Why Israel has to use a Nuclear Weapon

  • What is the Samson Option and has it been used? 
  • Can Israel survive a Nuclear 1st Strike against it?
  • What does the Bible have to say about the End Times?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider the Sampon Option of Israel. And that the Option, being Nuclear in nature, will deal with the Destruction of Damascus. The reason why Israel is uber-sensitive about its Defense and employing a Heavy Hand when Attacked, is that due to the Modern Era of Weaponry, Israel can literally be ‘Wiped-off the Map’. And this with only 3 Nuclear Blasts of a 50 Megaton Tsar Bomb like the Russians have. But for the Muslims and all those that oppose the Prophetic Plans YHVH has for Israel, it is better to ‘Set the Kingdom on Fire so as to Rule it Ashes’. About 90% of all the Jews would be killed with 3 Nuclear Bombs of this type.

And not to include those that would be wounded for life and then suffer the effects of Radiation Poisoning, etc. What is the Samson Option? It is Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). The Notion is taken from the Old Testament Life of 1 of the Judges, Samson. At the End of his Life, he was Blinded for being Disobedient and Cavalier with YHVH’s Precepts. YHVH had given him Super-Hero Powers that emanate from his Hair. But his ‘Palestinian’ Wife conspired against him and his Secret was found out. As the Philistines sought to Mock him and show him a Public Spectacle, which Lucifer seeks to do of all of Jesus’ People, Samson Repented.

And in a last Request for Revenge, although now Blind still, asked to be placed in-between the 2 main Pillars of the Temple of the Fish God Dagon. In his Last Act, Samson, knowing that he would perish in the Act, toppled the Pillars, where it then Samson, ‘Brought Down the House’. This is what Israel is again facing of its Muslim Enemies and particularly the ‘Modern-Day Philistines’. Although there are Genetic Vestiges of them remaining, they mostly mixed with the Invading Arab-Muslim Populations that came in to occupy Gaza and the rest of what was then ‘Syria-Palestina’, as it had been re-named by the Conquering Romans before the Arabs came.

What one will see, during the Tribulation Period is Mass Death of such types, due to Nuclear Exchanges. It is where the Bible does depict Mass Casualties, of not Millions but Billions of People dying as a result. And it will also involve a degree of Divine Intervention as in the case of the Gog-Magog 1 War. When the Russian led Muslim Coalition of Outer-Ring Nations, to include Iran and Turkey, will be Decimated by YHVH. This will take place on the Mountains of Israel. These are the Ancient Heartland regions of Samaria and Judea, where they will Fall. Their Tongues and Eye-Sockets will Melt as they stand. The Radiation from their Weaponry will be used for fuel for 7 Year in Israel. So, Israel has the Samson Option. It is a MAD Military Option of Last Resort. It stands for Mutual Assured Destruction and came out of the Cold War Strategy.

Pre-emptive Strike Policy

It basically asserts that if the Nation goes down in an Attack, so will the Enemy along with it then. According to History and some versions, this Samson Option was almost employed by Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. During this Time, the only Female Prime Minister, Golda Meir contemplated using this as Israel was nearly overrun by the 7 Invading Muslim Armies. They were instructed and armed by the Soviet Union at that Time. If you talk with some of the Surviving IDF Veterans of the War, they will plainly say that the War was with the Soviet Union. And it Echoes the Gog-Magog War to come. Ironically, the Soviet Union recognized the ‘Reborn’ Modern State of Israel shortly after the USA.

It thought that since most of the Jewish Leadership came from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, that Israel was going to be a ‘Communist Country’. As it was, the 1st types of Industry were Communal Agricultural Settlements known as Kibbutz. And they were structured in a ‘Communist’ type of Operation. Ben Gurion, the ‘Father’ of Modern Israel came from a Kibbutz and was a ‘Secular’ Jew. This Secular Nation, not based on Religion had a different Dealings between Modern Israel and the Arabs that are currently in the ‘Promised Land’. Joshua had to deal with them at the ‘Walls of Jericho’. It appears that there are some profound Spiritual Implications for the End of Days, based on the Apostle Paul‘s Experience on the ‘Road to Damascus’ as well.

