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An Argument from Negations

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Get Wisdom, but above All, Get Understanding’. -Proverbs 4:7

The purpose of this study is to Negate and ‘Run the Gauntlet’ of the supposed Rapture Dates that are ‘Pregnant’ for the Month of September 2023. One was challenged to do so when one surmised that based on one’s Research, Logic and Reasoning, the Rapture would not, most likely not occur at those said Times. In ‘Running the Rapture Date Gauntlet’, one will be holding up the Sign that reads, ‘Get Wisdom, but above All, Get Understanding’. Why? One will speak in the Past Tense in the Response.

This latest Rapture Roulette primarily had to do with the Month of September 2023, thanks to Brother Patrick at his Hourly Watch YouTube Channel. He had pretty much single-handedly stirred-up the Base of the End Times Watcher Community pertaining to the Rapture Timing because of all the Asteroids he had Identified were occurring in the Constellation of Virgo, at the Time of the Jewish New Year for 2023. He has done this before, in other Signs, like Leo and likewise inferred, strongly, that it was going to be the ‘Rapture’.

And as the said Dates had come-and-gone, he just deleted the Videos. And? Now Brother Patrick had surmised that the Rapture was sure to have taken place, anywhere from September 15-23rd of 2023. It was because in his Mind and Interpretation, the Yearly Iteration of the Revelation 12 Sign, was the ‘True Revelation 12 Sign’. And most if not all of the End Times Watchmen Community ‘Drank the Kool-Aid’ once again. But based on his Knowledge, the prior Revelation 12 Sign, back in 2017 was a False one, not ‘True’ per his own Words. See Critique of his Interpretation in the Article below.

A Critique of Video Teaching by Hourly Watch

Many will say and have said in one’s Response, ‘Who are you? Who do you think you are in Judgment of what others have Discovered in the Revelation 12 Sign? Well, only that one does claim ‘1st Rights’ in ‘Discovering the Sign. See Evidence of Attribution in the End Notes. One is not out to Upset nor Stifle the ‘Excitement’ of the End Times Community, of the Possibility of the Rapture occurring in 2023. And Patrick’s Work and Research into such Celestial Arrays in the Constellations is Commendable.

Rules of Eschatology

But Patick is giving a Mixed Message. In the same Videos, especially his last ones, he states that, ‘I am not saying it will be the Rapture Date’. But then right after that, he shared the ‘Proof’ that it will be the Rapture and then insinuates that ‘We are going Home Family!’, etc. One is not Negating that the Iteration of the 2023 Revelation 12 Sign was a Sign, but one is saying, the ‘Signs are not the Event’. Let us look at what Brother Patick is saying. The 2023 Revelation 12 Sign Rapture Frenzy was over-Sensationalized just as much as the Revelation 12 Sign Rapture Frenzy was back then in 2017. One has to interject the 3 Main Principles of Basic Eschatology. In studying such End Times for 40 Years, there are 3 Guiding Principles that Help or should Help a Student of the Bible be Objective. Here are some Main Rules one has developed.

1-Prophecy is Pattern (Chuck Missler)
2-Signs are not the Event
3-Context, Context, Context
4-Perception is not Reality
5-Time will always Tell the Truth

Signs point to Future Events. In the Case of the Revelation 12 Sign, it is what Delineates the Halves of the Book of Revelation and finds its Ultimate Prophetic Fulfillment, during the 7-Year Tribulation; not before, at least if one holds to a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. It is the Context that is confirmed by its Pre and Post Scriptures that Confirm it. What is happening with the Revelation 12 Sign is that Brethren are taking a Mid-Tribulation Sign and extrapolating the Imagery to apply it to the Bride of Christ Rapture. Realize that one is talking about it, occurring still in the Church Age. It is no different than the same Tactic used in Replacement Theology.

It is the Revelation 12 Sign that pertains to Israel and that occurs at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation that is Pertinent. Sure, one is in Agreement that the Revelation 12 Sign of Chapter 12 in the Book of Revelation does cast its Prophetic Shadow, back in Time within the Church Age. And that it would and mostly likely will infer the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Realize that if one applies True Logic and Reason to this Revelation 12 Sign for 2023, consider that it was not even based on the Year, Month and Day Anniversary of it. One is rather shocked just how Gullible the End Times Community still is, especially how one is of the Belief that the most if not all, were Swindled by the initial Revelation 12 Sign Hype back in 2017 by Scottie Clarke.

