Study of the Occult Overtones

  • Was there a conspiracty to take out President Kennedy and why?
  • Can the place and time of the assassination be based on math?
  • Where there any occultic signatures involved hidden in plain sight?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And I saw a Beast rising up out of the sea…And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the Beast. So, they worshiped the Dragon who gave authority to the Beast; they worshiped the Beast, saying, Who is like the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?’ – Revelation 13:6

In the wake of the 50th year anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963, this study will attempt to illustrate some hidden, never before revealed aspects of the assassination involving the Dallas city street grid layout. These street grids involve number patterns based on GPS, sacred geometry and ley-lines from where the murder took place. With the aid of modern GPS coordinates, specific spots on Earth can be mathematically calculated down to the very seconds of degrees; either in latitude and/or longitude. What this study will suggest is that the planned murder of Kennedy was an orchestrated Masonic murder mimicking the murder of Hiram Abiff.

Abiff was killed by 3 blows, one to the back, one to the head, and one to the throat. This is by the way, are the exact areas of the type of the wounds Kennedy suffered. Why Abiff? Kennedy was about to abolish the CIA and pull the plug on many covert, nefarious and Luciferian conspiracies. Hiram Abiff is the central character of an allegory presented to all candidates during the 3rd Degree in Freemasonry. Hiram is presented as the Chief Architect of King Solomon's Temple. He is murdered in the Temple he designed by three people. They unsuccessfully attempted to force him to divulge the Master Masons' secret passwords. The themes of the allegory is about being 'faithful', and the certainty of death. This was the message to Kennedy and those who dare break 'faith'.

What these coordinates reveal is an amazing assortment of well-orchestrated hidden Luciferian number patterns that can only have been incorporated mathematically into the city downtown street grid and various significant headings with the help of extra-human foreknowledge and synchronicity. This study postulates that there are repeating occultic mathematical variables that came together from these city grid and ley-lines for this very purpose of an assassination on that day, November 22, 1963. The Dallas street grid layout allowed for such an assassination to take place ritualistically when one considers the pattern of occultic Luciferian/Satanic protocols. A city’s street grid might well be planned out inconsequentially and that certain astronomical or occultic alignments could perhaps be explained away by being a mere chance and/or unintentional association.

This study with accompanied charts will attempt to illustrate that when these occultic number patterns correspond precisely to the specific time and place of the assassination, it could not have been happenstance or mere coincidence. The specific spot of the ‘kill shot’ is tied to at least 3 separate headings that converge on the same location within the hidden hexagram ‘Temple’ that is configured geometrically within the Dealey Pyramid Plaza. This tetrahedron geometrically configured satanic ‘holy of holies’ will be examined further down the study.

To have a specific day, at a specific location and at a specific hour all in sync mathematically; even to when the bullets were to be fired upon the President’s moving motorcade is mind-boggling. Yet this sacrificial rite crime scene has for all these years, covertly been displaying these hidden mathematical signatures all along in plain sight. They are from the all too familiar occultic culprits that stand against the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, this study only seeks to illustrate that based on several reoccurring occultic number patterns and degrees headings, it would appear that the murder of US President John F. Kennedy in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963 was a Luciferian ritualistic sacrifice.

The Crime Scene – CSI: GPS
The crime scene of Dealey Plaza, where the assassination took place is riddled with the invisible ‘thumbprints’ of the wicked Luciferian occult and Satanic ‘Secret Society’ signatures. This assertion does not implicate those that might seem culpable of carrying out this ritualistic murder of the U.S. President, but the numbers and patterns do speak for themselves; they will lead back to whomever they have come from. All the coordinates, headings and degrees are public record and can be verified by Google Earth.

To reiterate, this study only seeks to illustrate that the specific numerical occultic patterns mathematically correlate to the place and time of the assassination of President Kennedy. Such angles, headings, degrees, and geometric configurations do clearly establish connections between the place and time of the assassination of the President on that day with the occult. In addition, the study will touch upon a possible Biblical prophetic correlation of how the assassination of JFK will foreshadow the coming world ruler, the AntiChrist’s ‘mortal wound to the head’. The Bible foretells that a coming ‘Prince of the People’ will likewise be killed at some point after his world debut.

