A Critique of What Christians are Debating About

  • Is the Ashbury 'Revival' of Christ or AntiChrist?
  • Is the Event a Genuine 'Revival' or Ploy?
  • What is the Big Deal about it and its 'Problems'? 

by Luis B. Vega

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So, one was asked about this Apparent Christian University Revival Event, led by Students, that went on at a Christian University in Kentucky for 13 Days in Mid-February of 2023. One would think, initially, without knowing much of it, that if a ‘Revival’ should be occurring and allowed, at any Place and Time, it would be at a supposed Christian University. No? No. Why would there be any Opposition or Criticism of it, and by Christians no less? The purpose of this Response is to address the Issue, from the Pont of View of one that works at a University. And to attest that the Reason(s) for justifying the Termination of the Event, were absurd. One has not been to the Session, nor heard or seen it 1st Hand.

So, one will not, cannot comment on the Spiritual Significance Aspect of, other than from those that have, and who have a Pro and Con Argument, regarding their Point of View about it. And how those that are ‘Throwing Stones’ are just as ‘Guilty’. The Responses range from, ‘It is the Work of the Spirit of AntiChrist’ to the Spirit of Christ’. Sure, there are concerns, as Ashbury would and is considered a ‘Left-Leaning’, Progressive Christian College. But what the Objectors of this Event are Decrying is that ‘No Gospel was Preached, nor the Blood of Jesus. There was no Repentance, only Constant Repetitive Hillsong Music and Women Preaching, and Gays leading Worship’.

But as one who has attended scores of Churches and been to many across the USA, one can attest that in nearly 90% of all U.S. Churches, at any given Sunday ‘Service’, the ‘Blood of Jesus’, nor the Cross, Repentance, or the Gospel is being Preached. So, the mere fact that what is going on at most Churches in America have also needed to be deemed then, the Work of the Devil by the same said ‘Stone-Throwers’. But perhaps, that is the case. Some make a Good Argument, as one does believe the Church Age is currently at its End and its ‘Spirituality’ is reflected in the Laodicean Types that are Run and Controlled by the Nicolaitans and the Jezebels within it, etc.

According to Research on Ashbury’s History, it has had such Revivals in its Past and usually occur around February, as part of their Yearly Prayer Initiatives. If one were to Comment, if this is the Work of the Devil or Jesus, one has to examine its ‘Fruit’. This takes Time. If anything can be said of Ashbury’s Past ‘Revival’ Fruit, it would be deemed, of Jesus as many Movements and Music were affected by them. It is generally recognized that their prior ‘Revivals’ contributed to the Jesus People Movement, Calvary Chapel, the Vineyard, Keith Greene, etc. But now, the overwhelming Criticism is that it is not the Work of the Holy Spirit because ‘False Teachers’ and how the University has gone ‘Woke’ and allows Openly Gay Students to have led the Worship.

Test the Spirits - Yes
Or how Women, who call themselves ‘Pastors’ are regularly invited to ‘Preach’ there at the University, etc. One would agree that today’s Ashbury is not same as that of the 1970s. However, the Fruit that this Event will affect, will have to be ‘Examined’ and Judged as it Matures. That will take Time. For 13 Days, in mid-February of 2023, there had been a ‘Revival’, as many have coined it, where Students and many others from the Community and Abroad, flocked to the Event, non-stop. The Event sparked International Sensation or Awareness through Social Media. OK. One’s Take?

From one who works at a University with Students, if anytime you can get a Young College Student to go to Chapel or to an All-Night of Prayer during the Week, it is not of the ‘Flesh’. What convinced one that it is ‘Legitimate’, from what one has come to Understand about it, is how now, the ‘Administration’ of this ‘Christian’ University has apparently ‘Shut-it-Down’, according to the Reports as of this write-up. But the Event has now moved Off-Campus. OK. If it was of GOD, the actual case, LORD forbid Young Adults, Students at a Christian University are wanting to live Holy Lives and Express Worship, Publicly of a Deeper Commitment to Christ Jesus.

And the issue for ‘Stopping this Revival? Was it because of Doctrine? No. Was it because of other Christian Denominational Objections? No. It was in part, an issue of ‘Crowd Control’, cited as a Public Safety Concern, Sensitivity of the Neighbors…Really? As one who works at a University, one can attest that more Student/People meet-up for Rallies, Block Parties, Open Campus or Preview Days, just the same at such Universities. At any given Day, 100s of Students are engaged in Academic Fairs, Fraternity-Sorority Drives, Demonstrations or Congregating, etc.