From an Israeli point of view, Muslims can be part of Israel, as in Israeli Citizens. But the Muslim Neighbors that are seeing Nuclear Programs were and are seen as a Direct Threat to Israel’s Survival. But so is Demographics a Threat as Muslim Families have more Births. Having come off the Concentration Camps of World War 2, the young Jewish Nation became legitimately Anxious as to its Survival. All-Out War was declared by all its Muslim Arab Neighbors starting the Day Israel declared Statehood on May 14, 1948. The ‘Palestinians’ did not want a 2-State Solution. Their Solution is ‘No Israel’. Israel, on the other Han, had to start off with the Fight of her Life.

Metaphorically, this was a Depiction, in one sense of the vision as depicted in the Book of Revelation 12 and 13. A Red Dragon sought to Devour the ‘Man-Child’ that was about to be Birthed of the Virgin with 12 Stars. When one sees a tiny country being invaded by 7 well-armed Arab armies simultaneously, one has good cause to be suspicious of the Muslim’s intentions, now as then. Israel has thus embarked on a policy of preempting strikes first to maintain this off-set balance of power. For example, Israel struck nuclear reactors in Iraq in 1981 and in Syria in 2007 as it has been noted in the previous section of the study.

If one does a study on the subject of the ‘Last Days’ as stated by the Book of Hosea, one will plainly see that the Arab-Israeli conflict is foremost a religious struggle, though most would refuse to see it that way. Westerners distinguish between church and state, the whole of the Middle East culture does not. The conflict centers on which ‘faith’ and worldview will prevail. The Holy Books of Judaism and Islam portray 2 very contrasting views of who ‘GOD’ is and who the ‘Promised Land’ belongs to. This is despite the misguided Christians who claim that ‘Allah’ is the same ‘God’ of the Bible.

Mutual Assured Destruction
At the Core of this Middle East Conflict is the issue of the ‘Promised Land’ and its Title Deed. Whom does it belong to? It is a matter of not being able to accommodate 2 People who claim the same Space and Time. It is a Religious War. Contrary to Popular Opinion and even of some Liberal Misinformed Christians, ‘Allah’ is not the same LORD and GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Islam is not the Progressive Successor to a failed Christianity as Muslims claim. If this were the case, why do Muslims behead those who ‘Convert’ to Christianity, if it is ‘the same God’? What is transpiring before the World Stage in these Last Days, in the current headlines are the Prophecies of the Bible. The Stage is set for the ultimate conclusion and fulfillment at Armageddon.

Many do not realize or associate that this ‘Last Battle’ is directly associated with the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, in the ‘Last Days’ as Hosea spoke about. He alluded to the 2nd Coming or Return of Jesus Christ. At that Time, Israel will be fully restored to ‘Faith’ in their True Messiah. Thus, Israel is a Bench Mark in Time that stipulates when Jesus is to Return. It will be at the Battle of Armageddon when Israel will have no place to go and nowhere to look, except up. The Sign of the Messiah's Appearance will be very Ominous; it will be when Israel and the World will see all the Armies of the World gathered together against Jerusalem.

By contrast, another Islamic country, that of Pakistan which happened to be the 1st Muslim Country to attain Nuclear Weapons, does not go about boasting publicly from a Government’s Official Policy Stance, that it has a ‘Divine Mandate’ from ‘Allah’ to eradicate the State of Israel, Jews and Christians, etc. Israel thus takes Iran’s Islamic Shi’ite Militant Threats, to ‘Wipe Israel off the Map’, literally. Since 2010 there has actually been a De-Facto War going on between Iran and Israel over this very Postulation. It has occurred through Cyber Software Viruses, Scientists being targeted, Killed and Nuclear Facilities are being Sabotaged covertly, etc.

Currently, Iran has just about attained Nuclear Status. At some point, it will use this Technology to Weaponize its Military with it. As these Nations are playing into Biblical Prophetic Scenarios, Israel is already Preemptively Striking Iran and/or Syria because of this Perceived Threat. This will cascade into several Biblically foretold Invasions of Israel by the Muslim Nations that will set the inevitable Stage for the Countdown to Armageddon. The Samson Option will be Israel’s only course. It describe Israel’s alleged Nuclear Deterrence Strategy of ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ MAD.

