Location of Paradise and Holy of Holies

  • Is the Middle East where the literal Garden of Eden was?
  • Are there any Remnants of where Eden was situated at?
  • Is the Temple Mount the Gate where Adam was expelled?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘All who came before Me were Thieves and Robbers, but the Sheep did not listen to them. I Am the Gate. If anyone enters through Me, he will be Saved. He will come in and go out and find Pasture [Paradise]. The Thief comes only to Steal and Kill and Destroy. I have come that they may have Life, and have it in all its Fullness.’ – John 10: 8-10

The purpose of this study is to suggest that there exists an apparent Geographical Layout of the Core of the Holy Land to include the Delineation between the Straits of Gibraltar and the Straits of Hormuz that corresponds to the Celestial Gates. This study strongly suggests that the if one Superimposes the Celestial Star-Gates of the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate, along with their corresponding ‘Gate Keepers’ or Celestial Sentinels of Ophiuchus and Orion, such a Cosmic Layout appears to also correspond to the Straits as their Geographical Counterparts. These 2 Earthly Gates could in turn be the delineation to the core of the possible Dimensions of Paradise on Earth, as it is in the Heavenlies and perhaps Heaven itself. Amazingly if one draws a Straight Line from Strait-to-Strait, as it would be by the Ecliptic from Celestial Gate to Gate, the intersection passes through Jerusalem.

This Geographic Marker on the Line corresponds to the Constellation Leo on the Ecliptic of the Cosmos. However, this is an Approximation as the Curvature of the Earth is depicted and the Line correlating with the Celestial Gates is not. There has to be an understanding that there is an Adjustment required. Thus the illustration is an Approximation of this possible correlation. Specifically, the Celestial Golden Gate of the Cosmos would correspond to the Straits of Gibraltar, towards the West where the 2 Pillars of Hercules are situated Geographically. These are Massive Rock Formations on either Side of the Strait that acts as a ‘Gate’ into the Core of the Mediterranean Sea.

What this study suggests is that the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ are a Euphemism for the corresponding Celestial Sign of Ophiuchus wherein the 2-Piece Sign of Serpens are what Ophiuchus is holding or Wrestling. This Typology is suggesting that Ophiuchus is ‘Hercules’ as the 2 Pieces of Serpens are the 2 ‘Pillars’. What is also unique is that this Typology is Encrypted in the very Coat of Arms of Spain. In fact, the Connotation further involves the added Motif of the Lion, as in Leon y Castilla of España to reference the ‘Lion Gate’. The Silver Gate of the Cosmos corresponds to the Straits of Hormuz on the East Side of what might have constituted the Dimensions of Paradise, ‘East of Eden’ on Earth at one Time. In essence, the Golden Gate would be the ‘Front Door’ and the Silver Gate would be the ‘Back Door’ of Eden, etc.

Tabernacle Template

What is very interesting to note also is that in the Cosmos, the 2 Celestial Gates are not precisely intersecting the Ecliptic. The Silver Gate does intersect the Ecliptic, however the Golden Gate does not and is situated a bit to the North. This particular construct is even reflected Geographically on Earth. The Line corresponding to the Ecliptic, Superimposed, will have the Silver Gate correspond to the Straits of Hormuz on the Ecliptic. But the Golden Gate, corresponding to the Straits of Gibraltar is a bit North of the Ley-Line. What is also unique about this Silver Gate correspondence, is that its ‘Gate Keeper’ is Orion. This Earthly Rendition of the Cosmic Corresponding Signature, suggests some correspondence to the Burg Khalifa Tower. This Tower of Mankind is the tallest in the World and is suggested to be corresponding to the ‘Arrow of Orion’.

What this study also seeks to bring out is that if one also applies the Phi Ratio in Approximation to the 2 respective Straits of Gibraltar and Straits of Hormuz, the Fulcrum centers on Jerusalem. As it is an Approximation, a further Investigation would Hypothesize, that within the Old City of Jerusalem, the Phi Ratio Spiral would perhaps Center on the Temple Mount and the very Holy of Holies that this study suggests corresponds to the Dome of the Tablets. Another very Intriguing Observation about this Geographic Layout on Earth that Mirrors the Cosmic Gates in the Heavenlies, is that the entire Expanse from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Straits of Hormuz approximates the Equal Dimensions of 2 Perfect Squares, Geometrically and Geographically.

This means that 2 Squares can be placed side-by-side and it appears to match the Length between each Strait or ‘Gate’. Moreover, this unique correlation of the size of the Squares correlates to the exact Dimension of the New Jerusalem Borders, as described in the Last Book of the Bible, Revelation. This 2-Square Layout is reminiscent of the Tabernacle of Moses in how the Geometric Layout on Earth was constructed also of 2 Equal Squares and it was a Facsimile of the true one in Heaven. Within the Center Points of each Square was the Altar of Burnt Offering, outside the Tent of Meeting and the Ark of the Covenant within the Tent of Meeting. This Tabernacle of Moses Blueprint is suggested to also Mirror that between the Celestial Gates as well. If one Approximates the Proportion from the Golden Gate to the Silver Gate, some amazing Correspondences emerge.