Being in a Residential Community, the ‘Neighbors’ are accustomed to the Traffic, Parking, Noise and Commotion that are ‘Reasonably’ Expected of such an Institution. But Young Christians Exercising their Constitutional Amendment to Freely Express their Religion, at a Religious Campus? No, cannot have that going on, beyond the ‘Normal’. And especially if other Christian Denominations object to how they are ‘Worshiping’. How sad that it is being Curtailed at a supposed ‘Christian’ University. That is worse.

So, in one’s Assessment, just in terms of Logistical Reasons, of course the Powers-That-Be, who usually are Compromised at those University Levels, will find an Excuse to ‘Move On’. And that has now been the case. As mentioned, one who works with the Campus Politics, even at a Christian University, you have to keep the State ‘Happy’ or else lose all that Federal Grant Money, one suspects. LORD forbid this sort of Christian Movement catches ‘Fire’ and spreads the Revival across the Nation that needs it.

What is happening in the USA, in particular is how now, since 2020, really due to the COVID Lockdowns and the Injections… of how many have Died from the Shots and Christians riding the Fence, knowing enough of what is so ‘Wrong’ with what is being thrown at them, are ‘Tipping -Over’, back to Jesus. But then many Non-Christians are also seeing, all the Signs of these Last Days and Connecting the Dots. Things in the World are getting ‘Weird’. There is a Battle currently raging for the Soul of America.

You Shall Know them by their Fruits

The Onslaught of Satanism is Off-the-Charts and Overt now in the USA. You have the After School Satan Clubs in many Middle Schools, Drag Queen Story Hours, not only in Public Libraries, but in Churches now. There was the Backlash of Roe vs. Wade being revoked. Then you had the Emmy’s Lucifer Worship Service, the Superbowl Satanic Half-Time Show. Then Damar Hamlin who wore a Grotesque Depiction of Jesus, Crucified on the Cross. And no one said anything but clapped in Praise during his Debut. Perhaps, unbeknownst to him, but that was a Satanic Counter Move. One wonders who encouraged him to wear that specific Depiction of Jesus. And why?

As the Young Man Collapsed in a Prior Game, of a Heart Attack, that many attribute was due to the COVID Injections, it caused all those Christians, at the Game and even those that were not, to come together to Pray at that very Moment. The Game was Suspended. People went to the Hospital and Prayed outside, etc. You had 1000s of People at the Game and perhaps Millions watching the Game, turning to GOD in Prayer. Teammates were kneeling, sobbing. If one saw that Moment in Time, it was like a Mini-Spiritual Revival of sorts had inadvertently occurred. And the issue? The Power of Prayer and Repentance, Revival. And?

So, the Luciferians and Synagogue of Satan that control the Media and their Medicine, Sponsored by Pfizer, etc., cannot allow their Magic Spells, their Pharmakeía and Psychosis to be ‘Broken’ by Christian Prayer, Repentance and Revival. It is for no Reason that the COVID Lockdowns were an Excuse to make sure the Christian Churches, those that are Spirit Filled and Led, to be Closed. Worse is all the ‘Woke’ ones ended-up being Injection Centers. And for Worshipers it was to not Pray nor Sing the Praises and Victory Jesus has procured for the Sin Problem that plagues Humanity.

According to Damar Hamlin, who says he is a Christian and wore it to show ‘Gratitude’ for ‘His Savior’. He further stated that it was just a Form of Art, from an Artist that is also associated with High Profile Rappers, etc. If so, it is just Bad Taste, common sense. On the other Hand, he is being Played then. One could, perhaps give a ‘Pass’ if the ‘Art’ depicted Christ in a particular Artistic Rendition, like Cubism, by itself. It was not the case. But clearly, on the Back of the Jacket, you had the entire Motif of Jesus’ Crucifixion Depicting, where one could interchange Clothing Pieces like some Paper Doll. No.

