and the Zohar, for example. These Books are Anti-Christian and mock Jesus, the True Messiah of Israel who was and is the ‘Star of Jacob’. They were written by the Rabbinical ‘Wizards’ and Warlocks that make-up what Jesus exposed them as being, the Synagogue of Satan. Although they might have some ‘Insight’ and Foresight, they are seeking another Messiah, other than Jesus.

And as mentioned, they are attributing any possible Celestial Sign, to what the True Bible does say a Rising Star is attributed to the coming of the Messiah. One would agree that if ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, as a Star was a Forerunner to the Birth and Announcement of the 1st Coming of the True Messiah, Jesus, perhaps there will be a Parallel Celestial Sign, such as a ‘Star’ that will rise to Herald the coming of the False Messiah Israel will accept instead. Here is where one will diverge in the Assessment of what was and perhaps will be the ‘Star of Jacob’. It will be in contrast to what the Rabbinical Jewish are assessing and expecting. As to its Prophetic and Biblical Fulfilment, most Christian Sources would attribute the Star of Jacob to be that of Jesus. The Star of Jacob, being Himself, has been fulfilled Prophetically by His 1st Coming.

Jesus is that Literal Personification of the ‘Star’, a Son of Jacob that came out of Jacob or Israel to Redeem not only Jacob but the entire World, etc. Thus far, the Rabbinical Jews that are desperate for their Version of the Biblical Messiah to come, have attributed the Star of Jacob to be a Supernova in Cygnus, then Orion, and now a Comet perhaps. Here is one’s Assessment of what it could actually be. By Definition, a Star in the Ancient World was attributed to a Planet, a ‘Wondering Star’. This Supposition can be correlated to how that Star was then, the Star of Bethlehem, in one’s Estimation, the Planet Jupiter. It is clearly understood that even the same Rabbinical Jews realize that Jupiter is considered the ‘Planet of the Messiah’, the ‘King’ Planet, etc.

It is about the King Planet

And that it was the Union of Jupiter with Venus, in that Triple Conjunction in Leo at the Sign of the King and in Conjunction with the King Star of Regulus, that announced the Birth of the True Messiah, Jesus in -3 BC, etc. This is why one is of the Opinion and Interpretation that if such a Celestial Sign is to be had, in Heralding the Advent of the False Messiah, it would have to do with the Planet Jupiter in some Fashion. Thus, one should pay close Attention to where and when the King Planet will be from now on

Jupiter, one contends, could be the Clue of what the End Times Fulfilment of the Star of Jacob could be for the Luciferians. Nonetheless, one found the Israel365 Article about the Comet C/2023 A3 very fascinating. Now, even though the Talmud and the Zohar are not Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the ‘Prophecy’ given does have a Degree of possible Validity and Integrity, as there is Foresight given. It is much like when King Saul went to the Witches of Endor to consult with Samuel, as to what to do.

The Witches of Endor were astonished to realize that, as some Interpret, the actual Spirit of Samuel was allowed to surface and engage in a Dialog with King Saul. But it is an Association forbidden to do so and engage in. It is because of the ‘Familiar Spirits’ that do and can impersonate Dead Relatives, Loved Ones or Famous People, etc. One did find the Prophecy about the 3 ‘Structures’ or that implied 3 Rome's was Fantastic. That Resonates if one is a History Enthusiast. If one does not know about this Supposition, it is that there are 3 Rome's or Cities on Earth that maintains the continued Power and Structure of the Beast System as outlined in the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. 

Rome 1: Rome
Rome 2: Constantinople
Rome 3: Moscow

However, realize that the Orthodox Jews cluster all Christians as being ‘Evil Edomites’ that need to be Destroyed and will once their Messiah comes On-the-Scene. It is really no different than what the Muslims believe about their False Messiah, the Mahdi that will do the same to the Christians and the Jews. It is that their ‘Isa’, i.e., their Muslim Jesus will return to help the Mahdi Destroy the Crosses and Murder all the Christians and Jews that do not ‘Submit the Will of Allah’.

