Messages for the Bride of Christ, Church and Israel

  • What are the Bible Codes and why do they occur?
  • Are such Bible Codes  prophetically significant?
  • Do these Codes alert that certain events are to be noteworthy?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘As for me (Daniel), I heard but could not understand; so I said, My Lord, what will be the outcome of these events? And he said, Go your way, Daniel, for these words are concealed and sealed up until the End Time.’ -Daniel 12:8-9

There have been numerous books already published about the Bible codes since the 1980s starting with Michael Drosnin’s book The Bible Code based on the scientific and peer review paper of professors of mathematics and theology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that started all this modern Bible code searching phenomena. Since then there has been many subsequent publications, papers, conferences, schools and books over the last decades that are either in support or argue against the Bible codes. There are 100s of webpages that span the gamete of critiquing the Bible codes from the ridiculous to the scientific. At the core of the argument of such a phenomenon are the two most sacred tenants of statistics, are the Bible codes reliable and are they valid.

Another argument is whether such Bible codes are from GOD the Creator, the GOD of the Bible itself that is YHVH. The great pursuit of Bible codes are just a piece of the ongoing search for the 'hidden' meaning of the Bible itself. The question most people entertain and is a valid one is why would there be a need to have such ‘codes’ as messages veiled or hidden in the Bible itself? Isn’t the Bible a ‘code’ that Humanity has been trying to decipher and understand its message since the Tablets were given to Moses on Mt. Sinai? Yet according to the Prophet Daniel, there is a revelation and an understanding that is yet to be divulged at the End of Days for the Last Generation.

This study will attempt to answer a few of these questions. Is the world now in the End Times? What is that revelation or message and for whom? This study suggests that perhaps such messages in the form of ‘codes’ found within the Bible text, in part are what the Angel of YHVH told the Prophet Daniel would be what was to be unveiled now as these are the Last Days to warn the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. This study is only meant to contribute to the Bible code debate by presenting new matrices for examination and commentary. The format and presentation of its content will have more of a philosophical approach at the explanation of the Bible code phenomena. The study will briefly touch upon the historical precedence of letter counting as it pertains primarily to Hebrew sacred Scriptures that is the Torah, referred to as the Masoretic Text and the Tanakh or Tenach as it is also spelled

There will be a brief synopsis given of the origins of the Bible codes in the modern era that have been made only possible due to the advent of the personal computer and software for Bible code searching. This study will consider the evolution of code searching practices that have been dramatically improved and refined since the first microchip processors of the personal computers became common. The study will examine the historical and Biblical foundation of code searching that this study strongly suggests even involves the Bible itself as in the accounts of ‘codes’ given to certain Prophets of YHVH exclusively.

The study will examine examples of how the Creator used ‘codes’ as prophecy in the case of Daniel specifically pertaining to the Handwriting on the Wall and Joseph with his dreams of astronomical proportions. These instances from the Bible itself will clearly demonstrate that YHVH used, uses and will use codes to communicate judgment and/or warnings encoded within the Bible. The hypothesis, parameters and protocols of what constitutes Biblical code searching as opposed to acquiring codes in non-Biblical texts will be compared.

This Bible code study will consider other venues of code communication that incorporates and knowledge of letter and number counting. Encrypted coding has always existed as a means of communication even before formal languages existed. Lastly Bible code matrix tables will be presented that encompass the work of Bible code searcher Jonathan Matthew Wright. He has researched the Bible codes over the past 10 years. His specific work in recent years has been published on his YouTube channel. There will be over 100 Bible code matrix charts presented, analyzed and commented on for one’s discernment based on his findings and interpretations. The Bible code matrices are for illustration and educational purposes only.

Nonetheless this study will argue philosophically and eschatologically the validity and the reliability of the Bible code matrices presented. This study will emphasize the on-going debate and present the new Bible code matrices that this study strongly suggests are prophetic messages that are in line with conventional known Biblical prophecy. The study leaves the conclusion to the reader based on discernment as the argument for and against will briefly be presented for context and historical reference.

The Bible Codexes presented will be shown that they are in line with prophetic understanding already revealed to the Prophets in the Old Testament and given to the Church of Christ in the New Testament. Such codes could very well constitute the messages of warnings to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in these Last Days. Inevitably, the purpose of all Biblical prophecy is to testify of Jesus Christ, the ultimate ‘Bible code’ according to Revelation 19:10. The true test of the Bible codes as being prophecy is that the Bible codes should lead a reader to Jesus Christ; to a greater and deeper appreciation of the Living Word.

Prophetic Warning for the End Times
This study suggests that authentic Bible codes are a reflection of the sacred text of YHVH itself of just how marvelous it is in its complexity, mystery and majesty. After all, the Written Word is a mirror of Jesus, the Living Word made flesh. The study strongly suggests that the Bible codes are not to replace the Bible’s prophetic revelation nor supersede it. In the words of code searcher Matthew Wright, the codes are a modern day Ephod that confirms the revelation and written Word of YHVH but that perhaps is a sort of calibration that is occurring in the Last Days. In this context the study is specifically geared toward the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in these End Times.

The message of the Bible codes should comfort the Bride of Christ in that the validation of the Holy Bible as confirmed by the matrices presented. One day she will be vindicate of the tribulation and trials the Bride has had to endure to get ready metaphorically as the harvest of the souls made righteous for the Groom. The expectation and promise of Christ Jesus is that regardless of the timing of the Rapture, the Bride of Jesus Christ will not suffer Wrath of any sort that is to befall on a Christ-rejecting world. Secondly, the Bible codes should serve to alert the Church of Jesus Christ that the fullness of the Gentiles is about completed with the Church’s Commission. With such code confirmations, one’s house should be set in order due to the nearness of the LORD’s wrath to come and His return.

Perhaps the message of the Bible codes has also been specifically tailored for the sleeping 10 Virgins to wake up and put the Church on notice in the Last Days. Such is the admonition of Jesus to the last Church that is Laodicea. Her spiritual condition warranted her to put on Jesus as she was naked and apply salve, a cleansing agent for the eyes so she could ‘see’, perhaps even see the Bible codes. The key to being ready for the Call from on High will be to the degree that the Church as invested in the ‘oil’ given to her which is the Holy Spirit. This commodity should be considered as ‘gold’ as that is what the LORD also told the Laodiceans to consider precious instead. It speaks of the resource that the LORD specifically gave to the Church to obtain holiness that is to empower each generation. Lastly, based on the recurring messages of the Bible codes as found in the matrices presented, Israel should take heed of the warnings as perhaps these Bible codes are also serving as a witness, a sign in these Last Days for Israel.

One such example of the codes being a divine sign to Israel is that a Messianic Jew has been using the Rabbi Kaduri ‘code’ that revealed the name of the Messiah before his death. This deciphered ‘code’ has been used to evangelize the Orthodox community at the very Western Wall and many of Kaduri’s disciples. The writing was said to be the code hidden in the letter initials of a phrase written by the Rabbi. The story was first published by the Israel Today magazine to the shock especially of most Orthodox Jews. Rabbi Kaduri was considered the preeminent Rabbi of Israel. While alive, he related that he had a visitation of the Messiah in a dream that revealed Himself and His Name to the Rabbi. The note with that name was ‘coded’ and to be sealed and read a year after his death which occurred on January 28, 2006.

The Rationale of Codexes

What is interesting is that some of the matrices presented in this study address this ‘hidden’ code of Kaduri and the certain conditions that have to be met before the Messiah is to come according to the revelation of Kaduri. The following is the code showing that Yeshua or Jesus is the code, that He is the Messiah of Israel. Read right to left.

Omdim Vetorato Shedvaro Veyokhiakh Ha’Am Yarim ß 
םידמוע ותרותו ודברש חיכויו םעה םירי (עושוהי) = Jesus/Yeshua

This is a clear example that it is Biblical to assume that there is yet an understanding to be revealed by the LORD to the Last Generation. It is after all scriptural for GOD to have ‘hidden’ a thing and for kings to find it as Proverbs 25:2 states. This study is suggesting that the Bible codes could also be such a ‘hidden thing’ as a sign to Israel. Based on the conditions of when the unveiling of the messages given to the Prophet Daniel would occur, the understanding was that such a ‘hidden’ revelation would be for the ‘Last Days’. This time given can thus be quantified and measured. It calculates to a time when Humanity would travel to and from and where knowledge would increase.

Realize that before the invention of the automobile, all prior human recorded history attests to the fact that mankind could not travel faster than a horse. This is aside from possible alien-UFO technology based on the Ancient-Alien theory and/or pre-diluvian Atlantean civilizations that perhaps involves inter-dimensional travel, etc. It has only been since the invention of the computer chip that knowledge has been able to increase and now travel across continents occurs in hours. The point being is that Humanity has reached these 2 conditions. These are the keys for the Last Days to open the understanding of the meaning of the hidden revelation or ‘code’ given to Daniel.

This study does agree with several suppositions. One is that it is possible that the Bible codes are in part, the sign of Daniel in the Last Days. Second, in a Biblical context there is yet prophecy to be understand in the Last Generation. It will be a sign to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. Lastly, the world is in the Last Days. The ultimate prophetic event according to the Bible is the glorious return of the rightful King, Jesus Christ. Much prophecy has yet to occur leading up to this climax of the Day of the LORD. Some Biblical prophecies yet to occur are in part, the Rapture, the AntiChrist, the 3rd Temple the Seal Judgments that are yet to be fulfilled, etc.

As noted, the 2 primary conditions for the understanding of the prophecy in these Last Days have been achieved at this point in human history. What has contributed significantly to this prophetic timeframe has been the advent of the personal computer, the configuration of the code software in 1983, and the subsequent capacity of the internet to bring alive the Bible code phenomenon to new levels of understanding since the 1980s. This study suggests that the difference now in comparison to when the code phenomenon first started is that Bible codes done exclusively by code searchers with godly discernment are being raised up to alert the Church, the Bride, and Israel.

Perhaps such men and women are unlocking this prophetic understanding that is to be unveiled in the Last Days. Thus the Bible codes presented in this study may be part of such a modern day confirmation that is occurring as part of the unveiling of the prophecy for the Last Days. This was promised to the prophet Daniel to the Last Generation. In the End of Days such an understanding would be unveiled or decoded as no prior generation could. This study suggests that such Bible Codexes that will be presented in this study are not random tables full of meaningless terms or phrases that are insignificant. The key to a sound and reliable matrix is the Axis Term as most code searcher will attest to. The Bible Codexes presented will show that the Axis Term and those terms associated with the Axis Term follow rules that give the matrix table validity and reliability.

The format of the presentation of this study will take a simplistic approach at presenting a compressive context consisting of various facets of the Bible Code phenomenon. The information presented concerning the Bible codes will not be overly technical or advanced as it could be too incomprehensible and have most not understand the rationale behind the Bible codes. The information will not be overly simplistic as it could just be too elementary for most that are already well versed in such a subject. Thus a balanced approach will be sought to present the Bible code phenomenon, the pros a cons and supporting rationales.

This study is mainly aimed at the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. This study does suggest that the code matrices of the sort that are presented in this study are different than most so far. If what the research of code searchers like Wright and other Biblically centered code searchers suggest, then there is a convergence specifically in the year 2015-16 that will see the synchronization of several prophetic timelines coming together at once. This specific year timeframe of 5776 in Jewish counting is the singular year that reoccurs as no other time in the matrices.

This is also the case for certain other words or codes as it pertains specifically to the USA and who is the Biblical AntiChrist. The matrices will show that Present Barack Hussein Obama is strongly associated with terms related to the description of what the AntiChrist is attributed with. What is startling is that for example, one of the Bible codes presented in this study alludes to his coming assassination as it was the case for Yitzhak Rabin. Although it is not definitively clear if Barack Hussein Obama is or will be the AntiChrist, many are convinced that he is. Others argue just as much and say that he not. One thing is for sure, he does appear to have the mantel of the AntiChrist syndrome as most world leader tend to have.

Nonetheless, could this code-predicted assassination event be the scenario that will constitute the foretold mortal wound from which he is ‘resurrected’ and thus takes on the credentials of the false AntiChrist? In Drosnin’s first book, one particular code stipulated the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin that did occur in November 4, 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel. This occurred a year before when the information was relayed directly to the Prime Minister. Alas the code was communicated but ignored. Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated by a bullet. Tragically for the Prime Ministry, his destiny written in the codes was unalterable.

Historical Precedence of Code Searching

Thus this was one clear example of a specific Bible code that was both reliable and valid yet was not taken serious. Conversely, some samples of information can be valid but not reliable. The interpretation is a total separate category all to itself. The following is the Shir LaShalom Poem in Hebrew שיר לשלום‎ that is a popular Israeli song that has become an anthem for the Israeli peace movement. This poem was found in the pocket of the late Prime Minister Rabin when he was assassinated by a bullet.

For Rabin, the Bible codes became an issue of life and death. Others argue the validity of the Bible codes in the context of being part of a legitimate theological category of Biblical prophecy while others will never accept it as such. One of the stipulations of this study is that the matrices presented are based on sound Biblical theology and eschatology founded on Scripture and discerned by godly men and women of Faith in the GOD of the Bible.

By definition, the Bible code or the Torah code originally had its application in the study of the Torah. The Torah is comprised of the first 5 books given personally to Moses by YHVH. The Torah has precisely 304,805 letters based on the text used since the Babylonian Captivity and those formalized in the 1st century. The hypothesis of the Bible codes is that the Torah contains secret or hidden messages of prophecy. What is unique about the Torah is that as in the East, the text is written on a cylinder or scroll that wraps around itself. It is not in book format as in the West but the Talmud is. The Hebrew text is read from right to left as opposed to the West that reads text left to right.

This inconspicuous difference can be amplified geographically as all the cultures and civilizations west of Jerusalem read their text from left to right generally speaking. All the countries for the most part east of Jerusalem read their text from right to left. The center is Jerusalem itself as if it were a ‘code’ unto itself much like the code found that spells TORAH from the first 5 books of Moses. This is the famous 50 word count from the book of Genesis that spells out TORAH starting from the first tav or ‘T’ found in Genesis. Searching for the codes is done by Acrostics or, an Equal Letter Sequence ELS algorithm that computers can search in microseconds.

Such Equidistant Letter Sequence ELS terms occur in the other 4 Books of Moses to a precise degree that is in itself beyond statistical probability. This letter counting and searching took weeks, months or years before the computer was invented, yet the searching of codes goes back centuries. According to Jewish encyclopedia a Spanish Rabbi in the 1200s may have been the first to pen down the mechanics of how the ELS functioned. It is also purported that Isaac Newton also delved into the Bible codes and attempted to calculate mathematically the return of Jesus Christ.

The first article or scholarly paper on Bible codes published by a science journal was made by several theology and mathematics professors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the paper, they argued that using a computer to count ELS terms, several names of famous Rabbis were identified in the Book of Genesis before they lived. This was to become known as the Great Rabbi Experiment. They were the ones that designed the first ELS counting computer software in the mid-1980s.

The hypothesis was subjected to peer review and was found to be statistically significant and as it was stated, ‘without any flaw as it was presented.’ This paper was later attacked by fellow mathematicians as being a hoax. Such as been the agitation of the study of Bible codes and debate ever since. The point is that as the Bible is subject to critique and ridicule, so will the Bible codes found within its ‘veins’. It was at this initial stage in the debate of codes possibly being in the Bible that Michael Drosnin, a Washington Post reporter published his book, The Bible Codes. He suggested some predictive codes using the same computer software for which the professors repudiated such claims. To the academians, the Torah should not be used for such a purpose. This is when the criticism of the Torah Codes began also.

The main criticism then as it is now is that the Axis Terms may become self-fulfilling prophecies in that a term may be sought to pre-dispose a series of related terms that support the ‘code’ that could thus be skewed. This inevitably came to test Drosnin’s own matrices when the predicted World War 3 that was to have started in 2002 did not occur or when the Atomic Holocaust was to have been initiated. The point is that it is a matter of interpretation and timing to a degree. Anyone regardless of their religious or theological predisposition can look up ‘Atomic Holocaust’ and be a code searcher like Drosnin. To his credit he opened up a new venue of how to look at Biblical prophecy and the Bible. The difference as this study suggests and by the types of matrices presented is that the codexes have to have come from the Mind of Christ.

There has to be an unveiling as it was with Daniel. The code searchers have to be led and filled by the Holy Spirit to not only find codes but have been given the gift of discernment to ‘decode’ their meaning that will always validate the Bible. It is not the other way around as many propose to do for divination or occult practices as used by Kabbalists for example. In terms of the Church, at this time, the Bible code phenomenon is not considered Biblical prophecy as far as being recognized as a legitimate venue for the LORD communicating extra Biblical revelation. Yet some Christian denominations for example go so far as to use and attribute prophetic credibility to far less reliable and valid forms of so called ‘divine’ communication apart from the Bible.

