Determining the End of the Church Age

  • How long did it take for the Israelites to reach Mount Sinai?
  • Can the true Month and Day of Pentecost be determined?
  • Is there a Typology of Sinai related to the Timing of Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And you are to Celebrate the Feast of Weeks [
Shavuot] with the First-Fruits of the Wheat Harvest, and the Feast of Ingathering [Pentecost] at the Turn of the Year [After Summer Solstice]’. -Exodus 34:22

The purpose of this study is to ascertain a more accurate Day Count of when the Israelites came to Mount Sinai, that being on the 60th Day since leaving Egypt and what that implies for the Church Age and the Timing of the Rapture. This study supposes that when Moses came down with the ‘Hard Copy’ of the Law, ‘Sinai 1.0’, it was Pentecost, but not on the 49th Day. This study will show that the Pentecost in Exodus ‘Sinai 1.0’. and in the Book of Acts, ‘Sinai 2.0’ occurred in the 99th Day. This study will show from Exodus 19, that a subsequent 50 Days were counted after the 7 Sabbaths from the Day after the Passover. The clue is seen in the verse from Exodus 34:22 where YHVH clearly delineated that Shavuot, the 49th Day is not Pentecost being 50 Days-out still.

In part, the Jewish Religious Leaders obfuscated the Day Counts as to not lend any Credibility and Prophetic Relevance of what occurred in the Book of Acts when ‘Pentecost had Fully Come’. Why not? It complemented and redeemed the Prophetic Typology in one’s interpretation of the events at Sinai 1.0. The supposition is that the Pentecost of Acts 2, Sinai 2.0 was and is the present Dispensation. It is the answer to the Stone 10 Commandments that were shattered as the Israelites rose-up in Revelry during the Golden Calf incident on that 99th Day. Thus, Pentecost of Acts 2 is its Redemption. The point is that this Day Count could then suggest when True Pentecost is. What for? One is of the opinion that as the Holy Spirit came down on that 99th Day, it will be when the Rapture perhaps could occur to Extract the Bride of Christ.

This supposition is taken in how one sees in the Bible, the Prophetic Pattern of a Beginning and an End. It is the Prophetic Pattern of the Former and Latter Rain. The Spring Feasts of YHVH and the Fall Feasts of YHVH, etc. Before one delves into the evidence that will be presented, it is contingent on counting how many Days did it take for the Israelites to reach Mount Sinai. This is critical as the Day Counts then will show that Shavuot, the 49th Day was not completed then. Thanks to Modern Software like Google Earth, one can approximate the Exodus of the Israelites down to the Mile. For the purposes of this study, it will be assumed that the Israelites departed from the Land of Goshen as that is where the Bible locates the Hebrews at the point of the Exodus. And that they started their Exit the Day after they observed the 1st Passover on Nisan 14. Numbers 33:3. It will also be assumed that the Israelites took the path through the Sinai Peninsula to reach the Crossing at Nuweiba.

Out of Egypt

It is believed that when Joseph found favor with the Pharaoh, Joseph was given the ‘Best’ portion of the Land of Egypt. It was and is believed to be in Goshen and centered around the City of Ramses or Tel el-Dab’a, where Joseph lived. This area is also known as Avaris. Genesis 47:11. Goshen is located in the region in northeast Egypt along the Eastern Nile Delta. The Land of Goshen is where the Hebrews lived for 430 Years in Egypt as foretold to Abraham by YHVH. Tel el-Dab’a is where Jacob, Joseph and his Brothers lived and were buried. Excavations by Manfred Bietak discovered a series of Tombs and the famous ‘Joseph Statue’ that had been smashed into pieces. Egyptologist, Dr. Rohl reconstructed it, having Red Hair, Pale and with a Multicolor Coat.