He got a ‘Free Pass’. No Questions asked. Most just took the ‘Wisdom’ or Knowledge that was presented, without obtaining Discernment or Understanding of it. As one pointed out the Problems, one became the ‘Problem’. Such will be the case for a COVID 2.0. Likewise, People have ‘Knowledge’ given to them by the Government, Media, and Medical Doctors concerning COVID, but they too lack Understanding. As an Amateur Astronomer, and a Bible Believer, one is in total Agreement that YHVH placed the Sun, Moon and the Stars for Signs, Seasons and Divine Appointment Times. The issue, as outlined in the Critique is that Brother Patrick was Emphatic that, ‘This is it!’ ‘This is the Year!’ But in that aspect, most if not all of the End Times Watcher Community have reinforced his Belief and Outcome. Why?

Astronomy 101

It was based on a 2023-2030, 7-Year Tribulation that, as of September 2023, was Impossible to Add-Up, Mathematically. This Calculus is based on the Day Counts given in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. So, the Rapture was to then have occurred on either September 15th, the 19th or 23rd because of an Asteroid Named ‘Child’? One would have thought that since 2017, most would have ‘Learned their Lesson’, and ventured into knowing more about the Book or Revelation, and Basic Astronomy.

Here below is the basic study of that for a Reference about Biblical Astronomy. With a Basic Understanding of this Ancient Wisdom, presumed 1st given to Adam, the Storyline of the Redemption of Mankind starts off with Virgo, the Revelation 12 Sign and ends with Leo, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, etc. The Sun visits or traverses the 12 Constellations or Signs, each in approximately 1 Month Cycles of Time. One believes in the Mazzaroth, which is the Hebrew Word for the Constellations. They tell the Story of the Ministry of Jesus in a 3-Fold Revelation based on the Meaning of the Names of the Stars, etc.

Silent witness of the Gospel

This is where one gets the Year, the Solar Year. The Sun stays at each Sign for ~30 Days, etc. Thus, every Year, the Sun in September will begin its Visitation in Virgo. And at some point in the Month, the Moon may Conjoin or Traverse the Sign just as much. It will Conjoin in the Virgo Sign to depict the ‘Sun clothing the Woman, with the Moon at her Feet’, as she is crowned by 12 Stars. There are Astronomically 12 Stars in the Head area of Virgo as it is. Thus, Astronomically, the Revelation 12 Sign occurs every Year. Repeat. And many Asteroids converge in Virgo in any given Year, not just for 2023.

The Revelation 12 Sign Astronomically repeats every Year, in a Generic Sense. What makes it more interesting is that at Times, Planets, Asteroids, Comets will Conjoin this Astronomical Array in Virgo, as is the case for 2023, etc. What occurred back in 2017, was that the Planet Jupiter was in Retrograde Motion for 9 Months. And also, there were 3 Planets in Alignment that complemented the Celestial Tapestry. What this Writer and Researcher did back since 2008, was to note how that Celestial Depiction appeared to look, more precisely in 2017 to what the Book of Revelation 12 Depicted in Scripture.

One surmised that it was the ‘Sign’ of the Rapture but would not be it, at that precise Time and Place. Again, the Sign is not the Event. Nonetheless, the Sign got ‘Hijacked’ and Sensationalized like it is now again, that it was the Rapture, to precisely take place at that Time and Place. As one was against that Notion and Interpretation, one’s Voice was drowned-out as People did not want to hear it and accused one of ‘Stifling their Excitement’. Again, ‘Get Wisdom and Knowledge, but above all else, get Understanding’. Thus, one has had to do this Admonition again now in 2023 as the latest Iteration based on the Birth Typology, given the Asteroid Child crossed the Birthing Imaginary Line in the Constellation of Virgo along with the Man-Child Comet.

It is a Mid-Tribulation Fulfillment

It coincided with Rosh HaShanah on September 15, 2023. And? And thus, it is not the Bride of Christ that is ‘Born’, but rather the Red Dragon. Nonetheless, it was supposed to be the Rapture per Brother Patrick. Why? Because according to Brother Patrick, ‘Jesus told him’. And the Comet, C/2013 P1 Nishimura can ‘Turn Red’. It is one thing to Prophetically Prognosticate the Rapture Date. One does that as well. But when Brethren take it to the level of an Assuredly, made the Rapture based on Space Rocks? A higher Level of Scrutiny is required. And he was most assuredly saying the Rapture was to occur at the ‘Birth’ of the Asteroid named, ‘Child’ on September 15, 2023.