Such venues are dreams, visions and letter dictations have been elevated to the level of prophecy equal to the Bible by some denominations as they claim that they are done within the scope of the Office of a Prophet, etc. If this is the case, why not the Bible codes? If such questionable mediums are considered ‘prophecy’, why would not the study of Bible codes be no different? Moreover the codes should supersede such mediums as they are coming from the sacred text itself when the other mediums do not. Many do believe that the written Word of YHVH has a multifaceted construct to it that is yet to be comprehended by Mankind and goes beyond the ability to do so. Perhaps then, there might be a possible chance that Bible codes could also be part of the very fabric of what constitutes the very DNA of the Bible. In principle, Bible codes would be no different than how every gene in the human DNA is codes in a sequential order.

The Test of Prophetic Time
This order or ‘code’ is also seen in the Bible. It states that that stars and planets are singularly named and placed in a particular orbit or ‘code’ and with a degree of numerical intensity of brightness for example. The rationale is that if YHVH has encoded Humanity and the Cosmos, and Mankind was created in the image and likeness of the Creator, then Humanity can also construct elaborate ‘codes’ to hide and/or reveal communication. In these Last Days, computers along with advances in the science of statistical analysis have allowed this specific Last Generation the ability to see what has not been able to be seen since the time of the Prophet Daniel. Cryptographers or code searchers now can make and break codes today that could only be dreamed of a generation ago. As it is, Humanity uses codes for communicating both overt and hidden information. Such codes are used in passwords, pin numbers, birthdates, driver’s licenses, etc.

An example of utilizing this knowledge of ‘coding’ such a matrix for communication is known as the Morse Code. Who is to say that such ‘codes’ in principle cannot be derived from the Bible and if so, would be both valid and reliable to likewise communicate information and perhaps even prophecy. Bible codes could be the ‘veiled’ messages to the Last Generation that will be critically needed to be grasped and understand as it could be a matter of life or death to some perhaps as the Morse Code. This code in particular has saved many people in distress or in times of disaster, i.e., S.O.S. In such a context of place and time as it is now by Daniel’s definition, the Last Days perhaps this Last Generation exclusively is the one that is to be allowed to understand the Bible codes as never before.

For Bible believers, codes found within the Bible are not to supersede the Bible or are to contradict the established and accepted prophecies of the Bible, past present and future. The work and research of any Bible code searcher has to be 100% reliable every time; this is the standard for Biblical prophecy. There are no ‘do overs’ if Biblical code searching is to be elevated to the states of accepted Biblically prophecy. Until that time, Bible codes are not subject to the same standard of reliability because it is not considered Biblical prophecy. Nonetheless, as the codes are found and extracted from the very word of GOD, 1 John 4:1 applies that admonishes one to test the spirits of any prophecy and prophet that is presented.

One primary reason for this study is that the Bible code matrices presented have been configured by a code searcher that has published matrices over the past several years is that his matrices are thus far reliable. For example, the predictive matrices to include the death of Ariel Sharon, the collision of the comet Siding Spring with Mars’ atmosphere and the Ebola outbreak confirm, at least to this point that the predictive matrices have come to pass. The Codexes presented also appear to complement the research related to astronomical patterns and timelines found by other researchers studying eschatology. Some attribute them to also being part of the ‘unveiling’ of prophecy details in the Last Days. Perhaps the Bible codes of such a nature are indeed a Last Days ‘Ephod’ from the Creator as it pertains to the messages of warning to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. In examining the matrices presented, one will realize that all the Bible Codexes fall into 3 categories.

The Phenomenon of Bible Codes
The 1st type of code charts is those that confirm the prophecies of the past that the Bible is based on. Such examples are the crucifixion of Jesus, His resurrection, Him being the Lamb of GOD that for Christians is understood as the codes clearly portray Jesus as the Messiach, etc. To the Jews, most would reject this notion of Jesus as being the Messiah. For the Jews, it is not a matter of faith but knowledge, signs and wonders. They have to see it to believe and then it is a matter of choice. This is why they ask and seek signs and wonders. The problem with this rationale is that the Learned Elders of Zion in Yeshua’s day saw the miracles performed by Jesus that authenticated His Messiahship and still they rejected Jesus as the Messiach.
Jesus plainly told Caiaphas and Ananias that He was the Messiah but such did not want to give up their position of religious and political power and preferred their Talmud over the Torah. Such preferred a different ‘King’, a different ‘Father’ and different ‘Messiah’ and it is no different today. Then there is the 2nd type of code matrices that portray prophetic references to current people, places and time. Another factor is that although there might be terms that are compelling, one has to realize that codes are subject to interpretation and timing. For example, just because a year is associated with an event or events found in a code matrix does not necessarily mean that those events are to be fulfilled in that year. What is very significant though is that when a specific time frame or year emerges over and over, then its reliability and validity is greatly enhanced.

The 3rd type of code matrix is predictive. At this point, several matrices presented in this study that are predictive in scope remain to be tested and confirmed. To date some of the predictive matrices have to do with the fall of Assad, that will flee Syria, that Obama will be assassinated and subsequently be the AntiChrist, that the 2 Witnesses will be Enoch and Elijah and that perhaps the Rapture will occur in 5776, that is 2015-16 and that the 3rd Temple will be built. As noted, the 5776 year appears to be a convergence of multiple timelines of Biblical prophecy occurring at this point in human history.

The modern Bible Codex phenomenon started with the scholarly studies and publications from those in academia like Professor Eliyahu Rips. He calculated the odds of codes found in the Bible to be beyond statistical probability to suggest that it has divine design. Such academic and theological scholars, without an agenda took their hypothesis of searching and finding codes in the Torah to a level of believing that prophetic revelation is ‘hidden’ or veiled in the Bible that does reveal messages. Opponents of the Bible and of the possible hidden codes in the Bible skeptically denounce such research as pseudo-science.

It is nothing more than ‘weird science’ at best and that terms have been and can be conjured up as codes in any book. Hypocritically, when statistics and mathematics are used for research and based on a hypothesis and some significance is found to the liking to those in academics, it is true science. When statistics and mathematics are used to test a hypothesis that involves elements of Creation or any aspects to suggest that there might be some possible intelligent design, it is called false science by those atheists in academics.

This age-old double standard of university research is alive and well since Galileo’s time. Realize that GOD the Creator obliged Mankind with their demand for GOD to communicate based on their terms. YHVH came in the flesh to communicate face to face but His message was rejected for the most part. The Greeks sought knowledge, the Jews demanded signs; YHVH gave them both. Yet such means were instead made excuses for refusing what YHVH had to say and who He is. The issue has always been Humanity’s reluctance to submit to the will of the Creator. This is the case to this very day because of sin and the fall of the human race. Thus the contention against the Bible code phenomenon is no different. It was for such rationales that Christ thus turned to communicate in a way that would be an offense to both, the Church.

This is why now YHVH has gone to the Gentiles and for over 1980 years has entrusted the oracles or the ‘code’ of prophecy to the Church; that through the Church, the manifold wisdom and understanding of YHVH’s secret plan is revealed to the whole universe as stated in the New Testament epistle of Ephesians 3:10. Presently, YHVH is using Christians that are predominately Gentiles of no great sophistication to preach this message and revelation of the Creator’s wisdom through the Gospel. It is a stumbling block for those that are of the Greek and Jewish disposition that have become blinded by their arrogance and pride.

Such prefer their so called deep secrets and intellect as they seek wisdom and understanding instead of Godly revelation. As the Book of Hebrews states, it is now that YHVH speaks as GOD the SON in Jesus. It was GOD the SON, as foretold by the Prophet Daniel that would personally visit His People the Jews and preached the WORD of the Creator, face to face. Due to the rejection by Israel, Jesus the Living Word has instead bestowed the New Testament ‘code’ through the unction of the Holy Spirit to teach the protocols of YHVH to the world, through the Church. The Church was commissioned and entrusted to communicate and teach the Gospel to the whole world. Most of these initial vessels were either un-schooled fishermen or repentant sinners as it is to this day.

For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. But GOD chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; GOD chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; GOD chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of GOD. And because of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us Wisdom from GOD, righteousness and sanctification and redemption, so that, as it is written, Let the one who boasts, boast in the LORD.’  -1 Corinthians 1:26-30

The point of this study is that as it pertains to the Bible codes that are presented in this study is that they are different. Also it is dependent on the ability of code searchers to decipher the codes in a way that is predicated on having the ‘Mind of Christ’ and exercising Holy Spirit discernment as interpretations will be implied. As numbers can be manipulated and skewed so can codes but so can science, mathematics and statistics. Perhaps the Bible codes are susceptible to this also.

Code Configurations
As noted, ultimately such a phenomenon as Bible codes nonetheless can be and is subject to interpretation. The Bible to some is nonetheless as a code, a message from the Creator. The core message of the Bible to include the Torah, Tenach and New Testament is very simple, it is Christ. Jesus Christ is the code, the very ‘DNA’ of the Bible that is living and active, sharper than a 2 edged sword as described in Hebrews 4:12. It is able to cut through to the very core of a human’s heart and soul because it communicates life and breath. To reiterate, this study suggests that the code matrices presented in this study reveal this Jesus as Messiah to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel. He is the core message of Scripture that is in concert with known Biblical prophecy.

Even so the debate and dilemma for Bible believers and non-Bible believers alike regarding the Bible Codexes remains. Is the Bible divinely inspired and is it the very Word of the Creator? If so, then such Bible codes that are derived in a systematic way could also thus be divinely inspired and perhaps deliberately encoded as such. For Bible believers, the answer is given by the Bible itself. The New Testament stipulates that no prophecy is of ‘private interpretation’. This means that the Holy Spirit teaches and it will be clear if a prophecy is legitimate or in accordance with the Bible. Ultimately it is the Bible that has the final authority regarding prophecy.

A code matrix is defined by the portion of the scroll of the Bible area from which the chosen Axis Term is identified and the ELS terms are found related to it. The main argument and difference again of Bible believing code searchers is that the principle Axis Term has to be significant enough to produce a matrix that is valid, not arbitrary or inconsequential. The computer code software can be calibrated to search a degree of nearness from the principle Axis Term, either positive or negative, horizontally or vertically for significant subsequent terms. In some cases there will be terms that are predisposed that a code searcher is actively seeking and hoping to appear.

The 2nd type of terms are those that appear without the calibration and ELS factors. Due to the law of probability, eventually given time, a possible event that could occur will occur. This means that random words will and do occur. In some cases the main Axis Term identified will have an additional factor of a Row Skip. A Row Skip is used to capture a broader scope of the scroll text by changing the variable of the ELS skips. In other words, the spaces between words are removed, expanded or narrowed. The use of Row Skips is another protocol that is chosen arbitrarily.

The general rule on Row Skips is that a +1, -1, N or –N were N is the skip of the Axis Term is the preferred standard of deviation, anything beyond that becomes highly subject to questing and challenges and thus arguments. A 3rd type of term are those that appear with or without any Row Skip in the plain text of the Bible that show up in the matrix. As it is there is no central agency, forum or academy that has been seen as the final authority for code searching; it has developed in tandem with technology and the speed of computer processing.

The key to a good and reliable Bible code matrix is that it centers on an Axis Term that is supported by related ELS terms and/or phrases that also might appear or be mirrored in the plain text. The Axis Term is usually vertical although in some instances it can be diagonal. At the beginning of the mid 1980 and 1990s, the Axis Terms where very limited and confined to small words but with the improvements and speed of computer processors, longer Axis Terms are now common. Some Axis Terms may be comprised by a compound word when the original term is expanded. The degree to which a term is found to be repeating within the matrix is considered more significant. In some instances, depending on its size a matrix, a word may wrap around itself to have a term start on one side and finish on the other side of the matrix table.

Most code searchers argue now that due to the speed and software processing of code terms, no ELS less than 3 letters should be considered a viable and reliable code. Also, no Axis Term less than 6 letters should be accepted as being significant. Here lies a problem in that some Biblical words that are very significant are less than 3 or 6 characters in Hebrew. Another dilemma that divides some code searchers is that based on this protocol, all dates, past, present and especially future are to be dismissed. Since a date is 4 characters on the whole, it is argued by some code searchers that dates should not be factored in or be a valid and/or reliable variable for Bible codes.

As a general rule, the smaller or more compact the Axis and the ELS term of a matrix becomes, the less chance of finding significant terms but when such are found, they are highly significant. Conversely, the larger the matrix area, the more likely one is to find terms but the distance might render the reliability of the entire matrix as less significant. A matrix might be more significant especially when terms have more than 8 characters or if it is a phrase or compound word. There is no uniformity across the board as there are several camps as to how code searching should be done and what is being coded. Currently among Bible code searches an established unofficial protocol has been somewhat established.

Metaphorically, a good matrix is like a Menorah that branches out from the center stem and lights the arms or branches of its foundational word, term or phrase. Any matrix that does not have a central Axis Term according to the conventional wisdom of seasoned code searchers, suggest that such matrices are insignificant. Such tables can result in randomness without an ‘anchor’ of an Axis Term. Much of Drosnin’s work falls under this category. Another discrepancy among the Israeli and/or Orthodox Rabbis is that they do not employ the search of codes beyond the Torah. This is the practice of exclusion even though the best code searching computer software programs include the Tenach and the Christian New Testament, despite being written by Jewish authors.

Why is there such a restriction for the Jews to consider the Prophets at least? It is because such software will inevitably come across the terms like Yeshua, Jesus and the Nazarene that is an anathema to the Orthodox Jews. In part it is also because of their indoctrination of the Talmud, which condemns and curses the name of Jesus of Nazareth. It cannot even be mentioned in a home of a Jew as it is a cursed name as prescribed and taught by the Learned Elders of Zion now as it was in Jesus’ day.

The Contention of the Christ Code
Jesus is the stumbling block for the Jews, a rock of offense that ironically was foretold in Scripture would be. In 1 Corinthians 1:23 it states, ‘For indeed Jews ask for signs and Greeks search for wisdom; but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness, but to those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of GOD and the wisdom of GOD.’ There is a spiritual blindness that has come upon national Israel for their rejection their King when He come riding on a donkey into Jerusalem. It was to the exact count of days as calculated by the Prophet Daniel. Israel missed this Appointed Time as they did at His birth despite having Daniel’s code and the celestial signs and patterns that also accompanied these events. It is no deferent now.

Thus this study strongly suggests that the same type of ‘signs’ or ‘codes’ are occurring now and will be missed to a certain extent as well in these Last Days by Israel. It was only the Wise Men that found Christ through the codes and celestial patterns unveiled by the Prophet and Scripture clues. The point is that such signs are the patterns found in the codes and in the Cosmos that are occurring in these Last Days. In large part this knowledge is what has been the unveiling of the hidden and sealed message given to Daniel by the Angel for precisely these Last Days.

As it was then prior to the King’s 1st visitation the 3 main bodies that the LORD wanted to speak to in light of preparing for His visitation were His Elect, His Congregation and His Nation. It is no different now as the LORD wants to speak to His Bride, His Church and His Nation. As then, the time or ‘window’ now for the 2nd visitation season of the King is narrowing. Perhaps because of the codes and the celestial patterns such a time can now be calculated by ‘Wise Men’ to include women based. This time may somehow be based on the same timeline given to the Prophet Daniel due to the unveiling of the messages to the Last Generation that are to be found and discerned within the codes and celestial patterns.

It is Biblical to ascertain this rationale as the solar and lunar eclipses are the signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars that are to accompany this Last Days timeframe just preceding the Son of David’s 2nd Coming. The aim of such codes and celestial patterns, as it was then is to have a personal encounter with the King, as it was at His birth, at His triumphal entrance to the City of the King, etc. The aim of prophecy is to not miss the King’s divine appointed times that are already scheduled and written in His Word and the Cosmos.

To have been knowingly negligent of the King’s visitation as national Israel was cost them their Nation, their Congregation and their Birthright that was given to another, to the Church for a time being. As the codes and the celestial signs are pointing to the convergence of prophetic time, it behooves the Bride of Christ to get ready, for the Church to wake up and for Israel to turn and see the face of Jesus because GOD will not turn His face toward Israel until they say, ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’. In Hebrew Jesus is Joshua as in Salvation or Yeshua.

The Technicality of the Codes
This name, and relevant ELS terms are exclusively found in the Torah such as Yeshua being the Messiach, the Lamb of YHVH, The Savior, The Redeemer, The Son of GOD, etc. With the issue of the spelling of Jesus, Yacov Rambsel, a Jewish Christian claimed that the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yeshua is found encoded in most, if not all of the Old Testament books concerning the identity of the Messiah. He was the first to publish a book on the Bible codes showing this specific correlation. The title of the book is His Name is Jesus. What is most amazing is that Rambsel computed code matrices by hand as did the sages of old. The counter argument made by the Orthodox Rabbis is that any connection to Jesus being the Messiach in the matrices is referring to the ‘Season of Messiach’ and that Yeshua is actually Yehoshua but not in any reference to Jesus of Nazareth.

