A Study in the Encrypted layout of the Acropolis

  • What is the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation doing on Earth?
  • What is the purpose of this Martian Motif Hexagram?
  • Does Earth still have a Mars Connection with Beings?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the core area of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece is construed to mirror the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Motif from a Top View. Both configurations are nearly a match when viewed facing North. The Athens version has a few minor adjustments due to the Topography, but the entire angle of the Hexagram Motif is only off by 3.33 degrees. This is the exact Coefficient the Heading is at on Cydonia, Mars from the Pentagon Pyramid Fortress. This Mars Connection even has a Biblical Link with the Apostle Paul. How so? It is a direct inference to Mars as he preached on Mars Hill.

Evidently the ‘Builder’s and Designers of the Ancient City of Athens layout were in the know of these specific Martian Ley-Lines, Degrees and Angels of the Cydonia, Mars motif. Why? The prevailing Theory is that the Cydonia, Mars Triangulations found on Earth’s Sacred Sites construe a Hexagram. The Sacred Geometry, in turn constitutes a Star Gate from where Fallen Angeles, that came from Mars and other places can and do traverse the various Dimension, etc. Were these Martian Cydonia Triangulations are found have to do with how the Sacred Sites synchronize with the Earth’s Frequencies and Energy Lines. Or in other words, it is the Energy required to activates such Celestial Portals, etc.

The Cydonia Replication on the Acropolis is amazing. The details of such precise Angles as with those Structures on Mars can now be approximated based on Modern Satellite Imagery. As noted in other studies pertaining to the World Capitals that encrypt such a similar Martian Motif, the Face of Mars or that of the Demi-God Ala-lu corresponds to the Sports Complex next to the Temple of Zeus. The Pentagon Pyramid corresponds to the Temple of Zeus. that has the street grid in an exact angle orientation. In fact, this same Pentagon Grid reaches the exact length of the Temple of the Olympian God, Zeus.

Amazingly, the degree heading is at approximately 9.11 Degrees North. The most amazing and striking aspect about this Martian Motif in Athens has to do with the Acropolis. This is, in essence an exact mirror of the Cydonia ‘Pyramid’ Complex dedicated to the Gods of the Pleiades. The only adjustment is that the Pattern is rotated South by approximately 90 degrees. When the Pleiades Template is superimposed onto the Acropolis, the match is nearly perfect, down to the very Angles of the Structures as they are on Mars. Who transmitted this Marvel and Knowledge of how the Structures on Mars were construed and how many there were? The overall arching Questions that this and other studies on the same phenomena is why and for what purpose?

Gods of Olympia

As mentioned, 1 Possible Explanation is that such Places on Earth are chosen because they synchronize with Energy Points on the Vortex Grids. In essence, such a Martian Triangulation functions as Portals or Star Gates. The Hexagram Motif would make sense, as it is this case with the Occult, that such Sacred Gematria is used to activate the Star Gate. Why? It facilitates the ‘Gods’ or the Fallen Angels to operate the Sites as a ‘Key’ to unlock such ‘Star Gates’. Perhaps those Beings that constructed the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation on Mars are what People on Earth, in this case of Greece, called the Titans and the Olympians of Ancient Mythology.

The Bible calls these Beings, the Might Men of Renown. They were and are the ‘Hercules’ types that travers such inter-dimensional portals to-and-from Earth. This is what Nimrod, shortly after the Flood of Noah tried to do with the Tower of Babel. But the Theory, based on the Biblical Narrative, suggests that these Olympian Gods are the Fallen Angels of the Bible. See Genesis chapter 6 for context and the Story-Line. Also, as in most other major Cydonia, Mars Triangulations around in other World Capitals, the 3 Points that make the Hexagram are well interwoven in the Site. For example, in Modern World Capitals, the Pleiades City is usually corresponding to a Financial Center.

