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‘When did we see You Sick or in Prison and Visit You?’ And the King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the Least of these Brothers of Mine, you did for Me. Then He will say to those on His Left, ‘Depart from Me, you who are Cursed, into the Eternal Fire prepared for the Devil and his Angels’. -Matthew 24:39-41

The purpose of this study is to offer one’s Perspective about Modern Israel. It is in regard to the issue of whether Christians should support Israel. And what Type of Support? Biblical, Political? Military? Financial? One sees it as a Spectrum that really can apply to any Issue or Topic. On 1 Hand, you have the Replacement Theology Side/Camp that essentially says, YHVH has turned away from the Jews since the Rejection of Jesus as their Messiah. And that Israel is done with, as the Church is now the New ‘Israel’ of GOD. And this Notion comes with its Blessings and Covenants, etc.

On the other Hand, many Christians consider themselves Zionists as do Jews and support Israel, ‘Unconditionally’. Israel in this case, ‘Can Do No Wrong’ and gets a Free Pass in what it does to its own People, the Palestinians and the Non-Jews of the World. It is what one has labeled, ‘Israel Worship’. However, all these literal Geo-Political Promises or ‘Covenants’ that relate to a Land, City and Temple are preferred to be given over to the Enemies of the Jews, that is the Muslims in the Modern-Day equivalency.

This is, in fact, a Spiritual Reflection of the Confusion and Apostasy that would be characterized by the Laodicean Church that will end with the Rapture. The Biblical Covenants are something the Church, Body of Christ has been Grafted into, but in the Spiritual Domain. How so? The New Testament clearly teaches that the Church Age Believers and Followers of Jesus have a better Land, City and Temple to look forward to. And it is not what pertains to Israel, etc. The Gentiles are currently being Grafted into the Stump/Vine of what was the original Stock that Israel was also planted on, mainly Jesus.

But once the Church Body is done, Israel will be re-grafted as all the Promises made to the Physical Descendants of Abram, through Isaac and Jacob, still have to be materialized. For example, the Land Grant is from the Euphrates to the Nile. The Jews have not yet possessed all this Promised Land. Only during the Millennial Kingdom will this occur under Jesus. Now, as to the side within the Church that espouses ‘Israel Worship?’ It is where Israel, the State of, has become an Idol. It is the case where Israel has become a ‘Sacred Cow’ nor is it to be ‘evangelized’ but supported Unconditionally.

Protocols of the Promises
Realize that Israel or the Jews, whose Name is derived from the Last Tribe, Judah, that YHVH promised Solomon would leave, not because they are so Good, Noble and Holy but because YHVH made an Unconditional Promise to King David. On 2 occasions, well, really 3 occasions, the Earthly People of YHVH have been ‘Evicted’ out of the Promised Land, City and Temple as the prior inhabitants, YHVH used Israel to evict. And YHVH warned Israel that if they would commit the same Sins, they too would be led into Exile. And it happened. So, the ‘Wondering Jew’ is a Testament of the Moral Failure of the Earthly People of YHVH, not being Faithful. Presently, YHVH is moving in the End of Days as He brought back Israel, as foretold in Ezekiel, but in Unbelief.

It will not be until the 2nd Coming of Jesus, at the Battle of Armageddon that the Jews, collectively, what is left of them (1/3) will ‘See Him whom they Pierced’. But realize also that because of their Rejection of Jesus as the True Messiah, a Temporary ‘Partial Blindness’ has covered their Prophetic View. But in one’s Assessment of Israel, there is a Genuine Element that is Real and Dangerous. It is the Synagogue of Satan that Jesus exposed. The Sanhedrin was the Epitome of this Luciferian Power Structure and those that condemned Jesus to Death and all those that follow Him.

The Sanhedrin is back. They are reconstituted and will be expecting all Gentiles to abide by the Noahide Laws during the Tribulation Period. The Penalty for not keeping the supposed 7 Laws of Noah, will be Death by Decapitation.  Many believe the Book, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a Forgery or a Propaganda to be used against the Jews. But if one knows History and reads these Protocols, it is Fact, not Fiction. Then their other Books, like the Talmud and the Zohar, have the very same ‘Protocols’ that are Stated, Taught and Understood. To these Types of Jews, any Non-Orthodox Rabbinical Person is essentially Sub-Human to be a ‘Slave’/Servant of the Jews and Israel, etc. ‘Israel’ and many Jews do have a Superiority Complex.

