Planetary Alignment of the Coming Orion

  • Is the Conception Comet a parody of the Biblical narrative?
  • The C/2017 E1 configured to the typology of being a 'sperm cell'.
  • This case is mirroring the fiction of a 'Beauty and the Beast'.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘In that day five cities in the land of Egypt will be speaking the language of Canaan and swearing allegiance to the LORD of Hosts; one will be called the City of Destruction. In that day there will be an Altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD near its border. It will become a sign and a witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them.’ –Isaiah 19:18-20

The purpose of this study is to highlight the triple planetary alignment that constitutes part of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign. The 3 planets that will be in conjunction with Leo on the 23rd of September, 2017 are Venus, Mars and Mercury, in that order and interestingly in their relative size ratio as well. This portion of the apparent astronomical make-up of the Revelation 12 Sign gets less notoriety other than that it augments the 9 Stars of Leo to form the 12 Star ‘Crown’ of Virgo as depicted in the vision of the ‘Great Wonder in Heaven’. Most are not keen to observe beyond the alignment that that there is more than meets the eye pertaining to the triple planetary sequence and perhaps prophetic implications as well.

Upon further examination, this study does suggest that the triple planetary alignment is correlating to the 3 Great Pyramid of Egypt and a possible implication of a pyramid and Mazzaroth ‘clock’ countdown with an inference to Orion. What this study will depict in the illustration associated with these observations is how the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign will look towards the western sunset on September 23, 2017 in the site of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The emphases will be on the pyramids-to-planets and Leo-to-Sphinx connection that are adjacent to each other when this Sign is setting on the evening of its apex. This study strongly suggests that this portion of the Revelation 12 Sign is a macrocosm of the Great Pyramid Complex in Giza.

If this is to be the case, such a portion of the Revelation 12 Sign is heralding a ‘clock’ timepiece countdown to an end of an ‘Age’ or time sequence and the coming of an ‘Orion’ figure. As one looks toward the west at the setting of the Sun on the day of the Revelation 12 Sign, the point of view illustrating the alignment appears to perfectly match the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The Great Pyramid, Kufu is in direct line with Venus. The 2nd Great Pyramid, that of Kafre corresponds to Mars. The 3rd Great Pyramid, Menkaure correspond to Mercury, which coincidentally phonetically is derived from ‘Mercury’. What is rather astonishing is that there are several mathematical correspondences that are amazingly also attributed to the pyramid-to-planet and Leo-to-Sphinx alignment.

The 144 Numerical Factor
As the Leo Star of Regulus sets, the Great Sign over the Great Pyramids of Giza produces an arch of degrees from the horizon. The angle of the Ecliptic setting into the horizon towards the west has an arch of 144 degrees from the right side of Regulus to the Ecliptic. This 144 coefficient is the same as the Comet 67p retrogrades of 144,000 minutes in the head region of Virgo and a 144 day retrograde in the feet region of Virgo. Does this 144K coefficient signal an encrypted value that is prophetically alluding to the 144,000 sealed and anointed from the 12 Tribes of Israel associated in the book of Revelation? Does the 144 numerical coefficients, mean that a countdown to this event is about to be fulfilled?

If this is what the Revelation 12 Sign is also signaling, then before this can happen, the Rapture of the Body of Christ has to be taken out. Perhaps the overlapping time of having a co-witness of the Church Age with Israel since 1948 is about to conclude. Up to now much the ‘sealing’ and ‘anointing’ has been bestowed to the Body of Christ. This phenomenon has constituted the Age of Grace as the Body of Christ has been given the privilege to handle the oracle so YHVH and to include End-Times prophecy as divulged to the prophet Daniel and John. The following are some of the summarized 144 numerical values associated with the Revelations 12 Sign that could be prophetic.

1 Revelation 12 Sign at sunset over the Great Pyramids: 144 degree arch
2 Comet 67p Virgo head retrograde: 144,000 minutes
3 Comet 67p Virgo feet retrograde: 144 days
4 Israel’s prophecy of sealed and anointed from their 12 Tribes: 144,000

As it was at the beginning of the Church Age, there was a period of transition of YHVH’s witness from Israel to the Church as Israel temporarily ceased to exist after 70 AD. This was caused by the national sins of the nation and for having rejected their Messiah. As YHVH thus went to the Gentiles with the Gospel, so too came the responsibility of such a witness. Is the current spiritual economic and prophetic time clock about to be reset as now Israel has reemerged since 1948 and there has been a similar eclipsing transitional period to be concluded? The whole New Testament with all of its prophecies were given to the Body of Christ concretely after 70 AD with the total destruction of the Temple, the City and the Nation occurred. It has been eschatologically understood that this amazing period of the Gentiles to be grafted in the ‘Promises of Abraham’ would be an ‘intercession’ or prophetic ‘intermission’.