What can complicate the search for meaningful and significant Bible codes is the fact that in Hebrew, a word can be spelled in different ways as in any other language. Thus if an Axis Term is such that it can have more than one spelling rendition, the less significant is becomes or is reliable. There is also the language barrier and discrepancy of a transliteration or translation from Hebrew to the particular language from where the code is sought out. A Hebrew word might be singular in definition but can also convey a compound meaning. This is why Hebrew is the preferred medium when it comes to code searching in the Bible. It goes without saying as the Torah is in Hebrew but there is the Septuagint that is the Greek translation from the Hebrew.

The only degree of technicality that this study will provide, as to not overwhelm the reader with mathematical concepts, functions, and formulas for calculating the odds will be given in the simplest of mathematical terms. Searching for the codes is done by Acrostics or, an Equal Letter Sequence ELS algorithm that computers can search in seconds. As it relates to the computer software number crunching of ELS terms desired for a Bible code matrix, there is what is known as the R Value. It is a mathematical value assigned to the results of the matrix that measures the significance based on a log 10 scale.

The lower the value as in 1 means that there is around a 50% change that the ELS terms would show up in the matrix of that given dimension or width. Thus a negative number such as -1 would mean that the ELS terms might be more of a random chance in occurring. The higher the value as in an 8, 9 for example would mean that the ELS terms are less likely to have occurred by chance. This is how odds are calculated based on statistical calculations of probability. In theory, all occurrences have a numerical value. This validates the Pythagorean motto that …’All is Numbers’. Many may not realize that all occurrences can be measured mathematically but its statistics can only cite the odds against the X event versus its coincidence. This is formulated as more than an X factor to 1.

+1 = 1 chance in 10
+2 = 1 chance in 100
+3 = 1 chance in 1000

The Hebrew alphabet
In statistics, the R factor or how probability is determined and is always between 1 and 0. The R factor should always be positive if it is to have some claim of reliability and validity, etc. In theory again, the factor or coincidence is impossible in statistics. As matrix after matrix will be presented, the multiplicative odds of all of these codes appearing by simple chance become significantly small. On one hand, given the ‘odds’ and numbers like these mentioned, some Bible code promoters try to convince their audiences that the existence of GOD can now be proven statistically beyond measure by the codes. But can such mathematical computations lead a person to a theological supposition of the existence of a GOD and much less an adherence to His will?

Can such an interface between science and theology be realized with the mere help of the computer that only provides an advantage of being able to compute billions of code term renditions in seconds? In terms of such issues of statistical reliability, others question that with all the numerous Bible code software programs out there, can all the different computer Bible code software programs come to the same outcome using the same Axis Term for example? It depends, most likely yes but there again, the ELS terms depend on what the code searchers want to emphasize. Even though the evidence may strongly suggest a term thus far based on the research of code searchers, the ultimate conclusion rests on the observer to determine if such matrices presented in this study are either ordinary or extraordinary.

Many that are curious about the Bible codes just want an answer as to who, what, where and when. This study seeks to make an important distinction that there is a difference between searching for prophetic terms in the text of the Bible and searching for prophetic messages encoded in the text of the Bible. The point it that reliable and valid Bible code matrices need to be derived from godly code searchers that possess the Mind of Christ in such matters. Such types of code searchers take the Bible codes very seriously as many have become very proficient in the code searching software. There has to be also a realization that the medium used for computing such Bible codes is still nonetheless a tool.

According to the Jewish encyclopedia, the Hebrew alphabet or alefbet אָלֶף־בֵּית עִבְרִי is known as the Jewish Script. The writing has variations also in the form of the square script and the block script. There have been two script forms in use. One is the original old Hebrew script known as the Paleo-Hebrew script. This is the form that has been preserved over millennia and part of the Semitic family of languages. The present modern script is called the square form that follows more of an Aramaic script.

There is a cursive Hebrew script, which has also varied over time and place. The following is the individual alefbet characters. Alef is the first letter, Tav is the last letter. As in any other language, the Hebrew language has dialects. They reflect the places the Jews have been during the Diasporas when due to judgment, YHVH evicted the nation from the Promised Land to the 4 corners of the world. Aside from Hebrew as being primarily the dominate language there is Yiddish, Ladino, and Judeo-Arabic.

The Hebrew language and characters are also used in the concept of Gematria. It is the discipline of changing portions of text into numbers to look for ‘codes’ and a deeper meaning or message. This has been done with other languages as well but in terms of Hebrew, it has also been part of the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition. This has been true since the Babylonian Captivity that has its source of origin in the Luciferian occult that was codified by Nimrod. The Hebrew language lends itself to the study of numbers, which is called Numerology and Gematria as it has been noted. Like any form of knowledge, these studies in numbers can and are used for good and for evil.

Bible codes are a form of Numerology as some examples from the Torah will be presented. The following is the numerical values of each of the Hebrew letters. For example, the numeric value of the first and last letters combined would be 401. Alef = 1, Tav = 400. This also goes to show you who is really behind and in charge of the 401k retirement plans. Another example the numerical value or ‘code’ found in language the following is a very simplistic calculation of the name of Jesus in Hebrew based on the summation of the value of the Hebrew characters for Jesus. The age of 32 is based on the lunar eclipse patterns since -2 BC. This would thus put the age of accountability at 12 years of age which is known as the Bar Mitzvah when every Jewish boy is responsible for adhering to the ‘code’ of the Torah.

עושוהי = Jo
shua or Yeshua/Jesus as in salvation
70+6+300+6+5+10 = 397 / 32 years of age = ~12 Bar Mitzvah

עושי =
Joshua or Yeshua/Jesus shortened version
70+6+300+10 = 386 / = ~32 years of age = ~12 Bar Mitzvah

There are whole studies that have been made about the Biblical meaning and significance of numbers. The divine resonance of creation can be seen based on the numerical value of the alefbet. Numerology can be inferred as the Code of the Numbers. For example the number sequence from 1 to 9 are the basic building blocks of the universe by some interpretations. The numbers listed below in a very simplistic outline are from BibleStudy.com.

1 = Oneness, Singularity, the Primary Force
2 = Duality, Division, Conflict, Dependence
3 = Creative Force resulting from the 2 Synthesizing
4 = Creation, Appointed times, Seasons
5 = Human Form, Relationship, Reproduction,
6 = Number of Man
7 = Completeness, Perfection
8 = New Beginnings, New Order, Resurrection
9 = Divine Completeness

The TORAH Code
The Bible is full of number codes, from Genesis to Revelation. For example, in the Book of Revelation, the book is full of number combinations and sequences like the 7-7-7 Seal judgments and the number of the Beast, 6-6-6. Serious Bible code searcher are just experts at counting words and numbers to connect terms, phrases that constitute themes and assign possible meanings that this study suggests is worthy of consideration. The implications of such messages and their meaning could be a matter of life or death for the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in these Last Days.

Torah in Hebrew תּוֹרָה, means instruction or the teaching. It is what is often referred to in English as Pentateuch and is the central concept in the religious Judaic tradition that is likewise part of the Christian Bible. By other definitions, it is referred to the first 5 books of Moses that in part of the 24 books of the Tanakh that in most cases includes the Jewish Rabbinic commentaries. The Torah is more than just books of rules, the books reveals who the Creator is and what the purpose of Humanity is. The Torah starts with Genesis and progressively reveals the Plan of Salvation.

The teachings found in the Torah, exclusively the written portion were given by YHVH to Moses. Most assume that all the Torah was given at once on Mt. Sinai but some of the writing occurred also at the Tent of Meeting or the Tabernacle, but all the teachings were given to Moses. In essences the Torah is a historical account of the Jewish people. At the core of the Torah is the witness of their calling by YHVH and their many Covenants to include the Holy Land, Redemption and the promise of a Messiah, etc.  The Torah can be divided into moral, ceremonial and civil ‘codes’. The Jewish prescripts of the ‘code’ was to be a medium given to the Jewish nation to be a light and source of revelation to the nations of who is the Creator GOD.

The Bible is GOD's message to Mankind. It is the revelation of His Plan of Salvation found only in His Christ. This theme runs through the whole of human history by way of the experience of a particular nation, Israel with all its weaknesses, triumphs and failures. Thus it was correct of the Apostle Paul to attribute the benefit of what Israel had in its possession, the very scrolls or ‘code’ of YHVH. The Scriptures are said to have 7 layers of understanding overtly so the question remains why not have 7 layers of understating covertly within the sacred text in the form of codes? Beyond the Written Torah, Torah Shebichtav תורה שבכתב, there is also the Oral Torah, Torah Shebe'al Peh תורה שבעל פה.

The Oral Torah consists of interpretations and amplifications which according to Rabbinic tradition have been handed down from generation to generation and are now embodied in the Talmud and Midrash. It is at this point in theology that Judaism and Christianity part ways. Sadly the Talmud blasphemes the name of Jesus. He is believed to be a sorcerer and that He was a bastard child of a young Jewish prostitute. Sanhedrin 106a, Yebamoth 49b, p.324, Sanhedrin 106a&b, p.725, Shabbath 104b, p.504. To this day many Jews still sings song of such a vile description of Jesus while many other Jews accept as the Messiah nonetheless even as they have since Jesus’ days.

Jesus Himself castigated the Elders of Zion for their nullification of the Torah by the Traditions of men; He was referring to the Talmud. According to the Midrash, the Torah was created prior to the creation of the world, and was used as the blueprint or ‘code’ for Creation. It was Rabbi Weissmandel in Prague, Czechoslovakia, among many that made the interesting discovery about codes found in the Torah based on this notion. His finding is assumed to have become the basis of the modern Bible code phenomena.

Weissmandel noticed that if one took the first letter ‘T’ in the book of Genesis and counted 50 letters consecutively, the word Torah would be spelled out; TORH in Hebrew. Weissmandel called this type of pattern an Equidistant Letter Sequence, or ELS for short. This also occurred in Exodus but in Numbers and Deuteronomy, Weissmandel found the Torah ELS occurred backwards (HROT) using the same 50 letter intervals. The center book was Leviticus that highlights the Priesthood of YHVH.

     1                 2                  3                    4                   5
Genesis      Exodus       Leviticus        Numbers    Deuteronomy
TORH          TORH                               HROT           HROT
 -->       -->     
       <--       <--

Why 50? The number 50 is ‘code’ for the year of Jubilee, the year that all things revert back to its original owner. It is when all debts are canceled, when the land rests for the whole year. It is often understood that Hebrew thinking as an Asiatic mindset is circular; what was will be and what will be, was. The start of the Bible with Genesis begins with a garden, an Adam, a couple, a man and a women, a marriage, paradise, a perfect environment. So will the end be as disclosed by the last book of the Bible, Revelation. The end will be like the beginning with Christ and the Bride reigning over the new Paradise restored in a perfect environment on Earth.

Albeit, the New Testament is not accepted by Orthodox Jews although the revelation of the Jewish Messiah and the subsequent writings where from the very Jewish disciples of the Rabbi. Another profound connotation about the number 50 is that it has to do with a release as in the Jubilee that this study suggests is tied directly to the Rapture and perhaps its very timing. Realize that the Bride of Christ has to be without accusation nor debt of any type at the time of the Rapture so that the Accuser cannot fault Christ or use it against her to either delay or restrain her for her future Glorification.

Even though individual member making up the Bride might be in debt, financially for example or in the process of ‘washing away’ sin presently, as in the process of Sanctification, the only condition that would totally clear the Bride of one or many types of ‘debt’ owed to this world would be a Jubilee that is based on a completion of a ‘time’. Jesus paid not only for the Justification in the past but for everything by His Blood. The last words of Jesus on the Cross ‘it is paid in full’. Thus the Bride owes nothing technically. The type of the Bride is only compared in reference to the Exodus account. It is a spiritual type in which the People of GOD left Egypt, the ‘world’ on a type of Jubilee.

The Cantor’s Melodic Code
All that they owed was related to them being bound by ‘time’ to the Pharaoh and Egypt, which came to an end. Such a time was decreed prophetically, of 430 years that came to an exact end, at an exact time, day and hour. This exodus or type of ‘rapturing’ out corresponded to a High Holy Feast Day of YHVH, in this case Passover. Likewise the only binding that the Church owes is its ‘time’ allotted to complete her commission in the world. This has been the Church Age. Once the Fullness of the Gentiles is completed, she will have completed her ‘time’ and likewise be evacuated to be betrothed by covenant at a ‘mountain’ as was Israel at Mt. Sinai.

She is predominately a Gentile Bride, like Ruth with Boaz whose betrothal coincided with the end of the Barley harvest. The point is that like the current unveiling of the codes and the celestial patterns, the revelation and the knowledge of this coming ‘exodus’ season for the Bride can now be known. Back then, the timing of Israel’s exodus was given in the code of the Bible and it was accompanied by celestial patterns, a blood moon for one. Moreover, the Egyptians gladly gave of their possessions to usher the Hebrew out of Egypt as quickly as they could.

Thus this study strongly suggests that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ must coincide with a Jubilee cycle year possibly and accompanied by celestial signs to include Blood Moons, solar eclipses and comets to an extent. It is that season of the Last Days now. This has precedence as with the liberation of the Hebrews from Egypt. The year 2015-16 or 5776 will be not only a Jubilee but a Sabbatical year that ends the Shmitah economic reset cycle and the end of the Blood Moon Tetrad. Will the Rapture in the Last Days be no different in that the ‘time’ for the Church, the Bride is completed in this world as she will no longer be bound by ‘time’ nor the harsh King of this world?

What is also fascinating about the Torah is that it is also set to a musical melody. The words are assigned a pitch of sound that in itself is subject to a codified mathematical octave of frequency or resonance of sound. A Torah portion is read publicly at least once every 3 days in a Jewish synagogue. Many not trained in notes may not realize that the Word of GOD is musically read in the halachically prescribed tune in the presence of a congregation that illustrates this mathematical association. Thus the Torah can be explained as an orchestrated masterpiece of written or composed signets of music lines with notes equal-distant and of intelligent order and design or ‘code’. When Jewish cantors in various synagogues stand to recite portions of the Torah, they in effect are reading the ‘code’ of the melody directly associated with the text.

Every jot and tittle, every character has been placed by YHVH in His Written Word not only by a specific number but by a musical note and even frequency as are the very planets of the solar system are placed in their frequency, color spectrum and resonance, Psalm 19. The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, of which five have different forms when used at the end of a word The average alefbet is 22-24 character in length, thus each letter can be assigned a unique musical note. There are 12 unique named tones in Western music; all pitches are one of these 12 tones. Thus, from a purely sonic perspective, there are only twelve starting notes for a key.

With major and minor scale qualities, there are 24 tonally unique keys altogether. In essence, if one were to assign a musical note key to every letter of the Hebrew alefbet and use a computer musical software program to assign each letter a musical note, one could play the words from Genesis to Deuteronomy and literally hear the heavenly orchestra composed by YHVH Himself, i.e., the Music Code.

The same principle is seen in the ‘codes’ of a piano key board. There are white and black distinctions but the notes are arranged in sequence or ‘code’ to be played and create a melody based on a number sequence. Such notes or ‘codes’ as in keys produce a musical notation that are referred to as scores and styles that are arranged in certain order. Such ‘codes’ prescribe the pitch, rhythm and tempo that can end up as a composition of majestic music. Below are examples of the number association to musical notes.

The ability to read and write music is a language. One needs to know the notes and symbols that are used as ‘code’ as would the letters of an alphabet. If one does not know the codes, the melody, rhythm, tempo and notes will not be understood nor the music be able to be read and played. Music is one clear example of how letters and numbers are interwoven for calibration. This is why some attribute music to a heavenly medium that pierces the soul.

The following is from Wikipedia explaining what is called the Numbered Musical Notation. It is the very basic ‘code’ for deciphering or reading music. It is also referred to as the Number System or Cipher System. Numbers 1 to 7 represent the musical notes or as it is also referred to as the Scale Degrees. They always correspond to the diatonic major scale. Below is an example of the key of C and their relationship to the notes and the Solfège.

Note:               C          D        E         F          G         A          B
Solfège:         do     ré    mi     fa      sol     la       si
Notation:         1          2          3          4          5          6          7

1 whole note =
2 Half notes =
4 Quarter notes =
8 Eighth notes =
16 Sixteenth notes and so on.

Another very interesting assertion about melody, notes and frequency as it pertains to prophecy and code sequences has to do with the lunar and solar eclipse patterns. According to astronomy and NASA, there are only peculiar types of eclipses. For one there are only solar and lunar types. These 2 categories have a whole subset of further types that are distinguish by symbols. For the solar types of eclipses there are the total, partial, annular and hybrid. For lunar eclipses there are total, which are referred as Blood Moons, then partial, penumbral and umbral.

Code Talkers
If each type of celestial eclipse were to be assigned a melodic note designated by a letter, then the section of the sample Hybrid Bookend eclipse pattern would render a composition, celestial no less of harmony, melody, and music. It would be the resonating sound continually played since Creation when the Sun, Moon and Stars adored the Cosmos. This supposition from comes from Psalm 19 which states that the stars, as in Suns command speech without uttering a word. The Heavens declare the Glory of the LORD takes on a whole different level of appreciation.

