Face of a False Religion and the Fallen All-ah

  • The Rock on the Dome, Temple Mount is configured as a 'Face'.
  • The core of the Temple Mount mirrors the Cydonia, Mars anomoly.
  • Luciferians seek to usurp the sacred ley-lines that belong to YHVH.

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in part, has been cryptically incorporated to mirror the Cydonia Martian Motif design layout by the Luciferian ‘Martians’. This Mars template consists of 3 main pyramid structures spanning the distance of approximately 33 square miles. It consists of the 7 Pyramid Pleiadian City, the pentagon Pyramid Fortress and the Face of Mars. In particular, this ‘Face of Mars’ is alleged to be a temple or mausoleum to their ‘Rebel King’, Ala-lu. This study strongly suggests that the Foundation Stone within the ‘mausoleum’ or temple of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount is a commemorative motif corresponding to the Face of Mars. Moreover, this ‘Face of Ala-lu’ is none other than a cryptic inference to Allah, the ‘God’ of Islam that seeks to usurp the authority and dominion of YHVH’s Throne on Earth, on the Temple Mount and His People’s Birthright. This Ala-lu is attributed to have been the ‘Rebel King’, a ‘pirate’ of the planet Nibiru. He is supposed to have been the ‘Elohim’ that was expelled and found his way to Earth.

He then helped geo-engineer the human race and promised to return at the End of Days to ‘save it from itself’ along with his ‘Holy Ones’. This narrative comes from the ancient Sumerian 7-10 Creation Tablets that echo the Biblical Genesis account but is an antithesis as Ala-lu is seen as the hero and judged ‘Angelic Host’ that was wrongfully banished. Ala-lu sought to exalt his lost throne above the ‘Gods’ of the Heavens, but was then banished to Mars, etc. This alternative narrative is in line with the Luciferian ‘Gospel’ of how Lucifer is believed to have been wrongfully expelled from Heaven by YHVH for his rebellion and insurrection. Such believe Lucifer rightfully claims to place this Throne above the Throne of YHVH and how he has divulged the ‘Secrets of Heaven’ to Humanity in an attempt to make them partake of divinity and ‘Eternal Life’.

In part, Lucifer has come to Earth and currently has set-up his Throne through lies, trickery and thievery in beguiling Eve in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer as ‘Ala-lu’ has interjected himself in the cause of make Humanity ‘fall’ and geoengineering it into his ‘Image and Likeness’. This tri-structure Martian Motif is ingeniously encrypted in the most prominent ancient capitals of the world. The Martian Motif was incorporated in most worship sites and temples. This very same Martian Motif is also incorporated in the modern capitals around the world today. The ley-lines might vary as the orientation is either rotated, reversed or flipped. The signature marks are incorporated in either stadiums, race tracks or monuments. The 3 structure Martian Motifs usually will correspond to the financial center of the city which correlates to the 7 Pyramid City based on the Pleiades. The Pentagon Pyramid Fortress will usually correspond to a fortified structure or configuration that exemplifies a 5-sided geometric configuration.

Face of the Fallen One

The Face of Mars or of Ala-lu is usually oval in shape. In modern times, the huge sports stadiums correspond to this Martian Motif. What is unique about this correspondence is that a circular sub-structure is adjacent to the ‘Face’. It is situated on the very ley-line that is in the direction of the 5-sided D&M Pyramid Fortress. Of all the prominent cities on Earth, according to the Bible, there is 1 city or spot on Earth that is more important than all others. This spot corresponds to Jerusalem according to the Bible. More precisely, it is within the Temple Mount where the Temple of YHVH stood and will. This location has several names and associations. Jerusalem is referred to The City of the King, The Earthly Jerusalem, Mount Moriah, etc. What is unique about this city above all others is that it is purported to be a carbon copy of the ‘Celestial Jerusalem’ in Heaven, the Heavenly Zion wherein YHVH, the Creator and All-Mightily dwells within a ‘Temple’.

