A 9-23 Numerical Converge of Prophetic Time

  • Will the 5-Year Revelation 12 Sign be of any Significance?
  • Will the Rapture event occur on such a Time or Date?
  • Why is the Date 9-23 Predictive Programmed a lot?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And a Great Sign appeared in Heaven: A Woman clothed in the Sun, with the Moon under her Feet and a Crown of 12 Stars on her Head. She was Pregnant and crying out in the Pain and agony of giving Birth’. -Revelation 12:1-2

The purpose of this study is to Recognize and Celebrate the 5-Year Anniversary of the Astronomical Fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign. Since before that Time, there has been much Controversy and Contention over its Meaning and Fulfillment. There still is. Mainly, does the Sign point to the Rapture’ Timing. As one of the Original Chroniclers of the Astronomical Event, one would like to offer some Thoughts and Contemplation of where the Sign is at and what it has gone through. A List of Free Resources, PDF Book, Charts and Articles spanning over 15 Years is available for Download in the End Notes.

Why the topic of the Revelation 12 Sign is now once again Relevant, Prophetically, in one’s Opinion has to do with it Numerical Value Association of its Date, September 23, 2017, or 923. And why? The Date is tied to a very important Prophetic Time Piece or Marker. What that is, is precisely is still up in the Air as they say. Or perhaps it will be because the Saints will be. How so? The Sign of Virgo is about Wheat, the end of the Wheat Harvest. It makes 9-22 the Last Day of Summer. Could or would this be the Rapture Day? Before one delves into the Personal Perspectives, in Retrospect of the Sign, one will provide a short Synopsis of the how one 1st became aware of this Sign.

A Debrief of the History of the Revelation 12 will also be included in the End Notes, etc. How one started being aware of the Revelation 12 Sign began around 2008 with the Notion of how there was an apparent Cover-Up of the Constellation Virgo in Google Sky. Note that around that time, many of the Sky Computer Models came Online. What was odd, is that a large Rectangle Black Patch was and still is covering-up the portion where there appears to be a ‘Dragon’ like Anomaly depicted in Virgo.

Google Cover-Ups: Red Dragon in Virgo

It was explained-away by Google as a ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ sort of deal. That got one interested then in seeing the Constellations with the Free Software, called Stellarium. With this sort of Software, one is able to pinpoint with a Credible Degree of Accuracy, the positions of the Sun, Moon and the Stars in any given Day and Year. For those who are Amateur Astronomers and Sky Watcher Enthusiasts, it was a Dream Come True.

Who is the Man-Child?

What would have taken Years of Study and Selective Access to World Class Telescopes to study the Heavenly Bodies, could all be accessed and depicted at the click of a Computer Mouse. Then, it was around 2010 that one posted a Lunar and Solar Eclipse Pattern on a Timeline. It sorts of went Viral and then based on the coming Tetrad Blood Moon Phenomena, the quest to ascertain the Positions of the Planets on a Rosh HaShanah was possible. The Sign of Virgo was then investigated, ranging from 2010-2020. At the Time, one was convinced that, if the Rapture Event would take place, it would most likely occur at a Yom Teruah Feast of YHVH when the Sun is in Virgo.

But one had been ‘On the Fence’ between that and Pentecost. Thus, one tracked the Depiction of the Sign of Virgo on Rosh HaShanah in 2015, some 4 Year out in particular. Why? It was a Shemitah Year. Realize that the Depiction of the Revelation 12 Sign occurs, nearly every Year in the Fall, around September in Virgo. Many Detractors of the Sign rightly asserted that the Sign ‘happened before’. Yes, every Year as noted. The Revelation 12 Sign in 2015 had the Sun at the Head and the Moon at the Feet of Virgo, but it was Saturn that was ‘Birthed’ out of the Virgo’s Womb area. That is the Motif of how she gives ‘Birth’ to the Planets that traverse through that Region, pictorially.

What made the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 unique was, as one also depicted in Graphic Charts, was that Jupiter entered the Womb Area and did its 12-Year Retrograde Motion for 9 Months. Then, coincidentally, Mercury, Venus and Mars exactly aligned themselves in the same Angle as the 3 Pyramids of Giza. They also then joined the 9 Main Stars of Leo to depict the ‘Crown’ of 12 Stars. Now, how the Sign got popularized is that one reported this Astronomical Occurrence, at the time on an Online Blog called, Rapture in the Air Now. In the following discourse that occurred on the Site in 2011, it was then surmised just how interesting this Converge was The Virgo Motif appeared to correlate, Scripturally with the Verse in Revelation 12, thus the Name.