This assertion is that music is tied to time. Consider that some types of old style wall or clock towers chime with musical notes at certain time or hours, usually on the hour. What is to prevent such a celestial keeper of time as are the Sun and the Moon to ‘chime’ through their eclipse patterns of time and likewise produce a melody and more sobering that their ‘music’ will soon end when time will end.

Code Talkers are another example of how codes are used for the sole purpose of hiding meaning and using words to communicate meaning and purpose that is hidden in plain sight. Code Talkers are people who use their respective native languages as a means for secret communication during wartime. The term is now usually associated with the United States soldiers during the world wars who used their knowledge of Native American languages as a basis to transmit coded messages. The result of their service involving the encryption of military codes helped win the 2 world wars for the USA.

The specific name Code Talkers has become strongly associated with bilingual Navajo speakers who served in the Marines in the Pacific during World War 2. According to research, code talking however was pioneered by the Cherokee and Choctaw Indians during World War 1. Other Native American Code Talkers were deployed by the United States Army to include the Lakota, Meskwaki, and Comanche. Soldiers of Basque ancestry also were used for code talking by the U.S. Marines. The Cold Talkers of Navajo background have been made famous by a movie of the same title, Code Talkers based on the narrative of Philip Johnston.

Johnston was a civil engineer for the city of Los Angeles that proposed the use of Navajo language for coding to the U.S. Marines at the beginning of World War 2. Johnston himself was a World War 1 veteran who was raised on the Navajo reservation as the son of a missionary to the Navajo. He was one of the few non-Navajo who spoke the language fluently and referred their services to the U.S. military for the war effort. Native American languages like Navajo was an ideal language to use coded communication because Navajo has a complex grammar that was unfamiliar to the Axis powers at the time. Navajo has a syntax, tonal qualities and dialects that made it unintelligible to the Germans.

The Contest of the Codes
At the time the Navajo language was also an unwritten language which was ideal to use as an undecipherable code. Navajo was only spoken on the Navajo Indian reservations. According to the research, fewer than 30 non-Navajo could speak the language at the beginning of the war. Thus the Navajo language used as a ‘code’ was unbreakable. What took hours to decode conventional codes, the Navajo Code Talkers could do in minutes.

The issue of having Native American help the U.S. federal government come under scrutiny by some as they saw yet another exploitation of the Native population. They were being asked to perform for a government that had broken all its treaties and promises and relegated them to reservations and forced to live under government dependency. Nonetheless 100s of Navajo set aside serious generational grievances when the call of duty to be a warrior once again arose that saved countless lives.

This example from World War 2 is mentioned to illustrate that the science of code-breaking was instrumental in the victory over the Axis powers that saved perhaps 1000s of lives and ended the war. Who is to say that such codes found in the Bible are not just as valid and reliable in the spiritual context of the ageless war that is presently raging between the forces of Lucifer and Christ? Perhaps the Bible codes in these last stages of the Luciferian war against Humanity are meant to save 1000s if not millions of souls and contribute to the victory already secured by Jesus Christ on the Cross? This study will show that such evil forces also ‘code’ hidden messages in plain sight to communicate knowledge and revelation.

For example such is the covert language used by the Luciferian Masons and Kabbalists that use codes through various symbols and numerology. The point is that if Humanity is a creation made in the likeness and image of the Creator and Humanity is engaged in code making and breaking. It thus necessitates that the Creator imparted such a beacon of encrypted revelation within His Creation, His WORD and even within the human psyche to discover and comprehend such insights, perhaps even in the codes found in the Bible.

It has been well established in the Word of GOD that Jesus spoke in parables. They were ‘code’ of the wisdom of YHVH found within the sacred text of the Bible at the time and more. The purpose of the parables was actually to veil the knowledge so that only those that could and would understand them would take warning. This study suggests that this same principle is in operation in these Last Days that like the parables, the Bible codes are for those whom have ears to hear, eyes to see and a mind to understand and take action as it pertains specifically to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel.

What is fascinating to consider is that this same principle of hidden revelation and secret knowledge in codes is also used by the occult mystery religions that encrypt their information to those they deem only appropriate or worthy. This leaves the masses in the middle. The reason is that such have not made up their minds yet as they are either too distracted or unawares of the gravity of the prophetic times.

Perhaps this study will persuade the reader to consider the Bible codes that are intended to lead one to the Bible to hear and see Jesus lifted up. This is the only way to redemption, true revelation and enlightenment. There is a competition for the minds and souls of the human race. Lucifer deliberately seeks to corrupt the Truth found in the Bible by discrediting Jesus. Alternate ‘codes’ are being communicated to Humanity in an attempt to alter the original ‘code’ given by YHVH. In fact such codes usually attempt to negate all that the Bible declares and true Bible codes have revealed. What is at stake is if one’s souls will be saved from the wrath to come. This is the battle of the codes, which message will be believed? Eventually at some point in time of one’s life, the decision to make up one’s mind about the Bible and the codes will have to be made.

If one either believes in the codes or not is inconsequential, but the rejection of Jesus Christ as deciphered in the Bible will determine one’s eternal destiny. As it has been alluded to, Jesus Christ is the code of YHVH. This code physically came from a Holy and just GOD to reveal and show firsthand His Plan of Salvation in Jesus. This has been the ‘veiled’ code, the Afikomen and theme throughout the Bible. The right interpretation of the ‘code’ is that only in Jesus Christ is there divine atonement and redemption found. What is needed is a sincere discernment to correctly choose Jesus’ message and have a destiny in and with Christ. This is the sum of all Biblical prophecy and should be the aim of the Bible codes.

Ultimately, all codes that are purported to be reliable and valid from the Bible as such, must relate back to the theme of Jesus as He is the standard and measure of all true prophecy according to Revelation 19:10. If a code found in the Bible contradicts the Gospel of Jesus in some prophetic way, it is not valid and should be suspect. Why? It is because Jesus Himself stated that the Law and the Prophets were until John the Baptist. This means that Jesus was and is the final revelation and prophecy of YHVH and He gave the Church the New Testament only. Thus any other ‘Testament’ is clearly not of YHVH nor about the true Jesus. Consequently there is no 3rd Testament as claimed by Islam for example or other false religions and given to His Church, not the Catholic Church. There is no new revelation of GOD that has been bestowed apart from what has already been foretold in the Bible.

This means that Jesus is the last and ultimate Prophet and prophecy revealed to mankind; there is no other ‘Messenger’. This is why Jesus warned not to heed the calling of false Messiahs or prophets that would come to deceive. Although of course many in such human organizations would dispute such a claim and some to the point of putting to death those not submitting to such a linear logic coming from their god who they say is great. In the context of Biblical Scripture, this does not account for the notion that ‘the LORD speaks’ or how some Believers have foresight into prophecy but here again, the measuring rod is GOD the SON, Jesus Christ and the Bible and the vessel for such divine revelation presently has been given to the Church exclusively. In the letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul specifically explains that now the entire manifold wisdom and mystery of GOD has been given to the Church to handle and teach.

Alien Crop Codes
This mantle of prophecy was given to the Church as Israel forfeited the privilege due to national Israel rejecting Jesus Christ as the true King and Messiach. Thus any vision or prophecy or Bible code that is interpreted that leads Believers especially into believing or doing something outside of the tenants of the Scripture is not coming from YHVH and should be rejected. Realize that codes are also coming from Lucifer and his minions to deceive Humanity and actually prepare it to receive his AntiChrist and Fallen Angles aka Aliens. Such will come on the scene as part of the Last Days scenario deception as it was foretold to be as in the Days of Noah and Enoch. The contest for the codes is coming from Lucifer. He has sent false ‘codes’ or books, false prophets and even Fallen Angels of Light to present an alternate ‘Gospel’ or seek to build upon the true one of Jesus Christ.

This involves serious judgment as such Luciferian deception had to be addressed by Noah’s Flood because such Fallen Angels under the directive of Lucifer even attempted to change the very ‘code’ of GOD’s human genetic blueprint. The point is that according the prophecy, such would try again in the Last Days as it was in the times of Enoch and Noah. This is what is called Transhumanism. What in part are these Luciferian ‘codes’? These codes or mediums are being used for example through the crop circle phenomenon. The following segment of the study will present clear examples of ‘codes’ given to Humanity that are not from YHVH.

This study also suggests that ‘codes’ are not just utilized in the realm of Humanity on Earth, but that Lucifer and his minions of Fallen Angels disguised as ‘Aliens’ use codes as part of their plan to deceive Humanity. One such possible means has been through the ‘codes’ found in the crop circle phenomenon. There are many proponents that assert that crop circles are codes from extraterrestrials and are convinced that Aliens are trying to communicate with Humanity in an anticipation for their soon ‘disclosure’ to save Earth from Humanity but especially from the Christians. Such believe that Jesus was even an ‘Alien’ or was one of the ‘ascended masters’ sent to decode the Word of GOD to mankind but only in His generation and that the Jesus of the Bible is being taken out of context. According to the main theory of New Agers for example, Jesus was only a sage and not particular nor peculiar as being the only begotten SON of the Father, as in GOD the SON.

Here too is a double standard that on one hand such esoterics and occultists acclaim to some degree Jesus’ credentials but quickly whisk one away from His message. Why? It is because Jesus validated all the characters of the Bible that most skeptics presume are fairytales or metaphors. Jesus spoke about every major personage of the Old Testament starting from the very beginning about the real definition and purpose of marriage as bestowed upon Adam and Eve in Paradise; it was literal. Jesus confirmed that there was a Noah, a flood and there was a judgment for Sodom and Gomorrah due to their wickedness and alternative sexual lifestyles, etc. All such examples were not parables nor codes but real examples of judgment of unrepentant people, cities and nations in sin.

Moreover Jesus’ exclusive claims of His Messiahship focuses on His exclusivity of His divinity that refutes the New Age gospel of Lucifer’s alternative gospel of promising Humanity illumination and godhood. The message of Jesus was not only of repentance but a future wrath to come. This is something the occult sages of the so called Aliens with their crop circle code messages disassociate from.

What did Jesus come to decode for Humanity? Jesus stipulates in the book of Revelation that He is the last revelation. He is the only savior and apart from Him there is no other; that unless one believes on His mission and work of the Cross of Calvary, one will die in one’s sins. These facets of ‘sage Jesus’ the enlighten One, the proponents of the ancient Alien ascended master theory will not disclose. It is because it goes contrary to their false gospel of a coming Aquarian utopia on Earth that is devoid of the Creator’s image and His Christians.  

It is like the Muslims who dramatically will extol that Isa is of them and that ‘Jesus’ is in the Koran as well as the ‘Children of the Book’, referring to the Jews and Christians. The reality is that it is all lip serves as the sayings of Mohamed in the Koran demands the killing, torture and terrorizing of such so called ‘infidels’ according to their Moon Goddess Allah. All is accepted of Isa, the Muslim Jesus as their own so long as he was not crucified bodily nor was the GOD the SON nor is the last revelation, or the last Prophet of YHVH and nor will He reign in the Temple.

As to the actual Biblical Jesus and what He had to say of Himself, Jesus declared He was the SOD of GOD and that He is the Alef and the Tav. To the enemies of the Cross of Christ Jesus, it will always be a mistranslation and conspiracy on the part of the Christians, so the argument goes. The threshold of evil and spiritual darkness on Earth has reached such a spiritual level that it is now prime to coincide with the full disclosure and contact of these evil entities per the warning of Jesus Christ that it would be as ‘in the days of Noah’ in the Last Days.

The ‘Disclosure’ or the Great Lie as the Bible calls it will be that such ‘Alien’ entities will pose themselves as ‘light beings’, as they are spiritual and dwell in the 4th and 5th dimensional per Ephesians 2v14. The Bible discloses that such entities are none other than Fallen Angels and their demon disembodied prodigy as a result of the Flood of Genesis 6. Perhaps they will in some way be involved in the application of the Transhumanism dealing with DNA.

Such Fallen Angels have always interjected an alternative gospel and have been conditioning Humanity for their full disclosure which have been done through their ‘codes’. For the past few decades, the crop circle phenomenon has been likened to Bible codes as the means by which the so called Alien ‘creators’ are unveiling coded messages to their prodigy. This is a clear example of how such ‘codes’ will lead one away from the Bible and/or cast doubt on the validity and reliability of the Bible’s code and message, Jesus Christ.

The Arecibo Code
What also needs to be brought to light is that the level of paranormal UFO ‘Alien’ activity is becoming more abrasive, blatant, and overt in these Last Days. Along with such activities there are current technologies that are able to change and alter Humanity’s DNA code down to the very genes –as in the Days of Noah. The so called ‘light being’/ascended master entities will at some point fully disclose themselves to Humanity. Perhaps it will indeed coincide with the Rapture or soon thereafter.

They will be posing as the ’saviors’ of mankind and will provide assistance or ‘order’ out of the ‘chaos’ that ensues at the point of the Rapture or at the point of having economic, religious and political meltdowns around the world. They will identify and anoint their AntiChrist world leader with a promise to implement a New World Order, a ‘utopia’ of love and peace working towards the eventual attainment of ‘godhood’. This endeavor might very well be attempted through genetic engineering capable of altering one’s DNA code.

Such possible futuristic scenarios of ‘Alien’ altercation of Humanity’s DNA code is now possible. It is already widely understood and such manipulations can only be implemented through a systematic worldwide healthcare grid. In fact some are eagerly anticipating it especially those in the occultic and medical fields that have vested interest in Transhumanism.

One crop circle clearly perceived as a code from the ‘light beings’ is attributed to be the beginnings of such a full disclosure that is to come. For background and context, on November 16th, 1974 a binary coded sketch was sent out into space that basically had a makeup of pertinent information about Earth and essential data on Humanity. The encryption ‘code’ was sent out from the Arecibo Station in Puerto Rico, so thus called the Arecibo Message.

It was directed toward the M13 Globular Star Cluster in the constellation Hercules at the speed of light. The binary code was comprised of binary 0 for empty spaces or blocks and 1's for solid blocks. Then 27 years (9-9-9) later on August 14, 2001 a crop circle appeared that many believe was the reply to the Arecibo Message from Earth. With this ‘reply’, many are claiming that it is the 1st confirmed contact in a series of communication’ with extraterrestrials. The message consisted of a 3 Terawatt narrowband binary code transmission.

The 2 part crop circles appeared next to the UK’s largest astronomical station. The 1st crop circle was characterizing by a recognizable human-like face. It was much reminiscent of the ‘Face on Mars’. Perhaps it was a clue or hint that it came from Mars or from those that constructed the Face on Mars. On August 17, 2001, 3 days later another crop circle near it appeared overnight. It has thus been called the Arecibo Message Response. The Arecibo Message reply crop circle basically looked similar to the 1974 Arecibo Binary Plate message except in a few distinctive ways.

The Codes of the Kabbala
It was basically the response by said ‘Aliens’ in a description of what and who they are in relation to Earth, Human DNA and the Solar System. At almost an exact year later from these 2 crop circles, another profound crop circle appeared overnight that depicted an Alien holding up a sort of CD Disk. The Disk appeared to have some sort of binary code configuration. Crop researchers used image analysis to convert the binary sequences into a computer language called ASCII. What came out of the coding was a very peculiar comprehensible message.

These ‘Aliens’ or ‘light beings’ have been conditioning Humanity with their ‘codes’ over the centuries. They speak of love peace and truth but with an alternate ‘gospel’ and DNA for Mankind. In the Last Days many will look to the ‘Aliens’ instead for their salvation. In fact, sadly this is what is going to happen. Instead of having people accept YHVH’s revelation found in the Bible to include codes, the hearts of men and women on Earth will hardened by the judgments of the Lamb. It will as Pharaoh hardened his heart against the judgments during the Exodus in Egypt.

The following is a matrix of occult Kabbalist code associations that also utilizes the Hebrew alphabet and numbers. This again is an example that those opposed to the true Light, Jesus Christ have, operate and defuse a false light with false codes. Some peculiar practices involve the reading the Bible backwards and the utilization of magic to cast spells and curses. Kabbalism is very ancient and very alive and well today that is used for good and evil purposes. Although veiled in goodness, its core is Luciferian. Contrary to popular belief about Kabbalism קַבָּלָה‎, as an esoteric coded language, discipline and school it did not originate in Judaism.

Such word counting and number association come out of the ancient and dark secret occult of the magic craft handed down by the Fallen Angels according to the Book of Enoch. It was perfected or ‘codified’ in Babylon by Nimrod. Some Jews do practice the Luciferian Kabbala mystical religion of Nimrod that was incorporated by the Jewish sages during the Babylonian captivity. Kabbalism has many variations and traditions that have emerged over the centuries. It is attributed to have arisen in the present from during the Jewish renaissance of medieval Spain. Most see Kabbalism as New Age thought although it has also infected Christianity. At its core, Kabbalism consists of hidden esoteric teachings or ‘codes’ that explains the mortal interaction with the immortal that is called Ein Sof, or the 'Infinite'.