That was and is clearly Blasphemous and Poor Judgment on his Part. But true to Pharisee-ism, he stated in his Tweet that those who are Criticizing him for doing it should, ‘Not Judge’ or else one would be Judged also’. Of course, all People who use this Verse from Jesus, never quote the 2nd Part. ‘Judge a Right Judgment’ or in other words, do Judge, but not have a Double Standard or be Hypocritical, etc. This then leads to one’s take on how many Christians Criticizing the Ashbury Event have come out with claws, as they say against it for being, the Work and Spirit of the AntiChrist’. The following will be links to show what and how the Christian Divide is Alive and Well in every matter, it seems.

Spirit of Pharisees

The following is an Article that shows the Division amongst Christians about this Ashbury ‘Revival’ Event. It is keen in seeing into the ‘Mind’ of these Last Days Christians. Is The World Experiencing Revival, Or Is It The Rising Spirit Of Antichrist Leading People Astray? Your King James Bible Has All The Answers You Need https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/real-holy-spirit-revival-has-preaching-teaching-of-bible-doctrine/. Now-The-End-Begins is critical of everyone and everything, it seems.

Everyone is entitled to their Opinion and even the way they come across in saying it, as to Demeanor, etc. But in one's Opinion, they are very Pharisaical in their Opposition. The Issue of whether this Ashbury 'Revival' is of the Holy Spirit or the Anti-Christ Spirit, seems to be a 'Mix-Bag' of Assessment and Accusations. But it cannot be both. What one sees, is more so a Spirit of the Pharisees here. Such would also not 'Approve' of Jesus' Works because Jesus’ Methods and Protocols did not fit with the Biblical Interpretation of how Everyone must 'Worship', as they do or see it as they do.

That is what the Pharisees decried against the Spirit and Power of Jesus. They said it was of the Anti-Christ Spirit, just like Ashbury. They even compared this Event to the Satanic Grammy's. This, in one’s Spiritual Assessment is on the Verge of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Because if the Ashbury Event is of the Spirit, and one is calling it Satanic, it verges on the Unpardonable Sin. This is serious. The Pharisees of Jesus' Day attributed the Works of Jesus as being of the Devil as you 'Judge' because one is only focusing on what is ‘Wrong about their’ Practices, etc. The Pharisees ignored the changes in People's Lives.

As true to the Administration's Decision to 'Shut it Down', so did the Sanhedrin of Jesus' Ministry. There are countless Testimonies of People who were actually there at the Ashbury Event. They speak of Repentance, Salvation, Re-Dedications. Many Christians being Critical of the Event were not there, one presumes. Realize that the Pharisees Judged the Works of Jesus as being Satanic. No, you cannot have a 'Jewish Revival'.' You are not Worshiping and Praising YHVH like at the Sanhedrin Say or as the Author says you 'Should Worship'. One will use his Logic, or lack thereof.

Nowhere in the Bible does it specifically state 'How to Worship'. It is Understood, as some rightly commented, that it must be, as YHVH Requires, 'In Spirit and in Truth'. So, who is one to decide that for everyone else, because they do not 'Worship' as they think they should? Yes, the Apostle Paul later placed some Needed Protocols as to the Order of a Service in the 1st Century. One also has to account for the Spiritual Plurality within the Diversity of the Body of Christ, as a Body is, even Biologically. If the Ashbury University is of a Charismatic Persuasion and/or Denomination, what do you expect?

It would be no different if a Baptist Church University, say like Baylor broke-out in a 'Revival' and the Pentecostals, saying, 'No...Spirit of AntiChrist!'.... Unless you Speak in Tongues, you are not ‘Saved’. 'They are not Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth, like us, stay away'. Seems the Author of the Article can only accept the Hymns or Psalms found in the Bible. Thus, all other Type of Music is of the Spirit of AntiChrist. Totally Absurd.

But that is what the Pharisees said, ‘Our Oral Law trumps the Written Law of Moses', etc. One found, if there is any Take-Away from the Article is that the Author himself acknowledged that at the Last Supper, after Preaching, and having Fellowship with Disciples, what did it all end with? A Hymn. A Song. Worship. Yet the Ashbury Event is being taken out of Context, despite all its mis-giving to prove the Point that this Event is a False Revival and is of the Spirit of Anti-Christ. One is not weighing-in on the Fruit of it as one would agree there are some Legitimate Concerns of what is not ‘supposed’ to happen in Christian Churches.