But in case that did not happen, the Rapture was to have occurred from the 17-19th of September, 2023.This was due to the newly discovered Comet from a Japanese Amateur Astronomer whose Name means ‘Exalted Man-Child’? If the Rapture had occurred on the 15th or 19th or 23rd of September in 2023, it means that the Daily Sacrifices would have needed to also coincide and start at that precise Time. Or else, the Return of Jesus in 2030, cannot add-up to the Math of a 2520 Day Tribulation.

September 15, 2023 + 2520 Days (7-Year Tribulation) = August 9, 2030

This Calculus does not even fit the supposed other Notion that such End Times Watchers also hold dear. It is that Jesus will Return on Rosh HaShanah in 2030. For the Year 2030, based on the Rabbinical Calendar, the Date is September 27, 2030. It is at least 1 Month off. Again, this is not to Discourage Brethren from seeking to Ascertain when the Possible Rapture Timing is. One does the Same, but again, ‘Get Knowledge, but above all else, Get Understanding’. But why the 23rd of September, a '923'? In the Year 2023, the Date of September 23, 2023 was the 266th Day with 99 Days remaining until the End of the Year. It is a Factor of a 666 Encrypted within the Calculus.

It is a Peculiar Day for the Luciferians that have Exploited it in Predictive Programming across various Social Media Platforms. Now what one does Argue and has presented Evidence, is that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was ‘The Sign of the Rapture’. But one argues that it only occurred Astronomically. The True and Final Fulfillment occurs at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation. The 2nd Sign will coincide, also Astronomically as a Motif or Metaphor just as much. In that case, one suggests that the Astronomical Corresponding Sign will be Planet X having 7 Planets, Astronomically in 2029.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​#723: REVELATION 12 TRIBULATION




It is not Scripturally Sound
Despite this Interpretation, one cannot say with 100% absurdity that it will occur as one surmises. One is only offering one’s Best Assessment, just as valid as any other. And that is the Point. When Brethren make Extraordinary Statements, that the Rapture was going to occur because of an Asteroid named ‘Child’? Then one just asks to provide Extraordinary Proof. That is all. The following Segment is to highlight some of the Points a Sister in Christ, Heather R., noted in a Video posted on September 1, 2023 about the Rapture Frenzy that had become of the Revelation 12 Sign for September of 2023.

The Two-Fold Interpretation of the Revelation 12 sign.

As with the Frenzy of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred leading-up to September 23, 2017, it too was Sensationalized and took the Biblical Sign out of Context. In that case, as it is with this Time around, not even reaching its 6th Year Anniversary is that it will coincide and it is the ‘Sign’ the Rapture, had to occur, etc. As one Exclaimed back in 2017, that it was not about the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, one was marginalized and relegated to ‘Raining’ on Rapture Roulette Parade.

One was blamed for ruining the ‘Excitement’ that most that are Watching the End Times are hoping it would be the Rapture. One can understand the Longing Desire of being Rapture-Out of this Sick and Demented World. One would have hoped that it would have been the case. But if anything that the Holy Spirit could have been evolved in all this, is that one believes, and had expressed in this Round of a Frenzy over the Revelation 12 Sign, is the lack of Understanding. Why now?

‘The beginning of wisdom is: Acquire wisdom; And with all your acquiring, acquire understanding’. - Proverbs 4:7 LSB

You see, there is a lot of ‘Wisdom’ that many People bring to the Prophetic Table, especially in these End Times. It is especially True with the advent of Computers, the Internet and Constellation Software, etc. People can be ‘Arm-Chair Theologians’ without ever having a proper Understanding of Biblical Hermeneutics or Basic Astronomy. One is not saying or supporting that one has to attend a Bible College or be an Astronomer to do that or be ‘Certified’. One would venture to say that at this Present Time, precisely to avoid all such places as they are no longer Seminaries but ‘Cemeteries’. Sadly. One is saying that although ‘Wisdom’ or Knowledge has increased as a Sign in itself of the Last Days Condition, Understanding has not.