The Bible is very explicit and teaches that it is in Zion where YHVH dwells in righteousness and justice where no lie nor ‘shadow of turning’ is to be found. YHVH is portrayed as the King of the Universe and the Creator of all that was, is and will be. This Creator is outside of space and time as such are mere layers of created dimensions. It is in this Heavenly Zion, that YHVH has placed ‘His Name’ forever. Thus, this principle is found on Earth with the Earthly Jerusalem and at this Zion, YHVH has likewise put His Name there. The ‘Sign’ of this Name was to be found in the Temples that were on top of Mount Moriah where the Divine Presence was manifested. Many others also believe that not only is the Earthly Jerusalem a copy of the one in Heaven but that the constellations of Orion to include the Pleiades to Sirius are a copy or reflection of such a configuration of the very architecture that is reflected in the constellations.

In other studies such as the Stargates of Jerusalem and the Gates of Orion, it is suggested that the Temple Mount area that is in line over the Kidron Valley to the Mount of Olives to the East and to the South is a microcosm of the Cosmos. It thus is suggested that it includes the entire Mazzaroth layout with the ‘Sentinels of the Galaxy’, Ophiuchus and Orion as the Gatekeepers. These ‘Gates’ or Portals correspond to the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate that this Earthly Zion does in fact have. The whole back side of the Mount of Olives portrays the Ophiuchus constellation with a Serpent in hand that is divided in 2 parts just as it is with Ophiuchus and Serpens. This is where the Dome of the Ascension is situated as the ‘Eye’ of the ‘flying dragon’ motif.

This Silver Dome corresponds to the Silver Gate with Ophiuchus as the Sentinel or ‘Guardian of the Gate’. The Golden Gate is directly across the Kidron Valley wherein Orion is the ‘Sentinel’. Thus, the Temple Mount corresponds to the 3 stars of Orion that in turn correspond to the 3 domes on the Temple Mount. Moreover, the 3 Domes correspond to the 3 colors of the prophetic axiom of what time and space are relegated to, the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The al-Aqsa Dome is silver, thus the Moon, the Dome of the Rock is gold, thus the Sun. The Dome of the Tablets, where the Shekinah Glory once appeared above the Ark of the Covenant was white as was the Temples, thus the Stars. Other ancient pyramid sites like Teotihuacan replicated this Heavenly Zion with the Pyramids of the Sun, Pyramids of the Moon and the House of the Serpent. This ‘House’ complex had or has the approximate dimensions of the 4th Temple of Ezekiel.

Façade of Lucifer

This ancient city had a great ‘Avenue’ as the Bible describes how the New Jerusalem will also have such an Avenue as perhaps Heaven itself has. As noted, the constellation Orion is the microcosm of the blueprint of the entire Cosmos. This is based on the supposition that the cosmos has the form of a man, thus the ‘Cosmic Christ’ rendition of design and template. This finding with illustrations can be found in the study entitled, the City of the Gods. That study also suggests that cosmologically, the entire quadrant of Orion, Auriga, Taurus determines even geographically where the crucifixion took place, that the piercing of the Shepard Auriga by the horn of Taurus converges on Mount Calvary. Many also believe that in some mysterious way, the Heavenly Zion or Jerusalem has the 12 Gates as does the Earthly Jerusalem, at one time or another.

Perhaps there are 3 ‘Domes’ or Temples that are in fact a facsimile of Orion and as such in Heaven itself. The same ley-lines have been replicated and mirrored around the world in the centers of power. The question remains why does Jerusalem, the ‘City of the King’, of Jesus also have the encrypted Martian Motif and why? The answer is apparently yes, Jerusalem on Earth does have this Luciferian encrypted Martian Motif layout. However, this study suggests that the current layout of the Martian Motif that incorporates Mount Moriah and the Mount of Olives is not of the protocols of YHVH to have been given to mankind to replicate to this extent. YHVH is not a ‘Martian God’ that rebelled and seeks to usurp a ‘throne’. This study suggests that the ‘Rebel’ King Ala-lu narrative comes from the Luciferian perspective of occult and ancient writing.

