IDF’s Military Exercise and the Merkavah of Israel

  • What is the 'Chariots of Fire' Military Drill all about?
  • How does the Exercise connect Biblically to the Rapture?
  • Will the Military Drill prepare Israel to win the Psalm 83 War?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘You have requested a difficult thing, said Elijah. Nevertheless, if you see me as I am taken from you, it will be yours. But if not, then it will not be so. As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a Chariot of Fire with Horses of Fire appeared and Separated the 2 of them, and Elijah Went-Up into Heaven in a Whirlwind. As Elisha watched, he cried out, My father, My Father, the Chariots and Horsemen of Israel! And he saw Elijah no more. So taking hold of his own Clothes, he tore them in 2’. -2 Kings 2:10-12

The purpose of this study is to provide a Geo-Political and Biblical Commentary of the IDF’s Military Operation called Chariots of Fire that commenced on May 9, 2022. It started 3 Days after Israel’s 74th Year Anniversary of Iyar 5 and concludes 1 Month later at the end of Shavuot, June 7, 2022. Interestingly enough, it will also commemorate the 55th Year or 660 Months since the Liberation of Jerusalem during the 6-Day War in 1967. Operation Chariots of Fire was interrupted as it was scheduled to have commenced back in May of 2021, but the 11 Day Rocket War with Hamas forestalled it. And this too will be commented on, as it could be a Prophetic Sign in itself.  

As one who is a Political Scientist by Degree and has served in the IDF, Israel Defense Force, one has a unique Point of Reference that may be different than most. Not to say that one is automatically an ‘Expert’ in the Topic, Issue or Region. But having visited both the Jewish State and had a 1st Hand Experience inside the IDF Apparatus, it has given one a Perspective that one would like to comment on, regarding the possible Prophetic Overtones of the Military Exercises, as it relates to the start of the Rapture event, the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus, and the Psalm 83 War. And to strongly suggest that all 3 of these Biblical Prophecies are in play now. It is now only a Matter of Time. Back in 2019, one had the opportunity to Volunteer with the IDF.

One interacted with Regular IDF Soldiers in every-day Military Activates. One was stationed in the IDF Base called Anatot, just outside of Jerusalem. It was technically within the Security Zone of Judea and Samaria, called the West Bank. Its main Training Facilities comprised of the Border Units that secure Israel from being infiltrated, mainly by Muslims bent on killing as many Jews as possible, both Soldiers and Civilians. If one would like to read and see an in-depth account of the IDF Experience, a Book Link will be noted in the End Notes. Now, based on one’s Research and Bible Studies, the inference to the Name, ‘Chariots of Fire’, has several points of interest that one will attempt to show how they relate to the coming Rapture event, the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus and the Psalm 83 War. Perhaps even in that order. Some People may argue that one is interjecting too much ‘Prophecy’ into the IDF Names. Perhaps.

Prophetic Parallels 

The IDF chose to call their Military Operation as such. But consider that this is Israel and the deliberate choice of the Name is clearly Biblical. So, with that pretext, one will note the following Biblical Attributes of the account where ‘Chariots of Fire’ came to the forefront of Israel’s Defense, perhaps even now. Then one will comment on the specifics of what has constituted the Chariots of Fire Military Exercise. Then one will comment on the possible Prophetic Overtones that could lend some Clues as to just how close these events will come to pass. In fact, one suggests that the Psalm 83 War has already commenced. Consider that the Old Testament Inference is striking in that, for example in Psalm 68:17, it states that YHVH is amongst the Chariots of Israel. The point is that there is a Divine Presence associated with the Chariots of Fire.  

