Based on Dome of the Rock Timeline

  • Is the Dome of the Rock a Clue to the Rapture?
  • Why is the Structure not a Mosque but a Shrine?
  • Is it where the Temple of YHVH once stood?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘But I say unto you, I will not Drink henceforth of this Fruit of the Vine, until that Day when I Drink it New [Kainos] with you in my Father's Kingdom’. - Matthew 26:29

The purpose of this study is to reiterate one’s Theory, since around 2018, that the Acts 2 Pentecost Event coincided with the 2nd Count or Shavuot of 50 Days. This is not the 1st Shavuot of the Jews that coincides with the 1st Count of 50 Days. And that, conversely, there are in fact 3 ‘Shavuot’s’ or 50 Day Counts that can be called Pentecost’s. However, through Church Tradition and in one’s Opinion, a deliberate obfuscation, the Pentecost of Acts 2 is considered and celebrated as the 1st and only Shavuot in the 3rd Jewish Month. But this study will cross over into several Timelines dealing with ‘Temples’ being ‘Built-Up, mainly some Year ‘Ley-Lines’ from the Dome of the Rock Year of 689 AD.

One has dedicated several Years now into this New Wine Research Topic. It is that one Theorizes that a July 23 Summer ‘White Wheat Wedding’ was the Month and Day that the Holy Spirit came ‘Down’ to Earth. It was the Promise Jesus gave the Disciples to indwell the Believers and Followers of Jesus, etc. If Prophecy is Pattern, then the Rationale is that the Holy Spirit, corporally will go ‘Up’ when the Bride of Christ is Extracted from the Earth, i.e., during the Rapture Event. This Notion would then strongly suggest that the Timing of the Rapture is directly tied to when the New Wine Month and Day occurred.

One will reiterate the main Points and Suppositions. Such will support this New Hypotheses of a New Wine Pentecost that occurred, rather in the 4th Jewish Month of Tammuz. And that it commemorated the end of the Summer Wheat Harvest with the First Fruits of the New Wine. And that it also coincided with the Astronomical New Year that starts in the Constellation of Leo, on a July 23rd Month and Day, etc. One presumes that during the 1st Century, as alluded and referenced in Acts 2, the Jews celebrated these 3 Pentecost Minor Feasts.

However, the 2nd one, that being the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine, coincided with the 2nd of the 3 Major Feasts of YHVH. That was when all Military Aged Jewish Men were required to present themselves before the Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. The 3 Major Feast of the In-Gathering were at Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. The Account of Acts 2 would corroborate then all those People that were present from so many Nations that heard the Gospel in their Host Nation’s Language.

First Fruits of the Church Age

The semblance of so many ‘Foreign’ People representing the Nations of the World was as a Foretaste of the coming Harvest of the Gentiles. Metaphorically one could ascribe then the Prophetic Typology of these 3000 Souls that got saved that day with being the First Fruits of the Holy Spirit and Church Age. They were the ‘Guarantee’ of how the In-Gathering of the entire Harvest Season would be secured at the End. The End of what? The End of the Church Age. And in one’s Rationale, what better Day and Month than to have that occur than on the Day that it was commemorated or begun, i.e., the Indwelling of the Body of Christ.

Now Theologically, this Body of Christ came to existence the moment Jesus Dies, was Buried and Resurrected. One is not arguing what precise Time that occurred. But one is arguing that at the Acts 2 Pentecost Event, the Body of Christ was infused with ‘Power from on High’ to start and carry-out the Royal Commission of the Church Age. This New Theory or Understanding about Acts 2 has been, coincidentally supported by the deciphering of the Temple Scroll that was recently found among the Dead Sea Scrolls talks about three Pentecost Feasts:

Held on the 15th day of the third month. This is the biblical traditional Shavuot; The Temple Scroll says, "It is the Feast of First Fruits and the Feast of Weeks."


Held fifty days after the New Grain festival, on the 3rd day of the 5th month.


Held fifty days after the New Wine festival, on the 22nd day of the 6th month.