It might possibly be in the same way JFK was assassinated, by receiving a type of ‘mortal wound’ to the head, perhaps by a bullet even as it was for JFK. Was the assassination of JFK a memorial and groundwork set for this coming future world ruler from Camelot? Perhaps but what will be different from JFK’s ritualistic murder within the hexagram temple ‘Holy of Holies’ atop the Dallas street grid Obelisk is that this coming AntiChrist will have witchcraft performed over him to appear as though he ‘resurrected’ from the dead. As to how this will be performed or carried out is left to the imagination. This event will in turn, show the world his ‘Messiah’ credentials over death.

Unbeknown to the masses, it will be part of his lying signs, wonders and miracles that will perform to deceive the whole world at that point. This Biblical scenario of a Beast receiving a mortal wound, yet lives is depicted in Revelation 13. For the purposes of this study, several illustrated charts will focus on certain aspects of the assassination of President Kennedy. The Dallas center town street grid will bring this to light.

1) The Dealey Plaza configures a ‘sacred temple’ pyramid at the end or top of the 13-street level Obelisk leading to Dealey Plaza. This 14th station configures a hidden double triangle or hexagram within the pyramid that configures the geometric ‘altar of sacrifice’ on which President Kennedy was slaughtered on.

2) The Reunion Tower has some very interesting headings that will be marked from it towards the Dealey Plaza pyramid configuration. One prime heading from the Reunion Tower is 1 of 3 ley-lines that converge at the ‘kill shot’ where President Kennedy was gunned down.

3) The phallic 13 level Obelisk is composed by the downtown financial street grid. This culminates in the Dealey Plaza doorway to the ‘capstone’ pyramid ‘Temple’ where Kennedy was murdered.

4) The sky configuration at precisely the same time of 12:30pm CST on November 22, 2013 -exactly 50 years to the minute has the planet Mars directly in line with the Obelisk’s heading of 13° towards the west. It occurs near the head of Virgo as if to commemorate the ‘bullet’ that struck the head of Kennedy.

Altar of Sacrifice at the Pyramidion Temple
The Dallas downtown street grid is laid out in such a way that an Obelisk is configured. It has 13 street divisions although some are blurred by modern construction. There is actually a literal Obelisk that models this city grid unapparent to the bystander. It is located in the Dealey Plaza Park, at the base of the capstone or the doorway to Dealey Plaza that serves as a portal or entrance to geometrical dimension pyramid that configures a hidden hexagram. What is spectacular is that this Obelisk model happens to be in phi ratio to the exact spot that Kennedy was shot as the motorcade was driving up Elm Street.

Elm Street in turn has a 33° heading, the same by the way as the headquarters of the prominent secret society building has in Dallas that is adjacent to the base of the Obelisk. This study asserts that the very spot Kennedy was struck down had to be at that precise point and time for its occultic desired ‘mortal head wound’ to succeed. The exact spot where Kennedy was shot is fixed on the ley-line of the inverted pentagram when transposed onto the Dealey Plaza Pyramid; the very Obelisk at Dealey Plaza. From the Reunion Tower that is adjacent to the Dealey Plaza, 2 headings play on the November 22nd date.

The line to the 0.00º heading from the Tower is exactly .22 miles long and at a 33° heading. The heading to the exact spot from the Reunion Tower to where Kennedy was shot dead is .22 nautical miles. Furthermore, what is also astonishing is that the very spot or location where Kennedy was first shot has both the latitude and longitude ending in 33’’ (seconds). If one takes the dimensions of the equilateral 60º Dealey Plaza pyramid triangle and inverts it, one gets the hidden hexagram. The 2 half-circles at each side of the Dealey Plaza pyramid layout complete the circle for the hexagram to be operational. In the occult ritualistic sacrifices, the victim is positions on one of the hexagram ley-lines angles when being murdered.

The Obelisk and adjacent statue that are at the base or reflecting pond are intersected by the hexagram ley-lines. They serve as the 2 posts to the door or gateway to this Satanic Temple where their ‘altar of sacrifice’ within the geometric Temple’s Holy of Holes is at. This is modeled after many ancient sacred temples, as there are many still standing like in Egypt for example. The Temples in Jerusalem did have 2 pylons adjacent to the entrance door as well. Such sacred geometric temples perhaps are mirroring the very Temple of YHVH in Heaven as such Fallen Angels have first-hand knowledge of its dimensions and location.