It is there that Jesus gave the Apostle John this Celestial Sign as being ‘Great’ and how within its ‘Core’, there was a Sign of the Rapture. Rapture of whom? That is the Question. It is also part of the Great Contention of who is the Man-Child that is to be Raptured just after it is Birthed. It then Escapes the clutches of the 7-Headed Red Dragon. What happened next was that the Sign was sensationalized to strongly suggest that the Sign meant that on September 23, 2017, the Rapture was to have taken place. One was in Disagreement as the Sign is not the Event, just based on pure Definition.

Nonetheless, the Sign took a Life of its own. Fast-Forward, 5 Years. On September 23, 2022, is the 5-Year Anniversary of the Great Sign. And? Well, many End Times Watchers believe that the Sign, that is yet to be literally fulfilled, may be signally the Rapture of the Believers in Jesus at that Time. When? On the Last Day of the Wheat Summer Harvest. It will be 9-22. The Sign will literally be fulfilled at the Halfway Marker of the Tribulation Period, as that is pertinent to the Remnant of Jacob. Then the Sign is Multifaceted. It has a Duality and Dichotomy that incorporates an Astronomical Aspect, as that is what was fulfilled in 2017. It was a Wake-up Call to the Sleeping Church. And? The Sign of the Coming Rapture will End the Church Age. This is Profound.

Sign is not the Event

The Revelation 12 Sign is Prophetic then, for both the Body of Believers of Israel and the Bride of Christ. How so? It occurred 33 Days after the Great American Eclipse. It occurred 726 Day, the Numerical Value of the Word, Harpazo in the Greek, which means Rapture form the Last Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad. It was 1260 Days from the start of the Tetrad Blood moon Series of 2014-2015.

April 14, 2014 1st Blood Moon of Tetrad +
1260 Days = September 23, 2017

Then one surmised that perhaps its Prophetic ‘Shelf Live’ was 1260 Days. That is the Numerical Value associated with it in the Book of Revelation. That Day happen to be when the Roman Catholic Pope visited Ur in Iraq. This was the Ancient Home of Abraham. It was from that Point in Time, that the Abraham Houses of the 3 ‘Faiths’, of Christianity, Islam and Judaism would ‘mingle’ together. 

Roman Pope’s Visit to Abraham’s House


But why is 2022 Prophetic, relative to the Revelation 12 Sign? Aside from its 5-Year Anniversary, in one’s Opinion is that it Converges with the 10th Shemitah or 70 Years since 1952, and the 7-7-7 or 21 Year Anniversary of 9-11. That in itself is a Factor of a 3-2-1 Shemitah Countdown. One presented the Prophetic Typologies that the Sign of Virgo could be ascribed to Mary and Jesus, to Israel and the Messiah, but also to the Body of Christ and the Rapture of the Believers of Jesus, etc.

Since 2017, as the Sign came and went and there was no Rapture. The Naysayers proclaimed ‘Victory’ and those who genuinely were researching it were discredited a bit. Many Believers lost ‘Faith’ in Watching because of the Hype. But it served its purpose, one would propose. It served to Sift the Wheat from the Chaff within the Church. It made a Delineation of those that sought and bough the Man-Centered Hype and Trust in the Sign, rather than on the Savior, Jesus.

What is undeniable is how many Instances there were in how Events and Personalities were attributed or linked to it. There was the Planetary Configuration seen in the DaVinci Code with Tom Hanks. There was Comet 67, the Jubilee Comet that occurred, not seen since 1967. There was the Conception Comet that appeared to ‘Impregnate’ the Maiden, from Leo. There was also Occultic Premonitions in how several Movie Stars used this Motif of a Virgo Pregnancy in their Performances on Stage.

There were Blockbuster Movies such as Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast whose Poster Graphics insinuated a Virgo-Lion or Leo Complement. And there was a Pregnancy Inuendo when using Light and Shadow Effects on Wonder Woman’s Posture in one Poster Rendition, etc. And the List goes on. One can read the Evidence and Sequence of Events in the Book, The Great Sign of Virgo. It is Free to Download in the End Notes as it chronicles one’s Research since 2008 to the Present.