It is historical that the area of Goshen was occupied by the Semitic, Shepherd Hyksos or ‘Hebrews’. So, the 1st Question is what Route did the Israelites take to arrive at the Foot of Mount Sinai in Arabia? Using Google Earth, one has mapped-out the Journey, on Foot, of the Exodus. Based on the projected path, it happens to take the Israelites exactly 360 Nautical Miles to reach the Foot of Mount Sinai. That being established, it equates to how then it took 60 Days from the Day after the Passover that the Bible states to when Israel arrived on the 15th Day of the 3rd Month, Sivan. Then it took 20 Days, once crossing the Red Sea to get to Mount Sinai. Such a vast ‘Army’ of People as YHVH called them, had to stop at least ~3 Times a Day for Provisions, etc.

From Giza to Mount Sinai
360 Nautical Miles (360 Day/Year) = 1 Revolution of a ‘Time’.
Divided by
60 Days = Only could travel about 6 Miles/Day.

By comparison, a single, fit average-aged Man can travel ~25-29 Miles/Day, but only because of Strength, Tempo and less need to stop for Necessities. According to Research, a Mail Carrier walks an average of about 7.5 Miles every Day. So, based on these Variables, the average Daily Mileage was about 6 Miles per Day. Once crossed-over into Arabia, the Ground Level Distance to Mount Sinai was ~72 Miles. It was also then based on a phi ratio proportion to note from Goshen to Sinai. This is the same Principle at work when considering the Ground Distance from the Isle of Patmos to the Last Church or Revelation, Laodicea.

See Study: #344 Circumference of Christ (https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-344.html)

Consider that Moses is leading a Company or ‘Army’ as YHVH saw them of about 3 Million Souls all together based on the Numbering of Able-Bodied Men of War. This also has to account for the Provisions, Tents/Housing Materials, Flocks of Animals, etc. But this is assuming there were no Inoperancies to weigh-down the Pace and Challenging Terrain to struggle through. What this Model of Nautical Miles also suggests is that one can then more actually determine when Pharoah came to encounter the Israelites in an attempt to prevent their Escape or Exodus from his Worldly Domain. Based on this Average Speed of ~3 Million People, Pharaoh confronted the Israelites on the 40th Day at the Nuweiba Crossing. The Number 40 speakers of Testing and Judgment. This Deliverance from Pharaoh would have been on Iyar 24. So, as to the Day Counts?  

Their Red Sea Moment

The following are the Day Count Calculations based on the 360 Nautical Miles Exodus. There are known Corresponding Variables that are given in the Bible that help determine the Day Counts. The Bible states what Month and Day Israel went out of Egypt, Nissan 15 and when Israel came to Mount Sinai, Sivan 15. It is then 1 Month, 30 Days, or 1440 Hours, etc. The following Calendar Calculations are pegged to the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox and synchronized with the Western Calendar for the purposes of this study. The year 2022 will be used for a parallel comparison as the 49 Day Count and the subsequent 50 Day Count produce a very unique Month and Date that will be revealed further down in the study.

Nisan 1st Month
April 14:         1st Passover in Egypt (In Land of Goshen).               Nisan 14
April 15:         Left for Mount Sinai, the Day After Passover.             Nisan 15

Iyar 2nd Month

April 24:         40th Day Red Sea Moment – Pharaoh, Crossing      Iyar    24

Sivan 3rd Month

May 31:           46th Day came into the Desert of Zin                        Sivan 01
June 2:           49th Day Travel (1 Month 20 Days). (Shavuot)          Sivan 03
                        7 Sabbath from Feast of Unleavened Bread.
June 14:         61st Day Israel arrives at Mount Sinai                       Sivan 15