Also consider the conceptualization that this hexagram at Dealey Plaza is a 2D configuration in 3D is a tetrahedron. This means that at the core is a perfect cube, as in the very Holy of Holies in Heaven and that the physical Temples in Jerusalem had. As a possible parallel, this tetrahedron geometrically comprised temple in Dealey Plaza likewise configures an unholy Holy of Holies for the Luciferians on that day. It was where the blood of President Kennedy was offered up, in a sense metaphorically as would the blood of goats and bulls be sprinkled on the Mercy Seat with this perfect cube Holy of Holies. In the occult, performing ritualistic blood sacrifices do not need to be carried out in physical temples necessarily, although it is preferred.

Many Satanic ritualistic human sacrifices are done in secluded groves for example. What are required are the sacred angles, headings and geometric configurations. It is all these, that when activated by Satanic magic, pierce the present dimension as witchcraft and certain recurring sacred numbers are invoked and applied to it. The hexagram actives these Satanic powers through a victim’s bloodletting that is needed to be killed on the ‘altar of sacrifice’ in exchange for obtaining Satanic power and conjuring up demonic entities and opening up doors to the spiritual dimensions. 

What most initiates of the occult do not realize is that at the initiate levels of such secret societies and/or covens there is a marked different to what is taught at the top level, the capstone levels. The top levels operate on pure dark evil that is needed to be feed by the blood energies of the innocent, since the Bible declares that the ‘life is in the blood’. The Luciferian requirement of human sacrifices for the bestowing of favor and power over people and/or places is a well-kept hidden secret. It is practiced and exuberated at the highest levels of world governments, religious institutions and organizations.

As to some mathematical specifics, the base of this Dealey Plaza pyramid has a 72’’ (seconds) degree latitude that alludes to the 72 stones and 13 levels in the reverse Seal of the USA. The start of the Obelisk is at the 33’’ (seconds) degree longitude. From the Reunion Tower, several headings in degrees divulge an amazing correlation of degrees that match years if one converts degrees to years as being equal. The base of the Plaza pyramid is at the 17.76º heading, thus the year 1776. The foundation or start of the Obelisk street grid is at the 20.16º heading or the year 2016 (5776). These are very familiar numbers that have incorporated an occultic timeframe of when major events will occur, according to their diabolical plans.

The Obelisk
In the ancient world, Obelisks were paired up and placed in the entrances of sacred temples. They basically functioned in activating a door or portal to open or shut associated with the number 11. It is no different now in how the Luciferian/Satanic world still use such object to demark their territory on certain and specific localities on Earth. The Obelisk is a representation of the male phallus that provides seed for a regeneration and reproduction act. An Obelisk exemplifies the sexual energies released at the point of climax.

To this end, those sacrificed in most Luciferian rituals involve sexual acts and for the most part incorporate a hexagram within their temples. Now the ‘temple’ can be physical or just a spatial area by using sacred geometric configurations as it was in the case of the Luciferian ritualistic sacrifice of President Kennedy. The victims are chosen for who they are and/o what they represent. When a sacrificial rite is performed at a certain time and place, the power derived from the victim’s blood multiplies as the greater value of the sacrifice is; the greater power is unleashed and bestowed.

This principle is seen in the multiples of a single number like 6 as in 666 or 5 as in 555 or 33 repeating, etc. This is clearly seen as the charts online illustrate this in the GPS degree of seconds, ley-lines angles and headings as it pertains to the place and timing of the assassination of President Kennedy. The evidence examined and presented in this study strongly suggests that Kennedy’s assassination was a Luciferian occultic religious offering. It was planned well in advance in the spiritual demonic realm and executed in the physical occultic realm to coincide with a specific day, location and time. This murder was an act of worship of sacrificially killing of the most powerful man on Earth at the time; if you will, the ‘Prince of the People’, the ‘King of Camelot’.

