21-Year Convergence of the Coming Apocalypse

  • Why does one believe the 21-Year 9-11 is Prophetic?
  • What do the Biblical Shemitahs have to do with 9-11?
  • Is the Fall of 2022 a Convergence of Convergences?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘9-11 was an Inside Job’. -9/11 Truth Movement

Yes it was. The purpose of this study is not to delve into the Evidence that the 9-11 Attack was perpetrated by Judas’s in the Highest Offices in the U.S. Government in league with the Luciferian Cabal that run the World and Control the USA. Although one will restate, ‘Reasons for Evidence that the 9-11 was an ‘Inside Job’ by Brie Hoffman at the end of the study. What one will provide is Biblical Evidence how the Attack on September 11, 2001, in the USA was based on the Shemitah Cycles and how 2022 is its Fulfillment. How so? The 21st or 7-7-7 Year Anniversary consists of 3 Shemitahs.

It is a 3-2-1 Shemitah Countdown. Sabbath Cycles are the Time Pieces YHVH has ordained to ‘Clock’ Time in this Dimension on Earth. But they have also been ‘Hijacked’ by the Synagogue of Satan. The Shemitah Cycles or a Sabbath of 7 Years has been utilized by the Cabal in their Wizardry and Sorcery to usher-in the return of Lucifer as their Lord and Master. To this end, while there is still Space and Time, the Luciferians believe they can Re-Establish their Golden Age and thwart the Return of Jesus. This is the aim of the Great Reset and Coming Jew World Order centered around Jerusalem.

One goes so far as to insinuate that a 9-11 Style Attack has also been perpetrated against the USA and World through COVID. Why? It is through the Medical Tyranny that they will subvert the Nations. Thus, the USA in particular, but the whole World in General is being Demolished or ‘Detonated’ as were the 2 Twin Towers. Read the following Assessment of the sample of the Cabal’s Magic and Ritual cast upon the USA in Particular via COVID. The Synagogue of Satan orchestrated all that was needed with Key People, in Key Positions to pull-off this COVID Mass Psychosis Spell.


PLAN TO DEMOLISH THE USA - A Study in the Coming Mass Magic Ritual

One can download the 6 Books written on the COVID Attack at the end of the study. The Twin Towers were Detonated to Free-Fall after the Fires were self put-out. This made way to ‘Built-Back-Better’. This occurred when the New Freedom Tower, exactly 1776 Feet tall, was constructed in its place. This is a ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ Signature of who did it. It is about ‘Re-Designing’ Humanity’s Finances, Government and even DNA. It is called the Great Reset, etc. So, 2022? It will be the 21st Year Anniversary of the 9-11 Planned Attack on the World. And that Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets coincided with the largest Drop, that being 777 Points, in the Stock Market run by the same Cabal.

7-Perfect Completion of a Reset

This is the same Numerical Fractal of the 7-7-7 Shemitah Year, that somehow it appears to have been ‘Encoded’ in its Sorcery. 9-11 was Sorcery at its finest. It set the Prophetic Course, of what one believes was and is a 3-2-1 Shemitah Countdown to the Last Shemitah of 7 Years. This is surmised by one to be Daniel’s 70th Week as that converges with the 70th Year Shemitah since 1952. This is the Reset. Reset to what? As stated, it is ‘Reset’ of Humanity’s DNA through the Mandated Injections in preparation for the Mark of the Beast, for one.

It is a Reset of the World Financial Markets and Currencies that will all go Digital and Bio-Metric, thus the required Injections into one’s Body. It is a Reset to the New World Order or really the Advent or Debut of their AntiChrist False Jewish Messiah. One will now present how the 9-11 Attack on the Twin Towers echoes what Samson did in-between the Pillars and how the Kabbalists used that same Motif presently. The 9-11 Attack on the USA and the World, subsequently through the invasions perpetrated thereafter was a Kabbalistic Ritual, in that the Ritual was a Biblical Echo or Retrospect of the Tale of Samson. How so?

Consider that Samson was a Jew. In the Old Testament, it occurred during a Time when it was said of Israel, that ‘There was no King and the People did as they pleased’. Samson was a Judge, although bestowed by Super Hero Powers, he embodied, literally the Arrogance and Presumptuous Racial Superiority of his People. It even appears that he abused this YHVH-Given Power on his personal Lusts and Fanfare. Although all Men are flawed, his Pride got the best of him. And through his Wife, a ‘Conspiracy’ was hatched to discover the Source of this Strength and Weakness. As most know the Storyline, it was his Hair that contained this Power.