The D&M Giant Pentagon is usually corresponding to some sort of Fortress or a Site that is massive. Then the Face of Mars is usually cloaked as a Stadium or Race Track of some sort. There are varying degrees of differences as certain Regions of the World substitute the 3 Points of the Triangulation with Monuments, Cemeteries, Building, etc. The point being is what are such Encrypted Martian Motifs doing on Earth? And why is 1 in particular patterned after the Pleiades? Perhaps it is from the Pleiades where such Fallen Angels from Genesis 6 came from and seek to have their ‘Signature’ imprinted, literally in the World Major Capitals they control.

What is astonishing is that this Triangulation is not only found in the Major World Capitals, but in almost all major Ancient Sacred Sites. Why? The Bible gives some Clues in that before the Creation of Humanity, that is Adam and Eve, there is an alternative Interpretation of the Sequence that took place before Adam and Eve. It is called the Gap Theory. It states that there was an Eden and an Earth before Adam. Earth was the Place where Lucifer had domain and ruled in the ‘Golden Age’ before his Fall. This is the Myths of the Atlanteans, of Mu and lost Civilizations and Continents.

But due to the Insurrection led by Lucifer, a 3rd of the Angels Conspired against YHVH and Jesus for total Possession of Heaven, the Throne of YHVH and Earth. Thus, the Bible says that the Earth became Formless and Void. This insinuates that there was an Earth to begin with that came into Chaos. The account then of Adam and Eve was a Re-Creation of Eden and Earth to support Human Life. But YHVH gave Humanity Free Will. And the Bible does teach that Angels were stationed through the Creation. This to include Planets. Thus, Mars could have been such a Post. And that the Triangulation of the Cydonia, Mars complex is actually a Facsimile or Copy of what Heaven is Triangulated. Consider that in Heaven there is the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, etc.

Angel Architecture

It is a Speculation but it is rather astonishing that the Mars Connection of such a Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is found in most Sacred Sites, both Ancient and Modern on Earth, hidden in plain sight. Since Adam and Eve joined the Luciferian Rebellion, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels assigned to Nations and Cities as seen in such Books of the Bible as Daniel, have Dominion and Power. And they give such Dominion and Power in those Sacred Sites to Willing Humans, beguiled for the purpose of furthering Lucifer’s Plan to still take over all that YHVH is and has.

This study also suggests that the entire Acropolis of Athens in Greece is laid-out in the Pleiades Star Cluster Pattern. Specifically, the Pleiades Motif when superimposed atop the Acropolis matches exactly as it is laid out in Cydonia, Mars. The Acropolis was the center of Ancient Greece that was one of the World Empires that ruled the known World under Alexander the Great. He was depicted in the Bible as the He-Goat, with Horns that over-powered the Persian Empire.

Greece was the 3rd ‘Beast’ Empire of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream that the Prophet Daniel interpreted. The Acropolis served as the Religious and Judicial Heart of Greece. Athena was the Patroness Goddess that the City is named after. What is amazing is that the Structures on Mars that can now, only in modern times, be made-out in terms of their relative Size, Degrees and Angles. Astonishingly, they match the same Degree, Angles as laid-out on the Acropolis. The following are some estimated key measurements from Google Earth Coordinates.

From Parthenon to Olympian Zeus Temple
.33 nautical miles
2012 ft
360 smoots

From Parthenon to entrance of Acropolis Museum

.33 km

From Parthenon to Mars Hill

322 yards
.18 miles (6-6-6)

From Herodes Theatre to Dionysus Theatre

 ~999 ft

Pertaining to the Acropolis, starting with the Star Atlas of the Pleiades, the Star corresponds to the Acropolis Museum. This Modern Museum fuses the Ancient with the Modern. The Street Angles match the Triangular Layout of the Martian Pleiades City, as is the Museum. The next Cydonia Correlation comes with the Star Alcyone. This is the most Prominent Star in the Pleiades Cluster. This is reflected by the enormous Theatre Named after Dionysus. This was said to be Half Human and Angel, an Olympian that were said to exist in Greece during the Golden Age. His Alternative Name is Bacchus, the God Of Ecstasy or Perversion as in Alternative Sexual Orientations.

