Conclusion of the Plan of Redemption

  • Does the Menorah Pattern suggest when the Age of Grace ends?
  • Is there a numerical pattern based on 7, 70, 7-7-7?
  • Is there evidence for when Daniel's 70th Week of Years starts?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. After a little while the world will no longer see Me, but you will see Me; because I live, you will live also. In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you. He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.’ –John 14:16-21

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the prophetic Menorah Pattern Biblically speaking as it relates to the 7, 70, 777 numerical sequences and factors compared to the 7 Feasts of YHVH for possible prophetic patterns and correlations with respect to a possible convergence of a yet to be determined year when the present ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ will conclude. The context and backdrop of such a study will be considered speculation to see if such variables might present clues as to when the prophetic parenthetical age of ‘Pentecost’ will conclude with the Resurrection and Rapture.

This Pentecostal Period is consisting of the Church Age and corresponds to the ‘Servant Stem’ or middle branch in the Jewish Menorah pattern typology. This Menorah Pattern is consisting of an encrypted 7-7-7 numerical and prophetic 7-day pattern of Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot that this study suggests also has the key to Jesus’ 1st coming, present tense ‘coming’ and when He will be coming. This study considers that this Pentecostal Period of a 7x7+1 or ‘50’ coefficient has to do with not only its beginning but also the conclusion of the Church Age. This ‘Age’ has been in the present tense operation that has revealed and executed YHVH’s Plan of Redemption and implementation since the 1st Pentecost.

The purpose of such a Pentecostal ‘intermission’, prophetically has been to graft-in the Gentiles into the whole comprehensive Plan of Redemption founded on the work of the Servant of YHVH, Jesus. It is ultimately the prophetic pattern that is Jesus; as the ‘Menorah’, the ‘Vine’, the tree, and the ‘Light’, etc. This prophetic ‘intermission’ of YHVH’s dealings with the Gentiles is predicated on the notion that Israel’s total restoration has been on ‘hold’ and is also yet to be accomplished but subject first to the completion of the ‘Times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.’ This prophetic 7x7+1 (50) Pentecostal ‘intermission’ was initiated due to Israel’s rejection of Jesus as the Messiah. This study asks, could the conclusion of such a Pentecostal Period of time culminate in the same sequence of time as when it began, on a Pentecost Feast yet to be determined?

The Prophetic Patterns
Since the Bible has been written, many have attempted over the centuries to decipher its many numerical values and ascribe to them some concrete extrapolation in time and future. Most notably are those numerical coefficients found in the books such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation and with numbers such as 70, 153, 1260, 1290, 1335, etc. Such studies, as with the Menorah Pattern of YHVH’s Feast is not novel but what is interesting is what it is suggesting. Perhaps there could be a prophetic conjunction or synchronization of some aspect pertaining to its uniqueness of having such numerals. Nonetheless, the evidence presented in this study for a possible year convergence and correlation will be pegged to Israel’s 70th year anniversary. It is correlating to the Menorah Pattern typology of 7-7-7 already familiar within the prophecy community.

Can it be the case that the Pentecost Period of the Gentile’s time will conclude with such a point in time that could very well it be accented by not only a Pentecost Feast but the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ? This study will also ascertain based on these same numerical and Biblical ‘7’ templates, the possible pattern thus of what prophetic Feast Jesus would then correlate to His 2nd coming as was with His 1st visitation. Can there be a possible correlation based on what prophetic ‘Feast’ timeframe Jesus could and/or would be literally returning based on the study of the variables of the 7-7-7 sequence of the Menorah Pattern template? The notion of the Menorah Pattern numerical factors has to do with the 3 prophetic numerical coefficient of 7s that occurred during the 1st portion or the 3 Spring Feasts.

