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  • Is there a 'Cure' for Corna Virus, COVID-19? Yes.
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  • What are the Symptoms and the Remedies for COVID-19?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Therefore we are Ambassadors for Christ, as though GOD were making His appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ: Be reconciled to GOD. GOD made Him who knew no Sin to be Sin on our behalf, so that in Him we might become the Righteousness of GOD.’
- 2 Corinthians 5:20-21

The following is the outline of what is in a Poster, entitled 'Coronavirus, the Cure'. It lists the main Symptoms of one having the COVID-19 Virus that are essentially within the family of Corona Viruses, related to the Flu, or the Common Cold. Presently on Planet Earth, there is a war being waged against Humanity in an unprecedented level never before seen since Creation using this COVID-19 'Virus'. At no other time, has an Existential Threat menaced the entire Human Species at the Genetic Level. And this have been man-made, purposeful and nefarious based on the Spiritual Protocols of those that seek to deface and destroy the Human Race? Why? YHVH created Humanity to have Fellowship or a 'Relationship' with those who would be willing for that and desire that too. Also that Humanity would rule and have Dominion and Authority over Planet Earth. The problem?

Planet Earth is being contested by an invisible Angelic War being waged and orchestrated by the Rebel Angelic 'Christ', Lucifer. And the Human Race has stood in the way and is in the middle of this Angelic War presently. Ultimately, it is now that Jesus is in their way. Lucifer sought to take over Heaven and has sought to deface and destroy YHVH's Human Genetic 'experiment' on Earth. He has initially succeeded with Eve first through deception and then with Adam having capitulated to hand over to Lucifer this Fellowship, Dominion and Authority over the Earth. Through the joining of Humanity with Lucifer's Rebellion, Mankind has been subjected now to Lucifer's total Power over Death through the Sin Nature.

One is genetically now born with this 'Corruption' and inability to redeem one's self or attain 'Eternal Life' and sinlessness to return to a Paradise Lost and the Fellowship Humanity had with YHVH directly. There would be no hope, if it were not for YHVH's solution, Jesus. How is Lucifer ultimately going to control all of Humanity? With Humanity 'catching-up' in Population and Technology, it now has all converged to a place and time on Earth, as it was in the times of Noah and Nimrod. Due to the new untested in Humans, mRNA technology, the COVID-19 Injections are being utilized to Cull, Contaminate and Control any and all possible Human Beings on Earth. This is being done under the pretext of a 'pandemic' of Corona Viruses that the WHO and the CDC own the Patents for.

The Human Physical Reset

The aim is to 'Reset' the Human Body in the 'Image and Likeness' of the coming Beast of which the Bible clearly teaches is about to be revealed. The false 'pandemic' and exaggerated Cases, which are not Deaths have been and are used then to enact worldwide Emergency Powers that have subverted People's Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. It has been through Forced Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Social Distances and Injections that this Beast System is being built up presently. And it starts from within one's own body. Those that will refuse or are calling-out the False Science for such a justification are being marginalized and eventually will be dealt with as those of any prior tyrannical takeover.

The preliminary Beast System Grid is being constructed presently, 1 Human Body at a time that is injected with the mRNA COVID-19 Injection that is being found to have an array of incredibly dangerous Ingredients. The end goal is to have every Human Being on the Planet Earth receive the Mark of the Beast. It is also to be associated with the AntiChrist's Name and Number, 666. The problem? With this last insertion into one's body, a Human Being will cease entirely to be 100% 'Human' and thus unable to be redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. This is why the issue is so dire. It is really not only an issue of Life and Death if one gambles with the Adverse Side Effects of getting the COVID-19 Injections, but it is going to lead to the issue of being a matter of one's Eternal Life or Eternal Death. Most of Humanity is ignorant or willingly going along, trusting World Organizations have their 'best interest' in keeping everyone 'safe'.

This is sadly not true. If that were the case, automobiles would be banned as more People die of car accidents than the current plandemic. More People die of Heart Attacks, etc. Yet, has or does the WHO or the CDC call for a worldwide Lockdowns because of the high Death Rate? No. They instead, have proven to do intentional harm to entire racial populations in the past with their 'vaccines'. Such World Institutions are not elected nor accountable to the People. Yet, their Mandates and Guidelines now affect and dictate one's life, on a moment-by-moment bases. There is a War of Information being waged as part of the campaign and Theatre of this War on Planet Earth. They essentially are going to convert Earth into a 'Prison Planet'. How will this happen?

