A Critique concerning the Possible
Rapture Timing

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And she gave Birth to a Son, a Man-Child, who will Rule all the Nations with an iron scepter. And her Child was Caught-Up to GOD and to His Throne. And the Woman fled into the Wilderness, where God had prepared a Place for her to be Nourished for 1,260 Days’. -Revelation 12:5-6

The purpose of this study is to Respond to a Video produced by Brother Patrick at his YouTube Channel called Hourly Watch. The Title of the Video is, SHE GIVES BIRTH TO THE CHILD ON THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS. One was asked to give one’s Assessment and Response. One took some Time to look into Brother Patrick’s Find and subsequent Video about the Asteroids named ‘United Nations’, along with Asteroids ‘Child’ and ‘Yeshuhua’, that converge in the Constellation of Virgo in September of 2023.

The Amazing Convergence of the 3 Asteroids named Child, Yeshuhua, and United Nations, all converge in Virgo during the Fall Feast of Rosh HaShanah, the Head of the Civil Jewish Year. In Summary, one will take the Position that the ‘Sign is not the Event’. But allow me to explain, as best as one can see why. A couple of things 1st as Ground Rules regarding one’s Response.

One is very impressed with Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch, in his Knowledge of Astronomy and how he Tracks these Types of Asteroids that have a Biblical Inference as they traverse the various Constellations. And with that, he correlates a possible Rapture Timing. He does not specifically name a Date but strongly suggests the Season, based on a Feast of YHVH. In this case Rosh HaShanah of 2023. No Problem.

One sees nothing wrong with doing that, as that is what one does, as well as others who are ‘Watching’. And in one’s case, one just likewise shares one’s Conjecture through one’s Charts and Articles, etc. One also enjoys Brother Patrick’s Demeanor in how he presents his Findings. One can Appreciate his Joy and Anticipation of wanting to ‘Go’ in the Rapture and that it would finally come. One’s Heart breaks for him in the loss of his Beautiful Wife and now his Dog, Moses. Goodness.

So, now to the next Stage of one’s Request to look into his Finding and Association of it being a Sign of the Pending Rapture? Let one say that one is not the ‘Official Arbiter’ of what is Truth concerning these Finds of others and one does not like to ‘Evaluate’ others Work or Research as it will usually not agree with one’s Assessment. Nonetheless, because one was asked, here is one’s Assessment. One can be wrong, or it is just a matter of having a different Perspective.

Pharisee Syndrome
One can ‘Agree to Disagree’, but some who call themselves ‘Brethren’ are Name-Calling others in a Spirit of Division who happen to Disagree with ‘their’ Interpretation. Yes, there is a need to be Critical as ‘Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Proof’. Case in Point is the fallout of Brother Tyler and Dr. Awe’s 9th of Av Rapture Date Supposition. For example, the main Person is Bruce Peters, presently Name-Calling Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe, among other Reputable Watchmen.

It is one thing to Challenge a Questionable Teaching or to ‘Hold Brethren’ Accountable for Rapture Date-Setting, but who is he to Assume that? It comes from a Person who in one’s Assessment, has a Spirit of Error and Presumptuous Pride. For example, Peters does not agree that there is a Rapture nor a Pre-Tribulation Timing Scenario. Yet when one would Challenge his Interpretation, there is always a Hypocritical Double Standard and an Attitude that ‘He is Right’ and everyone else has it ‘Wrong’. People Like Bruce Peters end-up being just as ‘Guilty’ of perpetrating Pharisaical Judgment upon others. Critique is Good and needed. But to call-out Fellow Brethren in Derogatory Terms as he calls them ‘Watch-Liars’, and worse for just presenting their own Work as to possible Rapture Scenarios?

Realize that when he and others like him are Slandering and Name-Calling fellow Brethren, he is saying that to Jesus. One would hate to be him at the Bema Seat of Jesus. Now, as far as ‘Making a Bed and now having to Lie in it’, goes. Sure, Brother Tyler and Dr. Awe have enough ‘Thick Skin’ to deal with the Fallout of their Rapture 9th of Av Conjecture. And other Brethren can call them-out about it, as one would or should of any of one’s Research that is put out there. For example, one did not ascribe to their 9th of Ave Conjecture as being the True Feast of New Wine Pentecost.

And that it detracted from the New Understanding of the Acts 2 Pentecost being on the Feast of New Wine, etc. Yet one presented the Evidence to them and Published it, and one goes on from there. But the Conjectures are getting to be Absurd. But one issue is the way in which that is being done, by so-called ‘Brethren’, that is not Christ Like. It is not about Iron Sharpening Iron but to Debase and Demean Fellow Brethren. One can understand the Anger and Frustration of People that have against others who, essentially Date Set the Rapture on a Weekly Basis. But the Attitude is playing right into the Hands of Lucifer to Divide and Conquer and make a Mockery of studying Prophecy and why many stay away from it.