In Acts of Foolishness, and loss of Spiritual Purpose and Insight, as had been Israel, Samson’s Eyes were gouged-out and Hair shaved. He lost his Power and Favor. Such as has been the history and Sad State of Affairs for YHVH’s Earthly People, Israel. Yet, in YHVH’s Mercy and Samson’s Repentance, as Israel will come to at Jesus’ Return, his final Act of Vengeance upon the Enemies of Israel, the Philistines occurred, much like 9-11. How so? Consider that Samson was taken to the Temple of the Philistine’s God. Samson was an item of Show and Ridicule of Israel’s Race, Country and GOD, etc. Because of Israel’s Unfaithfulness, YHVH pledged to Judge the Jews.

Israel is in a state of Unbelief and Rebellion against YHVH in whatever Nation YHVH would scatter them in their Diasporas. Samson asked to be placed in-between the Twin Pillars that were holding-up the Temple. This is much like the Twin Towers symbolized the ‘Temple’ of the USA’s Wealth or really the Ponzi Pyramid Scheme that has propped-up the USA’s Economy and dominance over the World, until 2022. Why 2022? It deals with the USA’s establishment of its Currency in 1792. Read the following Article to surmise why the ‘U.S. Dollar will collapse in the 33 Shemitah Cycle.

Encrypted Jubilee Pattern of America’s Doom

It is a Conspiracy
And when is that 33rd Shemitah ending? Fall of 2022. With the last remaining Strength Samson had, due to his Hair regrowing, he Demolished the Towers to the Ground. He brought the House Down, as it is said. This is what Israel’s Kabbalists and Freemasonic Collaborators did to the USA on 9-11. And they have and are doing the same presently with COVID. Why? As mentioned, one is not exposing the reasons, as there are many. What one seeks to cover in this study is how the Timing of 9-11 coincided with a 7-7-7 Year and 3-2-1 Shemitah Year Countdown. And? It reflected and apparently was confirmed by their Manipulated Drop of their Stock Market by 777 Points.

Thus, one is of the Biblical Opinion, that the Kabbalists used the Shemitah Cycles of 7 Year to plan when their Great Reset was to occur. Fall of 2022. If this Notion is correct, then it would be at the end and beginning of a Shemitah Year, on Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets in the Fall of 2022. And if that be on the 7-7-7 Year Anniversary, that would mean that it is in 2022. The Question remains. Will this 7-7-7 and 3-2-1 Shemitah Countdown coincide with the start of Daniel’s 70th Week or Last Shemitah of 7 Years? That will remain to be seen from this prior Vantage Point. One cannot believe it has been 21 Years ago that the 9-11 Attack on the USA occurred.

It is an Event that one will remember always in where one was at and with whom, much like it was with the John Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy. In fact, the CIA came up with such a word, to Detract and Discredit all those that just would ask ‘Questions’, the Wrong Questions. The word, Conspiracy is a compound Word, Con as with being together or coming together. Then ‘Spirari’, as in, to Breath. It is essentially meaning, ‘Of the Same Breath’. Or it can be any topic or Idea that People would agree upon. Yet, the word has been used to silence those that would dare question any Official Narrative.

It is exactly how it has been for the COVID Plandemic, which as mentioned, one is also convinced has been perpetrated by the same Luciferian Synagogue of Satan that owns the Medicine, Media, Money and Military, etc. Regarding 9-11, here are some Day Counts to consider how one thought of, based on another Bible Story, that of Joseph. One surmised that the 9-11 Attack had an immediate correlation to Joseph’s Interpretation of Pharaoh’s Dream of 2 Cows, 1 Fat and 1 Lean. Each Cow Type would last 7 Years or 1 Shemitah, etc. According to YHVH Revelation of the Dream to Joseph, it meant that it was 2 Shemitahs of 7-7 Year, of a Good and Bad Sabbath Cycle. How can one then correlate the 2 Shemitahs if there are 3 in the Countdown?

This has been argued by other Bible Students, like Greg Lauer from A Little Strength Blog. If the 7-Year ‘Lean’ Cow correlates to the Tribulation as being the ‘Bad’ 7 Years, then preceding it has to be the ’Good’ 7 Years? Not necessarily as argued by Greg. It may have not occurred successively. Does that mean then that the period of 2015-2022 were the ‘Good’ 7 Years? What about from 2001-2008? Were they the ‘Bad Years’. Or perhaps it is in a Reverse Order? Nonetheless, one did allude to a 2022, 7-7-7 Shemitah Countdown. And here we are, 21 Years later. One genuinely thought 2015 would have been the start of the Tribulation of 7 Years. How so?