Such ley-lines and Martian Motifs upon the Temple Mount of YHVH were usurped, occupied by the false God of Islam, Allah, as it is the case to this day. Thus, the corresponding façade, which means ‘Face’ of the Foundation Stone within the Dome of the Rock, is apparently corresponding to the Face of Mars that does look like a ‘Face’. This ‘Allah’ or better known as Lucifer was the one that gave Humanity forbidden knowledge and is the ‘God of War’, the Destroyer. Also, in part, such ‘Doctrines of Demons’ came from the Watchers, those Fallen Angels that left their 1st Estate and came to Earth to Mount Hermon. To reiterate, the Martian ‘God’ Ala-lu Biblically speaking is a masked ‘façade’ of the workings of Lucifer by way of one of is false religions, Islam whose Moon Goddess was and is All-la or better deciphered as Allah.

The Fallen Ones, along with the original Angelic Rebellion of the ‘King of the Angels’, Lucifer has sought to put his ‘Name’ and his Throne upon the Earthly Jerusalem. Realize that the Bible describes that Lucifer does have a ‘Throne’ of his own and is the ‘Anointed’ or ‘Christ’ Cherub. This is why the Luciferians worship him as the true ‘Christ’ instead of Jesus, the Christ. Such have the ‘sympathy for the Devil’ as they blame Jesus Christ for an unjust and unfair judgment and condemnation of Lucifer for being a ‘Prometheus’ in helping Humanity obtain ‘godhood’. What could possibly be wrong with that? The problem is that it is a lie. Jesus Christ came and exposed Lucifer in that from the beginning, there was murder, thievery, and lies in his heart. Lucifer only seeks to kill, steal and destroy. He became a law unto himself where morality is relative. In the possible pre-Adamic world, there seems to be evidence of civilizations that spanned the Solar System and perhaps beyond that to include Mars as part of Lucifer’s Golden Age.

Foundation Stone

This study suggests that the Foundation Stone within the Dome of the Rock is corresponding to the Face of Mars. This ‘Temple’ or mausoleum is dedicated to the Rebel King of Nibiru, Ala-lu. This illustration suggests that perhaps the narrative is attributed to the pirates of the colonial period whose flag was black and had a ‘Skull and Bones’ motif. Presently, such are the ISIS ‘Black Flags’ of the Islamic God Allah. Furthermore, such an association of rebellion could be linked to Lucifer as the ‘First Rebel’ as his motifs are configured in the Earthly Zion, that of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The following are some approximate measurements suggested that are associated with this Foundation Stone or façade of the ‘Face of Allah’, or that of Ala-lu, better known as Lucifer.

Face of Mars dimensions
1 nautical mile wide or 1.88 km
2520 yards in length of inner lining
233° heading and with a 25,200 ft. perimeter

Dome of the Rock Octagon Perimeter

6,660 inches
.18 km or (6-6-6)
188 feet in length and width

From ‘Face of Ala-lu’ to outside smaller Dome

33 meters / 33 smoots

How big is the actual Martian Motif? For the purposes of illustration, the approximate scale of the Face of Mars mausoleum is comparable to the core of the city of Jerusalem and its surroundings from the Mount of Olives to the Mamila Cemetery. In comparison, the Martian structures were massive in size taking up the entire width and breath of the ancient city of Jerusalem. It is approximately 13-15 miles wide or about 33 square miles.  The size of the Face of Mars ‘temple’ or mausoleum would envelope the entire Washington D.C. Mall. It corresponds to the area of the White House. Then from the obelisk of the Washington Monument to just above the Capitol Building, the Luciferian owl god Molech construes a ‘pyramid’ that is in phi ratio in terms of distance. In comparison to scale, the size of the Pentagon Pyramid Fortress would look like a massive mountain. Also, the layout and dimensions of the Face of Mars appears to be in phi ratio from the Mount of Olives, the Dome of the Rock to the Mamila Cemetery.