Although the Kabbalists take and use Judeo-Christian nomenclature, the meaning and implications are far from the true revelation given by YHVH to the holy Prophets of the Bible. Such use of the occult to delve into numerology and codes will lead one away from Christ Jesus and is not of YHVH. For example, one ‘code’ knowledge called Atbash is a practice of taking certain Hebrew letters and interpret the mystic meaning of them by using the biblical method of codifying found in the book of Jeremiah. In Atbash, the first letter of the alphabet is substituted for the last letter, and the second for the second last letter, etc., and so on.

The Code of the Beast
Kabbalism at its core is yet another Luciferian counterfeit set of revelation veiled in codes that are only meant for their worthy initiates. Such seek to explain and redefine the purpose of man and GOD in Luciferian terms. In essence it is to redefine the divine ‘code’ of YHVH’s image and provide a new ‘combination’ that Lucifer acclaims he only has the keys to decipher such. The ultimate expression of the occult and New Age is to come to the realization that Humanity can reach the level of illumination and godhood but only through Lucifer. This is Lucifer’s initial ‘revelation’ to Eve in the Garden. It did not happen. This makes Lucifer a liar and deceiver as Jesus rightfully calls him that and more.

Latin:     a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-z
Atbash:  z-y-x-w-v-u-t-s-r-q-p-o-n-m-l-k-j-i-h-g-f-e-d-c-b-a

Lucifer apparently has his own ‘code’ and it will be based on a number associated with his AntiChrist, the Beast’s number of 666. As it is foretold in Revelation 13, this AntiChrist comes out of the metaphorical sea of troubled seas of people in chaos to introduce a New Order in the Last Days. He epitomizes the rulership of all that prior Luciferian kingdoms based on Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue code. His personification is a combination of all the prior evil Luciferian empires that have ruled Earth. He is to receive a mortal would, perhaps an assassination that will transform his personage as Lucifer himself incarnates into the Man at that point.

He will be against the Holy People of YHVH and YHVH Himself and those that will have been raptured already to the Chambers in Glory for a short time until the indignation of the Tribulation passes. He will seek to wage war against the Saints and Israel and will be given absolute power for 42 months to wear out and persecute them. Every person will be required to be coded, with his tag of 6-6-6 that is referencing the AntiChrist’s image and likeness. He will conspire with the false religious lamb that will perform miracles deceiving the world to pledge their allegiance to the Beast and receive his code of commerce. The following is an example of how the LORD admonishes whosoever to be a code-breaker regarding the veiled number.

What is required of those that are wise from GOD is that they need to break the Code of the Beast, to recognize it and understand it. It is a number of a man, 6-6-6. As Revelation 13:18 states the following. ‘He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.’

The above is an example of a ‘code’ given in the Bible that YHVH directs can be deciphered and decoded by men and women of godly discernment to comprehend and explain its significance. On one level this also gives an insight that every human is numbered. Every human is assigned a number order as are the Suns, Moons and Stars according to Psalm 19; everything has order and sequence.

The Code of the Tower
Likewise every human has an order of when they were born and when they will die and when they will be summonses to either the Bema Seat of Christ or the Great White Throne Judgment. Even so, each human has a code combination of their DNA that distinguishes them from any other human; it is their divine fingerprint. As there are 1000s of people with the same last name and even those with the same first and last names, how will people be able to be distinguished after a body has seen decay?

The Creator knows each combination of the DNA codes of every mortal soul and can reconstruct a body from the elements. This divine pattern of encoding reverberates in all of creation. To some, the human body and its DNA are but a microcosm of a bigger design and blueprint. Are not the DNA codes unique in every human? Thus if the Creator of all that is seen and invisible encoded the DNA of every human in their physical bodes, could not His written Word, the Bible be likewise encoded in a similar ‘DNA’ code as if it were, hidden in the very body of the text?

The following is another example of how a ‘code’ within a phrase was etched into America’s preeminent Tower. This Tower, reminiscent of Nimrod’s Tower of Babel was erected out of a determination to ‘rise from the ashes’ from where the 2 prior World Trade Center Towers had once stood but 3 building were taken down. Obama signed the last beam of the Freedom Tower at a commemoration with his signature declaring ‘We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger!’ The w in Hebrew is the v which numerically equals 6-6-6. The picture of Obama holding the 2 ‘eagles’ which are symbolic of Phoenixes is very telling.

This depiction really speaks of this clandestine assigned task by his Luciferian and Illuminati Masters. He is to be the bridge or the ‘transformer’ that initiates the transfer from the Old Phoenix to the New World Order one. In terms of typology, it is at this point in time that Obama has been designated to be the preeminent signatory of America’s Tower of Babel. By doing so, based on his ‘code’ statement he directly associates the number of the Beast to now be forever incased in the very core structure or ‘DNA’ that supports of the Tower, the number and image of the Beast, the AntiChrist. This has a similar imagery as Nimrod built his Tower in Babylon with the same spirit of defiance against the LORD’s threat of judgment as it was for American in 9-11.

According to the account in Genesis, the LORD YHVH came down to divide the land and confuse its language. Will this same type of divine judgment befall the modern day version of ancient Babylon? Will the Land be divided in the midst of increasing confusion? The Freedom Tower is a fusion of the 2 prior World Trade Center WTC towers. It is ‘code’ for the 2 strands of DNA that is mixing in the last rendition of the Roman domain of the AntiChrist. It is a characterization of the clay mixed with the iron. Prophetically it is a trait that not only will the New Order have but it will be exemplified in some way also with the AntiChrist and the coming 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Unbeknownst to the common observer of the New World Trade center complex, the area is patterned after the Orion constellation.

The Code of the AntiChrist
Moreover, the complex mirrors the configuration of Jerusalem that is Zion, both the Earthly and the Heavenly. It is long been believed that Orion is where the entrance to the heavenly Temple of the LORD is at. The Bible depicts the Throne of YHVH with a rainbow that arches the Throne. It is very interesting that the constellation Orion is defined by a red star, Betelgeuse and a blue star, Rigel. When the constellation is rotated to its side and an arch connects these two stars, it follows the rainbow spectrum from red to Blue, i.e., a ‘rainbow’. As the Temples of YHVH have been destroyed in the past, so too did the WTC had to be taken down by fire. It was a Luciferian mimicking of his attack and attempt to scale the Heavenly Zion, the Temple and destroy it to make a Luciferian new one in his new image.

Could such a parallel be found in the Bible codes of the death of a world leader in the Last Days that also transitions into a New World Order? This was the case with Belshazzar of Babylon when he crossed the threshold of taking the Holy Articles of YHVH’s Temple to drink out of at his banquet. The sin was that he knowingly used the Holy Vessels to drink out of and treated them as common things to be used as a medium for their banquet of pleasure and debauchery. Can there be a modern day Demise of America and of its President that will parallel such a judgment? Has the LORD also sent stern warnings to the effect that America’s leader will taste death and his ‘empire’ will see judgment and given to another?

Will the nation fall in one night to the ‘Persians, to the people of the Star and Crescent, i.e., Islam perhaps in some prophetic way? According to the Bible code matrices presented, there is a common theme that appears to repeat and reemerge in many of the matrices that are related to the United States and President Obama. Numerous matrices correlate Nimrod and the ancient Babylonian system with the United States and its President, Barack Hussein Obama. In almost every case of the matrices acquired so far, the name Obama intersects with the terms specifically attributed to that of the AntiChrist as no other world leader or possible alternative candidates have. The terms that appear are as follows. The AntiChrist, The Beast, The Man of Sin, The Coming of The Snake, The Son of Perdition in relationship to The Mahdi, the Pope and Islam in direct reference to the name of Barack Obama.

Moreover, astonishingly there is a code matrix that alludes to The Assassination and death of Obama. Could this be the event that will be the ‘mortal head would’ event that the AntiChrist is to sustain? Will this event mimic the false resurrection at which time Lucifer will physically indwell him in bodily form? Will this timeframe be when the whole world will worship and go after the Beast and his code of 6-6-6? Will the economic collapse based on the Shmitah economic reset that the Bible codes also bring up in the 2015-16 time frame enable the Mark of the Beast system to implement the digital currency? Could this be the point that will lead to Transhumanism that will tamper with the DNA of those that must sign up to the world-wide UN healthcare plan ‘grid’ to be able to buy and sell? What makes such Bible codes about Obama also more reliable is that the same year timeframe keeps repeating and coming up in numerous matrices.

The timeframe for this unveiling is the year 2015-16 which is equivalent to 5776 in Hebrew lexicon of whom the identity of the AntiChrist is or will be revealed; in this case, it is Obama based solely on the Bible codes. This spectacular notion requires spectacular evidence. The point being is that this is what the Bible code matrices are showing concerning Obama, the United States and the year. If Obama is to be the AntiChrist, that remains to be seen. Realize that in Barack H. Obama there is a condition that has not been present in any prior U.S. President. It has to do with a ‘mixing’. Obama is racially half white and half black. This perhaps, in part could be a ‘code’ or sign that will mirror the clay and iron mixed characteristic of the last or 4th Beast of Nebuchadnezzar’s coded statue of empires.

Many propose that this prophetic mixing has to do with anything from a DNA mixing with that of human and Alien genomes to political-religious interaction. This interface, some believe will be a religious metaphor of Catholicism mixing with Islam that is referred to as Chrislam. Recognize also that Obama for the most formidable years of his adolescence grew up as a Muslim in the Madras schools of Indonesia where he learned to read the Koran in Arabic and recite the Hadith. In another type of ‘mixing’ Obama passes for a said ‘Christian’ as he also attended and was affiliated with a false Christian church during this days in the Windy City whose zip codes includes the number 60606.

Thus the point is that Obama already exemplifies this mixing in not only in his DNA physiologically but ideological and spiritually as he is foremost a Muslim and a false Christian at best. Obama is a Muslim who will stand by them. On page 261 of his book, Audacity of Hope, he declares, ‘…I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’ This verse has been taken out of context, somewhat. The context is immigration and how Japanese-Americans who were citizens were placed in internment camps. The danger is that such animosities could foster the same effects against Arabs in which case he would stand with them. What would be the reasons for such an animosity against the Arabs, i.e., Muslims?

Muslims now are beheading little girls and boys and selling girls as sex slaves in the public market. Muslims are slaughtering Christians by machine-gunning them into mass graves and marking their homes with a ‘code’, Nazarenes to derogatorily refer to Christians. These Muslims are doing openly in what Obama’s Luciferian handlers do in private. Can it be that far of a stretch to imagine that the coming Mahdi can come from within the USA as 9-11. Obama has declared his allegiance to Islam, it is not to Jesus Christ or America.

Some many argue that it is not a fair assessment of his statement and that it was taken out of context. Obama did qualify his declaration of alliance. He did say…‘should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’ The winds have changed. The whole point of this study and Bible codes is that such prophetic winds have turned and are ugly, both at home and abroad. In March of 2014, Obama gave his alleged New World Order speech at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Belgian. He addressed the European Union, the various Royals, Politicos and NATO. Although his speech has also been taken out of context to an extent by some, he alludes to 3 suppositions that are laid out below.

This study suggests that he shows what change of winds he has been working to achieve and what ideal type of governance over the masses should be ultimately implemented.
1. This is the ‘Order’ he has pledged to and has admitted working towards, the International Luciferian Order.

…’we meet here at a moment of testing for Europe and the United States and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build.’

2. Later in the speech in the same context he compares the competing ideals of governance over the masses. He distinguishes the struggle between the rights of individuals to rule versus the contesting ideal of the Old World Order. The Old Order’s contention is reiterated by Obama in that

…’ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.’ Perhaps an AntiChrist anyone?

3. Obama did not stand for the rights of citizens to govern by themselves but stressed the need for a Super State that acts on their best interests. In the end of his speech his solution was The United Nations, the stealth and hidden beehive and cadre of Luciferian reprobates that seek to enslave humanity and rule the masses. Obama would gladly relinquish the U.S. Constitution and sovereignty.The Old World Order status quo is the New World Order Luciferian agenda disguised in progressive rhetorical terminology. This is Obama’s declaration of allegiance. …’our enduring strength is also reflected in our respect for an international system that protects the rights of both nations and people -- a United Nations and a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international law and the means to enforce those laws’.

Who will lead the UN? Perhaps the AntiChrist will be of such a composition that will exemplify both a core Catholic Europe mixed loosely with an Islamic Caliphate. Such a ‘mixing’ could help unite the masses also around the world into the Luciferian New World Order Religion as much as he is a hybrid himself. It needs to be clear that at this time there cannot be a 100% confirmation that Obama is or will be the Biblical AntiChrist but that the associations are profound and compelling based on the presented matrices. Here again, there is caution to be taken in perhaps not jumping to a conclusion about Obama and the year 2015-16 solely based on Bible codes.

The point is that these conditions are present when it comes to the AntiChrist-Obama tables. The events associated with the code of Obama with that of the AntiChrist is an example of the 3rd type of code matrix. It is that which is based on generally accepted prophecy yet to occur. A predictive Bible code matrix alludes to what is to occur in the future solely based on the Axis Term and what ELS terms it is associated with. Given the pattern of code searching thus far, it does appear that the year 2015-16 does correlates to a convergence and synchronization of various prophetic timelines that are to occur according to Bible prophecy.

The Lamb’s Coded Scroll
These events primarily include the Rapture, the Shmitah economic reset, the Jubilee, the identification of the AntiChrist, the 3rd Temple, etc., and not necessarily in that order. The Bible codes reveal a strong and repetitive pattern of a name, and nation and a year association that is repetitive and astonishing. As to the AntiChrist being Obama, there needs to be divine and godly discernment. Perhaps this is being given to godly men and women in these Last Days that can decode such word association found in the Bible codes and celestial pattern much like in the days of Daniel and Joseph. If such codes and celestial patterns are insinuating such a timeline, it will be a confirmation of the synchronization of many prophetic timelines. Thus this in themselves could be part of the message that is being unveiled in these Last Days to the Bride of Christ, the sleeping Church and to Israel in particular.

The issue with Balthazar is that perhaps Obama and America will see such a similar fate. The question is has America and Obama crossed that same line of judgment? Have the proverbial ‘Articles of the Temple’ been brought out and defiled? This study strongly suggests that yes it has. America’s once strong Christian national fabric is now seen and treated as a common thing that is to be defiled. This has been in part due to the issues that have to do with marriage, abortion, feminism as the people revel in debauchery in the nation that like Belshazzar ‘knew better’. According to the Bible codes, these are the ‘sins’ of America in particular and of the world in general.

Most would agree that metaphorically the Holy things of America’s Christian heritage have now been brought out and treated as profane; good is called evil, evil is called good, etc. Literally, the Bible does foretell of a future Abomination of Desolation as it did occur with Belshazzar. The issue of the literal defilement in the Last Days is that it necessitates a rebuilt Temple. The Bible codes allude to the Temple being built also within the 2015-16 timeframe. The following segment of this study will present the various examples of how the notion of ‘codes’ and hidden communication played a role in the Bible. Such venues had a purpose and plan. It will also be a sharp contrast to the confusion of the world’s attempt at discrediting the very oracles and messages of the Almighty.

The following section present the evidence for godly examples of codes inserted in the Bible by the LORD to convey prophecy. The word codexes pertained to ancient ‘books’ that where scrolls bound with wax seals that authenticated is message and person. The mediums might have been papyruses, parchment or hides of animals, wood strips or even leaves. In some cases the text was written on both sides. In terms of Scripture the Jews have kept the scroll format but the Christians have had the manual format referred to a codex because it is less cumbersome to handle manually. In pure definition terminology as stated by Wikipedia, codexes come from the Latin word co·dexa (kō′dĕks′) n. pl. co·di·ces, implying a volume as in book form comprised of tables or manuscripts.

According to the book of Revelation, the Wrath of the Lamb judgments follows the breaking of the successive Seals of such a manuscript. This is the Scroll of the Lamb, Jesus Christ that can be seen as a code of 7-7-7 sequence of judgments. A scroll in the ancient world also alluded to a title deed to a property. The Scroll of the Lamb is a sort of a ‘Last Will and Testament’ but in this case of the risen Jesus Christ. In the ancient world or even now to some extent, for special occasions a sealed scroll could only be opened by the heir and in the presence of witnesses. This is what is required of the Bride of Christ and thus the need and reason for the Rapture as it is a legal summonsing.

In legal terms, if a scroll was sealed it usually meant that it was very important as the seals carried the ‘mark’ or signet ‘code’ of the personage giving the scroll its authority. The sealing of a scroll also served to hide its message until a set time. The Greeks referred to such scrolls as biblion; this is where the word Bible comes from. The word syllabus comes from the tag that was attached at the end of the scroll signifying who it was from, the sillybos. It was made up of columns and was on a continuous roll or cylinder.

The connotation of a ‘sealed scroll’ meant that it had irrevocable mandates to be carried out, without delay or impediments. The seals were successive in their unveiling as the breaking of one seal only revealed certain information until it reached the subsequent unbroken seal. A sealed scroll also served to conceal the contents of the message much like the Bible codes. The message was ‘hidden’ until the seals were broken at an appointed time.