Then consider that in Isaiah 66:15, the Chariots of Fire are directly associated with a ‘Coming’ or Appearing of YHVH, the LORD as in a ‘Whirlwind’, a Portal or Door, etc. The point is that whenever ‘Chariots of Fire’ are on the Scene, it is a ‘Coming of the LORD’ through a ‘Door’. i.e., as the Rapture will constitute an ‘Appearance’, and an ‘Open Door’. In 2 Kings 6:17, the Chariots of Fire are associated with Elijah and Elisha. This will be and is important Prophetically, as one will suggest the following based on the Old Testament Events related then to their possible Prophetic Parallelisms. One believes that these 2 Men were and are a Metaphor for the Dispensations of the Church Age and Israel. In 2 Kings 2:10-12, Elijah Went-Up or was ‘Raptured’ into Heaven. Went-Up is ‘Vai·ya·'al’, Strong’s #5927: to Go-Up, Ascend, Climb: וַיַּ֙עַל֙.

Notice a few points of the event. Elisha calls the Chariot of Fire, the ‘Chariot of Israel’. And 1 of the Words for Chariot in Hebrew is Merkavah. In fact, the IDF has its Number 1 Tank called the Merkavah, or Chariot. Question? Will it be the case also, that at the Rapture of the Believers of Jesus, Jesus also dispatches a Fiery Chariot or Merkavah along with an Angel to come and usher the Believer to the Clouds to meet Jesus there? The Scripture account of the Rapture is not detailed enough to have suggested this but based on the Typology of Elijah, it could be. Then consider that the context of the event is about a Separation and a Translation of Power and Witness. This is exactly what will be occurring at the Rapture. The End of the Church Age will conclude the Mantle of Power and the Witness of Jesus Christ. The Mantle will be Separated from the Church, and then Transferred and given over to the ‘Elisha’ or Jewish Witness. It is 2-Fold.

There is the Separation from the World, that is obvious. But the 2nd Separation is from Israel. How so? Consider that since the 1st Pentecost of 32 AD, the Body of Christ has been an incorporation of both the Jew and Gentile Believers. And especially now, with the rebirth of Israel in 1948, there have been 2 Witnesses on Earth, although the Jewish one has been one of Unbelieve as foretold in Ezekiel. At the Point of the Rapture, a Spiritual but also a Physical Separation will ensue. In that Israel will now be the sole Witness as was Elisha, in its corresponding Prophetic Typology. This will correspond to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Then from 2 Kings 6:14, It is Elisha that also has the encounter with the Chariots of Israel. They appear when Israel is surrounded and about to be attacked, on all Fronts. Based on these Prophetic Echoes, one would say that in a same Prophetic Inference, Israel is surrounded, and about to be attacked, fairly soon. 

A Separation and Transference

Israel, as in the whole Nation is preparing for this all-out attack. This time is different. How so? Israel has always been surrounded and attacked. The point is that the Psalm 83 War has already commenced. The various Muslim Para-Miliary Factions are now poised to simultaneously attack Israel on all Fonts. This will be due in part by Iran, taking-up the slack as many Russian Military Assets are being transferred to the War in the Ukraine. Now, many interpret Elijah is a Type of the Church and undergoes a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. Followers of Jesus will be Translated to the Sky to Rendezvous with Jesus in the Clouds. However, consider that Elijah also appeared at the Mountain of Transfiguration, which one has argued was on Mount Hermon.

The point is that what if, at the Point and Time of the Rapture, is when Elijah along with Moses then appear, or shortly thereafter as the 2 Witness on Earth, in Israel. It would follow the Typology of a Separation and Transference of Power and Testimony of Jesus to come. It will be the 2 Witnesses along with the Sealed 144K Jews, that will carry on the ‘Mantle’ of the Ministry of Testifying about Jesus to Israel and the World. The following is how one sees the Rapture event as an Occultation of the Bride of Christ and a Debut of a Revealing of the AntiChrist to follow. The true Followers of Jesus are not Appointed to Wrath, as that is what all of the Tribulation Period, starting with Day 1, will be about. But Believers of Jesus know from Scripture that the Rapture Rendezvous will be in the Clouds, in the Sky, etc.  