Presently, the ‘Earthly Jerusalem’ Temple Mount is being occupied by the ‘Façade of Allah’. The ‘Spirit of AntiChrist’ is very pervasive as a spiritual stronghold and Lucifer seeks to ‘tag’ this territory with his Luciferian ‘signatures’ of possession and dominion over YHVH’s land and Earthly Throne. These ‘signatures’ are ancient and of a Martian origin that in turn are perhaps coming from before time or space were created as dimensions or perhaps even before the stars were formed. Yet, such a Martian Motif is so prevalent on Earth in all the ancient centers of worship. They are present in the world capitals of which Lucifer gives his power and dominion to his ‘Builders’ to rule all of Humanity, for the time being.

Martian Connections

One supposition this study seeks to bring out is that Mars was inhabited by beings and/or Angels before Genesis 1:1 that were and perhaps are not human although they could have looked like such. Some believe they were Angels stationed much like a garrison, etc.. Thus, the various pyramid fortresses due to Lucifer’s rebellion have the ravishes of a thermonuclear war landscape. It is there that the Martian Motif is derived from what many also believe was part of Lucifer’s Throne design or layout. Realize that according to the Bible, it was Lucifer that was the Cherub that ‘covered’ the very Throne of YHVH.

Such a Martian Motif could have been even constructed from an earlier pattern coming from this very Throne of YHVH layout in Heaven itself. The Pleiades pattern is also incorporated in such a design layout. This Martian Motif is not only delineated on Mars and on Earth, but it also appears to mirror a ‘Star Map’ of sorts that could very well show the way to Heaven itself or where the capital of Lucifer and as such a ‘Stargate’ was or is. In turn, Lucifer’s ‘Master Builder’ has sought to replicate his Star Map portal on various temples and mausoleums on Earth, as it is in Mars and perhaps how Heavens is copied as with the area from Orion to the Pleiades Star Cluster.

Does the Earthly Jerusalem have this same Martian Motif? Yes. It is a lot trickier to ascertain as with other world capitals, it is more obvious. The Luciferians do a great job to hide their secret Martian ley-lines in plain sight. All one has to have is the ‘key’ or the Martian Motif template and a little Biblical holy discernment to expose such conspiracies and configurations on Earth, as they are in the Heavens. As noted, what is spectacular in terms of Jerusalem is that the research confirms that the Foundation Stone does correlate to the Face of Mars, that of Ala-lu and thus has a direct association to the religion of Islam and their ‘God’ Allah.

Thus, this study strongly suggests that the Islamic Allah corresponds to the façade of the Foundation Stone within the Dome of the Rock and is Luciferian. This would make Islam then Satanic. The evidence? Islam is anti-Christian and is fueled by a hatred of the Biblical Jesus Christ whom Islam denies as GOD the Son. This statement is even written around the Dome of the Rock. In turn it operates under the Spirit of the AntiChrist who one day will come to this very place as promised, the very Ala-lu, the AntiChrist of the Bible that will be Lucifer incarnate.

It will be on the very Temple Mount that Lucifer will establish his Throne as he sits on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant is the replica of the Throne of YHVH that is in Heaven. This AntiChrist or Ala-lu will use the protocols of the Islam and the religious Jew’s Noahite Laws to persecute YHVH’s People during the Tribulation Period. The current and age-old persecution of Jesus’ People has come from such religions that currently are hell-bent on eradicating the Christian Testimony to Jesus. This Spirit of Death, of the ‘Black Flag’ comes from this same God of War, Lucifer or Allah as in Ala-lu, the Face of Mars. The protocols of Islam are those of its Father; that of lies that has been commemorated by Islam in the Foundation Stone. An ‘eye’ was drilled to depict the ‘face’ type of appearance covered by the Dome.

Crooked Cross
Thus the ‘Face of Mars’, that of Ala-lu or Allah? This is the name of the Rebel King of the Angels, Lucifer. This Allah or Lucifer is also described in the Bible as the Red Dragon, the Serpent of Old. In other studies of the name of Allah, the evidence and the Learned Elders of Zion have a common objective, dethrone the Son of GOD, Jesus. This study suggests that this Ala-lu or Allah is the very same one that was in the Garden of Eden that caused the fall of Adam and Eve and introduced sin, chaos and death within the re-Creation of the Earth.