Currently, under the cover of an orchestrated plandemic and cover of 'Emergency Law',  the Powers-That-Be seek to censor, threaten, de-platform and/or silence any opposition or the mere questioning or offering alternative 'cures', such as Preventative Treatments. It is amazing how it seems all the Nations, Governments, right down to the States, Provinces, Counties, Cities and even Universities, Institutions, Media and Private Sectors have all co-opted to promote and sustain the false paradigm of a contrived bio-engineered Genetic Weapon against a dumbed-down, Unsuspecting and/or Unwilling Humanity needing to wake-up. It is too late for most. As one comes at this issue of COVID-19 plandemic, the Injections from a Biblical point of view and reference, one can sense the hopelessness of the dire consequences Humanity is being put through. One's only hope is in Jesus Christ as the pages of the book of Revelation are about to be turned toward the soon Rapture.

A True Immunization Needed

The 'Extraction' of the Bride of Christ from off this Planet Earth. This will leave a World at the full mercy and tyrannical rule and World Government that is coming next, Lucifer's World Leader and 'Savior'. Realize that Lucifer is offering the same Lie of an 'Alternative Gospel' and Eternal Life but will not be able to deliver it. It is a ploy, a deception to get as many Humans dammed to Hell with him as possible. As Jesus stated of this time that is very soon coming, if that if He did not return by shorting the duration of the Tribulation Period to only 7-years, 'No Flesh would be left alive'. This is how bad it is. Consider Jesus as the one who can give Humanity Full Immunity from Sin, Satan, the World and Death. Jesus, an a 'Virus Analogy' came to Earth, the Son of GOD to become a Human Being, genetically, yet GOD in human flesh.

He was perfect, sinless and genetically uncorrupted. Yet, at the Cross of Calvary, He took the 'infected' Virus of Sin that Satan had power over Humanity with, Death. Jesus succumbed to this Death process but because He was sinless and was Humanity's only hope. He allowed Himself, willingly to be 'infected' with Humanity's Sin. But He rose from the Grave as Death could not hold Him. Jesus now, as a Human Representative of the entire Species has Total Immunity over Sin, Satan, the World and Death, more so over Eternal Death. Jesus then graciously is now giving this Immunity to all Humanity, free of charge just like the World Governments are giving out the COVID-19 Shots, free. He is calling Humanity, inviting it to return to the broken Fellowship, Dominion and Power and with full Informed Consent.

In comparison, the World is calling Humanity likewise to their 'Salvation' or solution. Get the COVID-19 Injections with no Informed Consent given and with unbelievable incentives to get it; lotteries, prizes, vacations, concert tickets, etc. How does one receive Jesus' Immunity over the Virus of Sin? One has to call upon His Name and accept Jesus as the only way to be redeemed as one would go to a COVID-19 'Vaccination' Center and get the Injection into one's arm. Make an 'Appointment'. Set aside a place and time. With Jesus, it is likewise receiving this Sin Immunity into ones' body. It has to be 'injected' How does occur? It is through a genuine prayer of repentance and acceptance, Informed Consent. If one now knows what Jesus did and has to offer, one can then act on this knowledge.

The Proof, Evidence, Facts and Testimony can be read in the Gospels about what Jesus did and said for reference. As noted, it should be an Informed Consent decision with Jesus, not like it is with the COVID-19 in who the Authorities are not telling People of their rights or dangers. This Immunization against Sin and Death to be applied to one's Being, that not only saves the Physical Body but one's Spirit and Soul as well. Having understood this reality and provision, calls upon His Name, Jesus. Ask for Jesus to save one's Spirit, Soul and Body and commit to being a Believer and Follower of Jesus. Trust what He accomplished on the Cross of Calvary and what He said about the 'Safety and Efficacy' of this 'Eternal Life' Vaccine Immunity that He offers as a metaphor.

Although one will temporarily still live in the current Human Body that is in decay, aging and one day will die physically, unless alive at the time of the Rapture event, Jesus has secured one's Salvation that is 3-fold. It is a 3-prong unveiling. He saved and re-lite one's Spirit. Jesus will one day Resurrect and Rapture His Followers. And at which point in time, one will receive a Glorified Body and with no more Sin Nature, that is even having the desire to sin anymore. It will be indestructible and of Pure Energy, never to age or die. Presently, until Jesus does return to rescue His 'Bride', the salvation of one's Soul is in process and need to be attended to. 


-Dry Cough
-Sore Throat
-Shortness of Breath


1. Wash your mind from the Media controlled Predictive Programing about COVID-19 and State Propaganda Psyop, regularly.

2. Maintain a constant and healthy distance from false Misinformation that is coming from Un-Elected World, or Nation Officials.

3. Avoid the False Science being perpetrated as the only Scientific Narrative allowed, while all others are censored about the truth regarding COVID.

4. Practice responsible Critical Thinking Skills and reject the Luciferian Globalist Cabal’s Agenda of COVID Injections that can be deadly.


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