Reflections of Earthly Jerusalem

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Orion Constellation?
  • What are the origins of such a cosmic motif prophetically?
  • Is there a pattern that is mirrored on Earth's sacred sites and why?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Seek Him that maketh the 7 Stars and ORION, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the Earth: The LORD is His Name.’ -Amos 5:8

The purpose of this study is to illustrate that the Orion constellation appears to approximate the positioning of the Gates of Old Jerusalem. This theory is not new but there has not been any study that has actually attempted to match up such a correspondence given the current technology that is available today. This study will suggest that the Earthly Mt. Zion, the City of the King is laid out in astronomical and mathematical precision mirroring the heavenly constellation of Orion. According to the work of E.W. Bullinger, Orion is the type of the Prince, the Messiah that came and is to come. If this is the case, then it is no accident where the Gates are placed or where certain buildings or ‘Domes’ are erected within the ancient walls of Old Jerusalem.

The correlation of the Stars of Orion and the Gates of Old Jerusalem are taking into consideration the curvature of the Earth and slight angular adjustment to reflect the approximate proportion of the Star-to-Gate theory. These illustrations are based on the premise that upon considering the Orion ley-lines over Jerusalem, it appears that the focal point of the Dome of the Spirits might very well be the actual spot that corresponds to the Holy of Holies. Furthermore, the City Tower building corresponds to the Silver Gate that is above the outstretched arm of Orion at the intersection of the Galactic Plain and the Ecliptic. Thus this study also strongly suggests that the Dome of the Spirits is where the 1st and 2nd Temples stood and the 3rd will also, if the Orion configuration is indeed the blueprint of the celestial Zion on Earth.

It is thus from this point of origin that Orion can be ascribed to also be a ‘prophetic celestial clock’ of time intervals based on the distances to the alignments of the Gates with the Orion ley-lines and angles. From the Dome of the Spirits, several coordinates are made to the respective Gates with some amazing distance numerical values that are seen in the Bible and in mathematics. It is self-evident that those that have been in power and have ruled over Jerusalem have outlined the city’s grid based on this sacred geometry and astronomical association with Orion and the Great Pyramid of Giza for that matter. Many ancient cities and places of sacred worship around the world also mirror such constellations. What makes Jerusalem unique is that according to the Bible, the Creator placed His Name and Presence in the Temples given over to the nation of Israel to be a light to the nations. This Temple was a model or facsimile of the true type in Heaven.

The Mighty Hunter
According to the Mazzaroth, Orion is the ‘Hunter’, the ‘Coming Prince’ that takes on the ‘wrath’ and judgment of Taurus -head on as the great ‘Matator’ of the Heavens. He is the Messiah promised of YHVH to Eve in the Garden of Eden. It was Jesus Christ, the Great Shepherd who took the piercing through of Taurus’s horn and was the victim, the sacrifice for sin of Humanity on the Cross of Calvary. Subsequently this promise of the Messiah, the Anointed One was reiterated through various affirmations called covenants with certain people, i.e., Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whose descendant became the nation of Israel, in general.

Conversely, the corruption of the Zodiac and the power of opposite’s principle has Orion as the archetype of the very same Christ that came and is to come. Such venerate the antithesis of the constellation as in the AntiChrist that awaits them. Thus, to the occult and Luciferian schools of philosophy and theosophy, Orion is Lucifer, Nimrod, Prometheus, Mercury, etc., as they believe Lucifer is the real ‘anointed one’, the ’Christ’. Why? Because the Bible does ascribe and declare Lucifer as having been the Anointed Cherub in Ezekiel 28:14 but as far as the technicality of the word ‘anointed’ means to be chosen. The Bible does declare that Lucifer was once chosen but fell like lighting due to his sin of pride and is currently waging a celestial battle for not only the Heavenly Jerusalem but the Earthly one as well.

Nonetheless, the Bible declares that the Creator of the Universe YHVH formed the Heavens and the Earth, Orion and the Pleiades for that matter; all that is seen and unseen. The constellations from Earth’s perspective resound with the Creator’s geometry and mathematics with principles like pi, phi, and symmetry. The Apostle Paul in Romans even describes the Mazzaroth as the ‘Silent Witness’ of GOD’s Gospel of the Redemptive Plan for a fallen Humanity through the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Thus, this Orion Star-to-Gates theory and numerical associations are directly relevant when compared to the locations of Old Jerusalem’s Gates. Interestingly, Orion is where the Silver Gate is situated in the cosmos. The Silver Gate, the complementary ‘Star Gate’ to the Golden Gate in Ophiuchus is thought to be where the path to Heaven is found whereby the souls of mere mortals can exit and enter through. This is one of the possible reasons why Earthly Jerusalem is a place of such contention and strife; he who controls Jerusalem, controls the ‘Gate to Heaven’ if you will…at least in a spiritual sense.