It was to take place within the ‘Holy of Holies’ of the Masters of the Pyramid ‘capstone’ hexagram Temple on their geometric ‘alter of sacrifice’. Will it be no different for a future world leader or AntiChrist that likewise will receive a mortal wound to the head per Revelation 13? The President in the motorcade was driven up Commerce Street, at the heart of the Dallas Financial Center that geometrically configures the shaft of the phallic Obelisk. This drive ritualistically generated a surge of energy that was released at the point the victim was slaughtered at the Pyramids’ hexagram altar of sacrifice within the sacred occultic geometric ‘Temple’.

In essence, this occultic sacrificial ritual was a type of ‘crucifixion’ in much the same way Jesus Christ was led through the city of Jerusalem to the place of His crucifixion. Considering the parallel, there are some interesting correlations metaphorically. To reiterate, the spot of President Kennedy’s murder was carried out at a Satanic ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ within this geometric tetrahedron temple configured at Dealey Plaza. Metaphorically speaking and as an analogy, Kennedy like Christ represented a new hope to the generations after the horrors of World War 2. Like Christ, his ideals and thinking were not in line with the god of this world and those that are given total control power and privilege and thus had to be eliminated by the ‘Masters of the Pyramid Builders’.

What is further interesting about the street grid Obelisk is that much like in all the rest of the world’s centers, similar sacred geometric grids will be found where the headquarters of the major secret societies and the major banking institutions are located. Consider also that it was no coincidence that Kennedy’s motorcade drove up Commerce Street, which marks off one side of this configured Obelisk. He was taken through the whole length of the city’s financial district first as a sheep led to the slaughter sort of speak. It so happens that at the center of the street grid that configures the Obelisk then as now, one of the premiere bank of the world headquarters is situated there.

This bank’s current emblem is a hidden swastika. Their banking building is situated at the 7th tier level of the configured Obelisk where the sacred letter ‘G’, the 7th in the western alphabet occurs. This is reflected in many secret society’s symbols and logos that depict this rendering. Perhaps Kennedy was to be paraded first before his accusers in letting him know who had the power of his destiny in hand as they do with all matters financially in the world. His slow drive up the Obelisk street grid was like Christ carrying His cross down the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem as the crowed pressed in to see this ‘Prince of the People’ the Messiah figure.

The Dark Tower of Dallas
The Dallas city grid Obelisk has 13 section and the capstone is the 14th as in the 14th ‘Stations of the Cross.’ This procession culminated in the ritualistic murder in the ‘Hexagram Temple of Death’ where the blood of Kennedy was presented in the Luciferian ‘Holy of Holies’. Incidentally, as to the mathematical aspects of this Obelisk, the base portion or that which is below the 13-level Obelisk to the Freeway 75 is .13 nautical miles, at a 76-degree heading and 9,666 inches or 144 smoots.

The city of Dallas at its downtown center has a prominent Tower that commands the skyline and overshadows Dealey Plaza called Reunion. The Tower is adjacent to the top of the geometric city street Obelisk. It is named Reunion but what is it beckoning to reunite with? This ‘Dark Tower’ will be shown to be directly associated to the Dealey Plaza triangle or Pyramid. As alluded to before This Pyramid is a hidden capstone which in turn configures a hexagram and sacred occultic Luciferian/Satanic tetrahedron Temple. The Dealey Plaza Pyramid depicts the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer that is awaiting the ‘Reunion’ to the unfinished Luciferian temple of worship on Earth. 

Metaphorically, this Tower is beckoning the reunion of the capstone with the unfinished Pyramid of Lucifer or ‘Tower’ that needs to be completed on Earth. This echoes the story of the Tower of Babel in which the GOD of the Bible, YHVH interrupted man’s effort to achieve entrance into Heaven and ‘godhood’ with the help of Lucifer and not GOD Himself by building a ‘tower’ to the heavens, etc. In essence, this is the ‘Great Work’ done by the Luciferians of having to complete a ‘Temple’ for Lucifer to dwell amongst mankind on Earth. From the ‘Dark’ Tower, if you project several GPS headings in degrees to the capstone pyramid in Dealey Plaza, you end up with some amazing and hidden esoteric and occultic/satanic repeating numbers.