This is what has bothered someone as myself when it comes to the Revelation 12 Sign. Why one has decided to highlight what Sister Heather is saying is for several Reasons. In 1 aspect, Heather was a Member, a fellow Contributor as oneself, back in the Day when I, she and Scottie Clarke were among the same online Rapture Blog called, ‘Rapture in the Air Now’. It was at that Site that one 1st started to introduce one’s Studies on the Revelation 12 Sign, as it was discussed. It was mainly due to how one saw the Sky depicted during Rosh HaShanah 2015 in particular Why? That is the Time when most End Time Students of the Rapture see the Event to occur. Most still do.

‘Replacement Revelation’
The Original Idea came off the Study of the Blood Moon Tetrad that was to conclude on the Feast of Sukkot. That specific Day was September 28, 2015. It so happened to be a Super Moon, on top of it being the last of the 4 Blood Moon Eclipse, etc. The Posts on RITA concerning this Future Date ‘End’ of the Tetrad, was being posted since 2010. And what one discovered was that on the Feast of Trumpets, the Sun and Moon were in Virgo. It so happened that in 2015, it was not Jupiter that was in the ‘Womb’ of Virgo, but Saturn. And it was from there that the Conversation led to the Cover-Up of Google Sky in which the Patch was Blacked-Out of the ‘Red Dragon’ in Virgo. One’s initial study of the Revelation 12 Sign came in 2006, with the Movie the DaVinci Code. In that Movie with Tom Hanks, the Planetary Array shown, as s clue from Isaac Newton's Tomb depicted, the Revelation 12 Sign. Coincidence? No. See Chart in End-Notes.

March 17, 2006 (Movie Released) to September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 Sign.
= 11 years, 6 months (A 9-11 upside Down and Reversed,)

This led to further investigation of how subsequent Years, in 2017 to be exact, one then depicted the Astronomical Same Picture, only 2 Years from 2015 where it was Jupiter this Time, that replaced Saturn. What one observed was how then Jupiter had a 9th Month Retrograde in it and suggesting it was more of an Accurate Astronomical Rendition of the Revelation 12 Sign. It was at this Time that Scottie Clarke then left the Forum and created his own YouTube Channel and ‘Hijacked’ the Sign and Research to make it his ‘own’ and then to suggest that the Revelation 12 Sign was going to be the Rapture Event.

Although one attempted to dispel this Rapture Notion, YouTube Channels are like Bull-Horns that drowned one’s Voice of Reason and Logic. And to the other Point that most End Times Watchers just were thrilled at the ‘Latest and Greatest’ ‘Find’ for a Rapture Event. Thus, if one sees and hears what Sister Heather has to say about the Revelation 12 Sign, one is in total Agreement, well 99% of what she critiques about it. The ‘Bad Taste’ of the Sign is so Bitter in her Mouth, as they say, is that she 100% now repudiates any and all Astronomical Signs as being Biblically Relevant. But what about the Dream of the Revelation 12 Sign given to Joseph? What about the Magi that were led by the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration on December 25, -2 BC? One is not insinuated that Brother Patrick, who is the Prime ‘Instigator’ of this Go-Around has done this Intentionally or Maliciously.

One is just Echoing what Sister Heather has correctly brought-out. It is that it has gotten ‘Beyond Biblical’ at this Stage of his and other Interpretations. The Revelation 12 Sign Iteration, having occurred in 2023, even got other Well-Respected End Times Teachers hooked on the Kool-Aid. There were most notably, Robert Breaker, Brother Chooch, Dr. Barry Awe, Aaron with God a Minute, Brother John of Watching for that Great Day, Brother Paul Dawson from the UK, the whole Crew at Up Time Church, and others.  The following is just an Abbreviated Synopsis of what Heather had to say about the Revelation 12 Sign Frenzy for 2023. In it she clearly delineates 2 Scripture References as to what the Revelation 12 Sign is really all about. She makes Prophetic Linkages to 1 Timothy 3:16 and Psalm 2.

