Hitching Post of the Sun

  • Is the Ancient Site a long Lost 'Star Gate' of some sort?
  • Could the Ancient Humans Teleport using such a Stone?
  • Why was the Site Abandoned for no apparent Reason?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to ascertain the Sacred Ley-Lines of the Ancient Lost City in the Sky, of Machu Picchu in Peru. This Incan Citadel is situated in the Andes Mountains at a height of 2,430 Meters or 7,970 Feet. In the continued quest to use Astro-Archeology as a Tool to discover such Ley-Lines, Machu Picchu will prove that such Ancient Sites and those around the World had a Common and Single Source of Knowledge and Cosmic Template that came from where? This Template appears to keep recurring in such Ancient Sites, that of the Pyramid Anomalies of Cydonia, Mars with connections to Orion.

This Special Location incorporates the Depiction of the Pleiades City along with a Pentagon Fortress and the famous Face of Mars. Although Highly Suggestive, Machu Picchu will be shown that such a Geometry exists to corroborate these 3 Elements within the City Layout. Due to the Elevation, and where the City is situated, the Martian Motif is adapted to the Topography and Terrain to make some allowance for differences in Angles and Orientation.

Nonetheless, the illustration will strongly suggest, that even in Machu Picchu, such a Martian Motif of Cydonia, Mars, employed the Triangulated Template of its Sacred Ley-Lines. Based on Research, it is believed that the Lost Citadel pre-dates the Inca and was not named Machu Picchu. This Place also incorporates the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon and the Machu Picchu Mountain Peak as a Template for the Orion Belt Stars.

Concerning the Template of the Martian Motif, this study suggests that the Chambers to the East Side of the Main Plaza area were built to correspond to the 9 total Stars of the Pleiades. This area is labeled on most Tourist Maps as the ‘Factory’ buildings. Nonetheless, there are 9 Main Chambers in this area, which is one of the main concentrations of Living/Working Spaces. These Chambers were related to Commerce and Trade that occurred here and Echoes the Depiction and association of the Modern Versions of the Template.

In Modern Terms, all of the Pleiadian Star Cluster associations are related to the Financial Districts of the Major World Capitals. Thus, it would make since that ‘Factory’ or Commerce was the Main Emphases of the Site and thus corroborates with the Martian Motif thus far. In terms of its Topography and association to the Cydonia, Mars Layout, the Ley-Lines and aspect of Astro-Archeology is possible with such Modern Software as Google Earth and Stellarium.

Martian Motifs
Although Astro-Archeology is not an accepted form of ‘Science’ yet, it is Scholarship nonetheless and a completely new area of Unexplored Knowledge. It is a new Field that hopefully, 1 Day will be recognized for its contributions to helping unlock the Secrets of such Stones, as the Hitching Post of the Sun at Machu Picchu. From a Top View, using Google Earth, the Tapestry involves the Core Temples of Machu Picchu. With this Perspective, the following Observations are presented.

The entire Site appears to incorporate the 3 Main Components, that make-up the Cosmos from YHVH’s Perspective, related to the Earth, the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. As mentioned, there is the Temple of the Sun, and the Temple of the Moon that are situated in a Cave on the Northern Side of Huayana Mountain. The ‘Stars’ are represented by the Granite Rock Slab of the Hitching Post of the Sun and that this study suggests is a ‘Star Gate’. The Layout of Machu Picchu is situated on a very Steep Slope of an intense Mountain Range of the Andes.

The Martian Motif of Cydonia, Mars is composed of 3 structures, the Face of Mars, the Giant Fortress and the Pyramid City complex. The Priests of the Incas were probably handed-down this Template as the City Architects were well versed in the Hidden Knowledge of the Ancients before Genesis. The Inca, like all other Ancient Civilizations in all Continents, used the same Triangulation in their City's Sacred Ley-Lines. In this case, the Inca Citadel there, has the Ingenious Depiction of the Cydonia Pyramid Complex.

This Ancient Martian Motif is found in the whole of Earth’s Ancient Buildings and Royal Compounds that are aligned to Orion, in varying Degrees of Rotation and Juxtapositions. In the case of the Design and Layout of this Inca City, the Temple of the Condor corresponds to the D&M Pyramid in Cydonia, Mars. This Site is also where the Prison was located, as in a ‘Fort’, etc. It would thus, also corroborate the Motif as a Prison is a place that has to be more Fortified and as a Stronghold to hold Prisoners and alludes to the Pentagon of Mars as it was a Fortress.