Once at the Foot of Mount Sinai, YHVH instructed Moses to have Israel be Consecrated for 2 Days. Then on the 3rd Day, in the Morning, the Camp of Israel assembled before YHVH. (Exodus 19:16). It was at this time that YHVH made His ‘Introduction’ and Descended with Fire and Noise of Trumpets, Rushing Wind, Mountain Trembling, etc. YHVH pronounced the 10 Commandments in their Hearing. The People could not stand the ‘Holy Terror’, so the Israel asked for Moses to be their Mediator. Most Bible Readers do not realize that when YHVH came down onto the Mountain, YHVH actually proclaimed the 10 Commandments verbally and Audibly to the whole Congregation of Israel there at the Foot of the Mountain. There was no ‘Hard Copy’ of the Tablets at that time and this was not ‘Shavuot’ nor Pentecost for that matter.
June 14-15:           Israel Camped and Consecrated                          Sivan 15-16 
June 16:                3rd Day YHVH comes down                                 Sivan 17    
63 Days Total       

This was on the 3rd Day that Israel was ordered to be Consecrated. However, thereafter, Moses had to wait 7 more Days before Moses was called and went up the Mountain. Thus, the 3 Days from the 66th Day + the 7 Day Waiting Period = 10 Days. Then as Moses ascended into the Cloud to converse with YHVH, as if ‘Face to Face’, the Bible states that it was 40 Days and 40 Nights. This is then the cumulative Day Count of 50 Days. It is on the 50th Day, that of Pentecost that Moses then comes down with the 1st Original Copy of the 10 Commandments. But Moses finds Israel ‘Rising-Up to Play’ instead. And the incident with the Golden Calf occurred. Thus, this is the real Pentecost and it is 50 Days after the count of the 7 Sabbaths since Passover.

Possible Calculations

This is the ‘Proof’ that Pentecost is when Moses came down and as a result of the ‘Rebellion’ that Day, 3000 People lost their lives. Exodus 24. Now, it should be stated, that for the purposes of this study and the Day Counts, this interpretation is adhered to. One can be incorrect, but the Assertion is that the 10 Days and the 40 Days are all inclusive of the 50 Day Count. The 40 Days are counted the Day Israel arrived at the Sinai for the Equation to work-out. And thus, to suggest what Year, Month and Day the Rapture and the End of the ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ or Church Age is to take place.

Thus the 3-Day Consecration and the 7-Day Wait had Moses then going into the Cloud and thereafter up the Mountain to get the ‘Hard Copy’ of the 10 Commandments (Exodus 24:17). For 40 Days, Moses stayed atop the Mountain to receive many Rules and the Tablets (Exodus 24:19). If one then adds the initial 3 Days, then the 7 Day and the 40 Days, from the 49th Day, it will result in being 50 Days Total and a 99 Day Count since the April 15 Feast of Unleavened Bread Date. So, the End Date? July 23rd (723).

Exodus 19 Account Timeline

60th Day from when Israel arrived at Foot of Mount Sinai.
+ 03 Days                    = June 16 YHVH comes down                       Sivan 17
+ 07 Days                    = June 17 Moses Waiting                               Sivan 18
+ 40 Days                    = June 23 (723)                                              Tammuz 24
100 Days Total               

*July 23:               = (
723) ‘When Pentecost had Fully Come’

*NOTE: Modern Count: April 15, 2022 + (49 Days + 50 Days) or 99 Days = July 23, 2022. Excluding End Date.

Thus, based on this 99 Day Count, one is presenting the Evidence that indeed, Shavuot, being only the 7 Sabbath Count of 49 Days was not, and is not Pentecost. These Day Count Calculations puts Pentecost in the 4th Month, Tammuz and after the Summer Solstice. Thus, Pentecost, was and is a Summer Harvest Feast, not a Spring one. And that one is excited to see if in fact in 2022, where the Calendars do appear to match, and given that 2022 is the 7th Year of the present Sabbath Cycle, is when the Spirit that came down on that Pentecost of Acts 2, Sinai 2.0 will be the Time for Jesus to Retrieve the Bride of Christ. When? On the 99th Day like in Sinai 1.0.