The subsequent ‘7’ sequence pattern occurred and still is with the 7-Church Age Pentecostal Period, as it is the present prophetic state of YHVH’s Plan of Redemption. After such time, then the next ‘7’ variable will have to do with the 7-year Tribulation Period to come before the last half of the Menorah Pattern of 7s are initiated. Based on the Menorah Pattern, it will only be initiated by Jesus’ literal 2nd coming, at the Feast of Trumpets. This study will agree with the theological position and interpretation that the 7-year Tribulation Period will occur in-between the end of the Church Age period and the beginning of the last prophetic variable of the ‘7s’ pattern. This last numerical sequence has to do with the 2nd portion of the 3 Fall Feasts of YHVH and mirrors the 1st 3 Spring Feasts. It is the Passover Feast that initiates the 7-7-7 Menorah Pattern as it has a duration of a week or 7 days.

This 7x7 factor of the middle feast, Pentecost is mirroring the 2 respected sides of the Menorah Pattern, prophetically. Thus, the last Feast, that of Sukkot lasts 7 days as does Passover; the end is as the beginning and the beginning is as the end, etc. This study stipulates that Pentecost, the current and interim ‘Feast’ will begin and end in such a prophetic fashion, perhaps. As the 1st 3 Spring Feasts were literally fulfilled by Jesus Christ at His 1st coming, thus the last 3 Fall Feast will also be literally fulfilled by His 2nd coming. Consider that the Feast of Pentecost is the only of the 7 that has to do solely with ‘time’ and not a symbol or association, such as a lamb, grain, etc.  This would suggest that as Jesus came on Passover to initiate and fulfill the pattern, so too would He at Trumpets that begins the 2nd half of the Menorah Pattern sequence of prophetic Feast typologies. This would truly speak to the center stem being a true ‘intermission’.

The popular argument is that Trumpets will be the point or nexus of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This study will argue that based on the Biblical patterns of 7’s, 70 and 7-7-7, the Feat of Trumpets could actually correlate to the 2nd coming of Jesus. It would be more likely that based on the Menorah Pattern, the Rapture of the Bride of Christ would occur at a Pentecost timeframe. If at the beginning or its end, it will remain to be seen. Nonetheless, this study will thus insinuate that Jesus, according to the patterns of 7 or the prophetic Creation Week will return at some appointed Feast of Trumpets in the not too distant future. This is speculated to be at some point yet to be determined but the question is posed, could the 7-7-7 sequences seen in the Menorah Pattern typology have something to do with the commencement, duration and conclusion of the Gentile Age. In fact, there are some very eerie numerical associations pegged to the calculated 7, 70 and 7-7-7 coefficients. The following are some examples of the significance that speaks of a completed time, a ‘perfection’ and lucky number.

7 words in the 1st sentence of Genesis
7-7-7 factor of the 28 letters in the 1st sentence of Genesis

7 prior ‘worlds’ lasting 7000 years each
70 Nations and 70 Elders of Israel

7th generation from Adam was Enoch
7th generation from Enoch was Moses
7th generation from Moses was David

7 musical notes
7 continents
7 female prophetesses (Deborah, Esther, Sarah, Abagail, Miriam, Hannah, Huldah)
7 blessings in a Jewish wedding

The 7-7-7 Menorah Pattern (5-777?)
Passover = 7 days
Pentecost = 7x7 or 49 years
Sukkot = 7 days

Illustrated are the 3 Feasts of YHVH that were/are mandatory for every Jewish male of military age to have attended the Feast in Jerusalem. The following is the suggested prophetic Menorah Pattern of YHVH’s Feasts that incorporate the 7, 7-7-7 pattern this study suggests could be pegged to the coming 70th Week of Years with respect to the end of the Pentecostal Period.

         1              2             3                                 
                                        5                6             7
  (Passover) | U.Bread | F.Fruits                      
(Pentecost)                        R.HaShanah | Y, Kippur | (Sukkot)
  |--------------------------------------------|       |--------------------------------------------|       |------------------------------------------------------|
                    7 days                                         7x7 days                                                 7 days
                                                           |--------------7-7-7-------------|                                                                       70th Week

Why is the number 7 very unique in the Bible of all the base 10 numbers used? There are obviously other prophetic patterns with other numbers. According to science and metaphysics, the 1st 6 dimensions are bound within time and space or are of the material construct. It is at the 7th dimension that such a construct steps into the immaterial or the spiritual that is eternal or timeless. This study will assume the following suppositions to be given for the sake of time as such have been presented in previous studies. This will set the time benchmark for analyzing the Church Age period. This study takes the position that Jesus was crucified on April 13, 32 AD, assuming His age was 33 and His birth and death were marked by astronomical alignments, etc.