Even though these Types of Jews are the Minority, they wield tremendous Religious and Political Power over the Political State of Israel, World Governments and Financial Organizations/Corporations, etc. And also, note that the Political State of Israel has only recognized the Orthodoxy Version of Judaism as being the ‘Official’ one for ‘Jews’. So, saying all that, as a Political Scientist and Historian, one does believe the Protocols are real and have been implemented before, like with World Wars, the COVID Plandemic, and Agenda 2030. But also realize that there are Partnerships with other Organizations that aspire to the same Goal…such as with the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, etc.

And that such People involved can be Non-Jewish who own all the world really; the Media, Education, Military, Pharmaceuticals, Radio, Movie, Food, Water. You name it, Tech and Online Platforms, and Social Medias. There is no escape really. They plan everything to eventually Tag everyone to eliminate the ‘Useless Eaters’ from Earth. To them it is ‘Scientific’. Evolution must progress and it is their Duty to Weed-Out the Weak and Support the Strong. It is Eugenics and the Stuff of the Books, 1984 and the Brave New World. They were not Books of Fiction but were Broadcasting their Plans.

People of Contradictions

All that to say that one takes the Middle Ground, more/less. As one might know, one even joined the IDF to help in their Defense and Security, in Israel. It was an Amazing Experience. One did that, not because the State of Israel is such a Benevolent Country and People. It is like any other Country, full of Good and Bad People regardless of Religion. One’s Experience was due to the Theological and Religious Inclinations taught in the Bible by Jesus Himself regarding the Treatment of the ‘Least of His Brethren’. While in Israel, one would/could relate to the Orthodox Jews the most. Yet, they were the ones that looked at me with Contempt.

One could tell from their Faces that they wanted to Kill me, Ostracize, Shun me as was seen as ‘Cattle’. Then the more Liberal Jews, like the Reformed or even the non-Religious Jews were the nicest People. They were very Helpful, Sympathetic and Welcoming. It was and still is a Dichotomy. Israel is a Land of Extremes and Differences. So, you had the Orthodox Jews who ‘know’ the Bible but Hate Jesus with a Passion. Then you have the Liberal Jews that do not know their Bible but are open to at least have a Fair Discussion about Jesus. Here below is a Free Resources Page on one’s Experience in the IDF, the Israel Defense Force.


Yet, when one wanted to talk about the Torah or the Temple, they would shut down and leave and the Friendship would never be the same again. And while in Israel, one got no Official ‘Welcome’ from any Jews. You know who welcomed me? An Arab. As one was lost at Night in an Orthodox Neighborhood trying to get to one’s Hostel, one got off the Bus because one did not feel ‘Safe’ with all those Orthodox People looking at one’s every-move. They probably thought one was an Arab. One happened to get off at the Damascus Gate. One then decided to get a Taxi. It was the Arab Area and the Taxi one got was of an Arab. And the 1st thing he told me was, ‘Welcome to Jerusalem!’

But ultimately, as Followers of Jesus, one has to rely on what are Jesus’ Instructions coming from the Bible, concerning Israel and the Earthy People of YHVH. See Romans 11, and how the Apostle Paul looked at his People. And then there is what Jesus said. And that is why one had decided to join that Volunteer Program with the IDF, etc. The Bible teaches that Israel is ‘Unique’ among the Nations, not because of the Jews. In fact, it is despite the Jews. How so? YHVH chose the Worst, Last and Rear-End ‘People’, of a Body Metaphor to make it the Head and Leader of the Nations, to be a Light. It has so far Failed. Israel being a Light to the Nations will only happen when Jesus comes back.

In choosing Israel or Jacob, it was to show what YHVH can do. He transforms People and Nations…from a Sinner to a Saint, from a Jacob to and Israel which means, Prince of EL, etc. And then Jesus taught that He will be Judging the Nations at His return on how they treated Israel, His ‘Brethren’, that what People did to Israel, for Israel, or against, it would be as if doing it to Jesus. So, that is Heavy. But one does disagree that those Christians that do Support Israel, usually will use the Mantra of, ‘I will Bless those who Bless you and Curse those who Curse you’. And this to infer that it is dealing specifically, now with the State of Israel. This is not True, in one’s Interpretation.

