Prophetic Significances of Planetary Alignment

  • What is a Diamond Jubilee and why is it Important?
  • How does the Great Planetary Alignment fit into this?
  • Why was the Supreme Court Decision made this Day?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to expand on what the Great Planetary Alignment of June 24, 2022 Prophetically Signifies, perhaps and to encourage the Brethren because if it. This is especially the case for the USA, as the Supreme Court reversed Roe vs. Wade on that Date. This will be the context as the Decree deals with the Gestation of a Human Being in question. It is a Monumental Victory for those who are Pro-Life and believe in the Sanctity of Life in the Womb.

For the Left, it will be a Rallying Cry for Bodily Autonomy as in their Rationale, the Womb must continue to be the Tomb for Millions of Unborn Human Beings, etc. But how was that Decree tied to the Great Planetary Alignment? Planetary Alignments, in themselves, are not uncommon. There are many Conjunctions with 2 or 3 Planets coming together on a frequent basis. But what makes it more ‘rare’ is when all the 5 Visible Planets (Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn) are involved and all in Alignment as it is the case now.

What is more Rare is when ALL the Planets, + Uranus and Neptune, to include Pluto are in Alignment, which is the case now. This is why this is indeed ‘The Great Planetary Alignment’ This type has not happened since 947 AD, according to Research. For example, the last Time, only the 5 Visible Planets were in Alignment was back in December 2004. In fact, the 5 Planets align roughly every 19 Years, and some say all eight planets align every 170 years. Now, again to reiterate, what makes this Great Planetary Alignment for June 2022 is that ALL the Planets to include Pluto are aligned.

But note that it is only the 5 Visible Planets from Earth that are in their Correct Order from the Distance of the Sun. And then you had that ‘Disappearing’ or Occultation of the Moon, the Proxy of Earth, going through Uranus, where the Earth corresponds in the Planetary Alignment Order. Many who calculate the Alignment say this one is a 1 in a 1000-Year Occurrence. One would agree. That is extremely Significant and perhaps Prophetic as one has alluded to in the prior Posts and Studies. Perhaps it could be the last Celestial Sign before the Rapture, etc.

Consider also how this ‘1000-Year’ Factor is also occurring in tandem with World Wide Record Heat and Droughts, not seen in ‘1000-1200-Years’. This is amazing and Biblical in one’s opinion. Consider this, the 1000-Year Factor is half the Time the Church Age or Body of Christ has been ‘Alive’ going about the ‘Harvest’ and ‘Gestation’ Processes, on Planet Earth. Meaning? If the last Great Planetary Alignment of ALL the Planets occurred 1000 years ago, in 947 AD, that means that 1000 Years + 947 = 1947 Years. A Good Report

And? Here is a possible Prophetic Correlation to Israel’s ‘Birth’ and the Great Planet Alignment. Being that it is the Year 2022, and the last time the Alignment of All the Planets occurred in 947 AD, consider then that if one adds 1000 years to 947 AD = 1947. This year, from Creation is presumed and believed to be when Abraham was Born.

Thus when the last Great Planetary Alignment occurred in 947 AD, it would be exactly 1000 Year or ‘1 Prophetic Day’, per the Apostle Peter wherein, Israel would be ‘Born’, 9 Months from the UN Report. And how Watchers know that in 1947 is the Year that the United Nations ratified the Partition Plan that created the State of Israel, then ~9 Months later, on May 14, 1948, on the Eve of Shavuot, the 49th Day from Nisan 15, Israel was ‘Born’. 70 Years is a Factor of 25200 days that pertains to 360 Degrees in a Circle of Time.

947 AD + 1000 Year Coefficient = 1947(75 Years from 2022)

Consider that the Origins or ‘Genesis’ of the Partition Plan was made into a Report and submitted in August of 1947, exactly 9 Months from May 14, 1948. The following was stated from Research: ‘In August, after 3 Months of conducting Hearings and a General Survey of the situation in Palestine, a Majority Report of the Committee recommended that the Region be Partitioned into an Arab State and a Jewish State, which should retain an Economic Union. An International Regime was envisioned for Jerusalem’.

August 1947 Report to Partition Land to Israel Birth May 1948 = 9 Months (40 Weeks)

Meaning? One believes that the End of the Church Age approaches and the Transfer of Dispensation from Grace to the Law is forthcoming. As Israel experienced their ‘Birth’, their coming to ‘Term’ and Delivery, although in War; Blood, Sweat and Tears, so it will be with the ‘Birth’ of the Bride of Christ that concludes the Royal Commission as the ‘Harvesters’ are summed to ‘Fall Back’.

It will be a Command to ‘Retreat’ as they Hear the Trumpet Call. It will be that of the Silver Trumpet to Assemble…. unto Jesus in the Sky. So too will the Bride of Christ reach her ‘Term’, Delivery and Presentation. In a Traditional and General sense, is that not what occurs once a Baby is Born, it is presented to the Father?

