Some Observations About the U.S. Mid-Term Election

  • Why is Trump being Idolized as America's 'Savior'?
  • What is 'Christian Nationalism' and being used by the Left?
  • What do the U.S. Mid-Term Elections mean for Christians?

by Luis B. Vega

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If a Person from another Nation turned on to the American Main-Stream News Outlet either on a TV or Online Venue, just days prior to the Mid-Term Elections, one would think that the USA was about to descend into Political Violence, a Civil War, etc. The ‘Nazis Are Coming!’ ‘The Nazis Are Coming!’ Quick! Vote Democrat! Save the Republic! That was and is the intended Psychological Effect. Psychological? Yes. There is a Psychological War being waged in the USA and the World for that matter -this Time Around. It is the same Old Ploy that was used for COVID. ‘Quick!’ ‘Take the Shot!’ ‘It is ‘Safe and Effective!’ What is in it? ‘Do not Ask, Do not Tell!’ But it is Experimental, no? ‘Trust the Science and our State Doctors’! Why would they Lie to you?!

What about all the People that are dying from the Shots? ‘White Christian Conspiracy!’ It is a Battle for the Mind. It is a War for the very Soul of the Nation, and it is being Lost and Damning many to Hell. The Psychosis of the last 3 Years, in particular, has Divided the Nation right in Half, down the Middle. But ironically, there is no more ‘Middle’. In the USA, there is no more Middle Class, Middle Road, Reason, Logic or Understanding prevailing in its Morality, Society or Politics, what is left of them. The USA is now leaning on its Political, Social and Moral Extremes, Left and Right. It will cause the Nation, the Society, its Morals and Politics to Fall. A Nation Divided Will Not Stand. What is ironic is that the USA, its Society, its Morals and Politics are functioning in a False Dichotomy.

The 'Narrative' of the Media, that is Left of Center and the President, likewise are spewing, 'Save Democracy'.... from the 'Election Deniers'... First of all, at the Presidential Level, the Presidents are Selected not Elected. If one thinks otherwise, one is part of the Problem. All Politics is Local and that is where Citizens do and can make a Difference. However, those that usurp Federal Power will and can Legislate Protocols that will and can and have undermined Local Politics. Example? How about Concerned Mothers that do not what Woke or Gender ‘Fluid’ Curriculum being taught to Kindergarteners? If you dare Protest, the FBI will be knocking at one’s Door.

As stated before, one does not have a Television to Watch all this Propaganda from. Kill Your TV. One does have a Laptop to see just how prevalent is the Propaganda in the USA, especially from the Left-Controlled Media. What is the Psychosis? Everything that the Left pushes is portrayed as ‘Democracy’. It is contrasted to all things to the Right of Center that is being portrayed as ‘Nationalist’, Fascist, Christian, Terrorist, Intolerant, Bigoted, and ‘White’, etc. It is a Set-Up, ever-so gradual but becoming very Effective. And as the Mid-Term Elections show, Trump is not America’s Savior. Jesus is.

The Fix Is In

This Social, Political, Moral and Medical Psychosis is being copied from another Nation, Society, Morality and Politics. The Nazism of Germany. Example? In the USA, Journalism, True Journalism in the West is Dead. Most owned News Corporations are not Objective nor Report a Balanced News Piece anymore. No. News Sources have now become the State and Corporate Mouth-Pieces of what the ‘Official Narrative’ is to be, has to be that. It is Duping and has Duped America into ‘Drinking the Kool-Aid’. What does ‘Save Democracy’ mean anyway? To the Left, Democracy means the Following.

-Sponsor Drag-Queen Story Hours in Public Libraries/Schools.       = Democracy
-Teach Men can Genetically change Sexes and Birth Children.       = Democracy
-Believe that a Man can Transition into a Woman, etc.                     = Democracy
-That a Man or Woman can ‘Marry’ its same Gender.                       = Democracy
-Have the State Pay for an Abortion to Murder a Life in the Womb. = Democracy
-Not being able to Define what a Woman is.                                     = Democracy
-That National Borders be open to allow anyone to Cross-Over.      = Democracy

Research ‘Drink the Kool-Aid’ for those too Young to remember its Political and Societal Connotation. Case in point. There is a Video on Facebook, that will most probably be taken down of how a Man goes up to vote on Election Day. The Precinct was only ‘Open’ if one wants to Vote for Democrats. But the Republican Booths were ‘Closed’. The Video was uploaded by Mikel Bader on November 4, entitled, ‘And here we go again’.

https://m.facebook.com/story.php story_fbid=pfbid02fsUEK3C5afVaUmsCEJ6DPkdb6j2GJ1WZKzjTaf9XW4tKd2ZvYUUYXEZKt56k2dhCl&id=100000031704970

Voter: I did not Understand. What did you just say?