The Rabbinical Jews do realize that the Christians interpret that it is Jesus that was the Literal Fulfillment of who and what the Star of Jacob was inferring to, but they reject Jesus, all the same. Now, the Date that was given in Connection to the Comet C/2023 A3 was also very Intriguing. That Date of the Comet’s closest Approach or Perihelion was on September 27, 2024.

It is just 4 Days after the 7th Year Anniversary completed, of the Revelation 12 Sign and the Fall Equinox. It was the 270th Day of the Year. Now, one does think that this Comet was Prophetic. Consider that Comets are like a Billboard that is announcing an Event, and then lights are screeched across it to highlight its Image and or Message, etc. Comets are intended, to function, in part much the same way to highlight a Message or Image. And that Message was or is? It was about the Division of the Promised Land.

Messiah Motifs

Consider where and when the Comet appeared. It tells the ‘Story’ or Message. Consider what Celestial Sign they are in and where they started and where they end-up. The illustration made will depict the Trajectory of the newly discovered Comet C/2023 A3. One will be making some Observations. The Comet appeared to have originated in-between the Constellations of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer and the Constellation of Serpens. Since before 32 AD, the Comet had been spiraling in-place there, since Time began. But then around 2012, it started to gradually move past Serpens.

Then from 2012, it gradually positioned itself with about 4 Loops in front of Virgo. Then in 2024 around February 21st, from this Position, it took 4 Months or 120 Days for the Comet to traverse the whole length of Virgo. One is reminded of what Jesus said about a 120 Day Time-Frame. ‘Are there not 4 Months and then comes the Harvest?’ One could not help but see how there is a Poetry Picture of the possible Rapture Timing that would appear to corroborate with one’s Theory and Rationale of a July White Wheat Wedding. How so?

Realize that the Constellation of Virgo is the ‘Wheat’ Woman. She is holding Grain, of the Wheat Kind and signals the End of the Summer Harvest. She represents ‘Ruth’ as Ophiuchus is the ‘Boaz’ type looking down at her as she works the Fields, gathering in the ‘Souls’ of Men and Women. And Ophiuchus is taking care of the Dragon, Serpens that seeks to devour her and the Harvest, etc. Summer is the Time for Weddings, not Passover, not the Judgmental Fall Feasts, in one’s Estimation.

So, as the Comet positions itself to traverse Virgo, twice, its 1st run-through is set to start around February 21st. It is from there that the Comet starts accelerating across Virgo. And guess how long it takes? From February 21, 2024, to the June 21 Summer Solstice? It is 4 Months or 120 Days. It is reminiscent of how long Jesus said the Harvest takes from Planting to Harvesting of Wheat. One is surmising then a March 23, 2024 + 120 Days = July 23, 2024 ‘Leo’ New Year, etc. It is all connected.

This is the Celestial Imagery of what one sees and interprets the Comet will be doing or Signaling. It is about a 'Birthing' and Division of Israel. It is clearly signaling a Birth of sorts or a Debut of a Christ, the Bride of Christ? The AntiChrist? But it was from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice, a period of 3 Months or 90 Days, that the Comet accelerated through the entire length of the Constellation of Virgo. Then, starting with its Perihelion the Comet did an About-Face in September of 2024. The Comet then made an ‘X’ of Virgo as it shot across the Constellation in ‘Lighting Speed’ to highlight it.

Realize that Virgo is predominantly the Sign for Israel, thus a Division, much like what happened to the USA. There are Amazing Prophetic Parallels about both Nations. Virgo is the Beginning of the Mazzaroth, as Leo is the End of it. Leo is the Celestial Motif of the Messiah, the Lion of Judah, etc. Thus, the Comet made a ‘U-Turn’ at the Sign of Sextans where its Perihelion Approach started around September 11, 2024. The Name Sextans is Latin for the Astronomical Instrument. From there, it catapulted straight across the Constellation of Virgo once again to make a spectacular ‘X’ Diagonal.

