Perspectives from the Wall in Sodom

  • What is the 'Burden' of the Watchers all about?
  • What is a Watcher? And what is expected on the Wall?
  • What is 'Watching' the End Times in this Last Generation?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘At the End of 7 Days the Word of the LORD came to me, saying, Son of Man, I have made you a Watchman for the House of Israel. Whenever you hear a Word from My Mouth, give them a Warning from Me’. -Ezekiel 3:16-17

The purpose of this study is to offer some Words of Encouragement for all those that call themselves ‘Watchmen on the Wall’ in these End Times. It will be with the Encouragement one has been Encouraged by others in Times when one has been Discouraged, which one has been recently. And Discouraged about what? Oh, nothing much except the Total Collapse of the World, as in ‘Sodom’. The Call is from Jesus, to be ‘Watchers’ on the Wall. It is an Imagery from the Book of Ezekiel. It is the Prospect that YHVH calls His People to be on the ‘Wall’ to Watch and Warn His People.

In Ancient Times, it was critical to the survival of City States that Watchmen on the Wall would be found Faithful and Watchful. The Wall was only as ‘Strong’ as the Discipline of the Watchers. Nothing worse than a Watchman ‘Sleeping on the Job’ or Watch or being Distracted or worse, going AWOL Absent With-Out Leave, during one’s Commission. Or there are the Times that, either ‘Nothing’ seems to happen and one gets ‘Tired’ of Watching or Discouraged. Discouraged at how Ominous the Circumstances have become or ‘Looking’ at the Overwhelming Enemies encircling one’s City, etc.

If one has been in the Military, one knows that there is a ‘Night Watch’ or a ‘Fire Watch’. And the Worst Times to Watch would be just before Dawn, in the 4th Watch of the Night, that being from 3AM to 6AM, etc. Prophetically Speaking, this same Principle could be applied to Watching the End Times. Jesus, in this case is one’s Captain and has Stationed His ‘Soldiers’ on the Wall that makes-up the Body of Christ on Earth, presently. As Truth is falling in the Streets and Deception, Perversion and Violence is worsening by the Day, one needs to be reminded of what one has in Jesus, His Word and Promises. They are given to Encourage for this precise Reason.

And Jesus uses His People, on the Wall to Lift and Encourage those ‘Weary on the Wall’. And He does it though other Fellow Watchers. In one’s case, there is one’s Personal Family, as in Parents, especially the Mothers, then Siblings, etc. Then there is one’s Fellow Work Colleague at one’s University. One calls him a ‘Battle Buddy’ but is about to Retire. Then there is one’s Church and Online Fellowship, like the Blog, Revelation 12 Daily. It is a Family and where one can ask for Prayer in Times when a Watchmen gets Discouraged, as one has been Discouraged. Not sure why. But as 1 Sister named Sheila mentioned a few Posts before. It is getting ‘Hard’.

Daily Discouragement
One just cannot bear to read any more Headlines. Seems every Day, the Watchers wake-up to more Depravity, Perversion and Insanity. Another Brother in Christ from the Blog, Corey really put it straight-forward. It is a ‘Freak Show’ out there now, literally. Not that one is a ‘Saint’ or a Perfect ‘Pharisee’ here, as one has to deal with one’s Sin and Issues too. But being on the Wall, ‘Watching’….can be Burdensome at Times. It is understood that some Watch Times and/or Season, ‘come-and-go’.

But one is with all those that long for the Rapture. Please. One will take it, sooner rather than later. Perhaps one is just having a ‘Peter looking at the Water’, Sinking Moment and not keeping one’s Eyes on Jesus. We know this, but the ‘Flesh is Weak’, indeed. Sometimes it feels like Noah, Preaching, Teaching, Warning…and NO ONE got Saved, save his own Immediate Family. It can be Depressing.

One wonders what he Thought or what went through his Mind as he perhaps heard all those People banging on the Door. They no doubt would have been Screaming, Terrified, as they were drowning-away. So, one thanks also those that write Articles to Warn the Body of Christ of what they ‘See’ coming. One such example is a Sister, also from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog. She is Lyn Melvin. She has her own Blog at the following online Address. https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/. The following are other Watchmen and Watchwomen that Encourage and have a ‘Watching Ministry’.  

