Why Russia and China will not Nuke the USA, Yet

  • Is there a Cold War 2 currently in play with NATO and Russia?
  • If Nuclear War were to breakout, when would that occur?
  • What does the Bible have to say about this possible Timing?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘You will fall in the Open Field, for I have spoken, declares the LORD GOD. I will send Fire on Magog and on Those who Dwell Securely in the Coastlands, and they will know that I am the LORD. So, I will make My Holy Name known among My People Israel and will no longer allow it to be Profaned. Then the Nations will know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel’. -Ezekiel 39: 5-7

The purpose of this study is to provide one’s assessment of the Military Saber-Rattling against Russia by the West, in particular how NATO and the USA have militarized the former Warsaw Pact Nations like the Ukraine on Russia’s Borders. It is very serious and it is Russia’s main objection against the West. It is one’s opinion, as a Political Scientist that it is a deliberated agenda to provoke Russia. Nonetheless, one believes that any Meetings they will have now, will come to an Agreement and NATO will Stand Down. Russia will ‘Save Face’ and not ‘Nuke’ Europe or the USA…for now. Why not? It is not the time Biblically Speaking. With this framework, one can ascertain that Russia will continue to rise and solidify its position in the Middle East, for example.

It is the Middle East Theatre of War that will occur that will involve Russia. The USA, in contrast will not and lose its Global Hegemony. If the USA is in Biblical Prophecy like Russia, being Gog-Magog as one would agree, it would be as the ‘Coastlines’ whom YHVH will send ‘Fire’ to also destroy. Russia’s Armies and its Muslim Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations will attack Israel when it is a ‘Well Secured’ and wall-less country. What is happening now is what happened in 2008 with another ‘Ukraine’ type of confrontation. At that time, it was the last year of George W. Bush and the Russians perceived him as weak. They saw him incapable as a Sitting Duck and probably going to lose to Obama.

It is no different now with the current US President that is likewise now perceived to be too weak and not in control nor the ‘Leader of the Free World’. The USA is run by the Deep State, the State Department, the CIA, FBI and other Shadow Government entities and People. Such are not loyal to the USA nor its Constitution or its People. But they are ‘milking’ it as a Cow of all its Resources and Wealth as they have done to every other Nation they have been allowed to do so. As for the Russians, they are always wanted to test the US Military resolve, as are the Chinese have. How?

For example, China is ever-creeping into the American Hemisphere. It has increasing ties and commitments to Latin America. And it has also a ‘beachhead’ in the Caribbean, right at U.S.’s Front Door. Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine? There was Cuba, then Nicaragua and now Venezuela falling to the Socialists that are buying Russian-Made Armaments. And in the case of Venezuela, it has even allowed Iranian influence to take hold. Most People in the World do not realize that back in 2008, World War 3 almost started. It was over Georgia, another former Soviet Republic. It became Pro-West, Pro-European Union and like the Ukraine, it was supported by NATO.

Nuclear Saber-Rattling

But there were Ethnic Russians in the East, like Ukraine. There was a Provence, of South Ossetia that is Russian Majority. They sought to break-off from Georgia and join Russia. Which is the case now as that was the outcome. Georgia sent troops; the Russians in Ossetia called on Putin for help. Putin sent troops. Just like it is now in Ukraine. An Ultimatum was declared by Russia, etc. Nothing was really known or reported in the Western Media about this. As many may know, I had mentioned that with our Church Group, we used the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as Cover to smuggle in Bibles through Shenzhen, across from Hong Kong all that Summer.

If any of you have traveled abroad, you know that the News that is reported outside the USA is vastly different. Ok. So, the issue got so hot that Russian Generals were ordered to drive-up those Mobile Nuclear Trucks with Nuke Warheads right across Georgia. At one point, they were hours away from actually giving the command to Launch them at Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia. What happened? Putin called NATO’s Bluff. NATO ‘Blinked’. The USA and NATO stood down and said, they would not commit over Georgia. If this present Ukraine issue is an Ossetia 2.0, then NATO will back down, and the USA. The USA Military has to get back to their Diversity Training.

The ‘Time’ is not yet, in one’s opinion but it is intense as the Globalist are probing at Russia because they want Kazakhstan and Russian wants the Ukraine back. So, why not just yet? Here is my logic. I could be wrong but… Yes, the Globalists have control of Russia, to an extent, but not like Europe or the USA, Australia, etc. Russia is not happy that most of its former Warsaw Pact countries are in NATO. And NATO has militarized their Borders with Russia after promising Russia they would not. Prophetically, realize that Russia will be leading the Muslim Confederation against Israel.