The numbers that appear to reoccur are a factor or 33, 96, 32, 13, 22, etc. Each has its own meaning and reason for usage in influencing people and places. These numbers are sacred in the scheme of witchcraft and are used to receive supernatural demonic powers from those that are the Masters of the Pyramid. From the Reunion Tower, 2 headings play on the November 22nd date. For example, the 0.00º heading from the Tower to the Plaza Pyramid is exactly .22 miles long. The heading to the exact spot were Kennedy was shot dead is .22 nautical miles.

This same heading to the kill shot where Kennedy was slaughtered is also at a 7.77° heading and 444 yards away from the Tower. Furthermore, the base of the Plaza Pyramid is at 17.76º heading. The foundation or start of the Obelisk street grid has a 20.16º heading. There are also exactly 1776 yards from top of ‘Capstone Pyramid, of Dealey Plaza to base of Obelisk. These are very familiar numbers that have been universally incorporated and depict an occultic timeline year markers when major events have or will occur, according to their diabolical plans. The year 2015-16 or 5776 in Jewish reckoning was their Year of Light. It will be the fulfillment of this ‘1776’ countdown where Lucifer will build and enter a ‘Temple’.

Many in the occult believe and are waiting for their prince of darkness Lucifer to Prometheus on them at that precise time. A recurring numerology of 13, 33 and 1776 denote the encoding of a specific time-frame that is to be prophetically fulfilled when the Master of the Pyramid himself will ’reunite’ with the unfinished tower or Obelisk to complete his ’Temple’. This Luciferian endeavor mimics the holy desire of the true GOD YHVH that wants to establish His Holy Presence and ‘tabernacle’ amongst men. The problem is that this can only occur on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem were the prior 2 Jewish Temples once stood. Many are realizing that perhaps 2015-16 was when their ‘Great Work’ corresponded to the Jewish year 5776 when a ‘capstone’ time-maker was realized.

Can the assassination of Kennedy that this study asserts to be directly related to the Satanic ley-lines, degrees and headings be also astronomically tied to the Stars? Yes, at least in one amazing planetary alignment that will occur on the 50th year anniversary of President Kennedy’s murder to the very date and time of November 22, 1963. This celestial alignment depicts the ‘mortal head wound’, based on the Obelisk’s headings.

The Mortal Head Wound
As the Dallas city Obelisk street layout is aligned to a 13° heading due west, it happens to align directly with the planet Mars in the head of Virgo with the Star Regulus at the horizon, as in Texas’s ‘Lone Star’ is setting. Permitting some degree of poetic license here, the planet Mars depicts the red blood soaked ‘bullet’ as if to memorialize this demonic sacrifice of the ‘mortal head wound’ that JFK suffered. Metaphorically in the case of Kennedy’s assassination, this mortal wound has not ‘healed’ for America as a nation as this event has been engulfed in conspiracy and secrecy that to this very day, many are skeptical of the official findings.

Consequently, the location of the first shot fired will be exactly 60º to Regulus as it breaks the horizon to the Northwest as is the equilateral triangle pyramid of Dealey Plaza. This alignment of Mars will occur during the day at precisely 12:30pm but the online chart illustration will remove the atmosphere function to have a better perspective of the depiction. Why would the Star Regulus be significant or associated to the assassination of President Kennedy? Well, consider that Regulus is the Star of a King or Prince as in royalty.

The Kennedy family has been said to be the closest Royalty the USA has ever had. The notion of Camelot depicted the First Family as the young exemplary family, at least on the outside; of the new post World War 2 generation in thinking and style in more ways than one.
But this sacrificial rite required to inflict the ‘mortal head wound’ to the President required a triple confirmation of the number 33. This number is the highest and most sacred in the Satanic order of any numbers. Furthermore, the sacrificial victim had to be at a Temple ‘Holy of Holies’ where the Satanic/Luciferian ritualistic sacrifices are performed.

Thus, the heading of the motorcade up Elm Street within the pyramid temple capstone of Dealey Plaza and the latitude and longitude of the spot -down to the very 33’’ (seconds) at 12:30pm provided this Satanic numerical spell combination. To reiterate, the very spot of the ‘kill shot’ was at a 33º heading and both the seconds of its latitude and longitude of the very spot where Kennedy was first shot, while in a moving motorcade mind you. Thus this 33-33-33 Satanic incantation is really masking a 666, the Biblical number associated with the Beast of Revelation 13 that received a ‘mortal wound but yet lived’.