It is characterized by initiating a Massive Retaliation with Nuclear Weapons, as a ‘Last Resort’, against an onslaught or Invasion of Israel by its Muslim Neighbors. This is the Biblical Principle behind the alleged Policy. It is to be implemented at a Point in Time when Israel would deem it so Hopeless and Necessary to Survive, that it gets to the point that this Desperate Act would assure the Destruction of all Parties involved. Why this Assertion could have some Merit, is that the Jewish Population in Israel is Geographically Concentrated. Any Nuclear Attack on Israel itself would literally wipe the ‘Jews off the map’ of the Middle East with just 2 or 3 Nuclear Warheads. Currently in Israel proper, the Jewish population is tiny compared to other Nations.

Israeli Military Complex
Israel’s Populations stands at just over 7 Million with another 7 Million still scattered throughout the Nations of the World. Thus, any Threat from a Nation or Group that aims at Genocide, involving a potential Nuclear Threat to exterminate the Jewish Race and Faith is taken literally and seriously by the Jewish Government. As it has shown in the past, Israel will not hesitate to Strike 1st, to preempt any Chemical, Biological or Nuclear Imminent Threat to preserve its Survival. Hypothetically, a Nuclear Strike on Israel from either an Iranian Nuclear Warhead or Syrian Chemical and/or Biological Bomb would be catastrophic and a Game-Changer.

As most of Israel’s Population and Military Complex is concentrated in the Tel-Aviv area, the Jewish Population and Infrastructure would be decimated by at least 1/3 or 33%. Nearly 2.3 Million People would parish over the course of Minutes and this would be with just using 1 Mid-Sized 200 Kiloton Warhead (20 Megatons). It is this Region in Israel that would be ideal for a 1st Strike by its Muslim Enemies.

So, the Guarantee of National Survival really depends on who will be the one who will Preemptively Strike 1st? It is just a matter of when. The Military Forces of Israel are said to be one of the Best Trained in the World. Israel has gotten to the point that it is one of the leading Exporters of Weapons to other Countries. Currently, the overall Military Personnel is estimated to be at 3,511,190+ with Active Military at 187,000. It has the ability to call-up 300,000 Reservists. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) differs from most Armies in the world in many ways. It is ranked 10-15th in the World overall, according to several Military Statistics Websites. Here is a general overview.


Total Land Weapons: 13,000+
The IDF has served as Israel's Armed Forces in all the Major Wars and Military Operations. The number of Wars and Border Conflicts in which the IDF has been involved in its short History has made it one of the most Battle-Hardened Armies in the World.

Total Aircraft: 2,000+
Israel’s Air Force is said to be the best in the World. Although Israel’s Air Force lacks Strategic Bombers to deliver Nuclear Weapons over Long Ranges, its F-15I/F-16I Sufa and now the F-35s Fighter Jets are capable of delivering Nuclear Weapons.

Total Navy Ships: 70+
Israel is believed to have an Offshore Nuclear Second-Strike Capability, using Submarine Launched Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missiles. These Nuclear Devices can be launched from the Israeli Navy's Dolphin-Class Submarines.

This Agency is responsible for Intelligence, Covert Operations, Assassinations, Counter-Terrorism, bringing Jews to Israel from Countries where Aliyah is Forbidden and Protects Jewish Communities Worldwide. Mossad's former Motto was from Proverbs 24:6 in the Bible. ‘For by Wise Guidance you can wage your War’. Others translate it to mean, ‘By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War’. The Motto was later changed to Proverbs 11:14.

Prophecy in the News Headlines
So, those that calculate that Christ comes before this Nuclear Climax happens, sooner, rather than later, miss the realization that the Dominoes of Arab Countries are being put in place for this event to occur after or in Tandem with the Rapture Event that will End the Church Age Witness. In the meanwhile, Israel fears that if Islamists attain a Nuclear Warhead, given the opportunity, Radical Islamists with or without the aid or control of Arab Governments, will use the Nuclear Warhead in attempts to Destroy the State of Israel.

All the Charters of the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood call for the Total Destruction of the State of Israel. These Entities are not even sovereign countries but Para-Military and Pseudo-States within a State. The following is the list of how many Time Israel has had to defend itself against its Muslim and Arab Populations. It does not include the 2 Nuclear Reactor Strikes against Iraq and Syria.