Return of Zeus
The Lesser Theatre correlates to the Star Taygete and is called the Herodeion, after Herodes who was a Ruling Magistrate of the City in the 1st Century. The Propylaea is corresponding to the Star Celaena and the Erechtheum on the north side of the Acropolis is corresponding to the Star Electra. This is where the 6th Star make-up the core of the Pleiades, excluding Atlas. This Star corresponds, amazingly to the 6 Woman, called the Caryatids. There is an amazing depiction of the Structure that is held-up by the 6 Statues that hold up the Temple.

 This obviously has a direct connotation to the Maidens of the Pleiades. Presently, the Star Merope corresponds to the Old Parthenon Museum. At the very center of the Acropolis is the world famous Parthenon. This is where the Giant Statue of Athena was situated. A Replica of this Temple of Artemis, Diana, Astarte, Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven, can be found in Knoxville, Tennessee in the USA. Based on one’s Professional Assessment and based on one’s Biblical Interpretation, being the Frame of Reference, one concludes that this Martian Motif Triangulation is a ‘Signature’. It is that of the Occult and the Luciferians.

They have successfully usurped the iconography of such Splendid Stars as are the Pleiades that even YHVH in the Bible mentions them on more than one occasion. But they have also commandeered the Cydonia. Mars Triangulation and imposed that Sacre Hexagram upon Earth’s Sacred Sites for their evil Purpose. This is not to placate or implicate the Good Citizens of any given Sacred site, past or Present. But that certain Leaders, Religious, Political and Financial, are the ones that have wielded a Cydonia, Mars Connection with Fallen Angels who have given them Power and Dominion to carry on Lucifer’s Globalist Agenda, etc. To the Luciferians, such a Martian Motif represents the image and likeness of Lucifer.

He is the Power of the Hexagram, the Dragon that is a total counterfeit that has captured the ‘Pleiades’. This is in as much the Metaphor of the Pleiades played-out in how the Beast, Taurus has captured the Pleiades as the Shining One, the Snake captured of Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Pleiadian Motif of what YHVH originally created and seeks to Reclaim and Restore through the work of Jesus Christ. After all, the Pleiades means, the Congregation of the Shepherd. In the Book of Revelation, the 7 Churches of Asia are alluded to be the 7 Stars that are held in the Palm of the Resurrected Savior, Jesus.

So, the Pleiades, as a Metaphor for the Church Age Believers and Followers of Jesus will one Day be Rescued from the Beast of this Earth, etc. It was for this reason that GOD the Holy Spirit sent Paul to Athens, to this precise Hill of the Martian ‘Gods’ to preach to the People about the ‘Unknown God’. The Apostle Paul climbed Mars Hill at the West End of the Pleiadian Acropolis. Paul Preached about a Risen GOD. Why? Jesus, as the Groom, Metaphorically is preparing the 7 Maidens as a Church, to extract and call a pure Bride from. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is in front of the Menorah Lampstand. It is the Imagery of the Jewish High Priest that tended to the Keep of the Menorah in the House of YHVH.

According to the Bible, the Church is depicted as the Bride of Christ as a Menorah lampstand in front of the very Throne of YHVH. And as with the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as it was even at Mars Hill in Athens, there are those that will reject the message and those that will accept it. In part, this message of Resurrection and Redemption of Humanity’s Soul, Spirit and Body goes against the Power and Domain given to the very stronghold of the Martian ‘Gods’ as Triangulated in Athens. Why? It speaks to the Defeat and Destruction of their Shining Serpent.

Even then with the Apostle Paul, there was Severe Opposition as the Philosophers and Stoics argued with him. But within the Crowd that heard Paul Preach, there were those that accepted Jesus’ Reconciliatory Message. It is those that comprise the 7 Star of the Pleiades ’Bride’ someday. And is amazing to consider that due to the Apostle Paul’s Obedience and Tenacity, and Burden for the Lost Gentiles, the whole Nation of Greece and beyond became Christian. And that Sacred Site in Athens no longer came under the Dominion and Power of the Ancient Martian Olympian – Fallen Angel Gods.


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