Caldron of Celebration for the Coming Victor

  • Does the Bible address or speak about such motifs?
  • Is there any reference or inference to a 'Face' in the Bible?
  • Are there any spiritual lessons to be learned from such studies?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.’  -Ephesians 5:11-12

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest that the Panathinaikos Stadium in the Parthenon area of ancient Athens is construed to be that of an encrypted façade of the Face of Mars. This ’Face’ is supposedly a tribute to the fallen Rebel King Ala-Lu who was banished to Mars. Such a structure is said to be a ’temple’ or mausoleum in his honor that one day, this King will resurrect and return to Earth to possess it. In the continued quest to use astro-archeology to decipher such enigmas on Earth and on Mars for that matter, the illustration depicts the Olympic Stadium as an elongated rendition that ingeniously masks the correspondence of that of the Face structure on Mars. This is predicated on the supposition that there does exist a triangulation of pyramids in which the Face of Mars is donning a supposed ‘Eagle’ helmet. It is 1 intelligently designed piece of 3 mega-structures in the Cydonia, Mars region.

Specific to the correlation and positioning of the Face on Mars motif upon the Panathinaikos Stadium, one has to use the effects of condensing the structure to relatively ‘match’ that of the Face of Mars. In so doing, there appears to be several undeniable and unbelievable amazing geomatic relationships that are based on phi ratios. The Stadium itself is designed in phi ratio proportions. It is also 120 degrees situated from that of true north and would be a mirror reflection of that on Mars in terms of its motif. Depending on the site on Earth, some correspondences to the Cydonia Mars pyramid complex are very exacting; others have various degrees of adaption and renderings. Thus, as to why there is a 120 degree rotation at the Parthenon area, only the ‘Initiated’ who follow this Rebel King’s religion and rites know.

One possible explanation as to this orientation is that the heading from the Stadium at this spot in ancient Athens is at 333 degrees. Amazingly, it is the same degree heading as that of the triangulated pyramids and specifically from the ley-line coming off the D&M Pyramid. As to the other measurements of the Stadium, it is approximately 360 yards from the top of the ‘helmet’ to the bottom of ‘neck’ that borders on a street. The approximate width is 420 yards across and the distance from in-between the center line running the entire length is 280 feet, which is .33 of a kilometer. What is rather amazing also is that the same numerical coefficient of 280, in this case of yards is the length from the top of the Stadium but only to the end of the seating section. This is the portion that depicts the ‘helmet’ motif that is donned on the head of Ala-Lu supposedly.

The Return of the Victor
The Panathinaikos Stadium is the one in which the modern Olympics were reconstituted in 1896. It thus also has an overlapping theme of a ‘return’ as the ‘Nike’ or ‘Victor’ is to return to Earth at the End of Days. Specific to the Face of Mars motif, upon truncating the Stadium in phi ratio proportion on the north-south axis, it would appear that the proportions appear to directly match that of the Face of Mars. What is rather unique in this rendition is that the Stadium depicts the supposed ‘helmet’ that this ‘God of Mars’ is said to be donning when one elongates the ‘Stadium’ in an east-west horizontal axis. In fact, the center lines on the actual Stadium match the ‘border’ of said ‘helmet’ on the Face of Mars. The Olympic Stadium is just one of the many encrypted motifs in plain sight that seeks to fuse the realms of the 2 planets and dimension of where such ‘Gods of Mars’ abide and will return from.

In terms of sporting events, such as the Olympics and the American Superbowl or World Cups for that matter, is in any wonder why the openly and blatant Luciferian ceremonies are an occasion for their High Priests and Priestesses to venerate and ascribe ‘worship’ in mass to this fallen ‘Rebel God of Mars’? One has been asked, ‘why such an interest into such motifs or why is such a topic or narrative important enough to study?’ Good question. Aside from the fact that the topic is very fascinating, the notion of the quest to know the origins of Humanity is as old as Humanity itself. It is one of the questions that remains to most or to some, unknowable to its full measure. There appears also to be a lot of deception, mis-information and dis-information that clouds the quest to get at answers as to who and what is Humanity and who and what are these ‘Martian Saviors’ and why all these Cydonian, Martian Motifs through the world.

Is the Bible narrative true then? What is the difference? Does the Bible have it all wrong or nearly all wrong? Consider the following observation. Many would argue that in essence, Christians supposedly have a slanted version of the ancient knowledge and how Jesus has been now ‘embellished’ to be something ‘He’ did not intend, etc. For example, a comparison will be made of who these ‘Martian Savior Gods’ are and what their intention for Humanity was and is or will be and that of YHVH and Jesus of the Bible. According to the narrative of the Martian Saviors, they came to find gold to restore their decaying atmosphere on Vulcan, that is Nibiru or some faraway world. There was a contention of a throne and rulership and a banishment that was seen as unjust, etc.