One can only imagine. Will it be like a Glass Floor as one is gathered there, much like the 70 Elders gathered-up at Mount Sinai to meet YHVH, Face to Face? The Bible states that where Moses, Josiah and the 70 Elders stood, was like a transparent Sea of Sapphire. And then they Dined. The point is that this Meeting Place, when the Resurrection-Rapture does take place, will be ‘Invisible’ to the World. But it will be in Full View of Lucifer and his Minions of Rulers, Authorities, Power, Spiritual Forces of Evil that abode in those Heavenly Realms. This is their Sky, the 1st Heaven where they reside for now. Jesus is coming for His Bride and meeting right in the midst of the Enemy’s Camp. It is like, ‘In-Your-Face’. ‘You did not get the Girl. I did, see’. And the Couple go off to their ‘Dinner Date’, into the ‘Hidden Chambers’ as alluded to in Isaiah.

‘Your Dead will Live; their Bodies will Rise. Awake and Sing, you who dwell in the Dust! For your Dew is like the Dew of the Morning, and the Earth will bring forth her Dead. 20Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourselves a little while until the wrath has passed. For behold, the LORD is coming out of His Dwelling to punish the Inhabitants of the Earth for their Iniquity. The Earth will reveal her Bloodshed and will no longer conceal her Slain’. – Isaiah 26:19-21

One believes that Lucifer and all his Fallen Angels and Demons will see the Resurrection-Rapture take place in that Rapture Dimension. They will then know that their Time is short and must act fast. First thing on the List? Debut their AntiChrist, front-n-center. Lucifer knows he does not have much Time left. This is the amazing part to consider. Realize that in Eternity Past, the Angels were Witnesses of the Creation and that of Adam and Eve. There was no Time and Space, up until then. When YHVH breathed, ‘Let there be’… Space and Time, Dimensions all came into existence, etc. 

An All-Out Assault

Foremost, one has to establish the Biblical Fact, that the Encirclement of Israel and desire to destroy both the Christian and Jewish Witness, i.e., the Elijah-Elisha Typology is a Spiritual Assault. Why Lucifer hates Humanity and especially the Jews is that first, Humans are the only Image Bearers of YHVH, in all of Creation. Not even Angels have this Constitution of Being. Then, it was a Human, Jesus, a Jew, in His Incarnation, who destroyed the ‘Works of the Devil’, Lucifer. After the Rapture event, Satan will be permanently Evicted from Heaven and cast down to Earth, now bound in Space and Time. By whom? A Glorified Human Being, Jesus that has sat at the Right Hand of the Majesty on High. In other words, Jesus, in his Humanity, managed to accomplish what Lucifer has wanted. And after the Rapture, the Bride takes over the Vacated Thrones. Then the Seal Judgments will Seal the Fate of Lucifer and his Rebellion for good. 

Being bound by Time and Space is something Lucifer has not experienced or likes and cannot get out of. He is bound now to Humanity’s Time Frame and conclusion of Time. This will occur at the End of the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom. And because of Humanity, Jesus that is, Satan’s Doom is Sealed. Now Lucifer knows the Scripture, Genesis 3:15, but in his Pride, so long as there is the ‘Here and Now’, the Present and Space and Time, the Future can be altered. Taking liberty, this notion can be likened to one of the storylines in the Terminator Movies. The Robots knew that if they could go back in Time and kill the Leader of the Human Resistance, the Future would be altered in their favor, etc. Lucifer thinks he still has a Fighting Chance to change his Destiny.  

And he will go down to his Doom, the Lake of Fire, trying and dragging all the Gullible that have believed in his False Gospel along with him and the Fallen Angels and Demons. Now as to the Physical Manifestation of his Earthly Efforts against Israel? The IDF’s Military Operation and Exercise called Chariots of Fire has been undertaken for an entire month in preparation of an imminent Attack by the Muslims. As noted, the Operation ends on the Feast of Shavuot or what is called Pentecost in the West. Although this Author strongly suggests, Pentecost is to be a 50-Day Count subsequently added to the end of Shavuot, that being the Feast of Weeks. This Feast of Shavuot is not Pentecost. This has been argued before, but to mention it for context and how it has definite Biblical Overtones. But also, to point out how the Rapture will not occur on ‘Pentecost’ as it is understood by most Bible Believers, presently.

