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The purpose of this study is to provide some Insights as to why one is more convinced that the True Pentecost of Acts 2 was and is in the 4th Month of the Jewish Year. And that this Month correlates to a July Month in the Gregorian Calendar. Moreover, the Rabbinical Celebration of what is called Shavuot, in June of the counting of the 50 Day Period from Passover in the 3rd Month, is not what occurred in Acts 2, called Pentecost that Western Christian celebrate. Most of Church Tradition considers the 2 Names to be the same Event. They are not the same. Why is this important to distinguish?

One is convinced the Acts 2 Pentecost Event is tied to the Timing of the End of the Church Age and the Rapture. One will share the Rationale for why this Shavuot is not the case based on the Exodus Day Count and the Timing of when the Wine Grapes were Presented as the First Fruits. And it is not in early June as that is too early for the Grapes to ripen. And it is not in August as that is when the Grape Harvest begins, etc. In every Yearly Cycle of the Feast Days of YHVH, most Western Christians, at least those that are studying the End Times, look to ascertain the Rapture Timing at ‘Pentecost’.

It is 1 of the viable Feasts in which the Rapture Event could occur. One does agree with this Probability as the Harvest of Souls, presently occurring during this Present Church Age is still on-going, etc. In one’s Prophetic Estimation, Pentecost, specifically pertaining to the Event of Acts 2 is the Highest Watch Window of a given Year. However, due to Church Tradition, what most if not all Western Christians celebrate as being Pentecost, correlating with what the Jews call Shavuot is at least 1 Month off.

One is referring to the Traditional June Pentecost, of the 1st 50 Day Count after Passover that Rabbinical Jews and Western Christians also celebrate as being the Event that is recorded in Acts 2. No Problem, but one does not hold to that Interpretation. For about the last 4-5 Years or so, one has introduced what one deemed the ‘Double-Count’ Theory. Meaning that the Leviticus 23:16, in most Translations, is a very Bad one that does not clearly delineate a ‘Counting’ of 7 Sabbaths or 49 Days, and then to ‘Number’ 50 Days thereafter. See Article for Details.

Place and Time Marker of Resurrection and Rapture

Lost in Translation

Note the following ‘Better Translations’ below of Leviticus 23:16, that allude to an additional 50 Day Count. And it is not said to just ‘Count’ the 50th Day, but a 50 Day Count. One believes that there has been a deliberate ‘Confusion’ and Watering-Down of the Original Hebrew to Obfuscate what occurred in Acts 2. This is at least how one has Interpreted the Passage. Thus, it is a total of a 99-Day Count from the Sunday, the Day after the Resurrection that one also surmises was on a Sabbath, before Sunset. This is, if indeed Jesus was Crucified in the Midst or that Wednesday of the Passion Week as one has argued also was the case.

‘You are to count fifty days until the day after the seventh Sabbath and then present an offering of new grain to the LORD’.


‘Do this exactly 50 Days later, which is the Day following the 7th Sabbath’.

So, realize that one is going against 99.99% of the Brethren in Christendom and nearly 2000 Years of Church Tradition here with these Theories. But in researching and developing the Theory, it is, one believes, corroborated with the Day Count from the Exodus. See the Sinai Pentecost Article below for Details.

Determining the End of the Church Age

Realize that the Israelites had not even reached the Foot of Mount Sinai on June 3rd when the Rabbinical Jews celebrate ‘Shavuot’ or what Christians erroneously call ‘Pentecost’. What the Jews have done is to just say they ‘Commemorate’ the Giving of the Law at Sinai in the 1st 50 Day Count from that Day after Passover, etc. And this is not even the case, as the Rabbinical Jews actually start the Count on Nisan 15, the Day they left Egypt on the Exodus, and not as Leviticus prescribes to be the Day after the Sabbath. Here is 1 Contention in that the Question is, ‘Which Sabbath?

The Leviticus 23:16 Protocol clearly prescribes it being the Weekly Sabbath or a Sunday, Nisan 18, etc. But the Rabbinical Jews avoid this Direct Christian Association as to not give the Christian Faith any Credence. But here again, due to Roman Catholic Church Tradition, it is taught that the Crucifixion of Jesus was on a Friday and that the Resurrection occurred on a Sunday Morning. One again disagrees.