The Sacred Square upon which the Intihuatana is situated at also corroborates the association of Royalty and that of a Throne as the Face of Mars is said to have been built and dedicated as a Mausoleum. It was in Honor to the Rebel ‘King of Nibiru’ that was exiled to Mars from Earth. The Post is Designed as a Trapezoid that matches the Orientation of the Face of Mars. It also corresponds to the intersecting Ley-Line Angles or the Points of the 4 Sacred Mountains.

These 4 Mountains are the Huiyana, Machu Picchu, Phutuq K’usi and Pumasillo Mountain. Then the ‘Factory’ or Commerce Buildings correspond to the Pleiades Star Cluster. In the case of the correspondence between the ‘Factory’ Chambers and the Pleiades, there does appear to be an approximate Delineation of the Boundaries that match the Pleiades when placed in a Rectangle. There are a total of 9 Main Chambers on the site and based on the perspective, the Pleiades has the 9 total Stars, as noted.

Portal to the Sun

This is because, there are 2 additional Stars of Pleione and Atlas that come into play, for a total of 9. In Ancient, History, to have such Structures as Pyramids, Tombs, and various Land Demarcations based on the Ancient Knowledge of the ‘Winged Gods’ that came from the Stars to show them all this, exemplified their Esoteric and Religious Belief. It was Understood that such a Celestial Frame of Historical Reference corroborated with where they came from.

In general, such believed that their Origins were ‘Seeded’ by the ‘Gods’ that came down from ‘Heaven’, more precisely Orion and the Pleiades. The Hitching Post of the Sun was a Meeting Place or Portal from which there was an Interexchange and perhaps still is for such Beings. Thus, many World Rulers believed that not only were they Physically Descended by an Extraterrestrial Hybrid Bloodline, but also they patterned their Cities after this Celestial City and Pattern. It was handed down by the ‘Winged Gods’ who came from such Celestial Cities.

Perhaps, but the Inca also believe that such Celestial Beings will Return to Earth at the End of Days. Nonetheless, one of the most Fascinating Objects at Machu Picchu is the Intihuatana. It is a Slab of Granite Work that has been Polished with certain Angles that in today’s World, would require High-Tech Drills. It is believed to be some sort of Astronomical Clock and perhaps was used as a Component for a Calendar, of ‘Key’.

Those that have researched this Sacred Slab on the highest point of the Inca City, have discovered some unique Astronomical Associations. The True Meaning of its Design and Purpose remains a Mystery, at least to the Public. Even within the Inca, there is a loss of History as the Spanish Conquistadors destroyed much of the Ancient Records that even predate the Inca. One other Reason why the slab is still in Existence is that the Spanish may never discovered it or else it would have been Destroyed.

The Name is believed to have been coined by the Discoverer of the site, Hiram Bingham. The Name is a Compound Word from Inti, which means the Sun, and ‘Wata’, which means to Tie-Up. Thus, the Connotation is that of the Sun being Tied-Up or as it has come to be phrased, as the Hitching Post of the Sun. The Sacred Slab is situated in front of the Sacred Plaza and appears to be tiered. One Explanation has been given in that each level represents a Spiritual World or even a possible Dimension. In another Interpretation of the Intihuatana, it could be considered an Omphalos or one of the Centers and literal ‘Navel’ of the World or at least for the continent of South America.

As noted, it is suggested by some that the Sacred Square that housed the Main Temple of Worship was pegged to the 4 Sacred Mountains that envelope this Inca Citadel in the Sky. The 4 Directions are also said to correlate to the 4 Cardinal Points of the Cosmos and that in turn, are linked to the Procession of the Equinox and the Celestial Signs of the Mazzaroth. Many have ascribed the function of the Hitching Post as a Giant Sundial. There might be some Truth to this claim in the sense that during the 2 Equinoxes on March 21st and September 21st, the Sun stands directly above the Intihuatana, as no Shadow is cast.

