Ancient Rainbow City Complex

  • Who has Designed Major World Capitals with Star Maps?
  • Why is there an Apparent Identical Layout as in Giza?
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by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Ancient Chan Chan city complex of Peru is patterned after the Orion Constellation and in turn to the Pyramids of Giza. Chan Chan was an Ancient Thriving Metropolis just outside of Trujillo, Peru. Its Main structure was called the Temple of the Rainbow. This is one of many surrounding Sites that include the Pyramid of the Dragon, the Sun and the Moon. The Chan Chan Alignments are configured on the Cosmic Alignments that are not from this Earth. It appears that the whole Hemisphere pegged their various Centers of Power off of Orion and the Pleiades, just as today.

It would appear that the same Narrative was Propagated since those Times and some from the same Source. The Key Personage in common was Viracocha. He was said to have come from the Orion and Pleiades Stars, as Being with Blue Eyes and Blond Bearded. He was considered the Teacher, Priest, Peace-Maker and ultimately was Crucified on a Cross. He promised to Return at the End of the Age, to save once again Humanity on the brink of Chaos and Extension. 

This Narrative echoes the Events of the Fallen Angels during the time of Enoch that Rebelled against YHVH and left their Celestial Posts to Intermingle Genetically with Humanity, specifically Women. The Orion and Giza Correlation shown below appears to be in Approximate Pattern with the Orion and Giza Pyramid layout in Reversed Order. Such Art and Architecture was taught to Humanity and is one possible Explanation for a Common Knowledge Source that spans Oceans or even before the Flood of Noah.

Some Theorize that it was Aliens who ‘Seeded’ the Human Race from Genetic Engineering purposes. Viracocha was said to have gone on a Flying Serpent Machine and would come back in one. This obviously has a UFO Flying Saucer Inference that could very well play into the whole Ancient Alien Theory that the ’Pleiadians’ are in fact the ’Creators’ of Mankind, etc. Perhaps the Chan Chan Orion City Complexes had this Construct in their Architecture that was Dedicated to the Orion Star Gods.

The Bible does Corroborate this Star God Narrative to an extent. It is that it was the Fallen Angels that sought and still do seek to ’Perfect’ a Human Race Genetically after their own ‘Likeness and Image’. Such Evil Entities were considered the ‘Gods’ of Old and the Worship of them, devolved into a Bloody Religious System of Human Sacrificial Rites. It is 1 Reason why many believe YHVH Judged the whole American Hemisphere with the European Invasion and Colonization of the Americas. It was like when YHVH use a Wicked Empire, Babylon to Judge Israel for doing the same.

Orion Religion
This Archeological Site outside of Trujillo, Peru is basically the Ancient ‘Trujillo’ City Complex. It was a thriving and built-up area of Commerce, Politics and Social Order. The study suggests that the entire City Complex of Palaces and Religious Structures were patterned after the Orion constellation and that of the Pyramids of Giza in Proportion and Layout. Moreover, if the entire Orion Constellation Outline is Superimposed on the Chan Chan area, the corresponding landmarks are astonishing. For one, the Orion Motif is Reversed.

The Galactic Equator that passes through the Star Mintaka parallels the Ocean to which the Ancient City Complex was built next to. The Angle of the Orion Belt Palace is oriented toward Giza itself. Further astonishing, is that since Orion was and is the Guardian of the Silver Gate, this corresponding Locale above his Out-Stretched Arms corresponds to a Mormon Church. This Mormon Church Complex is as though it is the ‘Silver Gate’ as even its Color suggests and from a Top View, the Structure appears like a Star.

Obviously the Ancients and the Mormons are ‘In-The-Know’ about his Orion Cosmic Association and their Alignments. In fact, this study suggests that the Mormon Narrative of their so-called ‘3rd Testament’ goes Hand-in-Hand, with the Pleiadian Narrative and Conspiracy of the Pleiades whose ‘Gods’ came down to Earth to Seed Human Kind, etc. The following are some of the Measurements associated with the Orion Motif over the Chan Chan Palaces.

From the Mintaka Star correlation of 1st Palace Chamber to the 2nd Palace Chamber.

180° heading
444 ft
.13 km

From 1st Palace Chamber to 3rd Palace Chamber that correlates to the Star Alnitak.

