Marking the forthcoming ‘Birthing’ of the Sun-King

  • What does 'Christmas' have to do with the Gospel and Jesus?
  • What purpose does the season of Christmas really celebrate?
  • Is there a conspiracy in the Body of Christ about Christmas?

by Luis B. Vega

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A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a Sign! But none will be given it except the Sign of the Prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the Earth. The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now Someone greater than Jonah is here.’ -Matthew 12:38–4

The purpose of this study is to consider the possible intricacies of the rare Christmas Full Moon of December 25, 2015. Several news source outlets picked up this story of how the particular Christmas day has a Full Moon that has not occurred since Christmas day 1977, some 38 years ago and will not occur in the near future until 2034, some 19 years later. Could this convergence be one of the ‘Signs’ the Bible speaks about that marks the coming final chapters of the End of Days? Do the date and numerical differences and coefficients have a possible encrypted meaning or association prophetically? Is there any significance about Christmas that takes place on 2015, which in the Jewish Rabbinical calendar is the year 5776? A timeline will be presented to provide a visual illustration of all these possible associations.

What this study will do is to try and answer some of the questions as this Christmas Full Moon takes on an obvious religious connotation because of when and where it occurs but pertaining to which religion is the primary subject of this study. Is it the actual ‘Christian’ religion that supposed Christmas is directly associated with the birth of Jesus or one far more ancient in its origins and symbology? With this religious and spiritual context in mind, a short synopsis of what is Christmas and where it came from will be touched upon. The various sacred symbols of the tree, the star, the tree décor and Santa Claus personage will be analyzed and compared to their ancient motifs. This study, as among others suggests that the Christmas symbolism to include the tree for example comes from the Tree of Life and the Serpent within the Tree is alluding to Lucifer being the Serpent wrapped around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

To the Luciferians, the Christmas tree is one of the single most important icons in that it represents Lucifer’s dominion over an innocent Humanity at its inception, i.e., the Garden of Eden. As mentioned, the motif pertinent to the Christmas tree is the symbology of the Tree of Life inferencing death and resurrection, thus the tradition of having an evergreen placed in a home in the dead of winter. The other Christmas motif is the Santa Claus figure dressed in red with a red cap and sometimes accompanied by the Devil. This study will show that there are profound occult and Luciferian overtones to the celebration of the birth of the ‘Sun’ with the birth of the Savior, the SON of GOD.
The Worship of Which ‘Sun’?

This study suggests that there are profound occult and Luciferian overtones to the celebration of the birth of the ‘Sun’ with the birth of the Savior, the SON of GOD. Is it no coincidence that Christmas to the Luciferians is one of the 8 counter un-Holy Feasts? Christmas or Saturnalia counters the 7 High Holy Days of YHVH plus Hanukah. As it pertains to Christmas, the Luciferians worship their Dark Lord on the Winter Solstice, usually on the 22nd of December. This is when the ‘Sun’ ‘dies’ and is buried to then be reborn or resurrected on the 3rd day which is the 25th of December. In the Roman pre-Christian era, this day was called Saturnalia and was celebrated as Dies Natalis de Sol Invictus or the day of ‘the Birth of the conquering Sun God’ as one overcoming death. This is the Natalie Invictus it is referring to.

Saturnalia has the obvious and direct inference to the crucifixion of Jesus on Passover that was buried on First Fruits and then 3 days later resurrected. He was the SON of GOD, SON of MAN and the Sun of Righteousness that arose to cast eternal darkness aside and destroy the counterfeit works of the Devil. Jesus gave this Sign to the Jews that they demanded, that of Jonah being 3 literal 24 hour days in the belly of a great fish. To the Luciferians, their un-Holy High Days also demand human sacrifices as they seek to counter-measure the spiritual powers of YHVH’s Holy Feast Days and typologies of the redemptive plan through Jesus Christ. For example as Jesus died and spent 3 literal days buried underground and rose on the Sabbath in the springtime, the Luciferians celebrate their Dark Lord’s simulated death and resurrection to come likewise 3 days after the Winter Solstice in the dead of Winter on the 25th of December.