The understanding of the study will suppose that Jesus was born on September 11, -3 BC. This timeframe is reminiscent even as the type of King David whom Jesus is a direct descendant and who one day will sit on the Throne of David on Earth at His 2nd coming. In I Kings 2:11, it states that King David ‘reigned 7 years in Hebron, and 33 years in Jerusalem’, etc. The next supposition is that based on such a timeline, Pentecost occurred on the 50th day, which would correlate to June 1, 32 AD. The following will spell-out the template and possible correlations to 5-777.

Birth of Jesus:                        September 11, -3 BC
Death of Jesus:                      April 13, 32 AD

‘Birth’ of Church Age:              June 1, 32 AD

Birth                             Death                 
  Pentecost                               Pentecost?
Sep 11, -3 BC             Apr 13, 32 AD           Jun 1, AD                                    X Year?
         (33 years)                       (50th day)                
   (7-fold Church Age)

This study supposes that the Church Age is the present state of YHVH’s dispensation, prophetically concerning the Plan of Redemption and it will conclude as a ‘harvest’ type to culminate in the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Many understand also that the Church Age period corresponds to the 4th Feast of YHVH. To reiterate, this study suggests that what that means is that the 7-Church Age period will not end at a corresponding Trumpets, 5th arm of the Menorah Pattern. The basic prophetic template concerning the Menorah Pattern and the numerical coefficient of the 7s is that YHVH is presently utilizing the 7-7-7 Menorah Pattern concerning the Plan of Redemption to graft-in the Gentiles from among the Nations.

The Menorah Pattern is as follows. There is the 7 days of Passover that initiated the prophetic Spring Feasts. Then there is presently the 7-fold Church Age period or ‘intermission’ called the Pentecost Age. Thereafter, there will be the 70th Week of Years from Daniel’s prophetic culmination to fulfill Israel’s discipline and redemption. As Jesus fulfilled the literal 7 days of Passover by way of His presentation, trial, execution and resurrection, the 2nd literal fulfillment of the Fall Feasts starting with Trumpets will also be fulfilled by Jesus at His 2nd coming. It will last 21 days or a 7-7-7 factor. Thus, the type of the 7-Feast Menorah Pattern will be mirrored by the 7-year Tribulation Period. Thus, this study suggests that the totality of the Tribulation Period, will be 7 years. It is acknowledging that there are divergent theories that it is only 3.5 or 1260 days, etc.

The Menorah Pattern

The Menorah Pattern has been itemized because the core theory of the study presents a unique day and time correlation when such a template could be prophetic and suggests a timeline that could be a prelude. This study is not suggesting that the Church Age will be completed or that based on the prophetic patterns of 7s and 7-7-7, the Rapture will have to occur on a future Pentecost Feast or timeframe. The study only presents the pattern as just that for illustrative purposes and educational study of only a possibility due to the Menorah Pattern of 7, 7-7-7 and 70 numerical sequences.

The correlation occurs with the following association. If the Menorah Pattern of the 7-fold Feasts of YHVH is the viable template for the Plan of Redemption, could then the end of the Pentecostal ‘intermission’ of the ‘Age of the Gentiles’ see at some point in time the synchronicity of the fulfillment of the 7-7-7 template of the prophetic Feast of Pentecost? What it to be completed? This endeavor would be the incorporating of the Gentiles from among the Nations as promised in the Bible.

Why such a study is potentially relevant and could be interesting to take note of is that if one uses the timeline based on Jesus’ birth and death, there does appear to be some unique associations dealing with the pattern of the 7s and 50 and/or the Pentecostal coefficient. Why this is noted is that if such dates of Jesus’ birth and death marks-off when the 1st Pentecost thus happened, that being on June 1, 32 AD, then such become reliable benchmarks that appear to correlate directly to the end of the Church Age.