But, if that is all Jesus has to work with, it is then a case of how, regardless of the Failures to totally Adhere to Jesus’ Commands, He can ‘Multiply’ the Fishes and the Loaves’, Metaphorically. To that, one would say, has to say as some of the Pharisees said of the Work of Jesus, if it is the ‘Work’ of YHVH, it will stand and no Man or Article will or can stop it. It is from the Anti-Christ Spirit; it will not come to anything.

Lastly these many Pharisee Types, also use the Strawman Argument, that is getting 'Old' with these 'Old' People'. That no 'Revival' is found or is in the End Times, ever mentioned in the Bible. Therefore, any Revival is Satanic. This is the Logic, one has to follow. However, the Bible never mentions ‘Rapture’, therefore any who believe in a Rapture is Satanic then. This is the Logic of the Pharisee, etc. In one's Assessment of the Article, the Author is jumping to conclusions without having Tested the Fruit of this Work, as it is commanded in the Bible.

Yes, one is Commanded to 'Test' the Spirits and to 'Judge' the Fruit, but with a 'Righteous Judgment', not a Self-Righteous one, as it is the case with these who have the Spirit of the Pharisees. So, what is 'New' that Christians do to each other? Yes, there are some issues that one would not agree with like playing and Singing Bethel Music, Women Preachers, Gay Worship Leadership, etc.

In fact, one had to stop being involved as a Faculty on Campus with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship because it went ‘Woke’. It allowed openly Gay and Lesbian Student to be in positions of Leadership. But that is how the End Times will be. One would agree that there is a Sifting going on, a Division. So, one’s Take of this Ashbury Event, is just a Reflection of the Spiritual Pulse or Condition that the End Times Church has relatively attained, or can only deal with. Yes, it is a Sad State of Spiritual Affairs, in one's Assessment, at least in the USA. The following are Excerpts from the Article from Now-The-End-Begins to show a Glimpse of the Spirit of Division that one can say is alive and Well in the Body of Christ.

Think I'm going to bite the bullet and share this one on FB. Should make me more popular than ever.... ROFL!!! I had a preacher friend who went to Asbury with an open mind, willing to give it a chance. He found universalism afloat, no gospel, repetitive music, women preachers...everything the Bible is against. And the hateful comments from people I know, even from one NTEBer just floored me. I don't understand why we see one thing and they see something totally different, unless you're looking through 2 different lenses.

Kristy Tag1611
All they have been singing about at Asbury is Jesus, all they have been worshipping at Asbury is Jesus. All they have been preaching at Asbury is Jesus. They are reading scripture, praying, worshipping and repenting with godly sorrow….so because they are inviting Catholics and Muslims to a Christian worship service that means they aren’t worshipping Christ? No women preaching Gods word only giving testimonies of what God has done for them…can women not give their testimony to people and say a scripture in the process???

No women are shepherding the flock with preaching that I’ve seen of when I was there for 8 hours. I’ve not heard one thing about Buddha, Muhammad, Mary! In fact, when I was there a young man preached on Jesus being the only way and talked about how other religions say you have to work to go to heaven, but Jesus doesn’t work that way. Does your church not allow anyone unsaved to come through the doors? Instead of shunning other religions they need to be welcomed so they can hear the gospel…they are right by allowing any faith to come there…just by allowing them there that doesn’t mean they are trying to unite their faith with the true faith…people of other religions are sinners just like us before we were saved, we needed to hear the gospel.

Tag1611 Kristy
I'm not getting into a big argument, we can be fine to have a difference of opinion, but I have seen video of women preaching at Asbury, not giving testimony, but actually preaching. And yes, in a church service anyone is allowed to come. But this was called a "worship service" where people [of] all faiths were invited to "worship" together. The article was written to Biblically discern when something like this comes up. This smacks of end-time universalism from what I have seen. If you have a different opinion that is fine. By the way, the Hebrides revival, that started with 2 old women praying in their home about the lack of young people in their church. The women got the men to praying and the first thing that happened was that they started repenting of their own sin. It started with a meeting slated for 2 weeks. It lasted 2 years and took placed in 1949. Not that long ago...

David Brooks
So, they are threatening NTEB to stop speaking out against that movement? I was not aware that Christians "threaten" people. Sign me up for some threats. I would like to be in that club too because I'm going to be spending the remaining days, I have exposed that spirit of antichrist.