Perceived Propaganda
That Divine Condition was given to Abraham, who was not even a Jew, but a Chaldean from Iraq. So that Mantra cannot be applied to the Jews, of Ancient Times much less now in the Modern Era. If this would be the case, then those who are also of the Faith of Abraham are more ‘Jew’. It is because that Divine Condition would also be applied to Jesus Followers. So, one Evaluates the Modern State of Israel by what it does as any other Political State. Like one did not, does not agree in how Netanyahu Mandated everyone to get the COVID Injections. This was no different in how the Non-Consenting Medical Experiments were forced on the Jews in the Concentration Camps.

One does not like the Negative World Press against Israel when Hamas launches Rockets indiscriminately at entire Civilian Populations. This is a War Crime. Yet the World Court turns a Blind Eye and rather ‘Investigates’ Israel for War Crimes? Or when the World scorned Israel’s ‘Disproportionate’ Military Response against Hamas, for example. The World sees the ‘Poor Palestinians’ with only Sling Shots, Rocks And Knives. While the Israelis have the IDF, an Air Force, Iron Dome and F-35s. So, one tells one’s Friends. You have your Family sleeping in the House.

In the Middle of the Night several Intruders break in with Long Knives with the Evil Intension of Raping your Wife, your Daughter, Killing your only Son, your Heir, and ultimately Killing you to take all that you possess. So, as the Father, you bring out a Gun and blow their Heads off. But then all the Neighbors come over and Complain and Condemn you for how the Father did not respond in ‘Proportion’ to the Threat? In such a Fight for Life and Property, one does not/should not have an Equal Response. One should Pray to have an Advantage to come-out on Top and Alive, saving one’s Family and Property.

Then one arguing with some Christians online about how the ‘Poor Palestinians’. Yes, but they are being played by their own Hamas Leadership. Not sure if you realized but they get Billions of U.S Dollars and Euros from about the top 10 Countries in the World yearly. Most are Rich ‘Christian’ ones, mainly the USA, Europe and the Rich Oil Arab States. Yet Palestinians are still being kept in a ‘Refugee’ Status for over 70 Years still in Camps. That is the Plan. Something is wrong here and how many do not know their History of how the original UN Plan was to have a 2 State Solution. Israel said ‘Yes’ and was voted into the UN, by a Legitimate Vote. The Palestinians? They said, ‘No’. Why?

The Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs wanted ALL the Land and No Israel. Period. This Palestinian Perspective has not wavered. So, after Israel asserted its U.N. Right to Statehood, 7 Arab Armies invaded Israel. The Muslims, the Palestinians, and the Arabs  lost. This was 1948-49. And at every ‘Land for Peace’ the Arabs ‘Promise’ Peace but make more War. It is like when Israel then withdrew from Gaza in 2005. It was a Deal  to stop all the Suicide Bomber killing Civilians throughout Israel. Did the Violence and Attacks stop as the Palestinians Promised? No. They have Armed themselves to the Teeth because they do not want a Co-Existence with Israel. The Key in understanding this Conflict over the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, is that it is a Religious/Spiritual War.

Israel’s Rendezvous with Destiny

And sadly, the End Times Apostate Church had cast its Lot with the Enemies of Jesus and His Earthly People. Many Christians, and alarmingly increasing in Numbers, are now against Israel. Many do not believe the ‘Jews’ that are in Israel presently are the ‘Jews’ of the Bible. The only Stipulation in who controls the World Narrative is one of those Dichotomies in that the Owners of the World Media are really the Jews. So, this Negative Perception and Reaction of the entire World now being Anti-Israel is being allowed to Air. It could actually be part of their Globalist Plan, in a way. It is part of the Protocols. It is why many say the State of Israel is ‘Satanic’, or the Work of Satan.

In one’s Interpretation, this Type of Logic and Reasoning verges on Blasphemy. One knows that if one ascribes the Work of YHVH or Jesus to that of Beelzebub, as they did of Jesus’ Work, then one is treading on ‘Blaspheming of the Holy Spirit’ and the Unpardonable Sin. Sure, the Rothschilds funded a lot of the Early Stages of the Political State. They built the ‘Illuminati’ Supreme Court and ‘Own’ the Politics of Israel, but of all the Nations, by and large. But when has Israel’s Leaders not been compromised, Sold-Out and Sided with the Enemy? This has been Israel’s Sin since its Beginning.