Spring Feasts of YHVH       
1. Passover                            7 days or 1 week
2. Unleavened Bread
3. First Fruits

4. Pentecost                        7 days x 7 times – prophetically patterned

Fall Feasts of YHVH              21 days (7-7-7) pattern
5. Rosh HaShanah    
6. Yom Kippur
7. Tabernacles

A unique numerical coefficient is noted in that the direct connection to the Gentile Age would thus correlate to the 153 fish caught by the Disciples. Later on, the Disciples were present when such received ‘Power from on High’ to be Witnesses or Ambassadors of Jesus Christ and began the Church Age. The question of this study thus is asked, could such a Menorah Pattern sequence see the conclusion of such a prophetic Pentecostal Pattern based on the template of 7’s, 7-7-7 and 70? As far as the topic of what calendars and dates are used, it is understood that there is disagreement as to what even the actual year it is. There are so many suppositions of how days were added here, taken away there, converted here, factored there, etc. For example, there are presently about 8 different types of Jewish calendars to consider. It is somewhat challenging to decipher when such a Pentecostal ‘intermission’ is to conclude, etc.

Nonetheless, based on this study of the prophetic 7’s and the 7-7-7 Menorah Pattern that is pegged to the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s birth, the whole Plan of Redemption of YHVH suggests that the 4th Feast, that of the Pentecostal Church Age is presently in play. It is being fulfilled but not completed until the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. What this study is insinuating is that the Age of Pentecost and its prophetic Feast typology pertaining to the Menorah Pattern is not technically fulfilled yet. It was initially started by GOD the Holy Spirit at Pentecost but it has been progressive and yet to be completed. More astonishing is that to reiterate; if the timeline since Jesus’ birth and death are valid and as presented, could the 1st Pentecost that occurred on June 1, 32 AD see its consummation on a similar day that will be a Pentecost also?

The whole Church Age has encompassed a 7-fold timeframe of historical Church eras. They have been historical periods that culminates in the Laodicean Church type of what the Church Body, as a whole is consisting of. Many are convinced, such is the case now with the Last Day’s Church. This Pentecostal ‘interim’ is the time that is in-between the prophetic economy of Israel’s redemption and promises, yet to be fulfilled. To reiterate the ‘Center Stem’ prophetic typology of the 7-7-7 Menorah Pattern is severing presently to graft-in the ‘wild’ olive branches of the Gentile Believers in Jesus. He is the true Messiah and redeemer and above all, the initiator, executioner and completer of the Plan of Redemption. It is understood that based on the pattern of 7’s, Jesus literally came the first time as Messiah ben-Joseph to die as a lowly Servant and be then resurrected, as foretold in the Bible narrative.

The timing of the literal fulfillment of the Spring Feasts, based on the Menorah Pattern occurred in 1 literal week. Thus, would it follow that Jesus’ 2nd coming literally will occur and can only occur after the present ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ is completed? Moreover, it would then follow that the 2nd coming of Jesus would have to occur also after Daniel’s 7th Week of Years. In the meanwhile, the Pentecostal ‘intermission’ period is unique from any prior and future times as those born since the 1st Pentecost are privileged to be qualified to be part of something that had never existed before, the Bride of Christ. This ‘Mystery Age’ was the subject of what the Apostle Paul wrote about that even the Old Testament Prophets and the Angels longed to learn and see about. All throughout the Law and the Prophets, types and shadows existed of such a ‘Bride of Christ’ notion. However, Israel became proud and blindsided as to the notion of a ‘Gentile Bride’ concept prophetically although they knew of such a possible significance.

