Jesus Christ or Bride of Christ?

  • Is the Revelation 12 Sign still Pertinent Today?
  • What does the Man-Child Signify for the Church?
  • How will the Sign be Fulfilled in the Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘His Tail swept a .33 of the Stars from the Sky, tossing them to the Earth. And the Dragon stood before the Woman who was about to give Birth, ready to Devour her Child as soon as she gave Birth. And she gave Birth to a Son, a Male-Child, who will Rule all the Nations with an Iron Scepter. And her Child was Caught-Up to GOD and to His Throne. And the Woman fled into the Wilderness, where God had Prepared a Place for her to be Nourished for 1,260 Days’,
-Revelation 12:4-5-6

The purpose of this study is to attempt to Ascertain or Discuss who the Man-Child of Revelation 12 was, is or will be. A Question was brought to one’s Attention, so one will just offer one’s Perspectives. Although the Sign, Astronomically appeared back in 2017, it has evidently, ‘Come and Gone’. Or has it Gone? One says not yet. The Sensationalism that was Propped-Up by many on YouTube, that in one’s Opinion Usurped the Narrative, into Convincing that the Sign was when the Rapture was going to take place, has ‘Come and Gone’. No. The 1st Rule of Eschatology is that the, 'Sign is not the Event'. 

In fact the Person that is supposedly attributed to have ‘Discovered’ the Sign, later Repudiated his Believes and said, ‘He was Ashamed’ of such Teachings. So much so that he even now Propagates a Spirit of Error and denies there is a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. That is what such Sensationalism has led to. As one who actually Claims 1st Rights in the Research that was Usurped, one has still Researched and has continued to Support that Claim that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was the Wake-Up Sign to the Rapture, forthcoming. When?

One is now more convinced that it is a 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time Waring and Countdown of 7 Years. This would make then the Year 2024, the Prime Year for the Rapture. Perhaps. But this is what one is seeing and Ascertaining at the Moment. Regardless, the Age-Old Debate, aside from the Rapture Motif, is who is the Man-Child? Who is the ‘Woman’? The Debate is that it is either the Church Age Believers that will make-up the Bride of Christ or it is Jesus Christ. One says, it is both and more, for the following Reasons.

The Revelation 12 Sign is like Daniel in that it apparently has a Double Entendre about the Coming of the Princes or Messiahs, i.e., Christs. As mentioned, I believe the Revelation Sign has Echoes of Ruth, that all missed, yet Ruth did not go into Labor or confronted a ‘Dragon’. But she did give birth to a Type of a Man-Child that would be the Great Grandfather of King David, the Archetype of the Messiah King that Ruled with an Iron Scepter, etc.

It has to do with a ‘Body’
It is the $65 Million Question, as they say. Which is it, i.e., the Man-Child? Jesus’ Ascension? The Bride of Christ? Answer? Yes. Here is one's Perspective. If the Motif is that of the Woman, Israel, then it Birthed Jesus as the Messiah, which one thinks all would Agree on this Point. But Jesus’ Ascension was not a Rapture. It was a Gradual Accent. So, this leaves enough Prophetic Leeway to strongly suggest, in one's Estimation, that the Motif can be then applied to the Bride of Christ. How so?

The Term is Snatched-Away, from Danger, as it will be the Condition when the Rapture does take place, per the Apostle Paul. Consider that the Key is in how the Apostle Paul in Galatians 4:10 said, ‘My children, for whom I am again in the Pains of Child-Birth until Christ is formed in you,’. Here you have it. Paul is Metaphorically describing himself as a ‘Woman’, ‘Pregnant’ no less, who is to Give Birth to Disciples of Jesus, whom the Image of Christ is being Matured in a Believer. This is Revelation 12 Imagery.

So, this is the Direct Link, in one’s Best Effort to Link how the Man-Child, on 1 Level of Interpretation, will be the Raptured Saints. This Notion is Paralleled with the other Metaphor of completing the Spiritual Building with Living Stones or Bricks, etc. One would say that since Pentecost of Acts 2, in 32 AD, the whole Church Age has been one Big Labor Pain, ‘Much Tribulation’, Trials and Sufferings…and now, it is about to be ‘Delivered’. Jesus even alluded to his Condition of how the Birth Pains would occur more Frequent and Intense, as the Church Age is about to Close and the Dilation begins.

One thinks that is where the Church Age is at Now. It is really in Tandem with the Birthing of the Enemy’s New World Order and ‘Birthing’ of their False Christ, just as much. In one’s Opinion, those that cannot Reconcile the Motif being Multifaceted, and that it has to 1 or the other are selling himself short. Why can it not be both? As best as one has tried, one believes that the Revelation 12 Sign is Multifaceted, that goes without saying. It is both and more. It is Jesus and it is the Church Age Saints about to be Raptured.

