When was the 2nd Temple Renovated?

  • What Year did Herod's Renovations Start?
  • Can the Year determine the Year of the Crucifixion?
  • Is the Timeline tied to the Year of Jubilee and 70 AD?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So the Jews answered and said to Him, “What sign do You show to us, since You do these things? Jesus answered and said to them, Destroy this Temple, and in 3 Days I will raise it up. Then the Jews said. It has taken 46 Years to build this Temple, and will You raise it up in 3 Days? But He was speaking of the Temple of His Body’. -John 2:18-20

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the possible Timeline of when the Crucifixion Year of Jesus would have occurred. If one considers a Fall -19 BC Start Year for the 2nd Temple Renovations by Herod the Great I, and then adds the 46 Year Factor based on the Arguments between Jesus and the Pharisees on the Temple Mount, that would be Mathematically consistent with one’s conjecture 32 AD Crucifixion Year Theory. Note that according to varying Research, the Start Date has been from either as early as -23 BC to as late as -17 BC. It is only when using the -19 BC Start Year that this possible Timeline would also concur with one’s estimated Start of Jesus’ Public Ministry, that being in 28 AD, as He Proclaimed the Year of Jubilee at that Time and Place, Theorized.

Fall -19 BC + 46th Renovation Year Marker = Spring 29 AD
The Temple Mount in the Herodian Period (37 BC-70 A.D.)

‘In 19 B.C. the Master-Builder, King Herod the Great, began the most ambitious Building Project of his Life —the rebuilding of the Temple and the Temple Mount in Lavish Style.

As mentioned, Research come across this Topic will show how Herod, is said, started to discuss the issue of the 2nd Temple Renovation as Project, as early as -23 BC. It would have amounted to about 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time or 7 Year before the actual Renovation Work actually started. If one then uses that Year Cycle, it would be a 7 x 7 Sabbath count that would correspond to the Year 28, that one also Theorizes was the occasion in which Jesus stood-up in the Home Synagogue of Nazareth and Proclaimed the Jubilee. This in turn would make from Fall 28 AD to Fall 29 AD, the 50th Year.

-22 BC + 49 Year Jubilee Cycle = Fall 28 AD making 29 AD the 50th Year

Note the Amazing 50 Year Count that correlates to this Hypothesis. One surmises that the Decree occurred on October 31, 2023/November 1, 28 AD. This was then the 49th Year since -22 BC, making the Fall 28 AD to the Fall of 29 AD the 50th Year, etc. In turn, it would then correspond to one’s conjectured 1260 Day Ministry of Jesus, being 3.5 Years that coincides then with April 14, 32 AD.

Repeating Renovations
If 29 AD was the 46th Year of Renovation, and if one then adds Jesus’ 3.5 Ministry, the 32 AD Crucifixion Year would have also been a 49th Jubilee Year Factor of Time from that Perspective. Now, it is disputed that the Numerical Value of 46 Years what not how long it had, as in Past Tense, taken the Renovation. But that it was an on-going Endeavor. Or rather, that the Word should imply a continual state of being, etc.

Thus, the Jews talking to Jesus were not saying that the Temple was finished when they spoke of 46 Years. It is well within the scope of the Aorist to use ‘Has Taken’ as the Correct Translation, many Sources reveal that the 2nd Temple Renovations were not completed until 63 AD.  Note that this Time-Frame was just 1 Sabbath of 7 Years before the Temple was completely Destroyed and Leveled by the Prince that came, Titus of Rome in 70 AD.

Consider some Observations. In the Gospel of John, there one finds the Account of the Wedding at Cana. One is presuming a Summer Time-Frame that points to the Wheat Harvest, as in a Boaz and Ruth Prophetic Typology, etc. This is by the way, one’s Prime Thesis on when the Rapture and the End of the Church Age is to occur because of this Wedding of Cana Prophetic Connection. This would insinuate that it was after the Summer, in the Fall that then Jesus proclaimed the Jubilee in the Synagogue of Nazareth.

This Event, in one's Interpretation, is where and when one conjectures Jesus started His Official Public Ministry. In turn, as the next sequence of Events has Jesus attending His 1st Passover, 1 of 4 in total during the 3.5 Year Ministry, with the Last 1 being His own. Thus, based on the Time-Frame presented, that would be Year 29 AD, in the Spring, the 50th Year from -21 BC when the Temple is accepted by most and has started to be Renovated, etc.