Martian Motifs
Interestingly, it is the Temple of the Sun that is just to the South, casts the Auspicious Shadow on the 2 Solstices. The Intihuatana also shows an Alignment with the Solstices. On the Winter Solstice, for example, the Sun sinks behind the Pumasillo Mountain and at Sunrise, the Light projects a Triangle that highlights 2 Concentric Circles on the Floor. A German Astronomer, named Ralf Müller became aware that the 2 Largest Sides of the Intihuatana are facing 25.5 Degrees off the Magnetic North and 27.5 Degrees off the Magnetic West.

He thus was able to figure-out, that they would point in that Direction at the Beginning of the Winter and Summer Seasons. Most ancient cultures were more attuned to the Cosmos and the laws of Procession in that the cardinal points of the 2 Equinoxes and the 2 Solstices did become like a ‘clock’. The ancient cultures used such a post or pillar to be placed within a circle. These circles were set to the 4 Cardinal Points and often were associated with mythical and religious ceremonies and rituals.

For example, when the Sun was directly above and it cast no shadow as in the case of the Hitching Post of the Sun, it was said that the Sun ‘Sat’ upon the Column where all the Rays were set upon the Pole, as it absorbed all its Energies. This Inference thus suggests that this Place was more than a Memorial or Sacred Site reserved for only rituals. Upon further Investigation, the Hitching Post of the Sun appears to have been designed, using a Sophisticated Array of Geometry and Sacred Design.

This study suggests that the Orientation of the Trapezoid incorporates a Phi Ratio Dimension. From a Top View and Facing North, the Granite Slab appears to have the Post in the Precise Fulcrum of the Phi Ratio Spiral when Superimposed for a better Visual Effect. Also, what is Astonishing is that unbeknownst to most as it is Hidden in Plain Sight is the Configuration of the Sacred Square that is actually a Hexagram.

If one looks down from a Top View, the Angles of the Terrace along with the Building Wall Angles strongly suggest a Hexagram with the Hitching Post in the near center of this sacred space. Based on prior studies on Hidden Esoteric Knowledge, this Configuration strongly suggests then that this Place was in essence a ‘Star Gate’. Consider that the Rock Slab was made of Granite, which contains Crystal and Quartz. Such Elements are used for Transition of Information and even to Channel Energies as at Certain Times, the Energies of the Ley-Lines and the Sun concentrated on this ‘Beacon’, etc.

It is essentially acting as a ‘Key’ that Unlocks the ‘Chamber’ or Box that is constructed Inter-Dimensionally within the Hexagram. The Hexagram is well known as the most Powerful Design when combined with the Right Key in terms of Frequency and Resonance. The ‘Unlocking’ is based on Sounds, by either the Channeling or Music in Rituals for example. Along with where the Site is situated on certain Ley-Line coupled with the Time of the Season foments a Portal or ‘Star Gate’ that can be opened to different Dimensions.

Such Energies from the Sun’s Rays that are totally Concentrated on the Post like on the Days of the Equinox could also be a Factor as part of the Piercing into the Inter-Dimensional Realm. Most notably, the Dimensions would be that of the 2nd Heaven where all the Fallen Angel ‘Winged Gods’ and Dismembered Demons reside. Could it be possible that this Place at certain Times is where such ‘Spirit Beings’ transmitted themselves or Manifested their presence during Ritualistic Events?

There are Artifacts throughout the Americas, as in Machu Picchu that defy Logic and known Explanation. Artwork from Babylon and Egypt have been found in Peru and Ecuador of the same styles of Art, Architecture and City Sacred Ley-Lines that are pegged to those of Cydonia, Mars. This Assertion of the Inca being well versed in the Cosmos and that of the link to the Cydonia, Mars Motif. It lends some Credence in that this same Martian Motif was a Standard Design and Template that crossed Oceans or was known before the Oceans split the Continents apart.

This is not a Far-Fetched Idea as many have written Books on how even in the USA, there have been Excavations where Unexplained Relics and Plaques from Egypt have been found in Old Mining Shafts. In other studies, there have been Documentaries on the topic of Ancient Relics that were given to a Roman Catholic Priest where the Inca shared their Sacred Knowledge.

This included the Notion of Flight, Dinosaurs existing with Man, Charts of the Stars, and Contact with the ‘Alien’ Gods. Of course, many suspect all of this to be Forgeries but to have the same Martian Motif in all the Continents and in all Civilizations is Amazing. Such an Astonishing Assertion of a Martian Connection is even found in all the Present Day World Capitals and Prominent Buildings of the World, Hidden in Plain Sight. _____________________

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