Now here in this next Section, one will address a popular Correlation of History regarding the Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock is a Shrine, and not a Mosque. It sits atop the Temple Mount. It is considered by most People to have been the exact Location where the Temple of Solomon and Zerubbabel once stood. One disagrees. One has done many Studies, using Astronomically and Topographical Evidence to support that the Temples stood directly North, over the Dome of the Tablets, etc.

Now the Conjecture is that the 1335 Day Count of the Prophecy of Daniel is incorporated when the Temple was either begun or finitized. And? That Year Correlation could have some Prophetic Merit as to the Timing of when the Bride of Christ, ‘Building’ is to be finished. The Prophetic Connection is tied to how there will be an ‘Abomination of Desolation’ incident that will Defile the 3rd] Temple during the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc. Thus, the Church Age can be compared to a Building, as in Metaphorical Terms. This Notion is Biblical and taught in I Peter 2:4-6. Emphasis added

‘As you come to Him, the Living Stone, Rejected by Men but Chosen and Precious in GOD’s Sight, you also, like Living Stones, are being built into a Spiritual House to be a Holy Priesthood, offering Spiritual Sacrifices acceptable to GOD through Jesus Christ. For it stands in Scripture: See, I lay in Zion a Stone, a Chosen and Precious Cornerstone; and the one who Believes in Him will never be put to Shame’.

It is about Building the Bride

The Abomination of Desolation can be seen as the Dome of the Rock in the Prophetic Scope of Things in how it is an ‘Interruption’ of the Temples that once stood on the Temple Platform and will again. However, one is convinced that the Dome of the Rock will not need to be ‘Destroyed’ or moved out of the way to make way for the 3rdD Temple. No, in fact the Dome of the Rock will serve as the Abrahamic House for Islam during the Tribulation Period. It will help Unite the World with the other 2 ‘Houses’ of the Jews and Christians that will be delineated on the Temple Mount.

‘Then I was given a Measuring Rod like a Staff and was told, Go and Measure the Temple of God and the Altar, and count the Number of Worshipers there. But exclude the Courtyard outside the Temple. Do not Measure it, because it has been given over to the Nations, and they will Trample the Holy City for 42 Months. And I will Empower my 2 Witnesses, and they will Prophesy for 1,260 Days, clothed in Sackcloth’. –Revelation 11:1-3

On an Aside Note, this Passage hints as to when the 2 Witnesses will perform their 2.5 Year or 1260 Day Ministry. If the Book of Revelation is somewhat presented in Chronological Order, then the 2 Witnesses are on the Scene at the beginning of the Tribulation. This is because Revelation 12 occurs next and that Event of the Great Sign of Virgo delineates the entire Book in Half, in one’s Interpretation. Nonetheless, as it can be attested through Scripture, there will be a Temple standing during the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

It is in how the Outer-Court is to be given over to the Gentiles, etc. But since 689 AD, the Dome of the Rock Muslim Shrine has served as a ‘Place Holder’ in one’s Assessment until the 3rd Temple is rebuilt. See Chart for a Visual Illustration of the Tabernacle and Temple Sequences. If this Metaphor and Prophetic Inference can be made to a Beginning of a Temple, perhaps it could signal when the Church Age Building will End?


Temples at the Center of Pi

It is a Speculative Notion but not that far-fetched. How come? Consider the 1335 Day-to-Year Theory and Count from that Dome of the Rock Initiation Year of 689 AD. According to Research, after the Persian Invasion in 614 AD of Jerusalem, Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik ordered the Construction of the Dome of the Rock. This is believed to have been in 689 AD. Thus, when one adds that 1,335 Day-to-Year Numerical Factor, the result is very Interesting.

ome of the Rock                                                                Spiritual Temple of Bride
       BUILT                                                                                      Completed?
      689 AD---------------------------- + 1335 Years ---------------------------- 2024 

A House as a Nation

Now the next portion of this Dome of the Rock ‘Abomination of Desolation’ Typology can be seen also then as to when Israel would be Reconstituted as a Nation. This Metaphor of a Building can also be applied to the ‘House of Israel’, in that it was started to be Rebuilt, precisely in 1949. That is the Year it won its Independence when it declared it due to the U.N. Resolution to Partition what was then known as ‘Palestine’ into a 2 State Solution.