It is astonishing that the ancient peoples of Earth’s earliest civilizations knew exactly the dimensions of the constellations, heavenly gates and even the nebulas as in the case of the Orion Nebula. The Orion constellation has 2 of the most spectacular nebulas in the known Universe. They are the Orion Nebula and the Norse Head Cloud. Many actually allude to this ‘head’ bring that of a ‘serpent’ or Dragon. The Orion constellation has these 2 features, a Serpent Cloud, and a Conical Pyramid within the Orion Nebula itself. Thus, what the accompanying charts will attempt to illustrate is that these entire celestial features along with the major Orion Star configurations are found incorporated in the dimensions and angles of Jerusalem’s Gates and grid, the Earthly ‘ZION’.

The Dimensions of Zion
The outer city has street angles aligned with pyramids, serpents, or dragons that this study will bring out in the illustrations using satellite and GPS coordinates. Based on the Amos 5:8 verse that states that ORION is attributed to the 7 Stars, the connotation of its relationship to the Pleiades is profound in that the Church can thus be directly associated with ORION. This correlation would make the Earthly Jerusalem the confines of the Assembly of the LORD, in so much as it is in Heaven. The Bible declares that presently, the Risen Jesus Christ, the LORD of the Church is ministering within the 7-7-7 dimension as it were. Jesus is evaluating and tending to the conditions of the 7 Churches, His 7-fold Spirit proceeds out of the Throne within the Assembly and Jesus is upholding the Church’s Testimony ascribed to the 7 Stars upheld in His right hand.

This overall depiction would collaborate with the notion that the ‘Throne’ is in the midst of the Congregation of the Judge. Thus, based on this pattern, the circumference of the 7 Stars of Orion would have the Holy of Holies (Dome of the Spirits) at the center or midst at the of the arch that Stars of Orion from Betelgeuse to Saiph. This in turn replicates the rainbow ‘arch’ that encompasses the very Throne of the LORD YHVH as depicted in various vision and depictions of the very Throne of the LORD as described in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation.

For starters, the following numerical distance calculations are taken from the Dome of the Sprits using GPS to various locations to the Old City’s prominent locations and sacred sites that attribute the Dome of the Spirits as the ‘center’. The numbers are rounded off to the nearest number and they are suggestive. It is astonishing that from this vantage reference point of where this study suggests the Holy of Holies stood that, the numerical values are consistent with sacred number patterns seen in the Bible. All distances are map length unless otherwise noted as ground length.

Dome of the Spirits to Rockefeller Museum
.33 nautical miles
13° heading
365 smoots

Dome of the Spirits to LION’S GATE
.19 miles
.16 nautical miles
.333 yards
999 feet

Dome of the Spirits to GOLDEN GATE
8,888 inches
.12 nautical miles
.23 kilometers

Dome of the Spirits to Russian Church (Rigel)
88° heading
.32 nautical miles
.333 smoots

Dome of the Spirits to Zachariah’s Tomb (Star)
.13 arcseconds (ground length)
.22 nautical miles

Dome of the Spirits to KIDRON VALLEY (Saiph)
.76 kilometers
444 smoots

Dome of the Spirits to TRIPLE GATE
11.33 arcseconds
.22 nautical miles

Dome of the Spirits to DUNG GATE

~13 arcseconds
~188° heading
.23 nautical miles
.44 kilometers

Dome of the Spirits to ZION GATE
44 nautical miles
888 yards

Dome of the Spirits to HAGIA MARIA ZION
1000 yards
3000 feet

Dome of the Spirits to JAFFA GATE
.44 miles
.72 kilometers
23 arcseconds
420 smoots

Dome of the Spirits to DAMASCUS GATE

.33 miles
1776 arcseconds
1776 feet

Dome of the Spirits to MT. CALVARY
.72 kilometers
332° heading
420 smoots
33° from the Celestial Equator alignment

The ORION Constellation Clock
One assertion that this study suggests is that Orion, when laid-out and superimposed over Old Jerusalem can be seen as a clock with Orion’s arms as the short and long hands metaphorically. The northern direction serves as the 12 o’clock station. The Galactic Equator bisects just west of the place of the Holy of Holes at the tip of Orion’s Bow at the 72nd degree angle. The Jaffa Gate at ~8pm corresponds to the Orion Star Betelgeuse which correlates to the Citadel of David at 9pm.

