Typology of Events During the Passion Week

  • Will the end of the world parallel the Decree of Cyrus?
  • What does the Time of Jacob's Trouble mean?
  • Will the 70th Week of Years of Daniel be Jacob's Trouble?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So you are to know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress. Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will come with a flood’... – Daniel 9:25-26

The purpose of this study are to present a timeline which illustrates the key occurrences since the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem for inspection, trials, rejection, torture, crucifixion, burial and resurrection. Contrary to popular Catholic Church dogma, Jesus did not ride in on Palm Sunday but Palm Sabbath, a Saturday. He died on a Wednesday afternoon not on a Friday. Daniel foretold that the Messiah was to be put to death, ‘in the midst’ of the week. What is fascinating to ascertain is that in the Hebrew, the term for ‘He was cut off but not for Himself’ has a definite connotation that this coming King of the Jews, the Messiah was to be put to death, killed. The presentation of Jesus as the Mashiach to Israel was foretold exactly to the prophet Daniel.

This revelation to Daniel occurred when the Nation of Israel was exiled for their unbelief and not keeping the Sabbath Cycles. Since Israel entered the Promised Land, she did not keep the 7th year Sabbatical Rests. Thus, she accumulated 70 years of ‘debt’ in Babylon for each cycle. This 70-year coefficient comes up several times as being very significant and prophetic. For example, the exile to Babylon was to last 70 years. The destruction of the 2nd Temple occurred in 70 AD and in 2018, Israel reached the 70th year anniversary since 1948 when she was ‘born in a day’. Amazingly, YHVH revealed that in the midst of the 69th Sabbath Cycle, Messiah was to come literally to be presented to national Israel. And at the in of the 70th one, Messiah would return.

There would be His 1st Commission, to be as a Suffering Servant of Isaiah and die to take away not only the sin of Israel but the whole world. It was the promise given to Abraham in that his obedience would be a blessing to all the Nations. YHVH, in Jesus kept His word and substituted the sacrifice of Isaac, the ‘Promised One’. As Abram was put to the test and by faith did not spare his son, YHVH did not spare His SON, GOD the SON to be born of a woman and be that human ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ on Passover. It has been well researched by many that the Royal Degree to the Messiah’s presentation is believed to have begun with the issuance of Artaxerxes Longimanus in March 14, 445 BC. With precise calculation, the Decree correlates exactly to when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Saturday, April 10, 32 AD.

The Royal Decree

The Kings of Israel would ride a donkey and it was to be a Messianic Sign as Zechariah foretold. In Zechariah 9:9 it clearly discloses the type of Prophetic Sign the coming of the Messiah would constitute. It would be the coming of Messiah Ben Joseph. The Bible states, ‘Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout in triumph, O Daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King is coming to you; He is just and endowed with salvation, Humble, and mounted on a donkey.’ This was unacceptable to the Jewish Religious Ruling Elites that rejected Jesus-on behalf on the entire Nation of Israel. The Jews were hoping for the ‘Conquering King’, Messiah ben David to fight against the yoke of the pagan Romans. On the other hand, such wicked and corrupt Cabal had been infiltrated by those that only used the Seat of Moses for personal power and control. Their real allegiance was not to the coming King of the Jews, but Lucifer’s counterfeit king, Caesar.

The Sanhedrin then as it is today in Israel did not want to relinquish their seats of power to the coming King. Christ Jesus will thus use then the Last Sabbath remaining for Israel’s final national redemption once the dispensation of the Church Age is completed at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride event. At the end, it will be the Mashiach ben David, the Conquering King over Sin, Satan and Death that will return to Jerusalem at the Battle of Armageddon. At that time, He will restore National Israel in belief, in faith and set up the Throne of His earthly lineage, David. This time will coincide with the 4th Temple, that of Ezekiel’s. As to the peculiar events of the Passion Week, the literal 24 hour day count puts the events into prophetic proportion when the timelines of the possible Last Sabbath are to possible coincide.

In a way, the Prophet Daniel and John the Baptist’s witness served as a bookend to the Passion Week for Jesus’ presentation to Israel as the Passover Lamb. It was Daniel that was given the exact time to the day that Jesus was to be presented. It was on the 7th Day when Jesus basically ‘rested’ with the Triumphal Entry that ended His earthly ministry as He rested from the Creation week in Genesis. It was John the Baptist that was the witness to the start of His ministry as he testified when Jesus approached John to be baptized in the Jordon. Of John, he proclaimed about Jesus, ‘behold the Lamb of YHVH that takes the sin of the world.’ The subsequent observations are that the day of the start of the burial much like the Afikomen conjoined with a total Blood Moon on midnight much like it was for the Passover in Egypt.