This is why the Book of Revelation in the Greek is called an Apocalypse as in an un-raveling or unfolding versus an Apocrypha that is a veiling or concealing. Christ chose to reveal the contents of His coming Wrath within this 7-7-7 code of judgment, if at least in metaphorical terms to all those that have ‘ears to hear’. There is a scholarly debate as to when the Seals are broken specifically. The argument is whether the Seal judgments have actually taken place already, are taking place or are to take place.

The answer is probably all the above as prophecy is multilayered and casts its shadow down the halls of time. Some believe that the Seals might have been metaphorically broken in the past but the contents will be fulfilled in real time or at some point in the future. This time is referred by many as the Tribulation. Some speculate that the Seals have occurred in GLORY - since Christ’s ascension into Heaven and so on.

Others believe the Seal judgments will only occur literally to be fulfilled after the Rapture as the Church is promised not to subject His Bride to the same Wrath of the Lamb that is going to be poured out upon a Christ-rejecting world. Whether the physical Seals are broken in the LORD’s presence or yet to be broken remains to be seen as it was a ‘vision’ given to the Apostle John.

In Revelation 5:1-4 it states, ‘And I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the Throne a Book written inside and on the back, sealed up with 7 Seals. And I saw a strong Angel proclaiming with a loud voice, "Who is worthy to open the Book and to break its Seals?" And no one in Heaven, or on Earth, or under the Earth, was able to open the Book or look into it.’

The good news is that Jesus is worthy to break the 7 Seals. Jesus is described as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. This paints a prophetic picture of who Jesus is and what He did to qualify Him to break the 7 Seals. Racially, He is a Jew, a promised physical descendant of Abraham and of royalty as the Son of David. He Himself was of a ‘mixing’. He was 100% human yet 100% GOD. This is referred to as the hypostatic union. To be worthy, it required a perfect sinless human, a representative of Adam to redeem not only Adam’s fallen race but the Earth and Creation as well.

What made Jesus worthy was that He was without sin. Moreover He qualified to take the full brunt of the Law’s requirement for transgressions of YHVH’s Holy Laws. He uniquely rose from the death in bodily form. An amazing aspect about His resurrection is that as a human in bodily form and dimensions now, Jesus has ‘sat the right hand of Majesty in Heaven’. Presently there is a human that is on the Throne and now legally able to execute vengeance and judgment upon Lucifer and the world. It will be at Jesus’ 2nd Coming that He will literally take back the Earth to possess.

As it pertains to the Seal judgments and the timing of the Rapture, this study suggests that the Rapture as taught to be all encompassing of the Resurrection of the Dead in Christ and those that are live in the Last Generation is uniquely distinct from other Raptures found in the Bible. For one, this study suggests that the Rapture is tied to the timing related to the duration of the Church Age. This means that the Rapture cannot occur until the Time of the Gentiles is fulfilled and the commission of the Bride during the Church Age is completed down to the very minute.

Second, the Church of Christ cannot exist during any portion of what will constitute the Wrath of GOD and to include that of the Lamb or Satan’s even. Regardless, the whole comprehensive notion of Wrath is what Jesus promised His Church to be spared of. This study thus suggests that the Seal judgments are what constitutes this Wrath, all inclusive. This means that based on these assumptions the Rapture of the Bride of Christ has to occur before the Seals are broken and cannot be present during the time that will constitute the 42 month ascension of the AntiChrist and his total reign for 42 months.

It is the breaking of the Seal judgments that constitutes the sentencing of the world and Lucifer for which the Bride is required to be present as a witness and because she is the one that has been the ‘accused’ throughout the Church Age and thus has to face her Accuser. The Rapture is about a legal summonsing to the courtroom of Heaven to have the Bride of Christ be vindicated and assume the vacated thrones of dominions and powers that at which time Lucifer will forever be expunged from Heaven.

The Code of Parables
Jesus Christ is the ultimate author and finisher of prophecy. He is the encoded Word that was made incarnate. He verbally spoke face to face with fellow humans. This was done though in ‘code’ in some instances in the form of parables. It was to intentionally hide the meaning of the messages so as to not be understood, if that is hard enough to believe. The word parable means metaphor that is used to illustrate; really another way of saying ‘code’. The point is that in principle, spiritually speaking the secrets or the ‘codes’ are to be given to those whom the Kingdom to come has been prepared for.

‘And the Disciples came, and said unto Him, Why do you speak unto them in parables?  He answered and said unto them, because it is given unto YOU to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but unto them it is NOT given.’ -Matthew 13:10-11

Thus Jesus spoke in this ‘code’ to the masses contrary to popular believe that He was a teacher dispensing all types of knowledge and wisdom; He did but there was a stipulation. Jesus basically stated that such ‘codes’ were to be for those that said that they could see, so that they would not see, and for those that said that they heard so they would not hear.

‘All these things Jesus spoke to the crowds in parables, and He did not speak to them without a parable. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet: I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things hidden since the foundation of the world.’ -Matthew 13:34-15

Here it is plainly declared by Jesus that the Bible has hidden messages or codes that have revelation and understanding to be grasped. This spoke of the sad spiritual condition of Israel. Israel was not ready for this type of revelation, knowledge or understanding. Will this also be the condition of GOD’s People in the Last Days?

Could it also be that this is why the LORD is ‘speaking’ in Bible ‘codes’ and through celestial patterns in these Last Days? Why would YHVH speak in codes? For the same theological reason that is it for those that will hearken and for those that will not believe in the Last Days. It is sort of dividing of the sheep from the goats. Jesus recognized that not all humans will come to Him for pure and sincere reasons of repentance that seek to be part of His Kingdom. Many just seek the LORD to be satiated with temporal blessings instead.

Thus it can be seen from various example in the Bible that ‘codes’ confirmed established prophecy. Bible codes are not to be dispelled as they do not contribute to confusion but reinforcement. This is not insinuating that those that those Followers of Jesus in particular that do not believe in the Bible code phenomena are not of GOD and Christ. The issue is if one is in right standing with YHVH that can only be attained through Jesus Christ. This is exceptionally the case if one ‘reads’ and understands the code that Jesus is correctly; it is an issue of the heart. Why this is crucial is that the ‘code’ of Jesus will determine one’s eternal destiny, it is a matter of eternal life or death.

The Emmaus Code
In part, another possible reason why Jesus spoke in parables and gave the book of Revelation in ‘code’ could be because many seek the codes to ‘know’ the future as does Lucifer. Will that foreknowledge of the future change a heart; will that save one’s soul and lead one to repentance and call to a holy life? This same questions can be asked of the Bible Codexes. In most cases no according to the Bible. Jesus spoke of a real situation and not a parable in which a cruel master mistreated a lowly servant named Lazarus. The Rich Man died rich but went to Sheol, the place of the Dead. Lazarus the beggar died also but went to Paradise, which was Abraham’s Bosom before Christ.

The Rich Man ordered Lazarus to warn his brothers of hell so they could repent. The response was astonishing. The Jews, it was stated have the Law and the Prophets, meaning that the Bible is enough. GOD’s people know of the consequences and the conclusion of the matter yet they would not believe a resurrected man come back to life to warn them of one’s eternal destiny. Sadly this was a foreshadowing of how a true resurrected man, Jesus Christ did came back from the place of the Dead. He was a type of ‘Joseph’ that warned His brothers, the Jews and Humanity of their eternal consequence for not repenting.

The point is that Humanity already ‘knows’ the end, the outcome of Humanity’s plight. The future is already coded in the Bible. The books of Daniel and Revelation as well as Zachariah, Ezekiel for example are the code of YHVH revealed to Humanity to the degree that it can be understood. Thus it is based on the Written Word, Jesus that the living and the dead will be judged by. In the Great White Throne judgment will attest to this fact as the Dead will be judged by their words as ‘the books were opened’. To this extent the research of Biblical code searchers in particular that research the codes within the Biblical context just confirm what is about to come to pass prophetically.

Faith in the Bible is like a ‘code’. The core message of the Torah, the Prophets and the New Testament is all about YHVH and this plan of redemption through His SON, Jesus Christ. Faith depends on the object, Jesus not the subject, a Believer. Faith is certain. Thus those who are religious or theological and try to rely on their own faith ability have it backwards. It is actually what the Bible exemplifies as theological insecurity and lack of faith actually. The point is that Biblically speaking, faith is dependent on the object of faith, which is the completed work of Jesus. There is nothing to be or can be added to it. It is contrary to any other philosophy or religion.

This is why the most dogmatic religions like Catholicism and Islam insist on absolute conviction and works. True faith is not threatened nor can it be coerced into believing because Christianity is predicated not upon fear but love. The Bible does not need defending nor codes to authenticate it ether. Just because a person willfully and knowingly choses to ‘believe’ does not make that religious axiom or systematic theology true, no matter what religion it is based on. The point is that absolutism and truth are found outside of man’s domain of existence, space and time.

The very purpose the Bible and perhaps codes within the Bible is to reveal such nuances from eternity to demonstrate the integrity of the object of faith, YHVH’s provision in Jesus. Ultimately the true measure of faith is Jesus because He is the ‘hidden’ Manna come down from Heaven. The theme and true code of YHVH’s Scriptures is Jesus that has now been unveiled and revealed in the flesh to Humanity. It is Jesus Christ that is encoded in the Torah, the Prophets and the New Testament that is predicated on being unveiled and revealed by the Almighty. Jesus himself attested to this fact as He gave an impromptu Bible Study to His Disciples on the road to Emmaus.

As the Disciples on the road to Emmaus exemplified, a sincere religious conviction should be coming from a personal encounter with Jesus. The Scriptures say that the eyes of the Disciples were opened at the breaking of the bread. This is the example of divine revelation, of true spirituality independent of the believer. The opposite is man-made religion that coerces out of fear; where there is a Satanic conviction to the point of murdering those that will not convert or submit forcefully to a certain theology or will of a false god.

This study concurs with the words of Jesus, that He is the absolute, the true code revealed and decoded in plain speech communicated directly face to face from GOD to Mankind. The point is that it takes an unveiling, a revelation that can only be bestowed by Jesus, the Great Teacher. This is the difference presented in this study and what gives true validity and reliability to the revelation found in the Bible Codexes that have messages for the Last Days. Such are explained through the teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit as it has been given to those with godly discernment to reveal and confirm the Scriptures concerning messages to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in the Last Days.

Thus perhaps in a Biblical correlation, as Jesus was ‘hidden’ or veiled in Scripture, He was unveiled by His teaching in Scripture to His Disciples on the road to Emmaus. Could the Bible codes that are ‘hidden’ or veiled be unveiled now likewise? This unveiling event occurred after Passover. It is part of the Spring Holy Feast days of YHVH. These are called the Moedim or the Appointed Times. GOD used such celebrations as object lessons that exemplified the Plan of Salvation. There were a total of the 7 major feasts, 3 in the spring, 1 at the start of Summer and the last 3 in the Fall. The Feasts occur in close succession.

This Biblical example is to show that it took revelation directly from Jesus and spending time with the LORD to obtain comprehension of Scripture. It was as if Jesus unveiled Himself to the Disciples as the ‘code’ hidden like the Afikomen during the Passover that has to be searched and found. Ironically it was to foreshadow how from that point forward, prophetically Jesus was to be only be revealed to His Disciples but veiled to the religious Jews until His 2nd Coming. This is related to the prophetic scales falling on the eyes of Israel alluded to by the Apostle Paul. According to the New Testament teaching, this spiritual blindness will not be lifted once the commission of the Church Age is completed and then after the time of Jacob’s Troubles is completed also.

The Code of Nebuchadnezzar
The question has to be asked, what does the LORD have to say about codes being placed in the Bible? Does the LORD Himself use codes at all to communicate? Yes He did and does. One prime example when YHVH used a Bible code was when King Nebuchadnezzar was given a dream of empires encoded with the dimensions corresponding to time, a bodily form, metals and beasts. A Rock smashed the statue that thereafter filled the whole Earth. This was an example of how the aim of prophecy is to testify of Jesus Christ because ultimately the Rock that was cut from Heaven is Jesus and will come back to Earth. Obviously this scenario was ‘code’ for the ultimate prophecy of the preeminence of Jesus Christ that is to return to claim Earth and its kingdoms according to Christian eschatology.

King Nebuchadnezzar nor his magicians and astrologers could interpret the code. The king as a mere man and ungodly could not interpret the dream or ‘crack the code’. He needed a code searcher. It was YHVH Himself that decoded the message for the Prophet Daniel. This godly Prophet then relayed to the king the meaning of YHVH’s code; it was a code of judgment. It took a godly man, Daniel that was required to decode the message that is the difference. This study strongly suggests that the missing link to this Bible code phenomenon is a godly man or woman needed to complete a Bible code circuit.

This proves that mere men, religious or not can at least handle and observe ‘bible codes’ but the point of this study as it pertains to the validity and reliability of Bible codes is that it takes a ‘Daniel’ or a ‘Joseph’ to correctly divide the Word of Truth. The king like so many people are misguided by faith in other ‘gods’ or seek revelation in other codes. One supposition of the ‘Nebuchadnezzar code’ is that it relates to the archetype of what the AntiChrist identity will consist of. It is represented by the various metals, time and delineation of the body or statue dreamt by the King.

The alloys, beasts and body delineations ultimately correspond to the type of man or men that ruled and will rule that particular facet of the AntiChrist system from the time of Babylon until the return of Jesus. Babylon was the head of gold that corresponded to Nebuchadnezzar, the winged lion. The subsequent silver empire was a 2 prong rulership of Media and Persia that corresponded to the offset bear with 2 kings, Xerxes and Darius. The 3rd bronze empire was that of the Greeks with the midsection corresponding to Alexander the Great’s 4 leading generals depicted as a winged leopard with 4 heads.

The long legs of iron correspond to Rome. The Caesar was Constantine that represented one empire but with 2 capitals, one in the West at Rome and the other in the East, Constantinople. This last beast had a morphing of the 2 segments corresponding to the knee delineation of the long legs. Both empires in their own right fell. In the West the Roman Empire morphed into the Catholic Holy Roman Empire or the Vatican led by a Pope. In the East the Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Muslims and a Caliphate emerged ruled by the Sultan, aka, the Mahdi.

Realize that the Muslim Caliphate was headquartered at Constantinople, which is now Istanbul. This could very well be the prelude to the mixing of the iron with clay in the Last Days that constitute the 10 toe confederation. This study suggests that the last Man, i.e., the ‘Little Horn’ will be what the Christians denote as being the AntiChrist but what the Muslims will call the Mahdi. He will have the support of the West, that it the Pope that will be the False Prophet.

Thus this last ‘mixing’ of the iron with clay gives a clue as to from where the Little Horn will come up from, the Muslim domain. This man will be given the power to rule the known world and will likewise be supported by what could constitute the ‘code’ of mixing of the Catholic Vatican and the Muslim Caliphate in some sort of fashion. It will be a fragile association with 5 leaders in each domain.

The ‘code’ defining the political and religious mixing of the last and 4th Beast system will exemplify this ‘Christ.’ He will be the ‘AntiChrist’ to some and ‘Christ’ to others. This dichotomy could very well define the particular ‘mixing’ of the Iron with Clay metaphorically on one prophetic level. What can be seen in Obama is the epitome of this ‘mixing’ of Nebuchadnezzar statue of empires. Particularly in the Last Days and in the last rendition of ‘AntiChrist’, the Son of Perdition will possess a ‘mixing’ of both race and adherence to perhaps the both religions or its mixing.

This Man of Sin will be bestowed the power, politically, economically and religiously to rule perhaps as the Messiah and the Mahdi will be one in the same because of his African lineage. This makes him a descendant of Nimrod, the King of Babylon. The point being that as it was Nimrod who started Babylon that perhaps one of his descendant of is the one that will end it. This notion of prophetic ‘mixing’ in the Last Days would also extend to a political mixing as observed in the following way even with Obama.

One odd political peculiarity about Obama was that when he initially becoming President of the USA he also, at the same time was ‘chosen’ to be President of the UN Security Council and actually held session. This ‘mixing’ of political offices at the same time could have been another clue or ‘code’ as to an additional designation of what the ‘Little Horn’ would politically look like. Holding such an office was a direct violation of having an active U.S. President hold a foreign office or title; it was a ‘mixing’ of both. Perhaps such a dual occupancy held by one man was a reflection of the mutual endorsement of the coming New World Order Obama admitted has been working hard to achieve behind the scenes.

The Critique of the Codes
Although most Biblical prophecy is given in allegorical terms and in a metaphorical framework, the end result or effect will no less be within the realm of the laws of physics that affects physical science. Bible prophecy will affect the natural laws within the constructs of time and space in which Humanity exists and for which destiny is decreed. One such scientific genius who had an unbiased grasp of this interface of the metaphorical and metaphysical cause and effect related to Bible prophecy was Isaac Newton.

