‘When the waters become hard as stone and the surface of the deep is frozen? Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loosen the belt of Orion? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear and her cubs?’ -Job 38:30-32

The following are free items that are available for downloads to the general public regarding various resources related to the celestial patterns found replicated all over the Earth. My research into Astro-Archeology has produced over 40 charts, 20 essays and a book. The book encapsulate my findings of the astronomical correlation of the Dimensions of Paradise to the constellation of Orion and others to ancient temple complexes all over the world.

Many believe that there Orion region is where the Creator of the Universe resides. The ancient records attest to the fact that long-gone civilizations like the Sumerians had documented the visitations of certain 'Illuminated Being' or Fallen Angels from such regions and still to this day. The following are free resources made available for one's examination, study and discernment into such a topic.

Free Copy of The Witness of the Stars by E.W. Bullinger
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The purpose of the Charts is to give people a pictorial format that summarizes  the various celestial pattern observed throughout the Earth. The charts are meant for a poster size printouts. The original dimensions are of a 11x17 inch, USA standard paper measure. Click on the icon to download the free Chart PDFs from the online public OneDrive files.


Sacred Geometry of Heaven on Earth
The purpose of this book is to investigate and ascertain the possible geographical location of the Garden of Eden. The presumption is that certain locations in the Middle East as in temples, ziggurats, pyramids and cities both ancient and modern have been built perhaps on the very ley-lines of the dimensions of Paradise itself.

This study assumes that 'Paradise' had existed geographically, if the Bible account of the Genesis is to be taken literally. Although the topic of the Garden of Eden has a multitude of possible themes to consider, only certain aspects relevant to the theory of its geography will be considered and discussed in a conceptual way.

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