It was at that time that the Destroying Angel took the lives of all the 1st Born who did not have the Blood of the Lamb upon the door of one’s home. Concerning Jesus as that ‘Lamb’, the resurrection thus coincided precisely at around 3pm on the following Sabbath, Saturday April 17, 32 AD. The following is a very simplistic mathematical model of how the Royal Decree of Artaxerxes I plays in the equations. The following are the various mathematical calculations from the Royal Decree. The ‘Week of Years’ are prophetic years of 360 based on the Jewish Calendar. This is an approximation assuming the occasional 13th month and leap years are also accounted for.

Decree in 445 BC

Daniel’s 70 weeks of years = 490 years
The 69th Week = 483
The count starts at 446 BC as there is no year ‘0’ from BC to AD

445 BC + 32 AD years (year Jesus died @ 33 years)

= 478 years + 3.5 years to complete 7-year cycle
= 480th year

Year 445 BC - 482 years = 37 year age difference
37 years but with a ‘cut off in the midst’ prophetically gives a 3.5 year factor
= 37 AD - 3.5 = 33.5 AD (Age of Jesus)

From Passover to Pentecost when the Church Age started
From Wednesday, April 15, 0032 (Julian calendar)
Added 50 days = Thursday  June 4, 0032

The Blood Moon Coordinates

YEAR:             32 AD
DATE:             April 14 
ZENITH:          11:56:36 
LUNA NUM:    -24338 
SAROS:          61  
TYPE:             T+ 
QSE:               pp  
GAMMA:         0.0997 
PEN MAG:      2.6803 
UM MAG:        1.6697 
PAR:               222.7 
TOTAL:           100.6

Feasts begin the day before at Sunset.

New Years:  1st Day New Moon Lamb inspected on Shabbat HaGadol: 10th Day
1. Pasach: 14th Day
2. HaMatzah: 15th Day Full Moon
3. HaBikkurim: 17th Day
4. Shavuot: 49th Day + 1


5. Rosh HaShanah: 1st Day New Moon
6. Yom Kippur 10h Day
7. Sukkot: 15th Day Full Moon
8. Shemini Atzeret: 21st Day (7-7-7) / called the 8th Day of Assembly

The Main Events of the Passion Week

The Triumphal Entry
Jesus enters Jerusalem. In Preparation for Passover, all houses are cleansed of Leaven. Christ cleanses the Temple of the ‘stock-market’ Money Changers. Examination of the Passover Lamb took place 4 days before the sacrifice. Jesus presents Himself before Israel for examination by the Elders of Israel and was rejected. Jesus is crucified 4 days after the presentation as Mashiach.

Preparation Day

‘The Bridal Contract’ occurred during the LORD’s Supper 9pm - 12 Midnight. The Passover meal was celebrated. The Groom left at Midnight with His Disciples to the Mount of Olives. Perhaps will come again at the Midnight Call to take His Bride to a secluded place on the Heavenly Mountain as the hour of darkness arrives. This could have parallel prophetic implications as the pattern will see the Rapture occur as the Groom takes His Bride before the ‘hour’ of the AntiChrist and full-on darkness and evil engulfs the planet. This scenario would also fulfill the promise given to the Church of Philadelphia that a ‘Door of Escape’ would be provided to spare the Overcomes the ‘1 Hour of Judgment’ that is to come upon the world, Satan and Israel.

The 7 Trials of Jesus
1 - Before Annas
2 - Before Caiaphas
3 - Before Sanhedrin
4 - Before Pilate #1
5 - Before Herod
6 - Before Pilate #2
7 - Before the People

The Crucifixion

At Death of Christ, an earthquake occurred that was so powerful, it opens the Tombs of the Dead. Passover Lambs were being sacrifices during these morning and afternoon hours, 9am and 3pm, as per Exodus 12. Apparently, there was total eclipsing of the Sun as it became totally dark for 3 hours from 12 noon to 3pm. A Total Solar Eclipse, as a maximum can only last for about 7 minutes. 

The Burial
Jesus becomes the literal fulfillment of the Afikomen; scourged but not broken and hidden. Jesus was buried in a Garden Tomb before Sunset to begin the High Day Sabbath in Joseph of Arimathea’s new tomb.