Those with Russia are these Central Asia Republics that are Muslim, and they are too deep for NATO and the Globalist to totally control. Remember also that each Nation has a Fallen Angel over it and they also jockey for Power and Position amongst each other too. The point is that when the coming AntiChrist comes on the scene, he will not have total Dominion over Russia and these Territories. In the Book of Daniel, we see how the AntiChrist actually ends-up in the midst of a Contention over the Middle East between the ‘King of the North, Russia with the King of the South, Egypt. Then it is said that the when the AntiChrist finally makes his move into Israel, he hears News about the King of the North and then the Kings of the East coming his way, i.e., Armageddon Time, etc.
Also, Russia will not Nuke Europe because it gets most of its Hard Currency from selling its Natural Gas to all those Nations. Russian will not ‘kill’ its ‘Golden Goose’. And the EU is the Power of the 4th Beast presently that will arise and from which many believe the actual AntiChrist comes from, at least in the Territory that was the former Empire, which includes the Middle East. Now, if the conflict over Ukraine gets ‘Hot’ and Russia is provoked to Launch against NATO and the USA? It would be a Weak USA. The Chinese have publicly stated that ‘America is Weak and, on its way, down, Falling’. So, this could be a reason why the USA is not in the End Times Scenarios. The Prophetic Pendulum is swinging back to Europe though. 

Biblical Epicenter will be Israel

What one argues is that it will be Israel that will be the Epicenter of coming World Ge-Politics. And this will involve Russia and its Muslim Allies. This is at least what the Bible teaches regarding the Prophecy and Purpose that are yet to be fulfilled. Here is the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog War, and then the Battle of Armageddon as described in the Books of John, Daniel, and Zechariah, etc. The Bible has foretold about the End Times that one is presently living under will be centered there and then. But here is another reason why the Russians will not Nuke the USA. The Chinese practically own the Land now. This thanks to how the National Debt has been bought-up by them. And as the USA will one day ‘default’. This will occur once the US Petro Dollar will no longer be the Premier World Reserve Currency, thanks to Cryptocurrency.

China will come calling to collect. Collect what? Its Land, Natural Resources, and Agricultural Farmland.  This was given as ‘Collateral’ starting with President Clinton. The Bread Basket cannot be Nuked and Radiated. Of course, there are other types of New Weapons now that could probably provide the same outcome. There have been the Direct Energy Weapons that have been experimented on in the USA with ‘Fires’ as in the case of California, Colorado and other places. Then Russia and China are at the Cutting Edge of Hypersonic Ballistic Missiles that will be impossible to detect nor destroy due to their lower trajectory and Supersonic Speed and maneuverability. Now, consider the case of the USA, it is estimated that about 50% of the Population now lives within 150 Miles of its Coastlands.

Most are Liberal, Socialist and anti-Christian. And because of their Political Power, they end-up in Office and are the ones that have dictated, for example the COVID Mandates, etc. It could be feasible that China and the Russians could theoretically ‘Nuke’ just the Coastlines, and that would still leave the majority of the Bread Basket in the Heartland intact. Realize that China has 1.5 Billion People, with a ‘B’. The USA is at 333 Million. For size comparison, all the Chinese can fit in the USA, 4 times over. So, as the Deagel Website estimates that by 2025, only 150 Million or so will be alive in the USA, the Chinese will come for the Food and Fuel to feed its People. This is happening in Australia as well. The Evil Luciferian Globalist have decided to Sacrifice mostly the White Christians. To kill them-off, as many as possible with their Chinese Funded Gain of Function Bio-Weapon Injection.

And this thanks to Fauci and Company. For Australia and Canada, the Chinese and the Globalist will have the whole Continent and Country just be a Farm for themselves. Why is it happening in Australia, New Zealand the UK and Canada? Because they gave up their Right to Bear Arms. This is 1 of the main reasons it has not happened to that scale yet in the USA, thanks to the 2nd Amendment. But no worries, now it has been reported by the U.S. Army that they are beginning to train on US Soils against ‘Freedom Fighters’. This means essentially, White Male Conservative Christians who believe in Jesus, Guns and the Bible. As of this write-up, in the USA, there are at least 12 States that are not about to pass, eventually the legal right to Detain and ‘Quarantine’ those ‘Un-Vaxxed’ into COVID Camps. Why has the World come to this? One’s interpretation is a Biblical one, as mentions.