Precinct Staff: OK, OK. With this Election, You can Vote in any Precinct.

Voter: No. You said that the Republican Side is not, What?

Precinct Staff: I do not have Staff. So, we are Closed right now.

Voter: So, for the Democratic, you can Vote Democrat?

Precinct Staff: You can Vote Democrat.

Voter: But not Republican?

Precinct Staff: Not Republican. I am sorry.

Voter: Ok, All Right. Thank You.

Remember, the Left do what they Accuse the Opposition of doing. In one’s Political Science Assessment, the USA has crossed the Political Threshold of being a 3rd World Banana Republic, a long time ago. All Voter Irregularities are just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ as they say. It was Dinesh D’Souza that exposed the large-scale Voter Fraud occurring during the U.S. Presidential Election of 2020. But that is called ‘Dis-Information’.

State Sponsored Dis-Information

But of course, Wikipedia, who is a Collective of what they decide is ‘Truth’ maligns the Movie and Exposure of the Fraud perpetrated by the Globalists in how they spin it in their following Summary.

2000 Mules Full Movie


2000 Mules is a 2022 American conspiracy theory political film from right-wing political commentator Dinesh D'Souza that falsely claims unnamed nonprofit organizations paid "mules" associated with the Democratic Party to illegally collect and deposit ballots into drop boxes in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election. Wikipedia

In one of the Newscast Interviews leading-up to the Mid-Term Elections, an ABC News Anchor Host interviewed the Elections Representative of the State of Michigan. And true to Form, this State Official spouted-out the Fear-Mongering of how the ‘White Christian Nationalists’ were out to Rig the Election, Cause Violence. And how ‘Democracy’ was at stake for America, etc. Then, to the credit of the ABC News Anchor Host, she asked the Michigan Elections Officer why she had ‘Mailed’ Ballots to all Undocumented People in her State?

The Michigan Elections Office then tried to Spin the Action as ‘An Error’ and diminished the outcome that they would have been ‘Caught’ anyway by the ‘System’ of Check and Balances. Really? When one saw that News-Piece and how the Michigan Elections Office Grand-Standard on her Self-Righteous Effort to Protect ‘Democracy’ from the White Christians Violent Terrorists, she lost all Credibility in one’s Opinion.

Is she that Stupid? Is her Office that Incompetent? No. She is a Degreed, Highly Educated and Able Person. That ‘Error’ to send Ballots to the Undocumented in her State was not an Error. They just got caught. She is a Prime Example of a Brain-Washed Useful Idiot that has drunk the Globalist Kool-Aid. And even when they are Caught, they Reason it away. The following is the Transcript of the Misinformation the Officials on the Left have been Coached in saying and repeating.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Face the Nation

September 4, 2022

But in one’s Opinion, the USA has Reaped what it has Sowed. And as to the ‘Right-Wing’, White Nationalist ‘Christians’? Christians, for the most part have not done the Hard Work of Evangelizing that will Change a Nation. What is there then to be expected? The USA is 'Gone'. No Politician can be one's 'Savior' or a Party. If the Republicans and Trump are it, LORD Help the USA. The Powers that Be duped the Christians, especially the Evangelical Persuasion with the Q and ‘Trusting the Plan’ rather than Trusting Jesus. It was a Mis-Direction of Energy and Effort. The Globalists and the Left will be increasingly labeling any Christians as 'White Nationalists'.

Persuasive Propaganda
Evangelicals in particular, are now seen as threatening their Version of ‘Democracy’ with 'Violence' that may foment a 'Civil War'. Bible-Believing Christians will be the ‘New COVID’ that need to be Inoculated from, separated and eventually Eradicated and made ‘Immune’ from their Influence. That was and is still the Nazi Plan. Only this Time Around, it is being implemented Worldwide. The ‘Christian Immunity’ is practically already accomplished in the USA. It is especially the case with the Woke Church Liberal Progressives that make-up the Majority of what is called the Professing Church in America. 