The domain of Humanity was at that time usurped by Lucifer, based on a lie. As to the signature of Lucifer, of Ala-lu or Allah is seen when one considers and applies the key of the Martian Motif template from a top view of the Temple Mount area of Jerusalem, there appears to be a direct correlation of the Martian Motif as in Cydonia, Mars. There is the 5 sided Pentagon Pyramid Fortress to the east on the very Mount of Olives. There is the 7-Star Pleiadian City that corresponds within a city to the south where the Kidron Valley opens-up between Mount Moriah and the Mount of Olives. However, the most amazing and spectacular correlation to the Martian Motif is what correlates to the Face of Mars, that of the Rebel King Ala-lu.

The Martian Face of Mars corresponds to the Dome of the Rock with its ‘rectangular’ platform perimeter. What also further strengthens this association is that in front of the Octagon shape of the Dome of the Rock is a smaller circular dome. This is exactly matching that of the Cydonia, Mars layout. The ley-line is in direct association with the Pentagon Pyramid Fortress as it is in Mars. The question remains, does the Dome of the Rock that corresponds to the Martian Motif of the Temple or mausoleum to the Rebel King Ala-lu have such a depiction or layout? Yes. Astonishingly, the Dome of Rock has within it the ‘Rock’ from which its name is attributed to.

This Rock is suggested to be depicting a face. It has a side profile appearance with an ‘Eye’ that has actually been drilled where an eye would be situated on a face. Interestingly, it is the right eye that is depicted, and the face is facing east. From this orientation, the visual effect makes it seem as though the ‘Face’ is encased as it is on Mars. In addition, there are those that believe Lucifer lost an eye in such a battle of expulsion; his right eye. Lucifer now sees with 1 eye, the left eye, that in Biblical terms the left is associated with a deviation from what is true or ‘right’.

Another astonishing correlation dealing with the Octagon geometry of the Dome of the Rock is that if one decouples the 4 walls of the mosque and rotates them at the same angle of 45 degrees that the Face of Mars and the Pentagon Fortress were rotated, then the Dome of the Rock in which the ‘Face of Allah’ is memorialized configures a Swastika. The Swastika like the Star of Remphan is ancient and perhaps was constructed before Humanity was created. It is also referenced as the Black Sun and the ‘Crooked Cross’. Moreover, the ‘Face of Allah’, thus becomes the center motif of how for example the rebel motif of the Skull and Bones with a 1 eye patch was fixed to the Swastika. This signet was the badge of honor for the Nazi SS who like the Spanish Foreign Legion has the slogan ‘Long Live Death’.

Throne of Allah

If this Foundation Stone within the Dome of the Rock is a veneration of the Fallen King of Nibiru, it would in line with the ancient Sumerian Creation account that Ala-lu or Allah came from the Black Sun Star system or that of Nemesis of which Nibiru was one of the 7 planets. Was and is Ala-lu Lucifer, the Rebel ‘King of the Angels’? Is this one in the same, Lucifer that was expelled from the Heavenly Zion and seeks to once again attempt to set his Throne above the Throne of YHVH? For 48 months, Lucifer will incarnate into the AntiChrist and sit in the Mercy Seat within the Holy of Holes some 90 yards to the Dome of the Tablets.

The Ark of the Covenant is a ‘throne’, a chair in essence that Lucifer has sought, is and will seek to usurp the Throne of Christ Jesus with on the Earthly Zion because he cannot do that in the Heavenly Zion. This will be as close as Lucifer will ever get to doing so within the Heavenly Zion. The astonishing notion to consider is that this place of the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant, although a facsimile of the true one in Heaven, is that humans could not cross the threshold and enter the spiritual dimension of the true one in Heaven. However, in some mysterious and secret way, Lucifer being the ‘Anointed Christ’ that covered the Throne and the celestial Ark of the Covenant in Heaven, perhaps can and will attempt to as Nimrod.