A Sign for Israel
Basically, her Premise, which one totally agrees on this Point, is that the Revelation 12 Sign is a Mid-Point or Mid-Tribulation Time Frame Event. It cannot possibly find its fulfillment prior to that before the 7-Year Tribulation Period. She then makes sure to use proper Biblical Hermeneutics, which just means Proper Exegesis of the Scriptures to maintain its Context for Meaning. She points to the Pre and Post Scriptures of the Sign and in both cases, it confirms the Time-Frame and Context of the Sign. It is a Mid-Tribulation Event, at exactly the Mid-Point within the Abomination of Desolation is to occur. It is just as the Sequence of Events Jesus foretold and warned about in Matthew 24. Nowhere in the Text does it infer the ‘Rapture of the Church’. She has an issue of how many Brethren ‘Cherry Pick’ the Verses. In this case how the Man-Child pertains to the Bride of Christ, which is how the Rapture is Linked to that of the Bride of Christ.

She goes on to point-out that the Man-Child is then in Direct Reference to Jesus as Prophetically inferred in Psalm 2 that Israel ‘Birthed’. That is the Verse where in the Old Testament, it would be foretold how the Messiah would be put to Death. And that the Last Words would be spoken from the Cross, as Echoed through the Sufferings of King David. Heather made an Excellent Point when Jesus Exclaimed, ‘My GOD, My GOD, why have you Forsaken Me?’. It was a Sign for Israel and to have Israel look to their Scriptures to note who and what they were doing this to. They were essentially Murdering their Promised Savior. So, in retrospect to the Revelation 12 Sign, it is clearly dealing with the coming or Return of Jesus to Rule with an Iron Scepter and Dash to Pieces the Nations for their Rebellion and Murder. They will be held Accountable, etc.

Now, here is where one and Heather do differ. Under no Circumstances and Interactions, does Heather believe that the Constellations are for Signs, Seasons and Divine Appointments. One is of the Opinion or Perspective that although the Revelation Sign will have its Ultimate Fulfillment at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation, it has cast a Prophetic Shadow into the Past., i.e., on September 23, 2017. How so. Realize that Prophecy has an Immediate and then a Terminal Fulfillment. This is why every Time one has referenced the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017, one emphatically stresses that it occurred only ‘Astronomically’. There was no Israel Remnant feeling for 1260 Days in Petra in 2017. Where is the Red Dragon Geo-Politically trying to devour the Man-Child? Who got ‘Raptured? Who is Ruling the Earth with an Iron Rod?

Where was the Abomination placed in the Temple? You see how it does not make Sense or is it Logical? It is akin to Replacement Theology. It is how many Denominations substitute Israel with the Church and that gets all of one’s Eschatology all Confused and Mixed-Up. This is precisely what is occurring with the Revelation 12 Sign. No, the Revelation 12 Sign was not fulfilled back in 2017. No, the Rapture did not occur nor was it supposed to. No, there was no ‘Red Dragon’ Event that followed. No, the Sign did not occur on Rosh HaShanah as Hyped. Yes, one is still convinced that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was and is a Sign of the Rapture. Yes, the Mid-Tribulation Sign had its ‘Prophetic Shadow’ cast back into Time, 2017. Yes, the Sign only was Fulfilled Astronomically. One will present Evidence of how the True Revelation 12 Sign will once again Reconfigure, 12 Years later in Virgo.

On the New or Full Moon?

This is based on the Cycle of Jupiter coming-around to coincide with what one surmises will be the Mid-Tribulation Time. That Year will be 2029. In 1 sense, this is why most have seen or are ‘channeling’ a 2023-2030 Timeline. It is because they are off by 1260 Days or 3.5 Years. It is because the Year 2023-2030 is the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, not the Beginning of it. Lastly, one will interject one’s Perspective as to why the End Time Watching Community was so fixed on the 6th Year of the Revelation 12 Sign. Realize as mentioned, that the High Rapture Watch was from September 15-17, then the 19th and then the 23rd, were not even touching-up to the 6th Year Anniversary of the Sign back in 2017, except for the last Date. So why the 6th Year rather than the 7th Year? One would rather suggest the 7th is the more Accurate of the Prophetic Picture.

One could concede this Point in that the Rapture would occur in the 6th Year. Why? It is because from September 23, 2023 to September 22, 2024 will be the 6th Year. Thus, if one’s Summer White Wheat Wedding of an Acts 2 Pentecost Feast of New Wine is when the Holy Spirit came and could thus Depart, then Technically, the Rapture Year of 2024 would correspond to the 6th Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign. And then from then the 7th Year Anniversary will occur in 2025, just as one surmises the Tribulation Period is to start at the End of all the Fall Feast, i.e., Shemini Atzerets/ Simchat Torah.   