It would be on July 23 (723), if said Day Counts are in fact Valid and True. One cannot, however, emphatically say that the Rapture will occur in the 2022 Year, Month and Date. But that, if at least it will be an extremely High Watch Time to consider, nothing more. Again, one is assuming that for 2022, the Western and Rabbinical Calendar are synchronized, and it would have been the same for when the Exodus 1.0 occurred. All this is an Assumption, otherwise the Day Counts may not be Accurate, nor Reliable. Note also that the Traditional Rabbinical Celebration of what is called Shavuot or the 7 Weeks or Sabbaths was not told to be celebrated by YHVH to Moses. Why not?

Delineation of 2 Counts
Shavuot was not given yet as an Observance as Israel was in Transit from Egypt to Mount Sinai in Arabia. And it is stated in the Bible that Mount Sinai is in Arabia, as disclose by the Apostle Paul. He and Elijah went there, so they ought to know. And, what happened at this 99th Day Count? Rebellion. This is where this part of the study seeks to make the direct correlation, that the Jews presume that the Pentecost occurred on the 49th Day and not the 99th Day. Moses came down with the Tablets on this Day.

As to one’s Rationale? One is of the belief, that given this 99 Day Count Timeline, the Pentecost of Acts 2 is a direct ‘Mirror’ of Redemption of the Prophetic Symmetry in that the Later Descent of the Spirit gives Life while the Law that Descended at Sinai brought Death. The Golden Calf Event also occurred on the 99th Day. Consider that the Introductory Verse. It has probably the clearest delineation of how the Feast of Weeks is not the Feast of In-Gathering. They are clearly marked as pertaining to a different Time and Day. The Key is the section of the verse that states, ‘At the Turn of the Year’. This is after the Summer Solstice as that is when the Year ‘turns’ Astronomically.

‘And you are to Celebrate the Feast of Weeks [Shavuot] with the First-Fruits of the Wheat Harvest, and the Feast of Ingathering [Pentecost] at the Turn of the Year [After Mid-Summer]’. -Exodus 34:22

The First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest (Shavuot) occurs before the Summer Solstice. But the Rabbinical Jews have placed this Feast of Weeks as being Shavuot to occur always on the 6th Day of the 3rd Month of Sivan. This is incorrect as it is only an ‘Anniversary’ Celebration. But this is in contrast to the Feast of In-Gatherings that occurs after the ‘Turn of the Year’. This is the Mid-Point of the Year, which is always around the 2nd of July, the 183rd day. And based on one’s Timeline Calculations, it is the 49th Day or the end of the 7 Sabbaths that is counted. The issue? The Rabbinical Jews just stopped at this 1st Half of the Commandment of YHVH and not observe the Feast of In-Gathering.

In fact, all through the Summer, the Jews were given 3 Feasts. They dealt with the Wheat, Oil and the Wine. So, Scripturally, what the Westerners call Pentecost could not be Shavuot, occurring on the 49th Day. But that Pentecost had to occur after the ‘Turning of the Year’, beyond the Summer Solstice to suggest a Summer Harvest time, like in mid-July. ‘When Pentecost had Fully Come’, thus had to be beyond this Time Marker and sometime in July. And why these Day Counts with their details and delineation are important, is that it does make for a more accurate accounting of what YHVH is asking and expecting of His Earthly and Spiritual People.

Then, such Calculation and Timelines can give a more accurate rendering of when perhaps the Resurrection-Rapture event is to take place. All this, is based on one’s interpretation of how the Sinai 2.0 Pentecost of the Book of Acts is the Redemptive Complement of that 99th Day at Sinai 1.0. But one is convinced that the Sinai 2.0 of Acts is the Reversal of Sinai 1.0. It redeemed those 3000 that perished at the 99th Day. In either case, it was and is about a Marriage Covenant and a Bride, a Wife, etc. In the case of Sinai 1.0, with Moses, it was a Company of Israel that became the Bride for the Father. It was comprised of an Earthy Body, Israel.