Spring 29 AD: Passover #1
Spring 30 AD: Passover #2
Spring 31 AD: Passover #3
Spring 32 AD: Passover Final

-Renovations of 2nd Temple Decreed by Herod: October, -22 BC(?).
-Proclamation of Year of Jubilee by Jesus: October 31, AD 28.
= 49 Years, 0 Months 0 Days
= 2,556 Weeks 6 Days or 17,898 Days

Note that the only way one’s Timeline of a 28 AD Jubilee Proclamation to work, is if the Tempel Renovations actually started in -22 BC and not -21 BC at the Earliest. Why one is presuming an October 31/November 1, 28 AD Jubilee Ministry Start Date is based on Reverse-Engineering the 1260 Day Factor of Jesus’ 3.5 Year Ministry from April 14, 32 AD. Thus, it is solely a Conjecture. And with all Ancient potential Timelines, there are Disputes. Below are some Year Discrepancies to account for and/or factor-in.

‘After 18 Years as King of the Jews in Jerusalem, Herod (53 Years) felt the need to completely Renovate the Jewish Temple. Before being able to do so, he had to convince the vast majority of Jews to grant him Permission for such an Ambitious Project. Josephus recorded his appeal to them’.

‘Herod I, also known as Herod the Great constructed the Palace/Fortress, along with a small Town between 23-15 BC’.


Note the 18th Year Commencement, that being a hidden 6-6-6 Factor. Also that there is a Discrepancy as to when Herod the Great actually took Power and started to Rule as ‘King of the Jews’. That Power and Title was given to him by Rome, as it will again for the Final AntiChrist ‘King of the Jews’ Usurper, ‘Solomon 2.0’, in one’s Interpretation. But the Sanhedrin acknowledged his Authority and Power given by Room, the 4th and Last Beast Empire that is still In-Pray, by the way. And in the Gospels, the 70 Elders of Zion went so far as to Exclaim that they had ‘No King but Caesar’.

Reign: Herod the Great I
37–4 BC (Schürer)
36–1 BC (Filmer)

It is recorded that Herod the Great began his actual reign in 37 BC upon the death of Antigonus II, that ended the Hasmonean Dynasty. Josephus makes it clear that Herod's Temple had been started in Herod's 18th Year, Counting inclusively from the year beginning his Reign.

-36 BC Herod Starts To Reign (Filmer) - 18th Year = 18 BC + 46th Year = 29 AD

Of note, most Biblical Scholars and Students of Prophecy, presume and accept and use the Year -4 BC as the Time Herod the Great Died. However, one is of the Opinion and would concur with Filmer that it was instead in the Year -1 BC. The main Reason is that the supposed Lunar Eclipse that occurred or associated with his Death is the wrong one. This alternative Date is discussed in the Book about the 32 AD Crucifixion, etc.

And this the Year that would then be correlated to a -3 BC Birth of Jesus, as that would be in Time for the 2-Year Olds and younger to have been Slaughtered and the Magi to have finally arrived in Bethlehem to have Audience with the King they had been led to Search by the Stars.

That Year and Date was December 25, -1 BC, per one’s Calculations. And when Jupiter was in Virgo to boot at that Place and Time, in Retrograde. That Timeline, as mentioned would in turn, Synchronizes with a 28 AD Start of Jesus’ Ministry with the Jubilee Proclamation. Then, 1290 Days exactly, or 180 Weeks would be April 14, 32 AD, that one conjectures is the True Year, Month and Day of the Crucifixion.



Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD

When was Jesus Crucified? Was it in 30 AD? 31 AD, or 33 AD? This has been 1 of the most Profound Questions, that has been Debated since the Church Age started with Jesus' Death. Can the Year and the Week Day be Determined? Is there any Evidence to suggest a More Accurate Year and Week Day? The Research one is providing in this Book, is one's Best Attempt in Showing why one is More Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. One is not attempting to ‘Convince’ anyone, or to ‘Prove’ the Year, as that is beyond one’s Ability. However, to Ascertain if 32 AD was the Year, one has used a Triangulation Approach to search this out.

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Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifices

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