Now, as to the notion of why there was a 1 Year pause to the Operation Chariots of Fire? It is rather interesting that many who study the End Times all had a Premonition of the Parable of the Unfaithful Fig Tree in 2021. How so? It is that ‘Israel’ as the ‘Unfruitful Fig Tree’ was given 3 Years to produce Fruit. It did not and was in jeopardy of being cut down. The Gardener pleaded for a 1 Year Probation of Grace to see if Fruit would be produced in the 4th Year. It did not. Correlating to this Parable, the Prophetic Reference was and is the 70-Year Anniversary of Israel becoming a Nation and ‘budding’ as the Biblical Fig Tree. The 73rd Year came. But at the beginning of the planned Chariots of Fire Military Exercise, an 11-Day Rocket War with Hamas in Gaza Broke out. The Exercise was postponed then. How long? 1 Year exactly. Why is this Time different?  The IDF launched the largest Military Exercise in its History, since 1948.

Fighting as 1 Man

This is why, this Time, it is different. This scope of Military Mobilization is unprecedented. Not even during the War of Independence in 1948, the 6-Day War in 1967, nor the Yom Kippur War of 1973, had this occurred. Israel knows something is coming. What? The Psalm 83 War. The Nation-Wide Military Drill is to last 4 Weeks, simulating a multi-Front and Multi-Dimensional War against Israel’s Enemies in the Air, at Sea, and on land and on the Cyber Front as well. This is exactly what will occur during the Inner-Ring Invasion of Israel, per the Psalm 83 Scenario. Note, that the coordinated Attack will not be coming from the Muslim Nation-States, officially like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc. No, they will be coming from all those Muslim Para-Military Factions, that are armed with Weaponry supported, mainly supplied by Iran.  

As noted, the Goal of the Chariots of Fire Military Drill is to improve the Readiness of the entire IDF Military and examine the ability of IDF Troops to carry-out a Powerful and Prolonged Military Campaign against Enemy Forces on Multiple Fronts. And this is why the Psalm 83 War has already started and why Israel will win this War. But consider that Israel has lost the Information War of World Public Opinion. The Military Exercise will strengthen the cooperation of the various Israeli Agencies to coordinate a Nation-Wide Emergency Scenario. It will help determine the needs to sustain the Multiple-War Fronts and win. The Drill aims to improve capabilities to transition from Routine to a Full Emergency Scenario. Or in other Military Terms, a ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’.

The other reason why Israel will win this Psalm 83 War is that its IDF Apparatus is among the best in the World. It is well disciplined, and that is the Key as it functions much like 1 Cohesive Unit or Mind. They have to, their Survival is at stake. Israel, as a Nation is unique when it comes to War. The IDF is the only Standing Army in the World that is Combat Ready at all Times, because it has been in a constant State of War since 1948. The IDF Army has been in more Combat Operations than any other Army on Earth. Furthermore, the IDF has incorporated a New Military Combat Protocol. It is called the IDF’s ‘Victory Concept’. According to the Public Description released, it is a Concept that will be emphasizing Operational Goals. The Key will be ‘Speed’. In Modern Warfare, due to Technology, a War is now Won or Lost in just the first few Days, Hours, Minutes, or Seconds of a Campaign. Thus, a coordinated effort is placed on Attacks, Defense and Multi-Dimensional Maneuvering of IDF Troops and Resources.  

