A Correlation of Year-To-Meaning Study 2022-2029

  • Is there a correlation between Strong's Numbers and Years?
  • Does a Year-to-Meaning study suggest the Year of the Rapture?
  • If so, what does the timeline 2022-2029 suggest is conveying?

by Luis B. Vega
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Eventually, just on the Law of Probability, one day, a proposed Rapture Date will coincide. Not one to judge any other’s predictions or calculations about the Rapture date, but it is unknowable. What is the difference between such and one like myself and/or that seeks to study the Rapture time sequence?

I for one, only suggest a possible ‘Season’ and do not go beyond Scripture and only what is given as pieces of the puzzle. But one can never say with 100% certainty. No one can. That is why is hesitated in even sharing this Dream about the 723 that could possibly be tied to the Rapture. It is the only time I have ever shared this, and do feel uncomfortable because in my boo, in doing so, then one has crossed over onto the ‘Wild Side’! Thanks Bob. But maybe sometimes a ‘walk on the wild side’ is needed? Nope. Lol Just to say to be careful of the teachings coming from that channel.

It is very interesting though as around this time of the Feast Cycles, the Watchers do start to pick-up on the prophetic type of Tu B’Av or the Jewish ‘Valentines Day’. And that it occurs on the Full Moon. Did not Gary or Jeff at Unsealed.org write-up that if and when the Rapture does take place, that it would be at a Full Moon? Well, as mentioned, the ‘dream’/vision did/does seem interesting and perhaps a prompting but maybe it is a dress rehearsal run-through or to suggest the Season or Time is near.

This time last year, precisely we had also discussed the Prophetic implications and types of the Minor Feast. It is a type of the Rapture, for sure… literally as the Maidens dancing in the Vineyards were ‘snatched’ away, etc. We’ll have to see what pans-out on the 23rd. The Feast does start on that 23rd Sunset, if one counts and goes by the Jewish day count. I read the article about Tu B’Av, the 15 of Av and how it officially starts the Grape Harvest to end on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. It lends credence to how then ‘when Pentecost fully came’ was then the Feast of New Wine. So, I really like all the prophetic correlations as you mentioned.


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A Study in the Astronomical Sequence of Seasons

by Luis B. Vega
for PostScripts News (PSN) | www.PostScripts.org
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The purpose of this study is to consider the inaccuracies of the current use of the Rabbinical Calendar. And to ascertain a more accurate one based on the Astronomical delineation of the Seasons that are determined by the Equinoxes and Solstices, etc. Additionally, given such a context, the question will then be asked if the notion of the Rapture event many Christians are anticipating is to then have a different timing perhaps. Due to the Hillel II Jewish Calendar, the reckoning of how the Jews determine and calculate their year became pegged or ‘fixed’ and solely on the Lunar Cycles, and that based on pure mathematical calculations. Since the Diaspora of the 300’s AD, the Sanhedrin disbanded and it was an attempt to coordinated a ‘Universal Time’ for all the Jews that were then scattered throughout all the Nations of the Gentiles.

And this come true of Jesus’ warning and judgment for having been rejected by National Israel as their long-awaited and true Messiah. As a result, the Feasts of YHVH are not always in sync as they should be. And, for example, there is often a 1-month calendar discrepancy. The Rabbinical Calendar is off, and most often is seen, especially for the Fall Feasts. The point is that the Astronomical Cycles correspond to the 12 Signs of the Mazzaroth. And they in turn correspond to the 12 Tribes of Israel even. Not too many People know about this. For example, every Fall, the Astronomical Cycle starts with Virgo and on Yom Teruah. It should be based on the 1st Moon after the Equinoxes. The Fall one corresponds to the Civil New Year, etc. This is because the Constellation Virgo is the start of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. Leo is the End. This is seen, for example in the typology of the Sphinx fusion of Virgo to Leo. This ‘fusion’ typifies the complete cycle.