Jesus was not Raptured but will Rule with the Iron Rod. The Church will be Raptured, but does not currently Rule, expect the False Roman Church says it does. The way one sees it, trying to just Delineate between 1 or the other does not allow YHVH to reveal that the Sign casts its Prophetic Shadow in the Past, the Present the Future. It is like a 3+ Level Chess Board in play. So, to Relegate the Sign to a mere Checkers Game? So, one is  just saying that it is ‘All of the Above’, and at their Respected Timing. That is the Key to Understanding the Sign a little better.

If not, one would have to use the same Rationale in then having to Reject the Trinity. How can there be 1 God but there are then 3 People in there somewhere? Does it have to be ‘1’? Can they be ‘3’ in the 1? Yes. What? Or how the Jews that insist Messiah is yet to come. It is because they cannot Recognize that the 1 Messiah was to pay 2 Visits? Or how the Messiah is understood to be a Lion but then a Lamb at the same Time? Now some Theology is very Clear Cut, Black-White, Yes-No.

There are a lot of Grey Areas

Then there are but Glimpses and Inferences, as is the Revelation Sign. One thinks that a Sign like the Revelation 12 is a ‘Grey Area’. And at best, it is what one can handle in terms of Discernment. Our Minds cannot go beyond that, so YHVH is having Mercy on the Reader. To think that the All Powerful Creator, that made Trillions of Galaxies (If you believe in Space) and Names all the Stars, and has Armies of Angels, creates Things out of Nothing, and made the Miracle of the Human Body, for example…Would have to make it that Simple for us? He knows that we are but Dust and can only Understand at a Prophetic 2nd Grade Level in terms of Revelation. And this is speaking of the 1% that were Surveyed only that are Watching and trying to Discern all of this, as it is.

One thinks the Revelation 12 Sign is a Glimpse of just how Complicated Prophecy is or could be, in levels of Dimension one has yet to even be Aware of. For example, back a Decade or so ago, as mentioned in prior Posts here along the way, one was helping do Bible Codes. At Best, one could do a Flat Paper type, from a Plane Page of Bible Text, otherwise known as a 2 Dimensional Matrix. Yet the Jewish Rabbis who Invented the Torah Code Software, were working on a Project that stipulated, that the WORD of YHVH, is not only Living but is ‘Dimenionalized’ within its Writing on the Pages. How?

If one took a Scroll Portion of any given Book of the Bible, not only could you Ascertain Equal Letter Distancing on a Flat 2 Dimensional Plane, but that the Words, because they are the very Breath of YHVH, go inward or Deep, as into a 4th and 5th and even more Dimensional Array of Ascertainable Code Matrices. This is Mind-Blowing. Is this Biblical? Yes. Consider the Apostle Paul, who was given the Mystery Revealed of the Church Age, the Rapture. This is what he said about the Dimensions, Disciple of Jesus Operates now, within the Gospel, and because of one's Salvation. And most do not even realize that it is Inter-Dimensional, just like the Bible Codes. From Ephesian 3:18.

That Christ may Dwell in your Hearts by Faith; that you, being Rooted and Grounded in Love, may be able to Comprehend with all Saints what is the

- Breadth, and                                     = Dimension 1
- Length, and                                      = Dimension 2
- Depth, and                                        = Dimension 3
- Height;                                              = Dimension 4

And to know the Love of Christ,         = 5th Dimension

which passed Knowledge, that ye might be Filled with all the Fullness of God.


One hopes one has not lost any of you all by now. But the Point is that the Word of YHVH has ‘Dimensionality’ that one is not even Aware of. As an aside note, one was looking over some Bible Codes and, wow, back around 2013, see this Matrix Chart below. One had worked on it and it was about the coming ‘Plagues Unleashed’! What? Sometimes, like Daniel, Revelation is given, but not meant to be Understood until a Future Time or after it happens. It was during the Obama Years.
In essence, it was but a Dry-Run. They were Practicing for COVID. So, in one’s Humble Opinion, the Man-Child is Jesus and it is the Church Age Saints to be Raptured, and it is of the Woman, the Jewish Remnant that Flees to Safety. Notice that the 3 Innuendos all have a Departure to Safety.

-Jesus as Man-Child          Departs and is coming to Rule with Rod of Iron.
-Church Age Saint             Raptured out.
-Jewish Remnant              Stays behind, as the Woman Moving Flees to Safety.


Here is that Bible Code Chart
For those that think there is some Validity to them.





Gestation of the Man-Child

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Gestation of the Man-Child

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