Now, as to the Fallout of this latest Hyped-Up Rapture High Watch Time? Like with the Revelation 12 Sign, thereafter, there was a ‘Purge’ of sorts and the Division took place, as it is now. Perhaps it is being allowed to Weed-Out in a Pruning Type of Work by the Holy Spirit. But one would say, there is enough ‘Sin’ to go around’. So, hopefully this will be an example of a Respectful Assessment and Critique of another’s Work and Research. What helps one to ‘Stay on the Rails’, as they say, in terms of possible Eschatological Conjecture and not go off the Deep End or to the Absurd, is to abide by 1 of one’s Rule for studying Eschatology. The primary one being Rule #1: The Sign is not the Event. It is a General Rule, not all-inclusive, but it helps.

A Birthing
Now this Rules is not ‘Set in Concrete’, as they say. Events can and do occur Before, During and After the Sign. Consider one’s Theory tied to the Blood Moon Tetrads pertaining to its Prophetic Fulfillment.

1949-50   Birth of Israel occurred before the Sign.
1967-69   Jerusalem was liberated during the Sign.
2014-15. This is why I hold to the Pattern that the 3rd Temple will be built after this last Sign.

Eventually the Last Sign will be the Event. But it has helped in avoiding making specific Rapture Date Claims. So, with this Context, allow one to comment then on Brother Patrick’s Find, regarding the Revelation 12 Sign Asteroid Convergence. It occurs in the Fall of 2023 with the UN Agenda 2030 Declaration. It will be for the need of a 7 Year Protocol to Accelerated their Diabolical Take-Over of the Control of the Nations, etc.

His finding of the 3 Asteroids, in how he Tracks them is Amazing and how they are converging in Virgo for the Rosh HaShanah Time-Frame is canny. Good Work! There are the 3 main Asteroids in Virgo, Child, Yehoshua, and the United Nations, as noted. Patrick is then insinuating that the Rapture could perhaps occur during this Time-Frame as he has subscribed to the U.N. Agenda 2030 Theory being the Covenant. Could be.

The same People that have presented the 9th of Av New Wine Rapture Date, also presume that the Accelerated 7-Year Protocol, is most likely the Covenant with the Many of Daniel 9:27. No Problem. It is just an Interpretation. But Patrick then is also, by Default, going on the Presumed 2023-2030 Timeline that is really now invalid as of Passover 2023. Meaning that the Tribulation Period has to occur by this September in order for Jesus to then Return in 2030. Patrick points out, and amazingly so, that 1 of the Asteroids is converging in a 9 Month Period in Virgo.

That is the Asteroid called Yeshuhua, but it is because it only emerged in Virgo from its December 15, 2022 prior position in Virgo. Meaning that it was not in Virgo for 9 Months. And that on Rosh HaShanah, September 15-17, 2023, coinciding with the ‘U.N. 7 Year Covenant’, the Asteroid named Child will cross over the Imaginary Celestial Line of Virgo, denoting a Birth. True and Amazing. But a ‘Birth’ of what? In his Interpretation, it is that of the Man-Child of the Revelation 12 Chapter. He then presumes, that is to be the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. No Problem. As one best Understood this Finding, the following will then be one’s Assessment and Critique, with Respect.

The Main Point is that the Rapture could then be associated with this Time-Frame, as noted. It could. Who is one not to say. But based on one’s Understanding of Eschatology, one could argue the Contrary. In that, surely as one would agree, these 3 Asteroids in Virgo, on Rosh HaShanah are Signs that keep ‘Echoing’ the Revelation 12 Sign, as one said that it still is doing. But in this case also, the ‘Sign is therefore not or cannot be the Event’. Realize that these Types of Asteroids are called ‘Orbital’ ones. This means that they are considered Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and linger based on the Gravitational Pull of the Inner Solar System to relatively have a Contagious Recurring Orbit. And?

Rapture Timing

It means that they, like the Planets, will ‘Go around and Come Around’. And that is why one can see these Asteroids reoccur in various Positions throughout the 12 Constellations in the backdrop of the Ecliptic, etc. Realize that Virgo is the only Sign of the 12 Houses that has a Female Motif. And as such, based on the Orientation of her Layout in the Night Sky, gives a Perception of the Planets and Asteroids being ‘Birthed’ as they traverse through the Constellation.

So, one can naturally and reasonably ascribe, Metaphorically the ‘Birthing’ of say….Saturn as Satan, Jupiter as the Messiah, Mercury as Arch-Angel Michael, Mars as a War or Conflict coming. etc. Realize that, if the Asteroid Child is a foreshadowing of a Birth or Rapture Event in the Fall of 2023, that one then presumes to be correlated to, then back in December 15. 2022 during the Hanukkah Season, when it was being Birthed out of Virgo should have been then, the Rapture Event. So, why not then as opposed to now?

Realize that Brother Patrick stated that this 3 Asteroid Convergence is ‘A More Perfect Alignment of Fulfillment of the Revelation Sign of 2017’. He surmises that with the Asteroid Child being ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo was not Jupiter. But that the Scripture states the ‘Woman’ was Pregnant with ‘Child’, ergo, the Child Asteroid. One respectfully disagrees. The Key back in the 2017 Version of the Revelation 12 Sign, that occurs approximately every Year, was the Retrograde of Jupiter that lasted for 9 Months.