.33 km

The Mormons also have an exact Storyline of ‘Angles’ such as Maroni and a Jesus Christ that is a Blond Bearded and Blue-Eyed ‘God’, that came from the Stars to the Americas. In fact, the Mormons have more of a Cosmological Gospel, in that their God, ‘Elohim’, was and is one of the many ‘Gods’ that come from a Planet and from where one can become a God through a lot of Sex with many Wives. Their ‘Gospel’ is that Jesus Christ only came to save the White Race and that the ‘Americas’ became Corrupt and Evil and thus, their Skin Color darkened to reflect this Sin.

Thus, Mormons, the White Redeemed of the Latter Day Saints of their Jesus Christ, are out on a Mission to ‘Correct’ the Lamanites. Or ‘White-Wash’ the Native Americans from the Christian Gospel of the Jesus of the New Testament, which they say like the Muslims, are Corrupt. Of course, the Mormon Church would revel in the fact that such Astronomical Associations and Correlations are but a Validation of their Gospel and how it is the Restoration of the ‘True Religion’, as practiced by those Mormons in North America and in the Americas and in Ancient City Centers like Chan Chan.

Orion Gods
The fact that their Ancient Cities in the Americas were built on the Pleiadian and Orion Constellations, Signal where their ‘Creators’ and ‘Gods’ came from. What the Indigenous People may not realize, is that the same Conspiracy and Lie is of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, like ther Angel Moroni that are Preaching a Gospel contrary to the New Testament. Even the Storyline of the Stars of the true Mazzaroth themselves as suggested by the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans that speak of Jesus, not Lucifer’s ‘Mormon Jesus’. The Mormons believe they are the True Church on Earth.

Their Gospel fits very well actually, with the Prophecies of the Americas, in that a Pleiadian God came down and will again to ‘correct’ Humanity. Such was the case when the Spanish came to Mexico and Peru. The Americas were well acquainted with the Feathered Serpent God, the Shining One and the Light bearer. This was the ‘Celestial Orion’, who came to Teach the Americas, the ‘Way’ of the Cross. It is really a Cosmic Luciferian Conspiracy, to usurp the True Gospel Storyline.

It Declares that 1 Day, the true Son of the Creator, Jesus would come and He did, but He did not appear in the Americas as the long awaited Pleiadian Savior. No. Jesus did not have to Appear in the Americas after His Crucifixion and do a 3.5 Ministry all over again in the Western Hemisphere to then be Crucified again, as the Mormon Narrative teachers. However, perhaps the Mormon and Indigenous Peoples do give a Measure of Credence to the Speculation that the Throne of YHVH is in Orion and somehow connected to the Pleiades.

In part, the Luciferian Deception that will be allowed by YHVH after the Rapture, will be that Mormon-Type of Narrative as the ‘Lie that will be Believed’. This coming Lie will incorporate some Elements of an Ancient Alien Explanation. And perhaps, the coming AntiChrist will be the fulfillment of the Prophecy that Viracocha or Kukulkan, or Quetzalcoatl or the Mormon Jesus will be returning at the End of this Present Age to ‘Save’ Humanity once again. The following are some approximate measurements based on Google Earth Coordinates.

Mormon Temple ‘Silver Gate’ to Mintaka of Orion Constellation Pattern.

= 66 Arcseconds
= 60° Heading
= 1 Nautical Mile
= 2 Km

To the Alnitak Orion Constellation Pattern.

= 2333 Yards
= 1.33 Miles

The Orion-Giza overlay has the following Ley-Lines.

= 33° to the Galactic Equator Line
= 72° Degrees to the ‘Silver Star’ Mormon Church

Since the Luciferian Rebellion came from the very center of the Throne of YHVH, perhaps this is why the Orion-Pleiades Motif was and is encrypted in almost every Ancient Place of Political and Religious Importance on Earth. It is where Lucifer’s Fallen Angels come from and from where perhaps some ‘Left their 1st Estate’, from Orion and/or the Pleiades, meaning the Place of their Habitation on one level of Interpretation.

The other is that they, being Spirit, somehow took on ‘Strange Flesh’ to be able to have Sexual Intercourse with the Women of Earth. Why? It was and still is Lucifer’s Evil Plan to Dilute the Human Race on a Genetic Level. As in the Days of Noah, this Genetic Manipulation by the Fallen Angels was very Prevalent, to the point that only Noah was found to be a Pure Human, Genetically. ‘Perfect in his ‘Gene-rations’. Jesus stated that such Technologies and Genetic Manipulation would occur, to such levels, just before His Return. It is such a Time now.

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