Day of the LORD
With all that said and found in one’s Research, realize that there was a Wikipedia Page dedicated to the Revelation 12 Sign as well. It really was a ‘Who Found it First’ type of Disclaimers and one stayed away from the Hype. But one did attempt to set the Record Straight and clear-up the Events on the Page but was Censored. In fact, in the Fall of 2021, the entire Wikipedia Page for the Revelation 12 Sign was Scrubbed. Why? Attempts to reconstitute it were ignored. What is so ‘threatening’ about this Sign that this Self-Proclaimed Agency of Truth, Wikipedia decided it cannot be disseminated?

Is it because its 5-Year Anniversary is the Countdown to what perhaps will be or could be the Timing of the Rapture it had Encoded in its Motif and Scriptural Inference? Perhaps. But how can Astronomical Signs be pertinent to the Timing of the Rapture? What does the Sun, Moon and the Stars have to do with the End of the Church Age? Everything one would surmise. Consider how at Pentecost, the Apostle Peter referenced a Blackened Sun and the issue of a Blood Moon brought out from the Depiction of Joel. Peter quoted it and tied Pentecost and the Start of the Church Age.

And perhaps how it will also End with…somehow? However, the Parallel Passage is in Revelation that also uses this Passage and has the notion of Untimely Figs. How are the Figs related to the Rapture, the Revelation 12 Sign? One was a bit taken-aback in how the Numbers echoed 9-11 and how the Motif of the ‘Untimely’ Figs came into view or a Prophetic Factor no less of the Day of the LORD How so? The Untimely Figs is then referring to a time around Late August to Mid-September.

With this in mind then, that Prophecy of Joel and in Revelation, a Prophetic Parallel can be or will also be a Prophetic ‘Bookmark’ of sorts. How? Most, if not all Bible Students consider that the Sun turning to Sackcloth and the Moon turning to Blood, a clear Metaphor, can be Astronomically explained as Eclipses. Ok. Now, it is ‘Impossible’ for both to occur at the same Time. Or is it? One realizes that a Blood Moon is a Full Moon. And a Total Solar Eclipse blocks-out the Sun and Day becomes Night, etc.

One’s Theory is that these 2 Eclipses, both Solar and Lunar, as depicted in Joel and Revelation occur on the same Day. How? Enter Planet X. Yes. And that the fulfilment of the 1st Rendition occurred at the Crucifixion of Jesus, ‘The Day of the LORD’. And that the 2nd or Last Rendition of this Day when the Sign of the Son of Man appears again, returning in Glory, thereabouts. It will be tied to Astronomical Events. This is also evidence of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year, Month and Day as no other Year in 30, 31 or 33 AD had a Blood Moon near Midnight over Jerusalem, except on April 14, 32 AD.

And it is known from Scripture that on the Day of Jesus’ Crucifixion, the Sun turned Black for 3 Hours. Well, one is presuming it was due to the Sun. What is Miraculous is that no Solar Eclipse can prolong for more than 7-8 Minutes at its Maximum. This is where the Research of Gil Broussard has calculated that only a Heavenly Body 7X time larger than Earth, when in a Flyby, exactly ‘Occults’ the Sun’ for 3 Hours to cover the Earth with its Shadow. And as one and others surmise, this Red Dragon with 7 Heads or Planets will be coming around during, probably the 2nd Half of the Tribulation Period.

Convergence of Convergences

But most poignant, will be when Jesus along with His Bride comes back to Earth, just in time for Armageddon. As one calls this Event also, ‘The Return of the Bride’. And she be mad too for what was done to her for nearly 2000 Years. As one would say, She is ready to also Kick some Ass. Now, all this Astronomy is of course Speculation.

But as one’s Timeline has been presented, in a Fall 2022 to a Fall 2029 Timeframe, consider that on September 11, 2029, the Revelation 12 Sign is ‘Approximated’ again. See Chart for illustration. So, if the Nemesis 2nd Sun System does come around, in a Clockwise Trajectory, it will come from under the South Pole as many have calculated. It will be the stuff of the Movie, ‘When World’s Collide’. How the Planet X Flyby does not need to be that ‘close’.

Chart: Sign of the Son of Man

Revelation 12 Sign on September 11, 2029

Yet, the Astronomically Perturbations will be enough for Jesus to Use in His ‘Wrath of the Lamb’ to cause Worldwide: Earthquakes, a Pole Shift, Droughts, Solar Flares that burn 1/3 of all the Trees and Grass on Earth, and Man. And such a Flyby will cause a Heat so intense, it will kill Millions. Yet People will refuse to Repent. And realize that at any given time, 1/3 of the Surface of the entire Earth faces the Sun. This is another Piece of Evidence of how the Earth is a Globe. This coming Revelation Judgment Phenomena cannot happen if the Earth is ‘Flat’ or Stationary like a Pizza, etc.