This yearly rehearsal alludes to the coming ‘birth, death and resurrection’ of the AntiChrist that the Bible predicts will literally receive a mortal wound to the head and die. It will be the Dragon, Lucifer that will be given authority to bestow a resurrection of this Man of Perdition. At that time, he will come back to life with the life of Lucifer incarnate and with a vengeance against the Jews and those Christians that come to know the LORD during the Tribulation period. As it pertains to the Santa Claus figure related to Christmas, many who study the occult see a direct relationship of a red-suited ‘fatherly Papa’ figure Santa Clause to the vestiges of the Roman High Priest, the Pope or ‘father’. In the Germanic traditions for example, during Christmas, St. Nicholas is accompanied by the Devil as they visit villages to evaluate the comportment of the children to either receive or not a gift or punishment.

This dual association of a ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinner’ is one in the same personage typical of the duality and law of opposites within the occult. For example, this spiritual principle and characteristic is seen in Lucifer himself. The Bible teaches that he does transform himself into an Angel of Light even though he is pure evil and dark. The Santa Clause and the Devil can also be likened to the legend of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. The actual St. Nicholas did exist and is attributed to being Nikolaos of Myra as he tended to gift-giving. This could be however a ‘cover-up’ of where the true association of a red-dressed man invading the homes of families as a thief in the dead of night comes from. His chariot is pulled by a team of beasts that in all ancient folklore was attributed to the ‘princes’ of the air that were pulled by either flying goats, feathered serpents or winged horses.

The Arbor of Life or Death?
This study is critically associating the Roman Catholic religion with such motifs because for example, the Roman Popes do wear the Santa Clause garments and hats. With all due respect to the dead, this is how the late Pope John Paul II was even dressed for his burial. Coincidentally the birth and death of John Paul II occurred on a solar eclipse which is pretty amazing. Nonetheless Christmas is not Christian, Biblically speaking. The Bible does not actually instruct the Followers of Jesus, the true Sol Invictus to celebrate His birth but His death. This is stipulated in the LORD’s Supper observance as it is then tied to End Times prophecy; that His return some day is promised and assured to take place. In the meanwhile, the false Christian church masks the Luciferian Masonic rituals through the compromised nomenclature of such Babylonian and Luciferian practices now becoming ‘Christian’.

The Babylonian practices remain the same; those of Nimrod are still observed in the form of Santa Clause and the Christmas tree celebrating the death of the Sun-King being resurrected 3 days from the Winter Solstice called Saturnalia. This pre-Christian feast has direct inferences to the planet Saturn because it was believed that Saturn was at a much closer orbit to the Earth during the Golden Age ruled by Lucifer. He was the Sun-King, the Apollo and Sol Invictus that was deposed due to his pride and rebellion. Saturn was considered as a Sun in the sky and thus is to this day directly associated with that of Lucifer as in Father Time, etc.  Another observation of a similar parallel from the ancient Luciferin religious symbology is that of the Christmas tree.

It was the Sumerian civilization that first flourished after the Flood of Noah. They were the first under Nimrod and then others like Gilgamesh and Nebuchadnezzar that instilled these ‘Christmas’ motifs. To some, it was Nimrod who was the 1st ‘Santa Claus figure. In some ancient carved reliefs, Gilgamesh is depicted with a reindeer and a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is suggested to be related to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and associated with the Serpent as a star. As a Christmas tree is decorated with strings of glitter, it could perhaps depict the Shining Serpent being weaved around the tree as it twists up to aspire to the pinnacle or the star that is the ‘crown’ of the tree. This study also suggests that it is in actuality a depiction of a constellation Ophiuchus in particular.

This study suggests that the constellation of Ophiuchus has the same elements precisely matching the symbols of a Christmas tree that Jeremiah warned against the People of YHVH to not give themselves to such a practice of the nations. This verse is in chapter 10 and precisely in the first few verses. This constellation of Ophiuchus depicts the Strongman Messiah figure wrestling with a Serpent that seeks to usurp a Crown. In the occult and Cabbalism, the figure of a man is likened to a tree as it correlates to the configuration of the Tree of Life. Each node in the Cabbalistic Tree signifies a ley-line of energy and spiritual dominance. In some versions of the Tree, a Serpent is depicted running up and down the spin of the Tree much like the 33 vertebrae of a human body. The nodes of the Cabbalistic Tree of Life correspond to the various orbs or decorative spheres that a Christmas tree is adorned with. Is this constellation perhaps to play a prophetic depiction of what is to occur prophetically?