This Chariots of Fire Experience is what will help defeat all those Muslim Para-Military Fronts when they will attack Israel, on all Fronts. They may have 1000s of Rockets and Muslim Religious Fanaticism, but they lack the Experience and Discipline in fighting Israel as 1 Unit. It has been 1 Year since Operation Guardian of the Walls. It was when there was that 11-Day Rocket Battle between the IDF and the Palestinian Islamist Faction that indiscriminately launched 4,360 Rockets from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. The IDF believes it is likely that Hezbollah will attack Israel in the near future, as the Northern Border remains just as explosive. Both sides have warned that the next Conflict will be devastating. Hezbollah has an estimated arsenal of 130,000-150,000 Missiles and Rockets. The majority of them face Israel’s Home-Front and Strategic Infrastructure. But the Muslims have an ‘Achilles Heel’ that will ensure their defeat.

An Intense, Multi-Front War

The Achilles Heel that all these Para-Military Muslim Factions have in attacking Israel, is that although at the beginning, it will be a Coordinated Effort, they lack the Unity and Purpose Israel has to survive. This has been the cause of Defeat in all the prior Muslim Wars against Israel. In Reality, Muslims are just as fractured and divided as any Political and/or Religious Group. In some cases, there is just as much in-fighting among the Muslim Factions as there is against the Jews in Israel.  

Nonetheless, this Military Operation, Chariots of Fire, is unique and unprecedented in Israel’s Military History. It will enable the IDF to maintain a High Level of Readiness in an ever-Changing Environment, it has to. One is convinced it is in preparation for the Psalm 83 War. Thus, Israel’s IDF is preparing itself because it knows this coming Muslim War will be against all of the Muslim Para-Military Factions in an intense, Multi-Front and on all of Israel’s Borders. As to its Timing? Perhaps after the Rapture.  

Why this is Muslim War is different this time around is that for the 1st Time since any sort of orchestrated Palestinian Muslim Up-Rising, the General Arab Population has now been involved. And the Terror Attacks have been made in broad daylight. Why the escalation of Terror now? To a large extent, the reason has been because of the ‘Defense of the al-Aqsa Mosque and of a Muslim Cleric’s Calculation from the writings in the Koran. The Day-Count Calculation has become a ‘Prophecy’ of sorts that predicts the Total Destruction of the State of Israel by July 8, 2022. Remember, it is a Religious War and a Spiritual one as well. Of course, this Satanic Goal of the Muslims will not come to pass. YHVH has promised Israel its Descendants will always exist before Him.

‘Thus says the YHVH, who gives the Sun for Light by Day, who sets in Order the Moon and Stars for Light by Night, who stirs up the Sea so that its Waves roar—the LORD of Hosts is His Name: Only if this Fixed Order departed from My Presence, declares YHVH, would Israel’s Descendants ever cease to be a Nation before Me. This is what the YHVH says: Only if the Heavens above could be measured and the Foundations of the Earth below searched out would I reject all of Israel’s Descendants because of all they have done, declares YHVH’.
-Jeremiah 31:35-37

Nonetheless the Islamic Prophecy of Israel being Totally Destroyed, shows just how ravenous their mindset is and just how much of a Satanic Hatred comes from them. It is not Natural. The Prophecy has emboldened the Muslim Palestinians to Rise-Up in all Fronts, Gaza, in Judea and Samaria, called the West Bank, and the Lebanese Border. The Border with Syria on the Golan Heights is replete with Multi-National Units from Russia, Syria and from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quds Brigade.

Due to this increase in Palestinian Terror in Israel, the IDF has had to also conduct an on-going Military Operation called Wave Breaker. The objective was and is to conduct Daily Counter-Terrorism Activities in the West Bank. The main contention has come from the region of the town of Jenin. There is also the region where the Tomb of Joseph is located in the Village of Balata. It has been desecrated by the Muslims. Why this is different this time around, is that the Palestinian Leadership, under Yahya Sinwar has openly called for their Youth to ‘Murder Jews’ with any means possible. This is War.