It has not only been in the modern era that non-Jewish theologians, statisticians and mathematicians have ventured to evaluate the Bible prophecy and codes. Such a person Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton's contributed much to mathematics and physics. He is attributed to have discovered the properties of gravity and he formulated the laws of motion and of interaction between bodies. He even invented the Calculus of differentiation and of integration. Foremost, he was a devout Christian who knew the ‘signs of the times’, a true ‘Wise Man’ as were the Kings of the East that used the study of prophecy and codes to discover Jesus. Based on scholarly papers later discovered, Isaac Newton knew that the Bible was written in codes. 

It is supposed that he spent considerable time trying to decode the Bible. This is based on the research of Michael Whit and his book entitled Isaac Newton, which purports that he died trying to work out the date of Armageddon from the Bible codes. This is a clear example how a scientist recognized that the prophecy found in the Bible transcended mathematics and statistical probability. As it has been stated, Biblically prophecy cannot be subject to mathematics and statistical probability alone. At best, the sceptics of the Bible codes can only fall back on statistical probability of what is reliable and valid.

The Creator is absolute; science is not. This is the error of mathematicians and statisticians that use science as the basis for absolutism and unfortunately it is used to ‘disprove’ ‘God’ even though ‘science’ cannot possibly measure the supernatural. Such are refusing the possible creative design elements found within Creation itself that alludes to a Creator or of the GOD of the Bible as He is revealed, i.e., the God Particle. To many, science has become and is the ‘religion’ of the sophisticated and learned but whose ‘god’ is reason and intellect only; no ‘Plus Ultra’, nothing beyond.

A test of faith is taking the Creator’s words at face value and belief that what YHVH has decreed in the Bible is to occur based on what has already occurred that was said to by prophecy. This requires a study in history to ascertain the reliability of Biblical prophecy. The true test comes from those predictive codes. Those who do not believe that codes have been deliberately inserted in the Bible, do not need to prove anything as they do not make any extraordinary claims. Nonetheless the Bible code tables presented in this study thus do make such an extraordinary claim that revelation is found in the Bible Codexes and in the celestial patterns for that matter that have messages for the Bride of Christ, the Church and for Israel in these Last Days.

Joseph’s Astronomical Codes
The following is where the Bible proclaims a prophecy in an Earthly and Heavenly code having a hidden meaning that only a godly man and women of YHVH could decipher. Such patterns where revealed to Joseph of how the stalks of wheat and the stars danced around about him as did the Sun and the Moon and bowed before Joseph. These were clearly ‘codes’ that were meant metaphorically to convey prophecy that is history written that has not yet occurred. Joseph realized this as the LORD give the interpretation to Joseph to infer that the 11 stalks of wheat and stars were his 11 brothers. The Sun was his father Jacob and the Moon was his mother Rachel, etc.

As the storyline goes, the sons of Jacob became jealous of the youngest and favorite son. This collective animosity reached a point that they sold their very own brother for silver into bondage to the Ishmaelite’s, the enemies of the Birth Right of Isaac that YHVH had promised to Abraham. This was to foreshadow the same prophecy of the chosen and anointed Son, Jesus of another Joseph that of Mary’s husband who took the Chosen One down to Egypt as Joseph was for the purpose of liberating Israel in a yet future day. This also alludes to the prophetic foreshadowing of how Jesus was sold for silver as Joseph and was despised and rejected by the 12 Tribes of Israel.

This ‘code’ parallels yet a future fulfillment with these same prophetic brothers, i.e., Israel as Jesus will reveal Himself at His 2nd Coming. It was not until Joseph was 2nd in command of all of Egypt and the empire that due to the famine of the then known world that all peoples came to Joseph for bread. This was to include his 11 brothers and eventually his father that bowed to him then. Joseph knowing that they were his brothers nonetheless veiled himself and was ‘hidden’ as if a code in the Bible to be revealed at a future place and time much like the Afikomen.

This is an example of how the story of Joseph is about a hidden son and a revealing of the son confirmed through Biblical and prophetic astronomy and astrology. It is a clear example of how the Creator uses both to convey a message within the code of prophecy written in the Bible. Therein, such celestial bodies as revealed to Joseph to include comets, solar and lunar eclipse thus function as Biblical time markers for the Creator’s prophetic time clock. This was decreed as Israel was to be in Egypt of 430 years. This started with Joseph coming in and with Moses going out. Will it be, can it be no different with GOD’s People, to include Israel and the Church in the End Days?

Such was the case of interpretation for celestial code searchers of the heavens back then. For example the LORD gave the Magi or Wise Men cosmic codes of revelation through the Mazzaroth. In essence the Mazzaroth is the ‘code’ in the Heavenlies written in the stars proclaiming the prophecy of Jesus’ work and Plan of Salvation. Such ‘codes’ are hidden in plain sight because it takes a discernment that has to be initiated by those that seek wisdom and above all seek understanding into the Creator’s hidden secrets that will comprehend. Such were the Wise Men that used astronomy to interpret the way to the place of the birth of the Savior, Jesus of Nazareth. Realize again that the codes are to be secondary witness to the actual Biblical prophecies that are decreed.

Celestial Codes of the Constellations
It has been readably accepted that the Bible does reveal and teach celestial and numerical patterns. The study of numbers and their particular meanings, in essence is numerology. Astrology is the interpretation of Astronomy. As such that they all constitute knowledge; they can be used for good or evil. The difference is the subject and what the information will lead the inquirers to do. One will lead you to Christ, the other take you from Christ. The point is that the Church, for fear of their occultic utilization has forfeited this divine codification of knowledge and revelation that is part of the fabric of YHVH’s plans seen in prophecy.

The Church of Jesus throughout the Church Age should have been replete with Isaac Newton’s that like the Sons of Issachar knew how to read the signs or ‘codes’ of the time and what course for Israel or the ‘Church’ to take. The Magi who sought the King to be born in Israel used Astronomy, the charting of the stars to find Him etc. They used Astrology to interpret such signs that truthfully lead them to Jesus; this the key difference between the two schools of knowledge. The code searchers were led by the Spirit and the unveiling was revealed by the LORD. Currently such a debate in the Church of such codes and celestial patterns is also occurring. The test for such presented revelation is this, are the code searchers led of the Spirit and do the charts led one to Jesus Christ?

This study suggests that the Mazzaroth or Zodiac is, yet another example of prophetic ‘code’ hidden or veiled in plain sight. Each of the 12 Signs of the Cosmos are a code that builds upon each other as one complete combination. To unlock this ‘Gospel code’ written in the stars, one needs to know the meaning of each star in the constellations. One example that is highlighted below is the ‘code’ or sign of the celestial Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It portrays Pegasus as a swift agent of rescue and deliverance for Andromeda. She is a picture of the Bride of Christ that although in ‘bondage’ on Earth will soon take flight and be swept away and rescued from the wrath to come.

The typology of a swift Rapture, of an escape and deliverance of a Maiden is edged in the very fabric of the Cosmos. The depiction is also reminiscent of the fiery horse chariot that swung down to rapture Elijah to Heaven. This is one of the many ‘codes’ or signs of the Zodiac that conveys wisdom and understanding without uttering a word as Psalm 19 states. These ‘codes’ or signs are tied to the dimension of time. What this implies prophetically is that if the Rapture does not happen, then the stars might as well turn off their light.

The stars are a key that unlocks the Cosmic code of the Rapture and perhaps its timing. As noted, the Gospel ‘code’ is written even in the stars that have a beginning and end just as Jesus is that Alpha and Omega, the Alef and the Tav. The Mazzaroth or Zodiac mentioned in the Bible comes from the Babylonian word Manzaztu for ‘station and position’. The Bible declares that the constellations in the Heavenlies are like a matrix table where all the heavenly hosts have a station and position, much like every letter found in the Bible code matrix tables.

The Belshazzar Bible Code
The Mazzaroth can be explained as a code that begins with Virgo and ends with Leo. This was ‘code’ for example that the Messiach’s 1st visitation would be through a Virgin birth as a Lamb to be led to the slaughter for sin. However His 2nd visitation would be as a conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. This is the same Messiah with 2 facets of His mission, Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David. This is a clear example of how the allegorical and metaphorical translated into a concrete and literal reality was found in Jesus. In Jesus, the judgment and mercy of the Creator specifically converged together at a point in time and space at Mt. Calvary. This Plan of Redemption as displayed in the Cosmos will be fully realized at Jesus’ 2nd Coming, in the not too distant future. Truly, the Heavens declare the Glory or ‘code’ of the LORD.

Another primary Biblical example of YHVH Himself using a ‘Bible code’ occurred when Babylon was being besieged at the time the writing was written on the wall with the finger of GOD as disclosed in Daniel chapter 5. Based on the best interpretations, it is believed that the ‘code’ was laid out at 5 columns of 3 letters each or 3 rows of 5 letters each. It is displayed in the painting by Rembrandt in his famous Belshazzar of 1635. This is astonishing as the Bible code matrix that was depicted is how the modern computer code matrix tables are laid out.

Again, this painting by Rembrandt resembles a miniature modern computer matrix. It was a code of prophecy with a hidden message of judgment that only a godly man could decipher. It was the decree of the unalterable judgment of the immanent fall of Babylon. That very night King Belshazzar was slain and Darius the Mede became King of Babylon; this can be verified by historical accounts. The code is as follows with its interpretation given by the then aged Prophet Daniel, the code searcher in chapter 5:25-33.


Here is what these words mean.
Mene: GOD has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.
Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

Daniel decrypts this ‘code’ as these words constituted a function of accounting with a mathematical factor of measurement as in scales, mainly to have been numbered, weighed and divided. It was purely an accounting scenario and reckoning which is what judgment is really all about; about rectifying what is owed and closing out and account. In all together, the ‘code’ consisted of 15 letters that rendered Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparsin.

פרסין חקל מנא מנא

Mene = mina                           to count
Mene = mina                           to count
Teqel = shekel                        to weigh
Upharsin = half-mina              to divide

ס ר ח  מ מ
י  פ  ק  נ  נ
ן  ך  ל  א א

When the code matrix is stacked onto itself in Equal Distant Sequence, other terms can also be obtained like the following.

טיןvertical left = clay
ןקמdiagonal from bottom left = vengeance
אקטdiagonal from bottom right = act

Based on this study’s ascertain and context of it hypothesis, the Handwriting on the Wall should really be stated ‘The Code Written in the Wall’. This code matrix written by YHVH on the wall was not discernable to the pagan king nor their guests and nobles. As before in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s code, it took the faculty of a godly man of YHVH to discern from GOD’s direct revelation and interpretation of the codes in Hebrew. It is assumed that it was in Hebrew or else there would have been no need for an interpretation when the aged Daniel was given this code to decipher.

Could this be indicative of the how such codes in the Last Days echo the revelation that YHVH is to likewise reveal to the ‘Babylon’ of the current world and to its ‘king’ that did not humble himself and his kingdom or nation is to be weighed, found wanting, divided and given to another? This is one instance in the Bible where clearly the LORD gave a code that was both reliable and statistically significant, so much so that the warning was an irreversible decree of judgment, of the king, his people, nation and empire. Yet again, the code was a matter of life and death. Could it be also in these Last Days that as the codes are being revealed that specifically speak of warnings to the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel that impending doom is to come as in a sudden destruction?

As the revelation of the Bible codes were given to Daniel the Bride needs to speak a stern warning for all those who are proud and will be unprepared when the banquet suddenly ends, the music stops and sudden destruction judgment befalls all. Daniel is promised glory and deliverance during the ‘sudden destruction’ and demise of the Babylonian Empire in one night. It is only the Bride of Christ that like Daniel will shine as the stars of Heaven because she led many to righteousness. Yet Daniel is given the promise of his reward for his faithfulness and commission in contrast to the judgment decreed.

The Veiled Codexes of Prophecy
According to Bible code searchers, the best medium for identifying codes in the Bible is in the original Hebrew as it is the direct form of the written Word given to Moses by YHVH. However as it has been noted, the rest of the Bible that is the Prophets is not normally utilized by the Jewish code searcher to examine codes. The main reason that the Rabbis avoid the Prophets is that the codes will clearly reveal a plethora of Axis, ELS terms and in the plain text of the name Yeshua that is rendered Jesus.

Moreover it will show that the ELS terms will confirm, without a doubt the attributes that will clearly distinguish the terms that only Jesus of Nazareth could have been associated with. This is another item of debate within the Bible code searchers, mainly Jews vs. Christians in the interpretation of who is Jesus. Jesus Himself stated that the Scriptures attest to Him. In the book of Revelation, Jesus entitles Himself with being the Beginning and the End. In the original Greek it is the Alpha and Omega.

‘Behold, I am coming soon, bringing My Recompense with Me, to repay each one for what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (Alef and Tav).’ -Revelation 22:12-13

This is an amazing clue of the fingerprint of the Creator’s code ‘hidden’ or veiled in plain sight even in His sacred text. As the Bible starts with this ‘hidden’ imagery of Jesus in the midst of the Creation verse, the Bible ends with the revelation of who this Alef and Tav is. It is Jesus. The following is the example of how Jesus, the Alpha and Omega in Greek or the Alef and the Tav in Hebrew is encoded in Genesis 1:1 as a menorah pattern within the Creation verse itself. The center stem called also the Servant Stem corresponds to the Title of Messiach that Jesus ascribed to Himself in Matthew 20:28: ‘The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.’

‘I AM – the Alef אֵ and the Tav ת’ The Beginning and the End

ץרֶאָהָ      תאֵוְ   םימִַשָּׁהַ    תאֵ     םיהִלֹאֱ  ארָבָּ   תישִׁארֵבְּ
     the Earth.     and       the Heaven                         GOD        created   In the Beginning
         776           853            8064             853            430           1254            7225
      Ha’ares      we’et     hassamayim        ‘et           ‘Elohim        bara           Beresit

Every 50th letter count code, a Jubilee type of return.

         1                  2                  3                  4                   5                
Genesis       Exodus       Leviticus      Numbers    Deuteronomy
     TORH          TORH                             HROT           HROT
        -->               -->                X                <--                  <--

The Crucifixion of Adonai
As a ‘servant’ not to be seen, Jesus is ‘hidden’ or veiled in plain sight within Creation, right in the midst of the verse of 7 words like a menorah. It was the Priest, the Servant of the Temple that tended to the lighting of the Golden Menorah. The second word in the ‘Creation code’ infers a Creator. In Colossians 1:16, the New Testament declares that it is indeed Jesus who is the Creator. ‘For by Him (Yeshua) ALL things were created that are in Heaven and that are on Earth.’ The 3 character word ארָבָּ is made up of the Beyt that in Paleo-Hebrew was depicted as a house or tent. The second letter was the Resh. It denoted a man’s head to infer a 1st rank or sequence order. The last character was the Al that was depicting an ox’s head.         

ץרֶאָהָ   תאֵוְ   םימִַשָּׁהַ     תאֵ   םיהִלֹאֱ  ארָבָּ   תישִׁארֵבְּ
the Earth.     and       the Heaven                       GOD          created      In the Beginning
         776           853            8064             853          430             1254                7225
      Ha’ares       we’et     hassamayim       ‘et         ‘Elohim           bara               Beresit

Thus the term ‘creator’ can be simplified to it pictorial core that means ‘GOD the SON’ or The ‘Son of GOD’. Literally the ‘code’ of Creation can be read as the following, ‘In the Beginning, GOD the SON, GOD, The Beginning and the END (Jesus) created the Heavens and the Earth.’ The name Yeshua also has this same ‘code’ of a 7 branch word menorah. Below is the same verse that infers this supposition based on the short spelling of Jesus.

 1   234     5       67    
ע  ו  ש י
Creator - Son of GOD – Jesus

Jesus is found in the Alefbet in that each letter is a particular facet of the character and person of Messiah. Each letter is a ‘code’ that reveals the hidden meaning based on the letter’s root definition. Below is an example of the Alef and Tav, the Beginning and End, a title of Jesus. Based on the root meaning, it is an amazing revelation of Jesus’ 1st Coming and 2nd Coming. It is a ‘veiled’ depiction of the LORD being crucified. The Tav represents the means by which Jesus secured the Eternal Covenant.

Jesus was marked by the nails on His hand to seal that on the Cross. The Alef denotes how the coming King was and is a Teacher, meek, as a Joshua, a leader who is the LORD that is to reign on Earth at His 2nd Coming as the conqueror over sin, death and Lucifer. The Alef and Tav are in reversed order as Jesus, the King, humbled Himself to redeem Adam’s race. Jesus first came as the ‘Lamb’ of YHVH before He is to take possession of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth at His 2nd Coming as a ‘Lion’. The Following are the definitions of Tav and Alef, which literally means at its ultimate inference, ‘Adonai on the Cross’.

Rapture Code
Another controversial topic is the timing of the Rapture. Raptures have singularly occurred in the past as with Enoch, Elijah and Jesus. The Bible alludes to there being more Raptures in the future that will involve the 144,000 and the 2 Witnesses during the Tribulation, etc. As it pertains to ‘The Rapture’, it is not some arbitrary snatching away of one or of a few but those that will specifically constitute the Bride of Christ. This Rapture is the long awaited Blessed Hope taught by the Apostle Paul. It is a promise of the Resurrection of the Dead in Christ Jesus.

