James Webb Infrared Telescope on
its 1 Year Anniversary

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‘She was Pregnant and crying out in the Pain and Agony of giving Birth. 3Then another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon with 7 Heads, 10 Horns, and 7 Royal Crowns on his Heads’. -Revelation 12:2 

The following is the Image captured by the James Webb Infrared Telescope on its 1 Year Anniversary of releasing its 1st Images to the Public by NASA. One believes that the Image selected to be released to the World, is by no means an ‘Accident’, but was carefully chosen. The Day of the Image Release was 66 Days before the Sustainable Development Goals U.N. Summit is to take place in September of 2023. That meeting calls for a 7-Year Acceleration to its Protocols, which is essentially to take over all the Sovereignty of every Nation on the Planet. And it is to Mandate Control over all the Human Population by Reducing it.

So, the Revelation 12 Sign, ‘Dragon’ Image is very appropriate. One surmised that it is an ‘Echo’ to the Revelation 12 Sign of what is soon to be fulfilled literally. The Sign in itself is a Prophetic Echo of the Contention between the ‘War of the Seeds’ as shown from Genesis 3:15, etc. But why this Celestial Sign, which commemorates the 1 Year Anniversary of the James Webb Telescope? Not surprised then, that perhaps this is an 'Echo' to the Revelation 12 Sign in how the Star Region is called a ‘Nursery’. Which in that case, it would 'prove' one’s Running Arguments that the Revelation 12 Sign is 'Still Alive and Kicking'. How so?

There is a Double Meaning or Layer to the Sign in that it pertains to a Birth, and a Rapture Event. This is to suggest a ‘Birth of both the Bride of Christ and the coming AntiChrist False Jewish Messiah, etc. As to the Telescope Image? One sees a Red Dragon Rising-Up as it is giving ‘Birth’ along with its ‘Placenta’ Imagery characterized by the Stellar Dust Clouds adjacent to the ‘Red Dragon’. To the Luciferians, it is Understood that it is believed their ‘Messiah’ Christ is to be ‘Birthed’ by the ‘Serpent’.

This ‘Serpent’, i.e., Lucifer has been ‘Incubating’ and preparing all this Time, for the coming Dark Lord or Christ-Man. The Luciferians are eagerly waiting for, just as much as those that are eagerly waiting for Rapture to Rendezvous with the True Christ, Jesus. In a Metaphorical sense, it will be as a ‘Birth’. And do take into consideration how the Scriptures likens the End Times like a Woman in Travail to give Birth as the World suffers from the Birth Pangs, etc. This is one’s Interpretation on it, see what you all think. Nonetheless, one’s Interpretation of the Image is based on a Pareidolia Effect going on here. One has outlined what appears to be a Red Dragon Image.

War of the Seeds

If this is a ‘Sign’ in the Heavens, given at this Place and Time, it is perhaps to behold as that is what is about to occur after the Rapture Event. What? The Birthing of the AntiChrist. It ‘Echoes’ of the Revelation 12 Sign that one argues, is still In-Play and this is one Proof of it, etc. Is it any Coincidence that the area of Space of this Image taken on the 1 Year Anniversary of the James Webb’s 1st Image released to the Public is called the Star ‘Nursery’. Well, if that be the Sign of a ‘Birthing’, then something or someone is to be ‘Birthed’ out of the Dragon Serpent fairly soon.

The Rapture of the Woman, as in the Bride of Christ in Tandem with the revealing of the Biblical AntiChrist, thereafter? The following Segment will delve into one’s Interpretation based on Biblical Astronomy and the Research of E.W. Bullinger. Why? As one surmises that this 1st Image of the 1 Year Anniversary of the Telescope, James Webb’s 1st Image sent back to Earth, is no ‘Coincidence’. Thus, one is going off of what is the ‘2nd Rule’ of Eschatology. Prophecy is about the ‘Time and Place’. Upon further Research, the Place in Space has all to do with the following Biblical Assertions.