Converge 2022

There were the Blood Moon Tetrads, Obama, the Pope, the Revelation 12 Sign, that were all the Rage etc. But one could not really tell, other than that one had a hunch there would be 3 Sabbath Cycles to go or Shemitahs before the 7-Year Tribulation could begin. So, this is to add to the ‘Evidence’ of why the Year 2022 is a Converge of Converge, and is more Significant, in terms of Biblical Numerations. Consider the 7-7-7 Countdown and the 3-2-1 Shemitahs.

Of course, it is all based on one’s Limited Understanding, so one can only comment on one’s Point of View and Reference. So, as to which was or is the Good 7-Year ‘Cow’ in relation to the 7-Year Tribulation Bad Cow? It could be the case that the 7-Years spanning 2001-2008 were the Prelude. Then, the Lean Cow was the 7-Years spanning 2008-2015. Then, the 2015-2022 were the Good Fat Cow. This is, of course relative as many parts of the World seem to be existing always in Lean, Famished Cow Conditions

What one took is the 7-7-7 Shemitah or 21 Year Countdown to 2022 that started in 2001 with 9-11. What one thus, surmises is the Attack on 9-11 produced a Prophetic Typology of the Story of Joseph in Egypt, but in Reverse Order. As in Joseph’s Day, the 1st 7-Years were of Scarcity, 2008-2015. Then followed by 2nd 7-Year of Plenty or of the ‘Fat’ Cow. But with each End-Beginning of a 7th Year Sabbath, there has been a Reset or Engineered Crash of the Financial World Markets. And realize that the Conditions of the Shemitah 7th Year of Release is benefited by the Jews, not the Gentiles. The Gentiles get no Relief or Debt Forgiveness, etc.

2001 + 7 =
2008 (Start of Lean Cow.)
would have been the Prelude Years and from

2008 + 7 =
2015(Start of Fat Cow.)
would have been the Good Years. And the start of the 3rd Shemitah of

2015  + 7 =
2022 (Start of Tribulation?)

7-7-7 = 21 Year Countdown?

Will the 7-Years of the Tribulation Period then start in the Fall of 2022?
2022  + 7 =
2029 (Return of Jesus.)

Note as some have also surmised that if Jesus was born in -3 BC, then His Public Ministry started in 29 AD. This would place the Year 2029, as the Return of Jesus, exactly 2000 Years. This is based on a 1 Year = 1000 Year Prophetic Pattern of counting Time per the Apostle Peter, etc.

29 AD Jesus Public Ministry + 2000 Years = 2029 (Return of Jesus.)

But one would agree that the coming Tribulation of 7 Years will be ‘Bad’, beyond what the 7-Years of Famine Egypt and the World experienced during Joseph’s Day. This is why one would not consider or assume the 7-Year Tribulation can be compared.

Not to be Compared

Consider that the coming 7-Year Tribulation will not and cannot be compared to even the 7-Year ‘Bad’ Cow of Pharaoh's Dream. It can be correlated as it will be a Time of Famine, Pestilence, Drought, etc. But what will occur during the Last Shemitah is Horrific in comparison. It will be Cataclysmic, Extinction-Level-Events, etc. And is that not what the World is increasingly experiencing presently leading-up to this coming Last Shemitah? Record Droughts…100-Year, 500-Year, 1000-Year Draughts? The Conditions have to be in Israel and in the World as they were in the Days of Joseph and Severe Drought in Israel for 3.5 Years as in the case of Elijah.

As Elijah had the Power to Shut the Clouds of Rain, so will the 2 Witnesses during the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. Why? The Tribulation Period will be a Rehashing of the Valley of Decision where YHVH, once again will force all of Israel, and the World for that matter to come to a Fork in the Road. Which GOD is GOD? So, Israel will gather for that Contest at the Altar of Sacrifice. The 2 Witnesses will ‘Witness’ by the Signs and Wonders they will perform that will be of YHVH.

Such Signs will not be of the False Ahab and Jezebel and of their False Prophets of Ba’al that the False Prophet and Luciferian AntiChrist will counter-perform. To add to that Line of Thought or Theology about the Land and Sabbaths the Jews still owe YHVH 1 Shemitah, one has also asked the following Question. Why during the Tribulation does Lucifer seek to Destroy all the Jews? If Jesus, the Messiah came already and defeated Sin, Satan and Human Self at the Cross of Calvary, why would Lucifer still have to deal with the Jews? Here is why. It deals with that Notion of Space and Time.