The Resurrection
Jesus rose around 3pm Saturday, April 17, 32 AD. It consisted of three 24-hour days after death at 3pm on a Wednesday and rose on a Sabbath, thus the LORD of the Sabbath as He rode in on the Sabbath. He arose on Feast of Unleavened Bread ‘When He had risen’… on 1st day of week. He did not die on a Friday and rise on a Sunday. This is not 3 literal days as the Sign of Jonah demanded to be authenticated.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Jesus presents himself before Israel for examination by the Elders of Israel as would a Passover lamb be examined. Although they could find no fault or ‘blemish’ in Him, they still rejected Him and hated Him without cause. Jesus was crucified 4 days after the Presentation as Mashiach. Passover always starts with a Full Moon, meaning no solar eclipses could be possible to occur. However lunar eclipses can. As to a possible date, on April 14, AD 32 a Wednesday, a Total Lunar Eclipse was rising above the Jerusalem horizon near Midnight. This coincides with the Destroying Angel of the night of the Exodus in Egypt. As the Passover Meal celebration was concluding, the Eclipse occurred as if to ’punctuate’ this time with its apex at 23:02 hours in the constellation of Libra. This sign was an Altar in most ancient Mazzaroths or Zodiacs.  

                                                       PASSION WEEK
                                Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem

Half Moon               Triumphal Entry            Crucifixion-Blood Moon                Resurrection

April 7                             April 10                                  April 14                                    April 17

In the illustrated chart accompanying this study by the same name, the use of the spiral phi ratio depiction will be used for a more visual affect to show the various day counts. In the first rendition of the phi ratio relationship, the Triumphal Entry of Jesus on April 10, 32 AD would have been a Sabbath as Jesus Himself stated that He is the LORD of the Sabbath. This focal point is the center of the spiral that terminates with His resurrection on the 17th of April at around 3pm. The reverse principle of the phi ratio of prophetic time can also be seen with the Resurrection Day as the start and having thus the focal spiral of the phi ratio centered on the Crucifixion-Blood Moon on April 14th time to the point of the Half Moon of April 7th. What this study suggests is that the Passion Week was also interwoven mathematically precisely in terms of not only prophecy, reality but divinity of order and pattern.

One unique observation about this particular Blood Moon occurring on the month of Nisan in 32 AD is that for one, it was synchronized with the western Julian calendar at the time in terms of day counts. So, the 14th of Nisan was the 14th of April. On the other hand, this same synchronization occurred with the start of the Tetrad series for 2014-15. This study suggests that this Tetrad is a the last of the 3-2-1 sequence that involves the prophetic restoration of the 3 main factors that have to be in place before Jesus can come back: the Nation Israel, the Temple Mount of Old Jerusalem and then the 3rd Temple itself. What is unique about this ‘3rd’ and last Tetrad is that it could possibly be signaling the start of the Last Sabbath the 70th prophetic week of Daniel. This Tetrad also coincidentally started on April 14 in 2014. Thus, if the Decree pattern is to repeat, then the final restoration, but in reverse order, that of the 3rd Temple could be shortly built. This scenario could thus possibly then see the LORD truly come at the end of the 7th day or the end of the last and 70th Sabbath.

Until the 2nd coming of Christ Jesus, prophetically, Israel will be in the same state of sad spiritual affairs concerning their true Mashiach, Jesus as it was then. Today there are 2 monumental spiritual issues that Israel has to confront and resolve once and for all. One issue is that of who they say Jesus is. The other issue is that Israel has to deal with is the Luciferian element of the Synagogue of Satan amongst their ranks that have taken over the helm of their religious protocols and interpretation of Scripture. It is for these 2 primary reasons why Israel will have to be a variable in the Tribulation Period. It will be a time when the true descendants of Jacob will have to wrestle the Birth Right from such counterfeit Jews who say they are Jews but are not as Jesus stated of such.

It will be the Time of Jacob’s Trouble to wrestle such dispositions out of Jacob so that the LORD can transform him into a true Israel, a Prince of Elohim. Sadly, it will have to take severe disciple, great tribulation for national Israel to turn to the LORD and be able to see that it is Jesus that is their salivation and true Messiah. Such will have their blindness and scales fall as they behold Jesus’ Epiphaneia. Such will realize that the false Luciferian Talmudic Jews have been keeping the Jews from knowing of Jesus but accepting the AntiChrist that will be presented to Israel and the Nation as the False Messiah. After the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Jewish Nation will never again be ruled by such a Cabal and the world for that matter as Jesus takes up the Throne of David to rule Israel and the Nations in righteousness from Jerusalem by Royal Decree.

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