This street leads to the Arch of Wilson adjacent the Wailing Wall. The Damascus Gate is at the 10pm station and corresponds to the angle of the Tomb of Zechariah in the Kidron Valley. The Golden Gate is at the 3pm station that is aligned with Rigal. The Arrow of Orion precisely bisects the place that this chart strongly suggests is the actual place of Mt. Calvary where the Cross was placed, and Christ was pierced through with an ‘arrow’ or lance.

Also, the Temple Mount‘s 3 Domes correspond to the Orion 3-Star Belt in angle and proportion. Although the Dome of Al-Aqsa is not precisely pinpointed as the 2 other domes, what determines the Star-to-structure correlation is the length of the building that was a Church before the Muslim occupation of the Mount. With such angles and distance correlations, it lends incredible support to the supposition that the coming 3rd Temple has to be geometrically in line with the sacred geometry of the entire Orion Gate theory. This would also validate that the spot of the Crucifixion was at the 33rd degree from the Galactic Equator-Damascus Gate angle of the Orion pattern.

Moreover, the Sword of Orion with the 3 Stars that contain the Orion Nebula corresponds to the 3 ‘tombs’ in the Kidron Valley. These are the Tombs of Zachariah, Absalom and Hezir. There are many who believe that Orion is the gateway to the actual dwelling place of the Creator. If Orion is a ‘gate’ or portal into such a dimension, it would explain why in particular, Jerusalem is layout with such exacting attributes. Based on the Orion-Jerusalem overlay of sacred astronomical alignments and angles, the city’s Gates correspond to the major Stars of Orion. The Temple Mount’s 3-Domes correspond to the 3-Star Belt alignment of Orion. Thus, it can be argued that the 3rd Temple necessitates that it be geometrically and mathematically located at the Dome of the Spirits solely based on these angles of geometry and mathematics alone. The following distances are marked from the Dome of the Spirits.

.06 miles
316 feet
.1 kilometer


.9 nautical miles
.11 miles
188 yards
5.55 arcseconds (ground length)


The Gates of Old Jerusalem


The Pearly Gates of the New Jerusalem
According to the Bible, the Millennial Temple and the New Jerusalem to come will both have 12 Gates associated with a Tribe of Israel.

1. Judah
2. Issachar
3. Zebulon

4. Ruben
5. Simeon
6. Gad

7. Ephraim
8. Manasseh
9. Benjamin

10. Dan
11. Asher
12. Naphtali

Divine Alignments
In the following section, the study will also suggest that the Orion Star-to-Gates theory has the principle of phi incorporated in determining not only the position of the Stars of Orion itself, but that the Gates of Old Jerusalem are in a phi ratio approximation to each other. The illustrations will attempt to show an approximation of these correlations between one Gate to the next. The primary points that the phi ratio spiral will be from the Jaffa Gate that corresponds to Betelgeuse and the Damascus Gate which corresponds to Bellatrix. As the Constellation of Orion is a depiction of a human body form, it itself will have an approximate phi ratio proportions as it is superimposed onto the Temple Mount anthropomorphically.

φ = 1.618

A phi ratio occurs when two quantities have their ratio the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. Phi is the solution to a quadratic equation, and it is also called the Golden Section, Golden Ratio, and the Golden Mean. Or in other words, phi is simply the ratio of the line segments that result when a line is divided that follows the Fibonacci Sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. In Geometry for example, when the basic phi ratio is used to create a right triangle, it forms the dimensions of the great pyramids of Egypt, creating an angle of 51.83 degrees; the cosine of phi, or 0.618.

If the Old Jerusalem layout and where the Gates are placed does indeed mirror the Orion constellation, then they are celestially linked to the Precision of the Equinoxes and are themselves a sort of ‘time-clock’. For the most part, the Dome of the Spirits, from where this study strongly suggests the Holy of Holies was and will be in the coming 3rd Temple can thus be a ‘time’ reference point that can hold some keys to prophetic time as it pertains to the timing events or time related to Jerusalem, Israel and the world. Upon such distances form these points, or Gates, there is some amazing correlations. The following are some examples of how the Old Jerusalem Gates are in phi relation to each other.