1948 Independence War
1956 Sinai War
1967 Six-Day War
1953 War of Attrition
1973 Yom Kippur War
1982 Lebanon War I
1982–2000 South Lebanon conflict
1987 1st Intifada
2001 2nd Intifada
2006 Lebanon War II
2008 Gaza War - Operation Cast Lead
2012 Gaza Strip - Operation Pillar of Defense
2014 Gaza War - Operation Protective Edge
2021 Palestine - Operation Guardian of the Walls
2023 Hamas War

The Jihadist Para-Military Factions often work hand-in-hand with various Muslim Governments. According to the Quran, it is the Primary Duty of every Muslim to oppose the Jews and Christians. The Opposition, Hate and Conflict against Israel is a Unifying Factor for the Arab and non-Arab Muslims of the World. It is to have this primary Religious Goal and Political Aspiration of Destroying the ‘Zionist State’, etc. These are the groups that have swept into Power in such cases, because of Civil Strife within Weak Arab Nations. These Agencies now have Stately Power and control of the Chemical, Biological and potential Nuclear Arsenals.

Such Nations are Lebanon with Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guard in Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Taliban in Afghanistan, etc. They have done and will do what no Arab Government can or would do as Official Policy, except for Iran perhaps. And it is? Attack Israel. Why? Based on one’s Biblical Interpretation and Assessment, the Rebirth of the Sovereign Nation of Israel, although not Religious but Secular in Political Framework, negates Islam as a ‘True Religion’ and Last Revelation. How so?

It is about the Birth-Right

The mere Existence of the State of Israel repudiates the Notion that Islam is the Final Revelation of ‘God.’ The fact that after nearly 1948 Years from the Destruction of the Holy Temple in 70 AD, Israel is reborn from the Ashes of the Concentration Camps on the verge of Annihilation, is a direct and concrete Witness to the Prophecy of Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones Vision that YHVH is not done with the Jews. And? The Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple is theirs. Moreover, Israel now has become the Prophetic Countdown to Armageddon.

The World, the Muslims and the Jews have now been put ‘on-Notice’ that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob still Honors His Land Covenant, his Capital City Jerusalem and the House of Prayer for all Nations, etc. This Land Covenant was specifically given to Israel to be an Inheritance forever, to all Generations for the ‘Seed of Abraham’, mainly the Son of David, Jesus Christ. The lesson learned by the Jewish People after World War 2 is that before Hitler came to Power, he published in this Book, Mein Kompf. In it, he stated what he would do exactly to the Jews, given the chance once he would be in Political Power to do so. Hitler did just what he wrote about and meant.

The Muslim Charters say the same and want to do the same. They are. This is why Iran, Syrian, Hezbollah and Hamas are such contentious Issues and Concern to Israel. The Religious Leaders of such Islamist Factions have on numerous occasions and in mass rallies, prescribe a similar Apocalyptic Scenario against the State of Israel and the Jews, Christians included. Now the World is United against Israel, just as the Bible said. The Muslim Eschatology prescribes a ‘Nuclear’ sort of Holocaust against Israel in an attempt to usher in their 12 Imam or Mahdi the Muslim Messiah. This World Figure will ‘Finish’ the Job with the Jews and Christians as he will Rule for ‘7 Years’ from Jerusalem.

At that time, he and with the help of the ‘Muslim Jesus’ will fully Destroy not only the Jews in Israel but will break all the Christian Crosses and Forcibly Convert all of Humanity to Islam or be condemned to death by Decapitation. This Mahdi is to usher thereafter the True and Pure Religion of Islam. Again, any Objector will be Decapitated, Muslim Style. This Muslim Prophecy is what the Bible has already disclosed in terms of the coming AntiChrist, who will lead the entire World against Israel to the Battle of Armageddon. Consider that most of the Leadership in Israel has been Secular since 1948. However, 1 Day a Man of Peace, a ‘Solomon 2.0’ or for the Muslims, a ‘Suleiman 2.0’ will appear to Israel and the World with the False Prophet.

Until then, the Quandary and Status-Quo of Israel is that the World has had to grapple with since 1948. The Bible however does foretell a Time when Israel as a Nation will revert back to the Dispensation of being under the Law. When? It will be once the Church Age Ends with the Rapture Event that could very well be pegged to a Sudden Destruction caused by the Samson Option. The Status-Quo will all change once the False Prophet and AntiChrist come on the scene. And the 3rd Temple, once built, will be the Rallying Cry for the World to unite around the Daily Sacrifices as the ‘Abrahamic Family House of Peace’ for all the Nations.




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Purchase a Copy of Poster on Zazzle.com to help Support one’s Research.



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