They have always sought-out a Political Messiah Savior. That is why they Rejected Jesus. One could argue the same for the USA. In fact, one would have more of a case as there is more Evidence of how the USA was founded on a Satanic Conspiracy, i.e., Freemasonry that is Luciferian and/or Satanic at the core. How so? You have the Writings of the New Atlantis and the New Rome, District of Columbia and how the Masons have usurped the Government in the Vial of ‘Christianity’, even more dubiously. And if one applies the same Standard to Israel because of its ‘Satanic’ Origins, then one would have to also of the USA and especially as it has gone totally Leftists/Socialist.

It supports Abortion, LGBT, fought Illegal Wars, etc. So, if one judges the USA, would one then have to judge ‘All Americans’ as Evil. Would the entire Country be as ‘Satanic’ and thus dismiss it and not support it in any form or way? One would not think so. Also consider the Prophecies that were fulfilled to coincide with Israel’s Re-Birth from 1947-49. There was the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Resurgence of Hebrew, which was basically a Dead Language. But more importantly and what convinces one, is what Prophecy alludes to.

This is what one asks of all those Christians that, due to this argument, are Siding and Championing Hamas, the ‘Enemies’ not of Israel only, but of YHVH. Then, who is the Nation that is to be Born in a Day as foretold in Isaiah? Who are the People that in Ezekiel, are the ones who come back to Life from the Dead in the Valley of Dry Bones, in the Last Days to become a Mighty Army? If not Modern Jewry? If not the IDF? Then who? Where are they now in the World presently? Who are the People that the Prophet in Psalm 83 reminds YHVH that ‘They are Your People?’ Psalm 83 has not been fulfilled yet. Then in the Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel, who are the People living in the Mountains of Israel that are slaughtered by YHVH on behalf of Defending Israel, whom YHVH calls, ‘My People’?

Who is a ‘Jew’?

And then as mentioned, when Jesus returns to Jerusalem at His 2nd Coming, who are those People there in the Promised Land He calls Judah, the City and possessing the Temple that Zechariah says, ‘They will Look on Him whom they Pierced’? If such People are not the Jews, who are they and where are the real Jews now? Can these Christians please point to them? Why? It is because YHVH Promised to bring the Last Remnants of the Jews back from their Captivity. And the last one was the Roman one. And that an Eviction of the Jews from their YHVH-Given Land would never happen again. So, if 1948 was not it for the Modern-Day Israel to be Re-Born, then when will that happen? And with whom?

The ‘Jews’ who say they are now and possessing the Land of Israel are not the ‘Jews’ according to many Christians and Enemies of Christ. Such are conveniences the Modern-Day Jews are ‘Imposters’. Now to be fair, the Bible teaches that Jesus Himself stated that there are ‘Fake Jews’. And many Jews are not really Jews. Granted. But that is Jesus’ Problem, not that of the Church. Lastly, there are 7 Levels of Zionism, right from Luciferians to YHVH Himself. Afterall, the biggest ‘Zionist’ is YHVH.

Where does YHVH live or abide? In Zion, in Heaven. So, based on such logic, YHVH being a Zionist is Satanic then? Well, as one can assess, one still has Issues, especially with such Christians that are throwing out the ‘Baby out with the Bath Water’ as they say. It is Baby Jesus that is being thrown out. Or in this case, throwing-out Israel out of the Promised Land. But if one knows Prophecy or has a Big-Picture Perspective, one realizes that that is why the 70th Week of Daniel is in order to occur.

It is to Refine Israel through the Fire to get this 'Satanic' Element extracted from its Core. As others have said, 'The purpose of the Tribulation is for the Salvation of the Jewish Nation'. So, to reiterate that just because a country or People have genuine ‘Satanic’ Elements and Allegiance, does not make it All-Inclusive, Satanic. It is no more than Mexico, being full of Drug Cartels makes it a Drug Nation, All-Inclusive to then lump the sum of its People to working for the Cartels.



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