-from the Dome of the Spirits to the Jaffa Gate

-from Dome of Spirits to proposed site of Crucifixion on Mt. Calvary

-from Orion’s Star Messia with Jaffa Gate, Corner Gate and Dome of Spirits with Jaffa Street that leads to the Wailing Wall

-from Jaffa Gate that correlated with Betelgeuse to Damascus Gate, Bellatrix to Lion’s Gate, Golden Gate to Dome of Spirits

-from Jaffa Gate that correlated with Betelgeuse to the Triple Gate, Al-Aqsa Dome start of building, Wailing Wall ramp and in north-south alignment line to Dome of Spirits

-from Jaffa Gate that correlated with Betelgeuse to the Damascus Gate-Bellatrix to the north-east corner of the Old City to the Russian Church on Mt. of Olives with the Tomb of Zechariah to the Golden Gate

-from the Orion Star of Messia position to the Mt. of Olives Russian Church, the Lion Gate to the Golden Gate

-from Jaffa Gate that correlated with Betelgeuse to the Dome of the Spirits exclusively

-from Jaffa Gate that correlated with Betelgeuse to the Golden Gate and with the place that was called the Robinson’ Arch gateway that is also in alignment to the north-south line to the Dome of the spirits

-from Orion Star Messia to the Double Gate, Golden Gate, the Dome of the Spirits and with the Celestial Equator alignment

-from the Damascus Gate that correlated with Orion’s Bellatrix to the Al-Aqsa Dome start of building, to the Dome of the Spirits

-from the Damascus Gate that correlated with Orion’s Bellatrix to the Lion Gate, Golden Gate and the Dome of the Spirits

-from the Damascus Gate that correlated with Orion’s Bellatrix to the north-eastern corner of the Old City to the Triple Gate, Corner Gate and Tomb of Absalom

-from the Damascus Gate that correlated with Orion’s Bellatrix to the to the Jaffa Gate which correlates to Orion’s Betelgeuse, to the Triple Gate

The near square borders of the Temple Mount Platform correlate and are aligned to the Orion Stars. They are in line with the suggesting places of the Crucifixion and Garden Tomb to the North. The 3 Domes of the Temple Mount when rotated and flipped 90 degrees correspond to the Gates of the eastern edge of the Temple Mount platform. These 3 Gates are the Golden Gate, the Corner gate (no longer in use), and the Triple Gate. When the 3 Domes and the 3 Gates alignments are considered and matched by their corresponding lines, the association produces an apparent pentagram configuration in pure geometric terms on the Temple Mount itself. Phi ratio approximation appears in the following domains.

The proportions of the human body
The proportions of many other animals
The Solar System
Art and architecture
Population growth
The Stock Market
The Bible and in theology

When the basic phi relationships are used to create a right triangle, it forms the dimensions of the great pyramids of Egypt, with the geometry shown below creating an angle of 51.83 degrees, the cosine of which is phi, or 0.618.

The Sacred Pyramid Pattern

The constellation of ORION is also directly associated with the Great Pyramid, as in the one in Giza. One of the shafts or alignments from the King’s Chamber’s directly aligns in the middle Star in the Belt of Orion. Jerusalem also has this Great Pyramid configuration just west of the Old City. This area of the City’s grid layout is configured with unsuspecting ‘serpents and hexagrams to define it. Interestingly the Orion Nebula dose has a ‘pyramid’ shaped anomaly called the ‘Cone’ or Conical. As Orion also has a very distinctive Horse Head cloud in the Heavenlies, so too is there a dragon’ or serpent configuration in Jerusalem’s city grid.

Amazingly, this serpent configuration in Jerusalem corresponds to the exact angle and orientation that is functioning as the Ascending or Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid on the Jerusalem street ley-lines. When the Great Pyramid outline is superimposed onto the Orion Nebula Cone, at a 90-degree rotation, a compressed Hexagram emerges that also is configured within the Pyramid outline of Jerusalem’ street grid. The direction of the Pyramid’s apex corresponds to the exact direction of the Orion Nebula’s Conical.

If the Great Pyramid pattern and angle proportion are superimposed on the Old City of Jerusalem walls, the slope of the Great Pyramid starting from the Pyramid apex and to the shaft alignment to the North Star angle of Polaris in the Little Dipper will line up. The Orion alignment of the Great Pyramid due South will be in the same proportion of the Old City when the Orion configuration is flipped and rotated 90 degrees.

These alignments perfectly match the overall Great Pyramid layout when the Great Pyramid pattern is superimposed on the greater Jerusalem city grid. When the North Star is made the focal point of the 4 celestial cardinal directions, the ‘Serpent’ Draco depicts the snake on the pole that Moses lifted up in the Wilderness and Jesus said He to must be lifted up i.e., on the Cross. To reiterate, this study has proposed that the Temple Mount is orientated based on the Orion angles, not the Earth’s cardinal points, specifically to the 3-Star Belt alignment. From this angle, the first of the City’s angles are configures to include the major Gates and fortifications.

As it stands now, there are mosques, churches or synagogues at selective geometric intersections or distances that are mathematically repeating on different levels but with the same fractals on some occasions. The charts accompanying this study illustrate this direct correspondence of the Old Jerusalem ley-lines with the constellation of Orion when superimposed on a map of the Old City. The Gates of Old Jerusalem match the major Orion Star angles precisely.

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