This Day Count would not be, is not a 72 Hour, 3-Day Evening and Morning Count based on the Definition of the Creation Day given by YHVH Himself. But that is for another study that has been addressed nonetheless. Thus, the Rabbinical Jews defer and interpret the ‘Day after the Sabbath’, to be from the Passover. Why? That is Technically a High-Day Sabbath, all the same, thus, Nisan 15, etc. This is called, Counting the Omer.

Which 50-Day Count?

The Point is that the 99th Day, on the Exodus Timeline, see Chart in Sinai Pentecost Article, corresponded to the Feast of ‘New Wine’. And? This was the Day in which the Golden Calf Incident occurred and 3000 Perished that Day due to the ‘Wine Revelry’. This is when one correlates the Acts 2 Pentecost, the 2nd Counting of the 50 Day Interval that corresponded to when the Rebellion occurred at Sinai. But in this case, 3000 got Saved to ‘Reverse the Curse’ of Sinai, etc. And this was the occasion that the Dispensation from being ‘Under the Law’ changed to being ‘Under the Law of Christ’.

Then in subsequent Research, it was found out that in fact, there were 3 Feasts, 50 Days apart of the following. These were the Minor Feasts of the First Fruits of the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil, etc. This is also where one correlates the Day Count from Nisan 15, that by so doing, a 99 Day Count lands on that July 23rd Date. Then 50 Days later is September 11th. Coincidence? No. Thus, the Point is that the Traditional Celebration of what the Rabbinical Jews call ‘Shavuot’ in June or the 3rd Month of Sivan, is just a Demarcation of a Period of a 50 Day Count.

  New Grain                                          New Wine
                                                          |                                                      |
Day after Passover                         + 99 Days                                      Acts 2 Pentecost
April 15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------  July 23 (723)

| --------------
49 Days (7 x7) ----------- | ------------ +50 Days -----------------|

It is the same with the Word, ‘Pentecost’ in that in the Greek, it means that of a 50 Day Count also. But that Shavuot of the Jews is not the Pentecost of the Christians. Or to specify that the June 3 Sivan Shavuot celebrated there and then and how the Christian Church still considers it ‘Pentecost’, is erroneous based on one’s Research. One could be wrong, but the Evidence has been spelled-out in the Book one compiled to explain it. There will be Links to the Information in PDF Format found in the End-Notes.

But one does not judge those that still consider Pentecost, just the 50th Day after Passover Weekend. It is ‘Technically’ True but only by mere Definition of the Word. The Jewish Celebration of Shavuot is really only corresponding to the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wheat Grain Offering. The Evidence of why the Acts 2 Pentecost was and is in Mid-July, July 23 specifically, is that the New Wine of Acts 2 inferred, could not have been even ready as the 1st Fruits back in early June. It would have been too early and is ‘Agriculturally Impossible’ for that to have occurred.

Hope all this sheds some Light into why one was assuming a July Acts 2 Pentecost Anniversary, was on a July 23 ‘Leo’ New Year and that of the New Wine, etc. But this Pentecost New Wine Supposition is only now believed by literally a Handful of Brethren in the entire 8 Billion World Population. There is myself, Tyler at Generation 2434, Dr. Barry Awe, a few others perhaps. And even then, Tyler and Dr. Awe believe the New Wine Event of Acts 2 was and is on the 9th of Av, which one does not agree with. They surmise that the Golden Calf Incident occurred on the 9th of Av.

One would argue that the Acts 2 New Wine could not have occurred in August as that would have been too Late. The Grapes would fully Ripened by that Time as the Spies carried the Samples of fully developed Clusters of Grapes ready for Harvest. It was not the Time of the New Wine ‘First Fruits’ Offering.



Summer White Wheat Wedding
The purpose of this Book is to provide a Compilation of Articles over several Years of ‘Discovery into the Journey of Identifying where and when the True Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 occurred, i.e., the Feast of New Wine, precisely at a 99th Day Count. The challenge that his Book tackles is what is the Start Date? Why? This initial Start Date will determine the exact Day in which the Feast of New Wine, and thus the Pentecost of Acts 2 occurred. The Book will present Evidence that there are at least 3 main Theories based on differing Calendar Start Dates.​


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