Prophetic Overtones?
The constellation of Ophiuchus can be attributed, on one hand as the Serpent the Dragon, Lucifer that is to support and guide the AntiChrist as he usurps the ‘Crown’ of Zion on Earth. He has already attempted this in Heaven for which is the reason why Lucifer fell and became the Devil. He will attempt to do so one last time in the Last Days; to assault the Heavenly Zion as he will in regards the earthly Zion. As to the practice of having Christmas trees, at least in the U.S. most households did not have a tree until the waves of German Catholic immigrants come to America. Most Protestant churches did not have Christmas trees until the last few recent decades.

This is not to say that those churches and Bible believing households that chose to adore a tree for Christmas and celebrate the supposed ‘birth’ of Jesus on Saturnalia are either apostate or in sin. However, such Christmas practices in the Body of Christ are to be strongly advised against it. Nonetheless, astronomically, what is astonishing to consider is where the Sun and the Christmas Moon are located in the heavens on Christmas Day for 2015. The Sun is in Sagittarius just as it has passed through the Golden Gate of the Cosmos on the Winter Solstice. The Moon is in the direct opposite location in Gemini also just having passed through the Silver Gate.

SUN                                                                                                               MOON
@ Golden Gate  ---------------(opposite positions of Cosmos)------------------ @ Silver Gate
in Sagittarius                                                                                                 in Gemini

It is a most rare time in that the color of the elements, that of the Sun, golden and the Moon, sliver also corresponds to the Celestial Gate colors. Nonetheless most Christians would agree that Jesus was not literally born on December 25, 3 days after the Winter Solstice as the Dies Natalie Sol Invictus. It was the Roman Christians that compromised during the days of the Church of Thyatira and ‘Christianized’ the religion of Mithra, of Nimrod and ultimately of Lucifer and his symbols. Christians celebrating the birth of Christ in December becomes an issue of conscious. Although there are many Christian denominations that do not observe Christmas as they clearly see the distinction and pagan roots in regard to celebrating Christmas much like Easter in the Spring. Also, as it pertains to the Heavens with the Christmas Full Moon pattern, several possible prophetic observations are suggested.

These prophetic suggestions will be based on the year count from the last Full Moon on Christmas day that occurred in 1977 and the subsequent one to come in 2034 that occurs at nearly a phi ratio space of timing. What this study suggests is that there appears to be a prophetic convergence of events pertaining to the years 2016-2017-2018 sequence as a reverse countdown. As the Full Moon of December 25, 2015 is the subject of the study, an inference to the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-15 will be made also in connection to this Full Moon. The Christmas Full Moon event comes just 88 weeks or 1 year, 8 months and 11 days from the initiation of the Tetrad start date of April 14, 2014. Surprisingly, the end date of the Tetrad on September 28, 2015 which was Sukkot is 88 days from the Christmas Full Moon of 2015. This coefficient of 88 is very telling in that it is associated with that of Mercury and of a message or sign to be delivered. Is the Tetrad of 2014-15 in tandem with the Christmas Full Moon a Sign?

CHRISTMAS DAY                                                                                      CHRISTMAS DAY                  CHRISTMAS DAY
Dec 25, 1977                                                                                                Dec 25, 2015                           Dec 25, 2015

|---------------------------------------------------38 years -----------------------------------------|---------------19 years ----------------|

From Christmas 1977 to Christmas 2015      = 88 weeks
From Tetrad end 2015 to Christmas 2015     = 88 days

Prophetic Time in phi ratio
Israel               Nation                          1948
City                  Temple Mount             1967
3rd Temple      Event                           2018 ?

Reverse order in terms of years are occurring on synchronized timelines of 70 and 50-year generational periods. The sequential times of 0-50-70 are in themselves a factor of phi.

2018      70 year limit               Israel/Nation
2017      50 year limit              Temple Mount
2016        0 year for                3rd Temple/Ark?

The Satanic un-Holy High Days
1-CANDLEMAS                      February 2

2-SPRING EQUINOX             March 19-22

3-BELTANE                            May 1

4-SUMMER SOLSTICE          June 19-23

5-LAMMAS                              August 1

6-FALL EQUINOX                  September 21-24
Harvest Home

7- HALLOWEEN                     October 31

8-WINTER SOLSTICE           December 20-23
December 25
(Sun resurrected on the 3rd day)
The Christmas Full Moon occurs on
December 25, 2015
Starting at 6:11 am EST

Prophetic Timing?
What is also peculiar is that the Christmas Full Moon that occurs after the 2014-15 Tetrad also parallels how the Christians Full Moon of 2034 occurs after the Tetrad of 2032-33. In this Tetrad of 2033, only the last 2 Blood Moons fall on the Holy Feast days of YHVH. The last inference this study will present is that the sequential years of 2016-2017-2018 present a reverse ‘countdown’ of years that appears to be fulfilling the Fig Tree restoration prophecy of the Olivet Discourse. In the Olivet Discourse Jesus foretold that the Nation, the City, and the Temple would be destroyed in that generation. Perhaps these years correlate to each of the 3 elements Jesus stated would be destroyed and needed to be in place or restored before His 2nd coming.