This Factor was the Determining Factor in its Prophetic Significance, etc. And one can Deduce, by Logic how the ‘Child’ is or was Jupiter as that is the Designated Attribution for the Messiah, the Man-Child that was ‘Birthed’, etc. Both Asteroids, Child and Yeshuhua did not have a Retrograde of 9 Month ‘Gestation’ Period in Virgo to eliminate the Exclusivity of the 2017 Alignment. At best, the Asteroids only take about 26 Days to traverse the Sign, not even a Month.

Realize that the Asteroid named Yeshuhua is from Ye Shuhua. It comes from the Name of the Chinese Astronomer and Professor at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory who discovered the Asteroid. It is not alluding to the Name of Jesus, although it is Phonetically similar and one could take Poetic Liberty to attribute it to a Variation of the Name of Jesus. In a subsequent Video, Brother Patrick, followed-up by an additional Celestial Association of 2 more Asteroids, Didymos and the United Nations. Again, very telling. But he then made this Assertion, that Didymos would ‘Cause .33 of Start to Fall onto the Earth’ in September. Is this to mean the Trillions of Suns in the Known Universe then?

And that the Asteroid, United Nations, to be ‘Birthed’ on 9-13, 2023 in Virgo, also would correspond to how then the Asteroid, Child would be in Orion in 2030 near Betelgeuse. This was a reference to the 2023-2030 Tribulation Timeline again. No Problem. But. So, that means then that the Timing of the Rapture, as he then surmises, will need to take place in the Fall of 2023, based on the Convergence of these 3 Asteroids in particular. But which Day in September, 15,16,17,18 or the 19?

Need for Signs?

Realize that Brother Patrick, back in 2021 and 2022 presented the same Argument for a Possible Rapture Time-Frame. Only in that case, it was pertinent to the Sickle of Leo. If you all remember, it was those Summers that Comet Atlas and Lovejoy interacted with the Pleiades, along with Venus. Again, ‘Signs’. There were Asteroids that approached Leo’s Sickle during the Summer Wheat Harvest. There was even an Asteroid that had a Name derived from the meaning, ‘Wheat’. And also, the Asteroid, Lucifer and Yehoshua Converged as to suggest an ‘Echo’ of the Revelation12 Sign being played-out.

Realize that as these Asteroids are orbital. The last Time Asteroid Child approached Virgo was in July of 2017. Then the Asteroid Child ‘crossed’ the Womb threshold of Virgo in 2019 on January 26. It was just before the Feast of Trees. So, why not the Rapture then? Before that, in November of 2014, the Asteroid Child was ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo. The Point is that one could have as much made the case then, as now, that the ‘Rapture’ would have had to have taken place there and then. Again, not to take away from the Excitement of Brother Patrick and his Amazing Finds. One is just of the Opinion that these are Legitimate Heavenly Signs of how the Revelation 12 is still ‘Echoing’ its Prophecy.

Realize that Brother Patrick said that ‘This is it. No more Signs are needed’. One just thinks that this was/is a bit Presumptuous and Premature. And that come September, he will find out to the contrary. We are just in a ‘Learning Curve’ and we all will find out as Time will always prove one Right or Wrong, etc. But if one recalls, one did a study on the Great American Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023. And how that in itself, past the U.N. Meeting and Rosh HaShanah, Signals the ‘Exit’ of the Body of Christ, still yet to come, i.e., Corpus Christi, etc. But in one’s Assessment, notice how the Revelation 12 sign is picking-up Momentum. Why? It is because one believes it is a 7-Year Warning of its Fulfillment, in regard to how it pertains, 1st to the Church with the Rapture Event.

Then it will pertain to Israel at the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period, that one surmises will be 2029, and this is why the ‘2030’ Year is being emphasized in their UN Agenda 2030 Plot. It is not the Beginning of the Tribulation but its approximate ‘Mid-Point’. It is when the AntiChrist is given Full Authority and Power for 42 Months to Totally Control the Nations, etc. So, all this has been one’s Assessment of these 3 Asteroids that Converge during the Fall U.N. Meeting, coinciding with Rosh HaShanah. Are the 3 Asteroids in Virgo, Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars? 100%.

Does it lead to it being the Rapture? Not in one’s Research and Understanding. One is more intrigued about how Mars enters the Womb of Virgo. It means War against the Church Spiritually, and Israel Terrestrially. Note that Mars enters the Womb of Virgo When? On 923 September 23. It is on the very Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign completed 6 Years and is now going into its 7-Year Anniversary. One, rather would stake more of an End Times Wager, that it will be or could be the 7-Year Countdown to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and End of the Church Age in 2024.

Until then, these Celestial Convergences, in one’s Best Assessment, are mere Rehearsals and Broadcasting. One has alluded to the Revelation 12 Sign pertaining to when one believes the Rapture Time-Frame can only occur. That is why, personally, any other Feast Daus or Time-Frame High Watch Times, aside from a Summer White Wheat Wedding Pentecost Season, is ‘Off the Table’ as they say.


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