In the ensuing ‘Cosmic Wars or ‘Star Wars’, Mars was a casualty of such a nuclear Armageddon of sorts. In the middle of it all, such ‘Saviors’ and ‘Creators’ fused various genetic experiments to produce the human race. The purpose? To use them as slave labor. However, in contrast to the true Creator and Savior, Jesus of the Bible, such ‘Beings’ are in fact Fallen Angels in rebellion and league with their King Anointed Cherub, Lucifer. The Bible states that Lucifer sough and still seeks and will in the future to dethrone YHVH and the rightful Heir and King, Jesus. Lucifer was banished and will one day see his end and demise in the Lake of Fire. This place too will be the final destination of all humans that have chosen to follow such a false narrative. What was the reason for creating Humanity according to the Bible?

The Coming Martian Magicians
The Bible states in Genesis that the Elohim decided to make mankind after Their ‘Likeness and Image’. This is the only reason, not to work or be a ‘slave’ to serve the ‘Martian Gods’ as sexual objects and for sport perhaps. YHVH states that Humanity was placed in the Garden of Eden to have dominion over it as Princes with dignity, honor and majesty. Adam and Eve did not need to ‘work’ or labor in the Garden. Apparently there was no need as all that was need was provided. Consider that it was only after sin by way of the ‘Martian Savior’, Lucifer or might as well have been Ala-Lu that beguiled the 1st humans through Eve. As a result of sin and disobedience to the commandments and will of YHVH, 1 direct consequence was that from that point forward, Humanity had to work to eat and live. Thus, one can see that such ‘Martian Saviors’ are in direct opposition to one another and their ‘Gospels’ as that of Jesus’ is diametrically opposed.

Why it is important to investigate such sites and alternative creation accounts is that this ‘religion’ and rite has permeated all portions of human institutions. The mere fact that this Martian Motif of the Rebel King Ala-Lu is encrypted in such a place is indicative of how serious those that follow such a narrative are and will be, to the point of being a matter of life and death during the coming Tribulation Period. How so? When this Ala-Lu personage does return, he will institute a ‘Mark’ that no human can either buy or sell. This will relegate anyone that is not adhering to the forced worship of this Martian Savior to be put to death. Therefore, it is prudent that one realizes that the coming ‘Lie that will be believed’ will involve the narrative of ‘Alien Saviors’, of the Martian Magicians  that will show up in their flying machines and wonderous powers or ‘magic’ to return to help Humanity in its time of greatest need.

Do consider that Jesus did warn that the Last Generation of Humanity would see the worst that there has ever been and will be in terms of evil, war, famine, pestilences, economic distress, moral distress, etc. Yet it will be a time where such ‘Martian Saviors’ will come on the scene with their ‘magical’ machines, technology and solutions that will convince the world that they indeed are the true ‘Saviors’ come back to save Humanity. Realize that the Last Week of Daniel’s prophetic clock will be as it was during the Biblical time of Israel. It was a time of Sign and Wonders. Why? In part, it is because YHVH will be dealing with the last measure of disciplining Israel for their unbelief and rejection of the true Savior, Jesus. Then on the other hand, the Jews will demand ‘Signs’, etc. It will be a contest of whose ‘magic’, power and ‘Gospel’ will prevail.

As in the times of Elijah, fire will come down but in this case, the AntiChrist or this coming Ala-Lu character will cause it also to manifest as showing proof of his ‘divine’ credentials. Amazingly, part of his powers to be displayed will be to resurrect from an apparent assassination attempt that will mock and mimic that of Jesus. The Bible states that Lucifer, referred to as the Red Dragon, the Ancient Serpent will give this ‘Savior’ power. Also, such will even be able to give the ‘breathe of life’ to the Image of the Beast that will be set-up on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as they are keen is setting-up such motifs. This ‘Image’ is understood to be given the power and ability to ‘speak’, etc. These few tricks performed by the coming AntiChrist ‘Ala-Lu’ and his False Prophet will be no different that the false prophets of Osiris, of Ra in Egypt, Jannes and Jambres. Lastly, for those who seek to follow the true Savior, Jesus Christ, GOD the Holy Spirit admonishes His People through the Apostles that His People need be aware of Satan’s advantage so as to not be ignorant of his devices or schemes. Then, the Bible also admonishes the Followers of Jesus to test and prove all things, all history, knowledge, Gospels, prophets, etc. ‘Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.’

Few motifs on Earth of the Cydonian, Martian persuasion are as amazing to study as  is the Panathinaikos Stadium. If the inferred correlation between the Olympic Stadium of Athens and the Face of Mars does really exist, that would be amazing to actually correlate with some measure of probability. However, it is no coincidence that there is a direct Mars association with this ancient site of the Parthenon. Amazing, Mars Hill is next to the Acropolis and it too corresponds to a pyramid structure next the 7-Pyramid Pleiadian City on Mars.

Is it of any consequence that the Bible does interject the true narrative of who is the real ‘Savior God’ in context to this Mars connection with the Parthenon? It comes from the Apostle Paul that preached on the very pinnacle of the rock and addressed the people about the ‘Unknown God’. On one hand, it is interesting that those men and women on Earth that have designed and constructed such physical structures to replicate that of the Martian Motif on Cydonia know and possess such knowledge. On the other hand, such humans will one day realize that their supposed Rebel King, the God of Mars will be too will be bowing the knee to King Jesus Christ and confess that Jesus is LORD.

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