Jesus also gave the parable of the Fig Tree in this same context of the Last Days, in which the Nation of Israel was to be reborn. Although many disbelieve this association, this study strongly suggests it is the case as would the City and then the Temple be restored in that precise order and in that last precise generation. This study suggests that the Fig Tree parable is thus directly and not mutually exclusive from the subsequent restorations of the Temple Mount and Temple itself. If so, then the subject of Israel comes into play as there could thus be some sort of Heavenly Sign in play in the Christmas Full Moon pattern indeed. The timeline presented in the chart will highlight that the 70-year generation limit from 1948 when Israel was reborn falls in 2018. The 50th year university from the recapture of the Temple Mount in 1967 falls in 2017. The outer limit of a 70 year generation would be from 1967, which would be 2037.

Can it be that the Tetrad in tandem to this Christmas Full Moon point to the year 2016 of when the 3rd Temple is to be rebuilt? This is the essence of the reversed countdown of the 3 sequential years, 2018-2017 and then 2016 pattern. This sequence of years could signal the year to complete the reverse order in which the 3 elements of the prophecy were destroyed and foretold would be rebuilt. How this 3-year reverse sequence can have some prophetic relevance is that the year 2018 is also at the center of the phi ratio proportion of time from the Christmas day Full Moon of 1977 and the coming one in 2034. Will such a mathematical association alluding to a possible reverse countdown be signaling that a major prophetic event is about to take place in 5776? If the countdown of 2018-2017-2016 is any indication then perhaps the 3rd Temple is to debut in this very significant year of 5776 that appears to be very prophetic; it will remain to be seen.

How and what it will entail or transpire to achieve such a monumental feat as the building of the 3rd Temple can only involve a 3rd World War in the Middle East. As it is, the current trends, the creeping of events and players are staggering to suggest any ‘spark’ like the downing of the Russian jet by the Turks can cause the proverbial powder keg to explode into a major regional war that will be no doubt thermonuclear. This 2016-2017-2018-year zone will continue to climax into some amazing times perhaps. As noted, this time will see astronomically the possible 3rd World War in the Middle East in 5776 or 2016. In the year 2017, the much-anticipated Virgo Sign of Revelation 12 is to occur and in 2018, the Central Bull’s Eye Blood Moon of July 27 occurs. This has a link to the 2011 one that some are speculating is a center point pertaining to a prophetic time and event. What this time and event will entail remains to be seen.

The Reverse Countdown
There are 2 other rather significant and prophetic implications of 2017 and 2018. For one, the year 2017 will be the 50th year anniversary of the liberation of the Temple Mount by the Jews from the Muslims. In the year 2018, this year will be the 70th year anniversary of the rebirth of Israel since the destruction in 70 AD of all 3 elements Jesus warned His Followers would occur, the Nation, the City and the Temple all destroyed. Why were they allowed to be destroyed if the Nation of Israel was YHVH’s ‘Chosen Race’? The reason is that they as a Nation and its rulers rejected Jesus as their Messiah. This decision was made by the Synagogue of Satan elements at the very top who rule over the nation as they do today. This is one of the issues Israel still has to wrestle with; to expunge the Synagogue of Satan elements from its core being and psyche. However many individuals did recognize Jesus as the Messiah then as now.

For example during Jesus’ triumphant entry through the Golden Gate of the Temple Mount, many recognized or at least paid lip service to the Messiahship of Jesus and demonstrated their humility as opposed to the Pharisees and Rulers of Israel. In that age when the Messiah first came, many if not most walked barefoot or wore flimsy sandals and the dirt and mud made the feet the dirtiest part of the body. That is why most had to be washed as one went into a house and especially to eat. So, when the masses took their cloaks or mantles off and laid them on the 'dirty' ground, it was a sign of complete humility and exposure. It is a beautiful depiction of how the people’s security blankets’ need to come off; all are exposed before the King of the Universe that judges the mind and heart. It was ironically a contrast between those that chose to worship the LORD as the Messiah as both the masses, at least at this point and the Rulers of the Jews recognized that Jesus was the Messiah.