For example, the Center Line that divides the 2 Equal Squares, corresponds to the Delineation Line between Leo and Virgo, that Begins and Ends the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac. As Ophiuchus and the Golden Gate correspond to the Entrance to the Heavenly Tabernacle, the Altar of Burnt Offerings corresponds to the Constellation of Libra. As noted before, the Ancient Renderings of the Mazzaroth had Libra as an Altar. Then there is the Constellation of Virgo that represents the Laver of Washing and how in the Bible, it states that Christ is washing the Bride of Christ with the ‘Washing of the Water with the Word.’ The subsequent Tabernacle Furnishing of the Menorah and the Table of Bread, corresponds to the Constellation of Leo. This is the Royal Sign and Royal Star that is ascribed to the King of the Universe, Jesus as He is the Light of the World and the Bread of Life. Lastly there is the Ark of the Covenant within the Holy of Holies. This portion of the Cosmos would thus correspond to the Constellation of Cancer.

Gates of Eden
Interestingly this is where the ‘Bee Hive’ or the Assembly of the Congregation is situated at. This speaks of the place of YHVH’s Throne and Presence wherein, it is as a Pavilion or a Place of Covering and Protection where the Bride of Christ will one day be called to Co-Rule with Jesus Christ. It is also Reminiscent of the Typologies as found in Revelation of how the 24 Elders representing the Assembly of the Congregation are Called and are Seated about the Throne Rome of the Creator YHVH and the Lamb of GOD, Jesus Christ. Thus this study further suggests that the entire Expanse from Strait-to-Strait on Earth mirrors the ‘Celestial’ Tabernacle of YHVH that appears to thus, also Encompass the Celestial Expanse of Stars from the Gate of GOD and the Gate of Man, which are the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate respectfully.

The Tabernacle of Moses does appear to correlate to some Approximate Geographical Markers on Earth. For example, the Entrance to the Tabernacle of Moses would be the Straits of Gibraltar. This entire Earthly Layout is reversed from the actual configuration of the Tent of Meetings wherein the entrance was facing East and the subsequent Temples on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem had the Golden Gate Entrance. Then the Altar of Burnt Offerings appears to correspond to the area of the Island of Malta. Next, the Laver of Washing would correspond approximately to the Island of Crete. The Golden Lampstand or Menorah and the Table of Bread corresponds to where Israel and in particular Jerusalem are situated Geographically and in approximate Phi Ratio to the Gates in the Heavenlies and the Straits on Earth.

The City of Jerusalem corresponds to the Place where YHVH established His Name forever and the Temples stood and will. Even the National Coat of Arms of Israel and Jerusalem are of the Menorah and the Lion, as in the Celestial Sign of Leo for the City of the King, the Messiah. Jesus in His 1st Coming, taught that He is the Light of the World and the True Bread of Life. Moreover, this study will show that the Cosmic Correlation of the Celestial Gates also has an Approximate Phi Ratio Correlation that matches a particular Earthly Geographic Marker, that of Jerusalem as the Lion of Judah, or the Constellation of Leo in its Celestial Correspondence; this is truly amazing. Concerning the Typology of the Tabernacle of Moses further, the next corresponding Place concerns the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.

It is suggested by this study, that the approximate position corresponds to where the Center of the Garden of Eden could have been Geographically situated on Earth. This Region is presently in the most Desolate Land in-between Iraq and Arabia. In terms of its Celestial Correspondence, the actual Phi Ratio Fulcrum centers on the Area of the Constellation of Cancer. Precisely, the Area is known as the Bee-Hive or the ‘Place of the Congregation’ as deciphered by the research of E.W. Bullinger. E.W. Bullinger. He was the Pioneer in the Research of the Cosmos’ Prophetic Correspondence and their True Meaning as it related the Celestial Tapestry of YHVH’s Plan of Redemption for Humanity. It is the ‘Silent Witness’ and Testimony of Christ’s redeeming work on the Cross of Calvary. For example, if one Reverses the Delineation of the Ecliptic Line and centers the Constellation Software Model to a Flat-Line, the Galactic Equator along with the Ecliptic, suggests a possible Prophetic Storyline also emerges amazingly.