Now, one can ascertain a bit more into the insights of how certain Astronomical Occurrences like the Stars Falling down like Untimely Figs come into play. As it is known, that is what Meteor Showers are, no? But what one thinks the Depiction of the Stars could be, is how in the Time of the Tribulation, the Earth’s Orbit will pass the Debris Field of Planet X or the 2nd Sun, Nemesis twice. And again, it has been calculated that it will be exactly 5 Months apart. 

This is corresponding to the Time that your bigger than average size Asteroids will enter Earth’s Atmosphere. They will literally appear like Stars Falling from the Sky like ‘Figs’. It will correspond to the Time also, when Mankind will seek Death because of the Wrath that is so Intense but will not find it. This is amazing. This then would or could correlate to what is happening now with the Injections. It has been already reported by Scientists, that as mentioned before, have isolated the Aging Gene in the Human DNA.

And with the Mark that will be incorporated then and there, Lucifer by way of the False Prophet will be presenting this Selling Point of Eternal Life to the World. It will be a Counterfeit and False Gospel Promise in how Lucifer seeks to mimic the Eternal Life Jesus is providing now, Free of Charge. It is at Face Value, already Paid in Full of any Requirements of keeping any Law or Animal Blood Sacrifices. Now, Theologically, those under Grace do still have a Law to abide by and that one will be ‘Judged’ under, but that is the Law of Christ, etc.

Satanic Signatures

And Believers and Follower of Jesus will have their Works Reviewed at the Bema Seat of Christ. But, not for Condemnation or Loss of Salvation, but of Kingdom and Heavenly Reward. One is assuming a Person has been genuinely Converted, Transformed, Sealed and has the Fruits to bare this Witness out. But that is why, as many sense the End of the Church Age is at hand. The World and Israel do not know just how ‘Good’ they have it now just to be in this Present Dispensation of Grace. And 5 is the Number of Grace. Will the 5-Year Revelation 12 be that ‘End’?

It is, after all the theme and Promise of Joel with that Day, of the Crucifixion that one believes fulfilled the Astronomical Condition of having 2 Total Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur in the Same Day. And that Theme was? That from that Point in Time, going forward, those that would only ‘Call on Name of the LORD would/will be Saved’. Cannot get much better than that. Thank you Jesus. The following is a Contribution to one’s Research about the Revelation 12 Sign, pertinent to the 923 or September 23, 2017 Date. It has to do with the Advent of the AntiChrist and its ‘Peace’ he brings.

Modesto from Italy mentioned that the Emperor Octavian Augustus was born on 23rd of September. His Birth Day is of Relevance to the Ara Pacis Augustae in the City of Rome. This Altar of Augustan Peace, was Commissioned in July 4, -13 BC. It served to Celebrate the Pax Romana, brought by the Emperor. Interestingly, if one adds -13 BC to 2022 AD, the Numerical Summation equals 2036. Adjusting for the 1 Year between -1 and 1 AD, if one subtracts the 7 Year Tribulation Period, it would be the Year 2029.

-13 BC + 2022 = 2035 +1 = 2036 – 1 Shemitah = 2029

This is the Year that Jesus is to Return, based on the Shemitah Cycles of Years since Israel entered the Promised Land and the 70 years or 10 Shemitahs since Israel returned to the Promised Land in Modern Times, starting with the 1st Shemitah that occurred in 1952.

                    1    2    3    4   5    6   7
Fall 1952 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7+ 7 + 7+ 7 = Fall 2022

Oddly enough, this Altar of Peace was situated in the Northern Portion of the Campus Martius, or the Fields of Mars. Obviously, the God of War was the Patron God of the Romans. In fact, whenever a Roman General came back from a Victorious Campaign, this Face was painted Red. It would be as the Christ-Like Personage the AntiChrist will also be. The Monument includes Decorations of Swans. Why Swans?

It is the Animal that is symbolically linked to the Autumnal Equinox of September 23 and the Spirit of AntiChrist. As this 923 Numerical Value has obvious Luciferian Overtone, Modesto suggested, as others that there is much ‘923’ Predictive Programming in Movies to this effect. It has the Freemasonry and Kabbalistic Signature all over it that is heralding the coming Date perhaps that will have to do with the New World Order. ‘Peace and Security’, the False Jewish Messiah will be promising Israel and the World. Now, one cannot surmise if the September 23 of 2022 will be the Culminating Date.