That Christian Church is of No Effect, no Salt nor Light as it has totally been Compromised. It has taken the Values, Morality and Politics of the World, like the Verse says that a Dog returns to its Vomit. What is left is for the Luciferian Globalist and Left to now Demonize the Bible-Believing ones that stand on the Gospel of Jesus. Thus, the Narrative of the ‘Christian Nationalism’ to scare the Populace of how 'Radical' they are for believing in the Constitution, what is a Man and Woman, not wanting Women and Men to murder Babies in the Womb and not teaching that a Man can have a Baby, or having Drag Queen Perverts read Books to Children, etc.

One can plainly see GOD giving over the Nation to a Reprobate Mind as taught in the Bible of what happens when a Nation turns its Back on the Creator, YHVH. One thinks that many would agree that never before in US's History has more than Half of its People now abhor anything Christian or 'Bible', Jesus, Morality, etc. It is this Societal Condition, which is really a Heart and Soul Condition that is 'Sick', Spiritually that will cause the Fall of the USA and have National Judgment ensue in some Form or Fashion.

It has occurred to every other prior World Empire or Super-Power. Why this is Key is that it is a Spiritual Law that Jesus warned Israel about. 'A Nation Divided or House Divided cannot Stand'. It will Fall, soon or Later.  It can be likened to a Marriage. A couple, a Man and Woman are even admonished in the Bible to Walk in Unity. They have to or how else will they go forward. They will not. It is only a Matter of Time, as they say that the USA will be made to 'Fold' under the New Jew Order. The World Economic Reset is in Play.

'Can 2 Walk Together, except they be Agreed?" -Amos 3:3

The Play Book is being taken right out of the Nazi Propaganda Protocols. Just substitute the 'Jews' for Evangelicals. And the Destruction of their Businesses as with Kristallnacht? COVID Lock-Down, etc. What is coming next is the Bio-Metric Facial and/or Hand Scans based on Carbon and Social Credit Scores. It is the Great Reset veiled as the 4th Industrial Revolution or really the 4th Reich. Ultimately, it will all lead to the Mark of the Beast where a Number will be assigned to one's Body, much like the Numbers were Tattooed in the Arms of the Jews and other Political and Social Prisoners of the State.

4th Reich = 10 Kingdoms

And remember that it was the Globalists Corporation, in Hitler's Case, IBM that provided the Machines to keep track of all the Concentration Camps Casualties, etc. And it was Prescot Bush, working for Wall Street that lent Millions to Hitler to build-up the War Machine, practically overnight from the Stagflation of the Weimar Republic after the Defeat of World War 1. It was the Bush’s and other Wall Street Globalists that Solicited U.S. Major General Smedley D. Butler, to take over the U.S. Government in a Coup. This is what is happening to the USA now and the People are being Duped.

It is being done through the same Game Play Book that Adolf Hitler used. He rose through the Ranks, within the Political Apparatus of ‘Democracy’. But only to destroy it. He Demonized the Opposition, much like Biden did in his Philadelphian Speech. Then Hitler orchestrated the False Flag of Burning-Down the Reichstag or the Capital, much like January 6 and blamed the Opposition. Then he Blamed the ‘Jews’ or the People of YHVH, much like the Bible-Believing Christians that will be Criminalized 1 Day according to the Book of Revelation. As in the Days of Rome, to Worship Jesus was punishable by Capital Punishment.

‘Christians’, a Derogatory Label, could not own Property, conduct Businesses or hold Public Office. It was in conjunction with a Luciferian Spell that has been Cast upon the Land. It has been a Satanic Effort that has led-up to this Point and will get worse. 'They' are not done just yet. If one has noticed, as one has, that particularly in the last Year or so, there have been more Articles coming out and ‘talk’ about the ‘Rise of Christian Nationalism’ in the Mainstream News. It is really a Veiled Inference to deliberately associate Biblical Christianity and those People who adhere to Nazism and White Supremacist Identification.

This New ‘COVID’-like Labeling is being blanketed and ascribed to all those that hold Biblical Principles, at least those that are contrary to the ‘Relevant Culture’ of the Present Day and Apostate Woke ‘Christian Church’. So, even if one is not White, one is still a’ White Supremacist’ and ‘Nationalist’ at that. Believing in one’s Nation is a Dirty Word. Well, it is now because Nations will not exist or should not, according to the Luciferian New World Order, Klaus Schwab, Gates, the U.N, etc. As it is known in Bible Eschatology, the AntiChrist will receive his power, Political and Religious Power from 10 Kings, not Nations. So, it is going to happen. This ‘Christian Nationalism’ Slander is just another attempt at controlling the Narrative and Demonizing Christianity.