So long as these Dimensions exist, the Future can be potentially Altered. Jesus stated emphatically that He would not come back until they, the Jews would say, Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD. So, if Lucifer can Murder all the Jews, this Condition, placed upon them by Jesus would thwart Jesus’ Return to take Possession, not only of the Promised Land, but the whole Earth and its Kingdoms and Governments from Lucifer that he took from Adam.

So long as there is 1 Remaining Jew Alive, that looks-up and says, ‘Jesus, LORD Come, Save Us’, based on what has been observed of the Horrors of the Tribulation, and knows enough about Jesus, Jesus will return. But Jesus will Supernaturally Protect the Remnant in Petra and/or the Bozrah Area. This is the portion tied to the Revelation 12 Sign where that Jewish Remnant will flee to the Wilderness at the Half-Way Marker. It will be like an Exodus 2.0. However, it will be a Slaughter as it states in Zechariah that 3/4 of the Jews will Perish. They have no idea that another Holocaust is coming.


Main Sources


Sabbatical Cycle Economic Collapse Patterns

9-11 Truth Movement


Loose Change 9-11 Documentary


The people who think 9/11 may have been an 'inside job'


Why I Believe 911 Was An Inside Job.
‘For a long time now I have known that September 11 was a date that our country attacked it's own citizens. When I first found this out to say I was stunned would be an understatement. For months I was in a daze, unable to accept what I had discovered. Even now living with this knowledge (and even more) is a difficult burden to bear. In fact, prior to September 11 I would now consider myself an innocent.

I was ignorant of the evils our country was capable of, everything changed for me on that day, everything. Consequently, I have done extensive research on this and have become immersed in it. I erroneously assumed that everyone knew what I knew. Recently I came across several people who still believed that September 11 was a day when we were attacked by extremist Muslims from some far off country, because of this I decided to list the reasons why I believe 9/11 was an inside job. Here are a few of the reasons’.

1.     Steel doesn't' burn: Steel will warp or melt but it doesn't burn and fire does not turn steel into dust. Explosives turn steel into dust.

2.     World Trade Center 7 was NOT hit by a plane and yet it imploded into it's own footprint in 9 seconds!

3.     Fire would not have thrown huge chunks of metal into neighboring buildings.

4.     Eye-witness accounts testify to explosions throughout the building and before the planes struck.

5.     There is no difference between controlled demolition videos and the 9/11 videos.

6.     The buildings fell at near free fall speed (the rate an object drops through air) in 10 seconds, which would necessitate no resistance from the floors below. In other words, those floors had to have been blown out so that there would be no resistance.

7.     The BBC news reported that World Trade Center 7 would come down before it came down.

8.     The result was not a pancake collapse, if there had been a pancake collapse there would have been debris big enough to identify instead of dust.

9.     I heard eye-witness testimony from William Rodriquez and others that there was a huge explosion in the sub-level of the basement BEFORE the planes hit. I heard him personally in New York.

10.  The windows were blown out in the lobby BEFORE the planes hit.

11.  Molten Metal is a result of the use of Thermite. Molten metal was rampant in the rubble. Thermite would have had to have been put in the building it is not part of building materials.

12.  Controlled demolitionists use shape charges to bring down a building, there were many instances of steel beams sliced in a diagonal way just like a shape charge would do.

13.  Silverstein, who owned World Trade 7, said to “pull” the building which means to demolish it. He collected over 8 billion dollars from a 14 million dollar investment. There is NO WAY you can “pull” a building without prior arrangements with explosives. World Trade 7 housed offices for the CIA, Secret Service and others. Damage to buildings that were closer to World Trade buildings 1 and 2 were were far worse and those buildings were closer yet World Trade 7 collapsed.

14.  There is NO WAY that they could have wired building 7 in order to demolish it in a few minutes, that building had to have been wired BEFORE 911.

15.  There were thousands of put orders shorting the airline stocks of the planes involved, these put options were never collected.

16.  Cell phones had an extremely low accuracy rate (for calls connected) in 2001 in airplanes.

17.  There are no black boxes for any of the planes.

18.  There are no photos of a plane hitting the pentagon even though there were myriads of cameras 24/7 on that building.

19.  There was no wreckage of a plane in the pentagon, it was more than likely a missile.

20.  There was no wreckage of a plane going down in Pennsylvania, they shot it down. The gouge in the ground was there BEFORE 9/11.

21.  Over 1400 melted cars that were up to one mile away from ground zero.

22.  Congressional testimony stating that Vice-President had the military stand down when he could have easily shot down at least one or two of the planes.

23.  BBC and CNN both said that Building 7 collapsed before it did!

Brie Hoffman


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