The Rabbinical Jews know they are operating on a Lunar Calendar that is off but refuse to change it ‘until their Messiah comes’. And then this fits perfectly in how when that happens, the AntiChrist will seek to ‘Change the Times and Laws’, etc. That is what the Religious Jews are expecting. Only then will they recalibrate YHVH’s Calendar that should be set to the Equinoxes and Solstices as one and others have mentioned in prior studies. As to the Hebrews knowing that the 12 Months correspond to the 12 Constellations? Note that Aviv, or Nisan corresponds to the 1st Month. And this 1st Month corresponds to start of the Religious Year with the Sign of Aries, the Ram. This in turn corresponds to the Motif of how it correlates to April during Passover and the Lamb. But the end of the Year is in Av or in the Sign of Leo. And that is why the Summer Wheat Harvest ends at this corresponding time. This is where the Sun, Astronomically always correlates to the end of the Summer Season. Leo thus is always signaling that the Summer Season is about to end. This is why also Leo has the Sickle Motif in the Head as the King is to come and ‘harvest’ the field, etc.  

Wait a Minute

The question is thus, will this Astronomical Sign of Leo and timing correlate to the Rapture event that is then to occur at the end of a Summer Season Harvest? And will it also then signal the end of the Church Age? Heavy questions and the implications are and will be Biblically. And if so, soon after, they will be Apocalyptic for what the People of the World are about to go through. Many People around the World are presently sensing that ‘something’ is about to happen, monumentally, now….Many are sensing it. Other see the COVID-19 plandemic as evidence of this. The mere fact that many are starting to question the Official Scientific Narrative might very well just be too little, too late.

’Wait a minute, I took the Jab. I believed the Media, Fauci and Science. And now you are telling me it does not really work? And from now on, I have to take Booster Shots every 5-6 weeks? And that if I do not comply and take the Jab or the Boosters thereafter, I will not be able to have a job, travel, associate, meet in public, enter stores or buy food?’ No. ‘That if I do not take the Injections every 5-6 weeks perpetually, I will either have to be permanently interned, have to show Papers, my Children and/or Family Members might be taken from me?’ Yes. Many if not most who watch the End Times realize that a ‘Transition’ is occurring. A scary and nervous one.

One point is that it is in Virgo that the Astronomical Cycle begins. Will such a transition be in a ‘Calendar Synchronization’ of such an ‘end’ and then a ‘beginning’? Biblically? Astronomically, it could be possible. That is why when the Church Age ends, it will be at a time when the Sun finishes its trek through Leo. And the transition to the last Week of Years will correspond to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the infamous 7-Year Tribulation Period will start in Virgo. It is a time where YHVH will be reverting back to the economy of Israel to finish His ‘Business’ again and it will start when the Sun enters Virgo. This is why when the Tribulation Period starts, it will start in the Fall Feast Season.

In this case for 2021, if the assumption is correct that the Jewish Year is off by 1 month, then the Civil New Year will start on October 8. But one believes that is not the start of the Tribulation Period, as many believe. Why not? As it has been mentioned before, Yom Teruah 2021 to Yom Teruah of 2022 is the 7th Year of the current 7-year Sabbatical Cycle. Consider also that October 7, 2021 is the 280th day count which is the length of a Woman's Pregnancy. This, just to again suggest that rather, a ‘Birthing’ is to occur instead; the Rapture. So, that is exciting to anticipate still that the Rapture could occur instead. All this 2021-2028 timeline speculation that the Tribulation Period is to begin in the Fall of 2021 is not accurate.

It is about when Israel was ‘born’ in 1948 but then People revere engineer the timeline to correspond to 2021 as the absolute time that the start of the Tribulation has to commence. No. One contends that the timeline or year, 2021 has to do more so with when the Rapture event occurs and is determining when the end of the Church Age is to occur perhaps. But one could be wrong. It is to say that this 7th Year of the present Sabbatical Cycle time, will be the ‘transition’ time gap. It will be needed for the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus and then the Major Regional War against Israel to occur.