Spiritual Bride is Ready

Israel was and is as the First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest, the Former Rain, the ‘Beginning’, etc. Then with Sinai 2.0, the Company became a Spiritual Body, mostly made-up of a Gentile Bride. She represents, Prophetically the Latter In-Gathering of the Wheat Harvest, the Latter Rain, the ‘End’ as from the ‘Beginning’, etc. Nonetheless, one is excited to present this study as the Day Count exactly correlates to the Dream or Vision one had back in the Summer of 2020 about a Hand swiping a Brush across a Canvas that showed the Number 723. It had to happen twice to get one’s attention to possible consider its meaning and significance. Upon further study of the Calendar Year 2022, it was noted that it happens to be in sync with the Rabbinical one. And it is the 7th Year also of the present 7-Year Sabbath Cycle.

And for 2022, the 99th Day, based on the Exodus Timeline Calculations is July 23 (723). It is interesting to consider is how the Day Count adds-up from when Israel was ordered to Depart from Egypt. To reiterate, it was the Day after the Passover, being Nisan 15. Then one superimposed the Double Count of the initial 7 Sabbaths or 49-Days plus a subsequent 50-Day Count. The resulting Date is July 23, or the 723 Number seen in the Dream/Vision one had in 2020. If anything, one can have confidence when the start of the Day Count is, consisting of the 1st 49 Days. It starts on the 15th of Nisan, being the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread, based on Exodus 12:17.

‘So you shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this same day I will have brought your armies out of the land of Egypt.’ -Exodus 12:17

‘You shall also count for yourselves from the Day after the Sabbath (High Day meaning the Passover) that you bring the Wave Sheaf [Nisan 16], 7 Sabbaths. They must be complete. Then after the 7 Sabbath, you shall Count 50 Days, when you shall present a New Offering to the LORD.’ -Leviticus 23:15-16

To also reiterate, the People audibly heard YHVH proclaim the 10 Commandments on the 3rd Day after arriving at Mount Sinai. The 10 Laws were not yet written down on the Tablets. Thereafter Moses was instructed to wait 7 Days before being called up to the Mountain in the Cloud. It was from that time forward that the all-inclusive 40 Days were then accounted for. Given this Variable, the time that Moses came down with the Tablets would then correspond to July 23 (723), being the 99th Day. This Sinai Pentecost Countdown ‘Template’ is not conventional as the understanding of how to determine Pentecost is not subject to being 50 Days after the 1st 7 Sabbath Count.

So, one is purporting to suggest that when Moses came down with the Tablets and the Golden Calf event was Pentecost. It was the same Month and Day where in the Book of Acts Pentecost, had ‘Fully Come’ on the 50th Day, after the 7 Sabbath Count. It was a Restitution, as 3000 People got Saved. Acts 2 suggests a Sinai 2.0 in how the Temple of YHVH, there in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount served as a type of Mount Sinai. The Disciples of Jesus, by that time being embolden by the Resurrection of Jesus, now were freely meeting daily at the Temple Courts. How consider that when the Holy Spirit came down that Day, it echoed what occurred when YHVH did Descend with Fire, Sounds of Ram Horns, Trimers, and Rushing Wind on Mount Sinai.

End of Pentecost

In the account of when and where the Disciples met, the New Testament is very clear to distinguish that they ‘Meet at the House but Broke Bread in their Homes’. The ‘House’ that is referred here is the House of YHVH or the Temple, on the Temple Mount, not the Upper Room. That area of condensed Homes would not have been able to accommodate the 1000’s there in Jerusalem, that had come from all the Nations for the Feast. What is different is that the Sinai 1.0 Pentecost with Israel had to do with the ‘Unfaithful Wife of YHVH’. The following is a comparison of the 2 respective Pentecosts.

Sinai 1.0                                             Sinai 2.0
Covenant made with Israel.                Covenant made with People of All Nations.  
Israel became ‘Wife’ of Father.           People of All Nations became ‘Wife’ of the Son.           
Israel related to Earthly People          Body of Christ related to a Heavenly People.           
Father constructed Earthly Temple.   Son constructing Spiritual Temple.   
Law Kills.                                            Spirit gives Life.
Tablets written in Stone.                     Tablets written in Heart.
Fire Descended.                                 Tongues of Fire Descended.
Sounds of Trumpets.                          Sounds of Trumpets.
70 Elders.                                           70 Nations.
Gathered unto YHVH’s House.          Gathered unto House of LORD (Temple Mount).
Spirit Rested upon Certain Men.        Spirit Rested/Sealed All Believers.
3000 Souls Perished.                         3000 Souls Redeemed.