The issue then as it is today is just what type of heart and action follows from this revelation of Jesus as the Messiah. Perhaps the majority did not know the timing of the Messiah’s first visitation to His People, but the Wise Men told Herod, the 'advisors' knew as they confirmed the prophecy of Daniel. When the LORD started to call His Disciples, even Nathaniel was under a tree contemplating the coming of the Messiah. The point is that the 'season' of His coming was on the minds on those that were expecting Him to appear, as today no less. So, in parallel, only a few 'Disciples' know the season of His 2nd coming, or perhaps will be granted to know as the masses don't. The majority of even church going Followers of Jesus are tossed to-and-fro with the social, political or social winds of their day and have a need for ‘security blankets’ instead.

The 'Pharisees' of the world, to include still the Jews for one and the Luciferians are also expecting the Messiah, but it will be the AntiChrist instead according to the Bible prophecy. This study strongly suggests that Biblical prophecy is subject and operated on the phi ratio principle and is perhaps the key to unlocking the time sequences. As noted, the 3-year timespan of 2016-2017-2018 is corroborated in the timeline with the phi ratio of time. When applied to the Christmas Full Moon pattern pre and post December 25, 2015 then the phi ratio proportioned fulcrum accents the timeline on a particular year. On the timeline the phi ratio converges on this 2016-2017-2018 time period specifically to the year 2018, the 70th year anniversary of Israel.

To reiterate, Jesus foretold that this same Fig Tree would one day be reborn or re-graphed. Allowing for some poetic license here in the context of the study topic, this Fig Tree can be correlated to the Christmas tree symbolism in that Israel would be slowly but surely reconstituted and decorated with ‘ornaments’ like in the Vision of the Dry Bones of Ezekiel. It is noted that not all Bible believing Christians subscribe to the prophecy that the secular and apostate nation of Israel is that which the LORD YHVH promised to regather in the Last Days. To many Christians, modern day Israel is not what YHVH would have ‘birthed’. Yet is this not the same prideful argument the Pharisees and Sanhedrin had of the 1st coming of the Messiah? Surely YHVH would not have sent a Messiah to suffer and be put to death as a human sacrifice? Although the modern nation of Israel was forged out the political Zionism that is Anti-Christian and funded by the Luciferian Masonic orders of such families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, YHVH is slowly reconstructing Israel as it where from death.

Is it for no reason that the LORD gave Ezekiel the vision and prophecy of the Valley of Dry Bones? Whom does this prophecy pertain to if not national Israel as a broken and cut-off tree? It was for the sin of unbelief that Israel as the branch was cut off but only to graph in the Gentiles into the stump. A Fig Tree is Israel that no less is being prophetically re-graphed to the vine, which is Christ. It is slowly to become an army of people that have coming out from the literal ashes of Hitler’s ovens after World War 2. It is in part suffering from spiritual blindness as scales have been placed over the eyes of Israel. They are not in a position yet to accept and see Jesus as Savior and Lord as a whole nation. The Jews then as today still want the Messiah ben David first to come riding on a white horse, not Messiah ben Joseph on the donkey. Their Synagogue of Satan will accept and declare the Messiah because he does come in his own name and as it where ‘riding on a white horse’ establishing ‘peace and security’ for Israel.

Israel then as now is not ready to be 'humble' regarding the true identity of their Messiah. It goes contrary to their pride and the works of the self-righteous flesh. The current version of Judaism teaches against the Gospel. Such forget that Israel was not chosen because they were the first but because they were the last of the races. That is why it will take the Time of Jacob Troubles, the Tribulation to 'humble' and 'wrestle' Jacob once and for all this spiritual blindness as Israel will be humbled by the LORD. It will only be then with such horrific conditions that the words of Zechariah will come true. It will only be when Jesus returns with the Bride, after the Rapture that His appearing will be as bright as the Sun. Jesus is truly the genuine Sol Invictus, the Conquering King that was died 3 days and rose to life, but not on Christmas day. Then and only then will the modern nation of Israel now presently and politically existing as a nation look up and see that it is Jesus, it was Jesus all along.

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