This Time is Different
The Aim and Objectives of the Muslims is clear. They themselves have stated it publicly. They seek to capture Jerusalem as their 1st Conquest. Then they state that they will forcibly remove all Jews from Judea and Samaria or the West Bank. Another reason why the Muslim Palestinians have begun their Up-Rising is that their Feast of Ramadan coincided with that of Passover and Easter in 2022. For them, their Jihad or Struggles is to not ‘coexist’ with Israel in Peace as they falsely claim. No, their aim is to destroy Israel. But in so doing, the Jews along with it. There is no delineation of the 2, despite Lip-Service to the contrary. 

The Argument goes like this. ‘We do not target Jews, or Civilians but the Zionist Entity’. ‘The State of Israel is Zionist and must be destroyed’. This is just the usual Muslim Double-Speak. What is sad is that most Liberal Jews in Israel and in the USA still think they can peacefully coexist with Muslims whose only aim is to butcher them the 1st chance they can get. No amount of Land or Peace will quench the Blood Lust of Islam to Force Convert or Tax into Poverty any Subjects it conquers in any Land. Their Conquest and Mandate is tied to the acquisition of Land.

The Muslims are using Religion and a fake defending of the al-Aqsa Mosque to foment the Up-Rising. However, it is they themselves that have ransacked the Mosque and nearly demolished the inside. They do this Religious Sacrilege in the Name of Peace. It makes for great Social Media Images that blame Israel for ‘Attacking the Mosque’. It is just a Matter of Time before an ‘Event’ will spark the War that will unleash the barrage of Rockets. Perhaps by that Prophetic Date of around July 8, 2022 or soon thereafter. Why this time around is different, is that according to some sources, Russia is in the process of withdrawing from Syria. Why?  

It is needing any and all available Military Assets to be translated to the Ukrainian Front. This will leave a substantial Military Vacuum that has, up to now been a Restraint in keeping the Muslim Factions at bay in attacking Israel. No more. It will be the cause for which the Muslims will be emboldened to charge at Israel’s Borders, at an Opportune Time. It has been noted that it is the IRGC, Iran’s Soldiers that have taken over the Russian Military Bases, not Syria. This new Military Re-Alignment or Recalibration has been approved by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He even travelled to Tehran where he met with his Iranian Counterpart, Ibrahim Raisi and the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

This is why the Psalm 83 war has essentially started. And Assad has sealed the doom of Damascus. How so? Assad stated that ‘The strategic ties between Iran and Syria have prevented the Zionist Regime's (Israel) dominance in the Region. The obvious overtones are that now Iran has a ’Green Light’ to operate Militarily, without restraint in Syria. This will assuredly now lead to the Isaiah 17 Nuclear Destruction of Damascus. The IDF will stand for this. As Iran has essentially achieved Nuclear Status and now has the Ballistic Missiles to deliver their Nuclear Bombs against Israel. Now Israel will have to pre-emptily strike Damascus with one of its own. It will be a show of Force and a Deterrent. This will be that ‘Spark’ or Event that will trigger the Psalms 83 War. 

Realize that all prior Muslim-Jewish Wars have been Religious Wars. And all this is why this time is different. The Islamist Hamas and the Iranian-Proxies, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Lebanese Hezbollah have all raised their State of Alert to the highest level, just as much as Israel has. And this is why, in one’s Geo-Political Estimation, the Psalm 83 War has begun. It is yet the latest attempt by Lucifer, through the Muslims, since 1948 to destroy the Jewish People.

It is an attempt to thwart the Destiny and Outcome of what Jesus has accomplished. Nonetheless, for the Bride of Christ, it is not her ‘War’. And the Mantle of His Power and Testimony is about to be Separated and Transferred back to Israel for this very purpose, as the Chariots of Israel gather Spiritually for this Separation and Transference to occur at the Rapture. But then also the Military Merkavah Chariot Tanks of Israel are also literally gathering in this Last Generation or Season, just the same. 


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