The issue was that the Jews became jealous of YHVH even entertaining the notion that non-Jews could be co-inheritors of the Promises of Abraham. This was in fact one of the primary reasons why they condemned Jesus and Paul to death. It was the same Apostle Paul that reminded the Jews that in the totality of the whole Plan of Redemption, it was and is and will be YHVH’s desire that the Gentiles be co-heirs with the nation of Israel to partake of ‘the salvation that is of the Jews’. It was given to the Apostle Paul the Mystery of the ‘Bride of Christ’, and the Rapture and was first disclosed to the Church and sadly not to Israel due to their unbelief. However, such an amazing revelation was given to a Jew, the Apostle Paul as he retreated to Mt. Sinai in Arabia and perhaps even to the very Cave of Elijah where Israel, coincidentally on a Pentecost Feast pledged a vow as a marriage type of covenant to YHVH.

The Gentile Bride
As an aside note, the Upper Room discourse and ceremony has been interpreted by some to have been a marriage covenant ceremony as well. It was a ratification and a ‘down payment’ for the ‘Bride of Christ’. It was also reminiscent of the meal YHVH had on Mt. Sinai, a type of the Upper Room along with Moses and the 70 Elders of Israel. As to the conclusion of this prophetic period that the Bride of Christ is being formulated, this study thus suggests that the Pentecostal ‘interim’ constitutes such a timeframe and as it began on a Pentecost Feast, that perhaps it will end on such. This would mean that based in the Menorah Pattern, Daniel’s last 70th Week of Years would follow and then by Jesus’ literal return on Trumpets.

To reiterate, it is understood that prophetically the ‘coming’ of Jesus at the 1st phase consisted of the fulfillment of the 1st 3 Spring Feast of YHVH based on the prophetic Menorah Pattern. It is theologically understood and accepted that Jesus will be coming a 2nd time as promised by Him. The question remains, will it be at the beginning of the 2nd half of the last 3 Fall Feasts, given the Menorah Pattern that starts with Trumpets then? This study suggests that it follows that the literal return of Jesus has to happen on a Feast of Trumpets, etc. Also, as the 3 Spring Feasts were initially fulfilled in a literal 7-day period of time, so too will the Fall Feasts be fulfilled by Jesus in 21 days, or a factor of 7-7-7. This is from Trumpets to the end of Sukkot, excluding end date.

What this study also seeks to note is that in keeping with such a prophetic Menorah Pattern of the 7’s and 7-7-7, the ‘coming’ of Jesus is ‘present tense’. Jesus told His Disciples that He needed to depart or else the Comforter could not be sent. Then Jesus made a mysterious utterance, ‘and if I go, I will come to you…’ yet the context was the sending or ‘coming’ of GOD the Holy Spirit, etc. Thus to say that Jesus did come, is coming presently and will come; this is one of the mystery of the Trinity. It is assumed that as the indwelling power of GOD the Holy Spirit came down on that first Pentecostal assembly, perhaps so too will it ascend up, corporally in terms of the collective Bride of Christ at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture, whenever that will be. Based on the Menorah Pattern and timeline from Jesus’ birth, the Gentile Age is about to conclude.

This study supposes that such a prophetic Menorah Pattern and the numerical coefficient of 7 based on the Creation Week typology could perhaps be used to determine the end of the Pentecostal Period. In such a stipulation, it would thus be theologically impossible for the 7-Church Age period to ‘spill-over’ or continue into the Tribulation Period of Daniel’s subsequent 70th Week of Years regardless of how long it will be or when it will start. Many are confused and cause division in particular because of this notion of the Tribulation Period based solely on the phrase that Jesus stated as He was giving the directives to His Disciples about ‘after the Tribulation of those days’, etc. One has to realize and see the composite picture and not be myopic as the Apostle Paul even warned of narrow-mindedness and vision concerning prophecy. Jesus in the context of the question that was posed to Him was asked when would the Kingdom of Israel, that of David be established or come. The context of the question was Jesus’ 2nd coming to establish the Kingdom and redeem Israel, not the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

After the Tribulation
The Disciples did not have the ‘Mystery Age’ and Bride of Christ fully revealed and understood at that time. Also, the phrase of ‘no one knows the day or the hour’ is thus pertaining to the same as well and up to that point, it was true. However, since that time, the revelation and written texts that would follow the 1st century Disciples would later divulge the context of the Gentile Age due to the writing of the New Testament. It would be later understood, that there was and is an ‘interim’, a Pentecostal Period. The following is a timeline showing the correlation of the numerical 7, 70 prophetic variables pegged to Israel’s rebirth and 70th year anniversary. This study suggests that in fact, the prophetic Menorah Pattern could hold also the key as to what day and hour Jesus’ 2nd coming could occur based on the conclusion of the Gentile Age that is to occur based on the numerical factor of 7s and 7-7-7.