Note that what the Modern Arabs and Liberal Western Media conveniently leave out, is the Notion that the Muslim Palestinian’s rejected the 2 State Solution since 1947 when that was Decreed, etc. The Point is that if one can factor-in that 1335 Day-to-Year Numerical Factor from when the Dome of the Rock was Initiated and started to be ‘Built-Up’, so can the Year be determined when the ‘Temple’ of Israel could be as well. Consider the following Day-to-Year Count.

Dome of the Rock                                                                Nation Temple of Israel                   
       BUILT                                                                                      Completed?
      689 AD---------------------------- + 1260 Years ---------------------------- 1949

Coincidence? Perhaps but it was precisely in 1949 that Israel, as now a Free and Sovereign Nation started to be ‘Built-Up’. Then, there is even a 3rd Timeline that pertains to the End Times conceding the Tribulation Period and the actual Year of the Real Biblical Abomination of Desolation that one surmises will be in 2029. How so? Consider the following Year Count from when the Dome of the Rock was completed in 691, some 3.5 Years later.

Dome of the Rock                                                                     Nation Temple of Israel           
     FINISHED                                                                     1ST SHEMITAH BACK IN LAND
      691 AD---------------------------- + 1260 Years --------------------------- 1951/52

Realize that according to one’s Research and Estimation, the Year 1952 was when the Shemitah Count synchronized, once again with the Sabbaths of the Promised Land. And this was precisely when Israel was back in the Promised Land as a Nation, not realized since 70 AD. And? Based on the Shemitah Count that starts in the Civil New Year in the Months of Tishrei, one has argued that the 70th Year Shemitah since 1952, to be from Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 is the Year that will coincide with the literal Abomination of Desolation. That Year is 2029. And?

Well, it would be what was given to the Prophet Daniel to assess and was reiterated by Jesus during the Olivet Discourse, etc. Thus, this Passover 2029, also happens to coincide with the ‘Midst’ or Middle of the Revelation 12 Sign as depicted in the Book of Revelation. But also, amazingly and Astronomically, it is when the Planet of the Messiah is once again, in the ‘Womb’ area of the Constellation of Virgo. Coincidence? No. Pentecost of Acts 2?

Calendar Calibrations

There are 3 major Start Dates that one has studied and considered. Now the Question is also, what Day does one use to determine the New Wine

1) Spring Equinox
There is the Start Date based on the Spring Equinox that determines the
1st Month of Nisan. And even this 1st Date Setting is in dispute as to when. There are those that have found Evidence for the Day of the Spring Equinox. Then there is the Wednesday of that Week regardless of when the Day of the Equinox occurs. Then there is the Day when the New Moon is closest to the Equinox, etc.

2) Counting of the Omer
But the 2nd Major way of determining the New Wine Pentecost of Acts 2 is then based on the Counting of the Omer. This Day Count is based on the Day after Passover on Nisan 15. It is called the Omer from Leviticus 23. This Omer Count is also corroborated by the Exodus Account in how the Israelites Evacuated Egypt the Day after observing that 1stt Passover Lamb Meal. This Day Count amounts to 99 days and in one’s Research, also happens to correspond to when the Golden Calf Incident occurred. Now there is also a discrepancy in this Account also.

3) Marrow after the Sabbath
The next manner of ascertaining when the 2nd Shavuot was or the ‘Double-Count’ from Leviticus 23:16 that one has called it, is based on determining which Sabbath the Scripture is referring to. Even in this consideration there are 2 Discrepancies that one sees. There is the Interpretation that is based on the Omer Count. This is because the Sabbath in Question is the Day after the Passover. It is because the Passover is considered a ‘High Day Sabbath’, etc. Then the other Interpretation is the Day after the Weekly Sabbath, or a Sunday. In either case, a 99 Day Count of 49 and 50 Days would put the New Wine of Acts 2 Pentecost in Mid-July, not August, in one’s Estimation.

Although one appreciates the New Insights brought about the Discovery of the Temple Scroll, one is not sure it is being Interpreted correctly nor if the Public has the ‘Full’ Picture of its Content and Correct Interpretation. It is because according to the Temple Scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls that Date always falls on the 3rd Day of the 5th Month of Av. One disagrees with this in that Mathematically, it would be ‘Impossible’ for the 99th Day to fall in a Day in the Month of August, as that is the Month in the Gregorian Calendar that the 5th Month would correspond.