The Rho Ophiuchi Nursery that ‘Births’ Stars is just above the ‘Head’ of Scorpio. And? This is extremely Biblically Significant, in that the Star Nursery is directly associated in the Domain and Region of Ophiuchus and Scorpio. The Constellation of Ophiuchus is the Motif depicting a Man wrestling with a Serpent. This Serpent seeks to Usurp the Crown, Corona Borealis. While the Man struggles with this ‘Beast’ or ‘Dragon’, it ‘Crushes’ the Head of Scorpio. He wounds it with a Fatal Blow as the Super-Giant Red Star, Antares depicts him, as if Bleeding from a Head Wound, etc.

However, in the Struggle against this Adversary, as in Lucifer, Jesus is struck to Death by the Stinger of Scorpio’s Venom, which leads to the Serpent Bearer’s Death. This ‘Story of the Stars’ shows how the Creator, YHVH placed the Sun, Moon and the Stars to ‘Tell’ the Story of Jesus and what He would Accomplish for Adam’s Fallen Race. Jesus Defeated that, ‘Old Serpent the Devil’, Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary. By Death, Jesus Destroyed him who had the Power of Death over Adam’s helpless Race.

If it were not for Jesus’ Disposition and Willingness to make that happen, all of Humanity would have been doomed to Eternal Damnation. Thus, this Amazing Image of the Ophiuchi Nursery that ‘Births’ Stars is a clear Sign of this Contention still, in one’s Biblical Opinion. YHVH is Signaling a coming ‘Birth’. And that this Depiction, of an apparent Red Dragon and Woman Motif, echoes back to the Revelation 12 Sign. Granted, through the Lens of a Pareidolia Effect.

Nonetheless, it is about the Contention between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of Lucifer, as a Cunning Serpent that is soon coming to a Prophetic End. Every Story has a Beginning and Ending. Such is the Case with ‘Rule #3’ of Prophecy. Prophecy has a ‘Shelf Life’ and it will eventually be fulfilled, etc. Another Astronomical Observation to note, is that it pertains to the ‘Rule #2’ of Prophecy, that  of ‘Time and Place’, considering where it occurred. This Image was taken near the Golden Gate. And?

The Golden Gate in the Sky is considered the ‘Gate of GOD’, or the Portal or Door that goes into Heaven. Thus, it is not surprising that the Serpent, the Advisory, seeks to ‘Break-Through’ the Gates of Heaven to possess it, and the Throne of YHVH. This has been Lucifer’s Quest, to this Day. Jesus warned that this Contention of the Seed War would occur on Earth as well, and that the Woman is typified by Israel and the Church Body of Jesus. While the Church Age ensues and Jesus is to Return, they both are at War with Lucifer, as in Serpens and Scorpio struggle for the Kingdom against ‘Ophiuchus’, Astronomically, etc.

It is he, the Enemy at the Gate, that likewise is Contending for the Door of the Church to Breath-Through and Possesses it just the same. To a large extent, that Mission has been accomplished by the Luciferians, sadly. Examples? When you have in these Last Days, Men pretending to be women, and want everyone to along with their Depravity and Deception, Dressed-up as such, and give Sunday School Lessons about Noah and the Rainbow Covenant to Children? We have Arrived. Nothing can be said further but that the Rain is Coming.  

However, despite what looks daunting and getting worse in the World, Day-by-Day, Jesus promised that during this Church Age, that is about to Conclude, that Lucifer will not, nor never be able to Break-Through the Gates of the Church. Why not? It is because Jesus is in her Midst. There is His Presence and Shout of the King within her, of ‘Victory’, of Life, and Resurrection Power and a Rapture to come, as the Revelation 12 Sign Motif examples and perhaps YHVH is reminding the Church of it, at this Place and Time.

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James Webb Space Telescope celebrates 1st year of science with jaw-dropping view of cosmic nursery


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