Israel’s UN mandate               1947    = 70 years in 2017 (May 14, 2017)
Jerusalem liberated                1967    = 50 years in 2017 (June 7, 2017)
70th Year Anniversary             2017    = 1947 years since 70 AD destruction of Temple
Israeli independence               1948    = 70 years in 2018 (May 14, 2018)

This Pentecostal Period in questions, was, is and will be in the context of Israel’s own ‘intermission period’ as part of the whole Plan of Redemption that currently is on ‘hold’ and subject to the conclusion of the Pentecostal Period. During this Pentecostal Period, the Church has had and has the Testimony of Jesus and to Jesus and is busy with the Royal Commission of the Gospel. This ‘Pentecostal’ work is done in cooperation with work of GOD the Holy Spirit being busy and working in collaboration with Jesus to graft-in the complete number of the Gentiles from among the Goyim or Nations. Israel is yet to finish its ‘tribulation’ as disclosed to the Prophet Daniel.

As noted, what makes this study intriguing based on the Menorah Pattern of the 7’s  or 7-7-7 is that in 2018, Israel has reached its 70th anniversary. This echoes the coming start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years prophecy. It is culminating also on several amazing and prophetic levels of synchronicity based on the numerical factor of 7. Also, to note is that in 2017, there was the 50th anniversary or a ‘Pentecostal’ timeframe of the liberation of Old Jerusalem to include the Temple Mount being recaptures since 70 AD. The Menorah Pattern also suggests a number 7 as a multiple of a prophetic completeness as in the 7-day Creation Week and the Sabbath in particular. A double or triple factor just emphasizes the pattern as it converges in space and time.

Conversely there is a compound 70-year timeframe also as it was in 1947 in that the UN voted to partition the Holy Land in a 2-state solution for the Muslims and the Jews. The Muslims rejected this mandate and they declared war on Israel instead. One has to realize prophetically that as a counterpart, the prophetic economy of Israel is on ‘hold’ currently or in ‘intermission’ much like the 7-fold Church Age period of the Gentiles. Thus, could the Jewish year, 1948 be such a year that will suggest when the completion of ‘x’ prophetic nuances such as the end of the Pentecostal Age of the Gentiles will occur? The study suggests that a synchronization could be occurring that is based on the conclusion of the Pentecostal Period and contingent on the beginning and conclusion of Israel’s Diaspora that started in 70 AD and Israel’s 70th year anniversary.

The 70th Year
Interestingly, on one level of association, 70 concerns the nations that YHVH exiled Israel. It is rather unique how in January of 2017, 70 nations gathered to decide the fate of Israel’s land in a quest to divide it to forge a Muslim state. This nexus of prophetic intersection could see the start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to conclude Israel’s redemption in the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s rebirth in 2018. The Pentecostal pattern and the template of 7’s is shown below pertaining to a conclusion of a dispensation, of Pentecost perhaps shortly.

-70 AD when Temple destroyed, Israel judged and exiled among the Gentiles.
-70th Year Anniversary in 2018
-70 Nations in 2017 gathered in Paris to divide the land of Israel.
-70 Nations invited to witness the rededication of the 3rd Temple Altar.
-70th Week of Years per Daniel to commence after end of Gentile Age.