There had to be 3 shots fired to correspond to this magical triple numerical charm. The 1st shot was to the neck, the 2nd shot was to the back of the head and the 3rd shot was from the front of the head. It is understood that the Revelation 13 is also viewed as an allegory to a dispensation of time whereby nations, Popes and political figures have been attributed such characteristics.

There are many conspiracy theories as to why President Kennedy was murdered. Dispute his many moral flaws; he did avert nuclear war with the USSR in the showdown over the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. Many in the know, state that the people of the world did not really grasp the severity of just how close the world was to a nuclear winter. Several assertions have already been written extensively about the actual motive or motives of why he was assassinated.

Here are just a few popular notions that have already been presented at large over the past 50 years. Some believe that the Banksters feared that the President would dismantle the Federal Reserve or Central Bank. This type of President was a direct threat to the monopoly of the Money Changers. Kennedy wanted to cease their money printing monopoly that charged interest with every Dollar bill printed and lent back to the US government. He wanted the US Treasury to solely print Silver Certificates instead.

Such certificates or real money was even redeemable with actual physical silver amounts at any bank. It was a bold attempt by Kennedy to have the US government print its own paper money. This decision could not be permitted to occur; these certificates ended in 1964. Others believe that the organized crime syndicates were also in a fall-out with Kennedy. They blamed Kennedy for allowing Castro to gain power in Cuba and evict them from the island as Castro shut down their ‘Las Vegas’ of their day that was in Havana. While others believe that the spy network agency wanted to topple Kennedy for allowing Castro to keep a Soviets base in Latin America.

They never forgave nor forgot how Kennedy did not provide the crucial air support promised to those anti-Castro insurgents that invaded Cuba during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Kennedy considered ending and doing away with major components of the spy apparatus that orchestrated many such Black-Ops and wars around the world without any form of accountability. Despite the hope, the vigor and challenge he instilled in the youth of that generation not only in the USA but he world at large with such programs as the Peace Corp, there were certain political decision he made and was about to make that caused the entities that are really behind the power of world governments to decide to kill Kennedy.

The Numbers that Killed Kennedy
The question remains, is it mere coincidence that this Luciferian ritualistic murder of the President had to be on November 22 as there is precisely .22 miles from the Reunion Tower to the apex of the Dealey Pyramid? Is it a mere coincidence that it is .22 Nautical miles from the Tower to the ‘kill shot’ were the sacrificial victim was executed upon the pyramid’s hexagram temple ‘altar’? All these peculiarities could not have been orchestrated by mere mortal mathematical calculations. This is especially true when the number 33 in terms of latitude exactly coincides with the 33º street heading and when the moving motorcade was to be at when the shot was first fired.

This convergence of mathematics alone is not possible when compounding the different layers of random chance statistically. Grid coordinates are fixed on Earth but to have the factor of ‘timing’ correspond to a specific chosen day with calculated distance at specific heading converging at one particular spot is mathematically impossible to be a random occurrence. No mere mortal could have orchestrated these events to be in sync and in precision mathematically. What is the possible explanation for such patterns involved certain repeating sacred numbers in heading, seconds, and degrees?

Since before the Satanic 1/3 or .33 rebellion in Heaven, Angels had knowledge of Gematria. Because of the Fall of Mankind, many mortals have been more than eager to learn of this ancient Luciferian knowledge that is deceptively marketed as the true Light and Wisdom from above. On the contrary, it is vain philosophies of man and doctrines of demons. Nonetheless, such secret societies incorporate this quest for godhood and immortality as they mask their bloodletting rituals in plain sight to further their Luciferian end-game.