City of the King
In this Rendition, of the Expanse in-between the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate in the Cosmos, the 2 Prominent Sentinels of Ophiuchus and Orion are still the respective ‘Keepers of the Gates’. However, if one Reverses the Phi Ratio Proportions in the opposite direction as it was with Leo on the Ecliptic, the Fulcrum centers on the Cross of Centaur. More precisely, the edge would correlate to the Star Rigil Kent. The outer edge of the Phi Ratio Fulcrum would correspond to the Area that depicts the Southern Cross with its major Stars of Gacrux, Mimosa, and Acrux. Such a Depiction is just another Facet of how the Heavens declare the Glory of YHVH and how it foreshadowed the Cross of Calvary. What this study also seeks to investigate and correlate is the Notion that the Celestial Gate-to-Gate Theory is a Divine Pattern Mirrored on Earth.

If it is a Divine Facsimile from Heaven itself, can it be replicated to the Temple Mount to possibly ascertain the true location of the 3rd Temple? The Celestial Gate Theory is plausible by the mere Physical Correlations to the Straits that approximately matches the Earthly Gates on Earth. This Divine Template is thus also seen in the Earthly Jerusalem as the Phi Ratio Proportions even converge on the City of the King. As it has been noted, the Heavenly and Earthly Phi Ratio Markers Converges on the Constellation of Leo and Jerusalem as in the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, etc. Thus, if the Heavenly Gate Template is Superimposed from a Top View, of the Core of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Pattern likewise suggests that the same Pattern applies.

There is one Aspect of this Pattern that is Reversed, pertaining to the Celestial Gates Theory. The Golden Gate in Jerusalem corresponds to the position that the Silver Gate would be. However, this Gate Template Theory can be also seen as a Mirror of itself and a direct Complement to each Gate. Thus the Orion Correlation would match as other studies suggest that the Earthly Jerusalem is Patterned also to that of the Heavenly Jerusalem with its Gates and the Constellation of Orion in particular, etc. See the study entitled The Gates of Orion. However, the Golden Gate Correspondence that is associated with Ophiuchus, Cosmologically is at the opposite end of the Old City of Jerusalem on Earth and appears to correspond to the Citadel of David. It would make sense as it is a Stronghold and Ophiuchus’ disposition is that of a Strong Sentinel.

This Cosmic Typology can be even Extrapolated, Prophetically as even to the Earthly People of YVHH. Such a People have been in a constant Struggle for Dominion over the very City and Birth-Right to the Land. Amazingly, the Eastern-Most Edge of the Tower of David Citadel, is at an approximate 13-Degree Angle to the Dome of the Tablets situated on the Temple Mount. It is also approximately 666 Meters or .33 Nautical Miles away. This Correspondence is based on the Termination Point of the Phi Ratio Spiral that is depicted in the accompanying Charts. The actual positioning of the Golden Gate and that of Ophiuchus is to the North of the imaginary Ecliptic Line that is Superimposed upon the Old City of Jerusalem as it is for the Expanse between the Straits on Earth and the Cosmic Gates of the Heavenlies. The most astonishing aspect of this possible Celestial Gate-to-Gate Template, pertaining to Jerusalem is where the Phi Ratio Fulcrum is situated at. This study thus suggests that based on this Geographical Template, the Correlation centers on the Dome of the Tablets.

Celestial Procession
This is where many suggest the True Place of the Holy of Holies was, is and will be. Even the very Name is suggestive of the Dome, that of the ‘Tablet’s that connotes the 2 Tablets of the 10 Commandments Moses made. These were the 2nd Edition and Moses placed them in the Ark of the Covenant. Also, celestially as in the Topography of the entire Holy Land from Strait-to-Strait, the Dome of the Tablets corresponds to the Constellation of Cancer and thus, the Temple and the Holy of Holies. Prophetically, this is the ‘Chamber’ where the Congregation is to be gathered-in during the ‘Time of the Indignation’, and the coming Hour of Trail upon the World, Israel and Lucifer. This Time will Prophetically correlate to the 7-Year Tribulation Period that will Encompass the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

‘Your Dead will Live; their Corpses will Rise. You who lie in the Dust, Awake and Shout for Joy, for your Dew is as the Dew of the Dawn, And the Earth will give Birth to the Departed Spirits. Come, my People, enter into your Chambers and close your Doors behind you; Hide for a Little While until Indignation runs its Course. For behold, the LORD is about to Come Out from His Place to Punish the Inhabitants of the Earth for their Iniquity; And the Earth will reveal her Bloodshed and will no longer cover her Slain.’ –Isaiah 26:19-21

Another Observation of this Cosmic Depiction of the Expanse in-between the Gates of the Heavenlies, the Gates or Straits on Earth and the Gates of Jerusalem, is that perhaps such are also Mirroring what is actually the reality within Heaven wherein YHVH dwells. This study thus suggests that perhaps to some extent and in some Mysterious and Awesome Way, the Dimensions of Paradise were also constructed Geometrically in how the Earth had, has and will have Physical Landmarks reflecting this most Amazing Correlation concerning the ‘Portals’ of Heaven. For example, if one Reverses the Delineation of the Ecliptic Line and centers the Constellation Software Model to Flat-Line, the Galactic Equator, to then match the Ecliptic, then a most Amazing and Prophetic Storyline also emerges.