The prophetic evidence that confirms this countdown is the factor of the ‘sealing’ and the ‘anointing’ of the 144,000 Jews from every tribe of Israel that will take up the prophetic mantel of Christ’s authority and legitimacy as a Witness during the last Week of Years per one interpretation of the revelation given to Daniel in the Old Testament. Thus, in like manner of the prior overlapping ‘Witness’ until 70 AD, will the 70 year anniversary of Israel’s birth in 1948, some 1948 years since 70 AD conclude Israel’s probation and be synchronized to the end of the Age of Grace and ‘Royal Commission’ of the Body of Christ? Thus is the Revelation 12 Sign such a prophetic ‘time-maker’ signaling such a change that is to come very soon? Based on the monumental patterns of the planets-to-pyramids and Leo-to-Sphinx, most likely.

Monumental Markers
If one take a perspective of the entire Giza Pyramid Complex from a top view and flips the alignment 180 degree and then rotates the axis clockwise 90 degrees, the outcome of the configuration will be exactly as the Revelation 12 Sign triple planetary alignment in reverse fashion much like a photographic negative. The Ecliptic is also perpendicular to the horizon and Great Pyramids, etc. In other words, the 3 Pyramids of Giza in relation to the Sphinx are in direct mathematical correlation and juxtaposition monumentally as are the 3 planetary bodies juxtaposed astronomically to Leo. The question remain to the overall enigma of the Revelation 12 Sign. What is the message, at least pertaining to the 3 planets aligned to Leo as are the 3 pyramids juxtaposed to the Sphinx? One such clue is the meaning of what the Sphinx is suspected of communicating, a juncture of time that ends and begins, a ‘clock’ as it were.

And the Great Pyramid? One such clue, among many astonishing factors is the Christ Angle that it construes. Thus could the Revelation 12 Sign that mirrors the Great Pyramid Complex with the triple planetary alignment suggest a convergence of and end and beginning of a time as it pertains to the coming and identification of the Christ?  If one subscribes to the ancient definitions of the names and attributes of the planets, then the following is suggested. Venus is suggesting that a Christ is coming. Incidentally, Jesus called Himself that title in the book of Revelation. Mars always signifies war and chaos. Mercury is the messenger of the ‘gods’ and thus emphasizes that this Sign in the Heavens, although astronomical is perhaps signaling. The message in part is that the Christ is coming or a ‘Christ’ is coming. War is coming. It is the Sign of a convergence of an end of an ‘Age’ and a beginning of one.

Will this change in ‘prophetic’ time be related to who will be the primary ‘Witness’ of and to YHVH’s redemptive plan for the Body of Christ, Israel and the world? Many do not really fully grasp the spiritual and prophetic implication of having Israel reconstituted in these Last Days as the Age of Grace is still operational. This is aside from the debate that yes, Israel has come back in the Land but in spiritual blindness and unbelief or if the Jews there are really ‘Jews’, etc. One has to account for the fact that YHVH has been restoring Israel in increments based off of the Olivet Discourse pattern. Israel’ full redemption will not come until they say, ‘blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’. This will be the reason for the need and conclusion of Daniel’s last Week of Years, which is the 70th one. Will this coincide with the 70th year anniversary?

Only through the fires of Israel’s tribulation, not the Bride of Christ’s will she be able to finally say that in belief as they see Jesus manifested at His return with the Bride. Others who have studied the mystery of the Great Pyramid have suggested that it is a ‘time clock’ of sorts that synchronizes certain key dates as depicted astronomically in the constellations. This is the subject of the Precession of the Equinox phenomenon for example. The mere fact that the Leo-Virgo delineation of the Mazzaroth Signs is where the Revelation 12 Great Sign is to occur speak volumes that it is signaling an end of a time segment and a beginning of a time segment. This is what in fact Leo and Virgo are known to depict. The whole rotation of time, astronomically at least starts with Virgo and ends with Leo, thus the hybridization of the Sphinx then points to another Sign, Orion.