Hidden Timing of the Mortal Wound?
"I was standing' on the seashore. Then I saw a beast emerge from the sea: it had seven heads and ten horns, with a coronet on each of its ten horns, and its heads were marked with blasphemous titles…I saw that one of its heads seemed to have had a fatal wound but that this deadly injury had healed and, after that, the whole world had marveled and followed the beast. They prostrated themselves in front of the dragon because he had given the beast his authority; and they prostrated themselves in front of the beast, saying, Who can compare with the beast? How could anybody defeat him?'"…For 42 months the beast was allowed to mouth its boasts and blasphemies and to do whatever it wanted; ·and it mouthed its blasphemies against God, against his name, his heavenly Tent and all those who are sheltered there" – Revelation 13

What is very fascinating to also consider in this whole notion of exposing these hidden associations of GPS, angle, headings and ley-lines to the assassination of President Kennedy is that the coming ‘mortal wounding’ of the Antichrist can give us a clue as to the Timing of the Rapture event. How and why? Of course, this is speculative as is the evidence presented in this study and illustrations. Nonetheless, the very verse from the book of Revelation that prophesizes the AntiChrist receiving a mortal wound to the head in chapter 13, verse 6 also alludes to the ‘Raptured’ being already in Heaven.

It will be a time thereafter of his recovery or ‘false resurrection’ when the AntiChrist will blaspheme GOD in Heaven but also those that GOD is sheltering or protecting there? Whom? Most translations of verse 6 in chapter 13 of Revelation render the interpretation as ‘those that dwell in Heaven’ as implied in a Tabernacle that is a covering and/or an abode. The translation of this verse in some other versions gives an additional insight. In the context described, it could be also those that are not only being given shelter but being protected.

Protected from what? Protected from the very reach and blasphemous decrees of Lucifer made through the AntiChrist on Earth. At some point, in the not too distant future, there will be a ‘grand’ switch or celestial swap occur. The Saints of the Highest GOD will be raptured to live and be protected by the LORD in Heaven as Lucifer and his minions will be thrown down to Earth for judgment. Revelation 13 thus possibly depicts Lucifer, red hot mad at receiving a mortal wound to his head sometime after the Rapture because those that he would wish to harm, GOD’s people are in Heaven at that time. Perhaps it might be a zealous Jewish radical that sees through the façade of this false Messiah impostor and seeks to take matters into his or her own hands.

To reiterate, given this prophetic speculative timing, chapter 13 of Revelation assert that there are those in Heaven that are being sheltered and protected from the ire and reach of the AntiChrist that apparently at an earlier time, these once on Earth had been taken to Heaven. This means that, for sure, a 42-month period will see the Church not harmed by this ‘son of perdition’. This does not preclude those people that become followers of Jesus Christ during this 42-month period that no doubt, the AntiChrist will unleash his fury against instead. IF the Tribulation is indeed 7 years, and the 2nd half is marked by the ‘mortal wound,’ perhaps this is when the daily sacrifices will stop at the Jewish rebuilt 3rd Temple.

This scenario, in turn could be then the start of the 2nd half of the Tribulation which is what Scripture called the ‘Great Tribulation’ and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Regardless, to the occult they press onward with their ‘Great Work’ that utilizes and incorporates certain locations on Earth. Such centers of energy are linked to ley-lines of energies and/or frequencies that delve into the forbidden realm of the supernatural and demonic. They have to do this through Luciferian magic combined with sacred geometry because they lack someone like the Holy Spirit to provide power and enabling as only spirit-filled Christians have.

As the Principalities of the Air and the ‘God of this World’ seek to control and manipulate mortals to their own end, to finish Lucifer’s ‘Great Work’, the Living and only true GOD is working to save the souls of men through Jesus Christ. In the meanwhile, this anti-Messiah, Lucifer attempts to counterfeit all that he knows and has seen in Heavenly Temple and uses it against YHVH and His Redeemed Church on Earth presently. Until the Blessed Hope of the Resurrection and Rapture, those Followers of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, Prince and King must more than they seek to complete the KING’s Great Commission despite the witchcraft, opposition and persecution.

Thereafter the Redeemed of the LORD will appear in the true Temple of the LORD YHVH – in the true Holy of Holies. This place is where the sacrificial lamb, a Prince of the People, was slain before the foundation of the world but to redeem mankind, not Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. It will be there that the Bride of Christ will not only be sheltered but protected for all eternity, never again to be within the grasp and blasphemy of the Fallen One. This inference to the typology of a sacrifice and Temple is being taken from a Judeo-Christian interpretation.

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