Enemies Within

It is as Jesus said that in the Last Days, before His Return, it would be ‘As in the Days of Noah’. And how was that? According to the Bible, it was a time of Wickedness, Evil, Murder, Theft, Corruption, Immorality, etc. As many would see and agree, a World Super Power has only lasted on average about 350 Years. And it usually ends-up collapsing from the inside due to Apostacy, Moral Decay, and rejection of the Creator. And no Nation has escaped National Judgment, which usually comes in the form of having one’s Enemies come in to replace them. In the USA, Australia, Canada, it will be a People Captive in their own Land. Due to Abortions, for example, since Roe vs Wade passed in 1973, nearly ~70 Million People have been systematically Murdered.

This is why Millions will have to be allowed to just ‘walk across the US Border’. And they will not be ‘White’, nor Christian, nor Republican; all by design. What was done to the Natives in the USA, Australia, Canada, will now be done to the Conquerors. And lastly, but the most important reason why the Globalists have been frustrated with the USA is that the Restrainer is still Restraining. Most of the present-day Followers of Jesus are heavily concentrated in the USA, when compared in proportion to other Nations. Now perhaps after the Rapture, then yes, one does believe that the USA might very well see a Nuclear Holocaust, but as conjectured, it could be the ‘Coastlines’, etc. This was seen in the George Washington Prophecies. Biblical Evidence?

There is what many suggest is an inference that during the Gog-Magog War, that will be led by Russia, part of the Divine Judgement will be that the Coastlands, of the Peoples that ‘Dwell Safely’ will be consumed by Fire. When? This Biblical Scenario will take place during the Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel. This could be then how the USA is in Biblical Prophecy, perhaps. The USA has always had a sense of Security because it has been removed geographically from the World Wars of Europe and the Middle East. But since 9-11, which was an ‘Inside Job’ happened, America has been in a steady decline in all Fronts: Social, Religious, Military, Education, Morals, etc. One believes that the War that is coming, will be a War the precedes the Gog-Magog War. However, this next major war will be Regional and in the Middle East. It will be between Israel and the Inner-Ring of Muslims Cohorts. How so? What will spark the ‘Trigger’ will be 1st the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus.

This will lead to the Psalm 83 War. This will be the Inner-Ring of Muslim Cohorts against Israel. It may not even involve Nation-States but the various Jihadists Military Arms or Factions that are now ‘Armed to the Teeth’ as they say. The Bible predicts that Israel will win. More importantly, in terms of timing, is that this Scenario will be the time that the AntiChrist is then due to be debuted to the World. Why? He will then, on behalf of the U.N. or NATO what the 10-Nation Confederation the World morphs into, will make a ‘Deal’ with the Jews and Muslims. But this will occur only after the Bride of Christ, all those who have placed their Faith and Trust in Jesus will have been ‘Evacuated’. It will be Jesus’ way of acting as Waring Nations do in that they Recall their Ambassadors to ‘Fall Back’ and return to their Country of their Citizenship. The Bible clearly teaches that for a True Christian, one’s Citizenship is in Heaven. What will occur after the Restrainer is set-aside is that the World Leader, this ‘Prince of Peace’ will fill-n the vacuum.

He will then sets-up the 7-Year Confirming of the ‘Covenant’ with Israel. In having attained the ‘Impossible’ of ensuring ‘Peace in the Middle East’, it will foment a New Age or Order of Peace and Security. It will actually be only momentary and a Deception. How so? Israel is said, by the Prophet Isaiah that Israel and the Many or the World at large will be making a ‘Covenant with Death’. Israel will take-n a laxed disposition from thereon out. It will be because they believe this ‘World Leader’ to be their Messiah has come. He will then Sanction for the Religious Ruling Jews to have the Temple. It will serve as the Icon of the Center of the New World Order, New Religion and new Mandatory worship of this World Leader eventually.

But during this timeframe, Israel will let its Guard and Walls down, literally. Who would attack? Russia…with Kazakhstan, and all those other ‘Stans’ -which mean ‘Land’… that will form the Out-Ring of the Gog-Magog War. What does get ‘Nuked’ by Fire will be the Vatican as that is what the Book of Revelation insinuates. This will be done by the AntiChrist World Leader that will discard of the ‘Whore’ as she is portrayed, once she has finished her job. But again, one could be wrong. And Russia could pull their ‘Nuclear Trigger’ against Europe and/or the USA before all this Prophetic Conjecture. But for the reasons given, one is of the opinion that Russia and China, for that matter would not as it is not in their best interest, just yet.



Chart: Nuclear Detonations USA – Europe in Scenario of an Aftermath

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