(The Crucifixion)
The Lamb
1st Coming as Messiah ben Yosef
ת  TAV: The Mark, To Seal, A Covenant, On Cross

(Millennial Reign)
The Lion
2nd Coming as Messiah ben David

 אֵ   ALEF: The Teacher, Is Meek, a Leader, Is Adonai

The depiction of the fiery horse chariot that swung down to rapture Elijah to Heaven is also reminiscent of Pegasus rapturing of Andromeda that is the Cosmic ‘code’ for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Could it be possible to consider that the coming of Elijah as one of the 2 Witnesses will be an ‘exchange’ for the Bride’s completed witness? According to the code searcher, Enoch and Elijah will most likely be the 2 Witnesses as seen over and over in these code matrices. At no other time in Church history has the Church been able to have such discernment to understand of the Last Days as taught by the Holy Spirit.

This study suggests that is ‘unveiling’ of certain prophetic details is at least in part because there is now an unveiling of the ‘coded’ messages, Bible codes and celestial patterns that were given but sealed to the Prophet Daniel. Those messages were to be specifically for the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in the Last Days. As it has been noted, the difference in mere code searching and Bible code searching is the code searcher. Moreover if the code searcher is anointed of the LORD to reveal the messages of the Bible codes, it is to be taken note of. Why is this important? Perhaps such are part of the prophetic equation that is required to complete the prophetic commission of the Bride that is to teach and preach, discern and warn. This is illustrated in yet another type of the Bride of Christ associated with code breaking and the Rapture as described in Acts 8:26.

When the Ethiopian Eunuch was reading about the ‘Suffering Servant’ of YHVH in Isaiah and who it was referring to, the Ethiopian Eunuch could not totally grasp the scope of the veiled identity of the suffering Messiah, much like Israel. Again the point is that it takes a godly man like the Apostle Phillip to be sent by the LORD to ‘break the code’. Phillip revealed the identity of who the Suffering Servant was. He explained that this Redeemer is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. What happened next after the ‘code’ was revealed and explained was that Phillip as a type of the Bride was amazing. Phillip was raptured away to another place after the Eunuch’s baptism.

Perhaps now that the Bride of Christ has correctly handled the Bible codes and celestial patterns and interpreted them to the Church and Israel, she like a Phillip type will be whisked away to another place having completed her commission. What is reveling is that Phillip was in the chariot of the Ethiopian, a foreshadowing of Elijah’s fiery horse chariot of glory. As a type, it will come down for the Bride of Christ to meet the King in the air as it is also edged in the Cosmos depicted by Pegasus the winged horse chariot in swift flight snatching or ‘rapturing’ the chained woman, Andromeda.

The eunuch asked Philip, "Tell me, please, who is the prophet talking about, himself or someone else?" Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus. As they traveed along the road, they came to some water and the eunuch said, "Look, here is water. Why shouldn't I be baptized?" And he gave orders to stop the chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptized him. When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again…’ –Acts 8:34-39

Realize that when the Bride of Christ is Raptured, when the Church Age comes to a close and when the prophetic time clock turns back to Israel, the purpose and message of the Bible codes and celestial patterns will have served their purpose. From the point of the Rapture, all that still is left to be prophetically fulfilled is the rest of the book of Revelation. What is to follow are the fulfillments of the Wrath of the Lamb for which there is minimal instruction given to GOD’s People because they should have been evacuated beforehand. The bulk of the LORD instruction and teaching has been for the time period corresponding to the Church Age, not for a time when His Bride would be subjected to the same judgment and wrath as the godless.

What will remain to be fulfilled to complete the testimony to Jesus, is the prophecy of the last few remaining chapters of the book of Revelation concerning Israel. Many sincerely mis-discern the context of the Garden of Gethsemane prayer of Jesus in John 17:15 to ‘not taking them out of the world’ but that GOD would protect them from the Evil One’. This instruction was for the Church Age specifically for the definition of what the commission was to be stipulated upon, lots of tribulation and trials, death and martyrdom. Many erroneously apply this condition and timeframe that is allowed by the LORD to refine and purge the Bride with to the Tribulation period for Israel. If the Bride of Christ is to be subjected to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, corresponding to the Seal judgments of the Lamb’s Wrath upon the unrepentant world and Lucifer, then what is the difference of being of the Bride of Christ?

Codification of the Resurrections
Consider this discrepancy. If YHVH provides the remnant of Israel during the time that is clearly the ‘Wrath’ as it is being poured upon the AntiChrist and his kingdom and provides a refuge of ‘escape’ to those that flee and have a place prepared in Petra, how could the Groom not do this for His Beloved during this time as well? It is because the Bride/Church is not there. This study does distinguish that the Bride of Christ is taken from within the Church. ‘Without holiness, no one will see the Face of GOD.’ The Church Age is about total authority given by the LORD and that the Gates of Hell would not overcome the Church during that time. In contrast, during the Tribulation the Saints are allowed to be worn out and overcome by the AntiChrist.

What is the advantage or motivation for ‘washing one’s robes in the Blood’ to make herself ready? As horrific as the martyrdoms have been throughout the Church Age with the Roman persecutions, the Catholic Inquisition, the Muslim slaughters, it is not the Tribulation as designated that will be the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Such a time will not compare to these permitted atrocities. Many believe that the Bride of Christ will go into the Tribulation or at least the pre-Wrath portions of it, perhaps. In contrast it was the Olivet Discourse that was to prepare and address Israel for the Tribulation, not the Church, or the Bride specifically.

Code is another word for order in a sequence. This implies a counting that involves numbering. It is seen clearly in the Bible that the very inspired Word of YHVH gives even the order or ‘code’ of who witnessed the Resurrection of Jesus and of those to follow in order after in the Resurrection and Rapture to come. This segment of the study will show that the Resurrections follow a codified military pattern of rank and order.

From the Apostle Paul’s perspective the order or ‘code’ of the witnesses to Jesus’ Resurrection starts with the big picture of the Gospel of Salvation and the pinnacle ends with the Apostle Paul. It is like an inverted pyramid that denotes the mission and accomplishment of Christ Jesus first. Then the witnesses to Jesus’ Resurrection are as follows. It was first revealed to the women in the Garden, then to Peter, then the Apostles, the living 500 Witnesses and lastly witnessed by the Apostle Paul in a personal appearance on the Road to Damascus.

To show a comparison of this code of order, the U.S. Army Command Level and Operation Unit diagram will be illustration to visually show just how the Rapture will occur and that GOD is the GOD of hierarchy and code or order, not chaos. An army is made up of units that are organized in combination to other units within a matrix. Each like the matrix of the Bible codes are interlocked and linked in some fashion. The common denominator or lowest and singular unit is the individual soldier that is like a single letter of a code matrix table. The code or rank is as follows. There are 4-10 soldiers that make up a Squad. From there 3-4 Squads make up a Platoon. From there, 3-4 Platoons make up a Company. From there 4-5 Companies make up a Battalion. From there 3-5 Battalions make up a Brigade. Up to 3 Brigades make up a Division.

From there 2-5 Divisions make up a Corp. Lastly 2-5 Corps make up an Army. Jesus has an army on Earth currently. This army is a Woman, a Warrior, and the Church no less. This army has been given all authority over all things on Earth to bind and loosen based on Luke 10:19. The following is a type comparison of Jesus’ spiritual Church Army of the LORD on Earth. Jesus is the Supreme Commander. While on Earth He interacted with the Disciples, there was an inner ring that were the leaders, Peter, James and John for example. From there were the rest of the Apostles. Later on Jesus commissioned the 72 to go out and preach in pairs, etc. As it pertains to the Church, it is organized in a similar fashion as it is referred to as a ‘body’ or corps even.

As an army is traditionally made up of combinations of units, the pattern or code seen of the LORD with His People is very similar. This was seen in how the Tabernacle of Moses was set up and how the Israelites marched through the Wilderness and encamped. Each tribe had designated leaders within its various divisions and had an ensign. It was a codification based on the Mazzaroth even. The congregation of the Israelites was like a military camp that later served to actually wage war.

After Jesus’ resurrection He commissioned the Church as an Army, fully equipped and supplied with all that is needed. Metaphorically the Church of Jesus Christ is to be a conquering army on Earth in the spiritual sense as the battles are waged in the spiritual realm through prayer against Lucifer and his Satanic army on Earth and in the Heavenlies. They are likewise organized and coded by hierarchy, Ephesian 6. Lucifer was the preeminent Arch-Angel that was anointed and covered the Throne of YHVH and lead worship. From there the Seraphim were next, then the Cherubs and Angles in various capacities with degrees of wings and rank order.

The commission of the Earthly Army of the Lamb is to take the Gospel to the 4 corners of the world in every generation until the Times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. The Church was codified for this commission as the Apostles prescribed the government within the Church to provide order and structure. This order was to include Christ as the Head of the Church then the offices of the Apostles foremost, Preachers, Teachers, Evangelists, Deacons, etc., to equip and teach to present everyone mature in the LORD at the time of the Resurrection and Rapture.

Whereupon the Return of the King, the Commander with the Host of Heaven, that is His Warrior Bride at His side as Enoch saw the day and testified about will return to rule Earth. As it pertains to the order or ‘code’ of the Resurrection and Rapture, Jesus was the 1st. It was not a reincarnation as many purport. He was the ‘First Fruits’ of the promise of the coming harvest of the Resurrection and Rapture. In military terms, the order or in a code as in a combination that is to follow. One of Jesus’ titles is that He is the Captain of their Salvation. It is a type and foreshadowing of Joshua leading the Church in the Wilderness to the Promised Land. More than just a Captain, the Bible reveals Jesus’ full rank as being none other than the Top General, the Commander, The Absolute Monarch and Sovereign of the Armies or Hosts of Heaven.

The Apostle Paul goes on to further elaborate on the amazing insight of the code or order of the Resurrection of the Saints at the time of the Rapture, the Blessed Hope. Astonishingly the Resurrection and Rapture process has already started. Jesus preeminently was the first to resurrect physically in full bodily form, not spiritually or partially or deceptively as many enemies of the Cross propose that it was actually a reincarnation. It was not a resuscitation as in the case of Lazarus that died and did see decay. Jesus Christ’s resurrection was the 1st Resurrection. He was the type of ‘First Fruits’ from among the dead as foretaste of what is to come much like the first fruits are representative of the whole harvest that is to be processed at the end of the season.

Jesus’ resurrection was singular, it was the first time a human body died but did not see decay as foretold in Psalm 16:10 and reiterated in Acts 2:27. His body had no need to be physically reconstituted exactly as it was before death, which is the separation of the soul and spirit from the body. Since Jesus was without sin, thus He had no agents of Adam’s genetic corruption in His body as amazing as that is. When Jesus rose from the grave He was bestowed with a new body. What occurred at His resurrection was that He obtained what the Scripture call a Glorified Body, indestructible, eternal and of pure light.

It is with this type of human body that Jesus is literally able to ‘sit at the right hand of Majesty on High’ and yet be in Heaven where the Scriptures state that GOD is spirit and dwells in unapproachable light. This type of body is also promised to all those that in like manner will follow the order or ‘code’ of His resurrection when ‘corruption must put on incorruptibility’. It is what the Apostle Paul describes as being the metamorphosis that will occur in a twinkling of an eye at time of the Rapture. The Blessed Hope is unique amongst all other Raptures as it encompasses the 2nd Resurrection of the Dead to include next those that remain alive that will not see Death but will then be caught up.

What is unique about the Resurrection and Rapture is that thereafter the ‘Soldiers of the Earthly Host’ will need to pass ‘inspection’. It will be a review in that is called the Bema Seat of Christ. This typology of the Bema Seat of Christ of when the Saints Come Marching in, it is to be a literal event in Heaven. The song goes on to reference being in that number. This is pertaining to the ranks or order of the LORD’s Earthly army made up of the Units, Squads, Special Forces, etc., that will be examined for their spiritual spoils throughout the Church Age.

The Bride of Christ will parade the spoils of the Saint’s victories in Christ Jesus. The Sovereign King of the Universe will review and inspect their works unto rewards, not judgment. This typology was seen in the Roman times as the armies of Caesar would bring back the spoils from their military campaigns. The Caesar sat in the Bema Seat in the grand stand as the army by their divisions and units, encoded by their standards with their numbers passed for review.

The Code’s Witness
In Glory, perhaps banners will also depict the Saint’s unit, rank, order; from where they were from and stationed that, etc. This throng would include the Missionaries, Teachers, Preachers, Evangelists, Helpers, Deacons, Deaconesses, Peace-Makers, Ambassadors, and Fools for Christ, etc. Such will be glorying not in themselves but in the work done by them though Christ who strengthened them all for the campaigns of the spiritual war and calls of duty throughout the Church Age.

This study has only presented a comprehensive analysis of the Bible code phenomenon based on core themes of Biblical prophecy. They have dealt with what is at the core of Biblical prophecy itself; Jesus, the Bride of Christ, the Church and Israel in the Last Days. The Bible codes are yet another ‘Witness’ and ‘tool’ of discernment that attests to the LORD’s agenda and schedule of the coming prophetic events yet to take place and perhaps are now being revealed in the Last Days. According to the research and work of several godly code searchers, the Bible codes present messages for the Last Days of judgment to come, of war and sudden destruction, etc.

What prompted the writing of this study is that no one single Bible code matrix could perhaps make such an impact of being reliable and valid or have a claim of prophecy. It has been the case that for over several years now certain themes and patterns of Bible codes matrices themselves have repeated in more than one occasion and exact ELS terms and in the plain text repeat in different matrices. Such are legitimately credible enough to the point that they require action on the part of the Church. Up to this point all the predictive Bible codes presented in this study have come to pass. 

Nonetheless the Bible code matrices disclosed in this study have been presented for one’s discernment and consideration. ‘To him who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches.’ To a large extent, such messages from the codes confirm that which has already occurred in the past. Presently prophecy is being fulfilled with not only the Bible codes but with the celestial codes or patterns. To many they are just as much a message and another ‘witness’ in these Last Days. One must also realize that the same themes, the same ‘codes’ are being recognized and found by other Biblically based code searchers.

The argument that the Bible codes are a product of happenstance or arbitrarily occurring by change would be plausible but the difference that matrices repeatedly occur cannot be a factor of mere random chance. The Bible Codexes presented in this study cannot be excused as mere coincidence. It is a mystery yet to be fully grasped as to what is decreed and what can change.

These prophecies pertaining to the End Days as decreed in the Bible will occur in GOD’s appointed time, irrelevant of man’s interpretation or guessing of when it is to come to pass through code searching. Until the ultimate prophetic decrees are fulfilled, the followers of Jesus Christ should be like a living code to the world especially in these Last Days. Such should be on display, unveiled for all to see, read and understand so as to lead many to Jesus Christ, which is the aim of all prophecy and true Bible codes. The LORD made ‘code searchers’ like Daniel and Joseph an example that such would be a light as bright as the stars because they led many individuals to righteousness. Followers of Jesus Christ need to be like a Daniel, searching the Scriptures because by doing so, revelation and interpretations of veiled enigmas of the LORD’s Word will occur. Daniel searched in the Prophets, that of Jeremiah and found the ‘code’ of 70 years that was to mark the ‘time’ of how long GOD’s People were to be Babylon.

Perhaps there has been a ‘code’ also hidden in Scripture that like the Prophet Daniel and Joseph is tied to a ‘time’ of how long the Church Age is to last and when the Bride of Christ is to ‘go home’. Perhaps these matrices presented have been reserved for such a time as now in the Last Days as they are being unveiled and understood. Perhaps such an unveiling of the revelation found in the Bible Codexes and celestial patterns are what has, in part constituted the messages for the Bride of Christ to be put on notice, to warn the Church to wake up and to witness to Israel in these Last Days.

Could the warnings of the codes and the prophetic scenarios presented in this study be a type of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that is to come in the final hour as sudden destruction comes upon this world as it did for Babylon? The Bride like the Prophet Daniel has been diligent to teach and preach the revealed oracles of YHVH throughout the Church Age. They were unveiled by the Holy Spirit and given her to discern. The LORD promised the Bride that like Daniel at the end of her royal commission she is to be spared and preserved from judgment; to be transferred to shine as the stars in the Majesty on High like a Daniel.

What can rob the Bride of this promise is ignoring the ‘codes’, the signs like Israel did. The issue in the Last Days in and out of the Church is worldliness. This is the message to the Bride of Christ, to the sleeping Church and Israel. It is defined by the LORD as the lust of the flesh, the desire of the eye, and the pride of life. It is the very same trappings of Lucifer that Eve, the 1st Bride fell for and delved the human race into sin and death. May these sins not keep the 2nd Eve, the Bride of Christ from her full redemption and promises of a restored Paradise to come.

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