With the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD, will the 3rd Temple be built soon after the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s ‘birth’ since 1948 where it left off and was destroyed in 70 AD? The year 5778 was the 70th year from when Israel became a sovereign nation in 1948. Will the 70th year that was 2018 see the synchronicity of its 1948-year duration match prophetically? Will the 70th Week of Years per Daniel see it synchronize to the conclusion of the 7-fold Church Age of the Gentiles? If one holds to the Menorah Pattern, then the Time of Jacob’s Trouble should occur right after the Pentecostal Period concludes. This would mean that then the 2nd coming of Jesus would confirm and fulfill the words of Jesus, ‘after the tribulation of those days’, etc.

To reiterate, the 7-fold day of the Tribulation Period would constitute ‘after the tribulation of those days’. The context is also the answer to when Jesus said He would be returning, as Messiah ben-David in fact, the 2nd coming, not the Rapture. Thus the ‘after the tribulation of those day’ would be followed by the coming of the Son of Man to establish His Kingdom and redeem Israel. This was the context and question of the Disciples, not when the ‘Rapture’ of the ‘Bride of Christ’ was to occur. The following are some observations based on the ‘birth’ of Israel in 1948 and the 6-Day War in 1967. These 2 prior wars led to the progressive restoration of the Olivet Discourse that Jesus foretold would occur, that is the destruction of the Temple, the City and then the Nation. This study suggests based on this prophetic template that such an order is prophetic to the restoration of Israel but in reverse order.

The nation of Israel was first ‘birthed’ in 1948, then the City in 1967. June 7th was when the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem were liberated from the Muslims. What still remains to be ‘redeemed’ is the Temple commiserate with a war as well to facilitate its restoration. Will a subsequent war occur that will determine the remaining prophetic variable of the Temple that was destroyed in 70 AD? Will Israel, see its ’70-year’ factor come to fruition in the 70th year since 1948 which could be the prophetic precursor to the commencement of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years? This study will thus speculate that perhaps if such a major war will materialize against Israel due to the escalation and complexity of the present Syrian war being the catalyst. The Psalm 83 War could be the actual fulfillment of the Inner-Ring of Muslim nations to attack Israel.

Israel, the Nexus of Prophecy
If there is a possible prophetic timeline, then sometime after the major regional war amongst Israel and its Muslim enemies, will see the cause and effect of being able to build the 3rd Temple. This means that the Sacrifices could begin for example on a Passover, which would be sometime in a future Spring season. If by sometime after this said coming war, the AntiChrist will come on the scene as Israel’s ‘Messiah’ and sanctions the building of the 3rd Temple. He would be recognized as the long-awaited Messiah and King of Israel. This possible scenario would set the stage for a false ‘Peace and Security’ that would have Israel ‘lower its guard’ and walls literally for the next stage of the coming Gog-Magog War. This coming war will be comprised of the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations led by Russia, Turkey and Persia (Iran).

Such would seek revenge for the defeat of the initial Inner-Ring Muslim nations, the total dominion of the Jews over the Temple Mount and for building the 3rd Temple. In the humiliation, the Gog-Magog alliance will seek to plunder the resources of Israel due to the economic straights the Russian Federation has been subjected to by the USA in terms of economic sanctions and for the funneling of what resources and capital it has had toward its military build-up to counter NATO’s apparent encirclement of Russia. If such a scenario is to take place, the following could thus define when the 70th Week of Years per Daniel would or could begin. If the Tribulation Period is to starts on a Passover, for example, then one would know from what time marked the 2520-day span of time would start and when Jesus would precisely return.

There are myriads of permutations of possible timelines that many have tried to decrypt Daniel’s prophetic variables. As the time approaches and the knowledge is increased perhaps the ‘looking glass’ will become less dim and obscure. Out of the possible Feasts that the 3rd Temple Sacrifices could commence, Passover would be the better case based on the current spiritual disposition of national Israel. As the prophecy of Zechariah 12 has arrived in these Last Days, Jerusalem and the heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria are at the crosshairs of the Nations that seek to divide the land. As Israel is now geo-politically isolated unto itself, the present conditions will make it so that Israel will revert to look for a ‘Messiah’ figure for their covering and support. At some future point in time, the USA will no longer give Israel the support it has now.