Imagine this, Lucifer knows how to transcend through this ‘veil’ at the threshold of the Holy of Holies on Earth with Heaven. In a sense, it is a ‘Stargate’ or portal that is where the Holy of Holies was and will be situated as a ‘Door to Heaven’. Lucifer, like Nimrod, will attempt to invade Heaven by proxy to dethrone YHVH and His Christ, Jesus, the Son of GOD at least on Earth. The Tabernacle of Moses and the Temples subsequently had this direct association in that the veils separated the various stages of entrances from the outside. As to the Tabernacle of Moses, there were 3 main doors or veils.

There was the door of the outer perimeter, then the door or veil going into the Sanctuary Tent of the Holies. Then there was the veil or ‘door’ to the Holy of Holies. This same typology of 3 doors or ‘Stargates’ was mirrored in the Temple Mount. There was the Golden Gate that provided entrance to the Temple Platform or the Outer Court. Then there was the door to the Court of the Women. Subsequently there was the Door called Nicanor Gate. This entrance led to the Court of Israel and that of the Priests. The next series of ‘Gates’ or doors constituted the Temple proper with the main entrance to the Holies. This by the way is also a replica or copy of the Great Pyramid delineation.

In another study entitled the Patterns, it is suggested that the Pit, the Ascending Gallery, the Queen’s Chamber and the King’s Chamber mirror the Temple Mount layout with just that. The Kidron Valley is the ‘Pit’; the Golden Gate is the ‘Ascending Gallery’; the Court of the Women is the ‘Queen’s Chamber’; the’ King’s Chamber’ is the Holy of Holies.

The Dome of the Rock, which is an Octagon of 8 sides corresponds to the Great Pyramid which actually has 8 sides. The Dome of the Rock is the ‘temple’ or mausoleum that houses the Face of ‘Allah’ presently. As noted, this ‘Rock’ is called the Foundation Stone and according to Jewish tradition, it is the ‘Navel’ of the world from where YHVH first created the Earth and more than that, the entire Cosmos.

Fortresses of Solitude

Perhaps, at that time, Lucifer might have had a hand in the creation of something that is seen and unseen before his rebellion as ‘King of the Angels’. Lucifer might have gotten jealous that Earth was to be fashioned for Humanity and made higher than Angels who would one day they would have to serve. Nonetheless, if the Martian Motif is overlaid upon the Temple Mount, all of the 3 Martian Motifs are present, the Face of Ala-lu or Allah. Is it any wonder why the religion of Allah seeks to place its name and possess the Birthright of the King, of His People and Place on Earth?

The next question is, are there 5 fortified structures or a Pentagon Pyramid Fortress opposed in a direct ley-line to the ‘Face of Allah’ on the Temple Mount? Yes. Astonishing, on top of the Mount of Olives, there are 5 Roman Catholic Church fortresses. The ley-line that goes from the Pentagon Pyramid Fortress to the Pleiadian Pyramid City on Mars is mirrored in Jerusalem by the city layout at the foot of the Kidron Valley. It is also very telling that a clue is given as to its association as about halfway down there is the hotel called the 7 Arches Intercontinental.

These ‘7 Arches’ are perhaps referencing the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. It is interesting that the Pleiades layout and configuration does approximately match the various street traffic turn-arounds. In one case the Pleiades Star Celaene corresponds to a prominent building that has a roof configuration that depicts a ‘Star’. The other would correspond to Atlas at a round-about. In terms of the ‘fortress’ motif, the Benedictine Abbey even has a pyramidion tip as does the Martian Pentagon Fortress. These 5 church fortresses are as follows.

1. Benedictine Abbey
2. Carmelite Monastery
3. Pater Noster Church
4. Dominus Plevi Church
5. Church of the Ascension

What is also unique is that the Martian Motif construes a hexagram as in the Star of David or is it the ‘Star of their god, Ramphan?’ It is most likely that the ley-lines of the hexagram constructed, serves as a Stargate or portal of sorts in which the Angelic hosts traverse in-between dimensions and from Heaven to Earth. After all, it is suggested that Jacob’s Ladder was at this precise spot when he laid his head to rest upon a ‘rock’ and a vision was given of Angels ascending and descending from that ‘House of El’.