What is different in this Comparison is that since the Pentecost of Sinai 2.0, that occurred in 32 AD, GOD the Holy Spirit has not only descended upon a ‘Mountain’, Moriah, which means ‘To Teach’, but upon those Followers of Jesus. They were fused, or ‘Sealed’ and become ‘One’ with Jesus, as is a Wife to a Husband. And in which case, as a Bride claimed and Wife to be, will be retrieved for her Wedding, 1 Day. This Sinai 2.0 Pentecost of Acts 2 began but is not finished. It is presently on-going still, but about to conclude as the Bride of Christ has just about ‘Made Herself ready.’ 

What pertained to the Pentecost of Sinai 1.0, had and has had to do with the Unfaithful Wife of the Father. The point is that YHVH has to still deal with the Unfaithfulness and Unbelief of Israel, thus the 7-Year Tribulation Period. It will only take the ‘Refinement’ as through the Fire, to Purge and Purify the Rebellious Constitution of the Jewish Nation. Thus, if 2022 is of any significance and is synchronized to the Last Year before the 70th Week of Years commences, then the timeframe from July 23 (723) onward will be a High Watch Time. Thus, the Year 2022 timeline was used and superimposed for a comparison with the Exodus timeline and Day Count, from Nisan 15 to Sivan 15.

So, how is all this an attempt to ascertain when will the Timing of the Rapture and the End of the Church Age occur? In part, it is based on the 1 Year = 1000 Year Prophetic Template. The present Dispensation is on the cusp of terminating, perhaps in 2022, if the Sinai Pentecost Countdown will turn out to be True. And again, this study is based on the Theory that Leviticus mandates a Double Count of not only 7 Sabbaths or 49 Days, but thereafter a Count of 50 additional Days. The Exodus proves that the Israelites could not have observed Shavuot as they were in the Sinai Trek. But the timeline shows that if one does add 49 Days + 50 Days, the result will be July 23 (723).

It has been calculated that if the Flood of Noah occurred in 1656 BC, and then one adds the Year Abraham was born in 1948 BC, and then one add 70 Years, as that is what the Seder Olam states, that YHVH made the Unconditional Covenant of the Animal Division, and then if one adds the 430 Years Israel where to be Slaves in Egypt, then the Exodus can be pinpointed to the Year 2448 after Adam. The Bible states that the ‘Army’ of the Israelites left after 430 Years, to the Day. It was the day after the 1st Passover, Nisan 15 then that the Israelites started for Mount Sinai. The Bible states that they arrived at the Foot of Mount Sinai on the 15th of Sivan.

It is from there that it took a total of 40 Days thereafter for Moses to then return with the ‘Hard Copy’ of the 10 Commandments. However, this Day was the 50th and the cause for the Golden Calf event also. This suggests that this Day was Pentecost, the 50 Days counted after the 7 Sabbaths from the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Thus, the Rabbinical Tradition that the Israelites arrived on Sivan 1 and then the Law was given on the 6th of Sivan and that it is the Day of Pentecost or Shavuot is not correct.

Presently, the Prophetic Feast that is still playing-out is the Age of Pentecost or that of the Church Age. It is an ‘Intermission’ and about to conclude so as to have YHVH then deal with the ‘Golden Calf’ Idol that Israel will again seek to bow-down to and worship during the Tribulation Period. Thus, one strongly suggests that the 99th Day Count from the Feast of Unleavened Bread is the true Day correlating to the Pentecosts of Sinai and the Book of Acts 2, ‘When it had Fully Come’ and the Rapture Timing, perhaps.

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