There were many who likewise argued for the 6th Year because of what Leviticus states how YHVH instructed Israel to ‘Work’ the Land for 6 Years and in the 7th Year, one was to leave the Land to Rest or give it a Sabbath. In fact, this Divine Precept given to Israel is what landed them in Exile for the very fact they did not keep the Sabbaths of the Land, etc. But then there was a Video of Pastors Mark Biltz and Paul Begley that discussed how the Rapture, when it occurs, is to happen on a Feast of Trumpets Day. The main Rationale, coming from Biltz, is that his Interpretation is based on the Hebrew Word in Proverbs 7:20.

It is the Passage where a Woman of the Night tries to entice a Young Naïve Man to Seduce. The Woman refers to how the ‘Man of the House’ is gone, etc. He also references it to the other Verse talking about the ‘Good Man of the House’ in Ezra 7. It is about how the Good Man of the House is to return from his ‘Long Journey’ at the ‘Appointed Time’. Biltz then surmises that the Jewish Euphemism refers to the Time of the Return of Jesus. But that it then infers also to the Rapture Timing, that being what the ‘Appointed Time’ is inferring to because it suggests Rosh HaShanah.

One is aware that he is extremely Bias for a Rosh HaShanah Rapture Timing because the Verses infer a New Moon as that is the only Feast that is decreed to be started on, a New Moon. However, all but a 1 Translations translated the ‘Appointed Time’ as being a New Moon as he then choses that one to suffice this Eschatology. However, most Translations and the Interlinear in the Hebrew correctly Translate the Word as Full Moon. And to note that Biltz is chatting to a Pastor, Begley, who does not believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. So, one would assess that ‘2 Wrongs do not make 1 Right’. One is rather surprised given the Fact that Biltz is Half Jewish and knows Hebrew.

In Hebrew according to Strong's Numbers.
H3677 (keh‘-seh)        = Full Moon
H2320 (kho'-desh)      = New Moon

Psalms 81:3
Blow-Up the Trumpet in the [New Moon, (H2320)] in the [Time Appointed (H3677) Full Moon)] on our Solemn Feast Day.

Proverbs 7:20
He hath taken a Bag of Money with him and will come Home at the Day Appointed. (H3677),
= Full Moon.


Also, in the Greek, the Word for 'New Moon' is Neomenia. It is in Colossians 2:16 and correctly translated as ‘New Moon’. Note that the Blowing of the Trumpets, is to occur on the New Moon signaling the Beginning of a Month, True. But then 15 Days later, also on a Full Moon.

It is based on the Solar Calendar of having March 22, be the 1st Day of the New Month, etc. That is how Passover was determined also and occurred, as one has Calculated in April 14, 32 AD. And in fact, at that Night near Mid-Night was a Blood Moon in Libra, the Ancient Altar depicting the Celestial Sacrifice of the Lamb of YHVH, etc.  

Note that in the Passage of Ezra 7 that was used by Biltz, the Good Man Returned with Bags of Silver and Gold. When? It was on the 1st Day of the 5th Month (Tammuz) and stayed for 3 Days. And when did he leave? He Departed the Festival of New Wine. Can you rather say, a Summer White Wheat Wedding of Acts 2 being the Pentecost of Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came down and will go up with the Bride of Christ?

One is not doubting that Jesus is to Return on a Feast Day, and that, more precisely would be the Feast of Trumpets Week. See Chart of a Sabbath of Return of September 11, 2032. The Prophetic Correlation is found in Daniel 11:29. It states the following.

‘At the Time Appointed he shall Return and come toward the South; but it shall not be as the Former, or as the Latter’.

One is in agreement. This is to strongly suggest that Jesus will Return at the Appointed Time, a Feast Day. But this is not the Feast of the Rapture. Note that it will thus also correlate to a New Moon. However, based on one’s present Timeline of a 2025-2032 Tribulation Period, the New Moon occurs on September 5 and the Silver to determine the 1st Day of the 7th Month is on September 6. Rosh HaShanah is a 2 Day Feast, it ends then on the 8th. From there the Saturday or the Sabbath of Return is on September 11, just 3 Days out. So, just want to point out that there is a 3-4 Day Discrepancy in one’s Calculus thus far. 


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