-A Little Strength - Greg Lauer
-But That's Just Me - Prophecy
-End Times: Darkness Descending
-JD Faraq - Prophecy Updates
-Generation 2434 - Tyler
-God's Roadmap to the End
-Red Moon Rapture - Website
-TOL Night Watch - Bro Chooch
-Todd Hampson - Bible Prophecy
-Unsealed.org - Gary and Others

Now, just because most do not Write, have a Website or Video Platform and share ‘Insights’, does not mean that no one else is ‘Watching’. But all that to say, ultimately, it is the Daily Doze of the Word of Jesus that counters any Daily Discouragement to keep one’s Eyes on Jesus. But in reading the Articles of such Watchers, it is Encouraging to get other’s Perspectives. In the case of Sister Lyn, her Articles are always so Positive and Encouraging.

So, as one was in this Discouragement Phase, not sure why, perhaps because the School Semester is about to End and one’s Plans will not materialize, oh well. One had fallen Asleep listening to Brother Chooch’s latest Late Night Watch 1 Night, sorry Brother Chooch. But then one woke-up to another Video that played. And in one’s Mind, the Voice was recognized before. Where had one heard that Voice before? One woke-up and read the Title. The Name was that of Pastor Carter Conlon. Not sure if you all are familiar with him. One had not heard that Voice or seen this Pastor since 2005.

Sense of Duty
He is the Head Pastor now of Times Square Church that was led by David Wilkerson. Anyway, it was his Sermon, on that Sunday after 9-11 that went Viral, once YouTube came along around 2005. See Link at End Notes. So, one was reminded and searched for that Video. It is very Powerful, even to this Day, perhaps even more so. And one thinks Jesus wanted me to hear it again. One needed it. It speaks about ‘Running into the Burning Building’ to Warn People despite them thinking one is ‘Crazy’. And how most People are Clueless of the ‘Fire’ of Destruction that has happened or is about to. In one’s Discouragement, and in one’s Flesh, one thought, ‘Why bother Warning?

Why bother being Ridiculed, Rejected, Demised, Demoted?... They Desire what is coming. Go right ahead... But Jesus is Faithful to Remind us/me, that we have a Commission to Finish. No matter if no one ‘Follows’, Listens or Turns to Jesus. So, Jesus had to Remind one, that one is on the Wall to Warn, to be a Testimony, if at least to this Last Generation, to ‘Sodom’. But as the Watchers see the World Burning Down, we know we are given a task to do. With 1 Hand, having a Weapon to fend-off would-be Attackers that do not want Jesus ‘Watchers’ on the Wall Warning the World. And on the other Hand, Jesus has given-out a Trowel to continue Building-Up the Bride of Christ.

This Temple is being ‘Built’ by ‘Adding’ 1 Brick or Repentant Sinner to it, at a Time. Of course, it is not any 1 Person, but the Holy Spirit and Jesus doing the Work. The Watchers just get to be part of it in the Portion of whatever part of the Wall and Building one is Assigned to. And one was reminded of Brother Tyler’s Teaching Generation 2434, about Sodom and how also Pastor Rick Renner noted that Lot was Laughed at, when it came Time for him to finally ‘Preach’ and Warn’ the People of Pending Destruction by Fire. Since Lot decided not to for all those Years, or not to ‘Rock the Boat’ and ‘Go Along to Get Along’, no one believed him when it came down to when it Really did have to matter. They thought he was ‘Joking’. Very sad.

So, in one’s Discouragement, one was reminded to not become like a Lot in Sodom, a ‘Closet Christian’ of no Use or Effect, no Salt nor Light, etc. And we live in Sodom now. And the Fire is coming. It is just that it seems ‘Futile’ as it appears we are being closed-in from all Sides: Corporations, Businesses, Media, Movies, Schools, Universities, Family, Politics, Medicine, Food, Sabotages, Inflation, Financial Collapse, Apostasy in the Church and the List goes on. It can be very Depressing. But GOD. Some Observations from the Wall: Now for 2nd Passover in 2023? That Date will have an amazing Convergence of Events that could be considered ‘Prophetic’, one would think.

That Date will be May 5-6, 2023. It happens to be when a Partial Blood Moon occurs. Then, it was 9 Days before Israel’s Jewish Anniversary of its Re-Birth in 1948, being Iyar 5, or April 26, 2023. It is exactly 777,600 Seconds in Time. Then 9 Days later from that Date, is May 5-6, 2023. This Date is also the Coronation of the ‘Dragon King’, Charles of England. The Green Comet, C/2022 E3 will be in the Sign of the Rabbit at that Time, just below Orion. The Rabbit is the Sign of the ‘Enemy’ or AntiChrist being trodden underfoot by the Victor, etc. Notice a 6-9-6 Date Pattern. Then, very interestingly, 9 Days later will be Israel’s Gregorian Birthday, Celebrated on May 14, 2023.

