A Geo-Political Analysis of the Peace Plan

  • What is the Abraham Accord and why was it named that way?
  • Is this Accord the coming 'Covenant' spoken in Daniel 9:27?
  • What will be the ramifications, religiously, politically, prophetically?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘He will confirm a Covenant with Many for 1 '7.' In the middle of the '7', he will put an end to the [Daily] Sacrifice and Offering. And at the [3rd] Temple, he will set up an Abomination that causes Desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.’ -Daniel 9:27

The purpose of this study is to consider the historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the UAE. This will be only the 3rd such direct and bilateral national agreement made between the modern State of Israel and a Muslim-Arab nation of the immediate Middle East Region. First, a historical background will be provided to set the stage and context of this Abraham Accord or Peace Plan with the UAE. Those that are students of the End Times are asking, is this the ‘Covenant’ that is referenced in Daniel 9:27 that will be ‘confirmed’ by the ‘Many’? Or will this Peace Plan be leading up to the eventual implementation of it? What about the Deal of the Century?

The first such Peace Plan was between Israel and Egypt in 1979. This was after the disastrous wars of the 6-Days in 1967 and Yom Kippur in 1973. The then Anwar Sadat even went to Israel and addressed the Knesset, totally unprecedent. It was as though Pharaoh came to make peace with the former Hebrew Slaves that were released in the days of Moses during the Exodus. The ‘broker’ of this Peace Plan was the then U.S. President Jimmy Carter. For Israel, the Prime Minister at the time was Menahem Begin. He was a former staunch opposer of any Arab concessions and was instrumental in the fight to secure Israel’s independence after the U.N. Partition Plan was passed in 1947. However, this cost the life of Sadat as he was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood as such are opposed to any existence of the State of Israel..

The 2nd Muslim-Arab nation to broker a Peace Plan with Israel was Jordan. This was the ‘Kingdom’ that also fell within the British Mandate after World War 1 from the defeat of Ottoman Turks. This portion of the land was to have been the Palestinian portion, east of the Jordan River. Due to geo-political reconsiderations that favored Britain, this parcel of land was excluded from the 2-State U.N. solution that then only afford the land west of the Jordan River to then only be partitioned between a State of Israel and a State of Palestine. Of course, then as now the Palestinian Muslims rejected this 2-State solution as they would rather not have a political State of their own than to see Israel have one. Why not? This study contends that the issue is a religious-spiritual dynamic specifically based on the interpretation of what is the Abrahamic Covenant. The King of Jordan, King Abdullah had aligned his country and people against Israel during the wars the immediately followed. Suffering humiliating defeats, as with Egypt and several other bordering Muslim nations, King Abdullah elected to make peace in 1994.

Prior Peace Plans
This Accord was called the Wadi Araba Treaty but was part of the Oslo Accord framework. The signing of such a Peace Plan afforded each country to exchange embassies, ambassadors, and open up opportunities for tourism, education, and other such related endeavors. What is unique about Jordan is that its ancient origins come about from the Old Testament account of Genesis 19. It was the case of Lot and his 2 daughters that resulted in an incestuous relation that produced the Moabites and the Ammonites. In fact, the capital of Jordan is Ammon, etc. Jordan is also in a unique position that it is the official custodian of the Temple Mount. It has been under the day-to-day control of the Muslim Waqf religious authorities and overseen by the Jordanian government with Israel retaining security since the 1967 6-Day War.

Although Israel won back control of Jerusalem and unified it for the first time since 70 AD, the then Moshe Dayan, in a gesture to appease the Muslims, ceded the Temple Mount to the Muslims. All these factors perhaps will be playing a key role in how the eventual chess pieces will fall into place for the prophetic components to playout during the last week of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. This period of time is referred to as the Tribulation Period that encompasses the Time of Jacob’s Trouble in the later half. But then on August 13, 2020, the U.S. Present Donald Trump announced that a historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates UAE had been reached. That both nations agreed to 'full normalization' of diplomatic relations. The UAE is now only the 3rd Arab-Muslim nation to recognize Israel as such. With such a bilateral peace agreement, it essentially legitimizes the national sovereignty of the Jews to have their own State and land. And this could lead to other Muslim nations to do the same.

Why would the Emirates be doing this and now? Consider that the UAE is a confederation of 7 kingdoms or Emirates that have elected to be ruled by 1 of their leaders. Presently, the Head of State is Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The UAE is an ancient enclave of the Arabian peninsula that sits across Iran at the Straits of Hormuz. During the colonial period, the various Arab nomadic factions came under the protection of the British Empire at the time, against the expansionist tendencies of the then Persian Empire. This Peace Plan with Israel is to one degree a counter measure against the same foe of ancient time, Iran. In this present modern era, it is the Shi’ite Muslim extremists that seek to conquer the world and especially the Arab peninsula to overtake the Islamic mantle of their prophet Mohammed.