Last Day of the Harvest?
But will that be the Time that the New World Order will be ‘Birthed’? It will remain to be seen. However, all that has been said coincides with the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred on September 23, 2017. Next item to consider related the Revelation 12 Sign and the 9-23 Numerical Value has to do with a Young Jewish Boy. It was back in 2015 where it was reported that he had Died and came back to Life.

He then talked about what he saw through Visions. He did a Video Interview with a Rabbi that is very compelling in the account of his Testimony. Realize that he grew up in a Secular Jewish Family and had not gone to Yeshiva Schools. He had no comprehension of who or what was Gog, Magog, Armageddon, etc. He said it would all start with a ‘BOOM’ on Elul 27, which would be September 23, 2022. Thus, this is why many Bible Students of the End Times, surmises a 2022-2029 Timeline.

Rabbi Rami Levy & 15 year Old Natan - Clinical death
Testimony About the End of Days Coming Soon
Nov 7, 2015

This 2029 Year then has a Direct Correlation to the Year, 29 AD. Based on one’s Research, it is the Year that Jesus declared the 50-Year Jubilee on Yom Kippur. This was the occasion of Jesus being handed the Portion of the Scroll of Isaiah to Read in the Synagogue of Nazareth. It is then where Jesus sat, that sparked the Outcry and Mob Protest. Jesus, after reading the 1st Portion of Isaiah sat down in Moses’ Seat.

It is believed that every Synagogue, especially in Ancient Israel had such a Seat. And no one dared sit on it as it pertained to the Messiah. It is like the Seat reserved for Elijah at Passover. It was believed that once the Messiah would come, He would sit in Moses’ Seat, etc. What is striking is that if one does a Day Count from this Event, then exactly 1260 Days from the Start of His Public Ministry, was April 14, 32 AD.

Thus, if one counts the Year 29 AD and one adds 2000 Years to that Start Day, the End Result Year will be 2029. Moreover, why 2029 could be extremely Prophetically Significant is that it is believed by many Bible Scholars that the Year 1401 BC is when the Israelites entered the Promised Land. And? If one adds a Coefficient of 7 Counts of 490 Years, the End Year is 2029.

                     1         2        3        4       5        6       7
-1401 BC + 490 + 490 + 490 + 490+ 490 + 490+ 490 = 2029

How this Numerical Value of 490 is also at play, presently is that it will have been 490 Years in 2029 since1539. It is when the Walls of Jerusalem were ‘Decreed’ to be ‘Rebuilt’. If one then subtracts 7 Years, that will also be 2029.

1539 Jerusalem Decree + 490 Years = 2029 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2022

Prophetic Echoes

It is a Prophetic Echo of the 3 Main Decrees that started with Cyrus the Great, ‘To Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem’. Then it was Artaxerxes 1 and then the Son of Ester and Artaxerxes 1. It was Artaxerxes 2 who was, as one has calculated to have been the one that fits the calculation of when the Messiah, Jesus would Appear in Jerusalem. The Day of His Visitation is calculated from the March 20, -445 Spring Equinox.

Thus, if one adds those 173,880 Days, the End Date would be April 10, 32 AD. This would be Palm Saturday, not Palm Sunday when Jesus presented Himself as Messiah of not only Israel but the whole World, etc. Jesus is the LORD of the Sabbath. Then 4 Days later, after being ‘Examined’ by the High Priest, Jesus would be Sacrifices as the Lamb of YHVH on Passover. See Article for the Calculation.

#591 The Day Visitation

Thus, this is why many are excited about 2022, in that it would appear to be the beginning of the Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years. Consider this next ‘Equation’. If one then subtracts 7 Years from the 490 Year Count, it will be 483 Years. This is exactly the Numerical Value that was also given to Daniel. Of how there would be 1 Last Sabbath or Shemitah of 7 Years. So, will the Fall of 2022 see Jesus Return for His Bride? Will the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign be part of this?

Jesus is giving the End Times Saints the Discernment that there is indeed an Appointed Escape before a Wrath/Judgment is to fall. That 1 Hour of Testing = 1 Shemitah. But ‘Can Jesus Return at any Time’? The Answer is YHVH is Sovereign and can came back at any time. This is assuming the 2nd Coming, not the Rapture. But one is of the Opinion that there are certain Prophetic Conditions that have to be in place 1st. The Point was/is that since 70 AD, the Church Age, is nearing now 2000 Years.