Weary Warnings
So, here is a 9 Day to May 6 Day to a 9 Day Pattern: 6-9-6 with a Blood Moon and Type of a Dragon King or AntiChrist being Crowned. Surely a Foreshadowing. Coincidence? Perhaps but not likely. This Time Symmetry is an example of YHVH’s Intricacy, but how the Luciferians Hijack such a Devine Pattern for their Evil Purposes and Signaling, just the same. The Coronation of the Dragon King, Charles could have been chosen at a different Time altogether.

Israel’s Birth Day: Iyar 5 Jewish = April 26, 2023

+9 Days
= May 5-6, 2023 = 2nd Passover and Dragon King Coronation                         
+9 Days

Israel’s Birth Day: Iyar 25 Gregorian = May 14, 2023

So, there is a lot to be Discouraged about. And Sister Lyn, made that aware in her Article. One would concur in all the Connections she Astutely made, USA-Babylon, Nineveh, Eclipse of Jonah Pattern Repeating…Corey’s Observation of the ‘X’ being the Motif for ‘A Sign’…Can it get any Clearer? The Economic Collapse is occurring as we Watch and many have plainly stated that World War 3 has also already begun. It is just more of the ‘Boiling Frog’ in the Pot Condition and Situation.

Aside from the Word and Promises of Jesus, one does have then all the other Watchmen and Watchwomen to Link Arms with. We all pull-in a variety of Perspectives from all those other Watchers, watching. It is beautiful. But one does have to agree that the Common Sentiment among the Watchers of Jesus, is that the USA is under Clear Divine Judgment, as is the Sodom’s of the World. And as a Nation, the USA is not Repenting, but rather like the Pharaoh of Egypt, as the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse ‘X’ will Mark, ‘Little Egypt’.

It is in the Heart of the USA, and it is exactly what YHVH is Signaling, which will occur. And consequently, as with Egypt and Pharaoh of the Exodus, it spells the Total Destruction of ‘Egypt’, that never recovered. But in Times of Discouragement, and in this Age of Deception of the Last Days and Generation, Watchers have the Promises of Jesus to Rest upon and take Refuge in. There is Nothing else. He is our Fortress and Tower in Times like these. The Body of Christ can take Comfort that in Jesus, the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is assured.

‘Your Dead will live; their Bodies will rise. Awake and Sing, you who dwell in the Dust! For your Dew is like the Dew of the Morning, and the Earth will bring forth her Dead. Go, my People, enter Your Rooms (Refuge) and shut Your Doors behind you. Hide yourselves a little while until The Wrath has passed. For behold, the LORD is coming out of His Dwelling to punish the Inhabitants of the Earth for their Iniquity. The Earth will reveal her Bloodshed and will no longer conceal her Slain’. -Isaiah 26:19-21

‘The Name of the LORD is a STRONG TOWER; the Righteous run to it and are safe’. -Proverbs 18:10



A Mighty Fortress is our GOD,
a Bulwark (Wall) never Failing;
our Helper he, amid the Flood
of Mortal Ills prevailing.
For still our Ancient Foe
does seek to work us Woe;
his Craft and Power are Great,
and armed with Cruel Hate,
on Earth is not his Equal.

Did we in our own Strength confide,
our Striving would be losing,
were not the Right Man on our side,
the Man of GOD'S own Choosing.
You ask who that may be?
Christ Jesus, it is He;
Lord Sabaoth His Name,
from Age to Age the Same;
and He must win the Battle.

And though this World, with Devils filled,
should threaten to undo us,
we will not Fear, for GOD has Willed
His Truth to triumph through us.
The Prince of Darkness grim,
we Tremble not for him;
his Rage we can Endure,
for lo! His Doom is sure;
one Little Word shall Fell him.

That Word above all Earthly Powers
no thanks to them abides;
the Spirit and the Gifts are ours
through Him who with us Sided.
Let Goods and Kindred go,
this Mortal Life also;
the Body they may kill:
God's Truth abides still;
His Kingdom is forever!




Sunday After 9/11 2001


Get Ready, Jesus is Coming 
Times Square Church

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