Kristy armedcitizen
Nobody is worshipping the music. They are singing to the Lord with the music as a tool. There’s nobody bowing down to a guitar player or piano player lol. People are kneeling at the alter during all hours whether music is being played or not. There are periods of scripture reading, praying, testimonies and alter calls. The music has nothing to do with it…with the heart man believe unto to righteousness. They are singing from a heart of humility toward God with godly sorrow for leaving their first love. These legalistic mindsets are being exposed left and right.

I myself being one in having so much religious pride and thinking God had to do things the way I thought he would. Going to Asbury and seeing the humility and hunger and thirst for righteousness really humbled me and revealed the standards I was trying to hold God to. The Pharisees had everything right, they had all the Old Testament scriptures that testified of Christ, yet they didn’t believe with him right in front of them because their righteousness in their own eyes had blinded them.

Geoffrey, I do apologize if I have misled anyone about Asbury, that certainly wasn't my intention. I had read several comments on FB from people who had attended the event, and none of this "new age" stuff was mentioned....it was mostly comments about young people being saved. Too, I have Christian friends on FB who were posting all positive comments. Anyway, this is a very good article, and thank you. I'm finished posting about Asbury but will pray that maybe something good happened there.

Author MaryLu Tyndall
I sensed something way off from the beginning of this thing. Have been praying for discernment, but with some of the NAR pastors there and other false teachers and this Bethel and Hillsong music... AND like you said lack of preaching the Bible... it just doesn't seem likely that this is the real deal. I just wish so many Christians weren't so gullible. Thanks for the good article!

Kristy Author MaryLu Tyndall
They did preach the Bible. They are preaching it, praying, humbling themselves, godly sorrow is working there is true humility. My husband and I went. Just because some well-known false teachers may go there or put their 2 cents in on it doesn’t mean it’s of a false spirit. What if the devil is leading them to go there just to throw people off to steer them away and say this is evil? What if also these false teachers go there and end up being truly born again while there.

They are not allowing any big names to get up and speak, they are not allowing any agendas to be preached. They have spoken about us having to surrender our sexuality to God. This was spoken about while I was there so yes, they are telling people to surrender everything! Sexuality whether practicing homosexuality, practicing sex before marriage or even dare I say thinking sexual thoughts toward the opposite sex…I mean surely there’s no Christian’s here that have ever done that in their walk with God. We are all just perfect. Well, if we are perfect then we don’t need Jesus, right?

I mean people are bringing up bethel music and gay people as if such were some of you wasn’t said in the Bible. Maybe these people worshipping are repenting with godly sorrow for falling back into sin. God can use ANY means possible to reach people with the gospel. Don’t be religious in thinking he can’t. He is using this revival for good for a lot of believers and yes, I’m sure there are a few bad apples thrown in the mix that don’t have the right intentions.

KY Ron
Hi Ron, Long time, no post - for me. Most of the articles on here for the past year seem to follow a pattern of, "We told you", "We have been telling you", We have warned you", etc. It seems the amount of pride exuding from this website is now over the top. Even if everything published is 100% accurate, it is not very becoming to have a Christian spewing out this much pride. This particular article has made me feel I need to comment. (Just so you know, I have not formed an absolute opinion just yet, but am still watching and waiting to see what happens with Asbury.)

I do know several VERY solid Christian men personally who have made the trip to Wilmore, Kentucky to see this revival/awakening in person. The one said his life was changed in 1970 with the Jesus movement that started at Asbury. He has been a sold-out minister of the gospel for 40+ years with what was once Campus Crusade for Christ, now Crue. (Lest Geoffrey decide to attack Crue, we know there are some people in the leadership that are off on a tangent, but the genuine ministry to college students goes on anyway.) He is also a missionary to Japanese universities, juggling his time on site as a director here at WKU in Bowling Green and Japan.

He is also my adult Bible study leader. The other man is a layman, a carpenter, and has served on the frontlines of pro-life ministries, Christian witnessing and outreach and has been beaten and jailed many times for Christ - all for praying in front of abortion clinics in NYC, Atlanta, and other locations. He too has been a sold-out Christian for 40+ years and is a personal friend. They have told me of their experiences while there last week, and are convinced God is moving, but they leave room just as I have, to see if this bears fruit.