1947 UN Partition Plan for Israel to End the Church Age? 2022 = 75 Years

Consider the Prophetic Significance of a 75 Year Anniversary. A 75th Anniversary is called the Diamond Anniversary. It is sometimes referred to as the Diamond Jubilee and is considered the ‘Pinnacle’ of Anniversary Celebrations. Diamonds are the strongest substances on Earth, as well as one of the most desired, and therefore represent such an Esteemed Celebration. Anniversaries have long been marked by a Traditional Gift that is specific to each Year celebrated. These Celebrations get their root from Medieval Times when a Husband would Crown his Wife with a Silver Wreath for 25 Years of Marriage and a Gold Wreath at the 50th Year.

Even today, People refer to the 50th Anniversary as the Golden Anniversary. Is Jesus, as the Groom about to Crown His Bride with the Diamond, Jewels Prepared to be given at the Presentation to the Father on this 75th Year Anniversary? If the Church Body on Earth was ‘Born’ on Pentecost of 32 AD, the Year one has calculated to be the correct Time-Frame of the Crucifixion, Death, Burial, Resurrection and Birth of Church Age, to 2022, and if the Rapture does close-out the Church Age, then the Church Age would have lasted for exactly 1990 Years.

July 23, 32 AD (Pentecost presumed) to July 23, 2022 (Pentecost, presumed).

=726,834 Days (Notice ‘726’, which in the Greek is Harpazo, Strong’s #726.)

or 1990 Years
‘At that Time those who Feared the LORD spoke with one another, and the LORD listened and heard them. So a Scroll of Remembrance was written before Him regarding those who Feared the LORD and Honored His Name. They will be Mine, says the LORD of Hosts, on the Day when I prepare My Treasured Possession. And I will spare them as a Man spares his own Son who serves him. So you will again distinguish between the Righteous and the Wicked, between those who Serve GOD and those who do not’. -Malachi 3:16-18

‘The LORD of Hosts will Shield them. They will destroy and conquer with Slingstones; they will drink and roar as with Wine. And they will be filled like Sprinkling Bowls, drenched like the Corners of the Altar. On that Day the LORD their God will save them as the Flock of His People; for like Jewels in a Crown they will Sparkle over His Land. How lovely they will be, and how beautiful! Grain will make the Young Men flourish, and New Wine, the Young Women’.
-Zechariah 9:15-17

So, how all this is tied to Israel has to do with the 70 Year Generation of the Fig Tree also. How so? It has been presented that the Fall of 1952 was the 1st or Start of the 70 Year Countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the Tribulation Period. As one has presented in prior Theories. The Key is the Olivet Discourse. Jesus gave the Sequence of Israel’s Destruction but also of its Restoration, in verse order. Jesus set forth the order of Destruction, that being from the Inner-Most Sanctum of the Jewish People.

The Omen started 1stt with the Temple, then the City of Jerusalem, then the Nation of Israel. And this is exactly what transpired under the Command of the Roman Prince, Titus that later became Emperor. But the Key to Israel’s Redemption would have such Elements reconstituted, in reverse order before Jesus could return. Thus, the Nation of Israel had to be Reborn. This occurred in 1948. Then the City of Jerusalem had to be Recaptured. This occurred in 1967. The last Factor, that of the 3rd Temple has yet to occur.

One believes that there is a Numerical Pattern that accompanies these Restorations of Israel in the Modern Era. In actuality, the Concept of Israel was ‘birthed’ in 1947. Then in 1967, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount came under Jewish Control, not since 70 AD. But, then in 2017, a monumental and Prophetic Event took place. The Capital of Israel was recognized by the USA and other Nations as Israel’s Eternal Capital, etc. The Point? They all ended in a ‘7’ and this goes back as far as 1917.

That Year, 1917 is when Jerusalem was Liberated from the Muslim Rule of the Ottoman Turks. But what about the Temple? Here is where one’s Theory of a the 5-Year Countdown to it is derived from. It has to do with Lamech, the Grandfather of Noah. In what way? Since Israel returned to the Promised Land, although in Unbelief as Ezekiel foretold, being a Secular Nation, 3 Major Factors contributing to its Road to Restoration as stated by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse has to do with a Triple 7 (777).

Realize that 1947-1967-2017 all ended with a 7, as noted and by themselves are a Triple 7. And? What Year in the Life of Lamech did he Die? It was in his 777th Year. Ok. But how is that connected to Israel and the Temple? The Old Testament Account notes that 5 Years after the Death of Lamech, the Food of Noah came. The Flood spoke of a coming New World Order, a ‘Reset’ and judgment as in the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc. And? The Temple has to be built for that time. Thus 5 years from 2017 when Jerusalem was recognized as Israel’s Capital will be 2022.

2017 Israel Capital Decree + 5 Years = 2022

This strongly suggests that the Fall of 2022 synchronizes then with the Sabbath Year since 1952 and now with the 5-Year Countdown based on the 5-Year Countdown from the Death of Lamech, who died on his 777th Year. And? Also, the Great Sign of Revelation 12 appeared Astronomically as a Wake-Up Call of the Pending Rapture Event that would also occur in Tandem to a 5-Year Countdown to the start of the Tribulation Period.


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