Window of Opportunity

This major Middle East War will be the Psalm 83 War. Why? The Muslims are emboldened now. They now have smelled ‘Blood’, with the American haste withdrawal of Afghanistan, weak Biden, and Israel’s weak Coalition Government. Both governments are seen as inept and discredited. It might very well be the case that immediately after the Rapture event, the various Muslim factions on Israel’s borders will wage an all-out coordinated invasion of Israel. Israel will not have the USA’s protection. Why not? Consider the possible and most likely effects of the Rapture event. In particular, the USA, as the ‘World Leader’ will be totally decimated by a large segment of its People either having been Raptured out, died from the Shots and Army weakened.

All this ‘Order out of Chaos’ will have a World in disarray and clamoring for Peace at any cost. It will seek a World Leader to rule and transcend any Nation-State ‘Old World’ rationales. Enter the AntiChrist. Consider how the World Health Organization is playing its key role now to implement the governmental infrastructure. How so? As it is, consider that the WHO has divided the World into 7 Administrative Regions. The Bible foretells that there will be 10 Kings or World Leaders that will run the World. Then the AntiChrist, at some point when secured in power and prestige will topple 3 of them. So, the World Map will still reflect the WHO COVID World Order after all.

This of course this is just a scenario among many but….such a scenario is at the Door. The Delta Door, as in the COVID-19 Delta Variant, the 4th Letter of the Hebrew Alef Bet. The 4th Chapter of the book of Revelation, the 4th corresponding Stem of the Menorah, which is Pentecost and the promised Motif of the Philadelphia Evacuation through an ‘Open Door’. So, some excited factors to consider for this last ‘window’ for a possible Rapture this year. There is so much going on and it seems the Enemy and his Human Collaborators are frantically rushing to get as many People to take the Injections. Yet, studies from Israel, who essentially all got injected, are still getting COVID.

Well, it is because the Injections are giving the Live Virus Code to ‘program’ the bodies to make the Spike Proteins. Why Israel? As the Transition’ is occurring and many see the end of the Church Age reverting back to National Israel, the Enemy knows this and perhaps the reason it started in Israel out of all the places to inject an entire Nation or People. It is a Luciferian and diabolical attempt to cull or kill all the Jews by the Injections that will decimate the Population. It is a plan to derail YHVH in bringing Israel to full redemption. Or to have no Jews for Jesus to return to save and redeem. It is really a 2-Front War Campaign as Lucifer is presently attempting to kill as many People now as to not get saved and become Christians so that they will miss the Rapture.

One believes the Remnant spoken in Revelation will literally be the very small Number of Jews in terms of its Population. Consider that as it is, it is the Orthodox Jews, in general that are the ones that have been resisting the COVID-19 Injections to a large degree as opposed to Secular Jews. One would conjecture to say, that the entire Jewish Population may be reduced to about 3 million. It will be as they were in numbers during the Wilderness out of Egypt. And amazingly, this is the amount of habitations the ancient Rock City of Petra can hold. It will literally be The Wilderness 2.0 for Israel.

Rapture Time Zones

It is amazingly understood that in the last book of the Bible, that of Revelation 12, the ‘Woman’ that flees into the Wilderness is taken care of for 1260 days or 42 months during the 2nd part of the Tribulation. It echoes how YHVH provided Water and the Mana for Israel and He protected them. Now back to the assessment about October 8th. Well, consider the following Astronomical suppositions one does know and can go with for now, at least for this year. On June 20, 2021, it was the Summer Solstice and the beginning of the ‘Summer Season’. It is approximately 4 months long or 120 days if one uses a 30-day month count.

Then on September 22, 2021 will be the end of Summer Season, which is exactly 94 days but the difference is 26 days or almost a month. Many Rapture Watchers are saying September 6, will be the Rapture but this is based on the 1-month off Rabbinical Calendar. Then others are saying it will be September 23 (9-23). It is also exactly 4 years from the 9-23 Revelation 12 Sign announcement on September 23, 2017. It was the Rapture ‘warning’ given to the Body of Christ in particular and the World as a Sign of what was to come soon ahead. It will be 48 weeks or 1461 days since then.