Illustrative Interpretations

This only took 14 Days to get to the ‘Birthing’ Point of the Womb area of Virgo. Amazingly, the Comet exited the ‘Womb’ Area on October 11, 2024, at the exact same Position it entered Virgo’s ‘Womb’ area on April 27, 2024, some 167 Days earlier. In fact, that ‘Birthing’ Point appeared to be the Center-Point of the Comet’s Trajectory through Virgo. Now, that Time-Span is 5 Months.

It reminds one of how in the Book of Revelation, during the Tribulation Period, there is also a 5 Month Factor of Time. It is when the ‘Star-Gate’ or Door to the Bottomless Pit is opened and the God of the Locusts, Apollyon is released from the Prison of Tartarus. This will fulfill what the Book of Enoch foretold why the Fallen Angels that Sinned on Mount Hermon were kept in ‘Chains’, reserved for the Last Days.

‘The Locusts were not given Power to kill them, but only to Torment them for 5 Months, and their Torment was like the Stinging of a Scorpion. In those Days Men will seek Death and will not find it; they will long to Die, but Death will escape them’. -Revelation 9:5

Note that the 5 Month Duration of Time is how long People will not be able to Die. One suspects that after receiving the Mark of the Beast into People’s Bodies, the Altercations of their DNA will be such that the Immortality Gene will be manipulated to the Point that People will not be able to Die. And the Adverse Effects of that Mandated Mark will be so excruciating that Boils will break-out all over the Bodies of all those Billions that took the Mark to their Bodies. How Horrific it will be.

But also consider that for the Year 2024, according to the Rabbinical Calendar, the Passover will be on April 23, 2024. That is precisely 3 Months or 90 Days or 13 Weeks from the ‘Leo’ Astronomical New Year of July 23, 2024. The Comet then returned in the direction of Ophiuchus as it looped around Aquila, Delphinus, and Lyra. Ophiuchus speaks of Jesus’ Victory over the Serpent that seeks to usurp the Crown, Corona Borealis. Aquila signifies the Arrow that pierced Christ and caused the Majestic Eagle of Heaven to Die.

But this Majestic Messiah resurrected out from the Waters of Death, leaping forth like a Dolphin out of Waters of Death, etc. To then, be given Praise and Worship with the Lyre with the Bright Star of Vega. The Comet then returned to the Head area of Ophiuchus to stay there in Perpetuity. It is as if to signify that it has been all about what Ophiuchus. His Foot is crushing the Head of Scorpio, the Adversary, i.e., Lucifer. This has Prophetic Echoes of Genesis 3:`5. And how Lucifer is described as that Ancient Serpent.

Nonetheless, Israel365 News wrote about the Star of Jacob connection to the Comet. And how it is speculated by some Rabbinical Scholars of Astronomy that the Comet C/2023 A3 perhaps was the ‘Star of Jacob’. This Notion was to insinuate that the Appearing of their Messiah was at Hand. When? In 2024 then. For those that come from a Christian End Times Perspective, however, it would have been Heralding the Advent of the Biblical AntiChrist instead. This Anti-Messiah is to be ‘Birthed’ after the Rapture Event that closes-out the Church Age. 

So, does the Month, Day and Year of either September 27, 2024 or October 11, 2024 when the Comet was ‘Birthed’ out of the ‘Womb’ area of Virgo, signify that it was the ‘Star of Jacob’? Was this the Celestial Announcing of the ‘Birth’ or Advent Event of the Unveiling of who the False Jewish Messiah was to be?  But realize that Comets pertain to the Nations as a Sign and of Bad Omens of Judgments and/or Doom.

Comets, as Celestial Signs are not necessarily given to Israel, specifically, although they can and will be tangible in their Effects. In this case, one can reasonably presume a coming Division of Israel, of the Promised Land, as it will also be for the USA. For Israel, the real Celestial Signs are the Blood Moons. And as one has presented, the Years of 2024 and 2025 have a Blood Moon Triad that occur on Purim. That is really the Celestial Sign the Rabbinical Jews should be alerted to. Why? It is because the Spirit of the Prince of Persia has risen to attempt in accomplishing what Haman failed at.  




C/2023 A3 – Star of Jacob?

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EXPERT: Star of Jacob will appear on Friday, September 27



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