Although one would think, stereotypically that being an Arabian nation, the UAE’s wealth is derived from oil. Although this is true to a large extent, the current number one source of income is tourism. The 2 most popular Emirates are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In particular, Dubai has become a premiere international and very cosmopolitan city. It is a place for the rich, famous, and jet setters to converse as it has become a transitional hub for world commerce and travel. Given such world, cultural and religious exposure and exchange, the UAE is very liberal in terms of adhering to a strict Muslim exclusivity of religion. For example, Dubai has an international zone were schools and colleges from every major nation is located at and even Evangelical Christian churches are allowed to conduct services in relative peace and security.

The Emirates
With the treat of a radicalized Shi’ite menace at its doorstep just across the Strait, the UAE is jockeying for political position to accomplish several objectives. It is sending a political and religious message to Iran. The UAE foremost would not like to have its wealth and luxuries squandered and looted by the Shi’ites of Persia. Then, having gains so much wealth, it lends to leverage influence and thus has flexed its economic and political muscle to reach across religious barriers and establish formal diplomatic relations with Islam’s supreme enemy, Israel. This will come into play prophetically later on. How so? Consider that most of the Islamic world sees this jester of peace with Israel as a betrayal. However, to the Emeriti’s, they see it as a safeguard move to protect the Palestinian ‘Lands’. How so?

In the dialog and publicly published interviews, the leaders of the Emirates clearly believe that the core ancient Biblical land of Samaria and Judea are ‘Palestinian Lands’. This will clearly be problematic as this shows a clear distinction of interpretation and a measure of ‘Double Speak’ that is going on. It seems the same ‘Peace Plan’ or Accord is being similarly considered but construed to their various constituents in a different light. For example, the argument for the UAE to come forward in making this 3rd historical Arab-Muslim Peace Plan was to safeguard that the Palestinians retain the occupied land of Samaria and Judea. Yet, to the Israelis, the interpretation is one of only a forestalling with the eventual declaration of an annexation to come later.

When the U.S. President Trump announced in the Oval Office this 3rd Israeli-Arab Peace Accord with the UAE, the name for it was given, the ‘Abraham Accords’ or Peace Plan. This is very interesting as it was stated that they chose Abraham because he was the ‘Father’ of the 3 main monotheist Faiths, those being the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Faiths. The debate now among End Time students is to ascertain if this ‘Abraham’ Accord is one in the same as what Daniel refers as the ‘Covenant’ that is to be ‘confirmed’? The question then next leads to ask, is this Covenant, that of the Abrahamic Covenant one? On one hand, it would appear so as the Covenant made to Abraham was that that the descendants, through the line of Isaac and Jacob would inherit the Land. Moreover, that the actual Land Grant was to be from ‘River to River’; from the Euphrates to the Nile as depicted in Israel’s flag even. This has not yet been fully realized and perhaps will only be during the Millennial Kingdom at Jesus’ return.

On the other hand, many are dismissing this ‘Peace Plan’ because foremost, it is not a real peace plan as Israel has not been at war with the UAE. What is also very unique about the UAE is that it will host the Abrahamic House complex. Back in February of 2019, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed along with Pope Francis and Grand Imam of Al Azhar Ahmad Al Tayyeb met to sign a ‘Peace Plan’ of their own, that is between Roman Catholic Christianity and Sunni Islam. The UAE then announced in September of 2019 that a complex would be built to house 3 structures, a Mosque, a Synagogue, and a Church. It would construct them to commemorate the Pope’s visit and serve as an example of ‘peace and tolerance’. It would be in keeping with the Globalist Ecumenical movement to have an appearance of religious freedom and peaceful coexistence, which so far, the UAE have lived up to for a Muslim nation.

The Father of Faith
The Abrahamic Family House is said to be built on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. Many who are critical of such an Accord see it as steppingstones of what is called ‘Chrislam’, a fusion of the 2 religions. Many are saying it is a precursor of the coming New World Order religion that will also fuse with Judaism and will be headquartered in Jerusalem and centered around the rebuilt 3rd Temple. The Temple will serve as the ‘House of Prayer for all Nations’ in a pretext to usher in the new Luciferian hybrid one that all the world will live by. Others may say, what happened to Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’? Others would even ask, what happened to the ‘Oslo Peace Accords’? Again, one’s perspective will depend on how the interpretation of Daniel 9:27 is to pan out.