I trust their judgment. Their testimony is that this may very well be the real thing with evidence that it is not a faux revival or orchestrated by men. I may be mistaken, but I don't think Geoffrey has bothered to experience this firsthand himself, and yet, he has condemned it without absolute knowledge of what is taking place. The one man gave me a website of the testimony of someone who has experienced and studied revivals of the past. He also visited in person. It is a good read and right now has parts 1-7 available. I'm not familiar with this man but you can draw your own conclusions. The blog is: https://billelliff.org/blog...

Who Scatters? Who Gathers?
During Jesus’ Ministry, the Disciples came to Him and told that others were Preaching in His Name and that they wanted to ‘stop’ them. What did Jesus say? Basically, it is an issue of who is Gathering and who is Scattering. Lucifer and his Demons are not going to Gather People to Praise and Worship Jesus. Rather, it is Lucifer, that Scatters the Flocks of Jesus. Consider who Gathered this Event and who Scattered it. Yet the Writer of the Article, being Critical of the Event as being Luciferian, no better than the Grammy’s was glad that it got ‘Shut Down’ and the People Scattered. If one were to assess that Spirit coming from the Writer, one would say that it is the Spirit of the AntiChrist.

The Point? Consider the Outcome. This Writer of the Critical Article of Ashbury is glad that it was shut down. No more Signing, no more Preaching, nor more Salvation. No more Repentance. One would day, is the same Outcomes that was desired and obtained of the Luciferian COVID-Worshipers that Mandated the Christian Churches to also stop Singing, Preaching, getting Saved or Repenting. Sure, the Practices Ashbury, now in this Last Generation might be not to the Biblical Standards, but that is the Light they have, which is dismal and ‘Flickering’, Metaphorically. But what does YHVH say in the Old Testament about a ‘Flickering’ Light? He will not Snuff-it-Out.  

It is a plain case of Peter-Foot-In-The-Mount in so much as the Apostle told Jesus that he would not allow him to go to Jerusalem and be Killed, etc. Yet, that is what is exactly why Jesus came and had to. What did Jesus say back to Peter? ‘Get Behind me Satan’. Many Christians are very presumptuous as to what they believe other Christian should be doing, according to their Pre-Conceived Notions.  As one stated, sure, one would never step into such an Event, knowing now of what took place that one does not agree with, like having Women Pastors, or Gay Students Leading Worship. As told, one had to stop being involve with a Campus Ministry for that very reason.

In one instance, a fellow Colleague invited me to his Church 1 Sunday. Sure. Come to find out that the Preacher was the Wife of the Paster. And true to form, she had a better grasp of Prophecy than most Pastors. But at the end of the Service the Male Pastor came up to meet and greet. And asked what one thought? One respectively told him that one would not be coming back because, from what one Understand the Bible as Teaching, it is clear that his Congregation is ‘Out-of-Order’, concerning the Protocols in Christ Jesus’ House. There is a Government, Structure and Protocols and they were adhering to it. And that was it. One left the issue at that, and that is between them and Jesus that will be brought-up at the Judgement Seat of Christ.

One told the Paster that one could have Fellowship, anytime, outside the Church, but that one could not in Good Conscience set back inside. He nodded this head and left, as one also departed. But as one would never step, as much as one can help it into such Gatherings, as Ashbury or the Church one had attended that was Similar in Practice, neither would one ever step in the Nicolaitan Type of Church, no doubt the Writer of the Article attends. 


Main Sources

Citing Disruptions To School And Town, Asbury Authorities Move To End 13 Days Of Revival



The Common Sense Show

Asbury Hosts 1970 revival anniversary celebration


Here is a more Balanced and Real Assessment of the Event.

Asbury, Revival, and Discernment

Here is one comment coming from the Revelation 12 Daily Online Blog.

‘Responding To A Move Of The Spirit, Within His Spirit, Unca Todd and his adult daughter invested the 3.5 hour drive and went to sit at the Asbury table and see for themselves. John 1:39-41 WE. At 1:17:22, Unca Todd delivers an excellent retelling of his experience as well as his 'take' upon it.

He both covers specific things happening which he saw, things not happening, as many detractors have also pointed out, such as WW65 who, IMHO, is way off based on this one, and also then dives into Scripture as he does so well to contextualize the entire thing, mostly in ACTS. Coffee and Donut time, enjoy:

The Asbury Outpouring – My Personal Experience There & Addressing the Negativity from Christians


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