This is reminiscent of the ‘Ladder’ or ‘Tower of Babel’ Nimrod sought to recreate to invade the Throne of YHVH within Babylon. This place is to some the very spot of where the Holy of Holies was and corresponds to the Dome of the Tablets. It is also where a bit further out on the same extension of Mount Moriah, on Mount Calvary, Abraham, as a Father attempted to give-up his ‘Son of Promise’ on an altar. This is why Jerusalem is so contested. It is because it is at this place on Earth, out of all the billions of planets that the Creator Father chose to send His Son to become a sacrificial substitute for Humanity’s sins and rebellion. GOD the Son took on flesh and Jesus as a man came to be the ‘Last Adam’ and die for Adam’s fallen race.

Shining One

Jesus did not die for the Fallen Angels or other created beings. Then out of all the places on Earth, it was at Jerusalem that the Messiah, as the ‘Son of Promise’ came to take Isaac’s place on Mount Calvary, literally. Then out of all the places in Jerusalem, it was at the Threshing Floor of Araunah the Jebusite where the Ark of the Covenant rested and was placed. It became the Gate of God, the Golden Gate, the doorway or ‘Stargate’ to the very Throne of YHVH on Earth.

Also based on the Martian Motif, there are other structures that are associated with the main Martian Motifs. For example, there is the apex of the inverted hexagram from the Dome of the Rock to the Mount of Olives and then to the south city street layout. The inverse triangle has the Russian Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene dead center as the ‘Eye’ of the hexagram pyramidion. Moreover, this geometric hexagon is centered on the Kidron Valley and the hexagram is dissected by a literal earthquake fault-line that runs north-south.

Amazingly there is a perpendicular earthquake fault-line that crosses the Temple Mount from the southeast corner of the Temple Mount platform to the 7 Arches Intercontinental Hotel. This earthquake fulcrum is what many believe will split open as the foot of Jesus touches down on Earth upon His return with the Bride of Christ at the last day of the Battle of Armageddon and causes a great earthquake. The caverns will be so large that the remaining population of Jerusalem will run into them for protection as Jesus pours out His wrath upon those armies of the false ‘God’ of Ala-lu and the various Luciferian Mystery Religions.

To reiterate, in order for the Martian Motif to correspond on Earth as it is in Mars and the cosmos or constellations at least to this degree is that the layout is first rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Secondly, the Face of Mars mausoleum and the Pentagon Pyramid Fortress are rotated an additional 45 degrees counter-clockwise as the Pentagon Pyramid Fortress is rotated 45 degrees clockwise. Even on Earth there are some approximate adjustments, but they still involve amazing symmetry and geometric, and mathematical calculations.

When this occurs as with the Temple Mount, the Face of Mars rectangle corresponds to the ‘rectangle’ perimeter platform in which the Dome of the Rock is situated. The smaller round Dome corresponds to the Golden Gate and the unknown structure mount corresponds to the Temple area, primarily where the intersection of the lines converges at the Dome of the Tablets.

This is where to some, the Ark of the Covenant rested within the Holy of Holies. This was the ‘White Temple’ for which the Stars correspond and the ‘House of the Serpent’. In this case, the true architype is that of Jesus, not Lucifer. Jesus fulfilled the archetype of the Bronze Snake that was put on a cross by Moses in the Wilderness. Whoever saw it and put their faith and trust was healed of the bite of the other ‘Snake’, the “Shining’ Feathered Serpent of Old, the supposed ‘Serpent of Wisdom’ that seeks to ‘help’ humanity reach ‘godhood’. This was the lie of the false lying ‘Serpent’, Lucifer since the Garden of Eden.

This same lie is still being believed and most will take such a position and his poison as they oppose the true typology and cure for sin that Jesus Christ gives freely. To accomplish this feat, Jesus became like the Bronze Serpent lifted up by Moses. In a similar way, Jesus literally fulfilled such a ‘snake’ motif as He was lifted up on a cross to be crucified and put to death to heal all those humans that look to Him for forgiveness, healing, and Eternal Life. Only Jesus Christ has this remedy for sin, the venom of the other ‘Snake’, Lucifer that has bitten and infected Humanity with the ‘Bite of Death’ or sin.


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