Prophetic Time Markers
The Sphinx is a composition of Virgo and Leo, the markers of the beginning and the end of time segments much like a clock on a wall. This head of a woman and body of a lion motif and monument, in addition has a connotation to another Sign. In fact the whole triple Giza pyramid alignment is configured to the ‘Belt Stars’ of this constellation. It is of Orion, which means ‘the Coming Prince’. He is what the message infers, of the Christ that is likewise the ‘Beginning and the End’. Will it be the case that the Revelation 12 Sign is about the ‘clocking-out and in’ of an Age to coincide with an ‘Orion’ Christ debut? Is the world about to enter a timespan that will see also the coming of a ‘Christ’?

Giza Pyramid             Name              Star                 Rev 12 Planet             Size
Great Pyramid            Kufu                 Alnitak             Venus                          Largest
2nd Pyramid               Kafre                Alnilam            Mars                            Lesser
3rd Pyramid                Menkaure        Mintaka           Mercury                       Smallest

The triple planetary alignment that is mirrored to the 3 pyramids at Giza is significantly prophetic in that they defer to Orion or more precisely the coming of an ‘Orion’. Can it be possible that the Revelation 12 Sign with its Virgo-Leo delineation is a parody of the Giza Pyramid ‘clock’ and the Mazzaroth ‘clock’ also that appear to be synchronized at this time and place? It is in the context of an end to a time, and a beginning of one that perhaps the Revelation 12 Sign is signaling; that a ‘prophetic’ time has reached an end and a beginning. And that this synchronization of prophetic time will herald a ‘birthing’ or advent of an ‘Orion’ deliverer as the prophetic overlay of Israel as the Church Age ‘witness’ comes to a close.

Could this Revelation 12 Sign with the pyramid-to-planet and Leo-to-Sphinx correspondence truly be signaling thus the end of the Church Age witness? Is it to be the beginning of Israel’s witness thereafter as the 144 numerical coefficient hints at? This study is not insinuating that at that precise time of the sunset on September 23, 2017 will be that time. It has always been stated by such studies that a ‘sign’ is not the event itself just based on the pure definition of what a sign means. The effect and impact is to be realized, if at all at a subsequent time that remains to be determined. The true meaning of the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon is yet to be fully understood as to the timing of certain prophecies yet to be fulfilled. The error occurs in one’s misinterpretation or forced inference based on one’s eschatology.

For example, Orion is the depiction of both the Christ and His nemesis, the AntiChrist. As mentioned, Jesus reveals and calls Himself, the ‘Bright and Morning Star’, Venus in the book of Revelation. However, it is Lucifer that attempts to usurp such a title as his name means a ‘Bright Star’ or Light, etc. Most Bible students of prophecy realize that the coming of the AntiChrist will come first before Jesus. Could it be that the Great Pyramids are ‘clocking’ when the Christs are to appear. Is the message that ‘Venus’ is coming but with ‘war’ or in a time of war? Does the Virgo-Leo delineation of the beginning and end of the Mazzaroth suggest that the Christ that came and will again is also tide to a factor of a beginning and an end based on astronomical time? What would be one hint that this coming ‘Orion’ will be the AntiChrist first?

The Coming Prince
Since Israel became a nation in 1948, it has become like a Fig Tree in its growth and development. It seems to be fulfilling the words of Jesus concerning its restoration. As suggested, the key factor in the Revelation 12 Sign phenomenon is Israel and its current overlapping ‘witness’ along with the Church Body. The point is that Israel will accept this ‘Coming Prince’ as a precursor to the true ‘Orion’ typology, Jesus Christ. The book of Revelation teaches that Israel will be a super power in the Last Days. It will be technologically as it is today. Perhaps it will go hand in hand with how the AntiChrist, the false ‘Orion’ will control the world through its technological grid or ‘Mark’ that Israel is helping presently to construe unawares perhaps in part. Will Israel be the world center of the coming Mark of the Beast system?

The Great Pyramids, in turn are associated with the coming of Christ, both the false one and the true one based on their design. An apparent inference to even the geographical location of the birth of Christ, which being the Christ Angle points to Bethlehem. The appearance of the ‘Christ Stars’ and Great Pyramid association with the Christ Angle signaled where the Christ was to be born has resurfaced. Related to the Christ Stars, the following are some amazing day-counts pertinent to the birth of Christ Jesus for context. It is speculated that September 11, -3 BC was the actual day of Jesus’ birth. Also, the Magi arrived just as Jupiter was to begin its retrograde motion over a year later. To the observers of the sky from Earth’s perspective, Jupiter appeared as if it ‘stopped’ over Bethlehem. This phenomenon was due to it retrograde path that was about to start, on the 25th of December, -2 BC.