However, as in the past, Israel at this point because it is a secular nation will seek to make political alliances and pacts with a ‘Messiah’ to obtain its ‘Peace and Security’. Israel is not yet consigned to look toward YHVH as a nation to their true Messiah Jesus, as it will only come after the Tribulation Period according to how some interpret Zechariah 14. It will only be there and then; at Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ that the ‘scales’ will fall from their spiritual blindness in part. Israel will realize, as a collective nation and consciousness that the true Messiah has been Jesus all along. Can it be the case that the world has prophetically arrived at the point in which the nexus of the AntiChrist of the Bible or that of the false Messiah Israel is about to embrace? Israel rejected Jesus Christ that was introduced and was examined some days prior to Passover. Although as a metaphor type of the Lamb of GOD, Jesus having no ‘blemish’ or sin in Himself was rejected as the Messiah by Israel.

The Servant-King, a ‘Living Menorah’
Israel then, was seeking a Bar-Abbas type Maccabees political liberator that would politically establish the Kingdom of David’s throne from that point on. They were seeking first the Crown before the Cross. Even now, many Jews reject Jesus because they cannot see or discern the 2 missions of the Messiah and cannot reconcile the notion that the Messiah had to first die. Most also reject the notion that the ‘Suffering Servant’ of Isaiah 53 is Jesus but Israel. Yet in the book of Acts, YHVH clearly dispels any confusion by sending Phillip to the Ethiopian Eunuch to confirm that the Suffering Servant is not taking about Israel, nor Isaiah, but Jesus. The New Testament is very clear that the coming AntiChrist will come in his own ‘Name’ and be presented to Israel in the anticipated geo-political framework that will ‘confirm’ the Covenant with the ‘Many’.

Thus, considering the Menorah Pattern of the Age of Gentiles, then it would be at a Trumpets Feast timeframe that Jesus will return, perhaps. It would not only begin the New Year, but new ‘Kingdom’, new Temple, new Sacrifices, etc. This possible, speculated and suggested timeline thus would fit amazingly with the 2520, the 1260 midpoint that would correspond to also when the AntiChrist will cease the Daily Sacrifices occurring in the 3rd Temple service. It must be states that such timelines and dates are not meant to predict nor state that such are emphatically when the Rapture and the 2nd coming of Jesus are to take place. Such notions are only an extrapolation based on the Menorah Pattern only meant to bring-up for consideration and study.

However, such time markers do appear significant and interesting but are yet to be determined. This study has attempted to present a clear delineation of the multifaceted template of the 7’s and the7-7-7 Menorah Pattern typology concerning the whole comprehensive Plan of Redemption. Based on said patterns, could a Pentecost season thus see such a synchronization and fulfillment of the end of the Gentile Age as it began? Could there be a connection where such a possible ascension based on the factor of the June 1, 32 AD date of the 1st Pentecost that had the amazing 153th day variable encoded respectfully be prophetically significant and pertinent to a future Pentecost? One last calculation is presented due to its numerical year factor.

If 1 day is as 1000 years, and the Gentile Age is to be more or less 2000 years or ‘2-day’ prophetic pattern, then the present Pentecost Period is about to see its completion. The prophetic ‘2 days’ concerning the Gentile Age is predicated on how Jesus stayed with the Samaritans for 2 days after the encounter with the Woman at the Well. Some believe it was and is a type of how Jesus came also to minister to the Gentiles and is currently for ‘2 prophetic days’ or approximately 2000 years. The question and mystery remain though, will the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, the conclusion of the present-day work of the ‘Servant Stem’ Feast typology conclude on a Pentecostal timeframe as it began? Again, this study is not insinuating that the Rapture will or has to occur on a given Pentecost Feast but that it is just a very interesting association given the timelines presented based on the Menorah Pattern of prophecy and the study of 7’s and 7-7-7 that are based off the Creation Week typology and Israel’s 70th year anniversary. Only time will tell. If at least if the 2-day to 2000-year correlation is to be realized, for sure the prophetic completion of the Gentile Age is then scheduled to conclude within this ‘Last Generation’.

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