As noted, this Theory of the Gates, correlating to the Star Constellations is just another Facet of how the Heavens declare the Glory of YHVH and the Sequencing and Execution of the Plan of Redemption. What this particular Depiction shows is the ‘Procession of the Conquering Joshua’. See Chart. This ‘Conquering Joshua’ correlates to Orion, in how he is leading the Procession to confront and battle Taurus the Bull that according to E.W. Bullinger, Taurus represents the ‘Fierce Judge’ and the coming Beast that has captured the 7 Maidens of the Pleiades.

It is Taurus with its Star Aldebaran that depicts the singular ‘All Seeing Eye’ of Lucifer that captivated and captured Eve with the ‘Lust of the Eyes’ as the type of the Pleiades ever since the Garden of Eden. This Procession of the Victor starts with Ophiuchus, as the type of Jesus Christ, the Messiah that as a Human, wrestled-down the Serpent Dragon, Lucifer that seeks to usurp the Crown of Dominion, not only on Earth but in Heaven. Ophiuchus is as Hercules with the 2 Pillars as ‘Snakes’. He is the Gate-Keeper to the Golden Gate of Heaven. Jesus is that ‘Gate’ to Heaven itself. Jesus is as the ‘Strong-Man’ and the ‘Seed of Eve’ that was promised to Crush the Head of Lucifer.

Devine Sentinel
This Victory over Lucifer occurred at the Cross of Calvary. As Jesus, like Lupus that is being Pierced by Centaur is Signifying by what Type of Death the Seed of the Woman, or the Messiah would have to Die by, a Piercing, a Crucifixion. This Death is depicted by the Stinger of the Constellation of Scorpio that Stung, as if it were the ‘Achilles Heel’ of Jesus Christ. However, through Death but unbeknownst to Lucifer and his Minions, Jesus used this very same Means of Death to defeat Death on the Cross of Calvary. This Cross of Calvary is typified by the Constellation of Libra as it was an Altar in the Ancient Mazzaroth rendering of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. It was at this place and time that thereafter based on the Sign of Jonah, Jesus as the Last Adam resurrected on the 3rd Day. Jesus Recovered the Lost Dominion on Earth due to Adam and Eve’s Sin.

Thereafter, and throughout the Church Age, the Work of Christ, done through GOD the Holy Spirit has been to Redeem as many in each Generation and to safely Transport them as if on the Ark of Noah that the Constellation Argo represents, the ‘Safe Passage of the Pilgrims’, according to E.W. Bullinger. This Celestial Motif is reminiscent of the Ark of Noah, in how just before the Worldwide Judgment was to befall Humanity, the Elect of YHVH were Spared and safely Delivered. Of note, the Place of Safety consisted of a ‘Pavilion’ or ‘Mansion’ prepared by Christ Jesus. It was contingent upon being ‘Called’ to ‘Come into the Ark. This Signifies that Christ was to be met there and only there was a Covering and Safety given as in a Sukkah ‘Box’ Typology and as Holy of Holies.

One day, Christ will ‘Call’ His Bride to ‘Come’ into this Celestial Pavilion of the True Holy of Holies, as disclosed in Isaiah 26. Jesus did state that it would be as in the Days of Noah when the ‘Departing’ would occur. Until that Time, such a Celestial Procession led by ‘Joshua’ or Orion is accompanied by Canis Major and its Bright Star, Sirius. This Constellation is signifying the Consort of Orion or Jesus, that of the Bride of Christ. She is the true ‘Queen of Heaven’ that 1 Day will Co-Rule with Christ Jesus. It is because all Authority and Power has been given to Jesus, who has been Resurrected. Jesus as the Type of Orion and Joshua is leading the Procession of the Redeemed, of the Pilgrim’s Progress back to Heaven, beyond the Celestial Gates.

This Prophetic Picture in the Heavenlies, denotes that one can only join this Company if one is following Christ Jesus, the Greater Joshua and Orion. Only in Jesus is the Resurrection Power and Eternal Life found, that which was Lost in Paradise on Earth. Jesus is as Orion, the Type of Joshua that is leading, as it were the Children of Israel through the Wilderness to the Promised Land. This is the motif of the Overcomer following the Conquering Hero, Jesus, whose name is Hebrew is Joshua. Jesus is the ‘Captain of our Salvation’ that leads the Bride of Christ in a Procession back to the Garden of Eden and soon to Restore the Dimension of Paradise on Earth as they are in Heaven.

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