It is a Step in the Process of eventually Criminalizing those that hold to the Orthodox Interpretation of Christianity, like believing in the Rapture, the 2nd Coming, Armageddon, that Homosexuality is a Sin, not accepting Same-Sex Marriage, Pronouns, Drag-Queen Story Hours, being Pro-Life and wanting to uphold the Constitutional Bill of Rights, etc. It is also being fueled by what many see are the efforts of what is called the New Apostolic Reformation Movement and the 7 Mountain Mandate. Many Proponents of this Movement are being called-out in that it is not Christ-Centered and there is no ‘Cross’ about it. It is rather Man-Centered Effort and through Politics that some have exposed what borders on the Occult/New Age even.

One example is Michael Flynn, who prays in the Name of and to Michael the Arch-Angel, etc. Or like the Types of William Boykin and Rick Joyner who are Members of the Vatican Jesuit Order of the Knights of Malta. So, just pointing it out that such ‘Christian Nationalist’ Chatter that are supposed ‘Dangerous’ to ‘Democracy’, will be increasing and used to condition the People of the USA, in particular and the World to see Christianity, the Biblical Version of it, as ‘Nationalist’ or really ‘Nazi’. But it is ‘They’ that are the Real Nazis. So, what are the ‘Christians’ to do? What is left of them? Preach and Live the Gospel.

Do the Hard Work of the Evangelist, of being an Ambassador of Jesus on Earth. Why? It is the Gospel and Jesus Christ that can only Change a Soul, a Spirit and even a Body. That in turn, will change a Society, a Nation with its Morality, its Politics and Mind. This is the Game Play Book of Jesus and it works. The 1st Century Followers of Jesus were said of them, that they ‘Turned the World Up-Side Down’. They did. They practically converted the Mighty Roman Empire, etc. How? They Lived and Preached the Gospel. It kept and will be keep the Luciferian Spells that are being cast upon the Land and will make them of No Effect. Why?

Become those Followers of Jesus are the Light and Salt Jesus intended such People, Society and Nation to be. In one’s Opinion, the USA is Far Gone from any sort of Genuine National Repentance, such as Nineveh chose, for example in the Bible. The USA is Divided, and now it will Fall, Sooner rather than Later, from what one can tell. It can no longer be REIGNED-BACK to such a Right Moral and Spiritual Condition. It could happen, but more than Half of its People do not want that. They want ‘Democracy’ or rather Decadency. Only through a National Repentance will that occur. Or perhaps after the Rapture Event occurs that they realize the Need. But one doubts it.

The USA is like Nineveh in which the Prophet Jonah was sent to warn the Might Society of the Day that Ruled the World. They did Repent, but only ever so briefly, as the USA appeared to do the same when a similar Total Solar Eclipse Divided the Land in 2017. To many People, the Coming of Trump was like the Coming of Jesus. ‘In Trump We Trust’. Great, now we do not have to Preach the Gospel or Live it. Thank Goodness, that was a Close Call. It ‘Woke’ us up out of one’s Spiritual Slumber. But perhaps those Trump 4 Years were a Divine Wake-Up Call. A Reprieve. Now it is a Reprieve no longer. And like Nineveh, the Nation returned to its Pride, Perversions and Provocations. It Fell and was Destroyed. A Nation or Empire Divided will Fall.

And what made the Pride-Ful Ninevites Repent? Armies? Finances? Food? Water? No, it was the Gospel of Jonah. Miraculously, the Mighty Nation Repented but then a Solar Eclipse cast a Shadow right down the Middle of the Land, much like it did with the USA on August 21, 2017. From that Point forward, the Mighty Nations returned to her Pride and Perversions. The Nineveh became Divided and its House Fell, just like the USA will 1 Day. And in 2024, the ‘X’ that Marks the Spot, will see the Final Solar Eclipse ‘X’-Out the USA, as an Astronomical Sign and in Prophetic Fashion. The USA has been primed and Fatten-Up for the coming Great Slaughter. It will just Reap what it has Sown. 



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