Many gave up on Israel ever being a brought back to the Land and why the Book of Daniel and Revelation were then Ignored and Spiritualize away. But that once 1948 hit, that changed everything in how the Prophetic Factors were being reconstituted for the Final Showdown that has to be in place before Jesus can return. Here is a Chart that depicts what one believes those Conditions have to be, and be in place, as they were during Jesus’ 1st Coming.

1. An AntiChrist Figure – Caesar Augustus was declared ‘Son of GOD’.
2. A False Prophet – Herod refurbished Zerubbabel’s 2nd Temple and was named after him.
3. A Temple on the Temple Mount.
4. A Divided Land.

All these Key Factors that were in place at Jesus’ 1st Coming will also have to be in place when Jesus return, in one’s Opinion. Now this pertains not to the Rapture but the Literal Return of Jesus with the Bride. And based on the Olivet Discourse, Jesus gave Israel the Prophetic Clues as to how the Sequence based on a Chiastic Pattern would come about. Jesus stated that the Order of Destruction would follow their Restoration.


Nation 1948
City 1967
Temple ????

So, it is just that close for the Rapture to happen that will make way for the AntiChrist to come and for the 3rd Temple to actually be rebuilt. Everything is ready. All that the Sanhedrin is waiting for is for their Messiah to give the Word and Authorization. Now here is a thought to consider regarding the 3rd Temple. Many are saying, ‘Do not give Funds, Support or Assistance in helping the Religious Jesus-Hating Jews build their AntiChrist Temple’. Ok, one can understand where they are coming from. To support Animal Sacrifices is or would be an Abomination and an afront to Grace. True.

But one is assuming the Temple will be built during the Age of Grace. No. It will be after the Rapture. And yes, the Temple will be Defiled by the AntiChrist. But consider what Jesus said about that 3rd Tribulation Temple. Did Jesus refer to it as Lucifer’s Temple? No. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus stated that it was YHVH’s Temple and where the AntiChrist had/has no Business being here, i.e., Standing, Sitting, etc. You cannot Defile something that is Satanic already and Abominable. Before Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection, Jesus referred to the Standing Temple as ‘My Father’s House’.

Yet, Jesus foretold of the Destruction of the Temple. As He wept for Israel rejecting Him, Nationally as the Promised Messiah who had arrived, to the Day, Jesus stated the following to Israel. ‘Your Temple is left to you Desolate’. So, one could say that the Revelation 12 Sign signaled the time when the Spiritual Temple, as a Motif of a Pregnancy, is completed and the ‘Birth’ of the Church Age ‘Man-Child’ has arrived. Consider that the Number 5, is the Number of Grace that Revelation 12 Sign has accomplished now in 2022.

(2017 Revelation 12 Sign) 5-777 + 5 Years = 2022 or 5-782

Lamech’s Death in Year 777 + 5 Years = Flood in 582

It would corroborate the 5th Year that the Flood of Noah that stared from the Death of Lamech in the Year 7-7-7. It was in 2017 that was the Year 5-777. And the Outcome? It is that the Man-Child then Escapes the Dragon. The Antichrist will then make War with the Offspring of the Revelation 12 Woman and the Tribulation Saints. If Daniel’s 70th Week is to start in the Fall of 2022, a lot of Prophecy still has to occur. This does not mean that the Rapture Event has to wait. There could very well be a ‘Gap’ of Time needed to build the 3rd Temple and ‘Restore’ Order from the Chaos the Luciferians have been unleashing on an Unsuspecting Humanity.


Free Resource Page: Revelation 12 Sign


Revelation 12 Sign: How It All Got Started

History of the Research Journey in 'Discovering' the Revelation 12 Sign.


Maiden, the Manchild and Monster
Revelation chapter 12. The Main Argument will be that such a Sign to occur Prophetically matched the Astronomical Configuration on September 23, 2017, which was 1 Day after Yom Teruah and the Fall Equinox. The Focal Point of the Sign or Motif is the Constellation Virgo which plays the Central Role is an Apparent Cosmic and Prophetic ‘Enmity’ of sorts that goes back to the Garden of Eden with Eve and Lucifer. This Book will attempt to introduce the various other Characters to include the Identity of the 7-Headed Red Dragon and Man-Child.

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