This time segment was 119 weeks. This is a possible 911 correlation of 2 years 3 months and 14 days. The 314 code also could suggest a pi factor. Amazingly how the ‘Christ Stars’ then are a variable now is that if one factors in the time that the ‘Christ Stars’ appeared on July 1, 2015 to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23, 2017 is 816 days or 116 weeks, an 911 upside down mirror of the 1st ‘Christ Stars’ day counts. Furthermore, this time span is 223% of a 365-day count, a reversal of the Skull and Bones 322 ‘Calvary’ encryption. It mocks the time and place of Jesus’ physical crucifixion outside Jerusalem. Calvary means ‘skull’ in Latin. In comparison of the ‘Christ Stars’ day counts, the following occurred. From the first Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Leo on August 11, -3 BC announcing the coming of the Prince of Peace, to the birth of Christ Jesus on September 11, -3 BC is 761 days or 2 years and 1 month.

1 Jupiter- Venus conjunction, 1 of 3 on August 11,-3BC to Sep 11, -3BC = 761 days
2 Christ Stars on July 1, 2015 + 761 days = July 31, 2017 (9th of Av)

Astonishingly, if one factors this 761-day count from when the ‘Christ Stars’ appeared on July 1, 2015, it corresponds to July 31, 2017 which happens to be the 9th of AV. It was amazingly the 2 dates, to the exact time that the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed. What are the odds? What does this mean? To the Jews, such a time spells catastrophe for Israel, a ‘sudden destruction’ type of possibility. Will something in 2017 during this timeframe suggest the same? Could it be that a 70 year marker has arrived? It was in 70 AD that with the destruction of the Temple, the city and nation, the Church Age was solidified as up to that point there was a sort of eclipsing of testaments.

A Translation of the Witness
What is the interpretation of the Mazzaroth regarding the meaning of the names of the 3 planets the Great Sign of Revelation 12 is signaling? If there is any indication of what the ‘message’ is or will be, in part perhaps it is of a time that is to change, a Rapture is to occur, war is to come and so is a ‘Christ’. If this is the case then the end of the Church Age is at hand and the beginning of the prophetic restoration of Israel is to begin. This prophetic schedule is soon to be accomplished in one’s lifetime if it is based on the Olivet Discourse template. Jesus foretold that destruction would come to Israel due to their sin of unbelief in a precise order. First to be destroyed would be the Temple, then the City and lastly the Nation. Why this is profoundly prophetic and significant is that these were and are the conditions and factors needing to be in place before Jesus can come back. At no other time in Church Age history could a generation witness such Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars and prophetic developments unfold as these 3 specific ones based on the Olivet Discourse pattern of Israel’s restoration.

Thus so too in the Last Days, such an order of the Nation, the City and finally the Temple would be restored but in reverse order. For Israel, this meant that the nation would be ‘birthed’ first or reemerge as the Fig Tree. Then the City would be reconstituted and the finally with the rebuilding of the Temple would occur as the Church Age waned during this similar overlapping time as a ‘prophetic eclipse’. Also the order of waxing and waning will be reversed. These 2 Witnesses were the Church Body and Israel still. Will the 70th year anniversary of the Temples’ destruction in 70 AD see the rebuilding of it as the Church Age ends and the Rapture of the Bride of Christ occurs? In 2018, Israel will have reached the prophetic 70 year time marker since 1948 where it was ‘reborn’ in a day as foretold in the Bible. Which coincidentally in 2018 will have been 1948 years since 70 AD. Since then, in particular there has been a sort of ‘eclipsing’ of Testaments as the Church Body and Israel as a nation have existed side by side.

Is the Revelation 12 Sign astronomical alignment a signal then that in the 70th year, such a delineation of ‘witnesses’, that being the Church Body and Israel are to be severed as it was in 70 AD? However, from the time of Pentecost to the destruction of 70 AD there was an overlap of ‘witnesses’. As the Gospel and indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Believers grew, the witness of Israel diminish and they ended-up in their spiritual blindness. Is this is what is happening now at the end of the Church Age? However in terms of Prophecy, so too was the Body of Christ restricted in this sense to only see as through a ‘foggy’ glass to ‘see in part’. However, an ‘unveiling’ or understanding was promised to Daniel to occur in the End of Days despite the last Church Age spiritual condition characterized by the apostate temperament of the Laodiceans. Such encrypted knowledge from YHVH concerning the very End of Days would be opened-up as it has been. Could the planet-to-pyramid and Leo-to-Sphinx associations based off the Revelation 12 Sign be such a possible prophetic implication? One was waxing, one was waning. Does this overlapping of the dual prophetic witness of the Church Age and Israel about to end?

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