It could well be the case that these prior Accords have all played a part in manufacturing the eventual ‘Covenant’ that will be ‘confirmed’. However, as noted, is the ‘Covenant’ then that of the Abrahamic Covenant spoken of by YHVH in the Bible? If so, there is a problem. What is that? The Abrahamic Covenant is of the Land and is not to be divided. It is unilateral and unconditional. In this case, it has now been formally declared by none other than Jerad Kushner that indeed the Land will be divided. This announcement came on the heels of the Trump announcement of the Abraham Accords. Kushner stressed in his press conference that hopefully other Muslim nations would seek to recognize Israel and establish formal diplomatic relations, etc. And here, that in the eyes of the Israeli interpretation of the Accord, the quest of further annexation of land in the West Bank will only be halted temporarily to give this Accord a chance.

If this supposition is correct to assume, then the prophecy of Joel 2 will come to pass in that the annexation of the entirely of the ancient heartland of Israel, that being Samaria and Judea will be ceded to the Palestinians. This will not bode well with the main ‘broker’ of the deal, that being the USA. How so? The prophecy is ominous in that whoever divides the Land of Israel will itself be divided. This then would confirm how many have had visions and dreams of the USA literally being sawed in half at the New Madrid fault line. It is rather ironic that as the main issue is a 2 State solution concerning the Palestinians, they have elected to have not participated in the Accord. They have rejected once again any Accord of peace with Israel. Why? It is because as noted, this contention is not merely geo-political but religious and spiritual foremost.

The issue is the Abrahamic Birthright to the Land. The contention is which ‘son’ has the legal and legitimate Birthright, Ishmael, or Israel? To the Jews and Christians, it is Israel, to the Muslims, it is Ishmael. And the religious extremist on both sides will not have this ‘liberal’ and tolerant Accord actualized. Thus, this is to suggest that Shi’ite Iran will and is exploiting the case of the Palestinians to the point that sooner or later, it will be a point where they all will attack Israel to stop at such a 2-State solution as it never was from the beginning nor will ever be despite any rhetoric to the contrary. This will give rise to the eventual AntiChrist figure that is spoken in the Bible that will oversee the ‘confirmation’ of said ‘Covenant’. Given Jared Kushner’s role in all this, it is rather amazing that such a young man has had the position and power to help lead such a brokered Accord, and that named after Abraham. It does speak of Biblical prophecy through and through.

The Covenant with Death?
To which many then would and do legitimately ask then, is Kushner the AntiChrist? At this point, it is not knowable as 2 Thessalonians 2 states that the Rapture happens first before the AntiChrist is then to be revealed. However, in the past decade, this writer has stressed that if in the world scene one would see a young man in his 30s sit at the table with world leaders and rules to discuss and help broker a ‘Peace and Security’ deal with Israel and the Muslims of the Middle East, to look out. As to the Biblical and prophetic lateness of the hour, consider that as the metaphorical Birth Bangs are intensifying as seen in world events, so is the persecution of those that follow Jesus and are expecting His return for them.

Now to the question if this Abraham Accord will eventually be that ‘Covenant to be confirmed’? Consider that most who believe in the pre-Tribulation Rapture scenario assume that the Tribulation Period is initiated by the Rapture event itself. Then, there are those that believe that the Tribulation Period starts when the AntiChrist is revealed. Although interesting to consider, most do not understand that the Tribulation Period is time specific even down to a day count. This is of a 2520-day period comprising of 2 sections or halves of 1260 days. There is then at the end additional days that speak of a purification and transition process that will usher in the Millennial Kingdom, etc.

Also, consider that the Tribulation Period will sync with a Sabbatical Cycle. If this is case, the last one was in 2015 or 5776 as in 2015/16. Thus, the next 7-years would start in 2022. The point is that what starts the 1st day of the 7-year Tribulation Period is the beginning of the Daily Sacrifice and Offering as Daniel and Revelation speak to, specifically. Is this what the ‘confirming the Covenant’ is really talking about? What this means is that for such ordinances to be in place, there must be a Priesthood, an Altar, a 3rd Temple, etc. No doubt when the Rapture event occurs, it will allow then room for the AntiChrist to be then revealed and implement their Luciferian New World Order religion, which will be a hybrid of all 3 major Faiths, as with their new economy, and social order, etc. This to say that there are still some events that need to be implemented but that are at the door. Until such time, the Restrainer is restraining but the veil is thinning fast.

There is presently a strong spiritual contention for the Gospel as due to the plandemic, it has been a cause to silence and isolate the Witness of the Church Body of Christ Jesus on Earth. And as a birth process is very traumatic and intense, it will no doubt be the same for the ‘birthing’ of the Church. The Church Age is about to conclude with its completion and harvest of souls that Jesus commanded the Church Body to accomplish in the Great Commission. Thus, it will be the case that as the world and its leaders, in particular to the Abraham Accords are espousing ‘Peace and Security’, for them, it will be ‘Sudden Destruction’. But instead it will be an intense and traumatic Great Escape of the Bride of Christ that will enter a far better Accord and Land.

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