Then consider that it would even be the 6th Month of Elul on the ‘Corrected’ Torah Calendar. In one’s Mind and Estimation, this would be Absurd. Also, by that time, the Summer Wheat would have already been harvested. And also, the New Wine would not be ‘New’ as that is when the Grapes would have been now Ripened for Harvesting. This Day Count more so would correspond to the 9thh of Av when the Spies brought back the Giant Clusters of Grapes, having already been ready for Harvest. They were not New Wine Grapes, etc. What one has discovered or assessed, is that perhaps the Rapture Event will indeed correspond to the ‘End’ of the ‘White Wheat’ Harvest. This ‘End’ of the Harvest and a Beginning of another, that of the New Wine Astronomical, corresponds to the New Year.

Leo New Year

This New Year that Delineates the End of the Wheat Harvest and the Beginning of the Wine Harvest is based in the Last Constellation of the Mazzaroth, Leo. It would be in keeping with the Prophetic Typology of Boaz and Ruth that Married or had their Wedding at the End of the Wheat Harvest, etc. That Acts 2 Pentecost or 2nd Shavuot 50 Day Count was when the Holy Spirit. And keeping to the Wedding of Cana Type also, that was when the Feast of the New Wine was observed during Jesus's 1st Miracle. It is He that is the New Wine.

It was He that poured that New Wine into the Stone Vessels that were empty that typified a ‘Hallow Shell’ of Humanity, etc. Now, also consider that there are those Students of the End Times that surmise that the Rapture Event will occur on the Minor Feast of Tu B' Av. This means, literally in Hebrew, ‘The 15th Day of Av’. The Month of Av is the 5th Jewish Month. This is the Time that commemorates the Men of the Tribe of Benjamin that survived the Civil War and had no Brides left in their own Tribes to choose from.

The Elders devised a Plan to have the Maidens Dance in the Vineyards. And when they came out, the Men of Benjamin ‘Snatched-up’, by force a Woman to make her His Bride. They were then taken back to the Land of Benjamin to continue the Blood-Line and the Tribe, etc. Many Students of the End Times see this Event as a Rapture Type, but only in the sense that the Bride of Christ is Willing and not Forced, and will be a Violent Snatching-Up, nonetheless.

Now, consider how many other End Times Researchers had noted the Series of 4 Blood Moons. A Series of 4 Blood Moons did occur right before the Muslim Shrine of the Dome of the Rock was started to be built. And? It was considered a Blood Moon Tetrad. No. The 4 Blood Moons were not all Toral Types that make it a ‘blood Moon’. Thus, the Series was not a True Tetrad as some Bible Commentators have asserted. Technically, a True Tetrad consists of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses. T= Total and P = Penumbral.

687 T+
687 T-
688 P
688 P
689 AD (Dome of the Rock built.)

But, if this Year Sequence is to be used, as presented in this study, then one’s Opinion is that the Year Count should be after the Eclipse 2-Year Event. Meaning that the Dome of the Rock, to insinuate a Type of the Abomination of Desolation, could prophetically be signaling when the Church Age is to conclude. It would also overlap and Witness the other Muslim Decree from a ‘Solomon’ or Suleiman in this case of when he ordered the Walls of Jerusalem to be Restored. When? In 1534 the Decree was Proclaimed.

689 AD + 1260 Years + 75 Year Factor (1335th Day) = 2024

1534 Decree + 490 (70 X 7) Year Factor of Daniel = 2024

Thus, all this has addressed the Logical and Reason of why the Dome of the Rock Year Count Theory is possibly tied to the Rapture Year that concludes the Church Age. Based on what one has presented, one does think the Dome of the Rock does play a ‘Part’ in the Temples of YHVH Timeline. But it has only been a ‘Place Holder’ as the True Temple of Jesus’ Bride, Metaphorically Speaking has been, ‘Under Construction’. And once that Spiritual Building is complete, the Church Age will have fulfilled its Royal Commission.



Summer White Wheat Wedding
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