This date is the one to watch as it occurs after the Summer Season. It also follows how one contends will or could be as the typology of Boaz and Ruth. How so? They deferred their Wedding till after the Summer Wheat Harvest was concluded. And there is also a ‘Midnight’ timing that suggests when the Rapture Hour could even occur. Then others are saying October 7/8, which is Yom Teruah on the 1st New Moon after the Fall Equinox, etc. One knows that based on what one can deduce, one is going with the assumption of the Boaz and Ruth metaphor. One will be watching with expectation for 2021 if indeed, the ‘Rapture Window’ will be ‘After the Summer Season’ and at a ‘Midnight Calling’. So, that September 23 (9-23) looks good. But this ‘Rapture Window’ can be from that time to October 7/8. How so? Compare how this logic follows perhaps.

If June 20 was when Pentecost occurred or even on August 8th, based on a Double Count theory, the Descent of the Restrainer came down at the 1st Watch of the New Day. It was at the start of a brand new day. Such was the Church Age in a comparison and metaphor even. Based on the Biblical accounts from the book of Acts, the Church Age began at 6am, in the Jewish reckoning of time. What if the Ascent of the Restrainer occurs at the ‘0’ Hour or at Midnight? As to its metaphor, what if the Church Age closes-out at the darkest ‘Hour’ on Earth? It would be in keeping how the ancient Jewish Weddings took place as the Groom left the Father’s House to call his Bride at Midnight.

This would tie-in with the Boaz and Ruth typology of how Boaz was awakened at ‘Midnight’ by the revelation that Ruth was at his feet asking to be ‘redeemed’. What if the End of the Church Age occurs at the 7th Watch of a day, that being 12 Midnight, which is also the 18th hour? So, awhile back one had made a Rapture Time Zone Chart. It pegged the 1st Morning Watch to 6am based on Acts 2. One here is also assuming that when the Rapture event occurs, it will be based on Jerusalem Time. So, now one suspects that the Rapture event may very well be occurring at a ‘Deferred’ Wedding time. To reiterate, it would be after the Summer Season like it was with Boaz and Ruth.

Thus, one made a corresponding Chart, the Midnight Rapture Time Zones. Seems nowadays, every video, every interview, every conversation, People sense something is coming this Fall, after the Summer Season ends. The Rapture event may very well be it. It will then tie-in with the ‘Event’ that will cause the mobilization of the masses to be interned, quarantined, culled. It could also coincide with the eventual Economic Collapse of the U.S. Petro Dollar that will reverberate across the world like an ‘Economic Earthquake’ and thus a call for a new World Reserve Currency’. And why not a Block Chain that happens to be connected to one’s body. Oh, and by the way, such a technology was interjected in all those COVID Injections.

The People were just not told about it. They might have objected. But now, how convenient to have the ability to have a Digital Wallet and not have cash or Personal Identification stolen anymore. And with all the Government Restrictions in place, such a technology will ensure only the ‘Vaccinated’ will be allowed to interact in a ‘Safe and Effective’ Brave New World. Of course, this new Nano-Technology will function on only those that survive the Adverse Effects. And one’s DNA will be changed a bit.

If such a scenario is plausible, then the days are numbered for the USA as the World Leader and Head of the Nations on Earth presently. If one thinks Inflation is high now in the USA, wait until China and the World Banks ditch the US Petro Dollar. As it is, the USA is being slowing roasted alive; a sure depiction of the Burning Phoenix that has to be ‘killed’, sacrificed to birth-out of its ashes, the New World Order. Realize that the Luciferian Enemies of Jesus Christ are also going through a ‘Transition’ and expecting the Rapture event just as much if not more than most Followers of Jesus. To a large extend, such an orchestrated transition is nothing new. It is the same old tactic.

It is the Divide and Conquer strategy that will always favor the conquest of the Divided as a House Divided cannot, will not stand. This Last Generation is witnessing the slow train wreck in motion of Humanity. In particular, it is sad to see the implosion of many great Nations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and the USA. Yet like in 1938 Germany, those that tried to warn and plead with People in these countries of what was occurring and coming were not believed. There is proclivity to have Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance because to believe what is being done and what will be done to Humanity is maddening. See book of Revelation for details.  

Main Sources

Midnight ‘0’ Hour Rapture Time Zone map to reflect this.
Chart: Midnight Rapture Time Zones


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